Choice 6" x 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" Kraft Microwavable Folded Paper #8 Take-Out Container - 300/Case

Item #: 795PTOKFT8

Send your delicious food home with guests in this Choice 6" x 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" kraft microwavable folded paper #8 take-out container! Featuring an attractive, folded design, this environmentally-conscious container is perfect for boxing up both hot and cold foods. The #8 size is ideal for housing sides, desserts, and smaller portions. The natural, kraft color provides style and sophistication long after it leaves your establishment. Plus, the tab-lock top eliminates the need for a separate lid as it keeps your food safe from germs or other airborne contaminants.

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Choice 6" x 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" Kraft Microwavable Folded Paper #8 Take-Out Container - 300/Case

4.9 stars from 43 reviews


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great boxes containers food size salads container quality easy friendly
    Our customers are very fond of these box containers. We have received great comments on them. They are very useful for take-out order. We use them mainly for sushi rolls as well kitchen orders. They do not bleed through easily which is useful.
    One thing that stands out about this product is that it's microwavable. One problem in the past is whenever I would take leftovers home in Styrofoam or aluminum I would also have to put them on a plate first. NO MORE DISHES!
    The take out container seems like it will do the job as far as holding food. As you can see the flaps look a little bent. About the first 3 boxes are like that but it's ok. When taking the take-out containers out of its original packaging I noticed the bag was torn.
    Thank you for your review, JULIA! We are sorry this Choice 5 3/4 inch x 4 1/2 inch x 2 1/2 inch Kraft Microwavable Folded Paper #8 Take-Out Container - 50/Pack has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    These containers are very sturdy and are great quality. They are a great size for sides of eggs or lots of home fries! However, they frequently pop open which can be a pain.
    The boxes are excellent for small salads, sides even saucy ones like macaroni and cheese and they are waxed inside so grease doesnt show and they dont leak. I wouldnt use it for soup but they are somewhat water resistant. I use the #8 size for giant muffins, small salads, sandwiches with sides
    We use these on our food truck all the time. Love these containers. They have held us to everything that we have thrown in them. Highly recommend!
    Good for the price. Never had an issue with leakage in these boxes, and we put mac and cheese in them no problem. Sometimes the tab will open pretty easily but we just put a company logo sticker over it and it works perfectly.
    they are an okay product. they feel much cheaper than the ones I used to get my US foods. still a good price but id rather pay and get a better quality product that I put my food in
    These are great take out containers. The interior is coated to prevent leakage. I used them as take home containers for an event. They were the perfect size to take food home. I was initially worried about the size, but the containers are deep and hold a variety of food. I am very satisfied with these containers.
    These are great! The closure is very secure-- though a bit tricky to get together when you're packaging to order or working quickly, but it's easier with practice. We use these for small cannoli orders and cake slices. They ship already folded, so they're extra-easy to grab when you're packaging to order. Will be using again.
    Let me tell you something, these little boxes are wonderful. We used these for a egg roll fundraiser for church. They are grease resistant and heavy duty.
    Cute boxes to deliver homemade baked goods for friends. Exactly what I was needing. And the price here beats anywhere on the internet - I shopped around quite a bit.
    These are durable, a nice large size, and don’t leak! They are cost effective and my husband can just throw it away when he’s done using it. Love them!
    I keep a stack of these in my car and put one in my purse whenever I eat out. I love to take left-overs home for the next day's lunch, but I am embarrassed to carry out styrofoam and plastic boxes from restaurants. When I get home, I resent adding them to my trash/recycling bin. These cartons are perfect.
    We just love this box. It is the perfect size for the cinnamon rolls that we sell in our bakery. It is just a classy looking to go box for all items.
    We use these containers for our meal prep & delivery services. They work perfectly for both hot & cold items. And they can be composted! Perfect for salads!
    Best size for leftover boxes! Easy to close and store. Sturdy enough to use frequently. Perfect size for desserts and other sides as well. My favorite!
    we use this for to go catering salads or nachos on food truck. it is deep and wide enough that chips wont get crushed when we close the lid on it
    These are excellent containers for nachos! We like that the container doesn't have the problem others do, in that it closes up well and doesn't open up
    We use these take out containers for all of our hot noodle and zoodle bowl at the restaurant. They are a perfect size for to go containers.
    These take-out boxes are very practical and the quality is nice. Some of them may come apart where they’re glued together, but all in all this item gets the job done.
    These are very adorable. We use them for our half salads and they fit right in the to go bag. Customers prefer them over styrofoam too.
    We really like these boxes for our Togo meals, we use them with a checkered paper liner and they make the food look even better! They hold up well and are quick and convenient to use, easy to assemble too!
    they seemed quite thin at the beginning, but they hold our hot sandwiches and quiches perfectly, we used to use sandwich bags and these are so much better on quality. 100% recommended!
    I take my lunch to work in these containers every day. I hate washing containers so instead I use the disposable. It makes it much simpler because I can toss it when I am done eating.
    I purchased these boxes originally to easily carry hot food, but it doesn't travel well after 8 hours. It works great for transporting condiments and dry foods
    Paper containers are great for to-go orders and are always a customer favorite since they are recyclable and eco-friendly. I will be buying these in the future again.
    Nice quality and just the right size for a meal on the go. They come all folded and all you have to do is put the food in the box and close it. Relatively sturdy construction.
    We really like these Choice kraft take out containers for any to go order or leftovers. They are microwaveable so they are convenient for our customers, and they are more environmentally friendly than foam and plastic.
    These are great. The look is good. Sometimes it can be tough to push the tab in without wrinkling the side of the package, but that is probably me and not the box. Would buy again.
    These take out containers hold a good size meal. It holds enough for 2 people or one big eater! I love that it is microwavable. No plastic containers to clean or keep track of.
    These take out containers are practical because you can heat up your food in the microwave without transferring to a plate. Environmentally friendly and preferred by customers
    These containers are perfect because they are both cheap and durable. Our customers think they handle well and don't look cheap, which is also important!
    Good quality to go container and it meets the standard for recycling and degradability that DC enforces. They look good and are cost effective and a big part of our to go program
    I was curious as to how well these would work as far as soaking through as I have had the open style trays from another brand soak out the bottom real bad. These seems to hold up with the products I have used so far and I will test with more greasy items soon enough, but for now they will serve my needs as I was hoping.
    These are great to go containers for small orders or box lunches. I would recommend you go with either the 3 1/2 or 4 inch high ones if chips are in your order.
    Nice eco friendly take out container. Good size for salads, entrees, sandwiches, and wraps. Microwave safe, many sizes to choose from, and I think the natural color is more appealing.
    This #8 take out container is a great eco alternative to foam take out boxes. This is large enough for a sandwich and sides or can be used as leftover container too. Great value take out box.
    I like these lunch boxes because they are so good for the Earth and they feel nice. It's a good way to combine both of those!
    These containers are great for salads and/ or prepared meals. We've been using these now for the last two years. Easy to assemble and very easy to transport.
    Great additional item to our kitchen. An additional take out irem we needed. Good quality, very happy with our purchase. We will purchase more if needed. Thank you.
    These choice number eight paper food containers are great for any bar or restaurant. Made of brown paper board, these are a great eco-friendly alternative for your take out applications. 300 per case is a great value.
    Definitely the best price for the product anywhere you shop. They are pricey but they work great and make the to go food look awesome

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