Choice 16 oz. Double Poly-Coated White Paper Soup / Hot Food Cup with Vented Paper Lid - 250/Case

Item #: 760SOUP16WPA

Perfect for delis, markets, or salad bars, this Choice 16 oz. white paper hot food cup provides a great presentation for your take-out hot food items! Made from double poly-coated paperboard, this container is durable and moisture resistant- ideal for outdoor events! The matching white, vented paper lid will ensure your food maintains the appropriate temperature while the tightly rolled rim secures the lid in place during transit.

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Choice 16 oz. Double Poly-Coated White Paper Soup / Hot Food Cup with Vented Paper Lid - 250/Case

4.7 stars from 82 reviews


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soup hot cups Great cream containers ice lid perfect lids
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    These containers are perfect for our allergy-friendly cookie dough. It fits a perfect amount and the containers are sturdy. I ordered a small batch just to test them out but I will definitely be ordering again soon!
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    A great cup for use for our to-go frozen pint of yogurt offerings. The lids fit tightly on the cup so there is no need to be concerned about spilling. The white background provides a nice backdrop for our logo flavor stickers.
    These are great for to go orders and deliveries, I usually use them for hot soups and as a backup for my clear deli containers if I run out, the one thing that I would say is that it doesnt say if its microwaveable, so I never tried it in the microwave before
    This is a good quality paper option for serving soup and hot oatmeal to customers on the go, also fit okay into a cup carrier.
    Good pints. Sturdy, a little shiny. Easy to clean off even once they have gotten a little icy if you will be using it for frozen items.
    Definitely a fav. Able to be customizable with a sticker. Sleek and professional looking people love our soups. We go through these very quickly. Would recommend.
    Great soup cups. They do not leak, lids fit perfectly and are great for hot soups to go. We also use them to store dry items and freeze food in them .
    These cups were awesome to use for icecream storage. To have the kids sold together was a big plus as well. I look forward to filling these up with my homemade icecream and treats.
    I love these cups. They are perfect for small soup portions. We make soups in our kids cooking classes, and this is a great way to transport leftovers!
    The quality of these containers are very impressive. I will be purchasing more of these as needed. In the future I hope they offer a color option.
    Great soup containers to deliver soup to schools, and offices, they stack nicely for travel in bags and you can use microwave to heat up.
    These are great. They travel well. the price is right, and the soup stays hot. Is there anything else you need in a soup cup?
    These 16 ounce bowls are perfect for soups to go. They are study enough to not get mushy even if the soup is not eaten right away (even after a couple hours). The lids are awesome in that they are super tight (but easy to put on and remove) to prevent spillage when being delivered but also have an insert that allows venting. All in all these have been the best quality of soup bowls that I've encountered so far. Quality + Great Price = Amazing Product!
    Really durable container, great for hot and cold items. It seals really tight and keeps liquid items without leaking thru container. The vents are helpful when storing hot items as it allows the steam to exit. Supper cost effective and with the plain white color, you can definitely customize by adding a sticker.
    I got the 16oz for it’s the perfect size of so many varieties that come out of my kitchen. The goodies are endless. I have used it for homemade soup, to homemade whip cream. To accommodate a apple ?? or pumpkin ?? pie. The lid has two tiny vented holes. If it tilts while the lid on. No problem. It’s stays on very secure. These containers deserves 5 stars and more. I put four stars for personal reasons. I personally would prefer natural/brown color. To match my other products I purchased from Webstaurant. But I trust Webstaurant product and what they put there name on.
    These containers are perfect for ice cream businesses. We fill them up to sell as our hand packed pints. They hold up very well, excellent quality.
    These cups are wonderful for holding soups and snacks. I originally purchased them to decorate with patterned paper for gift giving but have found many other reasons to use them. Great quality and fast shipping!
    These are great cups for our pint size ice cream! Durable with a tight fitting lid, perfect size for just the right amount of ice cream. Does the trick!
    I love these cups! I use them in my food truck. I own a Soup Truck. Presentation wise they look beautiful. I like the plain white as I put my business sticker on them. The lid is very secure and prevents any spillage. I continue to buy them again and again!
    These 16 oz paper soup cups are very sturdy. We use them at our cafe for soup and oatmeal to go. The vented paper lid fits snugly on top!
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    Holds hot soups very well. Guests can handle without burning themselves and it’s grest theyre vented. Lids are very secure and soups don’t spill either.
    These soup cups are amazing! Can easily hold quite a bit of liquid and you don't have to worry about the lid falling off or liquid spilling out the sides!
    I love these cups! You can use them for hot items but I use it for gelato. The product comes out perfect the next day or week out of the freezer and even with shipping the price is under $0.20 per.
    We hate using the printed soup cups so we always order our white paper soup cups here, cannot find a better price anywhere else. we also buy the 12 oz
    Nice double wall poly white paper soup cups. Coming at least large quantity of 250. However we don't use them too much right now but we will in the fall at a diner will allow for a large selection of soups and be able to keep them warm in the nice 14th Qt soup warmers that we purchased here on
    Price is a little high on these so we don't use them always but they're great for stuff you know is hard to clean out! We use them in place of tupper ware!
    These are great containers for soup or frozen treats. The lids can be a little hard to get on but then they stick nicely together for travel once in use.
    This was a first time purchase and I've got to admit it was for my 16 y/o daughters convenience. She has a slight issue of getting up and ready for school on time so he is always eating on the go. The hot food cup is perfect for hot oat meal on the run to the bus stop or even while on the bus.
    We use the 16 oz container and lid for packing our frozen custard ice cream for take out in our freezers. The container is very sturdy and priced reasonable.
    Great value. Not only good for soup, great If you want to keep your fried food crispy. The vented paper lid works like a charm.
    Have been using these for mac and cheese and also chili. Haven't had any problems, and really like that they use the same lids as the 8oz cups.
    We use this item at an ice cream shop as a way to offer pints of ice cream. This product keeps the ice cream cold and the tops are great for writing the flavor! Love that the case includes both container and lid!
    These containers are the perfect way to package our soups, macaroni and cheese and other sides to go! They never leak, they are sturdy, and easily stackable!
    These 160z. Hot food cups are an excellent product to maintain the temperature for at least 45 minutes. I know, I tested it. My customers also enjoy not only how long the heat lasts, but how the cup never seems to soften because of the heat or liquid. Nice job, guys!
    Great for soup or chili. It doesn't get soggy after sitting for a while during delivery and it keeps food hot. I'm so glad I found these cups because the uses for them are endless!!!
    Just purchased these a month ago. I have tried other brands before and they didn't work out. These seem to working out good for my bowls of soup to go.
    These vented paper cups work perfectly for making frozen pints of soft serve. The venting allows you to easily put on the lid and not make a mess.
    This is the perfect soup cup for a day out at an event.these cups are sturdy and can be put in the microwave making them perfect for any event.
    These double wall paper cups are great. We use them for both hot soups to go as well as our house made ice cream. They are well insulated.
    Excellent and durable product for soup to go. It is thick cardboard and holes in the top to prevent steam from building up in the container. We are using this for our soups.
    Great for oatmeal, soups and hot bowls to go. These double-wall paper food cups make it so much easier to take them out without the spill or mess.
    These cups are great for both cold and hot uses - soups, stews, salads, berries, and more. The lid fits snugly making it easy to transport.
    Lightweight and minimal pack size for when you dont need hundreds of soup containers. They seem to seal quite well for a paper contained. Stands up to hot liquids well.
    Excellent for selling soup to go. Very sturdy and leak proof. The vented lid is quite practically for using in the microwave. I will buy again.
    Generally good containers although we have had some issue with lids not fitting correctly and some have failed casing the contents to spill during transportation.
    Very nice paper containers. They are very good at holding liquids and handle freezing nicely. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is because the tops lining sometimes comes out. It is quick fix by simply pushing back into place, but nonetheless an issue.
    I was pleasantly surprised with these soup cups. They are very durable and well insulated. The lids fit tight and I am very pleased with their appearance.
    We used these for our soup, but we replaced them with the product #760SOUP16PL since it had a better design. Our customers complained that their soup used to easily spill out the lid with this product. Not recommended.
    Good quality soup/hot food cup. We use this to serve take out soup and the lid seals well which prevents soup from spilling out. Keeps soup hot for a decent amount of time.
    We use these for ice cream. They hold a pint each so it's a very normal size. They look professional and are blank so you can easily add labels on them or write on them easily. They aren't very insulated but that's what I would expect from paper.
    Good cup for it's intended use. Perfect size for either a cup or a bowl of soup to go. Keeps soup hot until you get back to your office for lunch.
    This is a great cup for our to go soup orders. It stacks well so we can keep a lot of stock handy. It keeps soup warm as well.
    These work perfectly for a short time. If it is to serve soup that day, perfect, if you are packaging it earlier and selling later, get something plastic as these will start to saturate through and fall apart.
    Perfect pint sized containers for homemade ice cream and sorbet. Good for storing stock in the freezer, too. Local restaurant supply store didn't carry the all-white ones, glad to find them here!
    these containers work really well for hot soup or chili, we also can put potato salad in these, the lids fit real snug, so less chance of spilling.
    GREAT!!! I love these cups there great for soups, chili, ice cream, porridge and to go items and the lids is the plus 1. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a vented paper cups.
    We are using these for ice cream. While I wish they didn't have the vented lids, they work pretty well for us, and the price is right.
    These were sleek, high quality pint containers. They worked out so well that we ordered an entire case after going through these so quickly. Love that they are all white.
    I used these for icecream. They worked ok but the lids tended to bend a bit and the 2 parts of the lids came apart while trying to open. Not intended use for product but they did the job.
    These hot cup containers are great for a wide variety of foods and the vented tops allow steam to escape well enough to not create any pressure when you open the lid.
    I love these white paper soup containers. I bought them specifically for my homemade ice-cream. They work very well and the lids fit perfectly on top.
    Great soup cups. Durable for holding hot soup. Kids got great and stay put. That have little steam cents which are perfect. No cheesey design
    I own an ice cream parlor and these work out perfectly for making to go pints for customers. It keeps the ice cream cold and is durable.
    I am so disappointed with these. I made my husband chili for lunch and put it in here. By the time he got to work, the chili leaked out of the bottom of the container. I definitely won't buy these again!
    Thank you for your review, Caryn. We are sorry these cups were defective. We would like to make this right and credit you for the faulty items.
    I realize they're called hot soup containers, but these are the same (minus the vent holes) as the pint ice cream containers that ice cream comes in at your local supermarket. And you know what, they do a good job for homemade ice cream, too. I have a bunch holding my homemade ice cream right now.
    We love these 16 oz. cups! We actually use them to keep frozen yogurt in and they work really well. They keep the yogurt fresh and tasty!
    The lid is very secure and it stays on. Very important when selling to go soups and sides. This product is very durable and and works just as advertised.
    Our restaurant uses these cups for hot, carry out soup orders. They hold up well, and the lid stays on. It's important to have a cup that you know won't leak all over a customer!
    I love trying new things I find online. With Webstaurant is easier to try new recipes. We want to do the two ingredients homemade ice cream and I bought two packs of this wonderful food cups, wow, they are amazing and they look really cute. I am already half my first pack, so will be buying more soon. If you want to try new things, this is the product for you. Lid close very nice and they are cute! Best price I have found too, of course I knew that.
    These containers are great in a restaurant, you can use them for soups or anything else hot and we even use them to package our hand packed ice cream. Great Product!!!
    These cups hold up when filled with very hot soup, travel well and do not leak. Lids fit snug. They look very classy. My clients love them. Price was much cheaper than local restaurant supply store. Would love it if they had a sleeve to go with them as soup stays very hot.
    We use these containers for ice cream pints. They work great for what we need and they are nice and thick so they don't collapse.
    These soup containers are decent for the purpose they serve. I really like the plain white. The heat does go through the container a bit though.
    This is the first time that I have used the Choice 16oz cups. The lids have been loose to very loose. My customers have complained that when they pick up the cup by the lid, the cup with the ice cream falls away. The pricing saves me $, but I may have to go back to the Solo cup for quality. I will try one more order
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear these lids gave you trouble. According to the manufacturer, it is recommended not to pick up the cups by the lids.
    I love these! I have them in all the sizes! They work for both hot and cold! My homemade ice cream tastes just like I made it fresh when I store it in these a definite must for any kitchen!
    These are great Soup to-go cups!!! I love the size options,(we went with the 16oz for versatility) but you have other sizes and Choice Brand products have searved me well so I will continue to buy them!
    With the last case i bought the lids did not stay on well at all. We had to tape each lid down, wasting time and money.
    Thank you for your review! A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact shortly about the lids. They should be fitting the soup cups properly.
    Great cup and lid. Our customers love them. Now instead of just BBQ Chopped Beef Sandwiches, we can also sell the Chopped Beef by the pound.

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