Pink Sprinkles - 10 lb.

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Put the finishing touch on all of your desserts with a burst of pink color from these fun, decorative sprinkles! They'll add sugary sweetness and unique texture to any dish. The uses of sprinkles are endless, making them a versatile ingredient to have on hand. Sprinkle these tiny, thin, rod-shaped confections into your signature cookie batter, atop a flavorful ice cream sundae, or use them to garnish frosted cupcakes. Whichever way they're served, they're sure to be a staple for your ice cream parlor, bakery, or diner. And with 10 lb. of sprinkles, you'll be in good supply!

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Pink Sprinkles - 10 lb.

4.8 stars from 52 reviews

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pink sprinkles great color cupcakes love perfect colors baby bright

Perfectly pink for cookies, candies, ice cream and more. They are as sweet as they are bright. Perfect for “it’s a girl” events and soft sweet accents for your special Valentines dessert.

from Bella Cugina's on

Love the vibrant color of these sprinkles! They do not clump. They are a nice size. They stay fresh in the easy to use packaging.


Pink sprinkles are perfect and taste really good. We use them for ice cream topping, milkshake topping and frappe topping and cake topping Such an all around great product.


We are all out of Pink Sprinkles but the pink color was an eye catcher for our customers. Our only problem was when the pink sprinkles became exposed to too much light the pink color will start to fade, so I recommend to stored it where light cant hit it.

from Cherry Blossom Frozen Decadent Desserts Ltd on

We ordered these because we needed baby pink for all the baby shower and gender reveal cakes we do. I went to use them today and found they are HOT PINK they are not even close to the color shown. The one star is for misrepresentation. My customer not going to be happy with these on her cake. Quality seems fine but they have to show the true color!

from Bliss Enteriprises, Inc. on

We appreciate your review, Angela. We wish this Pink Sprinkles - 10 lb. would have worked out for you. Our Customer Solutions team will remain in contact with you about this.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These sprinkles are better than my foodservice vendor and at a lot lower price than what they are offering. The colors are great and not many broken ones in the box.


When we sale ice cream from our truck we have to purchase lbs of sprinkles. We buy 2 package of the Pink Sprinkles -10 lb because it the kids favorite.


these pink sprinkles were amazing! they smelled and tasted delicious! all my clients were also very happy with them. they aren’t as hard as your typical sprinkles. you can’t beat the price for the amount of sprinkles you receive. will definitely buy again.

from few feelings on

These pink sprinkles actually come a little bit darker and brighter in color than pictured; however, we love them and they work great for us.

from Downtown Donuts on

Looking for a bright pink sprinkle ( these were perfect for valentines day) cupcakes the kids loved them we mixed a few with other colors, but these kept their color we have had srpinkles that loose their color for some reason these were perfect


It is so hard to find quality sprinkles in large quantities like this. We are so thrilled by the quality, shape, flavor, and color of these sprinkles. They are blindingly vibrant and look amazing on our doughnuts.

from Blackbird Doughnuts on

I have a thing for sprinkles! These sprinkles are great! Color consistency and quality is on point. I don't really think these are a true pink though, more of a magenta. They're great but it you're looking for a true pink, these might not fit the bill.

from Mary's Edible Creations on

Recently purchased the 10 pounds of pink sprinkles last month to top on our desserts. They are a great choice for your festive desserts. Used them for Valentine's Day desserts. It's a really cute pink color that is also great for baby showers or gender reveal themed cakes.


Great price for sprinkles! Better than anywhere else I have found. It is really nice to be able to purchase colors individually in bulk. We used them for our Valentine D?pe Bites and they look great!! Very vibrant!

from Dough and Company on

This is a nice color of pink as it is bright and not just a light pastel color. I like them for baby girl or girl birthday party orders.

from Icebox Creamery & Cafe on

These are a deep pink! So bright and adorable. I love to use these on cupcakes and other baked goods to add a pop of color.


Such an incredible deal on sprinkles. Especially when you solely need a particular color in a large amount. These have a great flavor and cake well packaged.

from D•lish by Trish on

The pink sprinkles are fun and scream baby girl. We use them to decorate all our baby shower baked goods, and the color is perfect.


These pink sprinkles are really pretty! They were packaged well with no broken pieces. The color is bold and shiny. Works well on small cookies, which is works great for me!

from DSM Delights on

The pink sprinkles are precious and the perfect topping when we do baby shower pastries and donuts. A great quality sprinkle and love the price.

from Round Bagel on

We love these pink sprinkles - we usually use them mostly around Valentine's Day in combination with red sprinkles in our ice cream. They are also great for topping cupcakes.


These are a must have topping on your ice cream topping bar. Everyone loves sprinkles and they are one of the cheapest toppings you can buy. These are amazing.


A fun pink colored sprinkle that really stands out among the other toppings. Great for all the ladies and little girls. The sprinkles taste excellent.

from Country Fresh Snacks on

These pink sprinkles are perfect for decorating Valentine's Day cupcakes. They are priced low, which is always a plus. They can also be added with other colors for a more colorful look.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

With the popularity of gender reveals, we began to buy pink sprinkles in bulk. We make a confetti cake and these work great in them. A great and bold pink colored sprinkle. A great product.

from Price Proudce on

We own a candy company and offer dozens of products that our customers ask to be customized we have bought from Websturant for years and the colors are ALWAY perfect and make all our items stand out

from The Brittle Box Candy Company on

Excellent sprinkle. These are the soft sprinkles. The color is nice and bright although I did find the color faded if left out in the sun. Great price.


I use a lot of sprinkles and love being able to buy them it so many different colors. I love the pink sprinkles for breast cancer awareness month. They are perfect for decorating my cookies and cupcakes.


Trade amazing dessert recipes for cupcakes cakes and ice cream or create excellent dessert Strudels or milkshakes with this pink topping candy that comes in 10 pounds


Great to have a wholesale venue to purchase these sprinkles along with all of our other needs from Webstaurant. When adding them to another order they're a great value!

from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop on

A very high quality brand of sprinkles that makes a great topping for ice cream or cupcakes. The sprinkles are packaged nicely and taste great. The pink is great or coating our heart shaped cookies at Valentine's Day.


Received these today and they are the perfect color and so nice and bright! This is a great addition to make my cupcakes and cookies have that extra color!

from Sweet Cake Creations on

These are so vibrant and colorful! We like to add other colors together and make our own color pallette. They taste great also and do not bleed with the froyo.

from Toppings LLC on

Perfect for special occasions such as valentines day where pink and read are a huge color. Either way, these are sprinkles and taste how they should.


These are amazing. I am a huge pink color fan and the shade of these did not disappoint! I've ordered sprinkles online in the past and some have come in half melted but these arrived with a cold pack and in great condition!

from Sugar Coated Bakery on

What a pretty touch of pink to add to any treat. These are great for girls' parties or for heart decorated items and so much more.


These sprinkles are perfect for using on our confections that require the color pink. We use them for "its a girl', bay showers, princess themed birthdays and other special occasions for girls. We also blend them with other colored sprinkles purchased from for holidays like pink, red and white for Valentine's Day, pink, white and purple for Easter and pink and white for Breast Cancer Awareness Week. We love all of the sprinkle options offered and stock them all!

from The Voodoo Kitchen LLC on

These are the most beautiful bright pink! I would say hot pink is a better word to describe them. They taste delicious. I would love a lighter pink option as well!

from serandipidee on

The pink sprinkles are eye catching because they are so bright, We did notice they started to loose their color within 3 days of putting them out and they were not near sunlight

from Sweetzy Treatzy on

What a great price for sprinkles! It is so nice to be able to purchase colors individually in bulk. They look great on cakes and cookies post-baking. We did notice that they didn't hold up as well as others we have used when they were put on the cookies before the cookies were baked.


These pink sprinkles do not have a consistent color throughout each individual sprinkle. There are some sprinkles that are half pink and half white. Not too much of a deal for my particular application yet something to keep in mind.

from Deliciously Dipped on

these are the best sprinkles for the price. Its nice that they have a variety of colors that are sold separately so that you can mix up your own combos.

from Mahalos on

I purchases these and mix with all other different colors or I can leave as just pink. Great quality for the price would Def order again

from stellas custom cakes on

A beautiful pink color on these sprinkles, perfect for baby showers and bachelorette occasions! The sprinkles taste good to boot and can even be baked into batters for an extra touch of pink.

from The Cupcake Doctor on

These are a great bright pink color! Not a pale color at all. Provides a great punch of color and taste great! I would buy these again!


Great color pink- and they really brighten up the cupcakes when we do our pink lady cupcake! We use these inside our Chicken Cupcake as a surprise filling with a raspberry mousse!

from Hardcore Sweet on

These are great for decorating for breast cancer awareness month. Pink is very popular this time of year and this is great for fundraisers and bake sales.

from TRW on

These pink sprinkles are GREAT! I bought them to decorate a birthday cake. The color was vibrant & the taste pretty good too. Made for a quick & colorful decoration.


I love fun sprinkles. These are a great colour for topping cakes or cupcakes and they are also great to add into a light cake batter for a fun pink confetti look (such a fun treat after taking your first bite.


These sprinkles are thr cutest little thing. I used them for many baby shower cake and cupcake orders!!! They're arent to hard just melts in your mouth with the frosting

from Shavonna's Yummy Treats & Creations on

These pink sprinkles are really cute. We use them at the bakery for anything that has to do with a baby or a girl. They add a really great pop of color to cupcakes, cakes, and cookies.


Most little girls love pink color and using pink sprinkles onto cakes, cupcakes and cake pop, it adds a touch of elegance onto the dessert.


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