Chopped Cookies and Creme Ice Cream Topping - 10 lb.

Item #: 711COOKCRM

Give your customers the irresistible taste of cookies and creme with this convenient chopped ice cream topping! The size of the chopped cookie pieces is ideal for any sweet spoonful of ice cream. This crumbly topping is made from crunchy chocolate cookies and features a cookies & creme flavor and aroma. Since the pieces are already chopped, there's no need for extra kitchen preparation--simply sprinkle as much of this topping as you want onto your sweet treats.

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Chopped Cookies and Creme Ice Cream Topping - 10 lb.

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cream cookies ice Great topping taste chopped fresh cookie toppings
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    Oh my lanta, these are delicious in a milkshake and as a topping for sundaes or banana splits. We utilize this topping for multiple things and everyone raves about the flavor. We'd highly recommend.
    chopped cookies and creme ice cream toppings are so yummy. The description says it is a topping but really they are great to mix into your desserts. We use these to mix into our cupcakes.
    The perfect chopped cookies for “cookies and cream” icing! They taste great. Stayed crunchy and fresh. Arrived quickly. And reasonably priced. I’ll be ordering again!
    So much better than us crushing up Oreo cookies! Lol saved us so much time and money! They came in a well packaged box! Shipping was super fast! Definitely re-ordering more and recommending this to others!
    I use this cookies and cream topping in a lot of my baking recipes. I use it to make cookies & cream buttercream as well as "oreo" pie crusts. I actually prefer using this topping because it doesn't contain as much of the white filling as a traditional Oreo which can make things overly sweet (especially in buttercream). Would recommend!
    These are a nice, fine crumble that are very versatile. They have a nice flavor. Thay work as a topping for rolling on chocolate covered pretzels & as a mix-in fir baked goods.
    Been getting these for a long time and they are amazing! Saves us so much time than crushing the actual orders. They changed the packaging to the ordinal Oreo for a bit I didn't like those cause it wasn't crushed as well but this one now is great!
    I love these chopped cookies and cream topping for making my homemade fudge with and people seem to love them so i will continue to buy this product.
    These crushed cookies come in 2 smaller packages, to help with freshness. They are delicious, easy to use and who doesn't love crushed oreo? You can make dirt cups, cheesecake crust, top ice cream, etc.
    Perfect topper for ice cream and cookie sundaes. Price is decent. Would love to get a little more size for the price, but not bad.
    I completely under estimated how big these bags would be. 2.5lbs doesn’t sound like a lot but there is A LOT of crushed/chopped cookies in these bags.
    This is such a great value for an ice cream topping or as an add in for milk shakes. We personall use it for milkshakes and it works very well
    The chopped cookies and crème ice ream topping is wonderful and a crowd favorite at our shop. The pieces are delicious and are a perfect topping for any ice cream flavor.
    Having cookies already chopped and ready to go saved me so much time! They also tasted great! If you are looking for the perfect dessert topping look no further!!
    This item is perfect for using in cakes, cookies, pies, muffins and more. The convenience of not having to chop or grind full size cookies is fantastic just measure and bake. All the great flavor none of the tedious labor.
    We use these cookies for our popcorn. They are the best and we sell a lot of it! Great product, I highly recommend it to all!
    We will be replacing a new order for these very soon! The price is very reasonable and the quality & taste are great. We use them in our milkshakes, on regular sundaes, and even on our waffle cone sundaes.
    This is a great quality cookies and cream crunch. We use it to top our gourmet caramel apples and it's one of our best sellers!
    I really love these already chopped up cookies. They are awesome for ice cream toppers and really good for cookies & cream cheesecake!! They taste really good
    These were a lot better than I thought. I just tried putting them on some of the ice cream that we have and it turned out really well.
    My favorite ice cream and yogurt topping and a lot of others favorite too. The chopped cookies and crème topping is delicious and are very fresh.
    What a great topping! These cookies pieces work wonderful for all of our cookie loving people out there. Crunchy chunks of cookie that serve ice cream well when asked to pair for a topping!
    Bought this twice because they are so tasty! We use them in mudslide with chocolate ice cream and just as chopped Cookies on ice cream. They also taste great in milkshakes
    Chopped Cookies and Creme Ice Cream Topping - 10 lb. #711COOKCRM excellent cookie flavor - I like it better than oreo - which seems to make everything too sweet
    These chopped cookie toppings tastes so delicious and are very fresh, we use them for baking cookies and for making cheesecakes. Our customers love mixing them with vanilla ice cream to make their very own cookies n cream ice cream
    Anything that is made with cookies and creme is sure to be a hit. These are so so good and I can not put them down.
    The chopped cookie and crème ice cream topping is a great topping for our cookies and crème cheesecake. The topping is a great quality and super tasty.
    One of most popular topping items. Just like crushed cream cookies but a fraction on the cost. Has a great self life and customers love this item.
    A wonderful topping for ice cream or frozen yogurt that everyone will enjoy. The cookies and crème ice cream topping is our best and most popular topping. They re so delicious and always arrive fresh.
    I love the flavor and crunchy of these chopped cookies, the price is amaizing if you compare to other brands or places to buy it! perfect for cupcakes, and cake fillings!
    Chopped cookies and cream ice cream topping comes in 2.5 lb and you can utilize this for making your special sweet recipes for cookies and cream ice cream cheesecake cupcakes and milkshakes
    I use this product for my Oreo cheesecakes. they're the perfect size for inside and on top, they always come in fresh packaged well and the price is fabulous!!
    A very nice quality chopped cookies and crème ice cream topping that is a crowd favorite. Perfect making milkshakes, sundaes, or mix-ins. The cookies arrived fresh and well packaged.
    We use these in our Ice cream shop as topping! They are indeed a big hit with our customers! We will truly be back to purchase more!
    These are comparable to more well known brands. The have the same great taste but are much cheaper. We use these for cakes, ice crea, toppings and others.
    The quality of these is wonderful. Love the fact that they come in individual bags to keep from drying out or getting the whole batch stale.
    Wow what a great deal I got on these chopped cookies and cream toppings for ice cream they were delicious the king nice and fresh and I really liked how easy it was to make my delicious ice cream
    I finally found chopped Oreos. I hated breaking whole Oreos and took to much time opening each small individual packets. This product made my job easier and save time.
    This is just like cookies and cream ice cream but you put this on top of the ice cream and a good thing is this is crunchy
    These cookies and crème toppings taste every bit like the leading retailer brands that you pay much more for. Not to mention 2.5 pounds worth for cheaper cost per ounce. An excellent pairing with desserts and ice cream!
    Perfect for an ice cream topping and also ,flurries! I have all soft serve and this gives them the 'cookies and cream' taste by adding it to vannila. Great value! I also like the 4 individual bags to the 10lb box. I open them as needed.
    Packaged perfectly and great quality! We make a cookies & creme non-coffee frappe. Add some of these right in with the frappe and then top with whipped cream and more cookies for a beautiful display.
    This is my go to for my cookies and cream cake. Just shake it in a bit of flour before adding it to any regular vanilla cake batter and viola!!! Cookies and cream cake.
    These are very good.. we use them to make our home made chocolate cookie crusts, as well as in our cookies and cream pies. The chunks are in a variety of sizes..
    So easy to use and definately beats crushing name brand cookies and cremes. Tastes exactly like the other stuff too so you really can't tell.
    The chopped cookies and cream topping taste great on our fresh mini donuts. It taste just like the name brand stuff but at a much better price. Best part is I don't need to chop them myself.
    Great Quality! Unbeatable Price! This was cheaper than my service food vendor. Without compromising quality, this is a no brainer. Just as good as the top brand name.
    Cookies and cream is one of the most popular flavors and with good reason. These are great atop something already cookies and cream flavored or any other. Toppings are great to add that extra layer to any sweet. Chunkiness is always better when it comes to treats.
    These Dutch Treat Chopped Cookies and Crème Ice cream topping taste just as good as the name brand cookies. We use these in cake fillings, as toppings for desserts and in candy.
    These taste just like the name brand cookies! They don't taste like an off brand, and they are crisp and yummy! There's way more in the package than I expected also!
    dangerously good. This huge box has quite large pieces in it. Probably a few of them a little too big for a typical small cup topping, but overall pretty tasty.
    Great topping for out ice creams, milkshakes and frozen yogurt. It even works well when making milkshakes! Cookie lover's favorite! Great size and kept fresh!
    It's hard to duplicate that "chocolate cream" flavor and I've tried a number of off-brand cookies that didn't quite get there. These cookies really do taste like real cookies. I use them in cookies and cream pancakes - delicious!
    So many decision with this tasty topping. These cookie crumbs are soooooo good. I use these tasty treats for ice cream and for cakes all the time.
    Great cookie and creme. It has a strong taste of chocolatey cookie and smooth cream. There are a lot of cookies crushed, but it doesn't change the taste. You can also sprinkle those pieces.
    The chopped cookies and cream are excellent and of great value. We use them to restock our toppings bar and they are excellent and saves a huge mess!
    Just as described. The price could not be beat and the taste is very similar to the big name cookie everyone is associated with. I would recommend this product
    No complaints from this cookie-addict! I was pleasantly surprised that all the other reviews were correct- these are a fine substitute! They taste great, and being offered already chopped is a huge bonus as we are new to the ice cream business. They come in a thick plastic bag, inside a cardboard box, so to store them is simple-we use a good twist tie and close the box up for easy storage. Thank you!
    Yummy! This Chopped Cookies and Crème Ice Cream Topping is one of our most popular toppings at Spring Street Treats. And the price is right!
    These are great and convenient We use these alot, and actually need to order more. Shipping wasn't even too bad. Plus? They are vegan too!
    This is a cheaper alternative to chopped name brand cookies and works great to use as a topping for ice cream or for your desserts. I am satisfied with the item and would order again.
    So unfortunately these are not oreos, but the nice thing is they taste very similar. We love the flavor here as well as the texture. They complement vanilla ice cream the best and was surprisingly fresh.
    We use these cookies for sundaes and for our pie crusts and they are always fresh and they taste great. The price is right too.
    Half the cost of regular oreos customers don't seem to mind the small difference in taste and neither do I. Great for topping on ice cream or froyo.
    Have been looking for another option besides Oreos and this has met the criteria. Have to see how long it lasts and that versus the cost of goods, etc. but was excited to purchase this item to try it out.
    Tastes just like Oreos but so much cheaper and I don\\'t have to waste time chopping my own. I use these to make a cookies and crème cake filling. Customers love it.
    Great item, taste exactly like Oreos (our customers always call them Oreos) so they are a great, cheaper substitute. They won't even know the difference.
    Oreo cookies and creme ice cream toppings is a classic topic thats used universal. Shakes, ice creams you name it, its still a guaranteed you goodness
    This is a must have item for making your own cookies and cream ice cream! Easy to fold into freshly made vanilla or chocolate ice cream!!
    I love using these to actually mix into ice cream bases. They are also great in milkshakes and of course on top of an ice cream sundae.
    fresh. taste great. and inexpensive. they are perfect for our soft serve toppings! the kids love em. they are perfectly chopped. before buying these i used to buy cookies'n'creme cookies and break them up myself. :( not anymore! i save so much time and money with this!
    Most off brand cream cookies do not taste that good, but these cookies could not taste anymore like Oreo's! Our customers, as well as our employees, love these topped on ice cream or mixed into a shake.
    Cookies and cream on Oreos? Yum! Great for frosty, ice cream and sundae. Web restaurant always remains keep the price lower. Keep up the good work

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