Choice 60 oz. Clear SAN Plastic Beverage Pitcher

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Serve your customers refreshing beer, soda, juice, or lemonade with the Choice 60 oz. SAN plastic pitcher. This pitcher is made of lightweight SAN plastic for effortless portability, while the sturdy handle offers a comfortable grip and controlled pouring. A convenient pour spout located on the front of the pitcher ensures drip-free pouring and subtle ridging along the exterior enhances the pitcher's appearance, drawing your customers' eyes to the thirst-quenching beverage inside.

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Choice 60 oz. Clear SAN Plastic Beverage Pitcher

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pitcher pitchers great beverage plastic durable perfect price nice water
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    This is my first time ordering these and I was happy to get them they. R very strong. Perfect. Size for any drink. I order 2 will order. More.

    from Party world Posted on

    These pitchers have not yet yellowed in color from beer. They have also been dropped several times and we have not had one break as of yet. Would purchase again, but they don't break!

    from DJK Establishments, LLC Posted on

    The ones that arrived unopened are perfect, however I wanted to open my boxes until after we got set up and there were 3 cracked in the boxes. Definitely make sure you open everything up and unpack it before the return date is up.

    from The Blind Pig 906 Posted on

    Nice beverage pitcher for the money. It is the perfect size to have servers refill drinks at the table. They are sturdy and easy to use.

    from home address Posted on

    The 60ounce clear beverage pitcher is great and gets the job done.

    Quality made plastic pitcher. The edges where you pour your beverage are perfect to catch ice so its doesn't go into the customers beverage. I have accidentally dropped these many times and have no had one crack or break yet.

    from From Scratch Posted on

    These Beverage Pitchers are the perfect size. The servers love them because they are light weight and hold a good amount of the beverage they are serving

    from The Wildcatter Restaurant Posted on

    These are very sturdy and well made pitchers. They are big and bulky like the other pitchers. If a certain liquid sits in them for a long time the color does not transfer.

    Posted on

    sixty ounce pitcher stays clean after numerous washings. never cracks or leaks. can be used outside for events as well. great value for the price

    from ThousandIslands Winery Posted on

    These pitchers are great for refilling customers drinks. The spout makes it very easy to pour only the liquid desired instead of adding more ice to the drink. The material in which these are made is a plus, they are easy to clean and keep a nice looks even after months and months of use. Awesome product overall.

    from Rick's Roadside Cafe Posted on

    The Choice 60 oz. Clear SAN Plastic Beverage Pitcher is an awesome choice for our catering events. We have servers on staff that use these pitchers for the guests. We fill them with Sweet tea and water. Theyre large enough to hold ice and the beverage of choice. I highly recommed to anyone, a restuarant, caterer, and and even at home use. Durable plastic, and solid build.

    from Infuse Studios Posted on

    Versatile pitcher! Great for water, teas, and any beverage!!

    Five stars! These are great quality, and the plastic actually looks like glass. The lips that hold the ice when you’re pouring are awesome and there’s no spillage. I truly love these.

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    Love the ice-lip! Water pours out, but the indented edge catches the ice so it doesn’t pour out and make the water splash everywhere. Great pitchers!! 5 stars!

    I bought four of this pitcher and I'm satisfied with those four. Cause four pitchers look clean and the weight of this pitcher is so light.

    Posted on

    I always see this pitcher in bars and many restaurants for beer and pops I would recommend this product for purchase to Family and friends

    from Jack hermiz Posted on

    Great product extremely durable and doesn’t sweat when filled with cold product. Liquids pour easily out of the pitcher. Perfect size for refills Would highly recommend

    from Rajo Consulting Posted on

    I went shopping everywhere for water pitchers for a wedding I was doing. They were $5 and up. I found these and was skeptical but bought them anyway. I was super surprised to find out they they are heavy duty, strong, and meant for long term use. These have become my go to pitcher for servicing events. Definitely recommend.

    Posted on

    We needed pitchers for both our soft drinks and our draft beer. These work great. They are crystal clear and come clean in the dishwasher. They are very durable.

    Posted on

    I have bought quite a few of this pitcher from this website. It has good quality and looks good as well. The price is very inexpensive that I replace them every few months and this website is the only place that I order this from.

    from lotus bistro Posted on

    This choice 60 oz plastic pitchers are great for so many beverages and the perfect size, the handle is super strong and overall a heavy duty pitcher but still light weight. We have had no issues cleaning it in our dishwasher

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    I would recommend this 69 oz choice plastic pitcher for home use or in any fast paced restaurant, durable and strong but not heavy in the hand at an affordable price

    I liked these, i was expecting them to be larger when I ordered them for some reason, but overall, they are pretty nice, lightweight and worked well for my party.

    Posted on

    Plastic Beverage Pitcher is nice for the price. It is plastic, but I hope it stays a nice clear plastic. Time will tell if this is worth the money.

    from Griffins' Catering Posted on

    this is a good economical pitcher for everyday use. they are easy to clean in the dishwasher. they are lightweight and are of good quality

    from st joseph church Posted on

    This is a 60 ounce pitcher. 60 ounces is your average size pitcher. These choice clear plastic pitchers have a easy grip handle and a large spout for pouring.

    Posted on


    These pitchers are great for any beverage you use them for and they look fantastic! They have the look of elegance and are ergonomic for safe handling. They have the perfect pour spout to prevent ice from spilling out into glasses and splattering. Love these pitchers.

    from Oswego County Opportunities Posted on

    These are perfict for what we need them for, we use them at our tables for wate rand everyhting seems to be just fine with them.

    from coffee eat diner Posted on

    This is a great, inexpensive water pitcher. Large cubes of ice stay in the pitcher while the water pours. It is lightweight and holds a surprising amount of water.

    Posted on

    This pitcher keeps the ice in while the water pours!

    Every restaurant, cafe, and catering company needs water pitchers. We use these pitchers to fill waters on the table prior to guest arrival. This pitcher will hold 60oz. Sometimes it is hard to pour if the pitcher is filled with ice but it can be done. This pitcher cleans up well and is very inexpensive.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Easy to hold grip allows for effortless pouring.

    bought them for a party, i loved them, they are the perfect size per table and because they are not expensive, i was able to get extras to refill when needed. They are durable as well.

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    They are durable

    Not using them so much, our restaurant is based on delivery and pick up, but still serving water and ice tea with those plastic pitcher

    from Ryan's BBQ Posted on

    the best pitcher for water and ice tea

    Great pitcher and awesome price so you can stock up for your restaurant, bar, or event. These are a heavy duty, break resistant, BPA free plastic. They have a nice pour spout, sturdy base, and easy to hold handle.

    from E Lou Coffee Posted on

    Great pitcher.

    Great item and nice product, keep ordering from webstaurant all the time and everything we need for our business. Great deals all the time you can't beat.

    from Ahmed Abuhammoud Posted on

    Great item and nice product, keep ordering from webstaurant all the time and everything we need for our business. Great deals all the time you can't beat.

    What a great price, very durable and long lasting. Machine washable. I have this product for a couple years and they can take a beating. Very durable!

    from bjames llc Posted on

    These are nice pitchers. The pour spout is effective and does a good job of keeping ice in the pitcher while pouring liquid out of it.

    Posted on

    This is a sturdy stylish pitcher and has a nice sized pouring spout. I use it to refill bottles as well as outside on the picnic table. It has been dropped several times and is still in good shape. It also light enough for the kids to carry

    Posted on

    These pitchers are used in multiple applications throughout our restaurant. They are very durable and wash well. We will continue to buy this product over and over again.

    from Boomers! Modesto Posted on

    Very durable

    It's a great pitcher, not like Nolan Ryan but it will hold all the liquid you need it too. I am happy with this and recommend this to anyone needing a solid pitcher.

    Posted on

    We ordered 30 clear Plastic beverage Pitchers 60 oz., it's a good quality product, fast and efficient to serve our customers, nothing was broken or damaged upon delivery and while using this product. one time the Pitcher fell on the floor and I thought it might have cracked but it didn't not a single scratch. its a great quality product. I would highly recommend to use this for your business.

    from armaans palace event hall Posted on

    I used these to sit at each table for self serving. It was perfect and we are able to reuse them for each event we have.

    from Foundation of Love Posted on

    Fantastic price for pitchers, even if you only need a few the price of a dozen is cheaper than you can find locally. Great quality too and ours have been very durable so far.

    Posted on

    I purchased these for weddings to sit on the tables as most brides seem to want their guests to be able to refill glasses at their leisure. They are lightweight, durable, and are exactly what my clients want.

    Posted on

    Excellent, low cost water pitcher. Exactly what we expected and got. We use these everyday and very happy. You can't these for the price. Excellent

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    These pitchers are well-made. The material is thick enough to be sturdy yet light-weight enough to be able to be lifted when full. This is a great size to leave on dinner tables for guests to help themselves. You simply cannot beat the price! Do not hesitate to buy a dozen!

    from The Mission Church Posted on

    Beautiful, easy to store, and you just cannot beat the price!!

    We use these pitchers to refill beverage dispensers on our buffet tables. They are light weight but very strong. We've dropped them several times and they are still holding up very well!

    Posted on

    Great pitchers. Best price I found online in bulk. i bought over 30 for church functions and they have been reused many times. A great buy!

    Posted on

    At this price point you can't go wrong! Durable and eminently reusable, these are a great option for everything from a family dinner to the family diner.

    Posted on

    A think plastic, standard beverage pitcher that we use for quick refilling of glasses outside on hot days. We don't have to worry about the pitcher being glass and breaking and 60oz. is also a lot of liquid that makes filling glasses easy without too many trips.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    This is a great beverage pitcher. it is very durable and will stand up to some punishment. for cold beverages it is ideal and will last you a long time.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    This beverage pitcher is perfect for the kids. Solid plastic construction wont shatter into hundreds of pieces if they drop it yet its sturdy enough to withstand a ton.

    Posted on

    Love these pitchers! They are inexpensive and last for years. Kinda haze after a while of use, but still do the job they were meant to do

    from For the Love of Nawlins Posted on

    These are a great choice when it comes to beverage pitchers. They are cost effective and made from a durable material. We've dropped a few pitchers from time to time and haven't experienced any damage as a result. For a catering business, these are the way to go for banquets and large scale events.

    from THG Foods, Inc. Posted on

    This pitcher is perfect for dinner in our home. I fill two or three with ice water and place them on the table. It saves many trips for more water. Plus the light weight design allows the kids to pour their own drinks making them feel more independent.

    Posted on

    these are thick and great quality. they are great size for our party rooms. They don't break easily and great to carry around. The clear looks allow you to see what's inside when we make specialty drinks for customer display

    Posted on

    High quality and very durable. Great Value for the price. I went online looking for pitchers like this and this is the only site for this price. great product webstauraunt!

    from The lighthouse Posted on

    These are good for water pitchers or soft drink pitchers. They are clear so they match everything. They are plastic but don't look too cheap.

    Posted on

    The material from which this jar is made is really perfect because it is a strong and strong material. Ideal for use at home or even in any restaurant to bind some service

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    Great product for a great price. Light weight, easy to wash & durable. We purchased these for a beer fest & were very satisfied with the speed of delivery & the quality of the product.

    from Bada Bean Posted on

    Excellent???High-quality low-priced products. Value for money?I have never been in any one site to find such good stuff. I will be here after the shopping!

    from CIN Restaurant Posted on

    We purchased these for a wedding we catered to have pitchers on each table filled with rfreshment. They don't satin easily, and were easy to carry.

    from The J Spot Posted on

    High quality pitcher for low price. Less expensive then china town and still durable. I have dropped it a few times and still not a scratch I use mine in a micro green growing operation so looks are not a factor

    Posted on

    The price on this pitcher might be priced low, but the product is not. Well built , and look much better then our old ones.

    from UWM School of Continuing Education Posted on

    Super useful pitcher that holds lots of water. I use this in my home and the design does not look out of place. It saves me lots of trips to refill my water cup

    Posted on

    These pitchers meet our every day needs and are an excellent value. They are comparable to Cambro and Rubbermaid at half the cost. Thanks again for the lightning quick shipping!

    Posted on

    Great pitcher! we use these for sweet tea and water and anything else you may would need it for! Made of a great material. I love them!

    Posted on

    Saves our waitresses time and steps using these pitchers. Very nice looking and of good quality. Impressed with the fast shipping and good customer service.

    from Tailgater's Bar and Grille, LLC Posted on

    Great all purpose pitcher, works well for both food serving and beverage serving applications. Can take a good beating, very sturdy, but nice looking enough for table service.

    from Mundo Catering LLC Posted on

    This pitcher worked great for my last party. The 60oz size was smaller than I had anticipated, but it was a good size to not be difficult for people to refill their drinks throughout the night. Can't wait to use them again!

    Posted on

    This product has been a great asset to my business and everything I have purchased from this company has not felled me yet in no type of way I have had nothing but good reviews for them

    Posted on

    We see these pitchers in other restaurant being used as well. So it must quality. And it is. And the price is great. Highly recommended!

    Posted on

    Choice 60-Oz. Clear SAN Plastic Beverage Pitcher Video Review

    These Plastic Pitchers come exactly as stated on the website. Although they are plastic, they are good quality and still look new even after getting run time and again through the commercial dishwasher.

    from GBF Catering Posted on


    from CHIMYCHURRY GRILL Posted on

    These are nice basic pitchers to keep around and you can't beat the price. They hold quite a bit of any beverage and are built to last.

    from Ellen Renee Posted on

    You can't beat the price of this pitcher. Works great, looks great, overall a nice product to have in any kitchen or bar. You won't be disappointed!

    Posted on

    The Choice 60 oz Clear Plastic Beverage Pitcher is something we bought several of and use them in our restaurant daily mostly as water pitchers but have used them for iced tea and juice as well. They are well made, we've yet to have one crack or break.

    from Marie H Posted on

    This pitcher is outstanding don't let the price fool you the quality is still good and will work for any business. They are crystal clear!

    from H&H CITY PIZZA Posted on

    This is a nice plastic beverage pitcher. It is nice quality, and does not seem to scratch too easily. I love how high the side go up near the spout to help keep ice from going into glasses.

    Posted on

    These pitchers are very useful and durable and also makes any event look fancy... Great for sodas, juices, iced water and beer... I am very happy using them... Highly recommended

    from Rosy's creations Posted on

    We love this pitcher! It is easy to clean and it is also stackable. It is very durable and doesn't get scratched easily when washing as others would.

    from Supplies by Nitelite Posted on

    Good strong and durable plastic beverage pitchers. Stacked easily when not in use, and they weren't cloudy after a few uses either. Held up well.

    Posted on

    This clear plastic pitcher is perfect for home or commercial use. It's sturdy and the plastic is good quality. It's easy to pour and the handle is durable.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    These are great pitchers to use for a bar or restaurants nothing fancy as a wedding just because the texture of them.. But there sturdy and good to have

    from Beverly Posted on

    i used it for the ice water. it is easy to clean and the perfect size for us. you get a low price with best quality.

    from ITEA Posted on

    I love the look and professionalism these pitcher bring to any event. These will be used to transport fresh juices from one container to refill the main container!

    from Dez's Kitchen Posted on

    Perfect size pitcher, I used it to put soda at my daughters Christening and Communion, the price is very cheap but did not looked cheap at all. Very good quality & very sturdy, will definitely be using them in all my future events.

    Posted on

    OK quality... will break when dropped! But for the price and size this is GOOD. Our restaurant has super spicy food.... so ends up we need a BIG pitcher to fill BIG cups of water!

    from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House Long Beach Posted on

    These pitcher were used at a wedding reception. Having these added to the professional level of the servers. The pitchers were good quality and i would use them again,

    Posted on

    We bought these to serve iced tea and lemonade for a wedding. Cheap enough to have one for every table but didn't look cheap at all.

    from Bookwyrm LLC Posted on

    This pitcher is a good size. We like clear to see what is in the pitcher. They are good for iced tea or water. They have not stained and can go in the dishwasher.

    from Fernando's Posted on

    The Choice 60 oz. Clear SAN Plastic Beverage Pitcher is large, but has a comfortable thumb grip and has high contoured sides so that it pours easily without splashing. It made from clear durable plastic which guards against breakage. Looks great on the tables too!

    from Russ H. Posted on

    Okay for pitchers of water or soda, a little to light weight for beer. The hold up when it comes to tainting from tea and soda.

    from River Lanes Family Entertainment Center Posted on

    Great price! We bought these for our backyard wedding so that people don't have to keep going up to the bar for refills. They seem very durable. Quick shipping!

    Posted on

    Ordering these really soon for a wedding we're hosting in August. My aunts use these for her restaurant there nice professional looking. Trust me you won't be disappointed when you recieve yours best place to order from you deafly get your money worth

    from Devina Posted on

    Great basic pitchers that hold up and last! Good product at a good price. Can't go wrong with this if you're looking for plastic pitchers.

    from Forest Lake VFW #4210 Posted on

    We use these clear plastic beverage pitchers and the amber ones too to distinguish between sweet and unsweet tea. They are pretty good smaller pitchers for the price but crack easily.

    Posted on

    I ordered these 60 oz. pitchers for the serving staff at our wedding to use for re-filling our guest's drinks. Sturdy & just the right size -- they are a great value! Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    The Choice San Plastic Beverage Pitcher is a must have! We use ours for tea, water and lemonade. They are light weight and they hold a good amount of drink for refills.

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    These plastic beverage pitchers are perfect to have water available on each table at my wedding, and the price is unbeatable! They are a great size, very clear, and strong.

    Posted on

    Highly recommended! Great price and amazing quality for the low price point. Very elegant and crystal clear in appearance. I will be buying a dozen very soon!

    from SOD Posted on

    Arrived in a timely fashion, made of heavy duty plastic. The standard design makes it easy to use and the clarity of the plastic gives it a real glass look. We don't use them in our commercial dishwasher so i can't comment on the durability of commercial dishwasher washing.

    from The Breakfast Spot Posted on

    Pretty straight forward beverage pitcher. We bought two, one for water and one for tea. Our tea seems to stain our cups pretty bad but these hold up well. Would purchase again.

    from Dinner's Almost Ready Posted on

    LOVE these pitchers!!! So nice and clear. I feared they would get cloudy after washing but they haven't as of yet. Love the convenience of taking a pitcher right to my customers table. Very affordable and not cheaply made.

    from Sandy's Country Cottage Restaurant Posted on

    These pitchers are a great addition to our table equipment. They look great, pour easily and don't break very easily. Have used them on a large number of jobs and have only lost one to a break so far.

    from Tim Posted on

    Great catering pitcher. The 60 oz. size saves time by not having to refill as often. It's sturdy and does not scratch easily. I would highly recommend this product.

    from Elegance Posted on

    By far the best and most affordable pitcher that is super durable and easy to handle!! Washes up beautifully in dish tank or can sanitize and serve!!

    from DT Hotel Posted on

    Very good quality and cheap water pitcher. Be sure to keep your iced tea pitchers separate from your water pitchers or they will start turning brown.

    from Shawn O'Donnell's American Grill and Irish Pub Posted on

    I use these pitchers all the time for serving water, for filling chafers off site and just about anything in house. They are well priced and haven't gotten foggy which can happen with plastic pitchers. I love them.

    from Almost Home L.L.C, Posted on

    Love these cheap durable pitchers! Works great as a pitcher, but they also work great for holding larger utensils. And much cheaper than an actual utensil caddy!

    from CG's Pizza Posted on

    This pitcher was surprisingly very small, smaller than i expected. But it is a good quality pitcher that we still find good uses for. If you're looking for a small pitcher, this is a great option It pours very easily in a good constant stream.

    from The Vermont Juice Company Posted on

    These pitchers are exactly what you would expect. They are your typical diner/pizzeria pitcher and did what they needed to do. Served the job they were supposed to do.

    from DeNunzios Posted on

    These are the best pitchers for beer. They are very durable and are the perfect size. We have been using these for over a year now and no problems.

    Posted on

    Great to have this the quality of this plastic was so awesome very sturdy disheasher safe clear plastic work for big event and private parties!!;)

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jay Posted on

    I almost bought some pitchers from another retailer and I'm glad I sprung for these. They are a nice weight pitcher that will be good to have on hand for so many purposes thought I mainly plan to use it as a water pitcher.

    Posted on

    Good product for price. With holds drops very well for I have kids on roller skates car ring these. Would definitely buy again. Recommended to others

    from Lutz's Skatz & Pizza Posted on

    I love this pitcher! I purchased it because it reminded me of the pitchers of soda that are served at our favorite pizza joint. I was planning on using it for that purpose on our at home pizza nights. However, my husband has repurposed it as his beer holder-lol! I guess I'll have to get another one.

    Posted on

    I bought these for my daughters wedding, and I am very excited to use them. They were a great price and they will look great at the tables. Thank you

    Posted on

    Nice little pitcher for water, just big enough, I keep a couple of them circulating in the fridge all the time, adding more filtered water that gets cold pretty quickly because of their small size.

    Posted on

    Exactly what we wanted. No issues, just reliable products. The pitchers are sturdy and we have no issues with them ever. Highly recommend for fast pace bars.

    from Charleston Sports Pub Posted on

    These are really nice pitchers for the price. Well balanced and sturdy. Great for everyday use. I especially like the way the spout is "pinched" to hold ice in the pitcher.

    Posted on

    Very decent for the price - a little on the small side but nice for water pitchers at tables, etc. I also like that they're ultra clear - have only used them a few times so not sure about the durability but pleased so far.

    from That Kitchen Witch Posted on

    I was really hoping that this pitcher would be bigger. I wanted to use it for the tables at my event so that everyone can pour water at their convenience. But all in all I like it. I like the look and feel of it. It looks like glass, but it's very sturdy plastic.

    Posted on

    Very nice pitcher at an amazing price. Used for catering events. They look very professional and are very sturdy. We will be ordering them again.

    Posted on

    I use these to ensure that there is always plenty of water for my disabled mother. The only problem is that they are not shatterproof, and mine broke on the carpet in 2 weeks of use.

    Posted on

    I was disappointed, at first, that I could not find a larger capacity pitcher, as we are a large and a very thirsty family. However, the price point was so low on this pitcher that I just bought several! They are easy to clean and very attractive on the table. They seem to maintain their new look forever. We have many small kids, and these pitchers withstood several times of being dropped on the tile without cracking! They have perished now, though, so it's time to order a few more. Also, I was so happy to confirm that they do not dribble down the side when you pour the liquid out! Awesome spout.

    Posted on

    Keeping up with the glass pitcher. :)

    We use these all the time for drinks like lemonade and water. We wash them in our dishwashers again and again and after a year they still look brand new!

    from Bakers Buzzin' LLC Posted on

    The problem with pitchers is that after a certain amount of time they get faded and scuffed up. I've had these for quite some time and not one has faded yet. Super heavy duty and dishwasher safe.

    from Kelly's Restaurant Posted on

    These 60oz Plastic Beverage Pitchers are solid, we have dropped them many times and they never broke or cracked. Good price & value thanks to Webstaurant!

    from Jump Start Cafe Posted on

    Great, sturdy and the perfect size from fresh squeezed juices at breakfast time, iced teas in the summer and just for putting out tap water on the table at dinner.

    Posted on

    These are good. I have had them for 3 months and one has cracked but the other 5 are holding up well and come in handy during busy times at the restaurant.

    Posted on

    This product is a bang for your buck! The pitcher can hold a lot of liquid without having to refill it. I personally use it for waffle batter and it is very easy to clean!

    Posted on

    Great price! I had old pitchers that were starting to get cloudy from many years of use, how cheap these are I can replace them often so keep that fresh new look!

    from Union St Diner Posted on

    I was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality of these beverage pitchers. I picked them up during a promo sale, what a great bargain!

    Posted on

    These pitchers hold a good amount of liquid. They pour easily so they can use in the dining room in front of your customers without fear of making a mess.

    from The Waves Restaurant Posted on

    Not for a formal event but these are great for more casual type functions They are durable and are a great value for the price.

    from Sage Cuisine Posted on

    These are great and sturdy pitchers for an event or barbecue. They are large enough so that you don't have to run around refilling everyone's cups. Such a great price!!

    Posted on

    sturdy design and a great price. this pitcher is ideal for any party or family gathering. you will not be running around to get everyone refills. great product!

    Posted on

    Very good pitchers at a great price for any restaurant or event. Solid and thick design that seems like it will hold up well, but still elegant looking! Love them

    from Little Bird LLC/Habanero's Posted on

    These are very nice pitchers for the price. I bought 36 of them, one for each table at my daughter's wedding for water. There were 8 people at each table so I decided on these which were a bit larger than most pitchers that I saw elsewhere. The quality is very good. A friend purchased them from me for her son's wedding afterward and she too was impressed by their size and quality for the price.

    Posted on

    This beverage pitcher was great for a party that catered. The quality of the pitchers were better than what I expected and I would highly recommend these.

    Posted on

    These pitchers are a great staple for any small restaurant. Not only have they defined a generation, but man do they look good with whatever drink you carry around in them. Get the job done with these pitchers.

    Posted on

    These pitchers are everywhere, they are a solid investment especially when used in conjunction with Happy Hour. I have witness these things fall from as far as four feet and still no cracks

    from GREEN ZONE B & G Posted on

    We use these from competition cooking to onsite catering events. They work well from wedding receptions to corporate picnic. The best part about these pitchers is the price. They look nice and you don't get upset if someone breaks one. We love them.

    from Smokerise Catering Posted on

    Great product . I use them for catering and they hold up to drops. I will keep buying this product in the future for my business.

    from mainberg's Posted on

    Choice 60 oz. SAN Plastic Beverage Pitcher this pitcher is great for the money I bought a lot less for more buy this you will love .

    from desalvo's Posted on

    Very good option for pitchers at a great price for any restaurant or event. Solid and thick design that seems like it will hold up well, but still elegant looking.

    Posted on

    This pitcher is used for family gatherings, I purchased 2 of these, they were very in expensive. It allows for a variety of different drinks and clean up is very easy.

    from Mainely Divers Posted on

    This pitcher is very easy to pour. No drip and has a thumb grip along with bottom grips for no slip. It is small enough for anyone to handle even full of water and ice.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    I cannot recommend this item. 3 out of 6 cracked along the seam before using them. Cost more to ship back than I paid for them. I will spend more in the future for better quality.

    from Club Aqua Posted on

    Thank you for your review! These beverage pitchers are a great, economical option. If you would like to try a more durable pitcher, check out the Carlisle 554007 60 oz. Clear Plastic VersaPour beverage pitcher instead!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions


    Posted on

    What a price!! These pitchers are a great addition to our church kitchen. They came in handy while serving over 150 people at our church 175 yr anniversary party.

    from The Clinton United Methodist Church Posted on

    60z San beverage pitcher is a good buy with good quality, it looks elegant,than the plastic covered serving pitcher,,a good size too,I use it for various purpose

    Posted on

    This 60 oz Plastic Beverage Pitcher hold plenty of water and soda. It is easy to use and pour into glass. It is durable and easy to clean. Great price.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    This water pitcher has a nice sturdy construction. I bought for my wedding to have water pitchers on the tables, it's a more cost effective option than to buy the silver pitchers but looks nice and can't beat the price.

    Posted on

    This was an amazing price for a quality item. We now have enough pitchers to serve one on each table at our biggest parties. Thanks

    from Jewish Family Service Posted on

    This Pitcher is very high quality and can withstand daily rough use in a bar or any restaurant. It is smaller than it looks though!

    Posted on

    This is the best price for this pitcher. This pitcher is so elegant that when it sits on the banquet table, it looks just like a glass pitcher until you touch.

    from EXQUISITE TOUCH Posted on

    Very nice little pitcher. Great to use for a tea or water pitcher. I had bought them at a wholesale store in the past and paid triple for them, very well built

    from Charlie's Posted on

    This was a great deal- until they were dropped on the floor and cracked down the side. If you don't have clumsy servers, this is your pitcher!

    from Your Pit BBQ Posted on

    Great price and the value can not be beat !!! When we received our order a couple pitchers were damaged -- replacements were sent out immediately -- EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE !!

    from Toledo Sports Center Posted on

    I have my toddlers function as the hoppers. Meaning they get up and get water or juice for the table. This are inexpensive, but not cheap, and work great for every day use. A much more practical alternative to glass pitchers. also hold a full can mix of frozen concentrate, for breakfast service. Pick up at least 2 or 3. they are that handy. Or a case for a small restaurant, for the bussers to fill up water glasses.

    from MOMMY IS A GENIUS Posted on

    I purchased the 60oz SAN Plastic Beverage Pitcher to use at our wedding. They arrived at my door, and look fantastic! I can't wait to post pictures of them on our tables!

    Posted on

    The pictures are very sturdy and easy to clean, we used them for Teachers tables and the teachers loves having there own pitcher on each table.

    from Coffee County Board of Education Posted on

    These pitchers are great. They are really inexpensive and we use so many of them on the weekend. They are perfect for beer or pitchers of margaritas!

    Posted on

    You can not find theese at better price anywhere.Even with shipping and handling it is still the best deal enywhere.I am very happy with the purchase.

    from Bit of Country Posted on

    Great looking and super cheap. Love these. Use them for iced tea. The sprout is designed to hold back ice and works very well. Did we mention super cheap?

    from 12 Corners Cafe Posted on

    Purchased these for wedding reception. Great price as I have found these at other locations and they are much more expensive

    Posted on

    Great pitcher. Great for serving beverages at a party or at dinner or whatever it may be. It is made of hard plastic so it is very durable and is sure to last a long time

    Posted on

    We used these to place a pitcher of water on each table at our daughter's wedding reception. They looked nice, are sturdy, and the price can't be beat. Plus, they're light enough to make it easy to transport and carry and come boxed efficiently and well. We were very pleased. Thank you!

    Posted on

    This product is amazing i used it to make a few cocktails and because i want to start out making my bar so this product is great its great for all types of uses such as beer cold drinks etc. i recommend it

    from home use Posted on

    Cute little pitchers. Can be used to leave on tables so customers can serve themselves, or even as individual beverage glasses if you want to serve extra-large drinks.

    from Professor Cocktail Posted on

    Classic beverage pitcher used for serving pitchers of beer. Size is nice. Price is cheap. Will hopefully hold up better than footed pitchers, where the foot falls off eventually.

    from Barbecue Blast Inc. Posted on

    Looks nice, unbreakable, just the right size to whip up some lemonade or to serve beverages at cookouts. I plan on using mine to keep water in the frig this summer.

    Posted on

    These pitchers are excellent, they do everything we expected them to. They are durable, easy to clean, and most importantly easy on the pocket book.

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    We purchased these to use at catering events and are pleased. For the price they are well made and look nice enough to use at any event.

    from Ranch House Kitchen Posted on

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