Choice 32 oz. Clear SAN Plastic Beverage Pitcher

Item #: 69032SAN

This Choice 32 oz. clear plastic beverage pitcher is made of break-resistant SAN plastic with special lip design to allow for easy pouring from front or sides without splashing. The ergonomic handle with thumb grip aids in providing a comfortable grip and control while pouring.

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Choice 32 oz. Clear SAN Plastic Beverage Pitcher

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pitcher pitchers great plastic price quality clear durable size water
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These were placed on the dinner tables. The size for us was just perfect (I didn't want them too tall). We had 8 people to a table & the glasses used were 8 oz 1-pc clear wine glasses. People were able to fill their glasses 1 time each before the pitcher was refilled. Loved that the lip did not drip the contents all over the table as some other pitchers do. Very happy with this purchase & the prices.

from S-J Laws on
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Amazing quality. Fast shipping order on dec. 27 and it arrived on Dec. 28. Can wait to use them for an vendor event. Use again.

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this durable choice 32oz clear SAN plastic pitcher came in very convenient ,since customers started asking for 1/2 pitchers of beverages, also durable and cute


These pitcher are very durable and can take the abuse. They would be good in a lot of different situation. We use them in our classroom.

from Niles Comm Schools on

This pitcher was smaller than expected but is perfect to use as a refill for unsweet tea or another not as popular drink, they are very well made and I am happy with them!

from Cakes by Ashle on

Make sure you realize how small these are, I failed to really look at the oz capacity and they are small. But, that being said, if you want a small pitcher for bottle filling or anything like that, these are great.

from Cross Roots on

Nice looking pitcher! I use it for beer or water and looks great on the table. Easy to wash, resistent plastic. Will purchase more soon


This product is avesome. Its made out of very strong plastic. Plastic is very good quality and healty. Thank you so much to this product.

from Low Price Supply Inc on

We ordered these on accident because I'm a dummy and didn't look at the size, but turns out they are hugely valuable for our servers when portioning dressings or sauces. The smaller size makes it easy to portion into souffle cups without over pouring or making a mess.

from George Henry's on

Clear plastic pitcher works really good, we love them because saves us time, we provide a pitcher per table for our customers and they seem to like this idea, it holds 32oz. It’s very easy to clean


we use this plastic jar to give water to the customers, its made out of very strong plastic, its shatter resistant which is awesome because people drop them all the time.


This is a good quality product at a great price. Luckily I ordered a few different sizes as this particular is on the smaller side and might be smaller then you are expecting.


The choice 32 oz beverage pitcher is made of very durable plastic. It is perfect for keeping in the table so you can easily refill your glasses without getting up. Love this pitcher!


I found this pitcher is very useful when pouring. It is very useful because when I am pouring it is less likely to make a mess versus some pitchers.

from Mizumi on

Super handy little mini pitcher. Good quietly. Holds up well to being dropped on the tile floor. Purchased individually because I only needed a couple, but just might purchase an entire case because they have so many uses.

from NT on

This pitcher is very nice for parties and gatherings. It is not heavy, great material without any smell of plastic and durable. I am totally satisfied.


Pitchers are great--we use them often, and they wash up fine. Much lighter weight than glass. I think this is exactly what restaurants use. Certainly has my best recommendation.

from Kremin on

this pitcher is perfect for beer or water. made of good quality plastic. and is easy to use and cleans up easy. looks great too


This 32 oz pitcher are perfect for coffee table set up to have milk or tee in them for those who don’t like creamer or for those who want tee


High quality item at an unbeatable price. I originally purchased these for a specific event and they were 1/4 of the cost I could source locally. The clean up easily and are durable. I have found several extraneous uses for them as well so they are versatile.

from The Pickled Pig BBQ & Cafe on

Beverage pitchers go missing almost as much as pens for some reason, these 32 oz plastic work well for serving water, and they're inexpensive, don't crack when they drop they either.

from La Gondola Chicago on

This is a wonderful pitcher. It pours great and doesn't cause dripping like other pitchers. Even though it's plastic, it's super durable and holds up well.

from Biggs and Featherbelle on

Not that I did not like it, the quality was good but I ordered the wrong size. Did not open the box until the day of the event so was very disappointed. This size is half the size of a regular juice container.

from e-Sell Trading Services on

pitcher was a bit smaller than i had imagine but the quality is undeniable. the hand is very ergonomic and easy to use. the clear pitcher really allow you to see what you are serving. would get these but in a larger size if you are serving a crowd of people. love.

from The Travels Inc on

Haha, nothing is wrong with them, they actually seem like thick plastic and quite sturdy but 32 oz is very small- my bad, but make sure you know how big a 32 oz pitcher is before you buy!

from Hatteras Bowls on

The ordering was easy, the price was great, the tracking information as always was very helpful, and the product arrive on time very well packaged. Thanks

from Cleanby Corp on

Great for ice water, ice tea, fruit punch, fruit juices, sodas, beer and other great beverages. I like pitches with SAN material plastic which makes it it dishwasher safe and strong for repetitive serving use.


I like this pitcher usually in bars I see it full of beer and pop I would recommend this pitcher to Family and friends to buy I too would buy this pitcher for my Restaurant / bar

from Jack hermiz on

Purchased these for a baby shower event and couldn't have been more pleased. They didn't take up much table space and went well with the overall appeal of the decorations. A definite bang for your buck.

from Legacy Creations on

This is what you would call a half pitcher. This is a 32 ounce choice clear plastic beverage pitcher. It comes with one large spout. This plastic is a very thick plastic.


Words cannot express how excited we are to have CLEAR pitchers! The ones we had were cloudy from tea, not clean looking when you go to pour a beer. We replaced them all! Fantastic price!

from Circle S Saloon on

These pitchers worked perfectly for an event we catered this past weekend. They're adorable on the banquet tables! Just enough ice & water for dinner. So happy we purchased them.

from Just Imagine Catering LLC on

These were wonderful and we used them for a large event over the weekend. They are not as large as the standard pitchers but work great on tables when you have speakers because they do not block any views. They are also lightweight and easy to fill with beverages. Highly recommend.


What's not to like? Very standard pitcher. Dishwasher safe, which is great for us. And can easily withstand heavy, daily use. Solid handle too, unlike other brands.

from The KBH on

For practical use and every day water pitcher. This one is the best!!! Easy to pour from. Easy to fill. Easy to clean!!! We have many. Use it as a water pitcher, beer pitcher, juice pitcher. Fantastic and very reasonably priced. An item we use daily. Love this!!!

These are great little pitchers. They are the perfect size for using in a childcare setting where the children get to poor their own water and milk. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because we have broken a few. But that's to be expected when using with young children!

from Sequim's Little Explorers on

What a great price, very durable and long lasting. Machine washable. I have this product for a couple years and they can take a beating. Very durable!

from bjames llc on

These plastic beer pitchers were great for our beer tasting party! We had lots of options, they are good quality and a good price, too.

from partycakes bakery on

This is the perfect size for bistro type applications where a large pitcher would be too big. It has a nice spout that prevents all the ice from pouring out


These are very high quality beverage pitchers that will last long in a commercial environment. I bought one just for whenever I make lemonade and so far I have no complaints.


we love using these little pitchers for refills for our customers. they are just the right size for our small tables. they don't take up too much space

from Southern Grounds Coffee Shoppe on

These are lightweight but sturdy. They make great pitchers for drinks. The clear design matches any table decor. The quality is good and the price is great. We use them to serve our signature drinks!


The pitcher is so small. I didn't read it carefully so when it came I laughed at myself for ordering a tiny pitcher. The quality is good. Price is ok

from Sobi Sushi on

I originally purchased these to hold and serve salad dressings for an outdoor wedding. However, we have found many uses for them, soda, lemonade, etc. The kids enjoy having them at their table; the smaller size makes drinks more manageable for small hands.

from Charis Christian Fellowship on

This beverage pitcher is perfect for the kids. Solid plastic construction wont shatter into hundreds of pieces if they drop it yet its sturdy enough to withstand a ton.


Quality pitcher, holds a good amount of water or any other beverage. Well made and strong. Really in expensive as well. This 32 ounce pitcher is well worth the price.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

It gets the job done but doesn't look as good as the stainless steel pitchers with ice guards. I use these to brew Iced teas in on the fly sometimes.

from Hanaro Sushi on

At first I ordered this item by mistake because I didn't pay attention to the size that was being offered. However, once I received them, I saw how great of a value that they were and decided to keep them for usage as mini-pitchers for other events.

from Spiked By T on

These are lightweight but sturdy. They make good water pitchers. The clear design matches any table decor. The quality is good and the price is great.


This is just a basic really nice very clear pictcherholds 30 ounces orange gray was a really good price to at the Webster on store

from N/A on

I actually ordered these by mistake, thinking I had ordered the 64oz pitchers. When they arrived, our office staff instantly liked them and all 3 are used on a daily basis.

from BarFly Ventures LLC on

I love these pitchers. We used to to fill up tea and water glasses. The are heavy and can be used again. There was no spillage


Great Pitcher! This is our main cup for our bar: The Happy Hour. This pitcher is durable, light weight, and great looking. Really satisfied with this product!

from Calderon Enterprises LLC on

Save the money and buy these over he other brand they will do the same thing for half the price buy larger quantities to save money!

from H&H CITY PIZZA on

The product is a small pitcher. Very sturdy it won't break on you. So if your looking for something to host a wedding go with the 60oz pitcher because 32 is very small I took a picture a little bit far from the table so you can see a little better then the pitchers they have pictures of how small it is. If you want small go with this one but bigger deafly the 60oz hope this help these pitchers are very good by way

from Private home planner on

The Choice 32 oz. Clear SAN Plastic Beverage Pitcher has a comfortable grip and has high contoured sides so that it pours easily without splashing. It made from clear durable plastic which guards against breakage. Looks great on the tables too!

from Russ H. on

My mother ordered some of these and they was perfect. She used them for my brother wedding and now I want to order some for my own wedding they was very sturdy strong. Looked as if we was using them from a top restaurant. I deafly recommend ordering these there the best ones your going get I looked around and found myself back at this website..

from Devina on

Sturdy choice for draft beer - have used in the bar for over three years now. Over time they do need to be replaced as they will crack or begin to turn a brown color.

from Beat Sports Bar on

Perfect small pitchers. Great size, durable and awesome for the price. We get daily rants about this product. 32 oz size is perfect for just a few cold brews or even as a small water pitcher.

from Duke's Mesquite Broiler on

Good sized pitcher, durable and easy to clean. Law won't let us serve beer in a container any larger than this, so we're stuck with these for now.


We like them enough. Semi disposable so I'm not banking on these coming in first at the Kentucky Derby, but cheap enough that if I lose them I won't cry about it.

from backwater on

Perfect size pitcher for refills. They are used daily and they look very professional and they are very sturdy. They have been dropped a few times, but you would never know it.


This little pitcher is just what we needed for our home brew bar. 32 oz is 2 pints and perfect for serving a couple of beers at a time.

from Gilpin Market on

The perfect handy item for your dining room and kitchen. It is smaller than your normal pitchers which makes it even better for multiple uses. As well as making it easier to use.

from The Waves Restaurant on

Good product and priced rite. we go through a lot of pitchers on juice station and this one is a good value, when it discolors from the carrot juice we just replace it

from Dishes At Home on

I love these little pitchers. They're made of good, sturdy plastic, with a solid handle. They're big enough to fill a few glasses with water, soda, etc. But small enough to use as a large glass just for yourself.

from Professor Cocktail on

this 32 oz clear plastic beverage picher has been a great product been using for a long time with proper care still looks new and a great value

from Randys family restaurant on

What a money saver,we switched our Orange Juice to these right sized pitchers, an dthe customers love the, they are the perfect size for us.

from Bryn Mawr Camp on

We were doing a lot of walking at my place, refilling drinks. I bought these to be used on individual tables for drinks so my staff could save some steps. Very satisfied with the product. But might not be suitable if there are several people at the table. Great for 2-3 guests.


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