WebstaurantStore 2 Qt. Clear Polycarbonate Measuring Cup

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Expertly measure out ingredients with this WebstaurantStore Logo 2 qt. clear plastic measuring cup! Whether you need a precise amount of water, milk, or juice, this measuring cup is sure to do the trick. Not only does it have embossed graduations in both Metric and Imperial units for universal use, the graduations are also featured on a translucent, matte finish that allows you to easily see the measurements while filling the cup. In addition, this measuring cups boasts the logo of WebstaurantStore in an attractive green color.

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WebstaurantStore 2 Qt. Clear Polycarbonate Measuring Cup

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measuring cup great cups handle easy large love size sturdy
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    This polycarbonate measuring cup is the perfect size and is very durable enough to withstand heavy use and heavy washing. We use it non-stop throughout the day and it is holding up well.
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    These are sturdy measuring cups that we use for a variety of purposes in our business. In addition to measuring out liquids, we also like using them during the processing of small tubes of skin and lip care items to measure out approximate amounts of products that we have.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    These are really nice and clear measuring cups, the markers on the outside have stood the test of time (and cleaning) they still look new over a year later!
    We use this measuring cup to make our frozen margarita mix for our machine. It is very well made and easy to clean after each use.
    Does what it's supposed to. I mostly use this for beer brewing, it's a nice size for transferring a measured amount of water between containers.
    Debated whether or not I could go with the Webstaurant brand on these... glad I did! Price is great and gets the job done just as well.
    Its good measuring cups, good design and will do the works, but its not durable at all, it cracked in just one drop, wish it was stronger!
    We love this 2 qt measuring container. I bought the 5 piece set awhile ago and wanted another 2 qt container. Handle is sturdy and cleans nicely.
    You can never have enough of this size measuring cup in any food establishment. Sturdy construction and affordable plus no need to worry about shattering a glass one everywhere in food preparation areas.
    Awesome measuring cup. Super light weight yet super durable. We have accidentally drop it few times and not a single crack. Great deal and highly recommend it
    Nice measuring cup. It is clearly marked , but these are painted on and I can see them getting washed/scraped off with frequent use and washings. I do not like the handle which seems very wide and hard to hold. A narrower, but thicker plastic handle would have worked much better.
    This is a nice solid, well-built measuring cup that holds half a gallon. I like the entire line of these cups, they have the webstaurantstore logo which doesn't bother me and makes them cheaper.
    I pour super hot liquid in it and I haven't had any problems with it. Great for measuring and mixing products at the same time.
    A decent sized measuring cup. We use it for measuring out rice, quinoa, water, lemon juice, etc. Countless applications with this product. We have a few different sizes.
    The plastic on this measuring cup is very thick and the handle is solid. I was worried about the open handle becoming flimsy, but after receiving this measuring cup, I can only say good things about it. The handle is still strong enough to support many types of liquids even when full.
    I LOVE THESE! they are heavy duty and work so well. We have so many uses for these cups in our restaurant. They wash up well.
    Perfect pitcher! I am using this in a restaurant kitchen and it is very heavy duty. I like the slim, tall design as opposed to a shorter, wider measuring cup. It is easy to hold and pour from. Highly recommend!
    This is a great measuring cup. It is huge and perfect for mixing large batches of wet ingredients or coloring a buttercream frosting. We use it all the time.
    I Have these Webstaurant measuring cups in all different sizes . This They hold up well and the handle is good for holding the container up when cooking
    Great measuring cups. We love that they stack tightly inside each other, so we can keep several on hand without taking up any extra space. They have held up well, despite years of heavy use and washing.
    Unfortunately, these crack too easily. We decided to try these out since they were a little bit cheaper, but its worth the few extra cents to get something that is going to last longer in a heavy traffic kitchen.
    I loved the smaller versions of these so much I decided to order a larger one to. It doesn't disappoint! I'm excited to have one this size to use too.
    The measuring cup is excellent. It is large sturdy, well marked, and reasonably priced. The form factor is great, too, since it is taller and narrower than most other brands of measuring cup, making it easier to use.
    I purchased this measuring 2 quart cup to be able to determine if the liquid I am filling an opaque container with measures a quart. Easy to ready numbers and lines in both standard and metric measurements. Perfect!
    This measuring cup works great for measuring large amounts of liquids like stock or broth, or can be used as a pitcher! It is lightweight and the measurements in cups/ounces/metric allow you to easily measure out amounts of anything. The polycarbonate and markings have all been holding up well to regular use and dishwasher cleanup.
    this measuring cup single-handedly saved my life! I was SO lost without it! I had no idea what 1 cup or 2 cups of flour was and was using my hands to measure. now I have a solid unit of measurement and can make recipes as directed. the lines are clear and there is even a handle to make holding it easier.
    This is a great size, nice shape and overall fits my needs well. I love glass measuring pitchers but this plastic one is great that it's virtually unbreakable. The sticker on it was easy to come off with a little oil that broke down the glue. So far no fading of the measurements.
    We have different sizes of these measuring cups, and we love them! They are very resistant and durable, but also lighter than the glass ones. The clear material does not scratch easily
    I use this cup for a bunch of purposes besides measuring. This is approx a half gallon cup and can hold leftover liquids temporarily as well.
    This is a high quality measuring cup at a great price! The handle is easy to grasp and the measurements are clearly labeled. It is also dishwasher safe.
    Great pitcher. Quality is good. This is the pitcher of choice for at least one of the employees. They said they like the molded handle.
    Great quality on these measuring cups! Only wish is that I would have purchased a couple of more. Will purchase these again in the future.
    I love this measuring cup. It's a perfect way to measure out all sorts of things. It's large, but not too large to use regularly
    Great measuring cup! I purchased multiple sizes to replace both glass and poly ones. I love that these stack well, do great in the dishwasher, are easy to clean and don't break! I have had no problems with staining like some of my older ones. At this awesome price point, I purchased 2 of several sizes. I make large batches of soup. This one is awesome for measuring out the bigger quantity of ingredients for those batches. I would highly recommend these to others.
    Measuring cups are almost a disposable item in a busy and tight kitchen. These are great cups and they are so much cheaper than those at the big box stores.
    Very good quality product with easy to read marks, and the price is great. However, the design of the handle makes it cut into your hand -- especially in the larger size.
    Just got this measuring cup in a couple of days ago and it is very solid, easy to read and the handle sticks out just far enough to make it easy to grab.
    This size measuring cup gets the most use in our kitchen. We use it for liquid measuring but also just as a pitcher when needed. The numbers are easy to read though they have faded a little bit. Very happy with the quality.
    It is always great to have a few large measuring cups around and these do a great job for us. They are very light weight but hold up well.
    These are great! We use these daily, and they hold up. The measurements can still be seen after 2 years and countless washes. The only thing not visible now is the webstaurantstore logo. These are stackable, and have been dropped without cracking or breaking.
    This clear measuring cup really comes in handy, it's very sturdy and easy read. I have dropped it a few times and it holds up well to abuse.
    Just the size we need for measuring flour, good quality and great price. Works great for measuring large quantities of dry goods, I would recommend
    this clear measuring cup is very easy to read. they have large letters and is light weight. you can put from microwave to the dishwasher
    This is my go to measuring cup when making large batches of jam or jelly in the classroom. My students are always awed by how easy to use, read, and clean.
    I like this 2 qt measuring cup for large home functions as well as for my commercial kitchen. It's both elegant and cheap, so get multiple!
    These are a great budget option instead of the other brands but still great quality. Easy to read markings. I love the fact that these stack, we are short on shelf space and that is a huge help!
    compared to cambro and other premium brands, this measuring cup is close but not quite as nice or sturdy. the handles aren't very ergonomic, but the container is pretty thick and sturdy and should be able to handle some abuse without issue
    We've been using this product almost every day since we received it. It has gone through lots of trips through a dishwasher with no fading whatsoever. Excellent value for the price.
    I've bought a few of these and speak from experience as the owner of a busy BBQ restaurant: you can't go wrong with this! The numbers don't fade off like other products. The only thing to be concerned about is having it dropped and breaking the handle off.
    So this is a wonderful designed to court clear measuring cup very sturdy and strong and a very economically price point on it Which is great for owning your own business
    I love these little measuring cups they are a well needed item for the business that I have. I am certainly going to be getting more.
    This 2 quart measuring cup is great. I initially bought it to use for my milk mixture when making a tres leches cake to ensure that every layer had the same amount of liquid. I also pour batter into it to ensure my divided cake pans are equal.
    Beautifully clear and durable with easily read printing. Finally I have the perfect measuring cup! Only problem I have had is that everyone who has seen it wants to take it home! Will be ordering more of these for sure!
    These measuring cups are true to what I was looking for. The best part is their durability, as I work with many students in an educational environment, durability is key and thus far these have withstood high schoolers quite well!
    Most utensils I buy on here I buy one in each size to test out and always return for a couple more in each size, these are perfect for my needs. Great size too.
    I'm in love! They are so huge! The price was great for the quality! This will save me much trouble for what I had before! I'm very happy with this product!
    These are great quality measuring cups. Super quality with no cracks or wear of colored measurements after a year of usage. I saved big with Webstaurant again!
    Great value, easy to read, feels durable enough. The ergonomics could be a little better. The cup itself is thinner than the big name brands and the handle is not comfortable to use or hold heavier ingredients. Overall very good product though.
    Have been using this 2 Qt. measuring cup for around a year and a half. Still going strong. Great measuring cup for a great price.
    These are a great size and I find they are pretty durable. Ours get used very frequently and have held up really well without absorbing odors!
    Great measuring cup. Very heavy duty and washer safe. We have dropped this thing and it won't break. We highly recommend this product for your kitchen.
    We love this measuring cup, we use it every day for peeping and is still holding up great. Very happy with the quality of the product
    Great 2 quart measuring cup .. Easy to read letters and numbers , best thing is that's it polycarbonate and will not break .. Great price in web
    Works as advertised. Very sturdy with a strong handle. I like how you can stack them. they feel about the same as my cambro measuring cups. Good product at a discounted price.
    We use these measuring cups for a lot at the restaurant. We actually need to order us a lot more lol. They work great and don't stain or break easily.
    Good, indispensable product. Clear measuring lines, stands up well to daily use and washing in the dishwasher. Sturdy handle and build overall. Would buy again.
    These measuring cups are a great economical choice compared to the name brand. They are withstanding daily use and the print is not wearing off easily like some other brands. The handle is a little flimsy but it is well worth its money.
    This is a great buy! It's good quality and the markings haven't faded. Also the price can't be beat. It's all around a good measuring cup.
    Classic and reliable these 2 Qt. Clear Polycarbonate Measuring Cups are perfect for everyday kitchen use. I've dropped them several times on our hard cement epoxy floor and was delighted to see them bounce and not break!
    I always hate trying to see if the liquid is level with the measure so this measuring cup is perfect. It is easy to read from above and from the side.
    Great measuring cup for price point. Will be purchasing same Clear Polycarbonate measuring cup in 4 qt. size. Very pleased with overall product and quality.
    This little measuring cup gets a lot of use on my mobile coffee bus. I use it clean and dry to hold my ice scoop for iced drinks, and I also use it to measure out filtered water to brew coffee.
    Really clear plastic so you can see the contents very well. GREAT size. Seems to fit everything we use it for. Highly recommend this cup. Cleans well.
    Aside from the really awesome price, this measuring cup is great because it's very durable and the numbers and gradiations are raised, keeping them visible even if you manage to scrub off the red coloring.
    I use this 2 Qt. measuring cup to mix warm water with a cleaning solution for my popcorn kettle. It's easily cleaned, and the measurements are clear and easy to read. Nothing bad to say about this measuring cup- it does its job.
    Very sturdy and rugged measuring cup, no fine measuring on these cups though just 1/2 cup increments. I will purchase this product again very pleased.
    Very affordable measuring cup, perfect sized for large amounts of liquid. If fits strainers on top, so that is a plus when your hands are busy holding a chinoise and a ladle. Round shape makes the easy to visualize gradations. It also has multiple unit systems that work great for ounces, cups or milliliters.
    Need to mix up a half gallon of something quick, fast and in a hurry? This gem lets you make the perfect mix every time!
    Works as advertised. Very sturdy with a strong handle. they feel about the same as my cambro measuring cups. Good product at a reduced price.
    Size is good, and easy to see the levels for measuring. Holds up in the dishwasher. Mine was accidently broke when the dishwasher had put a pot on top of it in the sink. Didn't hold up.
    A good measuring cup. Wasn't sure if it'll be as good as a glass cup, but so far can't complain about it. It's of good quality, and the gradation is accurate and convenient.
    This is great for measuring, and I find that it is very accurate. The plastic material is easy to wash even when measuring sticky things like honey.
    Nice 2 quart measuring cup. It is thick and does not crack easily. Very easy to see where to measure, Cleans in the dish washer.
    You can also use the 2 qt. Clear Polycarbonate Measuring Cup for ice. When guests are over you can load the container with ice and the handles make it very easy to pass around.
    A large measuring cup comes in handy constantly in a home kitchen and would recommend every home cook to have one. They markings are clear and easy to read as well.
    We use these measuring cups on a daily basis. We have to measure everything we use so we like that these are very sturdy and wood quality pitchers.
    I am really happy with this purchase! I bought one in each size and they all stack together inside the largest with the handles hanging over the rim of the next size up. They are nice and clear, scratch resistant, and thus far the writing has not faded in the dishwasher, a big problem I've had in the past with other measuring cups. Also, though it feels very sturdy, it is not as heavy as glass measures. I particularly like that this one, the 2 quart size, is more tall and thin rather than short and wide. There are some batters and other recipes I like to mix with my stick blender or electric whisk and this is big enough to hole the batter but deep enough that it won't splash out as it would with a bowl.
    Great measuring cups. Clear and easily read gradations. Get several, so one is always available. Lowest price on the web. You can't go wrong with this.
    I loved the quality of this product before I buy this, I used an aluminum and personally prefer this,. It's cleaner and more clear to see your amount needed
    This measuring cup is guaranteed to get the job done, accurately. We use the Clear 2qt measuring cup to measure everything that we use in our many batch recipes prepared daily!
    Another nice item for Webstaurant. They are priced cheap enough that you can replace when they start to go but are made nicely enough to get some uses out of!
    These are essential for starter resting while making bread dough. I have several of these large measuring cups and they stack up so neatly I can easily keep them in my home kitchen cupboard. They don't stick together and have a comfortable handle for being a less expensive product.
    This is a nice measuring cup. It seems to be fairly sturdy. The paint on the measuring marks has begun to wear a little bit, but it isn't a big deal because it is on raised plastic markings which is very nice.
    This size is great for scooping dry ingredients or measuring large quantities of wet ingredients. Besides the logo, they're very similar to the more expensive ones.
    Much thicker then I expected it to be. Holds a lot being a two quart cup. We use it every day for measuring just about anything. Great price always helps!
    these are great for the price paid, not sure how they will hold up but for the price you can't beat it. not super heavy duty but reasonable
    This is a very high quality measuring cup. It holds a large amount of liquid, and with it's slim design does not take up too much room for storage.

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