WebstaurantStore 1 Pint Clear Polycarbonate Measuring Cup

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Expertly measure out ingredients with this WebstaurantStore Logo 1 pint clear plastic measuring cup! Whether you need a precise amount of water, milk, or juice, this measuring cup is sure to do the trick. Not only does it have embossed graduations in both Metric and Imperial units for universal use, the graduations are also featured on a translucent, matte finish that allows you to easily see the measurements while filling the cup. In addition, this measuring cups boasts the logo of WebstaurantStore in an attractive green color.

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WebstaurantStore 1 Pint Clear Polycarbonate Measuring Cup

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    Webstaurant store has made a great brand product in this measuring cup. The measurements are easy to read and the polycarb construction is both lighter and much more durable than traditional glass. Also, can't beat that price.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    These are a great budget option instead of the other brands but still great quality. Easy to read markings. I love the fact that these stack, we are short on shelf space and that is a huge help!
    Love this as I can fit a few wet ingredients in there and still have room to add in sugars and whisk them up all together!! Easy to read and easy to clean!
    I absolutely love the WebstaurantStore 1 Pint Clear Measuring Cup! We use it to measure juices and such at our bar when we make large batches of drinks.
    Perfect for measuring to make smoothies. The price is great for the quality. Prefer to use these plastic measuring cups over glass in case they are dropped.
    It's exactly as expected. It can measure a pint like nobody's business, arrived new and clean and bright. Very excited to be able to measure more than one cup of liquid at a time.
    Great quality pint measuring cup at almost half the price of competitors. The polycarbonate makes for an extremely durable cup and handle. This cup also holds up well in the dishwasher.
    This measuring cup is great! It is the perfect size for mixing wet ingredients. We also use this to color our royal icing. It's large enough that the icing never spills over when we are stirring.
    THIS is a durable measuring cup with the measurements clearly visible on the side . Great for commercial or home use I would reccoment to others
    This is a nice, basic measuring cup. I have several from Webstaurant just like this, and I have no complaints. Great quality, especially for the price.
    Unfortunately, these crack too easily. We decided to try these out since they were a little bit cheaper, but its worth the few extra cents to get something that is going to last longer in a heavy traffic kitchen.
    This is a great measuring cup. It is sturdy and well made. It is easy to read the measurements. I like it so much I ordered two more.
    This 1 pint/2 cup polycarbonate measuring cup is lightweight, but has been holding up great to lots of everyday use and cleanup in the dishwasher. I like it that there are measurements in cups, ounces, and metric. The price is right too!
    This is a great measuring cup to measure liquids for small batch recipes. I use this at home and i bought one to use at home also.
    This polycarbonate 2 pint measuring cup is exactly what I was looking for. Very clear measured marks so that I can accurately measure out my ingredients and who can beat the price. I love webstaurant!!
    The price on these are great! We ordered a few for back up and they have been used. Always nice to have a couple extra laying around. Durable and meet our needs!
    What can I say about these measuring cups - Awesome. Takes a beating. Somewhat stackable. Dozens of times through dishwasher without damage or loss of gradation marks. Use in kitchen, some in garage, some in laundry room. Great price. I'll add these to my shopping cart every time.
    This is a great basic polycarbonate measuring cup. Easy to read, pour and clean in the machine without markings disappearing. You can not ask it to do more than that.
    The price paid for this is not nearly what it is worth. It's light weight, easy to see marking, and value price male this a keeper.
    We use these a lot but all the lettering and measurements came off after just one use. They haven't cracked or anything, but I definitely wouldn't buy them again.
    We appreciate your review, Laura! We are sorry this measuring cup did not meet your expectations. If you ever have any problems with the product you purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Great measuring cup. It’s cheap and does the trick. The increments are clearly labeled and have not worn off with multiple, multiple washings. I would buy this again (and I have).
    I use the 1 pint clear measuring cup in my home every day. I've had it over a year, and it has held up beautifully. it is durable, light, dishwasher safe, and the thin, tall design is very convenient, making it more precise and easy to use. I've actually had to buy more, because my fiancee claimed it for her coffee.
    Great every day measuring cup. Polycarbonate plastic is super durable and can withstand all the action your kitchen ensures. Nice design and overall a great value.
    This measuring cup was a little disappointing. The quality of the cup was very poor. I guess with the low cost of this cup it is to be expected.
    Thank you for your feedback, Ryan! We are sorry you did not prefer this measuring cup, it is a great value! For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team!
    These are great measuring cups, they're very strong and sturdy, easy to clean and they do not stain like many others have in the past. We've been nothing but pleased, and they're budget friendly!
    We have different sizes of these measuring cups, and we love them! They are very resistant and durable, but also lighter than the glass ones. Great addition to our kitchen
    This is a great measuring cup. The spout on the front ensures that it pours exactly where you want and the gradations on the sides are clear and easy to read
    Great, precise & accurate measuring cup. Markings are easy to read and won't wear off with normal washing or scrubbing. The handle is comfortable to use and pours easily.
    This 1 pint clear webstaurant brand measuring cup is great quality. It is polycarbonate so it is strong and durable. Stays clears and doesn't get doggy and old looking like cheap plastic ones.
    We stock many different sizes of measuring cups. This 1 pint size is clear and have very easy to read markings which make it simple to determine the amount of liquid in the cup. This webstaurant store brand cup is made of polycarbonate, is dishwasher safe, and very inexpensive. If you are ok with the logo on the measuring cup this is a great buy.
    I bought this cup to use for hand pouring chocolate into molds. It has held up to several years of heavy use, including many commercial dishwashing cycles. The shape of the handle is perfect for either grabbing directly or using as a brace against the back of the hand while grabbing the body of the cup itself.
    For the price, I love all sizes of this measuring cup. The logo is cool swag for the kitchen, and the polycarbonate material is drop safe. I wish the handle was a little more comfortable, but it keeps the weight down and stacks well. I use the pint size frequently for the liquid portion of baking a loaf of bread - I proof in the cup!
    This 1 pint measuring cup is really great i love the fact that it is clear, and i can see the ingredients i am measuring
    This is a very cost effective measuring cup. It is strong and the measurements are clearly identifiable. It is both microwave and dishwasher safe and can be used in either commercial or residential kitchens.
    Perfect for filling small 1 oz portion cups for an event. Nice, sturdy pitchers. Great price too. Didn't actually use them to measure yet but perfect for my needs.
    I ordered several of these polycarbonate measuring cups in different sizes and received them very quickly. They are very nice quality and the lettering is very easy to read. I couldn't be happier. They will be getting some heavy use in my kitchen and they appear to be of sufficient quality to hold up.
    This measuring cup is so lightweight but very durable. The markings are well defined on the side of the cup and make it easy to see the liquid inside.
    Great quality! Super sturdy, easy to read, and dishwasher safe. We will be ordering the Webstaurant brand version ones from now on (not that we will need replacements, just accumulating different sizes).
    Exactly what you would expect. Accurate measurements alongside the cup and the material is a great hard plastic that doesnt bend or deform. Great product!
    This 1 pint polycarbonate measuring is great! I use this almost every day and have been very pleased with the quality and durability of the measuring cup.
    I love this little measuring cup. It's held up well with daily use in our kitchen and gets used all the time, sometimes not for measuring but just because it's a good size for pouring. Will probably purchase more.
    For a measuring cup this product serves it's purpose. The lining/lettering on the side of this cup withstands washing in sink with other dishes. Not Like other products that have lettering that rubs off/disappears.
    Great measuring cups. Lightweight and measurements are etched into the outside of the cup so it will not disappear after washing like the glass measuring cups.
    these measuring cup has made my life so much easier nowadays. i use to have 2 cups to get a pint. now i just have 1 cup to use...much better
    Very happy with the design. The handle is big. The spout still works with unsteady hands. The numbers are fairly large. Unfortunately the numbers are in the process of disappearing.
    Heavy-duty polycarbonate will last a long time and is easy to keep clean. My only negative is the lack of numbers other than even half cup increments. But with a little counting of lines even I can figure out quarter cups.
    I really love this measuring cup with nice webstorant store logo! I it so easy to work with, you can also take advantage of two options of measuring!
    This measuring cup is handy when needing to measure more than one cup. Extremely easy to read and accurate. I use it at least 4 times per week.
    I purchased the WebstaurantStore Logo 1 Pint Clear Polycarbonate Measuring Cup for home use. The quality is good and the price is reasonable. It is nice to have a measuring cup that is light weight in the kitchen!
    I don't know how they can sell these cups and make money. They're super inexpensive, but great quality. Even if the paint eventually washes off, they're cheap enough to replace.
    Very nice mid size measuring cup with this product. This does both liters as well as cups and millileters as well as ouces to boot!!
    I strongly recommend this WebstaurantStore Logo 1 Pint Clear Polycarbonate Measuring Cup. Very good material and easy to read gradations. Easy to clean. I just place them in the dishwasher.
    I love this measuring cup from webstaurant. The cup is lightweight and is hard to break. I have dropped mine at least ten times and still has not cracked.
    Plastic > Glass. I love this product. Doesn't shatter and the red lettering is good. Great product and helps us make better products at our bar.
    This pint sized Webstaurantstore Logo 1 pint clear polycarbonate measuring cup is perfect for measuring the perfect amounts for your catering recipes. You'll find these measuring cups useful.
    Glad I bought 4 - these are used daily at the bakery and hold up nicely to dropping and are tossing into the sink for washing.
    This clear measuring cup is versatile in the kitchen. I ordered it because I don't like to have glass in the kitchen, but wanted something sturdy.
    Very Durable measuring cup. This is now my go to when I have anything to measure because it was actually a very heavy plastic and does not feel like it will break.
    This is a good measuring cup with clear labels on the side for easy reading of whatever product you put inside it. You always find a need for measuring out ingredients.
    Heavy duty measuring cup! Has survived several drops without breaking. Markings are easy to read and have not faded after multiple runs through the dishwasher.
    This measuring cup is very strong and versatile. I use it for pouring water and other liquids into various mixes and containers or even mixing ingredients right in this cup!
    Used for times for when the scale is not available for whatever reason. Much better than individual cups and it has many measurements on it. Good for liquid and dry ingredients.
    Most utensils I buy on here I buy one in each size to test out and always return for a couple more in each size, these are perfect for my needs.
    I use this most frequently for a number of things. Markings on the side are clear and haven't worn throughout my use at home. One of the best values you can get price wise for what you get.
    Great measuring cup! I use it to measure my liquid ingredients for baking! Easy to read and easy to clean. I highly recommend this cup, it is much more affordable.
    These polycarbonate measuring cups are great. The 1 quart size is the most useful for me, but this 1 pint is a good size to have around too. They're strong and dishwasher safe.
    Does the job, and holds up well. Overall, the quality of the polycarbonate combined with the clear labeling on the side makes it super easy for us to measure smaller amounts with ease. Better than the stainless option we were using.
    Another great buy from the Webstaurantstore. Easy to read, good quality, only thing I to improve is the ergonomics of the handle. Too short and thin to be comfortable. Does the job though.
    This is a nice basic measuring cup with the websturant logo on it. The nice thing a bot these are the measurement markings are nice to read
    I've had zero problems with this handy little measuring cup. It's very sturdy - I keep it in a bag with a bunch of other tools and there's not a scratch on it. Markings have survived many washings.
    Fantastic deal on this one pint polycarbonate measuring cup from the webstaurantstore.com I love it I got it cuz it has the logo and it was a fantastic deal and is polycarbonate and I needed a measuring cup
    This pint size measuring cup is so useful. I use this to measure liquid such as oil, milk or juice. The marking helps me so much since it doesn't fade away. I wash it with warm water and light soap.
    These are very sturdy little measuring cups. We've now purchased several of these, and I'm sure we will purchase several more just for the durability!
    what more can you say about a measuring cup, the plastic is hard and sturdy. The numbers and other indicators are outset so you can always read them if the ink wears off.
    Got this one. Measuring cup to do some small amounts of measuring in my restaurant so far it's been working out pretty well I hope it holds up since it's a plastic measuring cup but only time can tell but for the price you can't beat it
    With baking I always need a few of these. For this price you can't beat it! They are sturdy and I have had no problems with them cracking or color change.
    Great value, the construction is sturdy; it doesn't feel flimsy or bendy. The measuring lines are easy to see, and it pours nicely. What more could you want?
    These are great alternative to glass mixing cups. Perfect size, not too bulky. Easy to clean, great for mixing hot and cold beverages. Stack well for small storage spaces & great price!
    great pint measuring cup, because its polycarbonate it will not break or chip and holds up great under really hot water from washer. nice price.
    A good sturdy pint measuring cup. The marking are easily readable and look like they will holdup to multiple uses. It's a great size so will get a lot of use.
    1 Pint Clear Polycarbonate Measuring Cup I love the WebStaurant logo on the cup so i but everything with it on it and these come in handy for portioning out my baking supplies
    Great measuring cup, great price. We've had some of these for a long time and they have held up with high temp dishwasher washing and everything.
    Go with this measuring cup over a glass one! It's lightweight and you don't have to worry about breaking it. It's easy to read and the price is great.
    These polycarbonate measuring cups are durable and easy to clean. They are easy to use and read the measurements as well as being an outstanding bargain.
    Great basic measuring cup; super durable (has been dropped many times with no apparent damage). Easy to read markings are great and have stood up to washing for quite a while now.
    These measuring cups are perfect for our establishment and we even use them in our home as well. I like that they are very durable and that they are easy to read.
    This clear poly measuring cup is a fantastic buy. It's made from great quality material and won't break when dropped. The markings are easy to read and it washes well.
    This the perfect cup for my needs in the kitchen. Perfect for measuring just the right amount and it's very sturdy. It's strong and easy to handle. A great buy all around.
    A 16 oz version of one of our favorite measuring containers. very precise measurements (oz by oz) up to 16 ounces, and a very accurate and steady pour. this is an awesome accurate measuring cup, and holds up great to daily use.
    You can't cook consistently without measuring and you need the right measuring cup for the right ingredient: clear cups for liquids and stainless for dry.
    It is what it is: a plastic measuring cup. It doesn't overwhelm you with details, but it gets the job done. It was what I needed and it works well.
    Love this little measuring cup. Unlike the cheap ones you can buy the actual measuring lines dont wash off in the sink. It's a perfect size.
    All the measuring cups in our kitchen are these plastic cups. I could just see money going down the drain with glass so happy with these. They measure close enough to exact and hold up well in the dishwasher
    It has several measuring options not just cup measurements. The handle is sturdy and can hold a lot of weight. Storage is easy to, I just stack with the bigger cups.
    Always loved the clear measuring cups. Measurements seem accurate and for the price- you really just can't beat it. We will likely purchase more again.
    This smaller measuring cup comes in handy for many things- like as a scoop for powders we use in food prep, etc. Easy to clean and durable.
    I used to buy my plastic measuring cups from my local Walmart. After three times replacing them due to the markings coming off I tried this one. Glad I did. So far so good. It holds up to my handwashing and stacks well.
    This 2 cup measuring cup (16 oz) (1 pint) is has clean lines, easy to read, clean and use... it's a must have for every kitchen.
    I love these polycarbonate cups. I like having a clear cup that does not break if dropped. They have been holding up very well for us.
    This is a very nice small 1 pint measuring cup. Perfect for when you do not need a big measuring cup. It is very nicely made of clear strong plastic.
    This measuring cup is accurate! Much better then the glass. Lighter weight, durable, I don't have to worry about it breaking. Yet it is easy to read and looks good too.
    I am a big fan of these polycarbonate measuring cups. There are affordable, come in every size needed, easy to read the measurements, and are dishwasher and microwave safe.
    I like this measuring cup so much better than the glass one, as I don not have to worry about dropping it an having glass all over the floor. The measuring marks do not wear, even after many times in the dishwasher.
    VERY ACCURATE INDENTATIONS. The indents on the 1 Pint measuring cup are pretty much spot on with water measurements, scale reads exactly as the lines indicate. This smaller cup is better suited for home use.
    very nice solid and sturdy measuring cup with easy to read markings. I like these because they are not glass and won't cause a dangerous area of broken glass if you have an accident.
    Great quality. Very easy to clean and at an excellent price. These will not shatter into dangerous pieces like glass measuring cups will if dropped.
    This is nice, solid quality with clear markings. I really like that it's a little more upright than other measuring cups with the same capacity.
    These are a staple for any complete kitchen. I was originally going to opt for the 1 Cup version but I am glad i went with the pint. I feel like I get more use out of it than I would a 1 Cup measuring cup.
    These are great measuring cups. I always crack my cups when they are dropped, but these cups are thicker than the others and are a great buy for the price.
    Easy to read and has the perfect amount of measurements. It is easy to clean and is very thick so it will not crack very easy.
    this is very sturdy polycarbonated 1 Pint Clear Poly carbonate Measuring Cup love to have this for measuring all my mixtures awesome one happy to bought this
    I like using the 1 pint Clear Polycarbonate Measuring Cup to measure out 1 pint of marrow stock that I put in bags that I freeze. When I'm ready to make gravy or soups it is already pre measured. Great buy.
    very strong I use for soy sauce. ez to clean. costs more at other stores plus tax. shop all you need at one time you will see how much you going save.
    We used to go thru measuring cups quite often, cheap grocery store ones just didn't last so i bought quite a few of these thing the price being so low these would break to, but i haven't thrown one of these away yet!
    Its a pretty standard measuring cup but the words are starting to come off a tiny bit. I still believe its a very good value for what it is. I WILL BE purchasing the larger sizes as well.
    I am really happy with this purchase! I bought one in each size and they all stack together inside the largest with the handles hanging over the rim of the next size up. They are nice and clear, scratch resistant, and thus far the writing has not faded in the dishwasher, a big problem I've had in the past with other measuring cups. I particularly like that this one, the 1 pint size, is more tall and thin rather than short and wide like many other measuring cups I've had in the past. Also, though it feels very sturdy, it is not as heavy as glass 2 cup measures.
    I ordered one in each size - they nest perfectly together for easy storage. These polycarbonate measuring cups are items I reach for almost every day. And at this price why not have several?
    Very durable cup for multiple tasks. However, the paint does wear off slightly after multiple commercial dish washings. The handle is decent and sturdy as well. The cup stacks well with the others in this style.
    What I like best about this measuring cup is that I can use it with my immersion blender and wizz up fresh salad dressing in a matter of minutes without dirtying another bowl and then pop it in the dishwasher.
    I ordered a few of these and like how light and narrow they are. They stack within each other for easy storage and don't stick together. Numbers are easy to read and they wash up easily. I do wash by hand to prevent wearing off the labels.
    We have more pitchers and measuring cups in our store than anything else. They come in handy, clean up well and are easily cleaned. We use them everyday as everything we do has to be measured and they have held up extremely well against washing, use and handling. When our current inventory breaks or deteriotes we buy more. Truly a great product (of all sizes, this pint one included).
    If you are constantly measuring oil this is a must have! One pint- great size and is spill proof! If you don't have one yet- buy one!!!
    Very pleased with quality of these measuring cups. They were sturdy and held up under constant use during a recent church event. Plan to order more.
    These cups are branded with the webstaurant store logo. Aside from that, they are very similar to the cambro branded ones. The feel very strong.
    I really love these measuring cups. They are sturdy, have a nice handle with a good grip, and I really like the embossed measuring lines. The only thing that was disappointing (and why I gave it 4 stars and not 5) was that the blue and red coloring on the measurement lines has begun to wear off. Still, a great product and I will probably order more in different sizes.
    Like all webstaurant products, great value and great quality. Pint size is handy for smaller measuring applications. We have bought and used many sizes of these.
    A great liquid measuring cup at a great price. Hard and doesn't bend under load. I love the raised writing and would recommend having a few of these around the kitchen for the price.
    This is a great measuring cup. The construction is very solid and stiff, it does not bend at all when filled with dense, heavy liquid. The lines are raised and the colors are crisp and clear so even if the color rubs off eventually, it should hopefully be decodeable
    Nice measuring cup that you can see the measurements clearly on. Love that it's not glass. I need to order more in your different sizes :)
    These measuring cups are just what we needed. Inexpensive and fit our needs well. No more worrying about breaking expensive glass cups. Thanks again Webstaurant.

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