Choice Medium Disposable Food Service Poly Gloves - 1000/Case

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Promote a safe, sanitary work environment with this Choice medium disposable poly food service glove! Ideal for tasks that require constant glove changing within your food service operation, this glove is perfect for tossing salads and making ready-to-order sandwiches. For added convenience, it's also disposable so you can easily throw it away after each use. Best suited for light-duty work, this glove is an economical choice for use in your commercial kitchen, sandwich shop, pizzeria, or cafeteria.

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Choice Medium Disposable Food Service Poly Gloves - 1000/Case

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gloves great food price hands small need service easy glove
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    easy to use gloves with lots of room - not hot on your hand and very comfortable - great price for 1000 of them - will buy again
    We go through a lot of these gloves in our candy store. There are great quality and a good price and we always have them on hand.
    Works for grabbing toppings out of the containers for ice cream. We like that they are loose fit and easy to put on and remove
    Pretty decent food service gloves. It does the job. Would prefer though if it was a tad bit bigger by size. Overall they holdup pretty well. Will buy again.
    I have been using these gloves for a couple of weeks now, they fit perfect and are great for food prep especially meats; not having to worry about greasy hands.
    Gloves are not quite durable and cannot tolerate a whole lot of usage. Use quite more than necessary due to the lack in quality. However, for any gentle job, these gloves work fine.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These gloves are perfect for handling food. We use them in the kitchen when baking. We don't use them during service because they are not great for handling cash.
    These are great for short term use. They are baggy and fit loose so I prefer the tighter vinyl ones for real kitchen work. They are handy to bring with you to events. They come in boxes of 100 and pack small.
    The Choice Medium Disposable Food Service Poly Gloves are used in our bar by our food prep staff. The gloves are easy to work with and create the necessary barrier between the food and the food handler's skin. While the gloves do not appear to be as strong as latex gloves, they get the job done with only the occasional rip or tear.
    This 1000 case of choice brand poly gloves is pretty nice it’s a nice big box of 1000 gloves they’re separated into 10 100 boxes work great they fit perfectly on my hands
    The gloves are inexpensive, true to size, easy to put on, and comfortable. They do a good job keeping hands clean or at preventing cross contamination.
    These gloves are a convenient, easy way to stay sanitary during food prep. I love how they're ambidextrous, so you don't have to worry if you're pulling out a left glove or right glove – it'll fit either way.
    These gloves are economical and come neatly packaged in little packs of 100, so keeping track of inventory is simple. They are sturdy and help us keep our food service sanitary!
    Ambidextrous, either hand fits these medium sized gloves. Used for food service, the gloves can be dispensed easily. Also, the gloves can be used for household projects like painting.
    These are a great cost for the amount you reciece. They work well and do not tear eaisly. I use these to get food out of cases for customera. Great price compared to local bulk store here.
    Price can't be beat! I use this for marinating meat or anything that I need to get my hands dirty. Well I also use this for cleaning. It covers a bit of my wrist so liquid doesn't easily seep inside the glove.
    I use the Choice Disposable Poly Gloves while cleaning to protect hands. The price is very reasonable and the quality is excellent for the price. I am very happy with my purchase.
    These do the job of keeping your hands away from food you're working with or at least give that clean apperance, but they do slide off easily, are very noisy and get breaks in the seams if you move your fingers much and are easily punctured so definately a short use item-we tried doubling them and that kind of works, but the first one easily slides off
    Nice quality and value, exactly what I was looking for. These gloves are thin, and loose which is great for long durations of use because they let air in avoid that sweaty experience most tight gloves give.
    This is a solid poly glove. However, the downside of this product is that every glove is not consistent. There are some with holes when we first took it out. Wish every glove would be the same quality.
    These poly gloves come in a size medium and they're meant for quick usage when preparing ready to eat foods. They can be disposed after one usage
    Love this little food glove pack! Perfect for when we go to the local Farmers market. With these we know we are doing everything the right way in regards to food service safety. Thank you for offering the smaller packages too webstaurant :)
    Great product for the price, the only complaint I could make is when my hands are very very wet I can't put my hand in them quickly to do what I need. Other than that, these are the best gloves iv found for this price.
    These are the typical, "hard to get hand into if damp" gloves. They come in 100 count small packages, rather than boxes. Which might be more convenient for some people.
    not as good as the vinyl gloves but they do the job and are easy to get on and off. Can't complain for the price.
    Great value and perfect for what we need. We are a seafood market/restaurant and we run through gloves super fast. These gloves are good for food handling/cooking and also when touching/grabbing shrimp or fishes. The gloves are thick enough where grease nor any liquid passes through. The case of gloves come in a few small boxes with 100 gloves each that we are able to fit into compartments in our small kitchen. Lastly, these gloves are comfortable and do not irritate your hands.
    These are medium size gloves! 4 stars. Very good disposable gloves for the price and choice is a name you can trust. And easy to put on and dispose. 2 Thumbs.
    We love this product and use it daily, We are very satisfied with this purchase! We use this amazing product because it fits great and cheap to use.
    Fantastic glove, and the price is excellent. A great alternative to using ungodly amounts of the tight fitting vinyl gloves and at only a fraction of the price.
    Surprisingly useful at home, great for cutting meat and things where it's not easy to constantly wash your hands. Size seems to run large though.
    these are true to size and work very well. I have never had a problem with them ripping, which I did have with previous brands. They are sturdy enough, but flexible at the same time that I can accomplish what I need to.
    Great way to handle customers food safely and easily. We go through hundreds of these a week so the low cost is appreciated a lot.
    I got used to use advance for when we want to hand out samples of food this is a great inexpensive product very happy with them they were great can you go wrong
    I only use these gloves! They are super inexpensive and the multiple smaller boxes are great to leave at each food prep area in my store.
    This is something I always need to have in my kitchen. They are as good as other brands I have purchased before. Check out the Vinyl gloves if you need something more durable. These will work for small tasks that require short term usages.
    The Choice Disposable Poly Gloves - Medium for Food Service - 100/Box definitely met my expectations. The quality is very good as well as the price. Highly recommend!
    I absolutely love this product! These choice disposable poly gloves medium for food service work great! These gloves are great quality! They come in a 100 pack.
    These gloves are great for our front of house...quick to put on and remove for boxing cupcakes/scooping ice cream. Also, we like that they are boxed in small amounts...they don't take up much room and are easily opened/disposed of.
    i usually buy these gloves for serving ice cream, it work amazing and i love it. i refer it to my friend that own an other ice cream shop and she purchase some not too long ago.
    These poly gloves are perfect for foodservice or general cleaning. Not as form-fitting as vinyl or latex, but fine for most applications. Sleeve of 100 gloves is very economical.
    these are cheap compared to other places but they also are not real quality gloves. I bought a case and will continue to use them but they sometimes split
    I always use disposable gloves whenever I'm preparing raw meat, or just cooking with anything especially messy. These are fantastic for keeping my hands clean.
    These Are great Poly Gloves. They are strong and they don't rip. I use them for all kinds of food prep. They fit great, are durable and easy to use. I would recommend them.
    Really nice price on the Choice disposable poly gloves. Gloves are a very big expense for us so we are happy to find a place that offers a reasonable price.
    these gloves fit me perfectly if you have smaller hands i would recommend these the small ones are too tiny but these are just right! another amazing product!
    These are great quality gloves Unfortunately they run a little small so if you think you need a medium get large to extra large and they are a bit difficult to come open
    We’re sorry this product did not meet your expectations. Our friendly Customer Solutions Representatives are always available to assist you with any questions or issues before or after your purchase!
    Gloves were great, they did not rip went on smoothly. The size allowed small and medium hand use. The price was better than any other site.
    It is okay - kind of loose on my hand so it comes off easily which can be a plus sometimes and a minus other times.
    We use these gloves only to grab items out of our bakery case. They work perfectly for it, and fit all of us well. If you are thinking of using these for more heavy duty jobs that would be worn long term you may want to consider a thicker glove.
    Quick to put on and they don't rip when your hands are slightly wet. The mediums can fit most people and they and they are cheap.
    These gloves tear very easily and do not fit well. If you use them with dry goods, they may work for you. If you want a true glove-like fit, spend the extra money and buy nitrile. They will actually conform to your hand and allow for better dexterity without the need for constant repositioning/replacement.
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry you did not like this product. Please contact our Customer Solutions team if you have questions or if you would like product recommendations.
    I guess these are not entirely what I was expecting. I thought these would be the more closely fitted gloves, but they're pretty baggy and slippery (with that semi-perforated type of look).
    We like that CHOICE provides many different sized gloves at reasonable prices. These 1000 counts will last a long time and we have sizes to cover anyone handling product in the kitchen.
    The Medium Disposable food service poly gloves may not be a good fit for most hands (too small even for small hands). Little plastic access pieces come off into the food so you need to be careful.
    We use these all the time for many tasks where it would be a waste to use nitrile gloves, usually for times when we need to temporally don gloves and fit doesn't matter. The are much cheaper to use and use much less material.
    Choice Disposable Poly Gloves - Medium for Food Service - 100/Pack my brother has smaller hands so he needed something that would fit him better than the large ones
    These gloves work well for most hand sizes. Good quality for short term usage. Met all my requirements price, quality, etc.I was pleased with this purchase.
    Choice Medium Disposable Poly Food Service Gloves - 1000 / Box - great product. love that these come in sizes and not one size fits most. I have small hands, so....
    These poly gloves are great. The box is easily accessible and the gloves themselves are sturdy and hold up great. Our cafe staff loves them!
    The price on these gloves were great, I got more than what I expected. They work well and are strong. I will without a doubt keep these in stock
    I need those gloves for prepare my desserts. it is easy to put in which I like it. and with this price you have 1000 food service gloves.
    Good price for 1000 of your standard food service gloves. However, you should know that these gloves do not come in the standard sized box. You get 10 smaller boxes with 100 each. These are more like refill packs.
    Wow, these are just what i needed. something that comes on and goes off easy. The disposable gloves work great! I will definitely continue to buy!
    These gloves fit snug and we love using them! They are just the right size and better quality than most poly gloves that we have tried.
    Accidentally ordered these. They are not as comfortable as vinyl gloves, but they are great for crafting and other household projects. They are big -even for someone with large hands.
    The 100 packs are nice when you don't use a lot of gloves. We back these for catering events or other outside needs. They also work well in our coffee area. We are short on space! Great packing
    Great gloves that fit well into your hands, nice strong plastic. I get no irritation from them and that's great because i have sensitive skin. Super cheap price , love them!
    We handle both food and chemicals while in our store. Having disposable gloves on hand allow us to keep our products separate and safe for our customers.
    Amazing Value! Packaged very conveniently for use and storage. Wonderful for Churches, food service, quick protection. Meets all requirements. Great price for the product. Our customers love this.
    Choice's disposable Poly Gloves are the perfect size for normal sized hands. Not too large and not too small. We love to use them for opening boxes or envelopes (helps prevent paper cuts) and doing tasks around the office like changing printer toner or emptying the garbage or all those scraps of paper from the shredder. They provide protection for your hands without being so thick that you can't move or flex your fingers. Great gloves!
    This disposables gloves work best for me because they're very easy to put on and take off. The price is great for the quantity and the quality of the product. Recommended!
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    I love to use these gloves when I dice spicy peppers. Now my hands don't burn after lol. The price for the quantity is also great ;)
    Great value and easy to use - just pull from the handy pouch. We use these for food prep and also for light er duty cleaning.
    This glove breaks easy. I have to use a size up. It can break just by making a fist. It is a great deal if it not breaks on you.
    Thank you for the review! We're sorry you've had issues with these glove breaking. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this.
    These are okay for very light usage and I say this because they tear very easily whenever we are mixing items together, for the price they work.
    Great lightweight glove that leaves no smell. We use these gloves to safely serve food to attendees at fundraisers and they are easy to work with. Easy to get on and off. Great price.
    I have a lot of students in my foods class and these are always great for keeping things sanitary . Especially those who have injuries on their hands.
    I use these gloves for quick jobs or when I am taking stuff out of my bakery display case. They are easy to pull out of the thin box that holds them and they slip on like a breeze. They protect my pastries and assure my customers that I run a sanitary shop. They are a great disposable item at a super low price.
    I used the Choice Disposable Poly Gloves - Medium 100 / Pack for Food Service gloves to cut onions. When I was finished I did not have to worry about having onions or the smell on my hands. Glad I bought these.
    They are decent for the price, but they are very uncomfortable to wear for more than a few minutes at a time. They don't breath at all and get very hot when worn for extended periods. Also they are very hard to put on as they stick and don't really open to well.
    we use these gloves in our everyday operation and they are easy to put on and take off. they run a little big but they do the job. i recommend going a size down.
    We were glad to have a great and economical choice of glove for our camp servers. Because we go through a lot of gloves it was great not to invest a whole lot of money into them. Perfect for our needs!
    Thin gloves, but they work to keep your hands directly from touching food. However, I would definitely not expect these to last more than a short while and would need to be changed out frequently. Good thing they were cheap!
    These are not our favorite gloves because they are thin and loose but they are quite convenient and easy to put on for quick order.
    A great price for gloves that will be discarded after one use any way and the quality is equal to any other poly glove we have.
    Great to have these on hand for folks that have medium to large hands, they work well for a one use operation, love the price very affordable.
    These gloves are a great value! We use them in our ice cream shop to prepare and serve treats. They are easy to slip on and off.
    They work most people...although they are a little big for the smaller handed people. At the end of each 100ct package there tends to be some stringy plastic things.
    I ordered these by accident, but glad I did. They are great to have on the shelf for when you just need to grab a glove to top a garlic knot or grab a slice of pizza for a customer.
    Nice good economy gloves at very good prices. My local food distributor charged twice for similar product. My employees use this all day in my kitchen.
    we use this a lot since we make sure that we are not contaminating our products. it is good product but gets rip from time to time
    Easy to put in and take it out. Help food preparation more clean and we have open kitchen cooking in front of customer need it.
    These choice disposable Poly Gloves size medium is light weight and easy to prep with. It make sure your worker are changing there glove often. Great product and better price.
    These gloves are great for our restaurant's needs. We have a busy kitchen, so these are perfect to use and dispose of when switching tasks.
    I LOVE these gloves, I keep them all over. In fact I even keep some in my purse and in my car for pumping gas. But back to food, they are very convenient and save my hands from multiple washing (I'm getting older so my skin can't handle being washed 7 times in 1 hour) these fit the bill. I just wish they had a dispenser for the kitchen. Love them.
    These gloves are wonderful! The medium gloves are more like large gloves, but they work well for our farmer's markets. We will order this product again, but in a size small.
    These medium plastic gloves are big, they look they are large. But that's ok. Love the cheap price. A must buy when one is the food service industry.
    Fit very nicely for me. I have regular size of hand for girls I think. Still have a little space on the tip though. This product got thinner than used to be.
    Sizing was accurate (we order M for our team that wear S latex gloves) The product met our expectations but the packaging was a bit hard to work with - you can not easily take gloves out - especially one handed is impossible.
    good to use when cutting vegetables. good size more likely they fit small and large hands. good price and gotta have a lot on hand.
    These gloves are well priced - much less expensive than we can purchase at a local store! These are necessary for any kitchen to help maintain a clean/sanitary environment.
    Different sizes for everyone. Fits awesome and snug when you have the right size gloves on. Doesn't make it any harder doing work with them on..
    good for front of the house service when you need a cheaper glove to handle many items like in our bakery .you can even use them when decorating cookies and cakes too..
    we operate a coffee bagle keep the health dept happy this is the perfect glove for prepairing the bagel sandwich you serve to your customers
    These are quality gloves ,great value , great quality ,I would highly recommend buying didn't worry about it. This product is worth buying. Just pick it up in your cart.
    These gloves are great quality and fit I would recommend these to anyone looking for a inexpensive good quality glove I will be reordering on the next round.
    These are excellent quality food service gloves and fit a large women's hand or medium men's hand very well. I will continue to purchase these!
    These poly gloves are easy to put on and are strong enough not to tear easily. The medium fits most all of our staff and is the choice over the larger poly gloves as they provide a better fit.
    These disposable gloves are a great fit for my hand. A frequent complaint about poly gloves is that they don't stay on very well. These stay on fine for my larger sized hand. They also have a subtle texture that gives just a little extra grip.
    Love these gloves!! At our yogurt shop we go through so many gloves on a daily basis while cutting fruits. It has helped me cut down my gloves cost 75%. They come in different sizes as well - I order the medium ones I have young girls using these and the glove is big enough to fit a man's hand as well. Would highly recommend them. Thanks
    We use these for serving cafe treats and they are perfect - the quantity and price is good, as we go through A LOT of these! No rips or tears when putting them on either - durable.
    Gloves fit great, and I have a wide hand! Use large in the past, but would always get "caught" while hand rolling doughs or cake pops. Great price too!
    Great disposable poly gloves. These usually fit the women. We buy the other sizes too.Cant beat the price. We will definitely be buying them again.
    My employees use these gloves to serve food from the steam table. They are light gloves, but just what they need to serve with. Great price too.
    Best price anywhere on these disposable gloves. These are quality gloves. They hold up quite well. We're so thankful that we discovered The Webstaurant Store!
    These work really well and I haven't had much of a problem with "six fingers" or fused gloves, unlike other products. I'd recommend these over other companies' products.
    Received this product intact and in a timely fashion. We have not found any problems with the gloves as of yet. They serve their purpose.
    Although the gloves do serve the purpose of no direct food contact, I found them to be difficult to work in. The medium size is rather large and kept slipping off.
    Thanks for your review! You could check out tighter fitting gloves of the same size like our best selling Noble Medium Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice, item 394365M.
    I use these gloves for diaper changes for my students 6 weeks to 3 years old. They are great! For the one time use you can't beat the price! I'm placing my next order today!
    After trying different brands of gloves we found these. These have been the best by far; they are very good about not splitting like many of the other brands will.
    Decent disposable glove for the price. These are perfect for situations where staff go through a lot of gloves. They hold up well to rips but do not last over a long period of time.
    We use these items when changing diapers. I was so glad I got them I was spending 4x as much for the surigical gloves. These work just as well at a fraction of the cost.
    Very strong & durable and stays on your hands. Nice packaging to take to offsite events. Great price and quality compared to other places I have used.
    The cheapest price I found everywhere online or in store. We use these often for cutting vegetable and handling meat for food safety reasons. They are very durable and non slippery when used.
    Inexpensive , durable, great fit and price. An easy to use food safety item. These disposable gloves work well when dealing with messy food items.
    Cannot serve food without these glove. We use so many of them in a day. Webstaurant has the best price where we purchase to cut our cost. I definitely buy more.
    Gloves work very well for one-time use. We use these gloves to do all of our portioning and food handling. Very pleased with the quality for the pricing.
    We go through these like crazy. They fit my medium sized hand really well...not so big they're awkward or anything and not so small I have to fight with them. The thickness is good...I can still feel what I'm working with but I'm protected from grease and other non-desirables.
    We purchased the Disposable Poly Gloves in the medium size for our employees to use to make salads. Normally they complain about the gloves we used to purchase elsewhere that the gloves are uncomfortable and fall off. These particular medium sized gloves are a perfect fit and easy to navigate around with at the salad bar.
    These gloves are great for food prep and for serving foods! They run a little larger than other gloves that we've tried in the past, which we like.
    These gloves are wonderful. They are large enough to pull off with ease after using them, but comfortable enough to wear if you have a larger hand.
    We ordered both the medium and the large economy gloves, medium for me, and large for my husband. Excellant gloves with an excellant price. Very easy to put on and take off when your in a hurry. Very durable. Good sizes, not huge like some, so they get in your way, and not too small so they inhibit your movements. Great product, great price, we are reordering these again. M. Wards Sausage & Texas Hots.

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