Choice Large Disposable Food Service Poly Gloves - 1000/Case

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Promote a safe, sanitary work environment with this Choice large disposable poly food service glove! Ideal for tasks that require constant glove changing within your food service operation, this glove is perfect for tossing salads and making ready-to-order sandwiches. For added convenience, it's also disposable so you can easily throw it away after each use. Best suited for light-duty work, this glove is an economical choice for use in your commercial kitchen, sandwich shop, pizzeria, or cafeteria.

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Choice Large Disposable Food Service Poly Gloves - 1000/Case

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    These large disposable poly deli gloves are great do you get like 100.

    from REGARDLESS Posted on


    We use these at home everyday! For me it is like another layer of skin protection when I am peeling potatoes or even peeling shrimp! Also, my hands get dried easily from hand washing. So using these allow me to move from one taak to another in the kitchen.

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    Hese are great for food service or hamdling food in the kitchen. I like to have the box handy so I can quickly throw a glove on. Its nice to be able to keep your hands a bit cleaner

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    Great gloves

    excellent value for the money. They aren't as good as the vinyl ones but are easy to put on and take off which is a positive to me.

    from Frank-Lee Delish Posted on

    gloves in action!

    Great value and perfect for what we need. We are a seafood market/restaurant and we run through gloves super fast. These gloves are good for food handling/cooking and also when touching/grabbing shrimp or fishes. The gloves are thick enough where grease nor any liquid passes through. The gloves come in a few small boxes that we are able to fit into compartments in our small kitchen. Lastly, these gloves are comfortable and do not irritate your hands.

    from All Harvest Trading LLC Posted on

    Large poly gloves in use

    Great Product. You can put them on your hands, and it will protect them from dangerous bacteria and viruses. They also are health certified. That's cool.

    from The Ice Bros Posted on

    Inexpensive disposable gloves. They live up to their expectations. Not super durable. These are fine for picking up pastry but not for heavy duty use.

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    4 stars. Very good disposable gloves for the price and choice is a name you can trust. And easy to put on and dispose. 2 Thumbs.

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    We love this product and use it daily, We are very satisfied with this purchase! We use this amazing product because it is a cheap and easy way to keep germs away from our food.

    from Java Corner Posted on

    These gloves are used for my food truck. I go through a lot of these. Great value and a great price.Will keep ordering g these.

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    Awesome gloves. We buy tons of these and the price is phenomenal. We use these for sandwich building, beats buying the vinyl gloves where you need the precision control of you fingers to do things like cutting.

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    These are good quality gloves at a good price. That being said, the packaging is terrible and makes them a product i wont reorder. The package is a slim 100 count box which we go through easily during a rush, and the boxes do not open in a way to pull one glove at a time. Terrible packaging makes the price value insignificant for me.

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    Great for light duty jobs!

    These disposable gloves are really useful in the kitchen to keep your hands clean and prevent cross contamination. The large size was a little bigger than I was expecting, but I have average sized hands. Next time will buy medium.

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    Using gloves to make sandwich

    these work so well and can be used in every aspect of my frozen yogurt shop. the sizing is correct, they fit easily on the hand and they come out of the box nicely.

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    We use them when we need to dip the agitators while product is in the machine. These are perfect for making a clean and sterile environment to make the machines work better. Never had an issue with size or strength.

    This is a really good box of hundred large food service poly gloves I'm really impressed with how well these are the great for using at events to serve food to customers can't go wrong with them

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    I purchased the Choice Disposable (Large) Poly Gloves for home use. The gloves are great! I use them in the kitchen, cleaning, taking out the garbage, etc. The quality is good as well as the price.

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    I absolutely love this product! This choice large disposable poly gloves are great for the food service! These gloves are great quality! I highly recommend!

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    These are large Poly food service Gloves, They preform as described online and are quiet a bargain at the cost. We are very much satisfied with this purchase and will reorder.

    from Bethel Baptist Church Posted on

    These gloves are great! They don't leave your hands powdery like other gloves do and I love the way they come, split up into smaller boxes.

    from Crave Sweets Posted on

    These choice vinyl gloves are fine for quick cleaning jobs or food service that require frequent glove changes. Not too durable or form fitting but fine for the price.

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    my hands are a little small but if you are wanting to make pizza dough or any dough for that matter these gloves will do the job these are the best!

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    cost is a good deal and shipping doesn't hurt that price to much. only issues i have seen is small pieces of plastic strands sometimes occur in some of the boxes.

    from great lakes grinders Posted on

    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help with any issues you have.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I ordered these larger gloves as our staff consists of men and women. They are a little big for women with smaller hands but overall are a perfect fit for our kitchen staff. Great value!

    from Legends Ballpark Posted on

    A pretty basic glove obvious, so nothing to rave about per say, but they deserve 5 stars for the price and functionality. They do what you'd expect for a base line glove, so if that's what your looking for you'll find it here.

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    These gloves are nice to take to shows as the packaging is small enough to fit any where. The gloves themselves hold up nicely. Major plus is that I can keep my wedding ring on without worrying that it will rip the glove.

    from Made for You -By Jen Posted on

    These gloves do what you expect. You can remove them without needing any medical training! They rip easily but they are not for long term use, they are great for the quick jobs.

    from The J Spot Posted on

    This pack of gloves is perfect for taking cupcakes to the farmers market. They dispense easily and the small package slips right in my tote bag. Customers really appreciated that I had a glove on as I packaged their goodies.

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    This comes in several smaller packs making it much easier to keep one box every where you might need to do some dirty work, baking or art n crafts.

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    These gloves are perfect and cheap enough to grab and out in for quick food production. They fit larger hands and are wider than normal.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    these gloves are so awesome, it so cheap and it get the work done. i use this while i severed my guest ice cream. i would buy again.

    from 2 Posted on

    Poly gloves are easy to use and easily stored and also provides great protection. I will say its hard to put on if hands are already wet / sweaty.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    must have for any food service business. we go through a lot of disposable gloves so its important to get them at a nice price lie this.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Choice Disposable Poly Gloves - Large for Food Service - 100/Pack are great food serving gloves and inexpensive enough that you won cry tossing them lol

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    These gloves work great. They are better than a lot of other kinds we have used that start getting sticky after we have the package open for a while.

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    I would totally buy these glove again. It's perfect for what I plan to use it for. I would refer it to all my friends.

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    A 100 pack of cheap disposable gloves. Great for when you are constantly taking off and putting on gloves and you dont want to waste a lot of money.

    from CMV Posted on

    These gloves are the bomb! They are SO cheaply priced that you can run through pair after pair to make sure things stay clean and not have to worry. I bought the large size even though my hands are probably more small/medium sized, I like having a larger size than needed. It's always nice to have a pack or two laying around to use!

    from American Made Exotics Posted on

    when dealing in differnt foods these gloves are perfect. we switch gloves often between meat and veggies .specially in raw food.prices is nice to shipped fast.we will be reordering.

    from Walden's Barbeque Posted on

    This website is good for online ordering for your business and its good at quality plust fast shipping i order all time from this site

    from motel 6 Posted on

    Great value. Using the gloves for farmers market to prepare tea and grab ice for cups. Will definitely re-order once I need to replenish stock.

    from Dorpare Posted on

    These Choice Disposable Poly Gloves - Large 1000 / Box for Food Service, #682DISPL, work as designed. No frills, but they get the job done.

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    The perfect food gloves for my establishment, again I should have bought a case , which I will but this product and the price cant be beat.,

    from pashays Posted on

    With the new health code laws, these gloves come in handy, when we have to constantly change gloves and use them for preparing breakfast sandwiches or handling any type of food item.

    from Lone Star Bistro Posted on

    We prefer poly gloves over the more premium materials like latex etc.. They are cheap and easy to take on and off. Buy by the case to save

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    We love these disposable gloves. They are great for handling meats of all kinds and with how inexpensive they are, you can afford to change often. The large are very big so consider medium

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    OK disposable poly gloves. don't even try to put them on with wet to impossible

    Very economical. Great choice for fast, easy to use food safety. Fits comfortably. Easy to put on. Makes safety a good choice! Keep these near for your employees to use to prevent contamination.

    from Your First Source For Supplies Posted on

    These gloves a great for food handling. The boxes a pretty small, so employees tend to misplace them and grab another. If you order larger quantities, you simply get a larger quantity of smal boxes!

    from Capital City Creamery Posted on

    Purchased these gloves for my restaurant prepping and serving the food. The gloves worked well, fit everyone's hands but not easily dispensed from the box. They also held up well during hour long food prep. No latex so no allergy worries. Overall if you need food service gloves I would recommend these.

    from China Bob Posted on

    While handling food it is important to wear gloves. These are a little bigger than the others which is good since there are many different hand sizes here. These gloves help us to be clean with our food so our customers can feel better eating it.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    Matched other gloves I have used in the past.. The large size poly gloves makes it a one size fit all for my restaurant. The only complaint I have it that packet size. The small 100/box makes it hard to pull 1-2 gloves out a time.

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    While these definitely are not "heavy duty" disposable gloves, they serve my purposes well and are priced very well. You can stock up on a case without breaking the bank.

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    Cheapest, best gloves you will find. Literally 1/4 of the price of my local food service provider. They hold up well for long term use.

    from Brown Bag Bagels Posted on

    The large poly gloves in Choice are good for chores around the house or keeping things things tidy around the office. Size-wise the fingers are pretty large and the wrist part of the glove, very wide. If you have large hands they're the perfect size for you! All in all, the material of the gloves is very good and they don't tear easily. They're nice all around gloves.

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    We love these gloves. They fit, perfectly. The individual boxes allow us to have them all over our workspace, easily accessible on mobile events and they don't need a lot of space.

    from Tuxedo Hill Chocolate Posted on

    I was not a fan of these gloves. I had purchased them so when I mixed fondant my hands would not get super messy with colors. These gloves felt like I was wearing trash bags on my hands.

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    It comes in small packs of 100 that are nice to use at individual station. Great for high use situations for quick hand coverage. Good product.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    These are decent for the price. I ordered a large and medium. They run a little small so order one size up or since they are so cheap, just order one of each size!

    Posted on

    Again, for the price you cannot beat these. I use them frequently. THey aren't all that durable but for light use they are very good.

    from Beaver Brewing Co Posted on

    I and my staff didn't care for these gloves. They are very poor quality. A lot of the gloves had plastic strings that would peel off or come off in the food.

    from Melon Seed Deli & Frozen Yogurt Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Tashia. We are sorry to hear that you received a bad batch of gloves. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to correct this.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These does the job. They are easy to open and put on. They do not stick together as much as other brands do. The only down side I would say is that large is way too large. the are so much bigger than other brands for some reason. So For this brand, i would definitelty go down a size than the norm

    Posted on

    Great deal on these gloves. Perfect size for my hands as an adult male. Gloves don't tear easily and I can wear one pair for a while as I bake or handle food. Lots of product for a great price. Will definitely purchase again.

    Posted on

    I can't say enough about this type of the gloves they all really great I can use them even if my hand is wet. They are very comfortable and no matter what you're making you don't feel like you're wearing gloves .

    from Tina's Basket Posted on

    We go through a lot of server (volunteers) at camp! This was a great deal to make sure everyone had gloves and could quickly be ready to serve their fellow campers! Just what we needed!

    from Florida College Boosters Posted on

    Slide out of box easy, slide onto hands easy, and they hold up well until your ready to change pairs. And at this price stock up like I did!

    Posted on

    Very affordable, accurate size, and durable product. I just wish there was an option to buy larger boxes, so they would fit in our brackets. They come in smaller packs, which is convenient for short term use, but is rather annoying when you need multiple gloves quickly.

    from All Souls Unitarian Church Posted on

    My kitchen crew refuses to wear anything but poly gloves and around here they are expensive. This was an extremely cheap price and I was skeptical, but was proved wrong. These gloves held up well and I buy them regularly now.

    Posted on

    Very affordable gloves. These are the perfect gloves because i must change my gloves after every dog i serve do to handling money. I also like how they come in small packs of 100 so you have to cary a large box of 1000.

    from Joes Hotdogs Posted on

    Great to have these on hand for folks that have larger hands, they work well for a one use operation, love the price very affordable.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    I was very skeptical purchasing these gloves since they are literally 1/10th the price of similar gloves. However, they are heavy duty and hold up well with food applications. They fit both large and small hands without falling off. They are very easy to get out of the box. The small size of the boxes makes it very easy to store these and use them since they take up almost no room. Stocking the older larger boxes of gloves we had took up considerable room that is now freed up in our concession stand. Ive even used these while dishwashing at another job and they held up great. (I was getting sick of washing my hands every few minutes)

    from Concession Stand Posted on

    excellent gloves with great value, comes in smaller boxes that can fit anywhere, the large size is BIG even for me and I always wear XL everything

    Posted on

    These are simply the best gloves at a great price! Even my local food service provider could not believe the great deal on these gloves!

    from Spring Street Treats Posted on

    Large Disposable Food Service Gloves

    We bought these gloves for serving our food in our food truck. They are great and we bought all sizes for everyone. We love this store and they ship very fast.

    from The Sweet Shop Posted on

    These gloves are extra large and will fit almost everyone. Great for serving, but not heavy food prep. Super cheap and the boxes are teeny tiny, fits almost anywhere.

    Posted on

    We use the poly gloves in our BBQ Concession Trailer and we go through tons of these when we do Fairs or Festivals....they fit everyones hands from small to extra large and were a great price...Definitely met our needs!

    from LAST SUPPER BBQ SMOKERS Posted on

    We have to have disposable gloves per health department requirements. This packet is small and can be placed in strategic locations through out the food prep area. Keeps the health inspector happy and our food safe.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    Good cheap high quality server glows, Very well priced and package for easy pull out design of dispensing package box, They haold up well for many jobs that you need a fast glove in the kitchen, Not really made for prep work, But can be used if needed. I would say buy these.

    from Bonks sausage and hot sauce Posted on

    Great size gloves! I love the fact they are more than affordable and you get so much in one pack. Will be buying more soon.

    from Cone Zone Posted on

    This is a great product for a good price. We use the gloves for various things in our cafe. The workers were glad we got these cuz they're a one size fits all.

    from LIFESTREAM CHURCH Posted on

    You really can't beat the price of these poly gloves. I can't find them cheaper anywhere else and they do the job without a doubt.

    Posted on

    We use these in our bakery to avoid cross contamination and are great for ready to eat food handling. The price is great and the gloves are of good quality there are a few occasional loose plastic strings that need to be removed from the gloves to avoid getting them in the food.

    Posted on

    we use this a lot since we make sure that we are not contaminating our products. it is good product but gets rip from time to time

    from Cre8tive Cupcake Posted on

    All of our employees use these gloves when dealing with food in our store. We primarily serve ice cream and also make various Hispanic items. These gloves are extremely easy to put on and makes it very efficient for my employees to serve our customers. I have used various other disposable gloves before but none of them were as quick to put on as these gloves.

    from Kalki Water & Ice Cream LLC Posted on

    Say goodbye to onion hands. Tired of smelling like a raw onion? This is perfect when marinating - it's thin, but tough and gets the job done.

    Posted on

    Excellent glove. Does not tear to easy and will with stand the constant action of prepping fresh cut fries. Lastly, the small dispensing box is perfect to keep several on hand.

    from Down Home Eats, LLC. Posted on

    Perfect fit on our hands and handling food is very convenient and not get our hands dirty especially we used a lot on raw chicken and meat. Would get more once it runs out.

    from Sang Kee Peking Duck House Posted on

    These gloves are a must have, they are very durable, they fit very nice to the hand. The price is the best I've come across!

    from Where the Heart Is LLC Posted on

    These are necessary. Poly gloves keep hands off of food products. These are easy to slide on and off to grab products for customers and then ring at the register.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    Best price around....I have a small place and these take up nearly no space on my counter....keep a pack by my sand. Station and one by the meat slicer

    Posted on

    The items were received very quickly, the items were well packaged, and the overall experience was far better than we expected. Thanks for the prompt service!!

    Posted on

    Different sizes for everyone. Fits awesome and snug when you have the right size gloves on. Doesn't make it any harder doing work with them on..

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    we operate a coffee/ bagel shop and needed a glove to prepare our bagels this is perfect and makes the health dept.very happy and you want them happy

    from the bean bar Posted on

    Terrific Gloves, like the way they fit. Comfortable, easy on and easy off. The best part is the way they are packaged. I like that they are in packs of 100, which means I don't have to take 1,000 when I don't need that many. They are easy to get out of the small, compact box. Great price, perfect for my business needs.

    Posted on

    These are great. Great price, and we use them all the time for many tasks in my shop. I love the small dispenser. My go-to...

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    These are great food prep gloves. I find myself using them all over the house. The envelope that they come in is also very handy and keeps them all together and ready for use.

    Posted on

    These gloves are great for quick service establishments. We use them for making wraps and sandwiches with ease. It is easy to wear and dispose and put on a second pair if needed.

    Posted on

    cant beat these in our front counter area for boxing our pastry and cupcakes , great price so far on the web ,one size fits all

    from jeanne's bakeshop Posted on

    These are the best gloves for getting on and off quickly. This helps serve the customers while still using a gloved hand. I will be ordering these again.

    from The Cupcake Lady Posted on

    Easy to put on and are strong so they won\\\\'t don\\\\'t tear easy. The large is really large and fingertips are a little bulky which gets in the way when cutting or handling smaller food items.

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    I do a lot of craft/food shows for cupcakes, constantly taking gloves off and on. These gloves are priced at a reasonable cost that throwing them away each time isn't throwing my profit away.

    from Designer cupcakes & More Posted on

    These gloves make keeping Health Department standards while serving great food fast easy!. They're easy to grab, to put on and to dispose of. They fit perfectly fine and are thin yet strong enough to stay productive. Great buy.

    Posted on

    Disposable gloves are a must for food service, and these do the trick. They are fine for my hands (which are larger), but they completely swallow the hands of my female employees. These are a good size for bigger people.

    from Grounded.,LLC Posted on

    These gloves are the perfect thing for health and safety in the kitchen. I got the large size so they will go on everyone. They hold up fairly well and are cheap enough you can change often.

    Posted on

    Bought these gloves and did not know what to expect. What I found was an amazingly durable glove for a great price. My employees love them and they even come in cases so you can save money. These gloves slip on and off easily which leaves more time for production

    from Flour City Popcorn Company Posted on

    Running a smoothie bar means direct contact with food. Gloves are one of our main consumables and these gloves are not only durable but even give a size option. They do not tear and have a lot of wear in them for a disposable glove!

    from Celebrity Fruit and Candy Posted on

    The larger ones work best in the restaurants. They fit most of the employees hands. We use them on marinading meat, chopping vegetables, you name it.

    Posted on

    I bought these to use in the kitchen but my husband loves them because they are large & they can be grabbed quickly & used to put out garbage, Wonderful for keeping grease off hands while doing car repairs & I keep a box next to the cat litter box - outstanding!

    Posted on

    I really like these gloves when coloring fondant and handling cakes and cupcakes. They are not very fitted but I expected that. They definitely get the job done.

    Posted on

    Health Departments new requirements make these gloves the most cost effective on the market! They are in boxes small enough to put anywhere. They are worth the money

    from Brewed Awakenings Posted on

    Keep food safe with these gloves. Good for quick changing, such as making sandwiches. Can't beat the price. Nice size. Will fit someone with large hands.

    Posted on

    Great gloves for the price. I am mad at myself becuase I only ordered 1 box instead of ten. My mistake. The savings are much better when buying in lots of 10. We go through a ton of gloves. If I don't screw up ordering them, I can save a lot in a year.

    from Eggs R Us Posted on

    Great set of gloves for a typical restaurant. 1000 gloves in each box is awesome because you do go through a lot of gloves everyday in a restaurant

    Posted on

    The Disposable Poly Gloves - large 1000 per box for food service. They are great when handeling food and consatant, changing of gloves. We use these while preparing and serving food at our church.

    Posted on

    buying a large size is no problem, it beats buying the small hands for big people hands. but anywhom, this product has been a great tool in efficient food prep.

    Posted on

    great item at a great price. I go through a lot of these in my store. quality product that I do not have any problems with.

    from Lisa's Chocolates & Gifts Posted on

    These gloves are a great alternative to latex gloves and they fit great on your hands. The price cannot be beat so order yourself a case of these today! You won't be sorry.

    Posted on

    Can`t live without these poly gloves in our concession trailer. They are a great fit and are at a terrific price. We will be ordering these again.

    Posted on

    I really like these gloves, as I have wide hands and other gloves I have used were either to tight or wide enough, but fingers were too long. Cannot beat the price on these!

    from Jazzy Rupert's Cafe Posted on

    I have very large hands and these gloves fit me. If they fit me they will fit you. I particularity like them when cutting things that smell like onions and garlic. At's price buy a big box!

    Posted on

    These are great. Health dept made us start changing between each customer. The price is great, when we have used 10,000 in the last three weeks!

    from SMOKEY J'S Posted on

    These gloves are perfect for line servers. The line servers in my place use them at the steam table. They are great disposable gloves. Good price too.

    Posted on

    These gloves are great in terms of quality and value. They even come prepacked in smaller quanities so I don't have to bring a while box with me to a farmers market. Large is suitable for a variety of hand sizes too. Great buy!

    from Saltwater Kitchen Posted on

    These are very easy to put on. They quality was acceptable and what I expected. I liked the price also, pretty reasonable compared to most.

    from Absolute BBQ Posted on

    We use these a lot when prepping for jobs they are great when you have to change gloves so many times. We have no complaints and will be reordering these again.

    from C&S Catering Service Posted on

    These gloves are awesome. They are easy to store and they work perfectly when we are handing out single cupcakes then removing them to run the cash register. They are super cost efficent!

    from Fix it with Frosting Posted on

    Great gloves for disposable use. Easy to put on & take off. Conveniently package in stacks of 100 so that I don't have to have a big box of gloves open at once. These measure about 5+ inches across the palm. I've had some big men use them & they fit their hands.

    from CANDY CANDY Posted on


    from Boonies Bar and Grill Posted on

    These gloves are terrific and small enough (the box) to store several boxes in drawers, on over-head storage areas or just on the counter where you are working without having to move a big box the size of a tissue box. The cost made it real easy to but, but when I got them, the ease of use made them a terrific buy!

    from CUP-O-FRIEZS Posted on

    I use this product in my mobile food service trailer numerous times through out the day. I have found nothing bad to say about this product.

    from Philly Bill's Cheesesteaks Posted on

    What a great deal these are! The price and quality is unbeatable. I was concerned I would order the wrong size, but these fit perfect.

    from FH Cakes Posted on

    This gloves are great for quick and easy access, these also come in handy when you are on the go for a bake show. The quickly slip on and do not crimp, bind, or tangle. Great buy.

    from Great Harvest Bread Company Posted on

    I work at a restaurant that sells cookies and other take home desserts up at the front register. These are perfect for quickly reaching in and grabbing a cookie for a customer.

    Posted on

    Our Sushi bar needs good non-latex gloves that will not stick to the sushi rice; however, sushi also demands full control of the chef's hands, and these gloves deliver. Some gloves have the problem of riding up on the hands during food preparation, but these stay in place. At a fraction of the price of our old supplier for the same amount, these gloves were an excellent value. Of course, make sure to get the right size for your chefs hands.

    from MIKAWA Posted on

    Excellent gloves, I would highly recommend! We have tried several different brands of these and these take the cake by far. Even after putting them through the wringer they do not tear or split.

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    We purchase these Poly Gloves through Webstaurant Online whenever we are in need of gloves. The price is unbeatable! They are so light that it barely feels as if you are wearing gloves. They keep your hands dry and all of the moisture out. They are also very durable and can take a beating.

    from Andrea's Italian Ristorante & Pizzeria Posted on

    Great gloves and great packaging box to contain 1000 gloves at one time. No problems with ripping like others used and the large size fits my hands with no problems. I have had trouble with "large" actually fitting. Thanks!!

    from Chocolate Butler Parties Posted on

    wow, it comes in a 1000 for a box. that a long time use. the package arrived very good, this one even had a plastic covering the box. thats are signs of web restaurant taking good care of their customer.

    Posted on

    Great gloves, we use size large so that everyone will be able to fit. The gloves are great to have around, especially when working between two commodities at a time and the nifty pop up makes it so simple to grab and go.

    Posted on

    These disposable gloves are great for making sandwiches!!! Excellent inexpensive price!! Good for splitting food orders or slicing bread!! Easy to put on and handle food with!!

    Posted on

    These gloves work great. They fit my hands as well as my husbands hands and held up very well during food preparation. I will definitely order more in the future.

    Posted on

    I was having a hard time finding disposable gloves that felt comfortable and looked clean. These gloves were perfect and I love the quantity you get at such a great price. I will purchase again.

    from Cupcake Jubilee Posted on

    Great product, order comes in 10 packages of 100, which is very easy way to use the product different areas work station. i would recomend this product, it is a loosly fit glove.


    the price is great the sizes are fine. Some do come apart but over all they are worth the price.we use these very often and it work for us.

    Posted on

    These have to be one of the best gloves for the price I have ever come across. They are very resistant to tears and are easy to get on and off in a hurry.

    from Cafemantic Posted on

    We used these but found them a little loose for our hands. They didn't rip or anything, they just didn't fit everyone. Will buy for quick jobs such as handing out samples.

    from shopaholic2shopaholic Posted on

    Gloves work very well for one-time use. We use these gloves to do all of our portioning and food handling. Very pleased with the quality for the pricing.

    from Gyros on Main Posted on

    Great value and quality for the price, I was paying much more a case for latex gloves before. These are also easy to take on and off.

    Posted on

    When you need a glove, you need a glove, and these will do fine for lightweight work. My only complaint is that they are a little tricky to get out of the box one at a time.

    Posted on

    A must have! You won't find better pricing anywhere else. These are amoung the best quality, as far as disposable poly gloves go. They stand up while you're portioning, prepping, and handling your food products.

    from morton pub Posted on

    great gloves, all my workers love it. They use the glove to make order, prepare food, and so on. This is a great deal that no other places have.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    great gloves. can use for cooking, hair coloring and much more. I go through a lot of these gloves. Great for people who don't like to touch meat.

    from RJCM Posted on

    We love these gloves. I am a special needs teacher and these gloves fit my students hands perfectly. They are strong gloves and cover all their hands. They are durable and last the whole time while cooking.

    from Tooele High School Special Ed. Posted on

    Much to our surprise, we were very, very, happy with these disposable gloves for our concession stand! They are light, but very durable. They are easy to put on when you are in a hurry, and easy to take off. Excellant product, with an excellant price. We are reordering these again!! M. Wards Sausage & Texas Hots.

    Posted on

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