Scrubble by ACS GB12-TSH 8" x 4" x 3 1/2" Grill Brick - 12/Case

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Effectively clean your grill surfaces with this Scrubble by ACS GB12-TSH 8" x 4" x 3 1/2" grill brick. With its thick construction, this grill brick easily removes residue and caked-on carbon. For better leverage, simply pair it with a compatible handle and begin cleaning!

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Scrubble by ACS GB12-TSH 8" x 4" x 3 1/2" Grill Brick - 12/Case

4.8 stars from 121 reviews

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grill Great brick clean griddle Bricks cleaning price top case

A must have for any commercial kitchen with a flat top grill. Our cooks use these every night to help maintain the equipment. One brick lasts for a pretty long time - even with daily use.


We have been using the brand for years - durable, and porous-enough to clean our griddle efficiently, plus grill bricks are much better than chemicals.

from Roadhouse Diner on

After seeing these on a youtube video on "how to clean your flat top grill" I had to give them a try. Was not disappointed. With a little bit of muscle and a circular scrubbing motion you can clean any caked on food off of your grill in a few short minutes. I prefer using these instead of harsh chemical cleaners that some establishments use to clean. Don't want that mess near my customers food.

from Lulamaes Cajun Cuisine on

My son likes a clean grill. This makes the job so much easier. He can clean it lickty split. Just one suggestion, wrap them separately. It makes a mess on everything.

from Lumpys on

These things remind me of those stones you would buy when you had a porcelain toilet that went unused for a year since it was in the guest room that was never used, and suddenly there was algae growing in it, stuck to the bottom, that needed to be scraped off. These are disposable scratch and erase problem blocks. Definitely worth the money to keep from wasting time trying to brush off a grill that needs a restart. Just wash the grates after using as I'm sure a ton of metallic residue comes off the grates after this renewal method.

from Smokye on

Standard grill brick much needed to keep that flattop looking good. It wont crumble or break, you'll use it down to the corner. Very economical

from Jonah's Restaurant Group LLC. on

I have some before and after pictures. For the brick it worked out well but it's best to use the holder. It took off most of the gunk from the griddle. I had one problem when scrubbing the griddle and it was after scrubbing the griddle the handle would loosen up on it because it's like a piece charcoal that is porous so the handle would dig in to the brick and create an impression in the brick. This is my first time using a brick so you first have to scrape the excess with a scraper then add oil to the griddle and scrub with the brick.


Works great at cleaning burnt-on food and oil. My only gripe about this Grill Brick is it is so powdery, every item in my order was covered in a layer of grill brick powder.


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When u have a kitchen with a flattop you know that cleaning it is importing. This grill block is perfect for maintaining the clean surface you desire for your flat top.

from Shoreline Bar and Grill on

Love the grill bricks and the price. We have purchased these on several occasions and will continue to purchase - we use a lot. Great

from Taylor's Stateline Truckstop on

The best tool to make your grill top look brand new! This keeps food tasting great and extends the life of the equipment. A great product for any restaurant to have, and easy to use.

from Revival Eastside Eatery on

I think all of these grill bricks are the same but they work as all as any other brand that I have used and don't fall apart or crumble

from Bistro 135 on

Awesome grill brick.. got our grill looking all fresh and new thanks so much for the brick. .you guys rock... will order from again thanks

from Family Traditions on

Just your average grill bicks here. No negative or positive comments from me. They do what they are designed to do, but a fraction of the cost of others.


When keeping up with a flat top grill that gets abused on the daily you will want to make sure you have these awesome grill bricks laying around. Comes out squeaky clean!


We used it the same day we got it and it was very easy to use and did a great job. Just a good brick for cleaning. Worked well for sure.

from Food Service on

These are very good grill bricks. They last quite a while and they are much more reasonably priced by the case at WebstaurantStore than through our local distributor.

from NT on

These grill bricks are a good value for my money. They ate of excellent quslity, with good packaging, well made. And I cannot complain abour the price either. Great!


this grill break case is great for storage and is the great size. I would defiantly buy this case again for more storage in the restaurant.


Great product... they do what they are supposed to... they make grill clean up a breeze and they are pretty inexpensive too! These are now on our order sheet so that we can buy more in the future! Thanks!

from sirens on

Got these bricks for cleaning an industrial grill top. Works like a charm. Exactly what I had expected. Good size, does what it is supposed to. Chemical free cleaning!


This is a must have in the kitchen when you have a flat top grill. My cooks couldn’t be happier when cleaning the grill at the end of the day! MUST HAVE!!

from The Kountry Kitchen on

Great product. Cleans the grill with ease and does a great job. Grill stays shined and new if ya use these everyday. Great price too.

from Sunrise Donuts on

Use this block for cleaning your outdoor grill surfaces. It is much safer than using a wire grill brush that can leave behind bristles. It does a great job, and forms better to your grill grates that an aluminum foil ball.

from BHS on

These scrubble grill bricks are awesome and you can not beat the price, they get the grill clean without all the scrubbing. Would buy them again

from Veracruz taqueria on

I was really pleased with the number of bricks I got for the price that I paid. They are great and work really well on my griddle.

from Charmed. on

Works Great on the Grill!! Use it every time Clean working surface for my next meal on the Grill!! Perfect for those quick clean ups too


These grill bricks are very durable. You can get plenty of uses off of one brick. I highly reccomend getting grill brick holder so you dont burn you hand like I did.

from Grams Kitchen on

This is an every day use product, and the amount we have save since switching to these versus the previously used product adds up.


If you need to clean your grill this is what you need, really amazing and works great its the bes thing and the one for a perfect clean!

from Wings Depot Mexico on

Product is as advertised and works so well cleaning the cafe grills as well as my charcoal grill. In my rural area, this product is available 72 miles round trip from my business. WebstaurantStore has cut my drive and time away from my business to zero!

from Say Grace Cafe on

The scrubble is a great product for keeping the grills clean and looking brand new day in and day out. The only critique is it’s a bit difficult to maneuver even with a handle.

from A Downtown Pensacola Restaurant Group on

I like these grill bricks because they clean better than most I've tried. The life of them make the value even better. I always order a case so I can get the price break. They don't dust up like some other brands do.

from Continental Mills on

The Scrubble grill brick works very well. It's cleaned stubborn cooked on foods. The only downside to ANY grill brick is the messy clean up of the residue that comes off the brick. But that's any grill brick, I give the Scrubble Grill Brick a thumbs up.

from Flip Flop Burgers on

It's a grill brick, it performs how it should. I do find this brand is a little more "dusty" than others but if you're cleaning properly then it doesn't matter.


The product gets the job done. It makes it easy to clean our grills after a long day of making hash browns, however, I fill this product leaves more residue then some of its competitors.

from Rick's Roadside Cafe on

These work great for our grill in Knoxville tn time out deli is the best deli we use these products and we recommend them 10/10 for you to buy!!!


These grill bricks are a great way to remove heavy carbon build up from all around the kitchen. Oven doors, the back side of a range, or really stubborn pots and pans will all be brand new.

from Catering inc on

This grill brick is great for my grill top. It does exactly what you need it to and I was lucky webstaurant sold it for a great price also. Great deal!


This is a great product to have for every flat top. it is the easiest way to clean a flat top that I have found.

from Frontline Foundations, Inc. on

what can i say. you can never have too many grill bricks. these come in a case of 12 at a very good price. i recommend


Put down a little oil or soda water and let it bubble then come back behind with a grill brick (and a towel over your hand making circles and you will have a mirror surface quickly.


These grill bricks are perfect for cleaning your restaurant or café grills. Abrasive brick can be used with an optional brick holder to scrape stuck on food from your grill surface.

from Phil's place on

Grill brick works great however it did leave a lot of residue in the box that it shipped in. If you are getting multiple items it may be best if you can somehow request this ships separately


The grill blocks work great, and are a must have for our kitchen. We use them daily for cleaning the grill. Would recommend and cost effective.

from Rock N Grill on

This is a great product. Works as described and is much less expensive than our local vendors for sure. Wish I had stumbled across these long ago.

from Between the Bun on

Been buying these at webstaurant as they are cheaper than my local restaurant supply store! They are the same ones and do the trick. Thanks Webstaurantstore!

from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House Long Beach on

These keep a griddle clean as new. We have the handle that can be attached, and we've used without. The brick will get hot if it's on the surface long enough--that's common sense--so go ahead and invest in the handle and take care of your hands. Great price on this brick--costs less than any other vendor we've seen.

from Jefferson Country Store on

This really is a necessity for cleaning a griddle/grill. We use it daily in our restaurant and we have not found a better price than this.

from The Mill Stone Manor on

We use these on the griddle with water or grease to clean. goes from a dark color to a stainless steel look. mkes for a good cleaning

from Burger Station on

I recommend only using this to clean grills, as you should. It is a hard grill brick that scrubs the baked on food residue. It will be to hard for any other cleaning.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

Scribble by ACS 8"x4"x3 1/2" grill cleaning brick. You can quickly scrub down the metal grates on your outdoor grills with this. It's is a firm abrasive scrubbing tool that gets off the food from grilling.


We use these the clean our griddle and works great. We've had the case for more than a year and haven't gone through it yet. We use our griddle four days a week, but not all day long. You can also cut off the sides of the brick to make fresh clean edges when the corners starts to get rounded.


This Scrubble by ACS eight inch by four inch by three and a half inch grill brick turned out to be far better than as described in the product description on the website. The size and weight are standard but what really threw me was the non-chip durability. It was accidently dropped on ground and didn’t even make a dent. Very durable and would recommend.


I have been using these Grill Bricks for some time now. Excellent product. They make cleaning the grill grates and griddle surfaces super fast and simple. Reduces the amount of physical work to clean up for the next go round big time. I recommend these for, not just restaurants, but those people who grill frequently at home as well!


I use the brick with the combination with grill screens for my flat grill it does a good job getting all the grease out price is great also


This is a really messy grill brick. The packaging on mine was torn when it arrived, and some of the brick had broken and got the other items in my order dirty. Keep in mind it'll be messy when you use it.


The item is of quality and works well. They clean the grill easily to safe labor cost. The only downside of this item is that you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

from The Grumpy Monk on

Cleaning a grill with a brick is night and day. It's so much easier. They plow right through anything in its way. I gave this 4/5 because it made a mess in the box, left grit everywhere. These should be sealed better.


Have you ever tried cleaning your grill without a grill brick? Not a easy task. This is a great product. You can go from a stained dark grill to a like new shiny look.

from The Diner on

I love these grill bricks they work great for cleaning your flat top I wish they would've packaged it a little better though because it got all over it yet they crumble a little bit and I got all over all the rest of my package

from N/A on

I never try to clean a flattop without these, We get them locally now. but if your supplier doesnt have them you need to order these. they work great!

from Mesa Grande Taqueria on

I bought a few of these grill bricks to see how well they would work. They did a quick job in removing very stubborn burnt on deposits WITHOUT chemicals!! They are great and have order them by the case now!!

from Khaan Deli LLC on

Great item at a great price! They do exactly as their name suggests...scrub the grill. With just a little elbow grease, they clean amazingly well. Ships in to us super fast. Thank you for the savings.

from Encore Development on

The Scrubble Grill Brick works quite nicely but you will need to use them as a 2 step process along with a degreaser in order to get a really clean grill.


Although we gave it a try we were not as happy with this as we were the grill scrapper. It did not last very long and broke apart easily.

from Vincents Pizza on

works well on the flat top griddle. with the handle makes clean up fast and easy. last a while when used regularly. a must for your griddle

from Daniel C Tolner on

Love this very economical brick. It is very aggressive and took the Old rust right off a neglected griddle that we wanted to put back into service. We were very happy with the results.


Great cleaning brick. Wear some rubber gloves its a little messy but with some hot water and this scrubble, or grill top comes clean in minutes.

from Russ' Sub Shack on

We have a small tabletop grill in my cafe this is a must have, works well on the residue left from burgers ,bacon, dried on egg...


Anyone with a flat top griddle needs some of these. We use them every night to glean the griddles at closing time. Really good price, too!

from Fernando's on

wish i ordered more. this carbon grill brick is arguably the most effective way to clean our flat top grill each day. make sure to use it on a hot oiled grill

from Papi's Stuffed Sopapillas on

I purchased the ACS Scrubble grill block. This solid grill block is very dense and holds up well to repeated use. It cleans the surface effortlessly.

from Jack & Alice LLC. on

These to the job, my grill is sparkling after a throughout scrub with one of these. The price is wallet friendly so I will be a repeat customer


Love these grille bricks they make cleaning so easy and can be used on griddles as well as open grated grilles perfect product A++ easy to store

from Brookies on

I bought this to use on my own Lodge flat top griddle. If you clean the smooth side of the griddle with it all the time you will end up with a completely non stick surface that will make you very happy. Eggs will never stick again!

from Vincent's restaurant on

This is a great way to clean a grill. A little scrubbing with the grill brick after a good scraping and your grill will be clean and smooth. We use one every two days and it is well worth it.

from Jacobs Grocery and Cafe on

Cheapest, quickest way to clean a flat top - gets everything off of the flat top BUT use gloves or the grill brick holder because this will make a mess!


if you wanna get your flat top griddle looking like a brand new this grill bricks are the best no question about it and really cheap than our local restaurant supply i highly recommend it

from sergio's on

Really good price on these. BEen using these for weeks now and our grills look great. Definitely on our rapid reorder status. Great case price.

from backwater on

great product! i would recommend this to anyone ,easy to clean griddles, i use it everyday on my flap top, last long time, order it

from el mexicano on

This brick does a great job on the griddle. I was shocked to see the end results. Always wanted one of these to keep my griddle really clean and it really works. Then I tried stainless steel pots - tried on the bottom first, just to be sure. WOW! WOW! and WOW! They are like brand new.

from Sparrow Properties on

I've always been a brick guy when it comes to the griddle. My vendors have offered up several other 'new' options for cleaning the griddle but I still say bricks are the best and Webstaurant has the best price.


When it came to cleaning my flat top grill this was perfect. It buffed out my grill making it seem as if it were brand new

from Party catering on

These are the only bricks we use to clean our grill, very easy use to use and fast clean up. Gets the grills looking brand new!


I bought this grill brick to use in my food wagon. This cleaning tool is an absolute must have for anyone using a griddle in their food establishment. This website sells the matching grill brick holder as well. This grill brick is perfect for cleaning a well used grill at the end of every day. It gets into tight corners and works on the toughest messes. The price is good and the shipping was fast. I recommend this product.

from Tin Brook Bed & Breakfast on

This grill brick helps clean our grill and makes it look shiny and brand new! It scrubs off all excess foods and is a total help to us.

from The Waves Restaurant on

We ordered multiple boxes we use a lot of these. They get the job done, great value and they last and get all the grime off the grill.

from Spokes II Inc. on

This brick was better quality then I originally hoped for. It took off the toughest of build up on my flat surface grill and should last quite some time


We purchased four cases of these and we were able to construct a living room fort the likes of which had never been seen. They were even carvable to allow us to create Doric arches and such! Ok, not really but ya know, they're still way to clean the grill and oh that joyous sound they make as they slide back and forth.

from October Catering on

These are a must have for cleaning the grill. Buy the grill Brick Holder with this to keep the mess off your hands. Tighten the holder with a screw driver. I found it next to impossible to tighten it enough with my hands. Buy a whole case so that you won't run out. This is a great buy.

from Camp Loy White on

The miracle pan cleaner! I had a set of baking sheets that were so caked with backed on grease, food and other stuff that I was just going to throw them out. I decided to try the grill brick since I was ordering some other items. With a half hour of scouring all 6 sheets were saved. The brick cut through years of grime. It works best on the large areas and in concert with the Pumie scouring stick for corners. I highly recommend having this in your cleaning toolkit.


this works great and just as described, a little extra scrubbing factor for the griddle. didn't restore it to new as some suggest, but does get the stuff off.

from Lisa's Lunchbox on

These are great. We use them once a week to clean the grill. It takes a little elbow grease, but they get the job done.

from Johnnys Bar and Grill on

I love these grill bricks. I bought a case because they were a great price. i clean the griddle at the end of day with this and it works very well. it removes the cooked on food easily and makes the surface look very shiny.


Great for cleaning the grill top. Gets all the caked on grime off quick and easy. It;'s good to have multiples so you never run out.


This grill brick really takes off the grime, carbon deposits, baked on sugar etc quite well. My only gripe is while the grill brick works well, it wears down fairly quickly, so I would order a few upfront.

from Bayside Kettle Corn, Ltd on

The grill brick is a great tool for cleaning the flat top. This is the cheapest website to buy them from. If you have a griddle I recommend you buy these.

from cruisincafe on

This grill brick is large and goes a long way. It gets the rough spots off of my flat top grill. I would like to see it in smaller shapes to get in the tough corners.

from Ablaze Studios on

I used to never use these until I was given a few as a gift and man do they get the job done. They make quick work of heavily soiled griddles.


It's a grill brick. You provide the elbow grease and the dirty surface. And it follows through and it cleans. It's a great price per case and I would order again!


This grill brick is a must have. It really works great on the flat surface. Im really glad i ordered these and you will be to.

from nitas place on

This grill brick is perfect for the flat top. I use it everyday at work and that baby comes out perfect every time. Great product.


Yup, its a grill brick. works nicely. easy to store, great price. cheap enough to buy as many as you need then dispose of once used.

from Boonies Bar and Grill on

The cooks have tried many things to clean their grill, but this is by far their favorite! Great price and they last forever. Fantastic value!

from The Pit on

These grill bricks are an affordable replacement for scrapers! They are easy to use and very good for large griddles! A great item to stock up on!!


This grill brick will make your surface spotless with very little effort. I have cooked on the grill all day and used this at the end for a brand new look.


Takes down the debris on the grill in no time - first I scrape and then use the brick. It has held up very good over the season.


Got Char-grille? Get a brick. Or two. These will keep your grille and griddle de-gunked and ready to cook. Scrape the heavy crud off first and then whisk away any carbon scale with these grille bricks. Long lasting, but inexpensive enough you can have an extra one or two ready to go. Great for the home BBQ too, or bring one with for the public grilles when you go picnicking and not have to worry about the dirty grille someone else left for you!


Very good quality grill brick which makes our flat top grill very clean. If we run out, the kitchen staff begs for more of these.


this grill brick is a great buy. it is priced right and works great cleans even the worse flat tops. love it and will reorder

from restaurant on

Handy things to have around, makes nightly cleaning of the grill a lot easier. Strong enough to scrape up leftover residue but does not leave scratches.


I am not a professional chef, but I needed one of these for my Avantco Griddle. I have seen these used by professionals all over and I knew I needed one as well. Follow the directions and you can't go wrong. My brick's plastic wrap was split at the seam, and consequently, I had black dust over everything in my order. When I order another one of these, I will just order it separately from everything else.


Would recommend to anyone who has a flat top grill along with the other tools used to clean the grill. Great buy and would purchase again.

from Twisted Tortilla on

Works great on the flat grill! Much better than anything else I've used- just add a little veggitable oil to it and it will work great.

from Uncommon Cafe on

We recently started using this to clean our panini press. It has never been cleaner and it really helps clean all of the carbon build up on the hot surfaces.

from Cafemantic on

Great size! This brick is twice as big as a regular (2") brick and works great. I recommend with the holder. It will be a while but we'll buy this one again.

from The Vintage Cafe on

Everything I have purchased here has been of the highest quality,this is no exception !! The low prices and very fast shipping has made me a customer for life !!

from Pattie Wagon on

This is the same grill brick that my company used to purchase from my big food service distributor, but at more than half of the price.


Grill bricks are the fastest and cleanest way to get your flat top clean. These are long lasting and it will quickly get your flat top down to a shine.


Who wants to spend a lot on grill bricks??? The Webstaurant store has the best price on grill bricks and they work just like any other brand. I highly recommend this grill brick, and if you don't want to buy a case you can purchse individually. Thanks Webstaurant Store!!


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