Polar Pak 2020 6-Cup High Top Hinged OPS Plastic Cupcake Container - 200/Case

Item #: 65602020

Display your decadent desserts with optimum visibility with this Polar Pak 2020 6-cup high top cupcake container! This plastic cupcake container is great for storing and transporting decorative cupcakes, as well as fluffy muffins. It's made of durable oriented polystyrene (OPS) with wide ribbing along the sides and cups for added strength where it matters most. OPS is a hard and rigid material, with exceptional stacking strength. It's resistant to water and oxygen, and does not transmit odor to food products. You can purchase with confidence knowing that this product is safe since it's made of FDA approved material.

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Polar Pak 2020 6-Cup High Top Hinged OPS Plastic Cupcake Container - 200/Case

4.8 stars from 124 reviews


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cupcakes cupcake containers love Great high Perfect top sturdy tall
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    2 out of 2 found this review helpful

    Finding these was a dream! They are perfect when I have clients that want different flavors. I can separate them professionally, pile the icing high, and even add toppers! The travel nicely too. I don't stack them unless I have reinforcements like ribbon to ties stacked containers together. Great height, great buy!

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    Perfect for decorated cupcakes!

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful

    Great for regular size cupcake and muffins. The extra space at the top is nice if you're doing a very decorated cupcake with tall icing.

    from Turntable Cafe Posted on

    So in love with the Polar Pak plastic products. Not one size or option has failed us and the selection is terrific! Great value and highly recommend!

    from Grandma's Pantry Incorporated Posted on

    Great cupcake containers. Easy to close and seal. Nice high dome to allow for extra icing and decorations. Grateful they shipped straight to our door because the box is heavy when it arrives.

    from Sweet Treats Bakery Posted on

    Great if you want to add decorative pieces on top of cupcakes, i.e. plastic toppers or cookies, etc. or if you just like to pipe a really tall mound of frosting. Only thing I don't like, which I forgot to mention in the low dome container review, is that the "lock" does not always click into place, often times it smashes flat instead of clicking in and it just doesn't close as a result, which gets frustrating.

    Posted on

    The price for these cupcake containers is the best! They came in perfect condition and they are very durable. I like how they are see through so customers know what they're getting.

    Posted on

    These are the perfect size for your standard cupcakes. They are sturdy and the lid does not collapse when stacked. We tend to use the higher dome more which allow us to pipe our frosting on high without getting smashed from the lid.

    Posted on

    Perfect for standard cupcakes that are decorated.

    It is a durable package that does a really good job displaying the cupcakes inside. Perfect for a regular size cupcake. Customers are always surprised and happy to see their cupcakes go home in these packages instead of the regular ol cardboard box.

    from Sweet dreams Posted on

    Displays and packages the cupcakes very well!

    Package opened to show the amount of room inside.

    Good cupcake containers for the price. I purchased these for a fundraiser and have since used all but 10 of these containers. They are great for what they are, however, there are a couple minor issues with the finger holes. The holes do not quite line up for your fingers on some of the cupcakes and thus you have to push them up from the bottom to get them out. Aside from this small issue, I would buy these again.

    from None Posted on

    table full of cupcakes in holder

    We love the Polar Pak 202 6-cup High Top Hinged containers! This was our first set of these as we weren't sure if there would be enough room for frosting. After getting them we have since re-ordered a bigger bulk. There's more than enough room for frosting and decorations on a standard sized cupcake.

    from Blossom's Cupcakes for a Cause Posted on

    Perfect for Blossom's! Construction is not flimsy, plenty of room for frosting, and fit well for a standard sized muffin or cupcake!

    My daughter recently started a project she calls Blossom's Cupcakes for a Cause. She has been baking up a storm in our kitchen to make cupcakes she offers as a gift to supporters donating to a charity of her choice. The 6 Compartment Clear OPS Hinged Cupcake packaging we found from Webstauraunts.com has worked out perfectly! Fits standard size cupcakes nicely with plenty of room for frosting. Keeps them secure for traveling and packaging feels sturdy. With her added "Blossom's" sticker on the top of the packaging it looks great!

    The high top cupcake containers are great. I put a lot of icing and sometimes decorations on my cupcakes. These did not smash the icing and deco down.

    from the shoppe on main Posted on

    The height on these is great! It's hard to find good quality cupcake containers with a nice high lid for decorated cupcakes and these are perfect.

    from Thirsty Whale Bakery Posted on

    Live this containers, they are good to make orders to go. The container is tall enough, good to prevent the icing from touching the container.

    from Pincho Loco Posted on

    Great product

    These cupcake containers are very good quality and I was able to use them more than once. I also found Webstaurant have a good deal on these than any other website.

    Posted on

    These worked perfect for a Scout Cupcake Wars Event for everyone to take home their cupcakes they decorated. Containers are very durable and easy to use!

    Posted on

    love, love, love these containers. My customers are impressed that I can provide "professional" carry out containers. Our standard cupcakes fit perfectly snug in the compartments and the high hinged lid is awesome.

    Posted on

    These high topped hinged plastic cupcake containers are the perfect weight and size for even all of my tallest cupcakes. A definite re-order list must!

    from Momma's Cakes Posted on

    This 6 count cupcake container delivers perfectly protected cupcakes every time.

    The boxes are just the best way to sell a half dozen of muffins to a customer. It looks way more professional if I sell my muffins in these containers.

    from Artisan Bread Boutique L.L.C. Posted on

    This cupcake holder is fantastic. It is durable and can be open and closed several times without damaging the product. It is tall so the icing doesn't get smashed for beautiful display.

    from My Baked Buns, LLC Posted on

    Holds all of my cupcakes perfectly. And seals well after items are placed in container. I use the clear containers because it allows customers to see the beauty of your product

    from Ineffable Delights Posted on

    We ordered these because it was costing us too much to continue buying them from the local stores. I was skeptical about ordering something before I could physically hold it. I'm happy to say that they were just like the ones at the bakery. There is no difference. Will define ordering again

    from CC's Sweet Treats Posted on

    The Polar Pak 2020 6-Cup High Top Hinged OPS Plastic Cupcake Container is now a must have when I bake cupcakes. It is great for storage and I can stack many inside my refrigerator. The quality is pretty good and I highly recommend this product.

    Posted on

    Perfect for my cupcakes. They fit really well and the lid closed with no issues for storage. Highly recommend!

    Most cupcakes orders are sold by the dozen but your guest list does not always match the count. When attempting to not over back, you can use the 6 count cupcake high top hinged containers. These containers are strong and durable. They can also be used for chocolate covered strawberries.

    Posted on

    The six cup High hinge cupcake containers are excellent for making a half dozen variety flavor cupcakes.

    These are the Best 6 compartment cupcake holders out. They are tall and works perfect for cupcakes that has alot of toppings. And they hold the cupcakes snug in each compartment


    These are the standard type cupcake containers- I didn't have any issue with the height of the frosting but there weren't any picks inserted either to make them extra tall. If I wanted to keep the picks or over average height cupcake, I would go with an extended heights lid.

    Posted on

    These are the best cupcake holders, I donate a lot of cupcakes to different businesses and use these often. They are the perfect size. for giving a gift

    from Glenna's Cakes LLC Posted on

    These high top hinged cupcake togo containers work great, plenty of room for nice full looking cupcakes and surprisingly very sturdy. They make for nice counter top displays too.

    from Tripps Primal Farm and Kafé Posted on

    Perfect!! We ended up using these more than the 12 count ones in our bakery, as people prefer a smaller package. The high dome allows our decorated cupcakes not to be smooshed, too!

    from Everything Iced Cupcakes & More Posted on

    These cupcake containers are great! We make and store cupcakes for our kids cooking classes, and these are the best way to keep, and transport them.

    from Chef It Up 2 Go Posted on

    This cupcake container does what it needs to. It's not super fancy or anything the issue that I have with them is the locking mechanism. if you close it it is next to impossible to get it open without breaking

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    Six compartment cupcake container

    I love these containers for my half dozen cupcakes. They are very sturdy and the lid is plenty high enough for a generous Icing mound!

    from Bite of Joy Posted on


    These work really well for my cupcakes, very sturdy and durable. I was scared to order initially but they are great not flimsy. I got them quickly

    Posted on

    Love Love Love these, none of mines were broke when shipped. They have high domes so i can add all my toppings without crushing it

    from SweetsbyDiamond Posted on

    This cupcake container is the perfect way to package our cupcakes! The sections are high enough to ensure the frosting doesn't get smushed and the way the top clicks into the bottom reassures us that they won't come out while being transported!

    from Katherine l cohen Posted on

    Looking for an alternative to folding boxes and separate inserts for my cupcakes, I gave these plastic containers a try. They definitely make packing up a six pack of cupcakes a breeze and save me time when I have a rush of customers. They hold my standard size cupcakes perfectly and have a ton of room for piled up frosting or when I use cookie toppers on my cupcakes. I'm glad to see that they are recyclable. I think in the long run they will save both time and money compared to the boxes I was using.

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    Me encantaron el material es muy fuerte y fácil de manejar , aparte altos para una decoración más grande simplemente los mejores , recomiendo mucho

    Posted on

    These are great, good quality and tall cupcake containers! Close good and not a hassle to open. & biggest plus is that is Perfect for tall decoration and frosting! Truly recommend!

    from KekasKakes Posted on

    These containers are awesome. I love them! They are not only great for muffins but also for those amazing cupcakes that come with lots of yummy frosting. I love using these to place my muffins and cupcakes in to give away as gifts since they are showoff the desserts even more. Beautiful containers.

    Posted on

    These are a good buy, they are nice and sturdy. We love the high dome to keep room for all the icing and extras on top of our cupcakes and even work great for our muffins.

    from Dani Cakes Posted on

    These 6 cup high top cupcake containers work perfectly for 1/2 dozen cupcakes in our bakery. Love the depth and fit. Great quality for the price!

    from Its A Sweet Treat Day Bakery Posted on

    Sturdy containers for my muffins. The height is great for high decorations. Nice price and quality. No regrets. Will order more and recommend to others.

    Posted on

    These six pack containers are perfect for cupcakes with high frosting and extra decorations. They are not too big and also do not break easily.

    from Sugar and Spice Cupcakes Posted on

    Valentine 6 pack cupcakes sampler

    I purchased this to fit my JUMBO sized muffins. However, these are only 2", so they fit standard muffin tin sizes only (he height on the packaging is accurate, just not the bottom diameter of the individual muffin compartment). I called customer service on 12/20/16 and they said they will report the needed correction ASAP. On the bright side, they are sturdy (but a bit brittle, the tabs seem like they could crack if you're too rough with them-so be careful opening/closing with repeated use).

    from j4jcline Posted on

    These are fantastic. The nice and high domes allow for lots of icing and other decoration. Love that this is available in a small pack.

    Posted on

    Purchase these containers to give it a try. It's a little difficult trying to open the container once it's been closed. Unfortunately these containers did not meet my expectation simply because I use tall cupcake liners (1 3/4). If I used the standard liners, these would be great. Sturdy containers that I can stack on top of each other and the space between each cup is wide enough that I don't have to worry messing the frosting if I wanted to take one out. Would definitely recommend if you are using the standard liners (1 1/4 - 1 1/2 height).

    Posted on

    I love that these cupcake boxes have a high top. It's perfect for when I have a taller frosting or when I add toppings to the cupcakes.

    from Sweet Art Bake Shop Posted on

    These containers are perfect for taking cupcakes to the farmers market. The containers hold the cupcakes snugly and are tall enough to accommodate as much icing as you can pull on top.

    Posted on

    These are the better cupcake containers than I could have imagined! They are durable, made of excellent quality plastic & have an amazing seal! I love them!!!

    from Blessed Sweets & Treats Posted on

    I love having these 1/2 dozen cupcake containers at hand for when I have a few extra cupcakes at the end of an order. They make it easy to sell and give away small amounts, and the clamshell design keeps the cakes moist for several days in the event that a cupcake cannot be eaten right away. The lid is high enough that a nice swirl of frosting and basic decorations fit well.

    from The Lemon Tree Cottage Bakery Posted on

    These are great not only for businesses, but for those like me who enjoy surprising others with home-baked treats. They give your cupcakes a professional look, and make them a lot easier to transport. They're also great for bakes sales, or nice little token gifts.

    Posted on

    Love the product but for cupcakes that are dome-shaped on top. If the cupcakes are just level full with frosting it is hard to get it off the container. The frosting gets all over. The holes are the exact size of a standard cupcake.

    Posted on

    Just the right height and size for what I need it for. Made of very sturdy plastic. I can't wait to start creating. Very happy with this item.

    from Sweet treats4 baby Posted on

    These do the job for nicely decorated cupcakes, but the tabs are difficult to open once closed which can be rather frustrating and result in accidental cupcake tippage.

    from The Whole Bean Coffeehouse Posted on

    This specific container is fantastic for my cupcakes piled high with frosting and goodies. Nothing spoils a cupcake more than missing frosting or having it completely stuck to the container lid, so I upgraded to these. I'm so happy to have found such incredible wholesale prices for them too!

    Posted on

    I use these containers when i bring cupcakes to parties and bake sales. I was looking for something tall since i apply a generous dome of frosting and fun toppings. These are perfect and I have never had a problem with anything touching the top of the lid. The closure is also very sturdy. Great product!

    Posted on

    I love their cupcake containers. I was afraid with the price that they were going to be flimsy and wouldn't latch; however, they are sturdy, latch and hold up very well. Very pleased with this product.

    from Mom's Bakery Posted on

    I do all kinds of cupcakes. These are great for those with a higher frosting swirl. Does not smash the top and the package snaps securely.

    from Sugar Fix Now Posted on

    Sugarless deLite loves these cupcake holders. They maintain the products freshness which is the most important to our store. These are heavy duty and are worth the price.

    from Sugarless deLite Posted on

    These cupcake containers are great for packaging half a dozen cupcakes that have been frosted. They stack nicely and are sturdy enough to not worry about crushing the ones on the bottom.

    Posted on

    These Cupcake holders are the best! They are made very well and sturdy! I am a business owner and they are perfect for my cupcakes. What I like the best is that they are the High Tops in which if I need to add extra decorations on top of my cupcakes, they fit!!

    from Sweet Cake Creations Posted on

    These are super durable. They are also high enough to store the cupcakes even when they have toppers on them. They are also easy to stack for storage

    from Sunset bay cafe Posted on

    He's cupcake containers are perfect for our customers to grab some cupcakes to go. There's also enough space to attach a label to the top for your business.

    from HOLY CAKES Posted on

    Really like these containers. The are really convenient for cupcakes with high icing and decor. They also are very secure when you close them. Have purchased more.

    from Andi Cakes Posted on

    I sell items at local farmers markets and these cupcake containers are great for transporting and displaying my cupcakes. Customers love that they can see exactly what I'm selling.

    from Shannon's Sugar Shack Posted on

    I ordered a cake of these plastic cupcake containers, and I love them. They are easily stackable and very high for those cupcakes with toppings or high frosting. I will definitely order again.

    from Jacky's Baked Goods Posted on

    Guava Cupcakes w/ Cream Cheese Frosting Jacky's Baked Goods

    These cupcake containers are excellent at transporting, storing and delivering my cupcakes. they are secure and don't open randomly. I even use these for muffins too.

    Posted on

    Very nice cupcake holder. They are sturdy and stack well when I am transporting them to my local farmers market. They are plenty high for fancy decorating on the top of the cupcake.

    from Bunting Bakery & More Posted on

    The perfect cupcake holder for my business. Love the height, as it is perfect for my cupcakes that have decorative toppings. No icing will get destroyed in these! Great locking too. Will use many more in the future.

    from Yummvees Posted on

    I use these containers for my cupcakes that have high toppings- (stawberries, oreos, candies etc) and they are great, they dont smash them or anything

    from Kays Cupcakes Posted on

    believe it or not, The top of the case will not touch my cupcake toppings at all that's why I love these I can have cute designs that will not get ruined

    We use these containers daily in our cupcake shop. They are the perfect fit for a standard size cupcakes. There is enough room in the containers for fun toppings, such as cookies and cherries. Your icing won't get smashed!

    from My Little Cupcake, LLC Posted on

    We use these containers daily in our cupcake shop. They are the perfect size for a standard size cupcake. There is enough space in the container to put all of our fun toppings, such as cherries, cookies and more! Your icing won't get smashed!

    I made minion cupcakes which had fondant on top of the cupcakes and the cupcakes fit into the compartment perfect. The cupcakes don't touch and the containers are clear which allows you to see through the container without opening.

    Posted on

    We love how economical these containers our and our customers love knowing that their cupcakes are secure in a container and won't fall over versus in a box.

    from Sweet Designs by Mandi Posted on

    These are so handy to have!! If you have a business it is obvious why, but if you just like to bake cupcakes its a must have! Perfect size to store cupcakes for a gift or give away after an event. I used these all the time! and Yes, I have to buy them often too...

    Posted on

    The high top cupcake containers are great. There is plenty of room for cupcakes that have a lot of icing or decorations. The cupcakes fit snuggly for easy transport.

    Posted on

    These cupcake containers were the perfect addition to our mobile dessert bar. They are tall enough for that high swirl, and because they don't require any assembly we didn't waste anytime serving our customers.

    from K & L's Desserts Posted on

    Perfect for our mobile dessert bar

    I found that I really like this product, when I placed my cupcakes in they didn't go all the way down but they still look nice.

    Posted on

    Always use these! They work great. Easy to open and close without them cracking like most others do. I love shopping here, best prices and quality product!

    from Cupcake Creations Posted on

    Packed and ready to be delivered!

    I brought the 6 count cupcake container. It's a good product with a high dome, so no worries on if wanting to decorate you'll have plenty of space.

    Posted on

    For the first few years I had to get my local grocery store to order these for me and buy them from Harris teeter. I now can just have them shipped to my restaurant and they simplicity of fitting into slots and not balancing in paper boxes makes my life so easy

    from The South Charlotte Chef Posted on

    Great price, shipped on time, package received intact. I do recommend this product. 6 pack cupcake containers. Thank you for your services. Five star service

    Posted on

    I am very happy with these half dozen cupcake holders. Tall enough for tall icing and the top and bottom snap into place very well.

    from sweet j's bakery Posted on

    These container make my cupcakes look nice but be careful how big your cupcakes are as they sometime have to be forced to fit inside. I also have some difficulty with closing up the container. It's a struggle to snap it shut if you don't get it right the first time.

    from Sweet and Savory by Karen LLC Posted on

    We'be been using these for over 1 year & have been very pleased with them. They are tall enough to hold high frosting cupcakes. Durable enough to haul around, and they stay sealed well. Also economical!

    Posted on

    These clear carriers fit a good tall cupcake. I do have difficulty snapping the two ends to close it sometimes. They are a little bit more of flimsy plastic. It's not a bad thing since the purpose is to throw out anyways, but I'm extra cautious when i carry them with one hand. Still good though.

    from Dancing Cats Cafe Posted on

    We love these at our shop! Excellent quality, fits tall cupcakes nicely, containers are easy to pull off the stack- not stuck together, and snap closed securely. We buy them over and over again!

    from Sassy Mama Sweets Posted on

    when closed all the way the hinges are alittle hard to open the package but atleast i know the package is keeping my cupcakes nice and sturdy. perfect size for standard cupcakes and high enough to not mess up my decoration on cupcakes

    from Sprinklesohmy Posted on

    These are perfect for small orders and vendor fairs. I have ordered them a couple times so far because they are great quality and affordable.

    from Home Use Posted on

    Baking is my hobby so I am always making sweet treats...I generally try to give some away so that I don't eat them all myself! These cupcake containers are great for several reasons: They hold 6, so I can give someone a few without having to give away the whole batch. Also, the lid section is tall so I can heavily frost the cupcakes and not worry they get smashed, like in other boxes.

    Posted on

    These containers are very practical because they allow you to decorate cupcakes and use an amount of frosting that will not get ruined due to the high top. However, they are way too hard to pry open once they are closed. Half of my containers ended up broken from the hinged side due to the amount of force that had to be applied in order to open them, therefore, it was wasted, not to mention on a good amount of those instances, due to the sudden shake or movement, the cupcakes got ruined and had to be thrown away. They are not worth buying if you are going to toss half of them away. A total waste.

    from Denise Garrido Posted on

    Great product ! Easy to remove cupcakes from the container. Frosting stays intact. Display homemade cupcakes likes a professional. I will get more of these.

    Posted on

    I love love these containers. I have been spending a grip on another site. I was like I need to order in bulk so I googled and found this store. Then my cousin texted me and said try this place. I'm all in now. I'm about to order something now. Thanks

    from Now That's A Cupcake Posted on

    I loved my 6 compartment container. Customers bought more cupcakes when they saw how nice they were placed in the containers. I will definitely buy again.

    from The Tea Room Posted on

    This plastic cupcake container worked perfectly for regular size cupcake. The price was reasonable for 10 containers. I would purchase this item again when needed.

    Posted on

    These cupcake containers are great. They fit standard cupcakes perfectly. There is enough room on the side to get the cupcake out without ruining the frosting. It locks well.

    from Bake Me A Cake Posted on

    This is a great container for regular-sized cupcakes. There are little holes for our fingers to take out the cupcakes so it won't ruin the side of the cupcakes. The lock is sturdy and I like how it is stackable and stays in place. The dome is high enough that it won't ruin the top of the frosting. I prefer this over the Par-Pak 02086 4 Compartment Clear OPS Hinged Cupcake Container because the holes for the cupcakes fit perfectly for regular-sized cupcakes. The 4 compartment ones have slightly bigger holes. Highly recommend!

    from CATE Home Bakery Posted on

    I love the high top since I put all sorts of decorations on my cupcakes. This is easy to open, I've seen some that are a struggle to open.

    from Pieces of Treats Posted on

    Great product! Tall enough to allow space for decorated cupcakes and even a small topper. This container is sturdy, has a professional appearance, and stacks well.

    Posted on

    These containers work great for our shop. We use them for every day orders and for deliveries. I think the size and durability are great!

    Posted on

    The 6-Cup High Top Hinged OPS Plastic Cupcake Container 10 pack is the perfect addition for the bakery, The hold the cupcakes perfectly in place, the price is right and the shipping was quick.

    from HJS SERVICES Posted on

    These are very sturdy and durable cupcake containers. I love how they are just right for my cupcakes. I would recommend webstaurant to all of my friends.

    from Kustom Kreationz Posted on

    Love these cupcake holders. They are sturdy and they are tall enough that our frostings don't get smashed. Wish it came in a 12 pack!

    from Bake Me Happy, LLC Posted on

    I have mixed feeling about this cupcake container. On the plus side, it is high topped, leaving plenty of room for icing and decorations on top of cupcakes. It also closes easily, is very clear plastic, and looks very good for presenting cupcakes. On the negative side, it is VERY difficult to get cupcakes out of the container once they have been put in. There are finger grooves for grabbing the cupcakes, but they are not deep enough, and you have to pinch the cupcakes to get them out. If they're refrigerated and bit harder, this isn't too difficult. But if they're not refrigerated, it's almost impossible to get a cupcake out without destroying the cupcake in the process. So in the end, the product works, but I may look at alternatives next time as the difficulty in removing the cupcakes can create a negative customer experience.

    from The Chocolate Caper Posted on

    This holder holds the cupcakes well, although removing them can be tricky. Presentation is great.

    I ordered these containers to transport some cupcakes to my daughters school. Great value, super low price and awesome quality. Will order these again from Webstaurant Store

    from DCreated Boutique Posted on

    Every house hold that ever bakes cupcakes need to keep some of these on hand. It protects the cupcakes so well and you do not have to worry about the icing getting messes up.

    Posted on

    Great product! Really like the high top on this container. You don't have to ever worry about frosting/decoration getting damaged or smeared in this container! Pile on the icing...It can handle it!

    from Cupcake'd Posted on

    These containers are perfect for my cupcake business, SugarTherapy by Ronnie! Not only are they great at helping me transport my delicious treats to customers, but the containers provide a very professional detail that makes people take notice. I believe you "eat with your eyes first." So, the ability to see my cupcake confections through the container is awesome! I will definitely stay stocked up!

    from SugarTherapy by Ronnie Posted on

    This cupcake holders are so awesome, the look is really neat and they are really affordable, you won't be disappointment with them is a really good addition to my cake busines for wedding testers!

    from Rosys Cakes LLC Posted on

    Awesome cupcake holder!!

    I liked it, especially when someone orders any cupcakes. The only thing is that the cupcake holder is too small. My cupcakes only fitbhalf way in. But besides that, I like it.

    from Elaine's Bakery Posted on

    I know I will live these if they are anything like their other products. I have a four count and dozen but needed a half dozen size.

    Posted on

    great product! what a bargain! we are suing it for our half dozen container and completely loving the product! it is sturdy and its clearly shows th cupcakes!

    from Cre8tive Cupcake Posted on

    Great product for a bakery! Very simple to use and they store great as well under my counter! Perfect for half dozen sales of cupcakes of chocolate covered berries!

    from Tempting Berries Bakery Posted on

    The Par-Pak 2020 Cupcake Containers are TRULEY "High Top" containers!! If you like to frost your Cupcakes HIGH, these are perfect! No having to worry about your frosting hitting the top of the containers anymore with these Cupcake containers!

    Posted on

    I just recently started my catering company and decided to do a sample batch and used these containers to deliver the cupcakes. I bought both these and the 12-cup ones by Par-Pak. These were harder to close than the 12-cup ones but they did the trick. I like the ability to see the product through the clear container as opposed to the cardboard bakery boxes that stain from grease easily.

    from Sanis Catering Posted on

    I just bought a few of these at first to see if they were any good, and I really liked them. they were plenty roomy for my tall cupcakes and very easy to open and close. I am going to order the large case next time.

    Posted on

    This is a great option for cupcake packaging. It keeps them separated so the frostings and decorations don't get damaged and lets the customer see them right through. It is a little too short for our 2 biggest cupcakes, however.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    These are wonderful! I bought a sample pack a while ago and finally used them (just started baking cupcakes). I couldn't resist the price deal so I bought the bulk pack of 200. I can't wait to use them. They cupcakes look so good and everyone thought they were store bought from a bakery because of the containers!

    from Bright Bites by Lauren Posted on

    a good product for the smaller order of cup cakes nice and high to accommodate the tall frosting that some people like on their cupcake orders :)

    Posted on

    Nice sturdy cupcake boxes! They are great for tall cupcakes and make the product look even better. These will be used with all my cupcakes from now on.

    Posted on

    Love the height on these

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