Medi-First Mediwash First Aid Eye Wash 4 oz.

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Medi-First Mediwash eye wash refreshes and cleanses tired and irritated eyes. Sterile irrigating solution flushes particles from eyes quickly and provides soothing relief.

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Medi-First Mediwash First Aid Eye Wash 4 oz.

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Eye Aid wash Great eyes kit price bottle Mediwash medi
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    stocked up the health cabinet in case of any emergencies. they were good for the price they were selling for. definitely will order these again
    Always have this near your kitchen. You never know what can accidentally bounce into your eye. It works very well. It last quite some time too
    who hasn't had that moment when you rub your eyes after slicing the jalopenos even though you KNOW better? that's why you need this nonsense, people. eyewash. keep it on hand.
    eye wash doesn't usually come standard in most first aid kits so its nice to be able to get it here so that my kit can be complete. and its such a great price its no problem to replace.
    Small and compact antiseptic wipe that's good for people on the go. I throw a bunch of these in my purse and use to wipe my phone down and clean my hands
    This first aid eye wash is a valuable addition to any first aid kit. Most of the first aid kits that you buy do not come with eye wash!
    The medi-first mediwash is a must have in your first aid kits at work or on the go. It is for single use and should be thrown away after being opened as it will no longer be sterlized and has clearly printed directions on it.
    i got this for my meat butchering business first air kit, i got blood splattered in my eye and immediately reached for this rinse and it got it right now. thank gosh i had this!
    This four ounce first aid eye wash was tested two days after arriving and held up very well against an eye doused with habanero pepper juice. It is a must for every kitchen, restaurant and household. It was easy to spray the eye and control contact and pressure throughout use. It is easy to open and applies easily. I would highly recommend.
    Lucky we have not had to test this out, it is a good thing to have just in case of eye injury. Having a sealed bottle means you know it hasn't been contaminated by a prior use.
    A MUST HAVE! Have one of these in a restaurant setting. Great for cleaning out the eyes. And cones in a handy 4 oz bottle. 4 stars!
    GREAT deal for the price and it didn't burn! I was so scared lol, the Medi-First Mediwash First Aid Eye Wash 4 oz is a product I'd recommend to anyone!
    Medi-first mediwash first aid eye wash in a 4 ounce bottle. Always nice to have. If your like me and the camp fire smoke always follows you around as your trying to walk around the fire to get away you always get it in your face. You can easily wash out your eyes after doing that for an hour or so and having your eyes become irritated.
    The Medi-First Mediwash First Aid Eye Wash is a great addition to my first aid kit. This is something that everyone should have just in case it is needed. The price is very reasonable. Highly recommend!
    Always keep this as a perfect first aide when your eye has come in contact with an irritant and needing immediate relief. Perfect to have available to your employees during there work shift
    My husband races cars and I have all sorts of safety supplies in our go bag. Accidents always seem to happen when you’re least prepared, so I feel better knowing that I have certain scenarios under control in case of an emergency. This is a decent sized bottle…way more product then the small name brand tubes.
    This is mostly just purified water, but it has salt and some other stuff as well. It will provide some relief if you get something in your eyes, but definitely go see a doctor if it's something serious.
    I always keep one bottle of first aid eye wash in my first aid kit. We never know when we need it. Im happy to find this product in webstaurantstore with good price
    This is a great product! This is first aid eye wash in 4 oz. this eye wash helps clean the eye of debree and irrigation.
    Sometimes stuff happens and you get a small partial in your eye, use this to flush it out. Just be sure to see a doctor if needed.
    The first aid eye wash is a nice easy to carry size and good to have on hand for anything that might happen to get into someone's eye. It actually is just water--which i was surprised about. It could be used to clean wounds too as it is just water purified. Nothing more! It is not likely to bother anyone's eye even if they have allergies as it is just water.
    The Medi-First Mediwash First Aid Eye Wash 4 oz is great addition to your fist aid kit. Fortunately I havent had to use this yet!
    Great product at a great price. It works really well. At work we don't really use it, however, when we have to take the trash out on a windy day, this becomes very useful
    This eyewash does a great job. We frequently have folks work outdoors who end up with a speck of trash or dust in their eyes. This really does the job to gently rinse out what's causing the irritation. I will certainly purchase more!!!
    Medi-First Mediwash First Aid Eye Wash 4 oz. Everyone should have some eye wash in their first aid kit kitchens can be a hazardous place for eyes
    Eye wash that seems to get the job done. We have not had to use it and hope we do not have too. However, if we do there are clear cut directions and pre-sterilized packaged. Another great Medi-First product.
    TheMedi-First Mediwash First Aid Eye Wash 4 oz container is a great addition to my home school first aid kit box. I am actually prepared for if one of the little ones needs their eye's washed. Nothing can make you feel better than being prepared when you are homeschooling. The little ones eyes are totally going to be safe in the future. In my homeschool first aid kit box ya go.
    I didn't realize this was one use, but that's ok with me since it's such a good price. I managed to get some cinnamon in my eye while I was preparing a beverage. Thankfully I had this in a cabinet nearby because it helped reduce a lot of the inflammation. Worth having around.
    A find. Period. Buy this if you ever get careless around the kitchen. A few weeks ago my friend was cutting up peppers in our kitchen, and even though she wore gloves, she somehow got some in her eye. This cleared up the issue right away. Super cheap for what it does.
    We have not actually used the eye wash yet (and I hope we do not have too), but it comes in a 5 oz bottle with 4oz of liquid in it. It is safely packaged and sealed and ready for use. It also has detailed instructions on how to apply and use the product, which I thoroughly like. A nice product to have on-site for those "just in case" moments.
    Good for washing any chemicals or anything out of the eyes. Like to have around in case something sprays into eye. Definitely recommend keeping some around at all times.
    This is a great, inexpensive first aid eye wash. It's important to have eye wash in the restaurant both for minor (lemon juice) and major (sanitizer concentrate) incidents. The low price makes it easy to justify getting a few of these.
    Larger than I expected it to be. The drip top is great and only drips of you squeeze the bottle so even if you drop the bottle it won't spill.
    Thankfully we haven't had to use this! Having the piece of mind that we have it in our establishment is definitely worth the small price we paid!
    Medi-First Mediwash First Aid Eye Wash 4 oz. I had ordered this for our first aid kit and am very happy to see the size is larger then expected at a great price.
    This eye wash solution is a valuable addition to a first aid kit. It does to job to help clean out the eyes. The single use bottle prevent contamination from reusing a larger bottle.
    This is a great item to add to any first aid kit. It really makes the difference when something gets in your eyes. It works quickly at relieving pain and is totally worth the investment.
    This mediwash eye wash is great! We keep a few bottles in the kitchen first aid kid incase someone gets something spicy in their eye. Great product.
    great addition to our first aid kit and for a decent price I am happy I did not go to the local pharmacy to purchase it.
    The Medi - First Mediwash Eye Wash 4 oz. is great. You never know when someone is going to get something in their eye. It even flushes out sand from the eyes. Remember to flush from the inside to the outside to protect the other eye.
    The Medi-First Mediwash Eye Wash 4 oz.bottle Is great you never know when one of your staff, or customers are going to come in with an irritated eye.The price is reasonable and you want to always be ready to help your staff and customers.
    I have three of these in my restaurant. One in the kitchen, one in the servers area, and one up front at the front desk. They clean out your eyes quickly and safely, and are super cheap.

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