Medique 77101 Medi-First 4 1/2" Wire Scissors

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Cut gauze, bandages, and pads with these Medique 777101 Medi-First 4 1/2" wire scissors. Every injury is different so having a bandage for every occasion is nearly impossible. These scissors allow you to customize the size of large bandages and pads so you can adequately cover any given wound. It also helps with cutting the ends of a gauze strips and tape when finished wrapping a wound. Additionally, they are useful for cutting the tape and gauze when it's time to remove bandages. These scissors boast carefully sharpened blades that are best suited for small and precise cutting tasks. No first aid kit is complete with out these scissors.

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Medique 77101 Medi-First 4 1/2" Wire Scissors

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scissors aid kit great tape cut price cutting gauze bandages
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    I was amazed when I saw these medical scissors listed at this price! A must have for any home, work, or vehicle first aid kit!
    These medi first wire scissors are 4 1/2” with a nice long tip. Great for cutting of any kind of bandage and they are sharp
    These are smaller, medical scissors that work great with medical tape or gauze. I keep in our first aid kit so that I can cut medical tape if needed.
    Not bad for the price. Snips well with no pinching. Has many uses other than for first aid and it's convenient to have on hand
    I didn’t expect these to be such good quality and size based on the low price. But they actually work well and don’t feel like they’re going to fall apart.
    These little scissors are a must have for all first aid kits. I bought 5 pairs and I use them for my nails and all sorts of tiny projects. They have so many uses!
    If your first aid kit doesn't have these, buy them now! They are perfect for cutting gauze after bandaging up a wound. And, they're very affordable!
    These scissors work great for cutting gauze or tape, they have a blunt edge so you can keep them in a baggy without concern of them tearing it.
    Love the scissors I keep them in my first aide kit at home and at work makes it easy to open any ornament or anabiotic that you need really good quality.
    Easy to manipulate scissors. I use these scissors to cut false eyelashes. Very sharp, Love the way it cuts. Safe because The nose is rounded
    In my opinion you can really us these scissors for anything it’s great for Messi al bandages and also cutting really small objects. They are not to sharp but still sharp to cut paper
    These wire scissors are perfect replacements for first aid kits that need a new pair of scissors due to wear or contamination. They don't look that impressive at first, but they don't wiggle a the joint, and cut tape and bandages very smoothly and cleanly. The price is excellent, as well.
    I especially like the length between the hinge and the handle that reduces the effort. Cutting wire or other supplies, like tape, is certainly accomplished efficiently.
    Nice wire scissors to keep in your first aid kit. Aren’t too sharp that they will stab you but sharp enough to cut gauze, bandages, etc.
    For the price they can't be beat, most likely a one time use, but that's fine for the price. I will buy plenty more and put several in each first aid kit. Quick shipping
    yes you need scirccors for your first aid kit and these do the job well. they cut through the waterproof tape, gauze and bandaids very easily.
    these are great both for medical kits and first aid, as well as just cutting through regular items because they are really sturdy and well made scissors. they've cut through several tough items and keep on working great.
    These scissors are useful for snipping off bandages or the like. they come in their own package so I would wait to open it until there is an emergency to keep them sterile.
    Good to have handy in an emergency kit for cutting gauze and bandages down to size. Finger holes are a little too small for me
    These are just overall good scissors. They're good for more than just wire as well. I plan to keep mine in my first aid kit for cutting gauze/bandage pads.
    These scissors are very well made. These are perfect for tape cutting and cutting open any types of small boxes or bottle tops. I love these!
    the Medique 77101 Medi-First 4 1/2" Wire Scissors is a great product that's highly affordable and exactly what I needed for my first aid needs.
    These Medique Medi-First four inch Wire Scissors have helped cut anything from gauze to bandages to tape. They fit well on any hand and cut very nicely. I would highly recommend but also warn those that purchase them because the point is very sharp.
    These are perfect for cutting medical tape. I keep them in my golf bag for when i tape my fingers. At this price there is no worry if you lose them
    Self explanatory product. You can cut to fit bandages, gauze, and medi-tape with these. Keep the clean and tight in your emergency pack. You never know when you will need them.
    I use this to cut medical tape and gauze. The scissors are very dull, so it can be hard to make it through gauze, but it's fine for the tape.
    Good quality , it could have been better of course but it will do the job when its needed, price is amazing again cant not beat
    Great scissors for for emergencies, good to have on hand or in a first aid kit, very good price, better than the other stores for the same cost!
    This is a great product! This product is a 4 1/2" wire scissor. Great for cutting adhesive tape or if you plan on doing stitches!
    Perfect to have on hand when you need to cut small items like medical tape should the situation arise. Made of strong material and cuts well.
    This is a very useful tool to have for cutting medical supplies. It could be used to cut bandages or tapes if you like, I would recommend this to anyone.
    These 4 inch scissors are great to have in your first aid box for re-sizing bandages to the proper size. These in particular are very inexpensive.
    These are great first aide medical 4 1/2 inch wide scissors you can't go wrong for the price they're very cheap and very good I recommend getting a few pairs
    Very nice expensive small scissors works great for opening packages or for their actual purpose of cutting bandages nice high grade stainless steel boat I like it
    It is definitely sharp and cuts very well. It is also cheap enough where you can keep one in every kit you have. I keep them handy in my hiking backpacks.
    I couldn't believe how nice this little pair of scissors was for the price. They are great to put in first aid kids, and at such a low price, it isn't a problem getting a pair for each kit.
    I bought these scissors to stash in our medicine and first aid tote that travels with me anywhere I go. It cuts through gauze and tape very easily.
    A great extra to put in your first aid kit. Its tough, let me re phrase that very tough to cut gauze or tape. These small scissors can be a life saver!
    Medique 77101 Medi-First 4 1/2" Wire Scissors I keep these in my larger first aid kit and station if I need one for cutting bandages and medi tape
    Great wire scissors. I keep these in my first aid kit, at home, and they work wonderfully. The are small in size, so they also don't take up too much room.
    These are a very standard set of wire scissors that belong in a first aid kit. You never want to be in an emergency situation and not have scissors on hand to cut gauze, tape, or clothing. These scissors work well and are small enough to fit in any first aid kit you might have.
    I find that I use these scissors on many different items.. Cutting coupons, cutting the edge of a bandage. They are a great pair of small scissors with many different uses.
    Excellent scissors. I have one pair in every first aid kit i made. I will definitely bu these again. And i will definitely recommend them.
    Needed a few additions to our first aid kit. These are economical and very sharp. We end up losing items out of our kit all the time, but the low price point on these make it less aggravating to replace items. We find everything we need here on
    Scissors work great and the price is unbeatable. Made of very strong material. Fits great in my first aid kit. Fits just right in my chubby fingers.
    These medical scissors are great for trimming hang nails. They can also be used as herb snipping scissors, but you have to decide which application you want to use it for.
    At this price, you can definitely afford to get several to be stashed with multiple first aid kits. They cut well and don't seem overly cheap. I would buy again.
    These wire scissors are essential to our food safety first aid kits. We are responsible for keeping a pair in each first aid kit, these can become quite pricey...very happy with the price and quality.
    These are an incredible value for the money. I was surprised how good they are for how little they cost. I put them in all of my kits. They cut tape well
    I decided to test these out on a gauze wrap for my ankle. They are much sharper than I expected. With the price, I thought they wouldn't cut so well, but they are very sharp. The price is fantastic, so it's definitely worth buying a few of these to have around the house.
    Scissors are great for the price, however, they somewhat rub where they are connected. I am hoping this doesn't rust shut down the road or make it difficult to open and close. For the price if that happens, well just buy another pair.
    I recommend having the Medique 77101 Medi-First 4 1/2" Wire Scissors in any emergency first aid kit. They can be used to cut Gauzes, open ointments, cut bandages, etc… They are sharp enough to get the job done and small enough to keep in purse, first aid kit, glove compartment etc...
    Purchased these scissors for my first aid kit. They are very compact and perfect for trimming gauze and other first aid items. Thanks for another great item!
    These are small and compact scissors. They are great for cutting bandages and gauze and other medical items that also fit nicely in our small medical box that we also bought from WS.
    Simple scissors, good to have to keep in first aid kit. A must have for any first aid kit. Good product and good price. Definitely recommend.
    These scissors are very heavy weight and sharp. It's great for first aid cutting medical tape or just doing eye brows depending on what you use it for.
    The price on these by the dozen is ridiculously, absurdly cheap. We've put them in every medicine cabinet in the house, as well in the first aid kit.
    We bought a dozen of these for our first aid kits. The quality is exceptional for the price - durable and precise. They can be handy to keep around the house or office for small tasks as well.
    These scissors are incredible for the price. Get some for every drawer in the building. They are very well built and super sharp. They cut though anything.
    The 1/2" Wire Scissors are made pretty strong for small scissors. Fits well in any first aid kit and cuts tape nicely. Great price, would suggest you get a few just in case you loose them or they wear out in time.
    When it comes to using medical equipments, everything else have to be disposable and sanitized thoroughly. Good thing this wire scissor Is so affordable and inexpensive!

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