Medique 62612 Medi-First 1 3/4" x 2" Woven Fingertip Bandage - 10/Box

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Treat minor scrapes, cuts, and abrasions with these Medique 62612 Medi-First woven fingertip bandages. Busy chefs and kitchen employees move at lightning speed in order to keep up with a busy dinner rush, and in this fast paced environment minor finger injuries are bound to happen. Ensure that these small setbacks don't keep your cooks from preparing the best meals possible by supplying them with these bandages. These bandages will help protect wounds from infection, prevent cross-contamination, and keep those minor injuries from becoming big problems. Keeping this extra layer of protection on hand is perfect for quickly addressing any kitchen mishaps.

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Medique 62612 Medi-First 1 3/4" x 2" Woven Fingertip Bandage - 10/Box

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    These woven fingertip bandages are perfect for covering up cuts on your fingertips! They wrap around perfectly snug, and allow you to continue to work without having to worry about it coming off!
    when you get a cut on that awkward place such as your fingertip, using regular shaped bandage does not work as well because the nature of the shape but this is specially made for fingertips and thus it'll stay better
    I can stand behind this product as I have used many of them lately. The woven bandage really helps strengthen the bandage and stay on, as well as hold up to water.
    Medi-first 1 3/4” x 2” Woven fingertip bandage is an excellent product to cover any scrapes or cuts that occur to your fingertips or even toes. Normal Band-Aids don’t cover cuts on the tips of your fingers or toes this bandage keeps the area clean and dry for the proper healing.
    Love these Medi First aide fingertip bandage they hold up really good when you’re taking gloves off and on at work and definitely protect your cut.
    My husband cut his finger chopping food and this bandage did a good job holding the cut together. Very soft, thick, durable material. 10 in a box, individually wrapped.
    Finger tip injuries rank high amongst any kind of injury and finding a Band-Aid that fits that purpose is perfect. I keep a lot of these on hand always
    These medi-first 1 3/4”X 2” woven fingertip bandages come in a pack of 10, and what a great buy! They stick really well. Great for first aid kits in the car
    these fingertip bandages are the thick, fabric-y type of bandage, not the thin plastic version. they feel very nice and are well made so they stay on easier and overall are just a nice bandage.
    Great for use when working in the kitchen, these Medi-First fingertip bandages are woven with a heavy weight construction. Ten to the box, they stay put on the fingertip and measure 1.75x2 inches.
    Very reasonable rate for fingertip bandages. The material is flexible and the bandages the box comes with enough to keep on hand in case of emergency. Usually first aid kits are short of specialty bandages so extras are always great to have around.
    These fingertip bandages are a great refill for or addition to any first aid kit. Fingers are one of the most likely place to be injured, so these tend to get used up faster than many other bandage types. The bandages themselves are also very heavy duty, made from thick cloth with a strong adhesive.
    Comfortable, flexible fingertip bandage for a low price. Easy to put on yourself and will stay in place for hours. Fits comfortably on any finger, too!
    These bandages are great for that tough fingertip area that is hard to wrap. The woven design is sturdy but not the best for if you plan to wash your hands a lot
    These fingertip bandages are great if you receive a cut on your fingertip. They come 10 to a box and the box fits neatly in my medicine cabinet.
    These are great bandages here. Compare these with any of the major brands you would get in a pharmacy and these hold their own admirably.
    These are made out of a very comfortable fabric. I definitely prefer them over the latex kind. Great to wear around the kitchen if you have cuts on your fingertips.
    This is a nice woven fingertip bandage that is specifically designed to protect your fingertip injury. It folds around the tip if applied correctly and the heavyweight woven style allows flexibility.
    Great bandages. Perfect for all sorts of injuries from cuts and scrapes, to bites. The price you pay for 10 is very fair. Will buy more in the future.
    These bandages are woven. Very good product to have at office, home, kitchen, or any setting. Great quality and price. And easy to put on and off. We give 2 thumbs!
    I bought a bunch of different types because will always get hurt unfortunately and being prepared is half the battle, these are a great product and very affordable.
    The ten count box of Medique Medi-First three quarter inch by two inch Woven Fingertip Bandages is good in price but I would not say they are great in a practical sense. They do wrap around any sized finger but it did not feel it was secure or that it would stay in place. I would only recommend if limited options are available.
    Medique Medi first 1 3/4/ x 2 woven fingertip bandage ten count are an excellent value , very handy bandages. Easy to use, I keep these stocked in my first aid kit and keep an extra box in the car for on the go emergencies.
    Medique medi-first 1 3/4"x2" woven fingertip bandage. These are a pack of 10. It's always nice to have the correct bandages for the right injury!
    The Medique 62612 Medi-First 1 3/4" x 2" Woven Bandages works great. Perfect fo your fingertips. This is a great addition to my first aid kit. Highly recommend!
    These fingertip bandages work when nothing else does. I really like how flexible they are and how easy they are to put on compared to others!
    The bandages I received aren't from the Medique brand, but they are just as good. The woven fabric is more breathable, but probably not as water resistant as the more rubberized ones.
    The Medique 62612 Medi-First 1 3/4" x 2" Woven Fingertip Bandage - 10/Box are a must in a kitchen. Fingertips seem to always get injured.
    When you have small children it is a given that their fingertips will get stuck or slammed in something and having this fingertip bandaid makes it so much easier. It stays put once you get it on there.
    Great woven fingertip bandages for emergencies, good to have on hand or in a first aid kit, very good price, better than the other store for the same cost!
    This is a great product! This product consists of 10 woven finger tip bandages! These bandages are slightly large so fits around entire finger tip!
    I love fabric bandages. They have a good hold and flex with your fingers better than plastic. Also they are latex free if you're into that
    I love these bandaids. They're so much cheaper than the ones I get from the store and they work just as well. Definitely worth buying a few to keep around your kitchen or house.
    These a pretty good cloth bandages. They stick well and are comfortable to wear and have a bit of stretch to them. When you have a cut right on your fingertip regular bandages just won't do but these work nicely for that.
    These bandage are great for fingertips over using standard size bandages which are difficult to wrap around a fingertip. I like that you can purchase a small box of them.
    These are very nice Band-Aids the woven fingertip Band-Aids fits very well the woven feature on it is great to get them nice and tight
    Nice finger tip bandage was hard to open but works great so can't complain great deal from WEBstaurantStore too so thanks for another great product
    Medique 62612 Medi-First 1 3/4" x 2" Woven Fingertip Bandage - 10/Box every cook has nipped there fingers with a knife or blade where will help you in these cases for your first aid kit
    The worst cut to have is on the tip of your finger, and these solve the issue of that! I would definitely recommend everyone having a supply of these, just in case!
    In the course of my business, I tend to constantly have my hands in mortar and grout as part of custom tile projects. Those materials make my fingers and hands dry, and tend to crack. I've found that if I put moisturizer on my fingers, and cover the tip with these woven fingertip bandages, they heal faster. I'm sure they work great for cuts, too!
    These fingertip bandages work super well. While fingertips can be pretty tough to adhere to, these bandages have held up pretty well over time. The price is also great for adding to your safety kit.
    These woven bandages are working out great even when I am washing the dishes the bandages stay on without a problem. The price is great too.
    These woven finger tip bandages are the perfect solution for when you have a hard to reach/ hard to bandage cut. They are flexible and very reasonably priced.
    These bandages are for your fingertips. The way they are shaped cups the tip of your finger without any bulky over hang. You can also use them for the tips of your toes.
    We were very happy with this purchase for these woven fingertip bandages. The package arrived sealed and definitely sterile. The adhesive is very sticky and they get the job done.
    Highly recommended! We have used many already and continue to do so. They are woven for extra strength and cover the smallest of scrapes, cuts and wounds.
    I am glad I purchased the Medique 62612 Medi-First 1 3/4" x 2" Woven Fingertip Bandage - 10 / Box. I always try and keep an emergency first aid kit with items that are great for emergencies. The Fingertip bandages work great when I am at home cooking as well as if I am at church, playground, school etc... and I or someone cuts their finger while cutting, I'm ready to help. Great to have.
    When dealing with food products, it is imperative to have coverage and supplies on hand in case there is an accident. The bandages are easy to grab, open and apply and hold up well in water for an extended time.
    Really nice to have as they fit the finger better than a regular bandaid. Good to have around. Definitely recommend it keep some of these around.
    If you've ever tried putting a regular bandage on a fingertip, you know the struggle. It starts with using like 3 bandages (you look like a mummy) and you end up with the dumb thing falling off in an hour anyhow. With these, they stay on tight and last. It's really a great product at an outstanding price.
    Medi-First Woven Fingertip Bandage box of 10 are the perfect size to add to any size first aid kit and stick well to fingers. Cloth material makes it nice for those allergy to plastic. The shape is great where regular band aids just won't do.
    My kitchen staff has been asking for some fingertip bandages and we were well pleased with the quality of this product and the price is certainly less than other brands of the same quality.

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