Medique 24369 Medi-First .9 g Hydrocortisone 1% Anti-Itch Cream Packet - 10/Box

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Treat minor skin irritations, itching, and rashes this Medique 24369 Medi-First Hydrocortisone 1% anti-itch cream. From busy chefs trying to keep up with a busy dinner rush to students racing around on the playground, injuries are bound to happen. Additionally, scratching bare skin is not only annoying, but it's also very unsanitary. This anti-itch cream will help sooth irritations and keep those minor annoyances from becoming big problems. Keeping this extra layer of protection on hand is perfect for quickly addressing any mishap in your business. Use this cream to stock your medical cabinet or kit at your construction site, commercial kitchen, office, or school.

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Medique 24369 Medi-First .9 g Hydrocortisone 1% Anti-Itch Cream Packet - 10/Box

4.9 stars from 52 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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cream great packets aid Hydrocortisone itch kit perfect skin bites

There are so many benefits to Hydrocortisone 1% Anti Itch cream - if you use it for home use or even out on the go in a hiking bag you will not regret this purchase!


This is a great little pack of anti itch cream. 10 is a good number of packets and each one has a lot of cream in it.


Great option for community first aid kit. Each one is individually wrapped. Easy for use with multiple people without risk of contimanition. Easy portion control.


this cream works really well with insect bites, they come in small paper containers, it is an essential part of an emergency medical kit, i would buy it again


I live in Florida which is full of lots of bugs. This cream works great for bug bites or rashes that itch. Highly recommend to all. Should be in every first aid kit!


I would definitely recommend this hydrocortisone cream. I’ve used them multiple times on bug bites and they’ve worked great. I love that the individual packaging is thick so I don’t have to worry about them being punctured.

from RoeMarie Cakes on

Worked great for me! Instructions were clear and the product had the intended result. This product help me to solve my problem. I will recommend.

from Food Service on

We really like this cream, it worked well on my hands when i touch something that i didnt know i was allergic too. Easy to open, and a good amount comes out. Would highly recommend!

from Thai Express on

This product works really well for relieving itching from bug bites. I like that they are easy to open and dispense. Fits well in small first aid kits too

from Dog Gone Good Time on

Great convenient box of individual cream packs. Easy to open and dispenses decent amount of cream from one pack. Works on bug bites and other small skin irritations.


Who doesn't need little packets of anti itch cream lying around? These are perfect for those random skin irritations that pop up from time to time.

from Dane on

Single use hydro-cortisone create. Perfect for a first aid kit, car or purse to have on hand in the summer to treat mosquito bites and poison ivy.


These have become a perfect item not for employees, but for guests. The two times we have opened up a packet of hydro-cortisone it has been because of bug or bee sting.

from Catering inc on

As advertised with very quick shipping ! Nothing special but always good to keep around the office. I like it being in small packs so as not to waste it.


My kids ran through this box in no time as it really works and they had poison ivy up to their eye-balls! They are easy to store and to use straight out of the individual packets, not to mention they can be opened and sealed back for later use without the fear of drying out.


Love this hydrocortisone cream I take it everywhere with me I even put it in my first Aide kit at home and at work works really fast and extremely effective.

from Home on

We have a house in the woods and these packets are great to have to little bug bites to help with the itching. Great relief for nasty bites!


This Hydro Cortizone cream is perfect for eczema or any kind of dry skin for that matter. You can never have enough of this on hand and you certainly get your value for your money here


The medifirst hydrocortisone cream is great to have on hand. This anti itch cream works great and is easy to keep around in small packets.


I love the way this cream is packaged – it's in individual packets, which makes it super portable and easy to slip into a purse or wallet for when you need it. Provided immediate relief for my bug bite.


these are perfect little packets of hydrocortisone cream that are great for when you go hiking and might run into poison oak or get a rash otherwise. they're very handy to have in the car or purse or first aid kit.


These are great for first aid kits. They are reasonably priced, well packaged, and just what you need for an unexpected insect bite or minor rash. A lot of kits don't even include hydrocortisone, so they are also a good choice to upgrade existing kits.

from Shavetools LLC on

Love the individual packets of cream. Perfect for travel or first aid kits. Easy to use and takes the itch away quickly. Not greasy either


I love that these anti itch creams come in a box of 10 packets. They are great for me to keep in my purse or car


These Medi first hydrocortisone cream individual packets are 100% hydrocortisone this is a great value they work very well great for your first aid kit for home for Auto for camping

from Kathy J on

i bought this for my butcher shop first aid kit in case anyone had poison ivy, sunburn skin, any type or rash that is itchy and could possibly contaminate food, love the little one use packs

from Primitive Choice on

I had a weird rash on my arm that I tested this stuff out on and it did a great job at preventing some of the itchiness.


These are convenient to put in small first aid kits. I put them in kits that I take hiking or in other places where I don't want a full first aid kit.


The ten count box of Medique Medi-First Hydrocortisone one percent anti-itch cream packets is a must for every kitchen, restaurant and household. They are great for mosquito bites, poison ivy and even sunburnt skin. They are also great at protecting existing injuries from contaminating foods during service. I would highly recommend.


I have used this product several times and it compares very similarly to cortaid. Great product and perfect little individual use packets for any instance.


very impressed that you guys sell hydrocortisone anti itch cream and I like its individual packets so people don't accidentally infect each other by rubbing their fingers and wounds on it!

from Mocha Choca Latte on

The Medique 24369 Medi-First .9 g Hydrocortisone 1% Anti-Itch Cream Packet is a great item to carry with you or for your first aid kit. This is an item that I need at home and on the go and use daily as I have a skin disorder. It works very well, it stops my itching within minutes. I definitely recommend this product.


It works pretty well for poison ivy. Unfortunately, nothing does a magical job of soothing poison ivy itching, but this definitely has a noticeable effect.


these are very useful for bug bites or itchy spots and also help fight acne so even though there's a lot in each pack and it can't be resealed, you can find uses for it. some think they help against warts too


Great itch cream, I use it for my dogs who have skin conditions, they are great quality, and they are very useful to have around.


This product is awesome! I love it! This is hydrocortisone anti itch cream! This can be used on extremely itchy rashes dry skin eczema, etc!


hydrocorisone cream is so very very good. i like this when i get itchy skin. my skin often gets itchy, and this cream is a soothing balm to my agony.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

I have sensitive skin, so I'm very prone to suddenly getting itchy bumps or getting a random rash somewhere. This stuff works very well to soothe the itching and is a good price.


Medique 24369 Medi-First .9 g Hydrocortisone 1% Anti-Itch Cream Packet - 10/Box very similar to a rash cream and in these little packs make it far more ckenical and unlikely to contaminate like tubes

from PowerQuee Media on

I like this anti-itch cream packets. They're small, and easy to keep in your purse or first aid kit. Great bang for your buck as well.


These packets of hydrocortisone anti-itch cream are as good as the leading national brand which is much more costly. The nice thing about these is that they arrive in single use packets as opposed to a tube.

from Home Use on

These Medique Hydrocortisone Cream packets are a great size to throw in a purse or for when i travel. I am prone to skin allergies and now I can treat on the go and they take up almost no space in a travel 3-1-1 bag.


This hydrocortisone 1% anti-itch cream packets come in handy especially in summer when there are a lot of mosquitos about. They come in individual packets.

from Jack & Alice LLC. on

perfect solution for itching and for re-stocking our food safety first aid kits. great price in comparison other places, very happy with this product.

from VB HOOK CO on

I have been in the process of building my homemade home school first aid kit bag. The Medique 24369 Medi-First .9 g Hydro cortisone 1% Anti-Itch Cream Packet - 12 / Box  is a perfect addition. I'll slowly grow my first aid kit bag and eventually I'll have everything. Thanks Webstaurant.

from jwhitten31 on Youtube on

Would have liked a higher quantity per box, but the individually packed Hydrocortisone was great. Perfect for first aid kits, or to keep in your bag. Travels well and the packaging didn't break open in my bag.


Hydrocortisone is perfect for any sort of bug bite, rash or even poison ivy. We also have some generic spray that works well, but doesn't quiet soak in like this rubbing cream.

from Dream Thread LLC on

We started a medicine/first aid cabinet at our store and the medique medi-first hydrocortisone, anti-itch cream packets add the perfect touch. Our employees have almost everything they could need when working in the food industry in this cabinet thanks to webstaurant. Its nice that they are individually wrapped for individual use.

from Miller Enterprise LLC on

Nice to have for first aid kit or medicine cabinet. I like that they are individually wrapped. Nice to have around. I can definitely recommend it.

from Mike's Mindful Plate on

Great to add the a first aid kit. Individual packets give you the option to save some for next time. It's a small box but enough for when you would need it.

from Our wedding day!! on

Medi-First Hydrocortisone packets box of 6 is packed nice for single use. Keeps from cross contamination. Wonderful price and are small enough to carry in your purse of glove box or any first aid kit.


The Medi-First Hydrocortisone 1%0.9 gram packets 6/Box. They work great when you get those pesty bug bites and they itch like crazy.It is mascito season and sometimes repelent isen,t enough. The price is right. Give it a try. Tired of itching.

from Harrison Familey Restaurant on

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