Core 1 Gallon Glass Jar with Glass Lid

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Use this Core 1 gallon glass jar with glass lid to show off everything from coffee beans to candy in your cafe, restaurant, coffee shop and more! Due to its simple, round design and matching glass lid with a knob handle, this glass gallon jar is perfect for storing dry goods or for use as a display piece. Each jar is made of crystal-clear glass for optimum visibility and increased safety over lower grade glassware. The opening is large enough for cookies, pretzels, and more. Plus, the old time classic look of this jar is ideal for showcasing candies, beans, and other small items. Additionally, each jar comes with a non-sealing glass lid to keep contaminates out of the container.

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Core 1 Gallon Glass Jar with Glass Lid

4.8 stars from 72 reviews


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glass jar great lid jars perfect cookies Nice price wedding
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    Great product with 20% savings over other suppliers I've seen. No gasket around neck that the lid could sit on, but that was easy enough to come up with using some large tan rubber bands

    from Lubys kindred spring 0780 Posted on

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    Love these jars. Very heavy duty and the lids are heavy too. One thing I wish the lid had was the rubber ring to make the glass on glass contact softer.

    from Grocery/Deli Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    I love these glass cookie jars! I purchased these jars to customize with vinyl lettering for customers. All customers who have purchased have been very pleased. I feel like these are very durable with nice thick glass. When I received the package I was very pleased with the packaging as there was no fractured or broken glass. The only drawback that I have is that there is no rubber gasket underneath of the glass lid so it jiggles and there is no freshness seal. But who keeps cookies in a jar more than a couple of days anyway! I am very happy with my purchase and have already returned for a reorder.

    Posted on

    Bought these to store some larger items for display on a wedding buffet, they worked perfect! Fill them with pretzel sticks like we did or anything and they will look great!

    Posted on

    Nice display jar, we use these for bulk candy items, love the display. Has many other uses great product , all of the candy looks so nice

    from Cayucos Candy Counter Posted on

    I love how big this jar is. The jar opening is wide, so you can easily fit a cup measurement in to scoop out flour, sugar, and the like. I am getting different sizes of Webstaurant’s glass jars so that I can store baking supplies on my open rack shelving units.

    from Cline Kitchen Posted on

    I love how big this jar is. The jar opening is wide, so you can easily fit a cup measurement in to scoop out flour, sugar, and the like. I am getting different sizes of Webstaurant’s glass jars so that I can store baking supplies on my open rack shelving units.

    Great product, the lids will break if they are dropped (which happens a lot). We use them to display biscottis and they look beautiful but we go through a lot of lids..

    from Saxbys Posted on

    We bought these jars to place our cookies and brownies for our new milkshake display. We love them the quality is good and definately will be orderig more

    Posted on

    Our chocolate chip cookies stored on the glass jar. On the side

    I used these for my cookie bar at my wedding. They looked so nice. I found a way to do a DIY label for each of them. The ending product came out so nice. I will be using these again!

    Posted on

    These large gallon jars are perfect for storing rolled oats, dried beans and other legumes, rice and quinoa. The tight lid keeps everything fresh and the clear jar makes for a beautiful aesthetic, displaying all the beautiful colors. The price is unbeatable. I am having the best time shopping for items to reorganize my pantry!

    Posted on

    This is the perfect size to display our biscotti in the shop. Easy to clean and looks nice with the cookies inside. Seems sturdy, no chips or cracks so far and we've had it a few months.

    Posted on

    This seems like a solid jar overall. The glass is thick and clear. My only complaint is that the lid does not fit that great, it sort of sloshes around on top and is not a tight fit at all.

    Posted on

    Amazed by the customer service your company have! I purchase several of this jars and one was damaged but they sent me the next day shipping! I was happy as can be!

    Posted on

    Awesome glass jar for the price - very classic looking and came packed very well so the glass did not break. Perfect size for a cookie jar.

    Posted on

    So I got this one gallon glass jar with lid to use as a cookie jar in my house very nice I like it a lot nice thick glass the lid fits on the great

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    I'm really impressed with the high quality of this glass jar but I'm slightly sad that it didn't have a rubber seal or something of that sort so that the glass doesn't flop around but it really is a nice thick and sturdy glass candy jar hold plenty of minutes to

    from N/A Posted on

    These glass jars have had two lives with us. First we used these to hold assorted candy for our wedding candy bar. It worked great. Post wedding I have been using some of these to hold candy, and others to hold cookies! Great excuse to have fresh cookies in the house.

    Posted on

    I've been looking for containers that are large enough to hold a standard size bag of flour, and these are perfect. I use when for AP flour and one for wheat flour.

    Posted on

    Sir Clean recommend this product Core 1 Gallon Glass Jar with Glass Lid, you can use to many purpose, the glass is very resistant. We like it.

    from Sir Clean Corp Posted on

    I love this glass cookie jar it's beautiful! only problem is the top to the jar is not quite fitting the way I thought it would. I am still very happy with my purchase will order more.

    from Ms.Chemere's Purple Rose Bakery Posted on

    I own a small cookie bakery and these are perfect for my cookies! They are wonderful for all the different types of cookies i offer and even though i only ordered 6 to start, i will be ordering more. They do not seal but they also do not state that they do. I simply put plastic under the lid to seal them for the night and remove in the morning. Customers have a easy time with them and i have had many compliments! perfect!!

    from Sweet Melissas Posted on

    I am buying more! I love the wide mouth feature. I use it for flour. Very easy to clean and it looks great on counter top.

    Posted on

    I bought 6 of these to store the different varieties of baking chips. I was a little disappointed that they are not air tight. The lids are very loose and slide around. Have remedied that with a layer of plastic wrap beneath each one. But they are the perfect size for the 5 lb boxes of baking chips

    Posted on

    Super impressed with the quality of these jars. They are thick glass and heavy.They will look great on my wedding buffet table. I was concerned about shipping 4 of them but they came without a chip. The jars were packed tightly with lids secured.

    Posted on

    I love these jars. I purchased 4 for my laundry soap, and for my sugar, flour, and cornmeal. They are great! Made of thick glass. Will be ordering more

    from Ashley's sweet treats Posted on

    OMG is all I have to say for these jars. I ordered 4 of them and received them within a couple days. I was extremely impressed with the packaging and not one of them was cracked. The glass is extremely thick and durable. I am using them for a cookie bar. These were purchased at a great value because they are a bit pricier in the store. I will definitely be purchasing more of these. These are going to look so amazing at my kids party. You guys offer the best products at the best price. I am so glad I found you guys!

    Posted on

    I make and sell my own laundry detergent. I needed a less expensive but highly attractive glass jar. This one is PERFECT! Perfect size. Quality is excellent for the price. I use chalk labels and also m able to customize labels to place on the jars. Since they are smooth sided it makes it even easer to paint! I bought 2 to start..will be buying a bulk order next go 'round!

    from CAYCE GRAHAM Posted on

    The pictures on here are amazing I will deafly use these as my jars on my dessert table for my wedding. Now that I saw gummy warms and bears that what I want to put in it with some white gum balls then some white pretzels and gum beats

    from Cindy Posted on

    I purchase two of the the Core glass jar with lid to use on a dessert table at a wedding . I am actually using them as cookie jars these are nice clear jars that i can find many uses for after the wedding is over . I have purchase the Core All-Purpose wine glasses the Core water goblet and now the glallon glass jar and i am please with all of my purchases . This is the reason why i always come back to the Webstaurant Store when i need a quality product at an affordable price with a good selection of product to choose from. Thanks Webstaurant you have made my wedding planning much easier.

    from melecious desserts Posted on

    Used one of the two we purchased for our dogs treats. Our lil schnauzer know the clink of the top coming off and comes running. Only downfall is it isn't a sealed top.

    Posted on

    A great inexpensive jar - the lit fits comfortably but not tightly, yet it still keeps cookies pretty fresh. I put all my breaks/extras in here as samples.

    Posted on

    I love this glass jar! I use it to store the coffee beans I have purchased on site. It is heavy duty, made well and the price is great! Looks beautiful!

    Posted on

    I just received my order today and I am very pleased. They are perfect for the cookies at the dessert bar. I will say they aren't exactly air tight but they will work just fine.

    Posted on

    it's big enough and strong. But I'm little disappointed about the lid. I was expecting it to have a rubber packing, so it can be airtight.

    from Iporter Posted on

    Nice cookie jar, all things considered. Good price, a called size can hold a lot. we use this to display and sell cookies, brownies and other sweets. They break easily, so be careful. But good investment, low risk high return

    Posted on

    Used the glass canisters to fill with Christmas gift items. Included cookie dough mix, frosting, cookie cutter, sprinkles, hot pad, mixing spoon on top Decorated the canister. Everyone loved them. Others I filled with cocktail mixes, mini bottles; created s theme depending on who was receiving the gift. Ideas are endless!

    from Desert Moon Bath & Body Posted on

    Used the glass canisters to fill with Christmas gift items. Included cookie dough mix, frosting, cookie cutter, sprinkles, hot pad, mixing spoon on top Decorated the canister. Everyone loved them.

    Great product. However when I got them they had a weird plastic smell that goes away after cleaning it. I use it to hold spices as decorations in my cafe.

    from ACB Group, LLC Posted on

    This is a great jar and has a really authentic and antique look. The glass is thick and heavy-duty. It is very attractive and perfect for storing things you want people to see!

    from Cod & Capers Seafood Posted on

    I actually use this for brewing, an excellent vessel for fermenting sweetened tea! I don't use the lid, but for a one gallon glass jar, the price is unbeatable.

    Posted on

    i would give it 5 stars if the lid was more airtight it is perfect for non food items because of lid it doesn't keep stuff fresh but it is huge and perfect for dog treats

    from The Grateful Dawg Custom Glass & Mirror Etching Posted on

    I ordered this glass jar to store bath salts in my bathroom. I was able to fit 8 pounds of Epsom salts inside, which was much more than I expected! I was expecting to be able to smell the salts inside since there's not a gasket on the lid, but not the case at all. It's a nice, heavy lid and keeps the scent contained.

    Posted on

    You can't beat the price for this one gallon glass jar. I deducted one star because there are visible seams down both sides of the jar and on the lid, but it doesn't affect the function at all. If you don't want visible seams in the glass, go for the next price point and spring for the Anchor Hocking version.

    Posted on

    This jar is very durable and strong. It was well packaged and not damaged. I will be using this item to put flour in. I highly recommend this product.

    from Stonshi, LLC Posted on

    Another great jar from Webstaurant! It looks really nice. I've only ordered the air tight, Anchor Hocking ones in the past, but I'll be using this one for rice. I'll probably order more in the future for things like cookies.

    Posted on

    I thought I would utilize this jar to display cookies, but it was a bit smaller than I had imagined. It is a quality glass product at a great price and would be nice for small items. We turned ours into a tip jar :)

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    These are going to look amazing on my counter as my new canisters, I purchased the chalk board stickers to use on them too. I did purchase scoops from here too.

    Posted on

    Great quality jar! These are low cost, but really look great and work well for us. We use them to hold/display about three pounds of coffee beans per jar.

    from Nudge Coffee Roasters Posted on

    This glass jar is absolutely beautiful. I purchased six of these glass jars for a wedding. My wedding planner could not believe the price and the quality. They gave the wedding a very elegant touch to the dessert table. I would purchase this item again. I recommend this jar and lid set to everyone!!! Love it!!!

    Posted on

    No complaints here. Very good quality. Its glass - no chemicals, BPA or whatever to worry about. The seal on the lid is tight and keeps moisture away. Because of the shape it's perfect for biscotti, which stay fresh and crisp for a couple of weeks.

    Posted on

    Beautiful heavy duty glass jar. It has 1 million uses! I use it to put biscotti on my counter. I will be buying more as they are such a great price and can be used to store flour, sugar, cookies, bread sticks etc.

    from Violette's fine pastries Posted on

    This is a beautiful high quality thick glass container with an air-tight lid. It is practical, as well as versatile for displaying your favorite things. I use them as terrariums, as they are so economical - I have seen other terrarium glass terrarium containers with the same size costing much more. I put moss and lichen in these jars, they look great and work really well. The plants thrive with the condensation created by the closed lid environment.

    Posted on

    I use this to store oatmeal, flour, and rice. Looks nice and comes in at a great price point. Such a great price point you can have a number of these around to bulk store everything from dry goods to packaged granola bars.

    Posted on

    I wanted a gallon size jar to store flour and this is perfect. It easily stores a 5lb bag of flour. The lid fits on top of the jar nicely. It is attractive and resourceful.

    Posted on

    Great counter to display for baked goods, durable & sturdy. Makes an attractive display while keeping items sanitary & air tight, we will definetly be purchasing more of these.

    from Bada Bean Posted on

    I'm a frequent home baker and these glass jars are super convenient to have on the counter. They will hold a 5lb bag of flour. If you're short like me and store them high up, like on the top of the fridge, you have to be very careful when lifting because the lid can slide off and wack you in the head -- just remove it first then lift. The lids sit on top and aren't affixed in any way. That being said, you can easily remove the lid with one hand, and they look great on my counter.

    Posted on

    Love this size jar, it's perfect for my do-it-yourself Bath Salt Bar! And the price was even better, very fast shipping too! Will probably get more of these babies!

    from Forever Clean Soap Works, Inc Posted on

    I had been searching for good containers to use to reorganize my pantry. These fit the bill! They are perfect for holding large amounts of flour and sugar. I can fit a whole bag of flour of one jar and couldn't ask for anything more. Note that the lid just kind of sits on the top, so it isn't a tight seal.

    Posted on

    These jars are extremely versitile. Not only are they handy and convenient for baked goods but I have used mine for storing bath bombs and bubble bars. And since they're glass, they're easily cleaned with soap and water.

    from Lindvall's Posted on

    Now these are the best to hold sugar,cornmeal,flour,dry products, just about anything you need to put on your counters or shelf's . To me they are great to use especially when you bake. Easy to measure in also. I purchased all the items in my CORE containers from WEB.STORE. Buy more than one as you will find you will need them . I did.

    from Rosemarie T.C. Posted on

    Love these glass jars. Beautiful style, great for dry baking goods, nuts, beans, candy, spices, and even to store food in fridge. Great, very durable jars and super reasonable shipping cost.

    Posted on

    I don't normally write reviews...but I'm impressed. I came across this website by accident. I was leery to order something from a company I didn't know, ESPECIALLY since it was a large amount (48) glass items. I found the website SUPER user friendly. Setting up an account was easy and within minutes I had my order placed. 4 days later (the weekend was involved) I had the item at my doorstep. The time I would have taken to drive from store to store would have taken me days, not to mention gas $. I found the item quickly, for a GREAT price, and they were packaged SO WELL. Every single jar was completely in tact, and as shown. I received email notifications with every step of my order so I knew exactly where it was and when I was going to receive it. I completely 100% would use again. FIVE STARS!

    from Columbia Orthodontics PC Posted on

    I have been looking for this type of glass jar in the gallon size. It is great for storing flower, sugar etc. The price is much better than anywhere else I looked.

    Posted on

    These were a little smaller than I had thought but that's my fault for not reading. You can see the seam as others have commented but overall these are great for the price and will serve their purpose.

    from Confections by Kristin Posted on

    I recently purchased 24 of these glass jars for my gift shop. They are perfect for displaying my candy products. They are functional and affordable,

    from Tin Brook Bed & Breakfast Posted on

    These Core Gallon Glass Jars were the perfect addition to my retail store to display my candy products.

    my customer loved using these jars in her candy buffet. The candy looked so beautiful displayed in these jars with the covers. Will definitely order again.

    from Oh Nuts Inc Posted on

    Unbelievable value for a great price! These jars are perfect for displaying small candies, cookies, and other food items. Would definitely purchase again. Good quality, sturdy glass.

    from Whitecomb's Farm Market Posted on

    I was looking for a round jar to place my Terrarium in. THIS IS PERFECT! 2 SIZES WITH THE LIDS Heavy enough to work with.

    from Salynn Gift Baskets Posted on

    Received in the mail very quick and in great condition. I purchased just one to see if it was what I wanted to use in the farmers market that I am attending this year! I do believe for this price and quick shipping, I will be ordering more in the future!

    Posted on

    I love these jars. I use them to display huge cookies and it is a guaranteed hit with kids. Keeps the product fresh and is an eye catcher. I also use them at home as a special snack jar.

    Posted on

    i was a little worried about these when i got the boxes but they are far bigger than they "appear" the only bad thing i noticed was that the seem on the side of the jar is highly if you want a perfect "pretty" jar - you might want a different one - but if utility is key then your right on the money for these!

    from na Posted on

    I love these jars. Great price, and they look so good all lining the shelves of my bakery. I have several and will probably buy more.

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    We use these in the shop to display small items that would normally lost with the other products that we carry. Good size and very attractive products.

    Posted on

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