Choice 1 Gallon Glass Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid

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Use this Choice 1 gallon penny candy jar with chrome lid to show off everything from coffee beans to candy in your cafe, restaurant, coffee shop and more! Each jar is made of crystal-clear glass for optimum visibility and increased safety over lower grade glassware. The opening is large enough for cookies, pretzels, or a serving scoop. Plus, the old time classic look of this jar is ideal for showcasing candies, beans, and other small items. Additionally, each jar comes with a non-sealing chrome lid to keep contaminates out of the container and accentuate that old time look.

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Choice 1 Gallon Glass Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid

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    5 out of 5 found this review helpful
    I do not recommend these jars. They are not even and seem to be thinner in places than in others bought 27 and 10 have cracked or shattered. It is easy to see on the jars that are not broken that they are flawed. Wish I didn't go for the pop up ad when I went to order the anchor hocking jars
    Thank you for your review, Terese! We are sorry these candy jars did not last as they should have for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon to make sure the situation is made right.
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    Worked perfectly! They are very cheap and have a very big volume. Put lots of candy and all the kids will go crazy. We used two of these for my nephew's birthday.
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    Really nice containers. Looks more than it cost, would highly recommend this product. Its a thicker glass material and it the lids that it comes fits really well with it. The packaging was great too, none of the 6 came broken or missing.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Bought these for my boss' desk because she always has candies. These are very durable and heavy. I liked that they could either sit straight up or on their side.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    These were a perfect touch for my birthday party cookie bar table. My guest loved them. A few arrived broken, but I called customer service and they sent replacements out very quickly
    I've had three of these EXPLODE under normal usage conditions. Thank goodness no customers were immediately next to them. The first two exploded, sending shards everywhere, when transferring stock to them. The third was in a cardboard box, ready to be disposed of (because the first two explosions were quite enough!), and a staff member walked 18 inches away from the box and it shattered. When I say explode, I mean EXPLODE--shards of super-sharp glass everywhere, and a huge BANG that scared years of life out of bystanders.
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this is defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon.
    Ordered these cute 1 Gallon Choice Glass Penny Candy Jar W/Chrome Lid. We ordered I think 24 of them to start our candy store. When we first put them on the counter, they were not stable, wobbled. We were not sure what to do. We just added a simple fix. We put felt feet on the bottom on each of the four corners. Perfect! Thank You They are Lovely! They are just what we were shooting for. Our customers love our new candy in our sweet little candy jars.
    They don't sit even on a counter. They rock sided to side. Tried to use for ice cream toppings but had to add a silicone to the bottom so they wouldn't fall off the counter.
    Thank you for your review, Grace! We are sorry this Choice 1 Gallon Glass Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    This jar was used to hold powders for smoothies and it does its job. Wish it didn't wobble so much and the lid is very thin so make sure to handle with care or it will dent or bend. Other then that, its a good product.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These are affordable but we found the lids do corrode pretty quickly. The screw holding the knob on the lid in place is prone to corrosion too and we've had them fall out... so be careful or you might wind up with a screw in your product.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry this product hasn't worked well for you. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I ordered 2 of these & both of them came with a large bump on the bottom. It was large enough that they would not sit flat but rock back & forth. To's credit, I contacted them & after sending them pics of the defect they refunded me.
    We appreciate your review, Sabrina. We wish this Choice 1 Gallon Glass Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid would have worked out for you. Our Customer Solutions team will remain in contact if you have any further questions.
    I was pleasantly surprised to see that this item seals shut. Most Penny Jars have loose lids. They are great for cereals, cookies, etc. The only drawback is the bottom is slightly rounded which causes the jar to rock back and forth when you have the jar leaning forward as pictured. I've never experienced that on a Penny Jar before. Also, do not push too hard on the handle when closing. The lid is very thin and the handle came off with the screw attached the next time it was opened.
    These jars are a great size for a topping bar. We use them on our ice cream line to display and store our nuts and candy sundae ingredients. The angle of approach is perfect for quickly accessing contents with a measured scoop.
    These candy jars were exactly what we wanted, needed AND were reasonably priced. The only issue we had was that the knobs on several had a large scratch across them. As it turned out we replaced the knobs (which we had intended on doing) so it was not a big deal. Had we not replaced the knobs we would have asked the company to replace them.
    We use these for our ice cream toppings and they work great! The only thing I wish was that they had an airtight lid to help keep the product in them fresher, but luckily we go through it fast enough and what we don't we just fill less. Great deal though, they were more than double this price locally!
    I originally purchased these for a 1940’s themed party. I’m definitely going to use them to display candy, though now I am also going to use them to hold K-cups! These canisters are awesome! They’re sturdy and plenty large enough...I can fit about 40 K-cups in a single canister!
    The Choice 1 Gallon Glass Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid help us keep all our toppings in a safe and fresh manner. Our customers love them because they can clearly see the toppings available to them.
    I like the fact that the jars are big, and they actually look like they would cost more. However, I ordered 4 jars, and took 2 of them out. They both wobbled. The jar would not stand straight so they do tilt side to side. Nothing a little hot glue can't fix. I can say I was a bit worried on ordering glass, as it was my first time. The packaging was great and arrived with no damage.
    We use these jars for our cupcake bar and it goes over so well! People love to be able to see all of the toppings we offer. The lids fit perfectly. These jars are very fragile though and shatter easily. Make sure to take care of them carefully!
    I bought 44 of these jars to use for a business and wish I didn't. 4 of the jars arrived broken and 8 of them broke within days of using them. They are paper thin and I wouldn't recommend them at all. If there was a zero star rating, I would give it that.
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry your Choice 1 Gallon Glass Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid was defective. Corrective action has been taken and a Customer Solutions Representative will remain in contact with you about this.
    While these jars are cute and just the right size to display candy in my store, the lids are very poorly made. If they don't arrive scratched and dented, they soon will become so. Simply removing the lid from the jar causes dents to form. The knobs are made of cheap plastic and many have sharp plastic "spurs" of overrflow material from the molding process. These sharp points are right where fingers need to fit to open the lid. The screws that hold the knobs to the lid do not stay tight, and the knobs fall off in my customers' hands. The screws then fall into the jar with the candy. After 5 weeks of use, the plastic shaft the screws thread into breaks off and the knobs are then unable to be used at all. I was so excited to find these jars but just 5 weeks into our store opening they are beginninig to look terrible. The jars themselves are great, but there needs to be a solution for the lids. An option to receive replacement lids wouuld be ideal.
    Thank you for your review, Tracey! We are sorry this Choice 1 Gallon Glass Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    We use these for display in our stores and fill them with bubblegum balls, cookies, etc. They look chic and the glass stays pretty clean. The lid also stays on tight which is sometimes a problem for these types of things.
    I was not impressed with this product. The metal lid scratched and tarnished easily. I ended up tossing them after two uses. I would suggest spending a little more for a better product.
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry your Choice 1 Gallon Glass Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid was defective. Corrective action has been taken and a Customer Solutions Representative has credited your account!
    Great product for storing dry ice cream toppings. We bought a few of these, and they look nice all lined up. The larger ones with use for our cereal toppings. Be sure to purchase a scooper!
    The Choice 1 gallon glass penny candy jar is a great buy and is a great jar to use on shelves. The slanted design makes it easy to use and very well priced.
    I really loved its design and look. It was perfect to use to at home. It holds lots of food and would like to order more, to organize other snacks at home
    I ordered the one gallon candy jars and they are made good look like a quality product and I'm currently using them in my Daytona Beach shop. I will order them again when I need more. Thank you
    You use this jar whatever you like. First I bought it with the idea for cookies, now I’m using for marshmallows for white chocolate Mochas
    I love this jar for keeping treats in. Currently I fill it with peanut butter cups. It is a nice way to display things on the counter.
    Not a fan! We ordered six of these and had a few issues. The chrome lids are a bit flimsy and not as sturdy as you'd hope with a class jar. The other problem is that the bottom doesn't sit evenly so we had to go buy little plastic dots to place on the bottom to get them to sit evenly on the table or counter. Once that problem was fixed, they were good as new. We'd order them again but simply to keep the jars uniform vs. having a mismatched set.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I love these classic candy jars - they remind me of penny candy stores from many years ago (and my local ice cream parlor)! These candy jars are also great for other kitchen staples like flour, sugar, and rice since they're a gallon and can hold a fair amount of the produce. All you need is a scoop!
    great product & price, easy website to navigate and also very easy to pay on line. Invoicing is complete and shipping is fast. No complaints and return customer.
    i love these jar, it make my topping area looks so much nicer then it was before. i will have to purchase another half to dz shortly.
    Just got these to replace our old plastic chai powder containers and they’re perfect! Much classier look than our old ones. Wide mouth openings that are easy to reach into.
    0 out of 1 found this review helpful
    The lid is made of a thin tin. It is also uneven on the bottom which causes it to wobble. overall it is an ok glass jar. Im not sure if id buy another one though.
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These jars are terrific! I use them to display cookies and they look wonderful on my bakery display table. I highly recommend them. Price was great too!
    This Choice 1 gallon penny candy jar with chrome lid, is a great size for holding wrapped candies. Etc. The lid fits on very secure
    They can be used for so many things. They are perfect to display ingredients and have an easy access to them. Their quality is good as well.
    Want to show off your ingredients, and have easy access to the jar, these work perfect for that! I bought 7 of them to display on my bar, and i am very satisfied.
    I love these candy jars! I have about 6 of them and use them for my candy counter in my cafe. They are also great for holding straws and sugar packets.
    We use as a cookie Jar in our store, tight seal keeps them fresh, Great throwback appearance, Good weight and great value for the price
    These are the best jars to have in your kitchen. They don't require much space to store and they hold a lot of whatever you want to put in them. I use mine for tea bags.
    I had purchased this Choice 1 Gallon Glass Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid use for a candy display table I love that it is lightweight, The price is great for glass than buying a cheap plastic one. It looks better and elegant on the candy buffet table.
    My jar arrived with chipped coating on the lid. I contacted Webstauarant and sent them a photo through their online chat feature. They offered to send me a replacement immediately. I love the great service and value that Webstaurant provides! But other than that small mishap, I got this jar to organize my laundry shelves. I use this to hold my detergent pods.
    We bought these for candy storage for our new freakshakes. We love them. They containers look great for our new milkshake display in our restaurant.
    I like the look of this item, and it looks like it could hold quite a bit, I had two shipping accidents and just gave up, but luckily for me, Webstaurant Crew came in and saved the day and helped me with the issues I was experiencing, I would still recommend this item despite it's shipping injuries because it's a good buy truly.
    I got these jars and they came scratched on the lids. The jars sit uneven and are not a good quality. I also bought the anchor version and am very happy with them.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear these penny jars arrived damaged. A Customer Solutions Specialist is currently assisting you.
    I use my candy jar everyday. Always there is something inside. Its easy use candy jar. It has very good quality and shape as well
    I absolutely love this product! This 1 gallon penny candy jar is the perfect candy jar! 1 gallon can hold quite a bit of candy. The lid just sits on no twist top.
    These are extremely affordable jars that we will be using for the candy bar at our event. They came in dirty though, which is why I took off a star. Plan on having to wash them down or putting the glass through your dish washer.
    These jars here are a nice size for candy and cookies in any store . I have one in my kitchen for personal use for my childrens cookies. Also use these at my place of work.
    Awesome jars for flour, spice, sugar and protein powder. Easy to use, clear can see what is inside jar and space saving on my counter top. Very practical and I love it!
    I used these jars on a candy bar for my wedding. They looked great, and people loved them. My only note on these is that the lids are a bit flimsy, and not exactly air tight. Still a great product.
    Nice gallon size jar! Great for kitchen supplies, candy, or even change. Big size with a nice chrome stylish lid. I would recommend this product. I will be getting more as I have many uses for this.
    Really nice candy jar I like how it has a flat spot on the back so you can flip it up and load it and then put it back to the side so it's easy to take some out really nice job at a fantastic price from the webstaurantstore
    Sir Clean recommend this product for the quality and price, you can use to many purpose,the material is very resistant and one of the most important thing is easy to clean.
    This is a great product for so many reasons. I have used it for bulk foods and also for prepared foods which lets everyone see and can also be a self serve container
    I love the vintage and nostalgic feel of this candy jar! It goes great in my retro themed bar. I highly recommend going with this one!
    I was wondering why these were so inexpensive. I think they are seconds. They do not sit correctly on the counter ( they rock when I try to open the canister ), the lids were slightly scratched, and knobs are a cheap plastic with black dots on them. Not very high quality at all. I was very disappointed, and wished I had spent the extra money and gotten the Anchor Hocking ones I saw on another site. I should have returned them, but I was in the middle of a kitchen remodel and didn't need additional hassle.
    Thank you for the review, Sharon. We're sorry you were not pleased with these. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon.
    These are great for a lot of things. They are kind of cheaply made so the lid is rather cheap and you don't want to pull too hard on the handle or it will break. And they do wobble a little bit side to side because the bottoms aren't fully flat but what are use them for doesn't matter. They are great price for what you're getting though.
    Super cute! We ordered this in for a customer that was looking for a candy jar and they are very happy with it. The quality seems to be good and the price fantastic!
    I don't understand how people leave bad reviews.. I know you want to so people be careful what they buy but I don't see anything wrong with these jars as long as there taken care good. There ok. And last as longs as u want them too
    We bought these jars to store loose tea in it. It's clear glass makes it our teas stand out, and the customers can actually see what they're ordering. Good buy.
    Overall I'm impressed with the quality for the price, and would buy again. The customer service has been amazing as well. These jars are not high end. If you're looking for pristine, these are probably not the ones for you. If, however, you want a substantial glass jar for an amazing price, look no further. The glass is thick and heavy and the jars are large. They look wonderful lined up in my display. There really are only a couple things keeping this from a five star rating- first is that the lids are very thin metal and the knob is plastic painted to look chrome. When you try to remove the lid, the thin metal flexes and creates a very tight seal making it a two handed job to get the lid off. The lids fit very tight. Seven out of 28 lids arrived dented. They were replaced immediately by the excellent customer service, but that does show how thin the lids are. The glass of the jars has a fairly thick, noticeable seam running down the middle of the jar, front and back. Not a concern for my use, but might be for those wanting a cleaner look. The other issue is that even though the jars are designed to sit either straight up or at an angle, they are only really sturdy when straight up. The angle part of the jar is curved making the jars rock side to side very easily. (Front to back had no issues, just side to side, making them knock into the neighboring jar every time they were opened) I've resolved this issue by placing them on a table cloth, that provided just enough of a barrier that the rocking is minimized, but if you're planning to use them on a solid surface be aware. I will be buying them again, and am very pleased with them (especially for the great price!) Not perfect, but so much better than I anticipated for such an inexpensive jar! Read Less Read More
    Do not buy these jars. They are not formed even and seem to be thinner in places. I purchase 12 i now have 7. They crack and shatter like sugar candy.
    Thank you for the feedback on these candy jars! We're sorry they shattered for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in touch with you about this.
    This is a great jar and has a really authentic and antique look. The glass is thick and heavy-duty. It is very attractive and perfect for storing things you want people to see! The lid is a little flimsier than I had hoped and doesn't seal well, but it's still a nice jar.
    Great penny jar. I use it for my drink powders and its easy access to them and easy to use as well. Look nice on my counter and all the customers have been asking where I get them.
    The jars were nicely packaged but some of the jars have hairline fractions in the bottom of them. A few had wobbly knobs. We ended u removing the rubber neck seal because the lids were to hard to remove with them on. The size of jars are great. We haven't put anything in them yet.
    Thanks for reviewing these jars, Sade. We're sorry that some of them had damages. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly.
    Bought this jar for my chocolate covered pretzels. Its not that good for the pretzels but I will use them for our cookies. Nice jar- always wanted one.
    perfect for dog treats the large size is perfect for any size treats for all dog sizes fits nice on the counter i love the fishbowl like shape will purchase again.
    I bought 120 of these for our new candy store. a few are uneven and wont sit right. I have only filled about 50 of them so far. We just opened on 2/4/16. I have had 2 screws from the lids fall into the candy. I have also had to retighten at least 30 of the 50. Some of the screws will not even tighten into the handle after a couple of times. if their is a solution let me know. Otherwise I am afraid someone might end up with a screw in their candy.
    Thank you for the review, Laurie! We're sorry that you've had issues with some of these candy jars! A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you right away about this.
    I originally bought these jars for displaying my scented bath and sugar scrub. However, as soon as they arrived I realized I would need the larger jars for my product. But I have found that these jars have organized my pantry so much better than all the other products I've tried! We buy everything organic in bulk and these jars are wonderful to store my flour sugar cereal and etc... Definitely buying more for my house and my business! Very sturdy and nice look ata fantastic price point! Even my husband was impressed.
    We use this glass jar in our bar to store chocolate chips used for cocktails. It's the perfect size and it is easy for us to scoop the chocolate out of. It has a clean, simple, neutral look that blends in with our decor. It also tucks underneath our shelving nicely which helps us conserve space in the bar.
    Good quality and the air tight lids do work well, but opening and closing can/will be a struggle for some due to the obvious air tight seal. I'm not sure if the lid will have issues in the future since you really have to pull hard to open and push hard to snug it up, but for the price, it's hard to complain.
    I was all excited about this item. I thought it would be a great addition to our candy bar. However, upon receiving it we noticed glass in the bottom and where the lid sits was all cracked. Luckily, the amazing staff at webstaurant is going to replace ours. I will write another review once it is received :)
    If you want organization in your kitchen these are the way to go,, you can use these for anything. My most favorite item is silverware it frees up my drawers for larger items.
    This is a great product. It's perfect for candy and cookies and etc. I ordered 8 of these and only one was broken. The company quickly gave me a credit for the one that was broken. I would order more.
    These penny jars are just what the doctor ordered. Great price for a gallon jar and look so nice even on a temporary coffee table long the new kitchen is being remodeled. After seeing these I will be buying a few more to store all our baking supplies in. I was concerned over some reviews saying they were thin but all 4 mine came in perfect. I love the ring under the lid to keep things fresh and lid on tight.
    We use these to display pickles and they work great. So clear and cheap. Decent construction all things considered. Thanks so much for the great product
    Previously bought some similar from big box store at twice the price. Not only half the price but these have an air tight seal for our candies. When doing candy bars for wedding these are perfect in both function and style. I already ordered another eight.
    We use these penny candy glass jars for our ice cream toppings in the bakery. They look great on the counter and display the toppings easily for the customers to see! Sometimes the top can be a little hard to get off.
    This penny jars are fabulous!! We use them for our gummies and chocolate covered nuts. Customers can get their sweets out by them selves "self service" so to speak. The lids keep everything air tight and fresh but are easy to remove to open and close the jars.
    These jars look very nice. the seal around them seems to be decent some time will tell it it will keep items fresh. For the price and size i would recommend them for sure for on the counter flour or sugar holders.
    I currently use these to store legumes, lentils and beans on my counter and they work well. The jar openings are wide enough so that you can stick a measuring cup in them while working and because they lean towards you, it's easy to get what you need quickly. I would recommend these for home and business use.
    These are great jars with a nice look. However the lids fit tightly and can be hard to remove if you don't know how to wiggle it just right.
    These candy jars are great for any individually wrapped candies, as well as sweetener packets, creamers, etc. Only complaint is that they're not quite as stable as we were expecting and are thus rather prone to tipping over when the owner of the hand reaching in isn't careful.
    this is a good candy jar .we use it for all kind of things like putting our kool-aid packs, coffee filter, packets of splenda sugar, candies ,cookies anything that you would need quick access too that will fit in the jars can be used. the reason I gave it only four stars is because of the seal that the jar comes with is a little to tight and when you try to pull off the lid, the jar also pulls along with the lid and take two hand to open and if you have more then a few it came be a problem sometimes. this is still a great deal for the price and I would recommend this to all
    These are a very nice quality item. I filled them with frooties for my shop. I remember these from when I was a kid in a candy store.
    These classic jars look great with almost anything in them. We use our jars for putting our products in and the customers love them. They have great lids with built in seals too
    We use these for our build your own trail mix and candy dispensers. very functional but also very fragile. we've broken a couple already using our dish machine.
    These are great storage units at home for cookies, nuts, candies, cat/dog treats, etc. They are real glass, inexpensive a good size. I have several used for snacks & treats.
    This is an excellent product. I purchased them to hold candy at an antique and collectibles store where I have a booth. They look totally awesome on the shelf there. Thanks so much. And such a good price.
    Very nice scoops, nothing cheap about them, very high end. Love your prices and fast delivery! Only wished I had ordered more. Thanks, so glad I found you guys!

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