Anchor Hocking 98908 5 oz. Mini Hermes Jar - 12/Case

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Stylish and fun, this Anchor Hocking Oneida 98908 5 oz. mini Hermes jar is perfect for your front of house displays. Use it to hold candy, coffee beans, espresso beans, and other goodies. Or, use it back in your kitchen to store ingredients, such as salt, sugar, or spices. Whether you're using it for retail, storage, or to create eye-catching displays, this Hermes jar is sure to fit your needs. The crystal clear glass allows customers to see exactly what's in the jar, and the air tight, clamp top lid will help to keep food tasty and fresh.

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Anchor Hocking 98908 5 oz. Mini Hermes Jar - 12/Case

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jars spices great seal jar glass price love easy cute
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Summary: These are cute. I don’t dislike them enough to give away but probably wouldn’t buy them again. They are best for novelty/decorative use, when you really don’t want something to leak, and to keep things air tight, so they will last longer (e.g. homemade condiments). If you do order, the difference in size between the 5oz and 7oz jars is negligible, so I’d recommend the 7s over the 5s. These Anchor Hocking Mini Heremes Jars were one of my first WebstaurantStore purchases. I saw them on some hippie blogs, thought they were cute & reasonably priced, and ordered a case of each of the sizes: 5oz, 7oz, and 9oz. In retrospect, I didn’t really need these. I have no shortage of 4oz & 8oz mason jars and 8oz round storage containers. With the large openings, I previously had them holding “most frequently used” spices, but have since transitioned to square bottomed 6oz glass jars (also with generous openings). The square jars are much more suitable for this. The shape maximizes space; the lids are easier to get on and off. Why I’m Keeping Them: (1) Versatility: I’ve used them for spices, office supplies (staples, alligator clips, rubber bands, paper clips, etc.), homemade lotions & potions (balms, salves, scrubs, powders, etc.), condiments (homemade mayo, ketchup, etc.), food & drink (yogurt, nuts, seeds, ground coffee, loose leaf tea, etc.), baking supplies (decorating tips). They’d work for candies, crafting/sewing supplies, and decorative purposes. (2) Leak-Proof & Airtight (*I haven’t done any experiments, BUT): if I’m traveling with something that could make a messy spill, I’d trust these more than other brand containers and mason jars. (3) Cuteness: natural, homey vibes. There is an ugly seam on the side, but I bought in large part based on look. They don’t disappoint. (4) Wide openings. Spoon, knife, scraper spatula friendly. Easy to get contents in and out. (5) Quality: I must have dropped one at least once and none are broken. Aside from a single stretched out orange gasket, they are all intact (I do try to keep the gaskets on while cleaning). I purchased stainless steel canisters with similar tops and many of the gaskets don’t stay on the lid anymore (in fairness, the stainless steel ones saw a lot more action). What I Don’t Love: (1) Weight. They are heavy. I am going to do a video including weights and measurements, but even the littlest of these guys is heavier than my 8oz mason jar. (2) Clamp-Top Lid. Not saying this lid is particularly bad among similar products, but it definitely takes some pressure to latch the lid. I see this being difficult for someone with arthritis. It’s also easy to pinch fingers or hit your hand, if you are (like me) not particularly coordinated. (3) Cleaning. Although it is possible to remove and put back together the metal frame around the lid, it’s much easier to clean the other brand and mason jars. Food can get stuck on/around/behind the frame/gasket cleaning requires more attention to detail. I feel comfortable putting the other brand and mason jars in the dishwasher, but handwash these due to concerns about how the metal/gaskets would hold up. (4) Storage. Stacking is dicey. They don’t nest. As opposed to square jars that maximize space, mason jar lids that only minimally increase width, the clamp-top lid makes these jars space hogs. They take up more real estate than other vessels holding similar quantities. Read Less Read More

from Enthusiastic Home Cook on
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Me: Hello - the lips on 2 of these jars have cracked. I just put the spices in them (new house/new spices) and have only opened it a few times. Do you have 2 replacement jars? They are "out" on the website. Also, is this "normal" or (hopefully) an unusual fluke. Highly concerned as the glass fragments are tiny and I had to throw out the spice.. Customer Service: For the length of time, the item has been in your possession this would be considered normal wear and tear on the item, and cannot offer any replacements or compensation. Just a general note on care these are not dishwasher safe and to help with the longevity of the jar they should be hand washed. Me: I only hand washed them the one time prior to labeling and storing. We did not move into our house until recently, so they have not been "used" frequently. So, to be clear, they may break after 2 months of "use", this particular spice was a novelty, so only opened/closed 3 times. I suppose I need to reevaluate my choice of products...


Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

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Purchased these jars to revamp my spices. They keep everything fresh and hold the perfect amount. Great quality for the price. Plus shipping was fast!


These glass jars are perfect for desserts or pate. The seal very well and go into the freezer without a problem. The glass is thick so they don't break easily.

from Dixal Hospitality on

Absolutely love the versatility of these little jars. They are great for storage and also can be used for desserts/apps. Easily able to pre-prep items in these and hold. We garnish before sending and open at the table for a down home presentation.

from Colleen's Kitchen on

These little locking jars are the perfect solution to my previously cluttered spice rack! They are air-tight to seal in the flavor and clear so I can easily identify the contents! The metal clamps feel a bit cheap and wonky, but they get the job done fine. I would recommend them


Purchased these in an ongoing effort to minimize plastics and waste in my home. The idea is that I can now purchase bulk herbs and spices and avoid the packaging. These jars are amazing! They’re heavy and air tight with the Hermès clamp. And they are stunning to boot! Filled with the rainbow of spices and labeled and organized so neatly...well, that is just plain joy inducing!


These are so cute. I have used them for decoration but also for my sugar, coffee, chocolate powder, etc. I like the tight seal on them


We put granola in these for a takeway gift at our fine dining restaurant. Webstraunt store offers the best value. Mini Heremes Jar is a life saver.

from Forward Food Group, LLC on

These jars are fabulous. They look great and are functional as storage. I keep my spices in here that I use often. I really recommend these.


Very much like their European counterparts, these Heremes glass jars are great for...well anything you can think of. We use these for delicate spices and keep them on display in our home kitchen. They form an airtight seal and are very durable. The nice thing about these Anchor Hocking Heremes glass jars is that they are readily available in the USA, while the original French ones are very difficult to buy at a reasonable price here in the states.


These 5oz glass jars are of surprisingly good quality! We use them to store and display loose tea in our store, and will continue to order them!


These itty bitty jars are the absolute cutest things ever. They're going to be my herb and spice jars, but I'm thinking they'd be great for infusing oils, too. And the price is UNBEATABLE.

from Dane on

Great little jars that look cute and fit the decor of our business. This product can be used for a lot of different things and we are pleased with the purchase.

from Courtland Club on

These are nice, not perfect but definitely nice enough for an upscale to go style dessert or promotional item. The seals are not tight enough to truly store anything long term, but have been great for our to go puddings and pot de cremes. They are oven safe (so far as we can tell - but we take the lids off before putting them in the oven.


The Anchor Hocking five ounce mini hermes jar is a great storage solution for our herbs. Helps keep them fresh and well made and perfect design.


I was looking for this 5oz jars everywhere but they had told me there discontinued until I found them at webrestaurant I use them for home made jam


These small jars are perfect for storing spices in a neat, organized way - the only problem is that if you have a great bulk spice source, a full package won't fit in them. Ideally you can line these upor stack them in your cabinet for use while storing the excess elsewhere, and then refill them as needed.

from KitchenFemme on

These jars seal the freshness into spices so well, it's shocking! I like to make sure that I have plenty on hand for new spices and teas.

from Town Square Market on

We use these to hold lemons and limes and they work great. They keep the product fresh and crisp and they also look great on the bar.


We use these to make our own spice blends to give as Christmas presents. We always get compliments on them. Great size and even greater price!


these jars are absolutely the best. I put all my spices in these jars and the stack nicely and are heavy duty and seal wonderfully.


I use this to store spices, and they have a year long shelf life in this container. Very good seal, but it can be challenging to get it open and closed quickly.

from Town Square Market on

Cute little jar. The lid comes attached to it. I absolutely love it. I use it as at home for condiments and spices, but it also comes in other sizes as well


These are cute and have a good seal. We use them at our gelato cafe for toppings. They are cute and easy to see what's inside

from Gold coin on

I love love love these cute little jars. I use them for edible lip and hand scrub and they just couldn't be more adorable! They latch super tight so my product doesn't dry out.

from Kern Valley Farm on

Anchor Hocking 98908 5 oz. Mini Heremes Jar - 12/Case we use these to store extra food stuff when we don't need to pressie can them

from PowerQuee Media on

So I saw these anchor hocking 5 ounce mini jars. They were very decent price cheaper than getting Mason jars they showed up no problem all of them were intact I'm very happy with them

from Place to be Bistro on

I would have given it 5 Stars cuz they're really nice but the fact that there was one shattered all throughout it and broken glass filled in the box but the ones that were broken or really nice


Thank you for your review, Mike! We are sorry you received a broken heremes jar. A Customer Solutions Representative has issued you a store credit!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

I've been looking for small jars like this for months and these fit the bill. I do small tasting portions of appetizers and desserts in them and they're great. Other jars are either tapered which I'm not a fan of or they're super expensive per jar and these by the case are a great deal. Removing the gasket makes them way easier to close if you don't need an airtight seal.


We love these! They are perfect for storing all kinds of things. We use them in our lab for mixing oils and storing raw ingredients. I also love to use them in the kitchen.

from goobsi on

These glass jars seem to have a few quality control issues. A few of the jars I received have chips along the inner edge, which are jagged, sharp, and dangerous. Another jar I received was cracked on the side. The jars themselves are a nice size for herbs, spices, and small gifts, but I recommend thoroughly examining each jar for defects before use.


Thank you for the review! We're sorry some of these were defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Fantastic little glass jars. We use them for loose leaf teas at our coffee shop. Customers love them. Easy to maintain and seals the teas perfectly. Solid jars.

from Moonrise cafe on

These 5 oz jars are a must have, especially for the price! I use these for spices and chemical leaveners. Also use to store egg whites when splitting eggs. The seal is tight and keeps everything fresh!

from Little Bear Baked Goods on

I am really liking this spice jars. The lids are tight fitting, easy to open and close. It keeps my spices fresh for a longer time. The price is good too.


Shipping was fast! Product was just what I needed! For a small business owner the price was within budget. The appearance of the jars are eye catching! Website was awesome, easy to use, description were understandable, I could go on and on! You do have a repeat customer!

from Nene's Scrub and Body Butter on

I was very disappointed. The jars were exactly what I ordered and I was very excited until I notice many of the jars were broken or if you rub around the rim of the jar they were chipped, which is very dangers. I cut my finger trying to clean out the jar and distinguish which were ok to use and which ones were not.

from BluCharm on

Thank you for the review, Toni! We are very sorry that some of these have chipped for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you directly.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

had order the 7 and 5 oz of these for my wedding and theya re perfect they come in 12 of case and the ship is great customer service is great these are the mini heremes jar and we are think of add favors or candy or table decor to them cant wait the wedding is in une 2016 will send photo think of put our candle in them since we have the different sizes so when the candy gone is gone, but we have extra back up that are filled

from lisabridalstore on

I love these jars for many of my personal care products that I make at home. The seal and closure keep things fresh and the glass makes it easy to use with essential oils when plastic can not be used. The price on these is a plus!


My mini heremes jars were the perfect additional for my whipped body butters, scrubs & lotions. The elegant look at an affordable price! Thank you

from Essentially Spoiled by Gina on

Good quality, open/close latch is easy to maneuver. I plan to use these for homemade bath products. I could also see them being used for canning jam or other delicious treats. However you use them, the presentation will be beautiful.


Great price and come in sets of 12. Really good seal, glass is nice, will hold up for awhile. Good for keeping spice mixes or teas in. Good product.

from Mike's Mindful Plate on

I love these little jars we use them in our desserts and also on our charcuterie boards, not to mention they make beautiful and practical spice jars for your home or business. very well made.

from G & P on

I really really like these jars. My gf got me some great spices from Egypt but they were leaking their scent everywhere so I got these jars to hold them. I can't smell the spices at all from these jars which means that it's a good seal. The seal mechanism is a little rustic but it works. I'm considering trying to cook creme brulee in these using my sous vide.


Great set of jars at a fantastic price. I used them to package fresh facemasks made with bentonite clay and essential oils. Also a good size for yogurt, beads, spices, etc....


These are just the greatest jars for storing spices and herbs in my cabinet. I'm thrilled with the way the look and the quantity they hold. Easy to use, great to keep spices and herbs fresh and very attractive. You can't go wrong with these adorable, little jars.


These jars are a great buy. Very sturdy at a great price, Feels like a steal of a deal. Researched many jars, ball, weck, etc. Really am impressed with the quality. Used to store spices as well as craft items like buttons.


These jars are exactly what I wanted. I am disappointed though, it says in the description that they're made in the USA, but the box says they're made in China.

from Bare Naturals on

Thank you for your review and for pointing out that error! We greatly appreciate your feedback! This issue has been fixed.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

these jars are perfect for gifts, we filled them with sauces and spices and used them for gifts for customers. The size of the container is good for spices around the house and pretty durable glass

from ut culinary on

We use these for storing spice mixes. This size is nice for gifts or selling. The seal is nice, and the bail is easy to work.


Great items. They give Parfait, Kilner, and Weck a run for their money in quality. On point. Great for spices. Avoid bpas both in the jar and the lid, and have a Gordon Ramsey Home-esq look to your pantry.


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