Anchor Hocking 55177AHG17 16 oz. Clear Glass Measuring Cup

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This 16oz. clear glass measuring cup from Anchor Hocking is made of strong durable tempered glass allowing for maximum shock resistance. In addition, the bright red, lead free, graduations are easy to read allowing for precise measurements of liquids in cups, ounces, and milliliters. Finally the easy-pour spout and sturdy handle helps to keep your kitchen mess free. These qualities make this an essential, long-standing tool that is a must for every kitchen.

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Anchor Hocking 55177AHG17 16 oz. Clear Glass Measuring Cup

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measuring cup glass cups great Anchor Easy kitchen markings quality
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finally found a glass measuring sup at an affordable price. The thickness of the glass is perfect it can hold boiling sugar without breaking. Pouring liquids without mess. Both thumbs up.


Great Functional and durable measuring glass. It works well to store extra ingredients and also is great for every day baking and measuring. You definitely need this one.


We use these daily in our kitchen. The Anchor brand has a problem with the Line Printing wearing off, but with daily commercial use, they get broken before it becomes a real problem.

from Country Breeze Farm Market on

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Love the 2 cup size and how easy cleaning is! I have 2 of them, and use them all of the time for cooking & baking.


This Measuring cup is very sturdy. I like that it’s dishwasher safe. The print hasn’t come off at all which has happened to me with other measuring cups before.


Standard measuring cup. Anchor Hocking is the go to brand for these in my opinion. Well marked lines and plenty of different measures depending on the recipe.


Purchased these for my cakepop class. They are the right size and the perfect price. Easy to clean. When I need more plan to order from here

from Cake My Day on

The Anchor measuring cups do well, but they aren't as accurate as my Pyrex measuring cups are - they tend to measure a little on the heavy side. This can be easily mitigated with only doing scant measures. Also, the spout can make pouring a bit messy, as it tends to run down the edge if you don't pour it very quickly. Those are just minor issues, but that is why I took one star off the review.

from My Gurl & Me on

Anchor Hocking 16 oz. Glass Measuring Cup is a well-made measuring cup. The glass is thick and appears durable. The graduations are clear and in metric and US units. I would recommend this product for basic liquid measuring cup needs.


Ordered this glass measuring cup to replace my plastic measuring cup. It's smaller than what I'm used to because my previous one is 4.5 cups and this one is only 2 cups. The measurements have held up really good after numerous washes, it's pretty heavy, and it works great for pouring liquids.

from Sweet Treats Wright on

It is a handy size if you are measuring smaller portions. I have actually dropped it and it didn’t even crack. Definitely recommended for any bakers kitchen

from Nourished Meal Prep on

This is my new favorite liquid measuring cup! The different sizes nest beautifully together. This also seems to be as good (if not better) quality than my other measuring cups at a much lower price!


We really enjoyed these measuring cups. They are easy to clean and easy to store. I would highly recommend these measuring cups because they are very strong. We've dropped them A couple times on newly installed floors and they haven't even cracked.

from Layla's Cafe on

I think the highlight of Anchor Hocking measuring cups is the detail put into the gradations. First, they are large and easy to read. Second, they list both metric and a variety of imperial measurements. Instead of doing math and converting units while measuring I can just pour!


Solid little item. Great for those times when you need to measure a small amount of liquid. Much easier to use compared to the larger versions.


I have been using this particular anchor hocking cup for 7 years now in my commercial kitchen, the only thing that will kill them is someone dropping them. I have one that is 7 years old that all the writing has worn off of but I'm not complaining. I abuse these by heating in a microwave and they hold up to whatever I try . great product and good price.


I love this measuring cup. For glass, it is super strong. The walls and handle are so thick, I think you would really have to try to break it. I expect it will last for many many years, which is saying something in our house!


This measuring cup is the pride of the fleet when it comes to having a measured cup in the kitchen. It does a great job of holding up to the abuse.


These measuring cups are awesome because of their durability. The thickness of the glass makes it more able to stand up to every heavy use

from Rainbow Juices on

Great quality glass measuring cup. I prefer the glass measuring cups because the markings never wear off and they last forever. Several different units of measurement as well


I bought this to replace my pyrex measuring cup and I like this one better. The markings have not worn off at all after many uses in the dishwasher. I will be buying more.


I love the bigger of the two anchor hocking glass measuring cups sold on here. They do the job they're designed to do, and last a lifetime. The borosilicate is very tough and will only break if handled super rough.

from Mike's Mindful Plate on

The Anchor Hocking 16 oz. ( 1 Pint) Glass Measuring Cup is a great addition to ANY kitchen. It is a quality measuring cup and the measurements are accurate. HIGHLY recommended for any commercial or residential kitchen.


I love this glass measuring cup. It is very heavy which means it will be a durable piece in my kitchen for a long time. And the measurements are very accurate.


I like that this measuring cup is glass. I had a plastic one but then it turned foggy the first time I washed I have washed this multiple times ands it still is brand new

from Foxland market on

I use this as my tea pot. Great for making two cups of tea in the microwave. Stays warm for a short period of time.


I love using 2 cup measures. They come in handy when I'm making soup and need to add water or broth to my pot. And anchor hocking makes quality products so I know this will last me a while.

from Bb on

If I made a list of kitchen tools that everyone needs this would definitely go on that list. I use it most times I bake and very often when I cook to measure liquids.


We seem to go through these like crazy at our small bakery/coffee shop. We use multiple sizes and one seems to get dropped every so often. Very sturdy design(as long as you don't drop them too far), good material, easy to read measurements. Good thing the price is so cheap from Webstaurant, we'll keep ordering!


I love this measuring cup. Anchor hocking is a reputable brand and all of their glassware is very durable. The measurement markings are very accurate too.


A 2 cup glass measuring cup is a necessity in my kitchen. This 16oz anchor hocking measuring cup is large enough to use as a small mixing bowl. The 10 inch piano whip fit in it with plenty of room for mixing.


Great Handle, Great Product. I use these daily for my family of 7. Anchor Hocking is one of the best Measuring cups 16 oz is great for average measuring. I would Recommend this to anyone!


This measures in cups, ounces, and milliliters. I’m hoping that the red ink of this Anchor Hocking brand lasts longer after many cycles in the dishwasher than my other brand did.

from j4jcline on

This is a solid glass measuring cup that gets a daily work out in my bakery. I do most of my measuring by weight, but I use this cup on the scale and then use it to pour the ingredients into my mixer or bowl. It is great for liquid measurement with easy to read increments.

from Sugar Buff on

This is a great pint size measuring glass. The quality is simply amazing for the price. The glass is very thick and clear, the markings on the side are bright and easy to read.


Super nice and sturdy. Made from glass. Beautiful design. And does the job well. Measurement marks are red and clear. I do recommend this for measuring.

from Queens pizzaria on

Extremely useful in the kitchen; be it at measuring, transporting/cooking liquids, this Anchor Hocking is one to use. We even use this as a mixing glass.


We just replaced a broken meaning cup with this one, while ordering other items from this website. Prices are competitive and one-stop shopping is very convenient for us. We will order from this site again.


Yes, as many have mentioned, this is very THICK glass. Standard old measuring cup except the glass is the thickest you can find anywhere, which makes quality super high, and allows you to get to temps that others probably can't handle. The thick glass is very nice, but is a little clumsy in terms of weight for me on this size of cup. I prefer my Pyrex for the 2-cup, but for larger sizes I prefer Anchor Hocking. Of course, if I need to measure something boiling, I will absolutely go for this one above any else. The 2qt size from Anchor Hocking (also available from Webstaurant) is an absolutely essential piece for any kitchen. This is a collectible brand, so for what it's worth, your pieces will likely have collector value if they get old enough (and if you are ever willing to part with it).

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Sir Clean recoomended this product Anchor Hocking 55177OL13 16 oz. (1 Pint) Glass Measuring Cup, because the glass is resistant and strong. You can use for measuring liquids.

from Sir Clean Corp- Managment, Cleaning and Moving Miami on

Great quality measuring cup, very thick glass. mine actually fell off of the counter onto the tile and there wasn't even a chip or crack, I will be ordering the other sizes soon.


When I need more than 1 cup, I use my anchor hocking 2 cup measuring cup. It's made of thick glass, and the handle makes it super easy to hold and pour. The red markings are easy to see. I love this one!

from Jennie's Cake Creations on

This is a heavy duty measuring cup that has very clear markings that allow you to see in a glance. Anchor Hocking is known for their accuracy and sturdiness. The handle is a shape that makes it easy to hold when filled to the top.

from Floral Creations on

Clear markings and they go thru the dishwasher well. You can't beat the price especially when you are setting up households for a couple of kids you are trying to get out of the nest. I would buy them again if needed.


This measuring cup is perfect. It is narrowly shaped, so it nicely nests into my other 2 cup measures for easy storage. It comes out of the dishwasher nicely, too. In my opinion, the best part is that the spout doesn't drip when I pour, like my pyrex measuring cup does!


I am very happy with this glass measuring cup, As said in another review, I am not a fan of the plastic measuring cups. I did not give this measuring cup 5 stars because after repeated usage the markings on the cup are fading. But after daily washing i am sure many measuring cups will have the writing start to fade. Strangely only the 2 cups model is fading. The 1 cup and the 4 cups i have the markings look bright and clear as new.


This 16 oz measuring cup is of great quality. The glass is thick and sturdy. The handle is comfortable to use, and the spout makes for easy no spill pouring. It looks great, too. For the price and quality it is truly a great buy.


We use these in almost every class at our children's cooking school. It's your good old standard liquid measuring cup which is perfect for hot or cold liquids. We use it in our microwave all the time. Great, great product!

from Bakers Buzzin' LLC on

These were a great purchase! The quality is great for the price especially. I bought a pack of 4 which is really helpful when making multiple items at a time. The only drawback is that there is no 1/3 cup measurement.

from Sweet Nini's Bakery on

I own several of these measuring cups for home use. I love them and they work well in measuring anything. They are durably constructed and can be tossed in the dishwasher or microwave.


My only regret on buying these is that I didn't buy at least one in every size sooner! I use these in my soap kitchen and my home kitchen daily, and this size is my most used. Too heavy to easily tip, but not too heavy for easy, one-handed use. Good pour spout and easier to read markings. They do fade over time, but I still find uses for them.

from Southern Girl Soapery on

I love these little cups. They are durable, wash up well, and stack for easy storage. We use them all the time in my bakery

from Goodness Bake Shoppe on

A basic 1 pint glass measuring cup with bold red measurements. this is my to go measuring cup when the kitchen is heavy. Price very well too


Anchor Hocking measuring cups are wonderful for baking and general kitchen needs. I can mix cream and chocolate and pop it in the microwave to heat only messing one container.

from Countryside Cakes on

I was seriously surprised that there could be such differences between pint measuring cups, but the Anchor Hocking exceeded my expectations. The spout is what particularly stood out. It is actually long enough so it pours easily, without any weird dripping/dribbling like another brand.


This is a nice standard glass measuring cup. It is great for small scale baking or measuring out liquids for savory applications. Easy to read labels.


I love anchor products as they are made durable and microwave safe. The letterings also stand up to a lot of washing and use which a lot of plastic containers seem to have trouble with.


The Anchor Hocking 551770L 16 oz. 1 Pint Glass Measuring Cup. It is my favorite measuring cup, the plastic one always seem to get a crack in them and leak my liquids. These are dishwasher and microwave safe. It dosen't hurt to have extra's because of breakage. But they last forever.


A measuring cup is a must have item when baking. This glass measuring cup is perfect to have for any project happening in the kitchen.


I purchased these mesuring cups for work but ended up taking 1 home. We all how much Anchor hocking measuring cups can be and how well they are made.But did you ever think you could get them for this price! Thanks webstaurant!

from Sheila's Homestyle on

These are really nice for home use and bake shop use. I like that its glass. It can handle hotter liquids and ingredients than the plastic ones.


Excellent quality measuring cups. I am very pleased with my shopping experience with Web Restaurant. I placed my order on Friday and received it at my door on Saturday. I was stunned and supremely pleased at the care and professionalism with which my order was handled. I will recommend this company without any reservation.


The Anchor Hocking 16oz Measuring cup is simple to read and easy to clean. Used to measure liquids and dry goods, also cold and hot liquids.


The Anchor Hocking 16 oz. 1 Pint Glass Measuring Cup.We love the 16 oz. Measuring cup because it holds 2 cups at a time it is easy to see measurments,has a nice pouring spout,and the handle, it works great and is easy to clean.

from Harrison Familey Restaurant on

This Anchor Hocking Clear Glass Measuring Cup is wonderful. I use it to cook my rice, baking my brownies, or corn breads. It make the jobs easier. Love it and will buy again.

from Kajun Burger on

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