Lavex Janitorial White M-Fold (Multifold) Towel - 4000/Case

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These Lavex Janitorial white multifold paper towels are our most economical paper towel! They fit all C-fold and M-fold paper towel dispensers, and are very easy to refill. Not only are these multifold paper towels strong and durable, but they also are extremely absorbent, helping to cut down on the amount of towels needed during a single use.

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Lavex Janitorial White M-Fold (Multifold) Towel - 4000/Case

4.4 stars from 80 reviews


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    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    The white towels are a little more durable than the natural brown towels. They fit nicely in the Georgia-Pacific towel dispensers. I would recommend these towels.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Great towels for the price. Lets face it, they are being thrown away so don't throw your money away on more expensive towels, these do a great job and load very well.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Overall, a solid product. It is a standard towel and gets the job done. What more can I ask of a multifold napkin? Overall, it is reliable and what you need.
    Really great price for a product that is so essential. These are great for draining fried foods, drying off hands, and wiping off areas of spills.
    These paper towels are the best by far! We switched from the natural brown because these are more absorbent and do not fall apart as easily when drying your hands. We will continue to order these.
    This is another excellent value for the price. The price is very good for white. The sheets are a little smaller that the standard but they work very well in the dispensers.
    These paper towels come packaged in plastic. Which I did not know when I purchased it. I did not reorder them as i wanted the ones that were wrapped in paper and not plastic. The quality of these paper towels are less than ideal. I would have to use 3-4 to get dry hands. They rip a lot when pulling them out of the dispenser. I wouldn't order them again. You get what you pay for. The premium ones they have on this site are much nicer, but they also come wrapped in plastic, so I stopped ordering them and get them from other big box stores.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These towels are just the right amount of thick for bathroom needs. They unfold easily and have a nice appearance in the basket we put them in.
    These m fold towels are good. They do their job decently, but they are on the cheaper side. You can tell these are a budget option, but they still work.
    Latex towels are some of the best in the market the quality is outstanding can absorb lots of liquid each time used I would recommend these products to friends and family
    These towels are great. They dry hands incredibly well and are clean and nice. Great thick material that really dries hands well and gets the job done
    A nice easy to pull white m-fold towel that is great for our dispensers at our hand washing stations at our bagel shop. The towels are strong and well made for great hand drying.
    The Lavex Janitorial M-fold towels work great with our dispenser. They are well made and super strong. A great towel for our rest areas and break rooms.
    These towels are a bit smaller then the ones to used prior, they are pretty thin but they are 1/2 the price also. So even though I use 25% more I still come out on top.
    The towels themselves are adequate, but these do not work well with the Bobrick towel dispenser even though they are shown as a compatible product.
    I was skeptic on this multi-fold paper towels because of the price. too good to be true. Its great so far. I can save more for my business.
    Great Multifold for the budget-conscious buyer, as you can't beat the price on this one. We use these front of house and back of house.
    Great price on these disposable m-fold towels. Comes in individual packs within the case for easy loading in the dispenser. Simply drop in and go. Very convenient.
    These are half the price of competing towels, and probably 2/3 of the quality. For the price, these are a great value! But not my favorite when I'm looking to make an impression.
    These towels are great. Priced right for both large and small shops, you don't have to buy a truckload to get a deal. quilted surface is strong and absorbant
    worked good, inexpensive, however i had to use quite a few of them in order to clean well. I will still order them if needed.
    Great bargain compared to the company I used to get my towels from. They hold up well and dispense easily. If you are tired of over paying switch to these.
    What a bargain! I used to pay a small fortune for all the paper towels I went through in my OCD kitchen-cleaning rituals, but for a little over twelve bucks, this case has lasted me for two months, already, and I still have two of the packs left! I use these for everything imaginable, and put holders for them in both bathrooms, the kitchen, next to the washer and dryer, in the garage, and they've been an invaluable cleaning supply ever since.
    These Lavex multifold towels are great for general hand drying. Perfect for any public restroom looking for an economical towel. Not too absorbent for general cleaning or window washing but just fine for the restroom.
    Compared to the last supplier I was buying from, these towels are a bargain and, surprisingly, pretty durable. I will certainly be buying more in the future.
    Perfect! These towels are half the price of those in the local retailer for the same quantity. They may be a little thinner but definitely work well for our high volume needs.
    Great quality for the price! Fit great inside Bobrick B-262 ClassicSeries C Fold or Multifold Surface-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser. That is what I purchased them for and to use in my home!
    Pretty good basic multifold paper towels. The only difference is that they come in 12 larger packs inside instead of the 16 you might be used to. Overall a good value for the money.
    I ordered these for church bathroom. The quality was a little less than the brand I had bought but also the price was better. But by the time you factor in shipping I think Ill get them from a wholesale club next time.
    Lavex multifold towels are a budget towel for restrooms or office use. Not very absorbent if using for spills or washing windows but do the job for general hand washing.
    These are somewhat flimsy but ideal for someone looking for a low cost multifold towel. For the price, they are not bad. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
    These are definitely not good to use for the kitchen as they are not very absorbent, but will definitely keep for restroom use. We believe they are perfect napkins to dry your hands, but not really good for any other use.
    Cannot believe the price for the quality! I started to purchase these from costco which was way cheaper than my previous source. These are less than half the price of costco and quality is just as good.
    These towels are great for customers and for is to use. They are perfect noce sizes and easy to wipe and clean. It fits right in the dispenser
    These paper towels are kind of thin, but I definitely can't complain for the price. Less than half of the price of any local supply store anywhere around.
    These napkins were extremely thin. You would need at least 3 or 4 napkins to have the same efficiency of 1 normal sized napkin. I will not purchase these again.
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    We use these for the bathroom at our event venue. They look classy. We actually prefer these over the brown ones. The quality is great also.
    You get what you pay for. These are SUPER thin and not good quality at all, won't be purchasing for our dispensers again. Because they rip so easily people tend to grab huge handfuls instead of just a few like the thicker ones.
    Its like we go thru so much hand towels. We are always replacing them daily. This is the best price for them I have found.
    The towels seem like a very good value. They are packaged of course in bunches for easy loading. I put them in a San Jamar dispenser and they are dispensing one at a time as promised. I think they are rather thin but satisfactory. At this time I don't think for my coffee shop I should be using a premium product but rather provide a satisfactory solution for my customers and minimize my cost.
    These multifold white paper towels are good quality. They are sturdy and durable but still soft. They get the job done and fit well in our dispensers.
    The Lavex Janitorial M-Fold Towel looks nice, and fits inside of my dispenser. It isn't very sturdy when wet. I do need to use at least 2 to dry my hands, and they don't work well for soaking up spills. The case is for 4000 instead of the usual 2000, though. It kind of evens out for the price difference. They work well for drying hands, and look nice inside the dispenser. I do not think I will buy this kind next time. I will try another paper towel.
    Terrible quality. Made in China. Much smaller than specific, actual size is 8.5 x 8.75 (not 9.25 x 9.5 as specified). Buy another product.
    Thank you for bringing the measurement discrepancy to our attention, Kim. We've remeasured these and have updated the site accordingly.
    nice paper towels for the price a bit smaller that the single fold I had been using but the price difference makes up for this would purchase these again softer than some towels I have used
    Purchased these multifold towels for our towel dispenser. They fit well, and are good quality absorbent towels. Decent price. I would recommend this product and would buy them again.
    I ordered 2 cases of these multi fold towels for our dispensers in the restrooms and kitchen. The quality is strong and the paper is softer than you would think at such a reasonable price. I am getting twice the amount of product in each case than I did from my original vendor and for the same price. Don't hesitate to order this product. Be smart and save where you can without compromising quality. Packaging is perfect, and each case has individual bundle packs wrapped in a very thin plastic skin, easily removed and ready to slide in the dispenser.
    Nicely priced. Work very well, don't tear in half when you pull them out of the dispenser. We use them all the time and I would recommend.
    Not very happy with this product. Thought the quality would be better. The paper feel very thin and cheap, and it takes a lot of towels to actually dry your hands. Would go with a higher quality product, since there will be less waste.
    A s good qualtiy great for the price this Lavex Janitorial M-Fold (Multifold) Towel White 4000 / Case awesome and soft paper towel !! great for the price
    These towels are very absorbent and are a good value for the money! I would highly recommend them for your business. We use many towels per day and would purchase these again.
    Very good price for a case of m fold towels. Be sure to take shipping cost into account and purchase these with an already bulk order.
    These towels did not work for us in our dispensers. They are a bit thin and would easily tear when we tried to pull one out of the dispenser with wet hands. It also seemed as though we were going through twice as many. We switched back to our old dispenser towels once these were gone. The price was great. Didn't hurt to try.
    Thank you for the review, Steph! We are sorry these did not work out for you. We recommend trying these VonDrehle Elegance 548T Premium M-Fold (Multifold) Through-Air-Dry (TAD) Towels instead to better suit your needs.
    These paper towels are just as I expected. No they are not thick, but they do the job intended for them. They came packaged in groups for easy install.
    They work perfectly for our paper towel dispensers. Great product that we will continue to use. Would highly recommend this product to any one to use.
    These hand towels are perfect for any use with easy grab access and not a whole lot of waste being dropped. Members at my gym love these towels!
    These m fold paper towels are an amazing value and work great In my paper towel holder. These will definitely be on my next order
    All about the price. Great price. Easy product for bathrooms. Don't fall for the companies that want to come in and supply toilet products on a weekly basis.
    Love having these around. We keep them stocked in the bathroom and our front by the hand wash sink for convenience. We do go through a lot but they are great to have around.
    I'm a repeat purchaser of this product. Great all purpose paper towel. I use them with a towel dispenser purchased from this website, they work perfectly and I will continue to buy.
    Even though I ordered the wrong towels I decided to keep these because they are of nice quality. You don't need a bunch of them to dry your hands.
    We buy these paper towels for our paper towel dispensers in our concession trailer. The paper towels are very reasonably priced. They are absorbent enough for drying your hands. We will definitely purchase them again.
    We started buying these paper towels, from webstaurantstore, to save money. Good paper towels, for a fraction of what they cost, from other stores, like Costco.
    This is a very good choice paper towel. It is multifold and is very absorbant. It is a must buy for any restaurant or hotel operation.
    these hand toweles are the best.. they dry your hans and are very tough ,do not rip easily..we use them at our six hand sink locations
    After using other brands I decided to give this paper a try and really works great, we use this a lot and I will keep buying more.
    This multifold paper towel is tough and is pretty absorbent. I use a splash of disinfectant to wipe the counter and glass surfaces. it's cheap and effective
    This is a product that we all need, but the price point on these towels is unbeatable. They come packed nicely and make it easy to refill.
    These are the best towels for my dispenser. Our other ones use to fall out when you grabbed one, now, they pull out with ease one at a time.
    The Choice M-Fold (Multifold) Paper towels fit the dispenser perfectly. They are very inexpensive, but still very durable. Great product; great price. Will continue to purchase these.
    We seem to have many of these towels fall out of the dispenser, not sure if it is due to the thiness of the paper or if we need to order wider. I am trying a different thickness next time to see if that helps.
    Nice small towels that are great for refilling hand towel dispensers for bathrooms and employee hand washing stations!! Great price per case! Decent quality towels!!!
    we bought this product for our bathroom hand towel. but they are a little smaller than what we need. they are good quality though. good price as well.
    These are great paper towels and are a great value for the price. They are compatible with most dispensers and are a great all-purpose paper towel.
    These folded towels are of decent quality however they are difficult to remove from most multifold dispensers. I find that they tear and cause waste even when minimally filled.
    This is great way to save money for any business. It works just great like all the other expensive paper towels. I love it and definitely recommending.
    Our team here in Dallas likes this product and it lasted nearly all year. I would use this product again next year. Great! Great! Thank you.
    Best price on this product anywhere. Eliminate your frustration with center pull towels and buy these. No waste at the core and much better price.
    This product was quite acceptable. We will continue to purchase this product for use in our facility. It was shipped in adequate time and arrived undamaged.
    I've used these paper towels for many years. You can save money buy installing these througout your business. A one size fits all keeps your inventory dollars in your pocket.
    The white multi-fold towels are a great value, even with shipping. They fit most paper towel dispensers and give a better impression than the brown colored ones.

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