Choice Clear Dome Lid with Hole - 1000/Case

Item #: 500LDOME

Turn all of your signature beverages into on-the go-refreshments with this Choice clear dome lid! From brightly colored slushies and delicious fruit smoothies to creamy milkshakes and a variety of other cold drinks, this clear plastic dome lid is the perfect way to top off your frozen beverages. For peace of mind and worry-free transportation, this dome lid has a secure and tight fit. It also features a straw hole, reducing the chance of spillage because no lid removal is required for beverage enjoyment! Best of all, this Choice lid fits various sizes of compatible cups to reduce your lid inventory and eliminate lid / cup compatibility confusion.

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Choice Clear Dome Lid with Hole - 1000/Case

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    This Dome is perfect for Smoothies , Shakes and Frappes. It fits perfect on a variety ( 9- 20 oz.) of sizes of the Choice brand cups so it is easy on my inventory needs. I have to admit that on occasion, I have pressed to hard when putting these on and I have cracked the cup as a result of that, so it just takes a light application of pressure to achieve the right snap.:)
    I fell this dome lid was to soft. But, it was ok to cover the cup. So far. we didn't find a broken pieces. And the price was very cheap compared others.
    Bought these for The Choice 16 oz clear pet cup. We love them for our smoothies. big hole up top and fits the cup like a glove.
    Very sturdy and durable tops. Easy to get on the pups. A must-have for any milkshakes Malt or floats come in bulk cases very easy to order
    This lid is just perfect for whipped cream! It fits the 12 oz cups without a single issue. Our customers really enjoyed to finally being able to get whipped cream on there coffee.
    I use this dome for my milk almost every day shakes and smoothies and there awesome a must have for your cold snacks easy to clean A++
    We put these on top of the Clear PET plastic cold cups for milkshakes at our store. It helps prevent spilling and a variety of straws fit inside and sometimes spoons as well which is really nice for drinking a thick liquid drink.
    I really like these lids because they fit perfectly on the 20 oz cups that we use for our beverages and they make the cups look good as well
    These lids are perfect for my shop. I use these for soft serves and smoothies but mostly I use the lids on the large cups for roving to spin yarn. The roving fits perfectly and you can pull out from the top of the lid while spinning the roving into yarn.
    Nice quality lid! Fits the cups well and it doesn't leak. We use these for our milkshakes and smoothies when we add whipped cream. It just makes the item more fun! The kids love them!
    These lids are a bit thin plastic wise but they are affordable and when its just holding whipped cream, they work fine! I will order these again because they meet our needs.
    These lids are a great addition to our stock. We use these with the "Choice" cups for our blended drinks. They make it very easy to add whip cream to a drink
    Quiet easily some of the best lids we have purchased for our household drinks, smoothies and milkshakes. The hole is plenty big in diameter to fit large, jumbo and colossal straws through. They snap into place with easy, are made with a high quality durable plastic and we can stack them on the counter for easy, on-the-go convenience.
    These lids are so secure and snap right on. They hold their shape extremely well. Even after washing. Will continue to buy with the small cups for my cupcakes at market.
    These dome lids fit perfectly with my 16oz choice clear cups. They are pretty good quality. I use them when I need to put whipped cream on top of my drinks.
    These dome lids fit so perfectly to all the cups advertised! I have had other lids that would take up to 20 seconds to put it on. It was a hassle but these have made my life so much easier! Snap on in less than one second.
    was very happy with the quality of these lids- they snapped on perfect- I would definitely buy again & recommend to friends - thank you again
    These lids do not leak! We fill our drinks into the bubble with out and issues! They are perfect for bubble teas and make the cups stand out. Super strong as well
    We love these dome lids for whip cream on top of milkshakes and frapes. We have 8.5 inch straws, so the hole on these lids is a great size.
    I love these choice clear dome lids with the hole top to fit the straw. I can now fill my cups to the top and top with whipped cream for that finished look.
    Perfect lid for any cold beverage that has whipped cream on top. It seals well to the cups and does not feel flimsy when it is on the cup.
    Really reasonably priced lids! These are great for drinks where you'd like to fill them up a little more, to fill the dome, or, to accommodate adding whip cream on top of a beverage! They can sometime be a little tricky to snap of, so you want to do it carefully so nothing spills out the sides.
    Great compliment to the cups we ordered. Looks great and stays put when you put it there. Fits the large and small cups and allows you fill with whip cream after you place the top on it.
    We were surprised at how well these lids fit on the cups. It was a secure & tight fit. Seems like a high quality plastic & very affordable!
    Great deal for a this quantity of dome lids. Good product. The lids snaps on easily on our 16oz disposable cups we use for fresh squeezed juices.
    Kind of flimsy. Cracked half the time while putting them on the cups. Also thought the hole would be a little bigger. It isnt possible to pour your beverage to the top of the lid using the hole, which is why I bought them.
    Perfectly designed for us to put whip cream on top of our frozen drinks after the lid is on. Enough space to look full and always fits the cups perfectly.
    These lids fit the 16 ounce cups perfectly. They are snug enough that they do not leak or come off easily. The dome allows for lots of whipped cream!
    These choice dome lids fit perfectly on top of our 16 oz choice clear cups. They look very sleek and classy when adding whip cream to the tops of our drinks! Great quality!
    We Got these for our milkshakes and we're not dissatisfied! Work and look great. Lots of bang for your buck. Customers love them and we do too.
    Perfect dome lids. We use them for our shakes and dome allows for extra whip cream or toppings. The hole allows for spoons or large straws without removing the top
    Good price for these lids. They fit well and we don’t worry about lifting them from the lid unlike some others. The price makes these even better.
    This lid is perfect for our shakes! Where else is all that real whipped topping going to go! The lid snaps perfectly onto the Choice plastic cup!
    We love these dome lids for our ice cream parlour. The convenient part is that they fit both the 12 oz and 16 oz cups that we use, which eliminates the need to keep two different types of lids in stock. We mainly use the cups for milkshakes and the dome lid allows us to add all the toppings that our customers love such as whipped cream, cookies and mini marshmallows!
    These lids are exceptional. My lid provider out here in Winnipeg supplied me with lids that you have to poke the lid hole out before serving. These lids come with a wider hole and there are no defects. Best differentiation in product I've seen. Speeds the process not having to pop the holes out before serving.
    Many other brands make the lids so thin it is hard to snap them on without collapsing. These lids however are a breeze to snap on even in a rush period.
    We use these lids for both our 12 and our 16 ounce cold cups for drinks with whip cream. No problems at all with these. We also use the flat lids for most drinks that don't need whip cream.
    These dome lids made it possible to add whipped cream to my iced coffee drinks. I get many compliments on how nice the drinks look. It saves money and space that they fit multiple size cups!
    These are fabulous... we use them for our frappes. They are durable, fit the cups well, and honestly look very pretty with the whipped cream!
    These are great dome lids and fit really well on the clear cups. Great quality and you can not beat the price either - highly recommend.
    These are the kids we use for or iced and blended drinks when our customers want whipped topping. They go on firmly and make a pretty presentation.
    These dome lids are just the right size for any smoothie or frappe! You can really pile the whipped cream high with these lids on!
    I am very pleased with the dime lids I ordered. They make my parfait cups look so much better and i can even add a little more to each cup
    Good lids for the price. The only negative is that it is sometimes difficult to snap on to the cup and we end up throwing away a few form each batch.
    The best no leak lids I have ever had. I would use them to add more of drink to my choice plastic cup and it never leaks. Very good lid. You can add whipped cream through the hole on the top of the lid. Recommended by an everyday user.
    I love how these clear dome lids allow for my protein shakes to have whipped creme on top without sacrificing any of the beverage! Highly recommend.
    These dome lids fit wonderfully over any choice cup sizes. They snap on easy and the hole on top is large enough that you can top the drinks with whipped cream once the lid is on for better containment.
    I really like being able to only order a few sleeves of these. We don't use that many dome lids so I don't like to take up extra space in dry storage. A little flimsy but the price is right.
    We use these professional grade lids for our coffee house. Lids fasten tightly on choice cups and form a leak proof seal. Fast shipping and excellent value
    Dome Lids, dome lids, dome lids!!! If you don't know how hard it is to find quality ones of these then you are a lucky person! I keep showing everyone that comes i how cool they are!
    Excellent Clear Dome Lid with Hole. Perfect for milkshakes with whipped cream on top and frozen drinks like slushy's etc. Great price and easy to apply to cup for fast paced atmospheres.
    good price and looking good. we are using this dome lid with choice cup. if you are using solo cups, this dome is not going to fit at all.
    I have used these domes for 20 oz and 8 oz clear cups. They fit great and are easy to snap in. Frappes topped with whipped cream need these for a great presentation.
    I go through about two hundred of these a days and they are amazing they are reliable and dependable. I trust that when I pass a customer a shake they are not going to be made a mess!
    Fits the Choice plastic cups perfectly but will not fit on Dart/Solo cold cups, just a forewarning. These lids are sturdy plastic and snap on our Choice 16 and 24 oz cups tight and securely. Plenty of room for whipped cream and the hole on top fits even the biggest straws.
    Works just fine for the 24 oz cup. Great for if you are wanting to add whip cream to the top of a drink! Happy with them
    I love the dome lid. It fits securely to the recommended cup, and because I use the lids with a small cup for desserts, its perfect!
    I use these with the 16oz and 24oz Choice clear cups that I make milkshakes in. The hole is just large enough to fit a milkshake spoon and straw. Lids snap on tight and stay on without being frustrating to remove.
    I absolutely love these dome lids they provide the perfect touch to our shake .Since the lid is clear the customer gets excited before they even get to try the shake. Would definitely recommend these!!
    Choice Clear Dome Lid with Hole - 1000/Case #500LDOME never an issue. always a good fit. makes any cold beverage with whip look so pretty.
    These are great for when I'm selling puddings and parfaits in an indoor space. I'm able to stick a spoon right through the hole while the cups are on display, meaning the customer can just grab their cup and go.
    Nice clear dome lid. Perfect for iced and frozen coffee with whipped cream and drizzle! Love the fact that you can buy only 50 at a time!
    After making the frappuccino and you want to add a topping of whip cream, this specific cup cover holds in all the it's contents in the cup!
    works great when showing the work of my shakes, i rate it a 4 out of 5 starts because the lid tends to pop off, but only if not careful.
    Clear cups with a vent in the middle for straws. Great and durable lids. Good for milk shakes smoothies or any desserts. Great quality and not to fleecy
    We purchased these lids to go with our Dart 14 and 20 oz foam cups. Unfortunately it did not fit. I'm assuming it only fit the Choices clear cup based on other customer reviews. The description wasn't very clear that these lids only goes with the clear cups.
    Thank you for your feedback, Shawn! We are sorry these lids did not work with your cups. We list recommended items you may also need below the images on this product page. We suggest trying this Choice 20 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cold Cup instead!
    Obsssed with these for smoothies and to be able to add fancy toppings! I can't help it I love pretty food! I use these over the flat ones when I have the time!
    Does the job well! Covers as lid for choice cups! We recommend and will purchase it again if needed! And it's nicely priced too. 4 stars!
    These lids fit perfectly with some cups i've previously purchased. The shipping as always was perfect and they came right on time for their intended use. These lids and jumbo straws make a perfect match.
    The dome lids works great with the plastic cups we order for the root beer floats will be ordering more and the lids are big too so you can fill the drink up
    These tops worked great with the cups I purchased. The opening was large enough for whipped cream and a spoon to stick out of. I was pleased with the purchase.
    I love these kids! Fit perfectly on the choice 12 oz cups I ordered with. The lids snap tightly and don't come off easily. They're also very clear so my product shows through !
    These clear dome lids are fantastic for all of my iced drinks with whipped cream topping. They fit perfectly and give your specialty drinks an aesthetic look!
    These were ok but not sturdy enough for us. The price is very reasonable if you don't need very sturdy. We are using solo products instead.
    Top off your cold beverages with style. Great look and nice quality. We use these to house whipped cream in our drinks. Once paired with a straw and cup, it makes it the perfect cup to enjoy your drink in.
    Fantastic lids. They snap on the cups very snugly and are actually hard to take back off. Very impressed with the quality, our old lids were much thinner and cost more.
    These dome lids are great. They snap on tight, and we had no leaks or problems. They fit all of our cup sizes, which is convenient and saves shelf space.
    We use these lids for the 16oz cup for our ToGo Milk Shakes, they are very sturdy and will continue to purchase them going forward.
    Dome lid works great for putting whip cream on top of our smoothies, love that they fit several different cup sizes, makes inventory a much easier task.
    This dome lid fits my clear cups ranging in sizes from 12 oz to 20 oz. I love that they make a perfect seal and do not allow leaking, while leaving plenty of room for whipped topping on the drinks.
    I love these lids..they are perfect when using with the 9oz clear cup..I use it for snacks and for painting with helps with the messes..and light weight and very dourable
    I love these dome lids with our blended drinks so when they want whipped cream its not a problem and looks great I will never buy another brand
    The dome cup lid is a wonderful product. We use it for making our cold drinks and can perfectly sculpt whipped cream inside of it.
    These are a great domed lid for frozen beverages. we use these for frappes and frozen cappuccinos mostly. you can throw a straw right in the hole. they're perfect for what we need.
    Very good lid, solid and fits all the cups we have, Started with 50 pack to make sure and it was a good choice. Very Happy
    The perfect lids for our iced and frozen drinks. They leave just the right amount of room for whipped cream! We use these all the time and I don't see us changing up any time soon.
    These work great for the Choice cup series we use in the shop. Great for Frappes where you fill it full of whipped cream. Highly recommend.
    Best on market , very good price , very good packing , fast delivery , we are using it most of the time for milkshakes And smoothies ,
    These are a perfect fit for the 12 oz Pet clear cups I brought from the company for my daughters infused lemonade drinks and frozen drinks.
    Great lid ! Superb quality ! Fits the cups perfectly! The lids snap on easily with no leaking. We recommend this cup . This is a great value.
    Clear dome lid with matching 9 oz plastic squat cup used to make individual cupcake containers! I've been on a search to find the perfect container to hold individual cupcakes as gifts for coworkers and these turned out perfectly! They hold the bottom of the cupcakes and stabilize them and the dome lids leave ample room for decorated frosting.
    Good quality, large hole, we use with the plastic cups which match. These are size specific so check your cup size. Make sure you are ordering the matching cups that go with this lid.
    Nice lid that fits the PET plastic cold cup. Perfect for smoothies and boba tea because we need to add whip cream on top. Recommend!
    These lids came nicely packed. It was very easy to use. These lids made our dessert drinks look delicious. Will definitely get them again in the future.
    I LOVE that the dome lids fit both the 12oz and 16oz cups that I ordered. They are great quality and I will be reordering!
    These lids are just the right size to add whipped cream and honestly don't leak. We have even accidentally knocked over full drinks and the lids don't pop off or leak. Great for presentation!
    These lids are great and come neatly packaged and boxed up. They also snap on so satisfyingly and never pop back off of the cup. Price was great too! We also love the way they make our drinks look fancier for customers.
    Bought these Choice Clear Dome Lid with Hole to go on the Choice 12 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cold Cup fits perfectly our drinks look great. highly reccomend these
    Easy to put on, actually easier than the solo competitor one we had before. I would give it 5 stars for price and ease of use.
    Works perfectly with the24 oz cups I ordered. I only wish that It had the dome lids without holes for the choice cups. Great price for the quantity.
    Great quality lids for your drinks and slushees. Great price and highly recommended. I would not hesitate to buy these again in the future for all our needs.
    Very good product, very good price. Very easy to work with as they are easy to install on 20 oz plastic cups. Have not had a problem with them until now. Very clear looking allows for easily watching the inside contents.
    Dome lids are a must have for your cold drinks and the quality of these is great. Make sure to order the matching cups to make them work.
    These dome lids our great for drinks that have whip and toppings, they are very durable and go on the cup with ease. Reminder must use choice cup
    Wonderful clear dome lid with a large hole. Fits our cups just fine and was a really nice case price. we will continue to buy more.
    Great product. Perfect for using on the cups when we sell our smoothies. I have to stock up on these as the demand for our smoothies grow.
    Perfect sized lids, that fit our 12oz. PET cups for when we make homemade smoothies. The kids love the opening so they can add swirls of whip cream on top!
    On our espresso truck, we don't have a lot of customers request whipped cream on their iced beverages. But when they do, it's nice to have these domed lids. They snap snugly onto the choice iced cups we use and make the whipped cream look beautiful.
    These lids are awesome for your drinks that have whipped cream on them. These are quite durable also and they just complete the drinks look
    These work great for my frappes that have whipped cream on top. they are built well and sturdy, I love that they fit both the 12oz and 20oz cups.
    Our big colorful straws fit perfectly through the holes in the lids. Great price, very durable. We use it to serve pineapple whip floats at our with pineapple juice mixed with dole soft serve
    Fits securely on your plastic cup. It gives just enough room for the topping. Whipped cream with sprinkles. It has a nice clear appearance to enhance the appearance of the drink.
    The dome lids attach to cup fairly easily and require little concern to ensure you have the lid on all the way. The plastic used is not very thick so they seem flimsy, but they are highly durable.
    These lids are the best, I love them, the best thing about them is that they fit all sized cups except fro the really big ones so it saves a whole bunch of hassle having to buy a ton of different size lids to fit your different size cups, making it super convenient!!! they are great quality and you can't beat the value. I would highly recommend these.
    This lid matches perfect with my choice 9 oz clear PET plastic squat cold cup. Easy to snap to cup and take off. Nice quality and shape
    The biggest problem with ordering this , is the fit. These fit perfectly on my Choice Clear cups, they snap on good and the lid does not come off easily, great for kids!
    I love the fact that these lids fit more than 1 size up. No one has to think about what they are grabbing. The hole at the top is perfect if you want to add whip cream to your product.
    Dome lids work great for coffee drinks, smoothies, blended drinks and anything else you need to top with whip. I would highly recommend this product.
    These dome lids are good quality and a great price. They are easy to use and fit nicely on the corresponding cold cups. The dome can fit a nice amount of whipped cream. :)
    Lids fit perfectly on our cups while allowing us to pile on the whipped topping on our frappes. Our local supply store sells these for a higher cost...Webstaurant is by far the better deal.
    We love the cup lid Really sturdy and clear and it is perfect for iced drinks with whipped cream. Everyone loves it and really fast shipping
    I use these in my coffee shop. They are reliable and work nicely with the recommended choice plastic cups. Haven't had any issues so far!
    These plastic lids are great. We use it for to go drinks and coffees. Customers love them because they can't spill the drink unless its held completely sideways. Love the open top for straws.
    i really like choice products. These lids hold on tight and stay on tight, very durable and sturdy and plus it looks good I'll be ordering more
    These lids are a great addition to our stock. We use these with the "Choice" cups for our blended drinks. They make it very easy to add whip cream to a drink.
    These lids are great for showcasing whipped cream and drizzle toppings. They are crystal clear and fit tightly on the cup. The opening is large enough to fit the whipped cream canister into.
    These were a difference maker for our product. Having these allowed us to top our drinks off more than the cup would have. In addition, they form a pretty dang good seal so that liquid or beverage doesn't leak out like would be expected.
    You can also use the Choice Clear Dome Lid with Hole - 50 / Pack as a funnel for pills. When transferring vitamins you can put the dome over the bottle and help reduce the vitamins spilling and making the vitamins go right in very easily.
    These clear dome lids allow you to see the whip cream and chocolate on top of our drinks. Makes selling more easier as people walk around enjoying theirs showing them off.
    These lids fit the complimentary choice brand cups very well. We've been using these for a couple years now, and will not be changing any time soon.
    I ordered these to use as a creative way to display gifts. I love that they fit the compatable cups perfectly and they have a strong hold once attached. But they are also easy enough to take off when ready. They are not too thin and add the perfect amount of dome to the top of a cup.
    Got this dome lid to match the 12 oz PET cup I use for smoothies. The dome fits well, and the good thing is this dome fits all other size of Choice cups as well! The product seems to be a little more lightweight (made of less plastic) than other PET cups, but it does its job and hold the content well.
    The dome lid from was great. it leaves plenty of room for us to put whipp topping! Love the produt and it came in really quick!
    As always I am very happy with the choice products. The lids snap on tight and stay on tight. Never crack when trying to pop them on either. Bought them for smoothies and iced coffee to add whipped topping. Will buy again.
    Using for the 16 oz plastic cup for my boba tea and the thick straw, it fits really good and looks good. Customers like it and I love the way it look too. nothing to complain about this product, just good as it is.
    The 16 oz clear cups are our go to for frappes and smoothies. The dome lid fits perfectly and leaves plenty of space for the whipped toppings! Love these cups and lids!
    We use these for bubble teas, smoothies or slushies or anything you need a dome lid for Fit perfect with the Choice clear pet cups.
    Great lids. They fit perfectly for a medium drink. They also stay in place which is nice because we don't want customer to spill their drink.
    This dome lid fits well on the cups and helps hold the extra whipped cream on top of my drinks. I haven't had any leaking from the lids so far.
    Great dome lids fit perfect on any cup size , great you will only have to get one lid and will fit all perfect product !
    These covers are nice and clear and fit okay, however I am having a challenge with how they are packed. They are packed so tightly that it is difficult to separate them and so some of them end up damaged in the struggle to pull them apart. I bought another brand before and did not have that problem.
    love this dome lid with hole i use this lid to my 16 oz plastic cold cup and have a hole for big straws can use for boba and smoothies
    Great, thick, sturdy lid that is easy to put on. Very clear and makes for a great presentation. Love that it is compatible with all sizes of Choice cold cups.
    This lid makes for a nice height addition to my 24 oz cups. Now in the morning when I make my daughters banana smoothie I can top it with some whip cream. The drink looks amazing just like a yogurt shops.
    Choice clear lids are a clear choice! The value is excellent and you do not have to compromise on quality. These lids are sturdy and affordable.
    If you're planning to serve whipped cream on top of drinks these are a real must have. Nice large dome allows for plenty of space.
    We ordered as a less expensive option to the Dart Solo PET cups/lids to do our shakes and mixers. Problem is they are only available with a dome lid that has a 1" hole and our shake mixer doesn't fit through the hole. Apparently the Choice brand doesn't offer a 2" hole option like Dart and the Dart lids don't fit the Choice cups so I'm just using them for expensive water glasses and tossing the lids. They will be fine for you if you don't need the larger diameter hole in the lid.
    This lid works perfect with item: #999CC12. We use it at home to prepare smoothies, fraps, milkshakes, etc, and we add whip cream, my daughters love the presentation and it's a neat treat for them. Now we don't have to go to the store every time we want to have a special treat, we can do it at home!
    This is your classic smoothie/milkshake/frappucino lid, perfect for when you want to put a dollop of whipped cream on top of the drink. Not only is it functionable, but it's fun! My customers love when I hand them a drink with a Dome Lid. The signature of a tasty treat!
    This product was just what I was looking for. This lid when placed on its complementary cup fits nice and snug. The hole is large enough that I can stick a reddi whip nozzle right in and spray. Great quality and great price for one sleeve!

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