EcoChoice 10-20 oz. Kraft Coffee Cup Sleeve / Jacket / Clutch - 1200/Case

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Eliminate the need to double cup and prevent your customers' hands from burning while holding their hot beverage with this EcoChoice coffee cup sleeve / jacket! This sleeve easily slides over cups to provide an insulated layer of protection between hands and the hot surface. Designed to fit 10, 12, 16, or 20 oz. hot paper cups, this sleeve's compatibility with multiple cup sizes reduces product inventory. Simply stack coffee cup sleeves up next to your cups and lids at your break station, or place them in a compatible coffee cup sleeve dispenser for organized storage.

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EcoChoice 10-20 oz. Kraft Coffee Cup Sleeve / Jacket / Clutch - 1200/Case

4.7 stars from 94 reviews


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sleeves coffee stamp cups cup hot great logo fit love
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    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    I love that these are recycled and that I can stamp my logo directly onto them, but they are not very sturdy. I have had more than one customer in the last two days rip the sleeve in half just trying to put it on the 12 ounce cup. Disappointing.
    We appreciate your review, Jacqui! We are sorry these cup sleeves did not meet your expectations, our Customer Solutions team will be contacting you shortly.
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    I normally really like the products I get from here, but I can't really recommend the sleeves. Probably 25% of them have fallen apart when I try to put them on the cup. And I've had many customers return asking for a new sleeve because the sleeve just fell off. I can't really recommend these.
    We are sorry these coffee cup sleeves were defective, we have sent you a reshipment!
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    I opted to buy the single wall coffee cups because I don't like the ribbed cup look and you can see the seam on it. I instead bought these for the cups. I plan to get custom printing on it but in the meantime because it's paper and porous, I can stamp it with my logo. The kraft brown color looks great.
    I purchased a used to go with my coffee cups because the paper cups tend to get a little hot so these work great they fit nicely as well
    I was purchasing custom made sleeves for over double the price. Another business owner told me about these and a stamp logo. Absolutely love them!
    The eco choice Kraft coffee cup sleeve jacker clutch is a good product. It is very very thick so when you put in a hot beverage, it is easy to hold.
    These are so far great sleeves for our hot beverages. They took well to the stamp also. I was leery about ordering because of a previous review saying they were weak but they are actually pretty good.
    Our cups needed these jackets to be able to be handled with hot coffee inside. These worked great with our sizes, and made our paper cups work better for our customers.
    These fit our cups just as they should. Very good quality. Very sturdy and very clean looking. If you’re looking for a sleeve that fits well, this is what you’re looking for.
    these sleeves keep hot drinks from burning your hand. they also fit on a lot of different cup sizes which is great because you don’t have to order different size sleeves.
    These sleeves fit our cups very well and did not slide off like other sleeves have. They also provided sufficient protection for hot drinks, event Americanos. I would recommend these sleeves.
    This sleeve keeps your hands from getting burned. We use them with the Choice 16oz cups with no problems. They are also easy to stamp with your logo.
    I will have to give these coffee sleeves five stars because the price was an excellent value and they also fit my customers going Green needs in being Ecco Friendly. Thanks
    These sleeves really protect your hands from a super hot cup of coffee. They fit perfectly on the Choice 12 oz disposable coffee cups, too.
    These sleeves are OK. We stamp them with our logo instead of getting custom printed sleeves. There have been a couple of occasions where the sleeves have broken, but not often enough to stop me from continuing to use them.
    These are good coffee cup sleeves. They have a nice surface that allows us to stamp our logo on them. They get our brand across and keep hands from getting too hot!
    Good comfortable sleeves with good grip. Provide protection against heat from hot coffee cups. Good value for the price and the natural color goes with any color cup.
    We needed some basic sleeves and these fit the bill. They are thick enough that they actually work to protect your hands. We have used many types in the past where the sleeves were nothing more than glorified napkins. Yes they stopped the heat initially, but within a minute or two you could not hold your cup. These though, function very effectively. One is enough even with scalding hot coffee. These are worth every penny and are our go to coffee / hot beverage sleeves.
    We've gone through quite a few boxes of these guys for my coffee truck, and they're so easy to work with and also to stamp. I like the smooth surface, which lends them easily to having stamped logos. They also keep beverages hot and are easy to work with.
    These are very high quality sleeves. I like that they fit multiple cup sizes. Great price for the quantity. No complaints of burnt fingers by customers.
    They are strong they have not ripped even if and when a little liquid gets spilt on them. They definitely do their job of protecting your hand from getting too hot
    This coffee cup sleeve is easy to use and durable. It insulates the heat and fits most cups. Good quality and price. We recommend this product.
    These are decent quality for the price. Compared to the higher cost of other brands these hold up pretty well. Will order again as needed.
    These work great with our 12 oz paper cups. We serve coffee and tea and these sleeves work wonderfully. I haven't had one that broke or ripped.
    Love these sleeves so much! They are smooth on the outside and rigid in the inside. Great quality, definitely consider getting the case as opposed to this 50 pack because it's a much better deal!
    Love love love these! We stamp them with our logo. They really help protect your hand from the heat of the cup. Perfect size to fit on all our dofferent sized paper and plastic cups.
    These coffee sleeves are a perfect fit for our 16 ounce coffee cups. We even have some customers use them on the plastic cup for cold drinks in order to prevent too much condensation. And we love the eco-friendly aspect of the product!
    These are a great product for our small coffee shop. We have labels that we use on them to advertise our business. They help the customer have a hot coffee experience without getting burned.
    These coffee cup sleeves are great. They are easy to pop open and slide snugly onto the coffee cups. They keep your hands well insulated and look good against the white cups.
    We ordered these along with the 8 ounce cups for our hot cocoa and coffee bar. The sleeves fit perfectly on the eight and 10 ounce cups. I even added our logo using a standard ink stamp.
    I have researched a lot of different supplies for my coffee shop and found this to be the best quality at the best price. I don’t ever plan on switching!
    These java jackets are great for personalizing. They hold up well with hot or cold beverages and fit cups from 12oz-20oz & 16oz-20oz cold cups. We personalize ours with a stamp. They are also a great prices.
    Perfect! We added our branding to these with a stamp & they held up so well! Completely protects your hand from any hot drink! We will totally order these again!
    These coffee cup sleeves are okay. My main issue with them is that they easily rip. We've wasted a few of them, because we weren't gentle enough.
    We use it for our hot drinks and we custom it with our own stamp with our own logo. They turned out very nice and just wish they have next size up for bigger cup.
    Great to be eco-friendly when it comes to buying something a bit unnecessary... Not that these are unnecessary because you don't want a lawsuit on your hands if someone burns themselves, but they are just extra material to put in the trash!
    These are great! They fit well on our 16 and 20 oz cups and we put stickers on them with our logo. Thick enough to keep your hand from burning.
    These sleeves are economical and simple. The adhesive is strong and we like that they do not have a design on them. Will buy again.
    Not the best but not the worst. They'll do and they're blank so you can stamp your own logo and stuff on them or take a sharpie to it for a customer's name.
    After having looking at all sorts of sources and websites for a good quality coffee sleeve at a good price, we found it right here. We buy these sleeves on automatic shipping from Webstaurant. Works great for many different sized cups at our coffee shop. Does it's job and comes at a great price. Would recommend.
    We love theses sleeves! They work on all of our cups and are easy to put our logo on! Keeps the customers from burning their hands on the delicious coffee!
    These coffee sleeves are perfect for the 12oz hot paper cups on this site. While I felt like the cups we purchased held their heat quite well and didn't get too hot on the outside to touch we purchased these just in case. These definitely keep hands from getting burnt it too hot when touching the cups.
    I ordered these coffee sleeves to go on the 12oz white poly hot cups. They fit on them very well. They seem really well made. They do their job and protect your hands from your hot coffee. I will definitely be ordering again.
    These are a good purchase, pretty budget friendly as we go through many. The logo option is a nice touch but they're also fine without. One thing we have noticed is that our most recent order is that the sleeves tend to rip when placed on cup more often than they used to, almost as if the sides are too perforated.
    I wasn't sure if I wanted these at first, but I am so glad I did. People always complain about holding a hot coffee. These are perfect because they fit right around the coffee cup and prevent people from burning their hands on a hot cup. They are plain and simple but do the job!
    These are just okay. They really do not help with the heat of the cup too much. I would recommend paying a little more to protect your customers hands and any liability that you may see.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These are the sleeves we use on all our hot drinks. I love the look in white cups and we just stamp each one with our logo.
    Adds a nice touch to any hot cup, keeping the fingers cool, without having to spend a ton of money on double walled cups. Compostable and affordable.
    It holds a stamp well but it slips of the choice cups I’m using. Sometimes they rip while I put them on the cup. I’ll be getting different ones that fits the cups I’m using better.
    Affordable option for hot cups! These fit more than one size and the blank surface allows room for a sticker or logo stamp! Great way to brand on a budget!
    Nice quality coffee cup sleeves that we stamp with custom stamp and have no bleed through or running and saves tons of money from printing.
    Very good quality coffee sleeves. They are heavy weight and work well to cool your hand on a hot cup. They are packaged well so they hold shape and do not come in bent as many others do.
    Not overly pleased with these. I dont think they necessarily help with keeping your hands off the hot cup, as these seem to get hot themselves. but they work okay i guess. I love the look sleeves give to to go cups, they just make it look more put together. and i love Kraft anything, so for that 4 stars!
    The EcoChoice sleeves are a great, sturdy product. They our 12 and 16oz cups perfectly. We stamp our sleeves and these are an ideal sleeve for that as they are flat.
    We love our EcoChoice coffee cup sleeves. The surface is flatter than it looks, so it's easy for us to apply our coffee brand's stamp to each sleeve with ease.
    These coffee cup sleeves are a mist if you drink your coffee with a paper cup. They do a great job of protecting you hands from the high temperature of the coffee
    These kraft coffee cup sleeves are very attractive looking and inexpensiveness! The sleeves can easily be stamped with your logo to make them personalize !
    Stop wasting cups due to double cupping. We got these because we wanted sleeves with a smooth surface.This is perfect and can also be stamped.
    This is a sturdy sleeve that we use for extra protection in our hot drinks. We like that it is plain so we can stamp our logo and personalize it
    This is the sleeve you want. Plain brown and very sturdy. We stamp each one with our store stamp. It gives it a personal look for no cost. Buy them we say.
    These coffee collars work great with all my other Websteraunt cups I’ve purchased over the years. I like that they are composing collars. I use the blank nature of them to also leave cute messages or pictures for my spouse.
    These coffee cup sleeves seemed to be steal at their price point, as well as the fact that they are made from recycled paper. The reality is: you definitely get what you pay for. I would say close to 1/4 of our sleeves ended up as waste due to product malfunction. These sleeves are NOT durable in the least. They literally fell apart along the seams. I would not recommend this product to anyone looking to run a professional business.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry these EcoChoice 10-20 oz. Kraft Coffee Cup Sleeve / Jacket / Clutch - 1200/Case has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    this is perfect for small coffee shop. we use this with stamped logo. this is fit with any cups as like 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz. try this if you have pretty stamp:)
    I love how affordable these coffee sleeves are on this website. You can't beat the price or the value. These sleeves do their job and don't disappoint.
    Great sleeves to replace something we were getting off Amazon. Much cheaper and just as good! There is no glue dot to secure the sleeves to a hot cup, but they fit all of our Choice cups well and hold snugly. Good heat protection and very smooth surface to stamp our logo onto.
    Great quality, great packaging, great price and yes they easily fit in any cups of 10-20 oz! They have great grip of the cup and won't feel the hot cup
    We love these sleeves! We used to use patterned ones but these are better. We had a stamp made so we personalize them in house.
    We like these alot... Luckily, we have not experienced to date some of the issues that others seem to encounter. Unless they start ripping, these should be considered highly reccommended...
    These are good selves for the price they do go on 12oz and up cups but I have noticed that they fit on the 16 and 20oz cups better than they do the 12oz but still work great for them
    These sleeves work well. They fit the Choice Eco cups in the same line and also fit other disposable cups that have a different manufacturer.
    These are 100% recycled content which we love, and do a great job protecting your hands from hot drinks. They are a natural color which we prefer, and you can also put your logo or decorate them. Prevents double cupping!
    These sleeves are great! They allow me to purchase less expensive cups that don’t have a design on them, and I can customize the sleeves with stamps I have at home. I can even write messages on them for themes! Plus, they aren’t harmful to the environment.
    Great to add a more personalized look to our coffee stations at events and parties! Great price for the quality as well and our guests always compliment the customized feature! Recommended!!
    These sleeves work great and are a cheaper eco friendly way to spruce up our coffee cups. We add stamps for holidays to make the coffee festive!
    I bought 3 pks of this product for use at a party recently. It was the perfect accompaniment for use with the Choice 10oz white poly paper cups for serving hot beverage. Every last one of the 150 were used and no one complained of hot hands. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone wanting to have happy friends/customers when serving hot beverage in a cup. The price of this product, as with all the products that I have purchased on this site, was also a plus.
    The worst sleeves. I recently purchased the 8oz and these sleeves and they both rip when try to put it on the cups. I'm having the hardest time why it's so flimsy. Never getting these again.
    We are sorry this product did not meet your expectations, your account has been credited!
    I am in love with the kraft tea hugger! We stamp a scripture on the front and it is terrific! We will be purchasing this again!
    These have been great for the coffee cups. We even put our stamp on them because they are a great size and work well with the choice cups
    These sleeves are fantastic. Very reasonably priced. They fit all of our cup sizes including our cold beverage cup. We stamp our own sleeves and their smooth texture makes the stamping process easy
    These are great, I have run into quite a few that fall apart. But other than that are great and perfect for waking in the heat
    These sleeves feel high quality. I had tried some other sleeves that felt thin and cheap. For the price I am surprised how durable these feel. Definitely a good product.
    This is a great product! We use it on all of our cups, from our hot drinks to our cold size. We have no issues with it and does everything we need it to do.
    Its good quality and good price in webstaurantstore compared to other local places in town. I m using this product almost everyday in my cafe for my guests take away caffees
    These beverage sleeves are a great product at a great price. Easy to customize at home too! Shipping is an issue as with everything from this site.

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