Choice 10-20 oz. Printed Coffee Cup Sleeve / Jacket / Clutch - 1200/Case

Item #: 500COLLAR

Eliminate the need to double cup and prevent your customers' hands from burning while holding their hot beverage with this Choice coffee cup sleeve / jacket! This sleeve easily slides over cups to provide an insulated layer of protection between hands and the hot surface. Designed to fit 10, 12, 16, or 20 oz. hot paper cups, this sleeve's compatibility with multiple cup sizes reduces product inventory. Simply stack coffee cup sleeves up next to your cups and lids at your break station, or place them in a compatible coffee cup sleeve dispenser for organized storage.

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Choice 10-20 oz. Printed Coffee Cup Sleeve / Jacket / Clutch - 1200/Case

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coffee cups sleeves cup Great hot sleeve price design fit
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    A good choice for sleeves. They fit any size cup from 10 to 20oz. You get 1200 in a case so great value! We recommend.

    from 5 Points Coffee & Tea Posted on

    Ordered these printed Java jackets when the plain option was out of stock. Prefer to print our logo on the plain version but still a good product for the price.

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    These things are tricky. Push them up too far and they break. Not enough and they fall off. This is challenging in a fast pace environment. We would prefer the double wall cups over having to use these but they are budget friendly.

    from The Blended Bakery Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I ordered the coffee sleeve for our coffee cups. The cups would get hot so the sleeve helps with that and gives the cup a better grip. Great quality!

    from Blaze N Grill Posted on

    Didn't want to have to buy all these, but you have to or else people will burn their hands. This was a great price and they sure came in huge quantity!

    from Hatteras Bowls Posted on

    This item came as expected and more, price was perfect and product was very good, not cheaply made. Also, shipping was fast. Thank you, will deasl with you definitely more.

    from Humaidi group Posted on

    These coffee cup sleeves are great! Because they're stored flat, when you put them on a cup the edge sticks out a bit for a few minutes until they're more circular and fit around the cup. That said, they're definitely going to keep your hands cool so you don't burn yourself, and they fit perfectly on the Choice 12 oz Coffee Cups.

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    To compare to the Choice 12 oz. coffee cups. They fit, not too loose or too tight!

    These Coffee Clutches work great. It was difficult to get from our previous supplier. Quick and easy to reorder and our customers love them to keep from burning themselves.

    from INDYO Posted on

    Affordable and sturdy coffee clutch.

    These sleeves are Good! We use them on our coffee tea and hot chocolate cups. We also use them to take the chill off of our shakes. They do tend to slip down the cups, but it's not a big problem.

    from Mama Rae's Posted on

    Works well to insulate hand from cup. Good quality, functional and priced right. We purchased based on price for short-term use (coffee after dinner) and are happy with the performance for this purpose.

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    Choice 10-20oz printed coffee cup sleeve on Choice 12 oz White Poly Paper Hot Cup with Lid

    These work great. i have a personal coffee maker at home and i also buy disposable coffee cups w/ilds and these are a great addition. I've had some sleeves that were too thin and the heat of the coffee would come through big time , but these are thick enough that that doesn't happen.

    Posted on

    These are the sleeves that we began using when we started our coffee shop and they work great we only switched so we could have a solid color sleeve.

    from The Coffee Barn Posted on

    I’m so glad I came across these and I am happy with purchase, since there’s no high heat contact and that’s a big plus. Awesome product

    Posted on

    I’m happy with purchase of these sleeves, they fit the cups great and you don’t have to worry about your hands burning while trying to carry and consume your beverage. Awesome product

    These hot beverage cup sleeves work wonderfully with cups #50010 and #50012. A nice printed design really finishes it off! Match with hot cup lids #5001020B

    from Dawgs & Divas, LLC Posted on

    this coffee cup sleeve fits all sized of coffee cups. i would highly recommend this product. the product is of high quality and nice design

    Posted on

    We are fond of choice products. These sleeves fit our 12oz and 16oz coffee cups of the same brand. I like the design as well.

    from Wholly Crepe Posted on

    Coffee cup sleeves.

    Its interesting that these are cheaper than the non printed ones. They are strong and rarely brake. Fits ok on 12oz and fits like a glove on 20oz

    from The Homestead Posted on


    I would recommend these coffee cup sleeves for home use or in a restaurant environment there inexpensive and perform acceptably to protect you from the heat of any type of hot drink coffee or tea.

    Posted on

    We're happy with the quality and price of these coffee cup sleeves there budget priced but very functional. Webstaurant store always delivers promptly.

    We bought the small pack to try and ended up getting the case. These make plain white cups look better when you can’t get custom made sleeves. Worth the price!

    from Jumpstart'R Posted on

    Sleeve on a 12oz coffee cup.

    We didn’t want to spend money on branding our coffee sleeves but we also didn’t want something plain. These look perfect with the white cups and black lids!

    The design is so cute. The price is reasonable and the shipping timely. We have already re-ordered once and will re-order again. One concern would be that the sleeves sometimes break at the seem. They are still usable and is not an issue that would keep us from ordering again.

    from Legacy Church Posted on

    Coffee cup sleeves will help protect against hot beverages. These come in packs of 50 and will fit 10 to 20oz cups. We are not the biggest fan of the print but they are good quality.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Very easy to use coffee sleeve. Great for protecting your hands from hot coffee.

    These sleeves are a fraction of the cost of the old ones we were getting somewhere else before and look a lot nicer. My only complaint is that sometimes, if they are pulled up too high on the cup, they will break. Still way worth the money!

    from All Things Coffee House Posted on

    I was hoping these would be a bit thicker/higher quality. For the price they are fine. I do like the coffee bean design on them, gives it a little something extra.

    Posted on

    love the look of these sleeves

    These cup sleeves are nice and sturdy. They provide great protection from hot beverages and I personally love the coffee bean design. I recommend them!

    from Cafiuta Posted on

    Cup sleeve on a 10 oz cup

    This coffee cup sleeve fits perfectly on the choice 16 oz. coffee cups. They stay in place beautifully without any slippage. They are also thick enough to provide adequate protection from the heat of hot coffee.

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    These Choice 10-20 oz. Coffee Cup Sleeves are a must for our coffee shop. Customers love having them for black coffee and hot tea. They do a great job of making the cups easy to hold.

    from Classic Burger Group Inc. Posted on

    I purchased the 8oz and 10/20oz cup sleeves for our little doughnut shop recently and was pleased that the i ones printed with coffee beans was the same price as the plain ones. The sleeves are a must with the poly paper cups and are the perfect insulator for our customers. The price was very very reasonable too!

    from Treats N Treasures Posted on

    These coffee cup sleeves really do a great job insulating the cup from the heat so you can easily hold it when you have hot coffee in your paper cups. Great product

    Posted on

    Great product

    We have used these for a while now. The only issue we have every now and then is the glue not holding the sleeve together (not very common though). They are packaged in a way that makes stocking easy.

    from Hannah's Coffee House Posted on

    I bought the for the coffee cups I also got, but haven't used them. The quality seems to be just the same as a coffee house, but the cups are so good and insulated well enough that I dont need this sleeve

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    These are a must have accessory to your disposable paper coffee cups. They fit snug on the cup and protect your hands nicely from hot coffee.

    Posted on

    Nice design

    These coffee cup sleeves work good with the white coffee cups. Helps keep the hot coffee cups from burning your hands. These have a very good fit

    from Life In The Slow Lane LLC. Posted on

    This is a great printed coffee cup sleeve. It is thick keeping you from getting burned and is easy to slip over your coffee cups measuring between 10-20 ounces.

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    Choice 10-20 oz printed coffee cup sleeves, jacket, or clutch. In a pack of 50. These can help with the heat generated from the hot liquid you are putting into the cups.

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    This is good. It's made with corrugated cardboard, so just one jacket for hot drinks. Why I mentioned this because some customers are ask extra jacket for their hot cup. But this is thick enough. So It need more space but will it save your money.

    from The food shop Posted on

    I have to order this item for my coffee cups. And they fit just right. Love the design and they prevent costumers from burning their hands.

    from Pincho Loco Posted on

    Great product

    These sleeves are great! They aren't cheap ones that they sell at the supermarkets that still let the heat through. They are good quality like the one in restaurants! They come flat in a package stacked neatly. I cut a small slit in the package so they stay nice and neat in my cupboard. I love these!

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    These are perfect!

    Sleeve is perfect for use around the choice 12oz paper hot cups, Keeps my hands from getting too warm. Design is very nice and sleeves are sturdy.

    Posted on

    Love these sleeves for our 12, 16, 20 & 24oz hot cups! Extra thick & durable, best price I've found & reasonable, fast shipping. We will definitely order these again!

    from Bada Bean Posted on

    I ordered these to use at the coffee bar we are setting up for my daughter's wedding reception. I love the simple pattern on these.

    Posted on

    The design of this coffee cup sleeve is very nice and suitable for complementing white cups in case you can't get them customized. I use them for 12 oz and 16 oz cups.

    Posted on

    10 - 20 oz Printed Coffee Cup Sleeve in 12 oz cup

    Choice 10-20 oz. Printed Coffee Cup Sleeve / Jacket / Clutch - 1200/Case #500COLLAR These are good. confused as to why the blank collars are more expensive....but these work. sometimes the glue doesn't hold though.

    from Gateway Brew Posted on

    Our customers love having the confidence of not burning their hands with these printed coffee cup sleeves. We love having these available for their use.

    from Grandma's Pantry Incorporated Posted on

    Great to add a more personalized look to our coffee stations at events and parties! Great price for the quality as well and our guests go through them quickly

    from Vault catering and events Posted on

    Nice looking printed coffee cup sleeve. Fits almost all cups and protects very well. Love the fact that you can buy only 50 at a time!

    from Boulevard Bistro Posted on

    These cup holders are beautifully designed! They are designed perfectly for our hot coffee drinks and our customers are just in love with it! Yeah!

    from AJ's cafe Posted on

    Cup sleeves comes in very handy especially if you have a hot cup of Cafe Americano. Nice, neat and simple design on the cup sleeve. :)

    You can tell this sleeve is good quality because of the thickness of it as soon as you feel it, it also matched perfectly with the cups we purchased on here.

    from Mr Taco Posted on

    Great sleeve for our Coffee Shop. We enjoy the simple bean design. Sometimes the adhesive/glue, that holds the sleeve itself together, does not stick. However, there are so many in a case that 1 or 2 "duds" doesn't matter. Great price!

    from High Ground Cafe Posted on

    Fast shipping and love the coffee bean design. Keeps the hot coffee from burning and great product for the price. I would recommend to other coffee shops.

    from Caffe Bene Posted on

    Never burn your hands. Durable and high quality cup sleeve. Beautiful design. Once paired with a cup and lid, it makes it the perfect cup to enjoy a hot beverage in.

    from Front Track Cafe Posted on

    These are great coffee sleeves. They work very well to minimize heat rom the beverages, and they fit multiple sizes, which is very convenient. The design is a pleasant bonus!

    Posted on

    Keeps hand from burning

    I like the design on this sleeve. Nice thick sleeve to protect your hands when using a paper cup, and prevent using two cups. Cardboard sleeve looks to be recyclable as well.

    from Hofer's Coffee Posted on

    Cool design, nice sleeve!

    These cup sleeves work as advertised and I have no complains about them. I probably prefer them to not be printed but it's not a deal breaker.

    from Filling Good Posted on

    These work great for our do it yourself coffee bar, they have the availability to fit many different cup sizes which keeps our stock of items lower.

    Posted on

    These are nice to offer to out to-go customers. Not every customer takes them, so they may go slower than the cups and lids. But they're a great bargain, and nice to have in a low count package.

    from The Annadine Posted on

    This 50 pack of coffee sleeves is ideal for a small café, restaurant or office use. Nice printing on the sleeve makes these a nice item to offer to your customers.

    Posted on

    The Choice 10-20 oz. Printed Coffee Cup Sleeve / Jacket / Clutch is great for protecting hands from hot beverages. It also has a good hot beverage warning on it.

    Posted on

    These hot sleeves are necessary to prevent burn from our hot coffee in our small bakery. These add a nice little touch instead of the plain white or brown options.

    from Katherine l cohen Posted on

    I like the design of this coffee cup sleeve. Its coming 50 in pack. I had good quality and good price compared to local places in town

    Posted on

    A very sturdy sleeve that help absorb the heat from you coffee cup and makes drinking it a lot easier. Does not slip easily so no more spilling your coffee.

    Posted on

    yup! great! good price. if you don't' mind the print on the sleeve..this is great! we dont' mind and people are lessening their use in paper products anyways.

    from Sweet Buttons Posted on

    This printed coffee cup sleeves fit on any size coffee cups from 10 oz to 20 oz cups. Easy to use. Well liked by customers and employees.

    from Greco Contracting LLC Posted on

    These are very nice cup sleeve. They fit the cups well, and they look nice. The price is really good. Much better than where we were getting them.

    Posted on

    These coffee cup sleeves are great and needed since the cups I purchased didn't handle heat that well. The size was a little large but truly didn't matter. Wish they made plain sleeves without the design.

    Posted on

    Perfect coffee cup sleeve! Pretty, but not too busy. These look great on our plain, white cups. It brings some "pop" of color to it. Great price for the quality and quantity.

    from Cafe Crema Posted on

    We used to buy sleeves with our logo on them which I loved. However, for the money these sleeves are perfect and fit out needs. They come packed well so they are easy to store.

    from The POUR House Posted on

    We love these! They keep your hands from not burning off from hot coffee. We use these at our church so we want to make sure they are sturdy and thick enough and they are definitely that!

    from Beaches Vineyard Posted on

    Great sleeves for paper cups that aren't insulated or heavy. These sleeves can protect your customers' hands from the hot beverage. They are a little pricey so you may want to compare to thicker cups.

    Posted on

    Love this coffee jacket!! It matches the coffee cup that we use. You don't burn your hand. It's great size for our church coffee hour. The boss loves it too!!

    from St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church Posted on

    This sleeves sits too low for the 20 Oz. cup. Does it work - yes, does it work really well, no. Others have mentioned it gets the job doe. They are correct. I have noticed the sleeve gets stuck in the bottom of my car's cup holder because it sits too low on the cup. The insulation it provides is excellent.

    from Crust & Crumb Bakery Posted on

    I think the design is good but the cup sleeve thinner than the other cup sleeves I bought. But it does its job and I will not complain

    from Snow Meets Coffee Posted on

    Would have preferred plain jackets, but these were actually cheaper and we're just getting started out, so went with these. They sit a little lower than I'd like on the 20oz dart hot paper cup, but it gets the job done. Will eventually upgrade to a nicer jacket.

    Posted on

    Great coffee sleeve works on all sizes of cups. Would definitely recommend buying this product again great price for great quality. very thick and very durable

    from Coffee Addiction Posted on

    These holders are just what the doctor ordered. They are of very good quality and fit snugly on the compatible cup. The cost was just right. I have reordered.

    from SHARON Posted on

    These are perfect functional clutches. They say "caution hot" which is a plus. Cause you know not everyone is bright enough to know the coffee is hot ??

    from In The Loop Coffee Company Posted on

    Great sleeve, good grip, good price, we are very hsppy with the quality, i have the on auto ship, it saves me money on shipping.

    from Pink Castle Posted on

    We use these sleeves for our coffee. They fit perfectly in our little wire rack that holds our cups and lids too. The creased edge design allows for the best fit for all sizes while giving a good tight fit and still easy to hold without getting burned and not taking up a lot of wasted space too. These are perfect!

    from Oxxshire Creamery Posted on

    Great deal! It gets the job done. They are not as thick as the ones that famous coffee shops make, BUT I havent seen it anywhere else cheaper than here

    Posted on

    Nice sleeves for hot drink cups. Fit a several sizes, but seem to be a little too big for the 12 ounce cups. They slide to the bottom of the cup too easily.

    Posted on

    I bought these sleeves to use specifically on 20 ounce hot cups. I was worried they'd not be glued well per previous reviews, but that hasn't been an issue at all. I was also concerned they wouldn't be large enough for the 20 ounce cups, but they are okay. While I'd prefer they be a tad larger to go up a bit higher on the cup, I'm okay with them as they are. I plan to buy the case size when the first ones we bought run out.

    Posted on

    These work great for putting over paper hot cups to keep your hands from getting too hot from hot coffee. We found a few that came unglued easily but for the most part, they work very well.

    Posted on

    We really like these coffee sleeves! They do their job, are durable, have a cool design and we love that they are environmentally friendly! Definitely would recommend Choice sleeves!

    from Sweetie Pie's Baked Goods & Coffee Shop LLC Posted on

    Our customers' hands are protected against our piping hot drinks by Choice Printed Coffee Cup Sleeves!

    These sleeves are less expensive than some others, and look nice on our cups. The only downfall is there is no space to customize like the other options, but we still like the quality and option to order in smaller quantities when we're in between bulk orders.

    from Turntable Cafe Posted on

    Avoid taking hot drink container and especially prevents you burn your hands, but without forgetting that the design is very nice so I will make your drink look cute

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    Keep your customers safe with these coffee sleeves. Fits the product perfectly just as advertised. We will be getting a case soon, but probably with out the pattern.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    You can't go wrong these coffee sleeves, a standard item for hot beverages. They get the job done and are handy for extra grip and support.

    from SOD Posted on

    work well. Obviously not much special to say about them, but based on my online research these are the best bang for your buck financially for this type of product.

    Posted on

    We love that these sleeves help protect the hands from the hot beverages we serve during Coffee Time. They are simple in their design and store easily.

    from Osterville Baptist Church Posted on

    I ordered these to go with the Choice 12 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 50/Pack Item #: 99912W. I think it could stand a little more does seem like it wouldn't take too much effort for these to come undone. So, don't force them too high up onto the cup or they might pop. These also work with the Dart Solo TLB316-0004 Traveler Black Dome Hot Cup Lid with Sip Hole - 100/Pack #999TLB316 and Royal Paper STRNPLUG-BK Stix To Go Black Beverage Plug and Stirrer - 200/Pack Item #999STRPLUGBK. They fit perfectly! You can hear and feel it pop into place when it's securely sealed. No issues with leaks (I left about 1/2" room from top of cup to help prevent leaks around the seal).

    from Personal Use Posted on

    These are good. They fit the cups perfect (we have 10 oz and and 12-oz cups). They are do their function very well which is to protect your hands from hot beverages. And the price is great.

    Posted on

    Great product, very durable. The printed design looks nice, it is appealing to customers. The way it's folded does not work well with 12 oz EcoChoice paper hot cups, it keeps on falling off, but it works great with the 16 oz cups.

    from Luna Coffee House, LLC Posted on

    These sleeves are okay. I purchased the 10 oz white cups, so my cup was small; the sleeves seemed like they were a bit too big for that size cup. BUT if I would've had a normal 12 oz or 16 oz cup, then these sleeves would've been fine. (There just wasn't much of the cup left on the 10 oz once the sleeve was placed on the cup).

    from Bright Bites by Lauren Posted on

    I have only used a few and so far they work fine. I ordered them to use with the Choice 10 oz.size paper hot cups. The price made them a good buy and value.

    Posted on

    These sleeves are great. They protect against how hot the cups become. My only complaint would be that there is maybe one in each individual package that is defective. I know its only one, but it does add up.

    from Mom's Bakery Posted on

    I have bought a number of different type of coffee cups from webstaurant and these sleeves fit them all perfectly. The quality is high, and I enjoy the lead design on the outside. It really gives that coffee shop impression for my home brewed drinks!

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    Sleeves work great with our 12oz paper cups. No more hot cups! And cute design too! Lots of compliments at our coffee bar we host each weekend.

    Posted on

    The print on these sleeves is super cute. They fit well around my 12 oz paper cups and are preferable to customers doubling up cups.

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    Love these so my customers don't burn their hands on hot drinks and they fit the choice cups nice and snug without being too large.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    Needed coffee sleeves ASAP and I just picked these ones! They work great and get the job done! Very thick and sturdy so not one gets burned!

    from Serving Grace Cafe Posted on

    These sleeves are great! They are sturdy and do just what they are supposed to do. We have been using them for quite sometime. We did have (1) package that was slightly imperfect, but we were credited and our replacement sleeves were great!

    from Biddle Blend Posted on

    For the price, these are nice. They work well enough to grip the cup. They don't fit well on an empty cup, which is sort of a pain for me. I like to store a stack of cups with the sleeves on them, so they are ready to go. These just aren't very snug until you fill the cup. I will probably purchase them again, because they are the cheapest I have found. I do wish they would fit the Choice cups a little better.

    from Play a Latte Posted on

    Our customers love the coffee sleeves so they are a must have. I think they are a waste, sometimes another cup is cheaper. But the people want it so we buy the cheapest ones. Happy they have these

    Posted on

    Great buy for the price. These cup jackets work perfect for my buffet table with the morning meetings. No one complains of burning there hand at all with these

    from Private planner Posted on

    Totally worth buying these cup jackets. Works great with the paper coffee cups and I feel no heat on my hand from scorching coffee or tea.

    Posted on

    These printed cup sleeves keep you from burning your hands while you hold your coffee. They look great and fit our 12 ounce cup perfect.

    from Sludge Coffee Roaster Posted on

    Pour cold water in cup with the Choice Printed Coffee Cup Sleeve / Jacket / Clutch for 10-20 oz. Cups - 50 / Pack sleeve on it before warming it up in the microwave. Take that extra step of caution to make sure you don’t burn your hands when you are taking it out of the microwave.

    Posted on

    These sleeves fit perfectly and looked nice, and nobody complained that they slipped off the way some sleeves I have purchased in the past have. Just a good basic sleeve that gets the job done at a good price. I'll stick with these.

    from DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE Posted on

    Pretty straight forward coffee cup sleeve. They are thick and very insulated. Fit our 16oz cups perfectly and customers love them. Will continue to purchase.

    from Dinner's Almost Ready Posted on

    These are great coffee sleeves. We ordered too many as not everyone uses them. They keep your hand cool while the coffee is hot. Very cheap but not cheaply made.

    from Secret spot Posted on

    These are a must have for hot drinks. They save your customers hands and save you spilt drinks. Price is perfect and quality is great.

    Posted on

    These sleeves are super cute and fit well on the 12 and 16 ounce paper coffee cups. The design is versatile and goes well with the coffee house decor.

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    Loved the design of these, but didn't like the bulk of them. They were a little awkward to open, and caused some nice paper cuts.

    from Brewed Awakening Posted on

    PERFECT! these sleeves work great, we were camping and I had these served my family coffee and they loved the sleeves they were impressed they were able to hold their hot coffee easily.

    from Canyon Creek Mercantile Posted on

    I bought these to test before I purchased the case. I was very pleased with them. Customers only grab one about half the time and that saves on cost.

    from Oh sweet treat Posted on

    These choice printed coffe cup sleeve is great companion for my 10-20 oz coffee cup as use this as a jacket to make sure no get burn for holding my coffees great quality come in bulk awesome

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    These coffee sleeves are very convenient. I offer them to my customers when the drink may be too hot for their hands. The print on the cup is awesome for my coffee shop. I did only give this product 4 stars because some of the sleeves break apart when i try to separate them to put on the cup. It only happens a few times, the product is worth it the price.

    from S'Moore Coffee Shop Posted on

    Very good basic hot cup sleeves. Keeps customers from burning their hands. We use them for our hot coffee and tea beverages. They are placed in a basket for customers to grab if needed.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    Great coffee sleeve! We pair this with the white cups and a black lid and the look is nice. These are a decent quality for the price.

    Posted on

    I originally ordered a styrofoam sleeve, but they were such poor quality that we threw them away and ordered these instead. They are MUCH better and look better too!

    from Sophisticakes Posted on

    I purchased these instead of the ECO sleeves this last time I ordered, and wish I didn't. Nothing against the sleeves themselves, they work fine, but the ECO sleeves are much more classy I think. Next time I will go back to the ECO and pay a few dollars more.

    from Karma Boutique & Coffee Bar Posted on

    This coffee sleeve would look nice with the plain white paper cups. At time of purchase the website only had the coffee design cups available and it doesn't look so good with the cups I purchased. You had the sleeve design and the fonts on the cup it was just too busy.

    Posted on

    A must have for the coffee shops, cafes, bakery's that serve hot coffee and they look very pretty next to the white of the hot cups.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    Good looking sleeve. Natural kraft paper has nice texture and feel and printed coffee beans are pleasing to the eye. Simple and works well. Enjoy!

    Posted on

    This is our first time to order these sleeves from Webstaurant. The attractive point was the price but unfortunately, the quality is not as good as we might have expected. I wish they were a little more substantial. Some sleeves were unsealed as if the glue had dried out...

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you were not please with your purchase Try these Light Brown Coffee Cup Ecosleeves for greater heat resistance.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Buy far the best deal around. Insulate well and are recyclable. Have purchased before and these are the only sleeves we use for our cups.

    Posted on

    These cup sleeves have an attractive design and adequately protect a customer's hands from hot liquids inside the cup. Good value for the case size.

    from Oxford Coffee Co. Posted on

    High Quality! Will buy again. Very tight to the cup itself, will not fall down or fall apart. Good choice. And nice pattern for coffeHigh Quality! Will buy again. Very tight to the cup itself, will not fall down or fall apart. Good choice. And nice pattern for coffee and tea!e and tea!

    from Trinitea & Co. Posted on

    The design of theses coffee clutches add a nice touch when paired with our white coffee cup. It's a fresh look compared to the ones without a design. The one drawback is that they can be difficult to open. Otherwise, very nice product.

    from GGWO Cafe Posted on

    perfect coffee sleeves! i love the brown paper look and coffee prints. Very nice product and so happy of the price! Will definitely order more!

    from Cre8tive Cupcake Posted on

    These have a very nice weight to them and they add a bit of sophistication to the cups of coffee you sell. It also shows that you care about the safety of your customers. An added bonus is these come in packs of 1200 and not 1000 so it's almost like a getting an extra case when you buy five in comparison to the cups.

    Posted on

    These cup sleeves help protect hands from hot drinks. They fit the 20 oz cups great! I find they are just a little too big for 12 oz cups but still work.

    from Orthopedic Center Of Illinois Posted on

    These work really good for the Choice brand paper cups when our customers complain about the cups being to hot. Only negative so far is that some of them are glued shut during packaging which has caused some of them to rip when trying to open them.

    from Cafe Xpresso Posted on

    the customers really love this coffee cup sleeve. it keeps the hands from getting too warm while providing some extra grip. its a great way to really step up your coffee service. great value product.

    Posted on

    A fun design and much needed item for using with disposable coffee cups. I enjoy that you can just buy 50 at a time. Prefect for keeping around the house to go with many types of disposable hot beverage cups.

    Posted on

    These sleeves are great for the price! They are a great product and you get so many! I love this product and still stunned by the price.

    from zebib investments LLC Posted on

    These are great! Our business uses these with the Choice 12 oz. Paper Hot Cup with Coffee Design and the black lids for our customers to get free coffee. Looks high end without spending lots of money! The cups are nice alone, but for hot beverages, definitely add the sleeve. Without the sleeve, you can only carry the cup to a table and let it cool before it really starts to heat up your hands.

    from Steve's Auto Care Posted on

    These coffee sleeves slide right on and fit our cups nicely. They never get too hot and they provide a good grip. Will buy again.

    from The Waves Restaurant Posted on

    These sleeves are a good product for paper hot cups; however, they do not fit all size cups (I ordered 8 oz cups). The design is simple and great for generic coffee distribution. Good quality for the price!

    Posted on

    People were "double cupping" because our plumbed in, professional Keurigs were making real hot coffee. The cheaper solution was buying these Coffee Cup Sleeves. They definitely do what they were advertised to do. 5 stars!!!

    from Heart of the Hills Christian Church Posted on

    These java jackets were ordered when we ran out of the regular ones we had been using. They fit the cups perfectly and served their purpose.

    from SiP Posted on

    This is a very good quality product, however I wish I hadn't ordered such a large quantity. I think I have enough to last us 10 years.

    from Yeah Baby's BBQ-n-Grill Posted on

    Work fine, but occasionally we get a pack that the glue on the seem isn't good and have several that need to be re-glued together.

    from Sally's Sweet Shoppe Posted on

    We have been using these clutches for some time with great results. They work as well as the clutches we were getting from our food service provider but cost less and we don't have to worry about not receiving them because they are special order. They always arrive in a timely manner from Webstaurant.

    from Gettysburg Cupcake Cafe Posted on

    These coffee sleeves are great. We have tried all of the other sleeves offered on Webstaurant and these are our favorite. They look nice, keep your hand cool, and we have never had a problem with too much or too little glue holding them together. We pair them with the Choice 10, 12, 16, and 20 oz. Hot Paper Cup Travel Lid White and the Eco Products Evolution World 12, 16, and 20oz Hot Cups, and have been very pleased.

    Posted on

    I really like this sleeve on the 16oz & 20oz cups. Fits nice and snug, they are a little big on the 12oz but we still use them and they get the job done just fine.

    from The Drive Brew LLC Posted on

    These coffee jackets work fine, they are cute and you can buy small quantities with cheap shipping. They keep your hands comfortable. I will buy more of these.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    These Choice Java Jackets are perfect for those hot drinks! Fits quite snuggly on the Choice hot cups and don't slip. They're perfect for retail or home use! Unlike some others our cafe has used, these actually keep the temperature of the drink from burning customers hands.

    from University Cafe Posted on

    These cup sleeves have a pleasing look and serve their purpose of keeping the hands from getting too hot. They seem to help insulate the cup to keep the heat in. We've paired them with the Choice 16 oz. Hot Paper cups and it's a good combination. Would recommend.

    from Lemondrop Bakery Posted on

    we perate a coffee /bagel shop and with all hot drinks you need a good protectine handeling surface this has been great it fits booth our 12 oz and 16 oz

    from the bean bar Posted on

    These are great java sleeves - they are functional and also have a nice design on them compared to the plain kraft paper options. We have tried several brands and these are the best quality and also at a great price point.

    from Abundant Grounds Cafe Posted on

    Good product and cheaper than some of the other restaurant supply companies. They're nice and heavy, provide full resistance to heat and I have had no issues with them coming apart

    from Honey-Rock Posted on

    This is the BEST deal on quality coffee cup sleeves on the net. I researched them ALL. These sleeves are great, thicker than ones used by the worlds largest coffee chain. I had labels printed and I applied them to the sleeves for a more custom look. I like that you can still see some of the coffee beans on the other side of the sleeve. Best price, best quality, can't ask for more than that.

    from Espresso Rescue Posted on

    I thought I was ordering cups- but I ordered the jacket- so when the cups arrive the jackets will work wonderfully. Thick & nice to keep our fingers from burning.

    Posted on

    It was my first time buying sleeves for my cups because normally I would get them for free from other distributers. I am relieved to say that these were cheap and do the job ;-)

    from city coffeehouse Posted on

    Cant find a better java jacket or price anywhere. The coffee business is the pennies business and anytime you can save money on a java jacket go for it. Great price for quality and design.

    from Rocky River Coffee Co. Posted on

    Stays on cups - does not slide off a bit. Keeps hands from getting burned and has a cute coffee pattern. Good quality for the price and serves it purpose well!!

    Posted on

    These coffee sleeves are such a life saver for our customers! They are not very bulky and do not fall apart after a long use!

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    I saved big, big money on this white paper cup...I was paying hundreds more for my paper cup, Webstaurant makes it easy to split and keep my inventory extremely manageable.

    from El Cafe Posted on

    These sleeves work great and are great looking too. They lay flat for easy storage and server the purpose for me. I'll continue to order as needed.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    Love these sleeves! A must have for an upscale coffee shop. We use these on cups also purchased here and the end result is a nice looking cup of coffee.

    Posted on

    These sleeves work great with my paper hot cups. They are a great price considering the fact that most other sleeves are the price of a second cup...doesn't make much sense. Only wish is for the sleeve to be left blank, I would rather be able to stamp them with my own logo..

    from Laurel River Store Posted on

    We like these sleeves a lot. They are fun and a great way to hold a cup. The sleeves are attractive and the price is nice too.

    from Taste & See Coffee House Posted on

    The are or the world that I live in these coffee sleeves are very difficult to find. It was so nice to fine on this site and just be able to order them with a few clicks of the mouse. My customers love them!!!

    from Sugar & Spice Posted on

    easy to use and good looking coffee jacket. Price is super low and the product is of high quality material. we looked elsewhere and could not find a product like this at this great price.

    from Jammin' Java Posted on

    We love these coffee sleeves. They are attractive and work very well with hot paper cups. The price is better than any others we have found.

    from Brew Crew Drive-thru LLC Posted on

    I have to say I usually purchase this product in the larger quantity, that aside though I couldn't recommend these sleeves more. They do an excellent job at insulating while, more importantly, having a professional, friendly image on them. Great product!

    from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen Posted on

    very nice sleeve that we used on coffee cups that were getting that were to hot to handle on to will no longer use the sleeves when we switch over to foam cups but they are very nice sleeves

    from Deenas Sweet Treats Posted on

    I like these paper ones on paper coffee cups because they resist the heat better and I also use them on my Ice coffee's as well.

    from Britans Yogurt Mill Posted on

    This is a good coffee sleeve. It keeps you from burning your hand and it has a nice design on it. These are ideal for any coffee shop.

    Posted on

    why pay more when you can buy it here for so much cheaper. It's your standard coffee jacket to prevent you from burning your hand when you hold your cup of coffee

    Posted on

    love the design on this and obviously withstands the heat. use these in my restaurant and have never had a problem. they are the only coffee jackets that i actually have been complimented on

    Posted on

    This is a nice coffee jacket. Definitely keeps your hand cool even if your drink is blazing hot. The pictures on the side are a nice add on as well!

    Posted on

    good quality and very few defective ones in the whole box, but considering the shipping cost and the delay in arrival it would have been cheaper at our local restaurant depot

    from LA TAZZA FRESCA Posted on

    Thanks for your review! In order to save on shipping costs we would recommend that you buy in bulk. Instead of ordering a pack of 50, you would be better off ordering a full case of the Coffee Cup Sleeve / Coffee Clutch 1200 / CS. Check out our blog "The Truth About Free Shipping" for more tips about cutting shipping costs: The Truth About Free Shipping

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These sleeves work great. They seems to be well put together, don't really have any problems with the lot either of the two times we ordered.

    from crumbs and cream Posted on

    I really like these java jackets we use them at my work and I this customers always use them. I know that when I get coffee somewhere I always use them

    Posted on

    I was wary of this product based on some of the reviews posted in the past about their quality. However, none in my case were defective. They look nice and do the job.

    Posted on

    This coffee sleeve is well put together and well designed. The sleeve is easy to work with and customers enjoy the artwork. I have had customers reuse their coffee sleeve without a problem with it falling apart.

    from Green Light Coffee Posted on

    These are a fun and abstract jacket for any coffee cup. They set our business apart from other coffee shops in the area. Go with any decor for any shop. Great buy and are a great price.

    from Great Harvest Bread Company Posted on

    I really like these coffee jackets. They are animated and lively. They go great with plain white paper cups. I would recommend these over just plain cardboard ones.

    Posted on

    We use theese jackets with the Choice oz. Paper hot cup. Looks great with the white cup and black lid. Took our to-go coffee to the next level!

    from Ladybugs Bistro Posted on

    These jackets worked great! I bought scrapbooking paper and made custom covers for the jackets for our party. They were a big hit with the guests. I would definitely order these again.

    from Sweets & Stems Posted on

    these coffe sleeves work fine they are little biger for our cups but they still work. and we are happy with the purchase. price is good too.

    Posted on

    A nice, simple print on these jackets makes them a good fit for our store. They fit all sizes of cups nicely. None have come unglued!

    from Simply Cupcakes of Arlington Posted on

    These coffee cup jackets are great for keeping hot coffee, tea and hot chocolate nice and hot! Insulates the cup and makes handling hot cups easy! Great stylish design!!

    Posted on

    Coffee jackets have great pattern designs. Looks plain and simple. It fits right into most coffee cups. Works great, comes in a pack of 50 for a small amount and cheaper by bulk size.

    Posted on

    Of the three designs offered on Webstraunt this is my favorite. This product works very well for what it is designed to do and in my opinion the addd personality associated with these holders makes them worth the extra cost.

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    This sleeve is great, it fits just right with the cups I purchased. It's neutral design allows it to work with any theme. holds up really well and doesn't seem to fall apart.

    Posted on

    This coffee jacket is very good. It protects the drinkers hand from the heat very well. the design adds a little extra flair to the coffee cup.

    Posted on

    We just recently switched to these from another online store. Good switch. The quality is good and the design is good. They go on our white cups, so the design stands out but isn't obnoxious.

    from Scratch Posted on

    the Coffee Jackets are perfect. They fit the 16 oz Solo 316 Wwhite Paper Hot Cups perfectly - and the best bargain we found. Thanks

    from Adknowledge, Inc Posted on

    These sleeves are a bit on the thick side but the price can't be beat. The bottom line is they protect our customer's hands and our bottom line.

    from Pages Coffee Bar & Used Bookstore Posted on

    Too often the sleeve comes apart when sliding it onto the cup (or it's already open when we open the bag they come in). I would guess that out of 1200 sleeves, 100 go unused do to poor glue.

    from Casetta Coffee Posted on

    Thanks for taking the time to submit a review on our coffee jackets! It is always helpful for us to hear what our customers have to say about our items so that we can make necessary adjustments to provide the best products possible. After receiving reviews and hearing similar issues with these coffee jackets, we changed our source so that this will no longer be an issue! We would be happy to help you with any further questions or concerns, so please feel free to use our live chat button!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    You can probably save by buying this product instead of the next best coffee sleeve, and it's most likely worth it, but be aware this is a sub-quality product and you will loose some of the sleeves (<0.1%) due to poor manufacturing. All-in-all it's still a good way to save some money

    from Hudson River Coffee House LLC Posted on

    not quite ready for a 5 star rating. First case we received, we've had some of the sleeves come unglued while customers put them on the cup. The excellent customer service at Webstaurant is working with us to solve this little mystery. I love the look, and the price....will wait and see if the replacement case has similar problems. Hope not!

    from The Black Forest Posted on

    These work great. We use them with the Solo Bistro Paper hot cups. They fit perfectly and are essential for that cup. We highly recommend these.

    from Master Salons Posted on

    We think that these are great sleeves for our to go coffee cups. They fit nicely with our 16 and 20 ounce to go coffee cups.

    from Sweet Lola's Cupcakery and BakeShop Posted on

    They fit the larger cups (16 oz.) better than smaller cups (12 oz.), but they work well and look great. Our customers think they are great.

    Posted on

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