Choice White C-Fold (Centerfold) Standard Weight Towel - 2400/Case

Item #: 500CFT

Provide your guests and staff with an extremely absorbent paper towel with this economical Choice C-fold towel. Made from standard weight and ultra-ply paper material, this C-fold towel will affectively dry hands and clean liquid off of any surface with ease and efficiency. With a clean, white color look, you can have it available in your establishment's restroom for the convenience of your guests or place it in the kitchen for your employees to use.

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Choice White C-Fold (Centerfold) Standard Weight Towel - 2400/Case

4.6 stars from 70 reviews


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towels price Great paper Towel dispenser fold job Quality dispensers
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    We purchased these paper towels for our two paper towel dispensers at our coffee shop. They work well behind the bar for our employees and in the bathroom for our guests.

    from Amateur Coffee Posted on

    This Choice C-fold towel pack is a great option for either kitchen or bathroom use and can be used to easily refill a dispenser. These are compact and very absorbent.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Low cost centerfold paper towels for your dispenser.

    These paper towels work great in conjunction with the slim stainless steel holder we bought for our employee rest room. They are simple to load into the holder, they are absorbent, and they get the job done.

    Posted on

    These C Folds can be placed in a bathroom or can be used for cleaning. They come 150 to a pack and are meant to be disposed of after use

    from Pancho's Posted on

    C folds

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    Amazing towels. Theyre absorbant, machine washable, and soft. We use them on sticky, or wet spills, and they always do the job. A+ in my book

    from JBC Gourmet LLC Posted on

    Choice towel

    The Choice C-Fold pack of White Standard Weight Towels has met all of my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised at their absorbency compared to a name brand paper towel. The white is a very clean white that looks great on any linen tablecloth. I would definitely order them again and would highly recommend.

    Posted on

    These are just as good as any brand paper towel. Would order again for the price.

    Good Price and strong towels. They are very white and keep in stack. Being slim, they fit in many towel holders too as opposed to the most common wider size available in most stores.

    from Sprinkle Idea LLC Posted on

    Great product for the price. Fits in our bathroom dispenser perfectly and does it's job like it's suppose to. Will definitely be buying more when needed!

    from The Turtle Lounge Posted on

    Great product

    These paper towels are really nice for soaking up spills because they are strong. The price is very reasonable comparing with what you found on the market

    from Ryan's BBQ Posted on

    Heavy duty napkins at a low budget cost. They are your standard weight white napkins as you would expect at a much lower cost than leading brands. The C-fold is nice as we can use them as is or open them up and place in our shirts for bigger, messier foods.

    Posted on

    Choice c-fold paper towel

    These must be good for certain dispensers. I made the mistake of ordering these instead of the multi-fold towels that fit in my dispenser. But they are good quality anyway.

    from Mauka Shave ice Sandy Posted on

    These towels can be put in a dispenser but i usually just leave a stack on the back of the counter so i can easily grab them when needed. Gets the job done

    Posted on

    These are great at absorbing liquid. I use them to dry off meat that i sous vide before finishing

    It is a simple item but important one, if you want to be clear you need something to help, and here are good towels and easy to use.

    from Bocados SP Posted on

    Easy to take

    I purchased these as an alternative to use in my kitchen, where far too many expensive paper towels are wasted. These work really well. They're not quite as soft as paper towels but for the price, it's an easy compromise.

    Posted on

    Great to have on hand in the kitchen and garage.

    these are your standard bathroom towels, they work nice to clean up your hands, or spills, and are cheap, you get them for about a cent a piece.

    Posted on

    Simple paper towels, nothing special. They absorb pretty well and do the job. Good price for the quantity and quality. We always keep these around for our employees and customers.

    from Cafe Crema Posted on

    These are a decent c-fold towel but since they aren't interlaced like a multifold towel, they tend to come out 3 and 4 at a time. C-fold towels are fine if you have the patience to remove them one at a time but not ideal for public restrooms.

    Posted on

    This is an awesome product! These are c fold napkins that go in a dispenser and a c folded so when you pull one napkin out another is in line.

    Posted on

    we were using these for pizza napkins but the cocktail napkins work just as nice and they are almost half the price and you get 1600 more so will not buy again for that reason but they work nice for wiping hands after washing behind the bar.

    from fremos Posted on

    We had these when we first opened but then decided we wanted something that would interlock for easier and cleaner use. These were a good thickness and did the job though.

    Posted on

    Made for paper towel dispensers, these fit into our standard size unit. Made to be used for justnthat and they work well. Good price for these as well.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    These are perfect for commercial gradevelopment kitchens, most health districts will require these self pull c-fold. Great quality and it's great how many the case comes with!

    Posted on

    These are too well made. Almost like thick paper towels. What I find is people grab 5-6 because they come out in clumps from the dispenser and you run out much quicker than the thin ones.

    from Beaver Brewing Co Posted on

    I highly recommend the 150 pk C fold paper towels from WEBstaurantStore perfect for the kitchen or bathroom we like the price and quick delivery.

    Posted on

    They work well. Good value. It is a little darker compare to Bell Aires white premium C folder. However, this one is cheaper than the other one.

    from Ooink Posted on

    These are fine. They are absorbent. Tried these to see if they would fit our dispenser better not realizing they aren't inter folded. Probably won't get again but if you need c folded towels these are good quality.

    from Kings fish Market Retail Posted on

    These standard weight towels seem to do a good job of getting the job done. As with most towels you need two or three of them to quickly dry your hands, but that seems to be the case most of the time.

    Posted on

    Choice C-Fold (Centerfold) Towel Standard Weight White - 150/Pack this bathroom hand towel minimizes wastage being that a new one is not automatically drawn after

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    Nice quality, great price and as always immediate shipment. Can't thank you enough that you offer so many products we use daily at a fraction of the cost from our "normal" supplier. Very much appreciated

    from Encore Development Posted on

    The napkins work great. We would recommend them. They are very competitively price, The only thing to watch out for is the shipping price if you just buy them it might be a lot, but with our multiple items we purchased the shipping was inexpensive. Will defiantly buy again

    from Boki Gelato LLC Posted on

    When buying something cheaper, you should always be ready to get the product that is not so good. In this case towels are not so soft, would suggest to buy premium ones.

    Posted on

    The practical towel gives you good absorbency at a good price. It fits into the standard dispenser really well and dispenses easily for maximum use.

    from Go cheez Posted on

    We ordered these to replace a brand of c-fold paper towels that we usually get from SAMs club and our janitor is very pleased with them.

    from Rehoboth Apostolic Worship Center Posted on

    These C-Folds are standard size and fit easily in my cfold holders. I keep a pack by our sink, for hand drying, and some out during service for blotting oil off of food.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    These paper towels are really nice for soaking up spills because they are strong. They are made really well & are easily stacked on a table.

    from na Posted on

    These are just typical paper towels that get the job done. I like using these instead of normal paper towels whenever I need something more lightweight. Good for the price.

    Posted on

    These C Fold napkins are a great quality. They are very sturdy, absorbent, and work great. The quantity lasted us multiple events and we will be purchasing more.

    Posted on

    I like this towels alot. They are decently priced and fit my dispenser well. I will make sure to pick up a few boxes whenever i place a webstaurantstore order.

    Posted on

    great good and soft great for the price well made paper towel this Choice C-Fold (Centerfold) Towel Standard Weight White 2400 / Case we buy more

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    The only reason I bought this product was to fit into my napkin dispenser. The napkin are thick and perfect for any restaurant establishment. They also work well in the dispenser.

    from Louami's Posted on

    These fit great in our paper towel holders! You can't go wrong with the quantity, quality and price! We use them everywhere from break room to bathroom.

    Posted on

    Wish these were a little bit more absorbent, but for my needs they work fine. They fit well in the dispenser I bought so that's a plus.

    Posted on

    Have ordered these previously and will continue to order. Great durable towel for the price. I use them on my food truck and they're great.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    We use this in our bathrooms at our martial arts school. WE LOVE THEM! Not only has it saved us a lot of money, but it's cut down on the amount the kids use. We will definitely continue buying these.

    from KiCK Martial Arts Posted on

    They do the job, definitely better out there, but for the price they work perfectly. They're a little hard to get out of the dispenser, at least harder than the last ones I had.

    from Well Grounded Posted on

    Once you figure our how to place these in the paper towel holder, I am sure you will be just as happy with them as we are. They are economical and serve their purpose as promised.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    Very good Paper towels. They fit perfectly in our new dispenser. Plus the cost of these paper towel are almost half the price as other places charge

    from Rotterdam Challenger Tri-County Baseball League Posted on

    Bought in combination with San Jamar Towel Dispenser. Solid Towels that employees are happy with. Dry hands all around. Great budget option for this dispenser.

    from The Blue Goose Posted on

    These are a great alternative to standard grocery story paper towels and are good for spills, drying hands, and for blotting wet foods in the kitchen.

    Posted on

    I really like these C-Fold paper towels because they are good quality towels. I recently ordered the M-Fold and I hope they are just as nice.

    Posted on

    Finally found c fold towels that aren't small an thin no complaints on these. Price can't be beat . Almost half the cost of the ones I was getting before. We will be reordering these again

    from Paddletown St. Pauls U.M.Church Posted on

    Great for the price! I cannot complain when other places charge way too much for paper products. I will keep buying this product! Thanks again

    from zebib investments LLC Posted on

    This is a great c - fold papertowel with a heavy weight. It is very absorbant and amazing on big oily messes and other cleanups

    from China star restaurant Posted on

    Cheap and effective. I do like the choice products. Great for the price. Most of the choice products are quality. I am surprised at the price.

    from city coffeehouse Posted on

    My last order was for 24 cases, even with shipping a substantial amount cheaper than our other suppliers. Quality just throw it away anyway. getting ready to order another 24 cases!

    from Legends Restaurant Posted on

    Terrible quality could have purchased paper towels locally and much cheaper and no shipping. I was looking for quality guest towels for a company party. Glad I held off on my large order for the company until this came! will never order again from this wedsite.

    from jars electric corp Posted on

    Thank you for your review! This paper towel is a great value! If you are looking for a more durable paper guest towel, we recommend the White BelleAire Premium C-Fold (Centerfold) Towel (500CFT210) or the White C-Fold (Centerfold) Towel Extra Heavy Weight (966CB510). We also suggest buying in bulk to cut down on shipping costs. Check out our shopping guide for helpful money-saving tips!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These are not my favorite.. Great price, but they do not dispense well from the holder. I will purchase something higher grade next time, I think.

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    Thanks for reviewing this item! These paper towels are a great value, but if you are looking for thicker paper, we recommend items 500CFT210, 966CB520, or 966CB510 as more durable alternatives.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We were not crazy about this product, even taken it's cost into consideration. Uneven folding/packing, making it so it bunches up inside the dispenser. We have decided against future purchases.

    Posted on

    Thanks for your review! This is a quality towel offered at a great price. If you are looking for a more durable towel, we would recommend the White BelleAire Premium C-Fold (Centerfold) Towel (500CFT210) or the White C-Fold (Centerfold) Towel Extra Heavy Weight (966CB510).

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These are great for countertop towel dispensers! They are easy to refill and make it easy to grab a paper towel as needed! Pretty absorbent!!!

    Posted on

    I have been buying these from the day I switched to Webstaurant. The price literally blows everyone elses away. This is a qualiy product too!

    from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen Posted on

    Nice CHEAP C fold towels. Way cheaper than the big box stores and the big food distributors. These work great in our paper towel dispensers. Just need to keep people from trying to flush them....

    from DC Reynolds Posted on

    Great quality and great pricing on these light weight towels. My favorite part is that I can order single packs with out purchasing a whole case.

    from Jazzy Ruperts Posted on

    Low cost but high quality , a great replacement for the much more expensive c fold towels i was buying previously from a different vendor.

    from Starters - Riverport Posted on

    These are just your average bathroom towel and rough on your hands. They're not very water absorbent. I'll pay more for the more absorbent, softer brands.

    Posted on

    These are very durable paper towels. Great for many different applications. These also fit very well in a variety of dispensers. For the price they are a good choice for any commercial type use.

    from Cafemantic Posted on

    Went with the c fold towel because I was spending way too much money on the other paper towels I was using. These are better.

    from Dreamz Cafe & Gelato Posted on

    I continually shop for building supplies as paper product prices fluctuate. These towels are over 40% cheaper than the towels I was currently purchasing for our bathrooms.

    Posted on

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