Choice 24 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cold Cup - 600/Case

Item #: 500CC24

Beautifully showcase all of your on-the-go beverages with this Choice 24 oz. clear PET plastic cup! From ice water and fountain drinks to fruit smoothies and fresh-squeezed lemonade, this disposable plastic cup will create an eye-catching presentation for any refreshment. Made of 30% recycled PET plastic material, this cup is durable and crack-resistant, therefore reducing customer complaints due to cracked sidewalls.

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Choice 24 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cold Cup - 600/Case

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    4 out of 4 found this review helpful
    The cup is really thin and flimsy as well as tall and thin vs shorter and wider like most. So when it is full and you pick it up it dents in. I was quite disappointed with the quality. But I suppose, for the price you get what you pay for.
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    These cups might look nice, but we've had a problem with them splitting and bending when we use them for smoothies and cold drinks. We have resorted to putting sleeves on them because of the poor quality which makes them more costly.. I have both the 12oz and the 16oz.. with no problems. Is there a better quality 24oz that is compatible with the Choice flat and dome lid ?
    We appreciate your review, Lori! We are sorry these cold cups did not meet your expectations. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly.
    2 out of 4 found this review helpful
    After reading others reviews I am surprised, however I don't use these cups for drinks. I use these cups as a creative way to display gifts. I have not had a problem with them caving in, but I don't put anything heavy in them. I have never had a problem getting them apart. I love the size, it fits nicely in your hand and is perfectly clear to see what is inside. I will continue to buy these.
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    Very disappointing. These cups are not even comparable to the Dart brand of 24 oz cups. They are terribly thin and flimsy. We have had several customers squish out part of their drinks when they grabbed them, making huge messes. We've resorted to double cupping them, so these cups have ended up costing us MORE than the Dart brand. But it's worth it to just get rid of them faster.
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry you do not prefer these cups, for recommendations please contact our Customer Solutions team!
    We’ve bought and rebought these cups. Each time we order the cups they are a few ounces different than the time before. Sometimes they are 24 ounces, 25 ounces, or even 26 ounces. Sometimes they are short and fat and sometimes they are tall and skinny. Also, the cups tend to stick together and getting them apart can result in the cups cracking.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    This size cup is great for iced teas that we serve on hot sunny days at the coffee shop. This size is the most requested!
    We use these on all our food trucks and for catering. Sturdy and crystal clear. We use for Thai Tea and coffee which are beautiful drinks that need to be seen. This is our go to cup
    We lived with the tall thin walls that allowed this cup to squish in when full. However, when we reordered with the matching dome lid, we found the cup does not seal tight. Which means the drink spills on the customer. Unacceptable.
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry your Choice 24 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cold Cup - 600/Case was defective. Corrective action has been taken and a Customer Solutions Representative has credited your account for the lids not fitting correctly.
    The price is cheaper than the name brand 24 ounce clear cups but... These cups are flimsy, very flimsy. I don’t know if I got a bad batch since this is my first order. I will probably try a couple more times.
    I used these cups for larger cold drinks. They are a good size to hold ice and beverage. They can be flimsy if handled too rough or not picked up towards bottom.
    These are some very nice cups. Very professional. Very sleek and clean looking. I recommend this product to the next buyer. Enjoy & be blessed!
    These are the cups that we use for our large iced and frozen drinks, they work great and the flat and dome lids fit perfectly.
    Good price, great quality. It holds a full soda bottle plus plenty of ice, or makes a great container for an iced coffee. Love it!
    Some times you just need a little bigger then a 20oz I love that the kids still fit on them as well as the 12 and 20 oz cups.
    Very sturdy and cheaper than the others. Sometimes they are difficult to separate but it could just be a couple bad cups so nothing to worry about.
    I bought these choice 24 hours clear plastic cold cups to use for when I make iced coffee at home. It's not the sturdiest cup but you can pay more to get a cup that is sturdier. It's good quality, you just have to be careful not to squeeze it too hard.
    I ordered the 50 per pack one to just to have a try. Seems the quality of the product is good. Will fit to my business and consider to more the large box one later.
    This Choice cup is the perfect vessel to pour my daily spinach smoothies in as I drink them on the way to work. The 24 oz. size is large enough to add both ice and a large smoothie inside.
    This is thinner than what I used before. Its like for boba drink place. And it's not fit with from other company. So you have to buy suggested lid together.
    I just order this item not to long ago and I love it !! This is great for smoothies, milkshakes, water or even ice coffee.
    The best 24oz. cups I've purchased. These are not thee thickest cups in the world but they are also not as bad as other reviews state. I have left these in the freezer and they dont expand or break. I really like how tall they are. 24 oz is more than enough for a fulling smoothie.
    We have bought these cups for smoothies and iced coffee. I recommend to take care when choosing the lid, not all of them work properly.
    we loved this cup:) only one thing we you have to know before you purchase is it is kinda wiggling. other then price is good and clear enough!
    They are pretty tall and skinny, I wish they were a tiny bit wider and shorter but that is nit-picking. All in all a great, durable, good looking cup.
    Choice 24 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cold Cup - 600/Case #500CC24 This cup is great. I only use it for iced tea. Its a touch flimsy, but no one seems to mind.
    We use these for our impressive Large iced and frozen drinks. It's a large portion, but we like to stand out! The quality is good, if just a bit on the thin side, but not bad! We will continue to use them for another year, at least, I'm sure!
    Be sure to advise your customers not to squeeze too tightly, these cups are great but will cruch easily leaving spills all over the floors and cars if not handled carefully.
    Sturdy and well made larger sized cup that fits the lids we already have! A great item because we use cups ranging from 9oz up to 24 oz and all them use the same lid!
    The 24 oz cup is perfect for what we need it for. I love the clear as it is the perfect frame for our fruit tea. It makes the color pop!
    These cups are okay for what they are, but going from Dart cups to these is impossible. We decided to give it a try, but won't stick with the Choice cups. They are extremely flimsy. When filled with liquid, they feel like they are going to explode out the top when you pick them up. Decent cup, just be ready to get what you pay for.
    I agree about these cups being flimsy. Although I do not have a problem with the 16 or 20 ounce sizes. I've stayed with these however because I like being able to have one lid that fits all of my cups. I just wish the company would make it a bit more sturdy like the other sizes. I've had many customers who end up dumping their drink because they pick it up in the center of the cup and the flimsiness makes the top pop off and everything spill. Price is great, just with the economical product was a bit better.
    These cups are great for the root beer floats we sell i liked how we could buy a small pack and test them out before we spent more money on the case we will be buying more
    I couldn't find anyone with a better price! Also when I was trying to make sure all my cups and lids matched I asked for help and got it!
    Very poor quality. Flimsy and thin. Ended up having to double the cup so that customers could probably hold their drinks. Definitely won't buy again.
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    We started using these cups pretty recently at New Deli, but we love them. They're more durable than Styrofoam, they're clear so that you can see the contents, and they're unique.
    We love this cups for our iced coffees. I am surprise to hear that people don't like them. I love that the cups are flexible and do not crack. Our previous cups for another supplier would crack all the time. These cups are great!
    Choice 24 oz cold cups does the job. Comes in 50 pack and great price too! Comes with rolled rim! Only for cold drinks! 4 stars!
    While the price per cup is a good value, the sidewalls are weak and not sturdy. Customers must hold cup "gently" so as to not cause lid to pop off and spill contents. Disappointing product as several customers have voiced complaints.
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help with any issues you have.
    Just received my shipment today. I was very excited when I saw the size of the cups but became very disappointed after opening the package. Cups were not of great quality. Cups were very soft and had creases in of the cups has a hole in it. Will not buy again. I'll just keep it maybe I can use it for something later on.
    Thank you for the review, Lois! We're sorry these cups did not work out well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about the manufacturing issue.
    These large PET cups and amazing. Yhe crack resistance helps dramatically in decreasing product loss. The crystal cleat design displays the product perfectly. Great for colorful juice.
    We use these cups in our restaurant for our fraps and smoothies, they are very durable and perfect for these type drinks. We definitely will be ordering more
    Of all of the items I have bought I love these cups the most. They are so convenient when needing a drink to go and are the perfect size without being too large.
    We bought these cups to use for our flavored lemonades. Since they are different colors we wanted a good cup that showed them off to help generate interest at events and festivals when people see others carrying colored drinks. These cups have worked out well they are inexpensive and surprisingly strong as thin as they are. They also use the same lids as the Branded 24oz cups we get from our pepsi distributor so we don't have to keep track of different lid sizes. Overall we have been very satisfied with these cups and since they do help display drink products we have also started using them for our rootbeer floats. After trying the these in a smaller order we reordered this larger size case as we intend to keep using these for a long time.
    We use this for even bigger-sized beverages, especially bubble teas when 16-ouncer cups just won't do. Sturdy, strong cups. We pair these with dome lids also bought from
    Love the size of these cups. Also like the fact that they are CLEAR, most cups I buy seem to have a yellowish tint to them.
    Work just fine for our smoothies, however its annoying that my solo lids dont fit them. You'd think the industries would try to coordinate a little better. But they are sturdy and work just fine.
    This is a flimsy cup and does not fit standard lids like you would get with a dart or solo cup. Not a good unit to get if you are used to heavier duty cups
    Thank you for the review! We're sorry these cups did not work for you. Please remember to check out the You May Also Need section to find the right lids for your cups. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this as well!
    These cups are the best, I love them they are perfect for all your drink needs, whether it's a frozen drink, an iced coffee or a smoothie this is the cup you need, the quality is top notch, they are sturdy and don't break or crack. I recommend them for all your drinking needs!
    These 24 oz. cups are excellent for serving milkshakes! All we need to do is place a malt collar over the top of the cup and blend! Very high quality plastic and crystal clear.
    I really like these cups, they're perfect for everyday use and I think the size is excellent. I haven't had an experience of any of them being crushed or flimsy. They are a bit thinner than other cups, but still perfectly strong enough for whatever you may use them for.
    Summer is here, bring on the cold brew, offering larger drinks will bring in more cash. The lids are the same as smaller choice cups which help us all cut down on storage
    I have ordered these cups several times. I use them everyday for taking drinks on the go. I have only one complaint and that is that several times I have had 2 cups stick together and am unable to get them apart therefore they are unusable.
    These cups is not strong whatsoever. And also the lids to these cups are loose. It claim to be pet cup but it feel more like pp cups. I can't really used these cups because the drinks still leak upon drinking. Would not buy again.
    Thank you for the review, Jimmy! We're sorry these are not working well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon about the issues you are having with the fit of these cups with their companioned lids.
    I love the PET cups. They are clear, strong, durable and lightweight! They also look much better the the PP cups. It's also nice that all of the cup sizes fit one lid!
    There are many cups that are stuck together in pairs and they cannot be separated unless you damage one of the two. They are pressed in way too tight. Very annoying!
    Thank you for the review, Karen. We are sorry you’ve had trouble with these cups. We are working on resolving this with the manufacturer. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this issue.
    The cups work great for our smoothies and Frappes, the lids are always a perfect fit and make a great display of our products for our guests!
    Great cups many sizes to choose from they are perfect for cold drinks , smoothies and shakes , love using this at my shop they are great !
    Great size cup fill with ice and beverage and you are good to go. Now I don't have to waste time in drive thru lines for a refreshing drink. These cups are good quality and I also ordered the flat lid. Will be ordering these again when supply runs out.
    The twenty four ounce is a popular size and these Choice brand cups are a less expensive alternative for filling drink orders. The cup is slimmer which is not a problem and actually fit better in cup holders.
    This is an ok economical cup, however my customers complain that is collapses easily. I always have to let them know to grab from the top and don't squeeze. I have to double cup for stability, Thus costing more than the comparable dart cup. I'll be switching back.
    Just what I was looking for to go along with the dome lid I purchased. You can easily see the contents. The 24oz is perfect for frozen coffee drinks.
    Overall a well made plastic cup. I only have 2 minor problems. 1st is that when I a putting a lid on them the sides can slightly cave in if I am not careful. 2nd, like the 16oz cups, I had some problems with the packaging where the cups would stick together. These cups are somehow easier to pull apart than the 16oz cups.

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