Choice 4 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 1000/Case

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Serve all of your favorite hot beverages in this Choice 4 oz. white paper hot cup! Perfect for serving small portions of espresso and other warm drinks, this economical option can be put to good use at your cafe, coffee shop, kiosk, or concession stand. Thanks to its size, it's perfect for allowing customers to test your signature or seasonal flavors without committing to a full cup. With a poly-coated inside, this cup resists condensation accumulation to protect the outside of the cup from weakening. Featuring a tightly rolled rim, this cup provides worry-free, leak-proof drinking and creates a tight and secure seal when used with a compatible drinking lid (sold separately).

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Choice 4 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 1000/Case

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cups cup great espresso perfect size coffee samples small shots
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    A nice plain, white paper hot cup that is great for our family get together parties. A cut little four ounce cup that is great for serving our au ju dipping sauce for the roast beef.

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    We really like this smaller size for serving chili in. They are safe for serving both hot or cold drinks or food. They are very durable and we would buy again!

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    We purchased these cups to pass out samples of our products and it is the perfect size for that. Will keep purchasing this product in the future.

    from Winterbloom Tea Posted on

    This is a great cup for espresso shots to go for customers. This is small size which will work perfect for small beverages or to give samples of a beverage.

    from Crazy Crepe Posted on

    We love these cups and so do our customers! We use them for all sorts of treats, especially around Halloween and Christmas. They are the perfect size and with them being white, they are easy to decorate for any occasion. The only negative thing is, and it in no way reflects on the Webstaurant Store, I wish the manufacturer would add a few extra lids. We always have a few dozen cups from each box that do not have lids because they were crushed and can't be used. Other than that, we are super happy with these cups.

    from Les T. Posted on

    Choice 4oz white poly paper hot cups are so cute and stylish and are perfect for kids. The quality is just outstanding. They don't melt and keep the liquids hot for a very long time.

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    4oz white poly paper hot cup

    Be sure to use a sleeve if the contents are super hot! We very much prefer to have white cups. These Choice 4 oz Cafe print coffee cups are great for serving small coffees and the white color allows us to stamp our Dig & Serve logo on the side.. The small size helps save money from over pouring.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Very nice small hot beverage cup. Perfect for small tastes of coffee and tea. Low price.

    Such a cute little coffee cup! Great for espresso or pour over tasting.

    I love these little cups! I have a crafter that decorates them for different holiday s and people just eat them up! I also like to have fun with them by every once in a while giving a customer their "small" drink in them and watching their face as I try to act serious about it.

    from All Things Coffee House Posted on

    I have a crafter that decorates these for my coffee shop....just love them!

    I always get compliments for these unique size cups! I use them to make kids hot chocolates at the bakery and All the moms and kids love them!

    from Sweet dreams Posted on

    These 4 oz cups are great for samples and for kids. I also love to serve side dishes out of these at large events where you want to portion everything.

    from Homespun Hostess Posted on

    This is the cutest cup! It's perfect for our to-go espresso and macchiato orders. I would also think it would make a good sample cup.

    from Amateur Coffee Posted on

    Choice 4oz cup + lid perfect for macchiatos to-go!

    These ploy paper hot cups are great for holding shots of espresso! The cup is thick enough so the hot drink does not burn your hand!

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    I have been ordering these cups for three years for a charity chili cookoff event we run. We love them, as do the people that use them! They insulate the heat very well, are strong enough to not collapse and prevent messes, and are fully recyclable. WebrestaurantStore has the best price on these cups anywhere, hands down, and shipping is very fast - I once ordered the week before the event when I realized too late I was running low, and they arrived within just a few days! Highly recommended product and store!

    Posted on

    We use these for soup shooters with a sandwich and people seem to love them. Perfect amount of soup and keeps it warm without melting cup.

    from Limitless Events and Catering Posted on

    We use these cups for espressos or for beverage sampling. They are cute and practical. The material is sturdy and durable. We are very pleased with this product

    from The Cozy Cannoli Company Posted on

    Perfect for espressos

    A great, small 4 ounce hot cup that is perfect for our coffee tastings. They are the perfect size and allow customers to sample a variety of blends and brews.

    Posted on

    Choice 4 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 1000/Case #5004W these lil cups are perfect for samples, and my double espresso shots.... I use these all day

    from Gateway Brew Posted on

    Perfect size for shots of espresso for customers. Don't forget to order the lids too! These were a great addition to our supplies and look cute too.

    from Kool Beanz Posted on

    So many uses for these little hot paper cups. Whether you use them for food, drink or crafting they are nice little cups. Perfect serving size for hot cocoa and milk for the kiddos.

    Posted on

    We use this cup in memory care to pass medication it work very good for this. We have 27 residents in this unit so they go fast. The price is very good also.

    from Cannon Falls Senior LLC Lora Bremer Posted on

    Excellent quality cup, use primarily for espresso shots at the cafe. It's a super cute little addition that people really like looking at. Also great as samples when working on a new drink or trying out a new food, soup flavor. Will order again and again.

    from the black fig Posted on

    These Choice cups are very good for samples. We will use them for coffee and espresso drink samples at our upcoming soft opening. I recommend these.

    from 5 Points Coffee & Tea Posted on

    Great sample cups! We use these all the time to let our customers have a taste of the different coffees we have brewed up and know what they are getting without wasting a cup or having to wash a dish!

    Posted on

    The size is perfect for a small coffee or tea at your coffee shop, when people don't drink a lot, just want a small amount. I am very happy and will purchase them again in the future.

    Posted on

    I have multiple sizes of this cup for my coffee shop. We use the 4oz for our pupachinos. It's priced better than anywhere else I've been able to find. Basic and good quality.

    from Barton County Coffee Company Posted on

    Ordered these for the office and they are awesome! Super great quality and perfect size. We use it for our Nespresso machine and they're so simple and perfect for when we have clients come visit.

    Posted on

    We have a wonderful espresso machine at home where we drink 6 to 8 cups a day, rather than going thru the hassle of glass cups, these are perfect for us!

    Posted on

    Very good for our customers to sample coffee or to have a taste testing of different drinks so they can decide what flavors they would like!

    Posted on

    These cups are a great product! Placing the order was quick and efficient.The order was received in a timely manner. Very satisfied customer and recommend.

    Posted on

    This product is a high quality 4 oz cup that we use to serve to go espresso double-shots. We were also able to find standard lids for the cup.

    Posted on

    These cus are the perfect size to serve our Greek Coffee at our annual Greek Fest. They hold the temperature, are strong, and you can't beat the price from this site!!

    from St Anne Orthodox Church Posted on

    Perfect for a shot of espresso or just a pick me up sized coffee. Customers love options and this gives the, just that when it comes to coffee size.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    The size of these cups worked great for small portions of chili to taste at our church chili cook-off. They are durable and would work well for hot or cold items.

    from Bountiful Heights Church Posted on

    We were so excited to find these here- we had a hard time finding cups this size that didn't have a silly design printed on them. This is the perfect size to-go cup for teeny drinks like our espresso and macchiato.

    from workhorse coffee llc Posted on

    These 4 oz cups are great for serving espresso. We use them for macchiato's as well. Solid, simple and we're happy with them. Make sure you understand how small 4 oz actually is before buying.

    from Nomad Coffee LLC Posted on

    I bought this cup for my espresso to go cup but I ended up using this for samples more. Works great for that too! Built nice and strong.

    from The Homestead Posted on

    We use this great cups in our store, mainly for espresso and macchiato. Price was great .they are very good to put samples for the customers.

    from the republic of chocolate Posted on

    These cups are great. We use them at our farmers markets, tea tastings, festivals, and in our store. The size is perfect for beverage sampling larger would be too much and anything smaller would hardly get the taste across. The handle heat well so if your serving tea, coffee, or anything that is served hot this is the cup. We've tried others that were more expensive and not near as good.

    from Victory Tea Company Posted on

    These are not only adorable but perfect for customers who just want a couple shots of espresso. We don't go through many, but they're a nice addition for these tiny drinks!

    from Turntable Cafe Posted on

    The 4 oz. paper cup was perfect for sampling coffees and teas. We filled the cups half way with a sample beverage and the customer was able to taste our product without totally giving them a whole drink.

    from Reserva Coffee Roasters Posted on

    The size is perfect for a extra small coffee or tea at your tea shop when people don't drink a lot just want a small amount.

    Posted on

    Very affordable, great quality, little paper cup - super cute size, good for coffee shots, samples etc. Love using these little cups, highly recommended, and will continue to purchase again - nice clean white color, durable

    from nire, inc.i Posted on

    This is a great cup to provide beverage samples to people. It can also be used as a to-go cup for espresso. No issues, I've used about 5000 to date.

    from Little Lots Farms Posted on

    I use these in my coffee shop. They are reliable and work nicely with the recommended choice to go lids. Haven't had any issues so far!

    from Serving Grace Cafe Posted on

    These little 4oz cups are perfect for serving double shots or espressos con panna. They hold heat well and one 50-pack lasts quite a while.

    from Sunflower Espresso LLC Posted on

    These choice 4oz. poly paper cups are generally used for outside activities. To avoid the mess of having to constantly clean and wash dishes, these are highly convenient in that we can use for the day and toss. It holds plenty of liquid for the quick pick and go.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    These are perfect for someone who wants an espresso shot to go, just the right amount of room to serve one up to our customers the right way.

    from Lone Star Bistro Posted on

    Used the Choice 4 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 50 / Pack to serve an egg, hash-brown, sausage quiche. Great for when me and the kids have an early breakfast quiche that we need to take on the road. Arrived very fast.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    These work well for espresso, cortados and other small cup coffee drinks. We also use these for sampling since they are so affortable. Nice product

    Posted on

    Great cups. We use these for our espresso shots at our bakery. Everything we use has to be paper "to-go" one use cups. These work great.

    from Brown Bag Bagels Posted on

    I bought the Choice 4 oz hot cups for our espresso shots. We serve our espresso as a double shot making this cup perfect for us!

    from Bread & Joe Posted on

    Adorable espresso cups. I use these to serve espresso shots and it works perfectly. The cup is durable and the lid fits perfectly. I am definitely getting more of these.

    Posted on

    These cups are great. For the price, you cannot beat them. I have looked around, and settled on these and I am so glad I did. The 4 oz. cups are sturdy and they are exactly what I need for my coffee shop and the espresso we serve in them.

    from D&M Coffee House Posted on

    Exceptionally well made. Perfect to fit a small stamped logo. Easy to use, came well packaged, great for samples and espresso. I will definitely reorder and I highly recommend

    from Pour More Coffee Posted on

    These were great for two promo events we were doing, We used them to hand out free samples and they did the trick just fine. Nice sample size, good sturdy cup. ~Ryan

    from Angry Coffee Roasters Posted on

    These cups are the perfect size to give out samples of our dark drinking chocolate and honey ginger tea. Our customers at the farmer's market love them!

    from Cocoa & Spice Posted on

    Cutest things ever!!! I had not seen this before but had been on the look out for a small sample hot cup- can't believe the deal. Love them!

    Posted on

    We purchased these cups for our office espresso machine and they are a big hit. Very inexpensive and just the right size for everyone's daily caffeine fix!

    Posted on

    These cups are the perfect size for young children or espresso shots. They are compact and sturdy and they don't leak when you leave a beverage in them for several hours.

    Posted on

    I got these cups for the low income kids to make things with. They love them and with the price it is easy to have alot for serving small snacks or letting the kids have some fun.

    Posted on

    I have used these extensively to sample coffee for customers. They are sturdy, do not impart any taste in the coffee, and are the ideal size. I keep re-ordering them as needed also because the price is good. One less headache!

    from Little Lots Farms Posted on

    These are great for espresso shots & macchiatos, no excess bulk from cups that are too large for the product. Adds to the presentation of smaller beverages, keeps customers & staff happy, these will remain in our inventory.

    from Bada Bean Posted on

    Perfect size for to go espresso shots. We also use it for sampling our herbal beverages, flavored cocoas, and small pieces of our baked goods.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    This is the second case of these cups I've ordered from webstaurant. We're coffee roasters, so we use these primarily to sample coffee at various events. We normally print small logo stickers and affix them, and they look great! I would definitely recommend.

    Posted on

    I bought these mini cups for a craft project that I was working on they can out great I love these cups and reccommed them

    Posted on

    These are perfect for an espresso or a macchiato. Customers rarely order these two drinks so we just purchase these to go cups rather than investing in espresso cups. Helps save space!

    Posted on

    A tiny cup with many uses! It's really an adorable size, perfect for a small scoop of ice cream, or a hot shot of espresso.

    Posted on

    Shipping was super quick, and the cups arrived packaged securely. Great value, and perfect for samples. Easy to use, and can be recycled with no problems. They are thick and a great quality product.

    Posted on

    These are perfect small cups - we use them for both hot and cold beverages as we try to avoid plastic. The 4oz. is perfect for small quantities or samples. I like the solid white color, and the weight is nice - a little heavier and sturdier.

    from That Kitchen Witch Posted on

    Absolutely the cutest little cups for espresso, affagoto, and machiato. Do not leak and even can have little lids to boot! Will buy again when we run out!

    Posted on

    These adorable little 4 ounce cups are perfect for espresso shots or for people who want to taste our coffee before committing to a larger size cup.

    from Karma Boutique & Coffee Bar Posted on

    These little 4 oz. cups are awesome for holding party treats. I decorate them with decorative paper and embellishments to go with the holiday/event I am decorating for and then put chocolates, candies, small gifts, etc., into them.

    from CreationsByMyDearDee Posted on

    Love these mini cups! Use them mostly for espresso or samples of hot beverages. These cups are very sturdy and do not disintegrate or lose their shape like some other small paper cups. I usually do have to use one inside another for double espresso shots -- using just one cup results in burnt fingers. I receive compliments from customers when using these with their corresponding mini lids.

    from Green Cup Cafe Posted on

    These items are used as little tasters for soups and our pot pies. Customers really enjoy the little tasters and they are very useful for events and parties. Would definitely recommend this item.

    from Baltimore Cafe and Restaurant Posted on

    These cups are being used as Christmas gifts. We hand-stamped with Christmas sayings and scenes and will be given to my daughter's favorite hockey team. We filled them with a holiday candy mix and wrapped a colorful ribbon around the outside of the lid and put a peppermint candy on top. Ideal size for just a little gift.

    Posted on

    We buy these regularly to serve complimentary tea to our customers. It is just the right size for sampling and keep the tea nice and hot.

    from Curry Village Foods, Inc. Posted on

    These little cups are great and cheap. The just plain white is classy and looks good for handing them out at farmers markets for samples. I'm happy with the construction and they are thick enough that customers don't burn their hands.

    from Simple Roast Coffee Company Posted on

    Fantastic value for our office espresso setup. Couldn't find a better value anywhere else online. The cups are the perfect size and paper is the best choice for us.

    Posted on

    These are a fantastic value, and a really cute size. We are using them for crafts. We saw several posts using these cups for crafts, and they included the source. I am sure we will be back for more when our current supply is depleted!

    from St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School Posted on

    Love these little cups for handing out samples or selling small cups of coffee. The matching lids fit perfectly and as an ensemble, it couldn't look better!

    Posted on

    this 4 oz paper cup works great for or espresso service. the customers love them. and at this price you really cant go wrong. great value product.

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    I bought these cups for my multinational Wedding in August. About 75 people will be attending, half will be Caucasian Americans and the other half Chinese Americans. Originally, I was tempted to use the tumblers for hot beverages, because one of the customer reviews on the Webstaurant store claimed that hot water worked well in these plastic tumblers. However, I feel that my guests may be uncomfortable with drinking something hot out of a plastic cup, so I decided to buy separate cups specially made for hot tea and coffee. Although this is a smaller cup, I have observed that typically Chinese like to drink tea out of smaller cups, so that it why I bought the smaller size. In the end, I am very pleased with the size and how sturdy the cup looks and feels. I also think this cup looks more expensive than most standard paper cups. In conclusion, I would recommend this cup for those who need to serve hot beverages in smaller quantities.

    Posted on

    I bought these to fill with chilled desserts like chocolate mousse and puddings. They are perfect for carrying to an event and then there are no dirty dishes to lug home.

    from Cece Brune Posted on

    Plain and simple so that you can showcase your product. Whether it is a simple espresso or a dressed macchiato, these cups are the perfect choice.

    from CupSide Down Cafe Posted on

    I purchases the 4 oz hot paper cups and lids to use for a gift/favor idea. I covered the cups with scrapbook paper and embellishments. I then made a little coffee-to-go tote and added a straw and filled with little goodies. My friends just love these favors!

    Posted on

    We love these 4 oz. Choice Paper Hot Cups! They are such a fad in the crafting business and The WEBstaurant store had the best pricing, with fast shipping!

    from Imaximus Posted on

    Covered 4 oz. Hot Cups

    Heavy duty and small size is perfect for our children's birthday parties and cooking classes. Great value for small business and quantity per case is perfect.

    from Play Makers Posted on

    Great for small children or awesome to use as a craft. Cheap and an all around great product. Will be buying more once im done using current ones

    Posted on

    I had originally seen these cups on another crafters blog and I had to try them out. They are the perfect size to fill with candy or other small treats after decorating with decorative paper, ribbon or other emblishments. These cups will also be very useful when offering samples of fresh pressed cider!

    Posted on

    Couldn't find a 4oz paper cup anywhere until now. We offer samples of hot tea every day in the shop and this is the perfect size.

    from Tea by Two Posted on

    These are decent, but not great. We use them for espresso to go and they work well with the complementary lids. However, they tend to stick to one another making it rather hard to pull just one out. Good quality though.

    from 12 Corners Cafe Posted on

    The perfect cup for to-go espresso, con panna and macchiatos. It is nice to hand our customers a cup that properly fits their drink order, otherwise even an 8oz. cup looks empty and they wonder what they are paying for. To us it shows a higher level of care.

    from Cream & Sugar Ice Cream Cafe Posted on

    Cute cups. When I do my farmers markets, I offer free water from a cooler to my patrons. This cup is perfect for that. Small enough for a child to hold too!

    from Desiree's Desserts Posted on

    These cups work perfectly for "to go" espresso orders. Now we aren't wasting a 12 oz cup for 1.5 oz of coffee! We use a rubber stamp to brand these.

    from Arcadia Posted on

    These are great! The size is perfect for tastings and events (which is what we do!) Just wish there was a recycled option with logo.

    from Vida pour Tea Posted on

    We recently received an order of these cups and they are great! We use them for our water cups. They are the perfect size and they hold the perfect amount of water for a thirsty ice-cream-eater. Highly recommend!

    from The Pie Kitchen Posted on

    These small cups are excellent for employee drinks because the small size allows employees a chance to drink and throw the cup away, preventing health inspection problems!!

    Posted on

    These cups are fun. They are a great for small tastings. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that they do get soft if product sits in them very long.

    Posted on

    These little guys work great! Especially for tasting beverages... They don't impart too much of a paper tast on your beverage. Excellent buy for sure.

    Posted on

    Very cute little espresso cups. They come in handy at the front counter when customers need to do any sample tasting or so. Nice quality.

    Posted on

    Used with our Church to serve hot beverages. Seams never failed no matter how hot the water was. The Webstaurant store was prompt with processing both of my shipments.

    from St. Innocents Orthodox Church Posted on

    We just purchased these cups for water and have much success with them. They are the perfect size. The best aspect of these cups though is the price!

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    These are the PERFECT cups for measuring my oil when im making candles! Ive tried other companies-NOTHING AND NO ONE beats Webstaurant...TRUST ME THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!

    from Ge-Gee's Soybean Candles Posted on

    These cups are the perfect size for offering our customers tastes of our drinks. We use them for both hot and cold drinks - and as you see from the picture they also make a handy holder!

    Posted on

    Sweet little paper cups for hot or cold beverages. Small size makes them great for toddler-sized portions. It's a plus that they are biodegradable. Try them with the matching lids.

    Posted on

    A great product for espresso-to-go, but a little too thin. I sometimes have to double-cup it for customers because the heat is too much to hold.

    from Casetta Coffee Posted on

    This is a great product for offices with espresso machines. It's especially helpful they are sold by the case which saves us time and money.

    Posted on

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