Choice 20 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 600/Case

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Serve up all your favorite hot beverages in this Choice 20 oz. white paper hot cup! From hot cocoa and coffee to tea and warm cider, this Choice cup is an economical option for your cafe, coffee shop, kiosk, or concession stand. With a poly-coated inside, this cup resists condensation accumulation to protect the outside of the cup from weakening. Featuring a tightly rolled rim, this cup provides worry-free, leak-proof drinking and creates a tight and secure seal when used with a compatible drinking lid (sold separately).

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Choice 20 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 600/Case

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    Happy with this purchase. These cups are much cheaper than the brand of 20oz cups I was buying previously. They even work with my other brand traveler lids. Sometimes there are damaged cups that don't allow for a lid to be put on, though I experienced this with the previous brand as well, so can't complain.
    These 20oz cups are also an excellent price even though the amount is almost half as much. Price othet sites and look at thr difference.
    These cups are great for our ti go orders. They are very sturdy and are great for hot drinks. We love the white cups as they go well with our sleeves.
    Great cups to use. They are plain but you can easily add something to make them pop more such as a sleeve or even just a logo.
    Perfect for those crazy coffee drinks. Go big or go home right, well this cup lets you do that! Wether it be house coffee or 10 espresso shots, this cup gets the job done!
    Exactly as described. These cups are the workhorse of our shop and work perfectly when paired with a good sleeve. We will be buying these every time.
    perfect for our morning coffee customers. Sturdy and look great. Love that they have a corresponding lid for sale too. Would really recommend these to a friend.
    Overall good cups. A few have a messed up (thicker) rim and you cannot put a lid on them. You definitely need a sleeve with them for hot drinks.
    This is the most popular size for hot coffee at out shop. Great price and great quality. I use Choice brand for all out hot drinks.
    These are all around solid cups, they are tried and true for us and absolutely our first choice (pun intended). They have a great amount of structure and can stand even an extreme amounts of heat. We love that the sleeves fit at an appropriate level on the cup that is both appealing to the eyes and a comfortable place to hold. The only issue we have ad with it is that on a few of the cups, the lip is folded too far down for lids to fit on.
    These cups work well most of the time, but more recently we have been having issues with the lip of the cup not being rolled tight enough. This causes An issue with the fit of the lids. Obviously hot beverages and I’ll fitting lids and cups is a huge issue and liability.
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this is defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon.
    Good cups. We go through them a lot and have to reorder. Add a nice sleeve to give it more than just a white plain cup.
    I actually like the white look over the typical yellow/coffee cup design. We put stickers on ours to brand them a bit better. But the overall product is great. Just get heat shields because they are extremely hot to hold without them over the cup!
    Our favorite large sized poly cup. These hold a large amount of liquid and the cup prevents your hand from burning even when drinking hot liquids.
    Choice has the best hot cups and when paired with their lids, there is no other cup/lid combo better. Lattes and Mochas look very nice contrasted with the stark white of the cup. My only complaint would be it's not easy to wipe up a spot if you get a little syrup on the side.
    High quality paper cup. Cup is strong quality and holds hot coffe in it maintains tempature and does not become “ soggy “. Works great with lids and rim is sturdy
    Perfect cups for any hot drink! We have ordered these many times and have never been disappointed with either the quality or appearance of them.
    The Choice 20 oz. cups arrived with two out of 50 that would not fit lids, one's rim was smashed and the other bloated. However, we were able to still use them for dry snacks that did not need fitted lids. As with the 16 oz versions, we use them not just for coffee and teas but also for on the go hot snacks, dinner and soup.
    Choice 20 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 600/Case #50020W alsways a go to favorite hot cup. inexpensive and convenient. will and have reordered often
    This 50 pack of choice brand poly paper cups are really nice I love how they’re all white so we can write peoples names on them for their order and I love how the choice lids fit on the 20 ounce cups as well as the 16 and 12 ounce cups
    Choice 20oz white poly paper hot cups are very nice and classy. The quality is just outstanding. They don't melt and keep the liquids hot for a very long time.
    Love the style of the plain white cup with the black lids. They look stylish and classy. The white makes it easy to decorate and write customer's drink order on them.
    These white 20 oz. poly paper hot cups are a necessity for every coffee shop! They are a great size and very sturdy to place any drink in it!
    Great product at a reasonable price. We order these cups on a regular basis for our shop and dont have many problems. The only issues we've had with them were due to packaging and transportation and have always been resolved.
    Venti size! This is the largest size we use and we sell a combo Waffle and coffee. This is our most popular size between the 12, 16, and 20 ounce cups. Please buy them and the matching lids too.
    Great quality product at a low cost, we use these for our do it yourself coffee bar, we also buy the lids and sleeves for these cups, makes a great looking product.
    This cup is perfect size for large size cup of coffee! and good price when compare with other brand. i will defiantly buy this again, again!!
    A nice strong plain white paper cup that is great for serving our large milkshakes. The cups work perfect and leave room at top for whip cream and a cherry.
    Have been very pleased ordering this product and is the main line of hot cups and cold cups my Shop carries. As always the product ships in a timely manner customer service is outstanding and I continue to order products from webstaurant! Thank you!
    I have had a little bit of a tough time finding cups that do not leak when putting very hot coffee in. I decided to try these and so far so good!
    These are a good quality coffee cup. They are very sturdy, and have a good heavy feel. They are well insulated and do not feel too hot when in use.
    2oz bigger than normal! poses a bit of a problem when folks lie there coffee topped off to the rim so in affect it does wear on the bottom line
    Love these cups. Check the price difference and trust the brand. I received no negative feedback when making the switch. It is a no brainer.
    Tried these in place of our Solo cups and they worked great. Slightly different size as far as stacking goes, but lids and sleeves fit great. Good quality cup for a great price!
    We have ordered the Choice paper hot cups (12oz and 20oz) multiple times in the past and were satisfied enough with the product. Out of every order we had at least one sleeve of cups with lids that were not rolled properly and therefor did not accept a lid securely. Our last order (of several hundred cups of each size) was incredibly disappointing. All of the large cups had a lip that was unevenly rolled and too thick. Customers complained of the ill-fitting lids as they would pop off while carrying or drinking. There's nothing safe about serving hot liquid in a container with a lid that won't stay on. I recommend spending the extra few dollars per case on the Solo cups and lids. Our order just arrived and we are thrilled to death with the improvement of quality from Choice to Solo.
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    This cup leaks and burnt one of my customers. I don not recommended using it. I am in the process of trying to return all the ones I still have in stock.
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help with any issues you have.
    I have multiple sizes of this cup for my coffee shop. It's priced better than anywhere else I've been able to find. Basic and good quality.
    Great cups you get a lot for your money and they are nice sized cups great for hot and cold drinks. Perfect for taking coffee in the morning no more worrying about bringing home a cup.
    I am so happy when I saw the price of this hot cup, it's cheaper more than 10 dollar than any other hot cup in the market. The important is the quality is good.
    We really like this cup. We put a cup hot sleeve on it for our hot coffees. It is really a nice heavy weight cup.
    These cups are very sturdy and love the rim at the top. You can really know that your hot lid fits snug with that rolled rim. Great buy!
    A nice size for a large coffee or tea. We sell a lot of these sizes at our cafe and we love how simple and white they are, so not too distracting or busy. It works well with a pretty coffee sleeve. Good quality and price.
    Have been purchasing the Choice White Poly Paper Hot Cups for several years now. Love the simple, yet very sturdy design of the cup. I have seen a pack of 12 Solo brand hot cups sold a large chain stores for much more a pack!! Hardly a bargain. For about the same price you can have 50 cups. No debate on the better deal for me. I use them most mornings as we rush out of the house and want to enjoy a coffee or cappuccino from home. Everyone at work has been asking where I buy them.
    Great value overall. These have held up well for us. Will continue to purchase this value brand. Would not recommend for use in the microwave.
    The Choice 20 Oz. cups were perfectly for us. We use both the 12 and 20 oz sizes and order sleeves to go with them. The only thing I would recommend doing is purchasing your lids at another retailer. You can use the 12 oz. black hot lids for both the 12 and 20 oz sizes. They fit perfectly.
    We use these cups in our cafe. They are sturdy. I love the crisp look of the white cup. The lids don't always fit well. Occasionally you'll open a sleeve of the lids, and they are just too small. But, most of the lids work just fine. The heat transfers to your hand pretty quick, so I recommend pairing this cup with a sleeve!
    You will be hard pressed to find these cupcakes at a better price than webstaurant. We like the plain white look of these cups and will continue to purchase them.
    As with the other Choice cups, these work just fine. The bigger size seems pretty popular for coffee. These seem to hold up well and they are affordable. Shipping was fast.
    we've used these cups exclusively since we opened our coffee shop. You have to have a cup sleeve or double cup for hot drinks, they are thin but good product for the price. We do occasionally have trouble fitting the lid of them, almost denting the cup to get the lid on.
    If you do not need a branded product this is a great buy for the money. We use these as a backup to our branded stock.
    One cup every sleeve or so is messed up at the rim. Otherwise one wasted cup every 100 or so is not a big deal to us and they work great otherwise.
    These cups are great! One sleeve fits perfect in the San Jamar cup dispensers. Nice sturdy cup and easy to dress up with a coffee jacket.
    We use this as our "Large" size and our customers seem to think it works just fine. They hold up well but be mindful they won't insulate like styrofoam. Great alternative choice though!
    I use these in my coffee shop. They are reliable and work nicely with the recommended choice to go lids. Haven't had any issues so far!
    This a great quality cup for the price. We use this at our coffee shop and have been very satisfied with it. Our customers seem to like it too. Thank you!
    Choice cups are our standard now, they are priced well. They also have no issues on heat or putting lids on. The white color is great for us, we are plain jane!
    Used the Choice 20 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 600 / Case to hold grape koolaid. This cups is not just for coffee. Have a refreshing glass of grape koolaid and keep it insulated.
    Clean, white, modern look for our coffee. No problems leaking. They come packed well, so they are not smooshed or damaged. They feel nice too.
    Not the best cup on the market, but solid. The rims of the cup bend sometimes and you have to throw it out because a lid will fit on it, but odds are it will fall off when someone goes to drink from it. Not very visually appealing, but a good strong hot cup. If you're looking for something basic and strong, this is a good cup.
    We recently switched to these cups. I love the crisp clean white look. We also purchased sleeves for them. I did the math on the generic cups we were getting somewhere else to these with sleeves, same price and I have little walking billboards now! :)
    These cups are great. For the price, you cannot beat them. I have looked around, and settled on these and I am so glad I did. The 20 oz. cups are sturdy and they are exactly what I need for my coffee shop.
    I like the price of these cups and the quality. Every once in awhile you'll notice weakness, but it's really pretty rare, and we've had no issues yet.
    The # 1 most important part of our business, this cup diplays and contains our products in safe and professional manner. This is the only cup we trust with our drink!
    I got these cups as a trial before I purchased cases of them. It would be nice to be able to get one free cup sent to us to see if it will work for our needs rather than having to buy an entire sleeve.
    Perfect for large hot coffees! Fits with the same tops, cardboard cup holder, etc. Don't mean or get weak with the liquid inside. Very durable.
    Great price - however, it suffers the same problem as the 12oz and 16oz size cups. Quality is inconsistent and sometimes the complimenting lids do not fit properly.
    Thank you for reviewing these! We are currently working to get this issue fixed for any future purchases. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly.
    Choice brand cups compare very well with other name brand cups. I've found them to be a great way to save money without compromising on quality.
    Great, sturdy coffee cup. We had to change coffee brands and needed a blank cup, these work great. Our old lids even fit the top, we are very happy with them.
    Overall good cup. I believe it is the perfect size for my 4 shot lattes. I am giving it a 4 star because there have been a few small defects and one major one. I was very busy one day and making a beverage for a customer and when I poured the espresso into one of these cups I quickly realized that there was a cut out hole in the bottom. It was a clean cut so I know it wasn't punctured. It must have happened at the factory. But overall the cups have been consistent.
    This cups are really great, the quality is really good but I didn't expect anything less from this brand! they are great, I recommend these.
    We use the choice hot cups in 3 different sizes for our coffee bar, and the 20 ounce is the only size we have had problems with. We purchased 2 cases of these cups, and while they look great, the coating seems inconsistent, which causes leakage or sometimes an act of strength to get the cups apart. We don't have these problems with the 12 or 16 ounce size. I love the price, but the issues with the 20 ounce cups may have me searching for a new 20 ounce cup, while still keeping the 12 and 16 ounce.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you've been having issues with the 20 ounce cups you purchased. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon to add the cups as a credit to your account.
    Works as good as the one sells in the market. But cheaper price same quality. Will be back and stock more if we need. l
    The choice hot cups are high quality and well packaged. Service and pricing from webstaurant can't be beat. I highly recommend these for any local coffee shop.
    These paper cups are sturdy and look great once we put our coffee cup sleeves over it and mostly any lid will fit this cup.
    These cups are great!! We can use 12, and 16oz lids with these cups and the sleeves fits them all as well. I recommend these cups to any coffee shop.
    Perfect cup for any busy coffee shop. Nice price- Haven't found a better value for a high quality cup. They look sharp too with a black lid and sleeve.
    Love the price. But when a bunch of customers are telling me the cups are leaking and spilling coffee on their suits and hands. They don't return. I opened up a box and saw the quality. Horrible I'd say. As you cAn see in the picture.
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear these cups leaked. A Customer Solutions Representative will remain in contact until the issue has been resolved.
    Once again great product for the price, but have to watch the lids on these cups. They can be too wide which make the choice lids not fit.
    We have been using these for over 6 months and they are a great solid cup for our coffee shop the only issue we have is sometimes the tops of the cup are easy to damage.
    These cups are a great value and very convenient. They are sturdy and fit well with the accompanying lids. We will definitely be reordering soon.
    I was disappointed in these cups. We had sporadic leakage issues and the cups stuck together when stacked - our baristas had to use both hands to separate. The price is so good, if we could only figure out why some cups leaked, we would reorder. Yes, we used the matching lids.
    Thank you for your review! A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact shortly. These should not be leaking.
    The Choice brand hot cups look nice, are smooth to the touch, and hold up under heat and stirring. The lid fits tightly over the lip so there is no leakage.
    We love these Choice White 20oz cups they are heavy weight and they allow us to add our own creative spark to our coffee shop. We hand stamp each cup which makes our cups just as unique as our shop.
    Nice sturdy cup. We have tried a few other cups and have found that the glue does not always stay sealed. Basic white goes well with our sleeves also.
    This white hot cup is great for serving coffee. The simplicity of the cup is nice. Allows for a variety of choices to personalize your look. The cup is also very sturdy and durable.
    These cups are absolutely perfect for any hot drinks used at home or in a coffee shop! We use these cups at a University Coffee shop, so cost was definitely a factor for us when we were shopping around, and these cups were by far the most cost effective. They also allow you to adhere a sticker-logo on the side quite nicely. Also allow for easy writing on if your company writes drink orders on the side with a black marker.
    Great Cup, holds up well with any of our hot products. smooth edge that allows lid to fasten securely. You cant go wrong with this cup! both on price and service
    Such a great cup for out company. We run a coffee shop and trying to find affordable cups is a difficult task but with this website we have made it possible. Highly recommend this product.
    These hot cups are cost-effective, sturdy, and do not leak. (Very cost-effective, I’ve compared.) The white is true bright white. These large hot cups are sometimes tricky. Most of the time they are a perfect fit, but occasionally the lids do not fit well. This problem does not prevent me from re-ordering.
    By using the white cups I can use my company logo sleeve on my hot products. I have never had any problem with leaks or spills.
    Can't say anything more but awesome these cups! I use to shop at the Cupdepot for all my cups because of the free shipping. However when calculating it out its cheaper on here when buying in large quantities! Happy with the quality and so are my customers ;-)
    If you are like me, you are always looking for the best possible price for the best possible product. For years, my coffeehouse used the coffeehouse standard SOLO hot cup. A quick comparison of price made me consider switching to the CHOICE hot cup. I repeatedly thought that there was no possible way that the CHOICE cup would outperform the SOLO cup. I was completely and totally wrong. The Choice 20 oz hot cup completely and totally surprised me by it's quality and durability. I anticipated a thin, poorly waxed, irregular lipped cup. I was so wrong. The CHOICE cup is quality AND cheap. That doesn't happen often. My customers never noticed the change. NO one noticed. Now, I'm saving so much more money. Do yourself a favor. Use this cup. Use it now. I was a skeptic... Now, I'm completely won-over.
    We are saving big money on these cups. They are just as sturdy and professional looking as the ones we were purchasing from our regular vendor. Thank goodness for're saving money every time someone purchases a cup of joe!
    These cups are sturdy and you can add your own store sticker to them. I haven't noticed that the coffee makes the cup too hot for customers.
    If you own a coffee shop. This cups are must it fits really nice and snug with hot paper black lids and completely changes the appearance of the hot beverage. Buy it from WEBstaurant you wont be disappointed.
    Significant amount of the cups leaked, worth spending a little more for better quality, will not be purchasing this style again as other styles have not had the same issues.
    After conducting our own quality test, we did not find that the cups leaked but we have contacted our manufacturer about improving the quality.
    We love the Choice, Hot, Paper cups. We use the 12, 16, and 20 oz cups. However, we have experienced some leaking, only with the 20 oz cup. And unfortunately, one of our customers kept getting the leaky cup. Didnt look to good for us. But, and I stress this part, Webstaurant Store handled it great. They gave us a replacement box, which is awesome! So, we will keep using these cups, hopefully, it was just one bad box!
    A great quality cup at a great price! love how crisp and clean it looks and like how we can use our logo sticker for cold drinks.
    20oz is a lot of coffee or hot chocolate. I like this cup because i can write a note on the cup like "have a good day at work" or "thank you for being a good friend" that's awesome! Simply and plain
    Works well and the plain white color makes it easy to go with the colorful sleeves I bought to go with it. I will continue to buy this.
    Best 20 OZ 2go cup I have ever ordered! No matter how long a hot beverage sits in these cups they will not leak or break down. And best of all they are half the price and perform just as well as premium brand name cups.
    Cost efficient cup. Blank design is the best for start up business who plan to have their own logo printed on the cup. The wall feel hot when filed with hot beverage, but it's considered to be normal,
    This is a great buy. I will purchase again. This is great for hot coffee and tea drinks. It is also very durable and I love the plain white design.

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