Choice 1-Ply White Beverage / Cocktail Napkin - 4000/Case

Item #: 5001BNAP

Prevent water marks on your tabletops and bar by presenting beverages with this classic Choice 1-ply white beverage / cocktail napkin. Featuring an elegant, embossed border this napkin accents your beverageware. Thanks to its pure white color, the various hues of your vibrant mixed drinks and garnishes pop!

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Choice 1-Ply White Beverage / Cocktail Napkin - 4000/Case

4.6 stars from 170 reviews


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napkins great price napkin quality beverage cocktail bar small thin
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    This product is saving us a good deal of money because it is something we constantly use. The pricing is great! they are much cheaper than any other supplier that we got them from! Will keep using!
    I have no complaints for this product. It works great and looks nice when coming out with our drinks. I would highly recommend this product.
    We use thousands of these a week. They go under all our beverages and they go under every side we serve suck as ketchup or dressing. Great price here!
    The price on these napuare just right! You get 500 napkins that are well packaged and arrived super fast. My customers are gonna be able to tell that I put care into my products, these napkins are perfect.
    These napkins are a bit thin, but since we use them for cocktail parties they do the trick. I wouldn't recommend them for dinner. But wilainl definaterly buy ag
    is very good napkin ,economic ,and good quality lasts quite box and the customers are happy with it and me to because we safe good money
    These cocktail napkins serve their purpose, but we will be going with 2-ply in the future. They look fine, but they are just too thin to give to customers and are hard to pick up from the pile.
    Choice white napkins are great for any occations. we use it for bar, cocktail hr tables and with passed trays. its cheap but apperance is not!
    Great napkins for what I need for my bar. This product gets the job done. They are a little thin, but are exactly as described.
    These bev naps are excellent at being catering napkins or for our deli. They are delicate, so they aren't heavy duty, but they are very useful
    These beverage napkins are a perfect choice for our neighborhood pub. We have compared pricing at many sources and they are at a very affordable and competitive price.
    These napkins are quite inexpensive and works well. Fits in the napkin dispenser perfectly. Not too thin so I don't have to give a lot away when customers need it
    Love these napkins. They are perfect for small appetizers, petite fours, tapas, and even good for drinks (bartenders). I highly recommend this and the brand is pretty good.
    These napkins are exactly as expected. They work well as bar napkins and there have been no complaints. I will reorder these when we need them again.
    We continue to order these beverage/ cocktail napkins as they are the perfect size for sampling our gourmet treats at events and the farmers market
    These napkins are a great value for your money. The size is ideal for use, but not too big, which helps reduce waste. They fit in a variety of shape and size napkin holders as well.
    These napkins are exactly what I needed. I use them to wipe off excess icing and chocolate from my sweet treat sticks and plates (for better presentation). I find this better than using a full size napkin and less expensive.
    Not very study. Certainly more looks than functionality. Two ply is not very good at cleaning up messes but looks great under the cocktail cup. Will NOT purchase again.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Just what I needed for my event was the perfect look on the table...I was very happy with them I would buy again good look
    half the cost, and the same exact quality as the ones we used to purchase through a local distributor. Plastic wrapped instead of paper banded so they are able to be stocked under the bar where they may have something spilled on them. Very absorbant.
    These napkins get the job done. Don't get your hopes up for much more than that. If you want cut rate napkins which will meet the minimum expectations for a napkin, these will work out great.
    Solid "Choice: for a beverage napkin. You can't go wrong with these for the price, especially because the quality is better than beverage napkins from our food distributors.
    Nice, standard beverage napkins. These are nothing fancy, they are a bit thin, but they do the job and are very economical. Will continue to buy again.
    Great napkins! We use them under our glass mugs between the mug and the plate to help with sliding around and absorbing the overflow at our Soda Fountain. They work great and look awesome!
    These were amazing and oh so perfect for my sister's surprise baby shower event. Looked beautiful added a fantastic touch to the decor of the space.
    Great price and definitely gets the job done. Whether you're placing them under or around drink cups, they are very durable. They handle moisture from drink really well saving your hardwood counter tops.
    These napkins are soft and don't feel like sandpaper when you wipe your mouth off! For the price and the quality, you can't go wrong
    very inexpensive in comparison to the colored bev naps but these also feel cheaper. the price per unit does make up for it but the two ply feels better
    Very basic white cocktail napkin. Packaging company standard and there's always shipped very quickly to us I normally get it within a day or two will use quite a few of these and for the price you can't beat it.
    Love this cocktail napkins! They are simple but very strong! They pick up small spills as well, and they don’t tear apart! Use them for my coffee service and they are perfect for any use! I recommend them!
    Nice quality at a great price! We do a lot of breakfast catering and don't need to send out full size dinner napkins, these work perfectly well for small meals.
    This beverage napkins are good it's observers good liquid. It's good size and great for small business good quality paper and price is affordable. I am satisfied with quality of this napkins.
    Typical napkin. Obviously isn’t meant to clean up messes. It’s a cocktail napkin and works as it should. Good price when buying from this website
    These were very thin napkins, but then again, it is 1 ply, so expect to use for the most basic of applications - a napkin for guests to grab light appetizers with or to accompany a drink. For the price, these are a great deal for large functions.
    Great napkin they are thin so they stack nice but hold up wonderful, we use them as coasters & no matter how much they absorb they never break about
    These are pretty basic cocktail napkins. I gave them three stars because they are a bit thin and flimsy. It is a good value for the quantity vs. price if you are looking for something cheap.
    Great product. Good quality. We use these napkins at our coffee station each week. We will for sure buy this product again. Great value for the price.
    Good for a 1 ply but doesn't do much other than good for wrapping around an ice cream cone. Several are needed to absorb a half ounce or more, but it is a 1 ply so it's decent for that.
    When ever i go to bars. I bring my own napkins because the bar people do not know what napkins are what. This is the best for the bar. Bar owners, i recommend this.
    This is a very nice one ply white beverage cocktail napkin I got a pack of 500 to see if I like them I’m going to use them for liners underneath my bowl of soup’s
    These napkins are the small, square kind. They aren't really great for cleaning things up, and work more as a small coaster than anything else. But they are exactly what we needed.
    When you order make sure you know they are a small beverage napkin. When economy is the goal these are great and saves a lot of space.
    These were great for sampling at a trade show. Great price and the quality was pretty good, exactly what you would expect from a cocktail napkin.
    These napkins are very affordable and a quality beverage napkin. I go through a lot of these and I am very pleased by the quality of the ones from here.
    perfect little napkins. used for all kinds of little things. don't know how much you need these till you run out! don't get caught without!
    Just the right size for our drink display as well as the dessert table. Good quality paper and they didn't shred apart when they got wet.
    These beverage/cocktail napkins were the perfect fit for our bar. They were reasonably priced and they were delivered a lot quicker than we had expected.
    These are just your typical cocktail napkins. Nothing wrong with them, and are exactly as expected. No issues whatsoever and will continue to buy these.
    These beverage napkins are just what the Barista ordered (haha). Good quality and nice looking on the coffee condiment station. I would highly recommend this basic standby to anyone.
    these are thin but certainly serviceable for everyday use for both beverages and snacks. they are an economical version for less special occasions or for snacks that arent very messy
    Great affordable, low cost napkin option. The material is quite thin and seems a bit cheap to an experienced eye. However, It should would work well in many venues. I like how they are packaged compared to other brands. Other brands use adhesive to seal the wrapping that causes you to loose several napkins that stick to the packaging. They are also easy to open in general.
    We go through tons of these napkins as they are the perfect size to wrap around snow cones. For the cheap price you get 500 which is a great deal. I would recommend these to anyone.
    These Choice 1-Ply White Beverage / Cocktail Napkin - 500/Pack are thin but it did it job for what I need. I use them for the napkins cookies. Great price.
    The Choice napkins work great for beverages. The quality is very good and the price is very reasonable. Perfect for parties, events or even home use. These napkins are a great value and I definitely recommend.
    The Choice five hundred pack of one-ply white beverage napkins has met all of my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised at their absorbency. The white is a very clean white that looks great on any linen tablecloth. I would definitely order them again and would highly recommend.
    This napkin was of great quality and elegant. Used it for my wedding. It was a great accompanying piece with the silverware and drinks. inexpensive and the quantity is good for the price.
    The napkins are soft and very simply but they were not the strongest napkin we have used. We rated these 3 star because they seemed to shred and break apart when they got moisture on them. If you are looking for quantity and price over quality they are a good option because the napkins are very inexpensive. We will purchase them again because of the price but we will not use these at fancier parties where a more quality napkin is expected.
    Great napkins for the price I purchased these napkins for a wedding of 200 plus people And they worked out perfectly they looked good on the table and were cost effective.
    We purchased these white beverage cocktail napkins for our June wedding. We went through a lot of these and found the 500 pack to be an excellent value. These were thin but held up to condensation on the cups without tearing or falling apart. Highly recommend.
    These 1-ply beverage napkins are good quality. They are typical to what you would get at a bar with your drink. We look forward to using them as we serve drinks to guests.
    These are decent beverage napkins. They are only 1 ply so a little on the thin side. They are pretty plain napkins with no design.
    Choice 1-Ply White Beverage / Cocktail Napkin - 4000/Case #5001BNAP perfection. I don't have a dispenser, so I just put the in glasses on the table.
    These are fine. They're not super absorbent or thick, but if you use them as intended just as a beverage napkin or for something similarly basic, they do the job. I use them to keep the nozzles of my pastry bags clean as I just need something damp to wipe with. They're fine for that.
    Good napkin for what it is - 1 ply seems to tear and rip pretty easily but it's just fine for beverage napkins which is what we use them for.
    Our customers and staff love the white bev. napkins. They're versatile for actually cleaning up a mess or setting them down on the bar or table to make it look classy.
    Best price you can buy beverage napkins for the quality is great and you'll get them shipped to you at a better price than you can buy through your local distributor .
    We go through these napkins like crazy at our events! The larger pack is more affordable and more convenient to be able to order less!
    This is a great choice when you don't need a ton of these or any really heavy duty napkins. would be great for a one time event.
    These are decent napkins. The amount you get for the low price is unbeatable so I can't complain. They make a nice rest for your drinks.
    Basic white napkin that does exactly what you and your customers need it to do. Small, but absorbent. Great price for a bulk quantity, so stock up!
    They're ok. They look and feel cheap but they are cheap. Will be sticking to the two ply napkins that I am currently already using
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These are perfect for casual events and the price is unbeatable. I use these at an outdoor market and they are the right size, shape and thickness for the occasion.
    These napkins were plentiful, they were a great price and they came in on time. I will be buying more cocktail napkins for future events.
    Decent quality napkin for the price, but I would go with something a bit thicker. Still a good napkin to have at bars or parties where there are drinks or hors d'oeuvres being served.
    These napkins are perfect for drinks at the bar. The price per napkin is also a wonderful perk. Will order again when we run out.
    These cocktail napkins are ideal for beverage serving. I'm also using them to serve small pastries like cookies. Nice solution for this price and amount.
    Good low cost option for beverage napkins just don't look to use them for much else. Pretty thin at the 1-ply a negative you may find is that you'll be picking up multiple at once but such a cheap price too so can't complain.
    I prefer 2ply but I'm sure everyone else does too. These are not bad to have though. You can use them as coasters for tables you would like to keep dry too.
    Great price and quality, these beverage napkins fit perfectly into a bar caddy & under a cocktail glass, they are good quality and I will buy them again in the future.
    These are good little beverage napkins and work well for placing under beverages. However it is important to note that due to being one ply, they don't work well for spill cleanup or drink containers that produce a lot of moisture on the outside.
    Good size for sampling small cookies at trade shows. Great price too for the amount in the box. Easy ordering too, without added shipping cost.
    Very soft and sturdy napkins. They are great for the bar or just to put snacks on. I wish I would have bought a much larger case than just the 4000.
    This pack of 500 beverage napkins is an economical choice for small cafes, bars or coffeeshops. Also great for parties and receptions. Small pack makes it nice if you don't require a full case.
    Sir Clean recommend this product Choice 1-Ply White Beverage / Cocktail Napkin - 500/Pack, the size is perfect, you can use in restaurants or home.
    If you're looking for a one ply really inexpensive napkin then you'd probably rate it higher than 5 starts. These feel pretty cheap and I often see customers grabbing extras. Not worth the cost savings for us.
    These 9 x 9 one fly beverage napkins work great as disposable coasters to keep the sweat stains offer your counters I really like him fantastic price to
    For the money I paid you cant beat these beverage napkins they fit perfect into a bar caddy & under a cocktail glass, they are good quality and would recommend them
    We use these napkins in the kitchen beneath a soup bowls that are served on top of plates. The napkins keep the bowls from sliding while serving. They are quite thin for use as a beverage napkin but they area also very very cheap so we are fine with that and can use them for bev naps in a pinch.
    Versatile little bar napkin. Helps keep rings off your table or bar. The one ply isn't very durable, and the color is extraordinarily bland. Good enough for bulk use.
    They are what they say they are. Tend to fall apart very easily once they get moist. However I think all brands do. They do the job.
    Great price for a quality product. The Choice brand is reliable and affordable. Theses napkins are thicker and brighter than than other 1 ply brands.
    These are the perfect size for the napkin holder we previously purchased. We have had problems finding napkins that fit right. We love that webstaurant offers so many choices of brand size and color.
    These are decent for sampling. I would probably try a different style for what we need them for (sampling) because they just don't fit that use as much.
    These napkins are simple and thin. Perfect to place under mugs if you have a high quantity. They arrive wrapped in plastic wrap, and they are squished together, so some of the corners are folded in, and the edges are a little uneven. If you are looking for something a little fancier, these might be a little too thin for you.
    Small cocktail napkins that do they job though they are quite thin. Definitely not for heavy use but if your business goes through lots of napkins, they are worth a try.
    These napkins are good quality and useful for events with light snacks and beverages. They prevented us from wasting our larger dinner napkins on smaller events. We highly recommend this product.
    Quality napkins for a single-ply! Bought these for drinks served at the bar at our wedding. The price is unbeatable for the amount of napkins you receive in a case.
    Webstaurant shipped in a timely fashion. Had an issue with order, customer service handled it professionally on the spot. Products were great value for money. Would definitely buy from them again.
    We use hundreds of these napkins every week for weddings and they are great, and literally half the price of my old supplier. We twist the bundles with a plate and it gives a nice spiral.
    Great value! They are the perfect size for cocktail glasses. The price is great for 500 count too! They definitely go a very long way.
    Simple white beverage napkins that do the job. We go through so many napkins that the price is fantastic for us. Cute design in the napkins to give it a touch of style
    We hand out these napkins to our customers on our food truck. They're extremely thin but they get the job done! Plus, 4000 napkins for this price?! There is no deal better than that.
    They are pretty thin, so they are not as durable as other products I have used. However, you cannot beat the price of these bar napkins!
    Working in a frozen yogurt shop there is bound to be some messes. Some of our customers don't like print on their napkins so we thought we would try these. They've been a huge success.
    These napkins are perfect for my family. I have four children and we're always spilling something and grabbing small snacks. These are a good buy.
    These napkins are thin, but exactly what we'd expect for the low price. We use them under soup cups and bowls so they don't sllde around on the serving plate & they are perfect for that. I would not use them as appetizer napkins or even bar napkins because they are quite thin.
    Good Quality. Holds up well and is a great value for what you're getting! The cheapest price I found! Have used these multiple times for several parties!
    Nice, Simple, Soft, White Cocktail napkins. These were lovely, and such a great affordable price. Shipped very quickly! I just loved how they were kind of soft instead of really hard and scratchy! Will buy again!
    For the price they are great, however they are quite thin and the texture seems like recycled paper. Next time I would buy a more expensive, thicker product.
    These are great for our business. I was spending a fortune on napkins at a local reatailer. I switched to a wholesaler but still paid way too much for napkins. I'm happy I chose these!
    These napkins are the perfect size and strength enough for small service. We use to serve samples on to our customers. will order these again.
    The quality matches the price. We use these 1-ply napkins for passed hors d'oeuvres, They are rather paper thin so you do not get that try white in color.
    These napkins are on the cheaper side which is great since they are used mainly just for wine and cocktails. They serve their purpose and since they are so cheap, we order a lot
    While these 1ply beverage napkins are not thick absorbent napkins of course, they are great for serving up cocktails. Even more so, they are a great value. Five stars all around.
    We use these napkins to serve samples on to our customers. Good Value and Good Quality. We will continue to order these again as needed!
    These are the perfect size and strength napkins. We use them all the time to hand out with forks. They are large enough to get the job done but not huge or wasteful.
    These napkins are great for events and they are of good quality and serve our guests well. I highly reccomend them for restaurants and catering companies.
    Great value! I use these in my classroom and I must say, they are very durable. I will definitely continue to purchase these as needed.
    Great value for serving with food items when people want a napkin. The 1-ply is just fine to get the job done when it isn't super messy. I now use these at home with my young children since they don't typically need a large napkin. I was hesitant and unsure of the 1-ply and small size, but they are perfect for small messes/not too messy service.
    Great beverage napkin. Very absorbant and keeps my bar looking great and at a fraction of the cost of paper coasters they are certainly the cost effective way to go.
    Nothing special but there is no need to be for something that gets used once and tossed in the trash nice napkins we will be buying again
    These are very thin napkins. I take them with me when I deliver cakes so that if I need to clean off my spatula on-site I can. I usually have a to use a few.
    It works perfect for our bar. We go through tons since we put about one or two for every customer sitting at the bar having a beverage. The use is simply for looks and to keep the glass from sweating on to the table tops. i'm pleased with quality and even more pleased with the price!! Choice brands have not let me down. Restaurant Manager, Elsa
    For the money you totally can't go wrong. That's a great deal. However, I would have preferred something some substantial - it's only 1-ply and pretty thin. Thing is shipping can be a lot as this box is so large. Be sure to order these with other items to cut down on shipping costs.
    I have been ordering these napkins for the last 3 years and have been please with the quality until the last order (placed April 2014) . The white color had a grey tint to it making them look old or dingy. The paper was thinner also. It's time to order again and I am somewhat hesitant. I think I will call first.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that the items you received were not like our regular stock. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon to take care of the matter.
    These napkins are strong and of great value. They are a little on the small side, but are pretty with a design (just like the name brand), and are very useful around the house.
    Great if you want a really really thin napkin if not order the 2 ply. These were too thin for what I purchased them for.
    nice size napkin for small service, they seem to be strong enough, they are definatly a good price and come very timely,with good shipping packaging would definatly order these again
    Durable, thick and strong. We use in our coffee shop and they are absorbent for their size. Similar, but smaller, to the pricey name-brand "fancy" napkins you can buy.
    These were of better quality than expected. 4,000 very thick napkins. Perfect in a bar or on a cocktail tray. Definitely ordering more of these napkins.
    I used these for a fundraiser that I brought cookies to. They were the right size and definitely the RIGHT PRICE! They didn't look cheap like some others that I had come across.
    This is a great product at a really great price! We use these at our bar for all of our drinks. I wouldn't buy these anywhere else!
    Originally bought these for our event last month. My intentions were to provide napkin beveages for easy cleanup, neatness at the coffee station, and for customers. I find these useful and necessary to make a great impression when serving customers.
    Great to use when serving drinks at the bar, to my surprise its pretty strong to be a one ply napkin, the price is the best quality though.
    These are great napkins. They fit great in cocktail stations. They hold up great so you dont have to use so many. I will purchase these again.
    These napkins do what they're supposed to do and for the right amount. I sell cookies so I don't need anything too absorbent just something to let people brush off their hands.
    Product was great for the price! They were not very thin and just the right size. Customers did not complain, you didn't need to use an excessive amount. Will be again!
    Perfect cocktail napkins to have on hand. We use them at our free coffee station at our church. They are good quality and get the job done.
    No frills, standard white cocktail napkins. Works well for a simple dessert table or a bar. Equally well to use at home for parties for guests to use. The price is right for such a large quantity.
    They're cheap, but they get the job done. We were purchasing much more expensive napkins from our distributor, but they were costing us a fortune and our customers don't care, so long as they can wipe they're hands.
    Great quality for a 1-ply napkin. The price was perfect for our budget but was worried if quality would be as good as we needed, but they were perfect.
    For the price and quantity, I feared these might be too thin so I doubled my order. Turns out it wasn't necessary. These are absorbent for little spills. Definitely recommended.
    These napkins are perfect for coffee. They are the perfect size to clean up little messes. And don't take up too much room. Price is right too
    very nice napkin for very good price. this can be a bit small or thin for certain use, but for beverage napkin to every customer, its perfect!
    We have been very pleased with these cocktail napkins. They work great for high volume use at festivals or for cocktail hour at formal events. They are pretty absorbant, the perfect size, and bright white. Recommended product.
    My brother uses these napkins at his bar and concession stand at a local country club and I can say these are a good napkin. Plus they come at a great price here on Webstaurant.
    great and wonderful addition to any restaurants for it's texture and quality, it's affordable to buy and comes in a huge amount. what else can go wrong?
    These napkins are of high quality and they are relatively cheap! We bought a whole case of these and they have lasted for a long time!
    These are great basic white cocktail napkins! They are good for any bar! Nice napkins that work well with any drink instead of using coasters!!!
    I had to order 2 packs for my wedding. and you cant beat the price for all the napkins for the bar! Very excited and they worked just great we stamped hearts on and they looked like a million dollars!! :)
    This napkin is great for beverages like mixed drinks and beer/wine. The thickness is on average like a McDonald's napkin, so you may want to give two to your quests.
    These napkins were puchased for the bar area at my daughters outdoor wedding reception. They held up really well and soaked up spills nicely. Good quality!
    they are nice quality napkins and good for anything. the price is so good and can beat any other suppliers. it is a good buy!
    better than standard one ply bev nap , for a great is not unbeatable price, i don't think you can by a same quality bev nap for any where near this price
    We use these for bar service and for hors d' oeuvres. Another product that we used to pay a lot more for at other vendors.
    I was worried at first that the price was TOO good for 4000 of these! But after reading the reviews, I took a chance. Glad I did. They hold up to drinks as well as desserts. No problem. And they don't look cheap. I won't need to buy napkins for awhile now, but when I do, I'll re-order these.
    These were a great quality beverage napkins for a GREAT price. Cannot purchase this amount or napkins in the stores for the great low price offered at Webstaurant Store.
    This is a great product at a great price! The description for it is a little vague. They are 9x9 unfolded but come folded (which is correct) but it doesn't say that anywhere. When I ordered these I was afraid they were coming unfolded. Was very happy to find out that was not the case. :)
    Standard quality napkins. What I like about these is that they arrived with none of the napkins bent or creased so there was no waste.
    a very durable napkin that is also cost effective. these napkins can be used as a drink coaster or to wipe up a mess left on a bar after a spilled drink.
    This is a good quality napkin. Always packaged right and stacks very well. Even wet, this napkin won't fall apart easily. Great for bar or table service.

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