Choice 16 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 1000/Case

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Serve up all your favorite hot beverages in this Choice 16 oz. white paper hot cup! From hot cocoa and coffee to tea and warm cider, this Choice cup is an economical option for your cafe, coffee shop, kiosk, or concession stand. With a poly-coated inside, this cup resists condensation accumulation to protect the outside of the cup from weakening. Featuring a tightly rolled rim, this cup provides worry-free, leak-proof drinking and creates a tight and secure seal when used with a compatible drinking lid (sold separately).

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Choice 16 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 1000/Case

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    Our most used cup at our bakery and we only order it right here. Great quality product and a great price! You can't find anything better elsewhere. Would recommend to all your coffee needs.

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    Sleek, crisp white poly paper hot cups by Choice. 16oz size is perfect for coffee, lattes, or tea. Nice rolled rim, easy to drink from, good fit with lids, and eco friendly.

    from Sig Services Posted on

    Sleek cups.

    These are excellent quality cups for a very cheap price. If you don't use sleeves then you can double cup these for a very cheap price. You can use an ink stamp on these if you wish.

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    Love these cups and the they are easily stamped!

    Good cups with a great price. Cheaper on Webstaurant than at the Restaurant supply stores. Add a nice sleeve and a lid to give It a better look.

    from Jumpstart'R Posted on

    Medium cup

    Cup with sleeve and lid

    A nice plain, white paper hot cup that is great for our family get together parties. The 16 ounce cup is large and great for our hot teas. A nice thick cup too.

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    We order these cups every month and are very happy with them. We have never had a problem, high quality and very durable. we will continue to order

    from Exchange Company Posted on

    Hot coffee cups.

    A great size beverage cup for coffee and tea. The larger (16 oz) size is perfect since you do not have to fill up as frequently. They are very strong and hold up well.

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    We have used these cups for over a year at a coffee shop and they are perfect. We've never had any issues with them and they look great!

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    These are what we use for our medium hot drinks, they work great, are sturdy and the matching lid snaps right on and fits great.

    from The Coffee Barn Posted on

    These cups are high quality and when used with Choice lids, they fit better than any other cup/lid combo we have tried. With hot drinks, I definitely recommend using a sleeve because the outside can get quite hot. However, they are restaurant quality and we're happy with the product!

    from Stomping Grounds Posted on

    16 ounce cup stacked

    The Choice 16 oz. cups arrived undamaged and in good condition. We use them not just for coffee and teas but also for on the go hot snacks (e.g. potstickers) and soup. The price for these cups are much better at webstaurantstore than our local stores.

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    Choice 16 oz Hot Cups

    These are awesome choice cups. These cups are poly paper hot . They are 16 oz which is a large cup. They hold boiled beverages but is a little warm to touch.

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    16oz white poly paper hot cups are so nice. The quality is just outstanding. They don't melt and keep the liquids hot for a very long time.

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    White poly paper hot cup 16oz

    Nice clean cup we use for our coffee shop. Cup keeps coffee hot and have had fluid in for over 1 hour and liquid does not leak.

    from Doylestown Coffee house Posted on

    Love the style of the plain white cup with the black lids. They look stylish and classy. The white makes it easy to decorate and write customer's drink order on them.

    from All Things Coffee House Posted on

    Love these cups. Great value. Love the clean blank white. My guests love that I always have these in my kitchen and my husband and I love to grab a coffee to go every morning.

    from Homespun Hostess Posted on

    Love these cups. Great value, great quality. They work great with cups sleeves also.

    Got this cup for our "Large" of coffee but it has come in handy for so many things. It is your basic little white cup but a good quality general use cup that can be used for hot or cold beverages.

    from Treats N Treasures Posted on

    We only use Choice cups at our coffee parlor, and have never had any problems with them! The price is right, and they have every size you would need.

    from Amateur Coffee Posted on

    We order these on a regular basis for our shop. This size is the most common when customers are making their decisions. Overall a great product, however the only issues we have had with them are from being packaged and/or during delivery., but the issues have always been resolved.

    from Hannah's Coffee House Posted on

    We use the choice 16 oz cups for our medium (middle cup in this picture)

    My favorite to go cup for my morning tea (or coffee) I use these cups in multiple sizes daily. This particular size is my go to for tea, as my Keurig only brews 8 & 10 ounce cups of coffee. The walls seem sturdy and don't weaken when hot liquids are added. These cups dont keep my drinks extra hot, but they do an okay job at insulating and keeping them warm on my commute to work every day. The choice lids fit great also. I will continue to purchase these cups!

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    great cups. My favorite size for hot tea on the go!

    These 16 oz poly paper cups are great for all your hot drinks! The cups are very sturdy and fit the matching lids very well!

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    More than what I was expecting. I've been using these at our cafe. The lids fit well and doesn't allow for any leakage. Very good value and quality.

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    They are economical and have good quality. They hold heat well and resist condensation. We use them with a sleeve for extra protection from heat

    from The Cozy Cannoli Company Posted on

    Personalized coffee cups

    Great quality cup, especially for the price! Have not had one leak yet. Really looks clean and crisp with the white hot lid! These will look great in our shop!

    from Gathering Grounds Coffee Shop Posted on

    The same size as a Grande cup, these cups are awesome. We use the 12, 16, and 20 ounc sizes. The rolled edge keeps any beverage from dripping on your customer. Great quality.

    from WAFFLES2GO Posted on

    16 ounce of Grande

    Great replacement for the Dart cups we were using at a much better price! Comparable size and strength, you can fill them up with a hot drink and they remain sturdy. Fits choice black lids perfectly!

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    This is exactly what you would expect from 16oz white paper cups. No frills, but exactly what our store needed. Just a cup that gets the job done. We have a standard size lid for the cup, and it fits this cup fine.

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    This is a high quality cup that we use for our coffee and hot beverages. Doesn't leak at the seams or on the bottom and is sturdy so we are confident sending our customers out the door with their to go cup!

    from Fika, LLC Posted on

    These are nice cups for coffee or tea. I like that they are plain white that way you can stamp your own logo onto them.

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    These are great. We use them specifically for teas and drip coffee. They hold well and love the simple white look. We use them with the black lids and they look great.

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    A nice large 16 ounce paper hot cup that is really thick walled. We still like to put a sleeve on to add extra protection from the heat. Perfect for our large cappuccinos.

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    These hot coffee cups were exactly what we needed. They arrived quick and also saved us money as too. We will definitely be odering again.

    from The Warehouse Church Posted on

    Very happy we made the switch to Choice cups. Our previous supplier was offering us printed cups but at double the price. Since we are a small shop in a rural community, this product has been a great economical choice for us.

    from Ventero Open Press Fine Art Posted on

    this cup is cheeper than other cups(solo). but the quality and feeling of grab is good enough. i do not think you have to but solo cup. and the solo lid is fit with this cup. so buy choice cup and solo lid!

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    great hot beverage holder.. sturdy and well material made. we also order the cup sleeves to go with these paper cups for extra insulation. will order again.

    from Yamato Posted on

    great cups

    These have worked great for us. We were using the more expensive kind but wanted to give these a shot since they cost less. Good decision

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    We switched to paper awhile ago. Styrofoam is so yesterday, these are better for the environment. They also look better and more high end to customers.

    from Billy's Gourmet Concessions Posted on

    these are the best cups ever. my husband loves to drink his coffee from a crisp white cup with a white lid, and so do our customers

    from Southern Grounds Coffee Shoppe Posted on

    Durable and high quality cup. Beautiful white clean finish. Once paired with a lid and a sleeve, it makes it the perfect cup to enjoy a hot beverage in.

    from Front Track Cafe Posted on

    These are great coffee cups. They feel sturdy and are insulated enough that beverages do not feel super hot through them. A good, strong cup overall.

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    excellent for the price. we have found that they are about 2oz bigger than usual and that does affect inventory counts. that would be something to look into cause it does affect us restaraunts

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    I love these cups! They are sturdy and great for serving hot coffee and tea in my store. The 16oz cups are just the right size!

    from Bite Me Bakery Posted on

    Perfect size coffee cups.

    Killer product from a new brand name. Choice cups have the quality of a dart or solo cup. They are saving me a lot of money too !

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    We are 100% happy with these cups. There is no comparison in price compared to buying SOLO or even worse having them delivered by a food service truck. The savings are huge and the cups are great!

    These are a great cup for the cost, good quality and it works perfect for our do it yourself coffee bar. Love that webstaraunt always helps you to find the matching lids for cups, very helpful when online ordering.

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    Affordable coffee cups that are simple and sturdy. I bought these for my outdoor wedding. I love how they are pure white with no marking as I intend on customizing them with a decorative rubber stamp. They arrived super fast too.

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    Excellent paper cups at a great price! We use these to serve to-go coffees and teas. They're durable, and an ideal size for large beverage quantities. Would recommend also getting coffee cup sleeves, to protect customers with hot drinks. The lids for the 10-20 oz cups are the same, which is also very convenient.

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    This is our medium sized cup at our coffee shop. We have never had an issue with tears, rips, or anything that hinders the cup.

    from Barton County Coffee Company Posted on

    this cup is great for hot chocolate! some of our customers love to pile on whipped cream. To hold in the whip cream with their drink, this cup is great!

    from Sweet Buttons Posted on

    Good quality and good price for coffee cups. We only use one size and the 16 oz is perfect. Looks good when topped with black lid and craft wrap.

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    Nice cups, they hold up, no leaks & great size. We are now using them all day. We will buy more. Lids are perfect and good color

    from MDC Posted on

    I got two different size cups. 16 oz is a must have size. I really like these cups. Super durable and clean. Perfect for morning coffee size!

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    All the choice hot cups are really good values. I find that it's a better solution to double cup also instead I'd using a sleeve

    from Little Lots Farms Posted on

    This cup is a standard hot cup in white. Holds hot drinks well and keeps them that way for a good amount of time..good medium size.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Great deal for a case

    Love these cups! I was apprehensive purchasing this brand of cups but I must say I was completely wrong and will no longer buy any other brand hot cups! Great value here!

    from The POUR House Posted on

    Choice 16 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 1000/Case Love these cups. Minimal and rare issues with leaks and spills. Quality is great. Will order again and again

    from Gateway Brew Posted on

    This is one of our most popular sizes in a cup will use very often. We have found it to work well and be sturdy enough for coffee needs. It looks great with a black lid.

    from MidTown Coffee Posted on

    Great affordable option for our coffee shop! My only concern is that sometimes we receive defective cups, but Webstaurant was happy to replace the ones that we had issues with. Make sure that you inspect the cups prior to giving to customers. If the rim is bent or damaged, the lids do not stay on!

    from The Perk Posted on

    These cups are high quality and straight forward. So far, I have experienced no leaks from seams, etc. I have used these cups exclusively for 2 years. Very nice product with a great price.

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    These cups are extremely poor quality. Despite being sold the cups as an alternative to Solo or Pacific Paper, they fall far short. The material feels cheap and the rim of the cup bends when it is picked up with liquid in the cup and this causes the lid to pop of and spill. Additionally, the 12oz version of this cup is not even close to 12oz. When we tested the capacity of the cup, we found it to actually be over 15oz. A number of our customers burnt themselves with hot coffee when they picked the cup up and the lid shot off. I contacted WebsturantStore via live chat to request a refund for the 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz cups we purchase. After a lot of chatting, making a video and take a number of photos, they agreed to give me 100% back on the 12oz cups because they were the wrong size, but only 50% back on the 8oz and 16oz since before we found them to disgracefully and shamefully made by using them, we had already opened and stamped our logo on them thus making them not returnable. Customer service also informed me that I would responsible for shipping and be subject to a 20% restocking fee if I was able to return them. They also denied that there was a problem with the lids because I didn't provide a video of the lids popping off and burning customers. Buying these cups was a horrible choice on my part. Because of Webstraurants' prompting with ads I thought I was going to get a similar quality cup and save a few dollars per case. Instead we lot a lot of money because of all the drinks we had to remake after customers burnt themselves, not to mention all the milk wasted by giving hundreds of customers an extra 2-3 oz of milk. This experience has been so bad that I do not think I will do business with this website again. Do not buy these cups. The savings is not worth the shameful quality and all the trouble that will come along with them.

    from Burien Press Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Burien. We wish these hot cups would have worked out for you. Our Customer Solutions team has credited your account.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These are very high quality cups. The exterior wall is very thick and great for hot liquids. The price isn't great when you factor in shipping

    from We Posted on

    Plain white beverage cup. This 16 oz cup is perfect for that iced tea in the go. Well any drink would go perfect in this cup.

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    We were using special printed coffee cups but those were costing more! Switched to these and I think they look great! Bought with a black lid and have brown coffee sleeves with our logo stamped.

    from Dinner's Almost Ready Posted on

    I love the stark white of this cup. It looks very clean. We use this in a mobile cafe, serving coffee and espresso beverages. I would recommend pairing this with a sleeve, as the heat transfers quickly to your hand!

    from Julie's Cafe, Ltd. Posted on

    Best cop ever I can fit 16 ounces is stay warm for hour. really heavy duty cup I actually use it more than once give it a try and you not be sorry also it's color white and it have a really cool look.

    Posted on

    Okay so these caps okay they're really thin I like the fact that their paper and recyclable and they are at a really good deal but if you leave your drink in them for too long it tends to soak through so they only get 4 stars

    from home Posted on

    we've used these cups exclusively since we opened our coffee shop. You have to have a cup sleeve or double cup for hot drinks, they are thin but good product for the price. These are our medium cups

    from Cornerstone Coffee Posted on

    These 16 oz hot cups are great. Perfect for any hot beverage: coffee, tea, lattes, etc. I always buy plane white cups because they look simple and uncluttered by designs and are easy to stamp your logo onto.

    from The Farmacy Posted on

    Cheapest 16 oz white hot coffee cup in the game plus shipping. Cant even get this prize from amazon and i mean they have everything.

    from Gnome Cafe Posted on

    A good solid cup. It's the largest size we serve at our artisan coffee shop. No problems or complaints with the product and we like it's simplicity.

    from Nomad Coffee LLC Posted on

    Switched to this brand after having some issue with out old cups. Very happy, study and they do not leak from the seam. Works for my coffee shop.

    from Alderaan Coffee Posted on

    Love these cups! The white is hard to find! We wanted to add a sleeve with a sticker with our logo on it. These look nice and work great!

    Posted on

    Perfect durable 16oz cups. We serve coffee with these and they hold up very nicely. They do not feel cheap and are a great deal.

    from Beviamo Cafe Posted on

    Great cups that are sturdy and don't leak, even after holding hot coffee for several hours. They're a great deal, too. Much cheaper than my local food provider.

    from Brown Bag Bagels Posted on

    I am very Happy with the purchase of these cups. I've used so many cups in the past that are very flimsy and start leaking to soon, These are very durable and I have yet to see one leak through yet. Will be purchasing another case!

    from Harvest Bean Posted on

    These cups make my life so much more convenient...My whole family drinks coffee and using these eliminates my ceramic mugs disappearing from the house! Buy the coordinating lids, too!

    Posted on

    I absolutely love using these coffee cups. I specifically wanted a plain cup so that I could use the cup to write messages to my spouse in the mornings as they leave for work. The cups are a great size at 16 oz. I couple them with the paper cup holders and they work great! I would recommend them to everyone!

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    Very good quality paper cup. We sell coffee at our local Farmer's Market and we haven't had any complaints. The outside is matte, so if coffee drips on your stack all the cups in that stack will look soiled. It doesn't wipe off, but we are just extra careful. Haven't had any leaks or breaks, so seams are nice and tight.

    from Coffee Snob Posted on

    The 16 ounce work great for a "normal" medium size. Our customs agree. So far we haven't had any complaints of leaky cups and they hold hot liquids pretty well for paper.

    from Turntable Cafe Posted on

    Center is 16 oz

    These are so good and strong don't leak thru like some cups or anything. Plus u get a price good on here then out at stores. Websturant have been such a life saver thank websturant

    Posted on

    These deafly hold the hot temperature in this cup very well it takes a very long time for it to actually start to get hot. I give there cups 8 stars if I could.

    from Cindy f Posted on

    I use these in my coffee shop. They are reliable and work nicely with the recommended choice to go lids. Haven't had any issues so far!

    from Serving Grace Cafe Posted on

    good cup for hot beverages - enviromently friendly, a nice average size for a grab and go coffee tea or other hot drinks, some customers request two cup to add strength - but one really does work just fine.

    from nire, inc. Posted on

    I'm very happy with the construction of the cups and how durable they are. You definitely need a sleeve with hot liquids, but I figured that before I purchased them. My only complaint would be that they don't have a caution on the cup that contents may be very hot.

    Posted on

    We consistently re-order this hot cup because of its price point and its durability. We have had less issue with improper fit with her and would then any other we have purchased in the past. Works well with coffee sleeves and looks very clean.

    from Tea Bayou / Tea Squares LLC Posted on

    This a great quality cup for the price. We use this at our coffee shop and have been very satisfied with it. Our customers seem to like it too. Thank you!

    from Biddle Blend Posted on

    Today I would like to take the time to review 16 ounce paper hot cups that we purchased online At I give two thumbs up

    from BarisGo Coffee Posted on

    These cups are really nice. We use them in the coffee shop for our specialty coffee. They are very sturdy and not flimsy like some cups are,

    Posted on

    I use the Choice 16 oz. White Paper Hot Cups in my coffeeshop, for all of my hot drinks. They withstand some pretty hot temperatures! I would say they are comparable to the Dixie brand hot cups. I like that I can share lids with my 12 oz cups. The white color looks clean and so much better than styrofoam! The price is unbeatable (seriously, I searched for hours). I will continue using these cups for a long time.

    from Play a Latte Posted on

    We switch from name brand to choice and do not look back. Almost the same quality wise. Maybe a dozen or so cups are defective and I can live with that

    Posted on

    Happy to have the suggested product for a better price. These have held up well for us for coffee. While they are good quality I would suggest still purchasing sleeves for hot beverages.

    from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop Posted on

    These cups are perfect for your business and or office needs. Not only are they an amazing cup the value is outstanding. As you can imagine in a Technology office we often work long hours for many days straight and coffee becomes our fuel to keep going. We have been using a different brand of cups for quite sometime but the cost was increasing, I am glad we were able to find these. These are perfect!!!

    from Technology Agency Posted on

    These cups are great. For the price, you cannot beat them. I have looked around, and settled on these and I am so glad I did. The 16 oz. cups are sturdy and they are exactly what I need for my coffee shop.

    from D&M Coffee House Posted on

    Very durable paper coffee cups, these won't tear and rip easily. Theses cups are nicely priced and is affordable for our small restaurant. We highly recommend.

    Posted on

    Sleek and modern, clean white cups. Sturdy and does not leak through the bottom. We use cup warmer sleeves because the heat from the coffee drinks does transfer through.

    from Ode To Food & Drinks Posted on

    20 ounce white coffee cup to go

    I like the price of these cups and the quality. Every once in awhile you'll notice weakness, but it's really pretty rare, and we've had no issues yet.

    from Nudge Coffee Roasters Posted on

    These cups are great in all the sizes I gave tried so far. I have just started using them and I am glad I made the decision to buy them. Look great and are highly functional. No complaints.

    Posted on

    Great cup! Very sturdy and a great size for a medium/large coffee or latte. The lids fit well. They do get very hot so you definitely need the sleeves!!

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    Used the Choice 16 oz. Paper Hot Cup White - 1000 / Case to drink eggnog, how festive. It's December and nothing screams the Holidays like Eggnog. A nice 16 oz drink of eggnog just screams the holidays. Talk about going overboard. Happy Holidays.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    These cups are great! embarrassingly i often reuse my paper cups during my commutes, surprisingly to me they never leak on the reuse. In the office the cups look very professional with the Eco sleeves that match our corporate colors.

    from Furniture Forager Posted on

    We love these cups! I would highly recommend these for your hot beverages. They are very well-designed and sturdy. The price is great too for a hot paper cup.

    from Heavenly Hershey's Ice Cream Posted on

    These cups work great. I use them for personal use making tea and coffee for on-the-go. Even with really hot liquids I don't even need a sleeve, but it does get quite warm- obviously. Will purchase again.

    Posted on

    these cups are such a great weight. we use them in our shop but we also take them home and use them for our coffee when we travel. sturdy and highly recommended.

    from Mahalos Posted on

    I got these cups as a trial before I purchased cases of them. It would be nice to be able to get one free cup sent to us to see if it will work for our needs rather than having to buy an entire sleeve.

    from Coffee Beanery/ L&A Cafe, LLC. Posted on

    Great, sturdy cups that are perfect for a nice cup of coffee. They are the same size of a Grande cup from Starbucks. Never had a complaint about our cups in the cafe!

    from Café Chang Posted on

    Nice cups, very fast shipping. This is the only place I could find these in the sizes I needed. Very sturdy, Just what I needed.

    Posted on

    These cups are so great for holding hot drinks. They are very durable and they are not flimsy like some other hot cups out there.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    Great plain, white cup for our coffee and tea. We pair it with a printed sleeve and black lid to give it a little more style.

    Posted on

    These are very nice, heavy duty cups. Great for hot beverages. Be sure to get your sleeve though. The white look of these is very sleek.

    Posted on

    Since we opened our coffee shop in 2014, we started using this brand. Quality and durability has been the reason why I keep re ordering. Lids latch nicely and don't just come off easily. Eight months later we still use this same product, 16 and 20oz cold cups and we are very happy. Wish I had more room to order large quantities and save some money.

    from Espresso Place Marietta, GA Posted on

    Choice 20oz Hot Cup

    Great price - quality definitely suffers for it. Unfortunately, the quality is inconsistent and sometimes the advertised complimentary cup lids do not even fit properly with the cup.

    Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing these! We are currently working to get this issue fixed. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I sell this cup as my Medium size, but it's only 4 more oz. than the 12 oz. cup (my Small) so sometimes I give my customers free upgrades :) It keeps the drink hot and the customers happy.


    These cups are great for hot tea or our famous Turmeric Milk. They are also very nice looking... simple and professional. They are also nice quality especially for the price!

    from Just Juice 4 Life Posted on

    I was pleasantly surprised on the quality on these cups, they matched Internation paper which I view as the leader. Good value, and fits standard lids without an issue. Will purchase

    from GTG Posted on

    Clean, white tall and keeps my coffee hot! Will order again because it is very easy to snap into the place the choice coffee lid. Great product for my business!

    from LOVECUP COFFEE CO. Posted on

    Love a clean crisp white cup! These do the trick with our hot coffee and our black eccosleeve for a great look. And best of all they are compatible with the lids we currently have been using.

    from Woodland Bakery Posted on

    Sturdy cup but lids only stay on about 50% of the time. Going to try the Solo brand and hope for a better product. 12oz ones work, but 16oz and 20oz are not reliable.

    from The Flying Bean Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Caroline. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact with you to credit them to your account.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We don't sell a lot of coffee so these were purchased over a year ago with the 12 and 20 oz. purchased more recently. It was just recently brought to our attention by our customers that the black lids ordered to fit all three of these sizes actually do not fit this cup. We have begun to give out large coffees for the price of a medium. The 12 and 20 ounce are great.

    from The Protein Pub Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Tina. We are sorry to hear that the lids are not fitting these cups. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact with you shortly to resolve the issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    It makes me proud to serve coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate in these beautiful cups. They are so professional looking and very sturdy. However, I recommend the heat sleeves to protect your customers hands.

    from sarah Posted on

    The cups are ok but you get what you pay for. I have had problems with the lids not fitting and falling off. There is a constancy issue so after using them for several months I am switching to Dart.

    from Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are very sorry to hear that these cups did not suit you. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly to offer a credit for these items to your account.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We purchased 3 sizes of the white cups. Haven't had any problems with the kids, even when we fill the cup to overflowing. The cups are sturdy and long lasting.

    from Karma Boutique & Coffee Bar Posted on

    Perfect for our gourmet coffees!

    Works perfectly with the common lids. good thickness.and everything is fine so far. Hope someday they have free shippin. it will be.even better. I wksh!

    from Trinitea & Co. Posted on

    I love that the choice hot cups come in 4 oz increments and that the lids are universal. It keeps costs low as we maintain stock for our small business.

    from LilyBean Micro-Roasted Coffee Posted on

    This is a great product. No complaints about it on the staff side or customer side. They are very sturdy. We use them for hot espresso drinks, coffee, and teas. Would recommend.

    from Soguk Lounge Posted on

    Choice products are always great for the price, but you have to make sure with the paper cups with the lips. The lip of the cup can be too wide for the choice lids sometimes. I would just suggest test the lid strength on the cup before giving the product to a customer.

    from zebib investments LLC Posted on

    These cups were purchased with the matching lids and were horrible, had to return them because once the hot water was put in them the lids were not stay on

    from The Secret Garden Tea Cafe and Gift Shoppe Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We’re sorry to hear your lids wouldn’t stay on your cups. Your account has been credited for the defective cups.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We have been using these for over 6 months and they are a great solid cup for our coffee shop the only issue we have is sometimes the tops of the cup are easy to damage.

    Posted on

    We love these white paper cups! We only ordered 50 at first, but then placed an order for a case! They are strong and sturdy and the lids fit great! We use them to hold mini cookies! Customers love them! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

    from Clover Meadow Bakery - gluten free & allergy friendly Posted on

    I like that these come in cases of 1000. These are a staple in our coffee shop. We never have any damaged cups and they are a great product.

    from Scribbles Coffee and Company Posted on

    These cups are very durable and economical. The white paper makes a great back canvas. For the cost of a rubber stamp you can have custom branded cups.

    from Cafemantic Posted on

    Custom branding is easy and affordable using a rubber stamp on these cups.

    We are a new business and bought our first order of coffee cups somewhere else. After we discovered your website it was apparent that your prices are much better and we switched to ordering from Webstaurant. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

    from The People's Perk Posted on

    These cups look great, but you need to also have the jackets or allow guest to double up the cup to provide enough protection from the heat. We use them though because we don't mind the jacket and think they look simple, clean, nice.

    from Sally's Sweet Shoppe Posted on

    These are a highly durable cup. They are sturdy and retain hot liquids well! We still use a sleeve with our hot coffee and tea products, but they can withstand some heat!

    Posted on

    These 16oz. choice hot cups are great. We use them for our hot smoothies great to find a hot cup without coffee beans on it.

    from Be Fit Nutriton Posted on

    Sturdy cup that does not leak no matter how hot our products are! Basic white also looks good with our sleeves and rolled rim keeps the lids on tight.

    from Sweet Marlays' Coffee Posted on

    This cup is fantastic! It is extremely sturdy and the top rim is also thicker than others. It works great for both hot and cold beverages and does not lose its rigid structure even if beverages sit in it all day long!

    Posted on

    Recyclable and heavy duty hot or cold paper cup. They don't break down while having hot or cold drinks in it for a day or so. The material is smooth and you can write on it and personalize it.

    from Brewed Downtown Posted on

    Great Cup, holds up well with any of our hot products. smooth edge that allows lid to fasten securely. You cant go wrong with this cup! both on price and service

    Posted on

    The Choice hot paper cups have a nice clean appearance and pairs well with the sleeves and lids we purchased. We appreciate the quality and price of these cups and would purchase again.

    from Lemondrop Bakery Posted on

    I love this brand of hot cups. very sturdy and affordable. Over all very pleased with this product. If you are looking for hot cups I highly recommend getting these!

    from Beans and Strings LLC Posted on

    Switching to paper cups has made a difference in the quality of our product. We were hesitant since the Styrofoam we were getting were much cheaper but after finding we will never go anywhere else for our cups. The CHOICE cups are just as good as the higher priced brands and we have tested 5 different brands before deciding to switch to paper.

    from Abundant Grounds Cafe Posted on

    Again, a great cup for a great price. Also use the 12oz cup in our Deli, and looks and feels 100x better than our previous cups. Added with the black lid, makes for a slick look.

    from Blue Ribbon Deli Posted on

    I am shocked at how cheap these cups were when I purchased them on this website! The quality is great and I'm saving money. Awesome!

    from city coffeehouse Posted on

    Good, sturdy, thick hot cup. Gets a bit finicky with a coffee lid, but that may be the lid. Sturdy and holds up for hours with liquid in it.

    Posted on

    The Choice 16 oz Paper cups have been a great purchase for our cafe. The cups never leak around the seams and the paper stays firm for hours so the customers can enjoy refills. A great buy!

    from Vinyl Cafe Posted on

    I use this cup for slushie, blizz, milksakes, smoothies and coffee. I brand them my self with a stamp with my logo and use different color ink so my staff doent mix up sizes.

    Posted on

    Purchasing a plain white hot cup is an awesome choice i made. Customers enjoy the little note i write down like "enjoy your day" or "dont work too hard.

    Posted on

    These white paper cups are nice quality, sturdy enough and they fit nicely with the black lids we just purchased from here. Will definitely be buying more again.

    Posted on

    These cups are our medium size for our fountain sodas. They hold up great and will not break through on the bottom if the soda has been in there for more than a few hours like some will. Very good cups for a good price!

    from The Pie Kitchen Posted on

    These cups work as they should and are budget priced. If you don't have a coffee sleeve, you definitely need two cups. They are pretty thin

    from Pop Karma Posted on

    I was in need of plain white coffee cups for a church event, and all I could find at my local stores were printed cups. I was so happy to find this website! The cups I ordered werevery affordable, and the quality was superb.

    Posted on

    These are nice for the break room or where you might be giving drinks to the employees. Since its just a plain white cup I wouldnt give it to the customers.

    Posted on

    Excellent product!! Nice bulk amount for a cheap price! Great for hot tea, coffee and even hot chocolate!! Crisp and clean look is sturdy too!!

    Posted on

    We love how crisp and clean this cup looks. It's easy to write special orders on the side when we're busy - makes it very easy to see.

    from Simply Cupcakes of Arlington Posted on

    It is plain and very simple. I like to add note on coffee like "have a good day t work" or " good luck on your test!" ad this is the best I have found yet

    Posted on

    strong and sturdy are two of the reasons we purchased this cup. price would be the third! an absolutely great cup that will not go away in our shop.

    from the well Posted on

    Great Coffee Cup and for hot drinks. Works with a "sleeve" since it's not thick enough without. For us white works better than printed. Thanks!

    from The Vintage Cafe Posted on

    This is your basic hot cup. It will get the job done, nothing fancy in terms of insulation but really is a decent economical choice.

    Posted on

    Great cups. Strong and durable. It works well with the other products I purchased from this site too - sleeves and lids. This arrived very quickly too.

    from Fare on Main Posted on

    Excellent product, both for its price and its quality. It's very often out of stock, which shows the demand customers lile myself have for it.

    from Casetta Coffee Posted on

    This is an excellent purchase. I love the plain cup. This item is durable and I will purchase again. I highly recommend this cup for any hot drinks.

    from Brewed Awakenings Coffee & Tea, Inc. Posted on

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