Choice 12 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 1000/Case

Item #: 50012W

Serve up all your favorite hot beverages in this Choice 12 oz. white paper hot cup! From hot cocoa and coffee to tea and warm cider, this Choice cup is an economical option for your cafe, coffee shop, kiosk, or concession stand. With a poly-coated inside, this cup resists condensation accumulation to protect the outside of the cup from weakening. Featuring a tightly rolled rim, this cup provides worry-free, leak-proof drinking and creates a tight and secure seal when used with a compatible drinking lid (sold separately).

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Choice 12 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 1000/Case

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    5 out of 5 found this review helpful

    Lids come off! I ordered 3 sizes and it's all of them. Was sent replacement lids but no help! They acknowledge its the cups but cannot credit or even ship back because my initial order was over 30 days ago.

    from The Coffee Barn Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Jennifer. We are sorry you've experienced issues with these cups. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful

    This works great as a hot or a cold cup. We've had no problems with them getting soft over time and leaking. Saves you having two kinds of to go cups.

    from backwater Posted on

    works for hot and cold.

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful

    I have used a lot of different disposable cups in my career. You almost always get some "rejects" in a case of cups. After a year of using these cups I have yet to find a reject in any of the 3 sizes we are using. The ECO Products lids fit really well and don't seem to leak at all. We use a rubber stamp to mark our cups and they take the ink really well. I highly recommend the Choice cups.

    from The Sawhorse Cafe, LLC Posted on

    These cups take a stamp like a champ!

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Not too crazy. Made in China. Really cheep stuff. Unfortunately, this is the only brand they offer unless you get recycled cups that are twice the cost.

    from Dunx Coffee, LLC Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I don’t think these cups are anything super special but they’re great plain cups and they’re thick quality so I trust them with hot liquids.

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    Great hot cold cups for a variety of uses. Absolutely no leaking and thick enough to hold with the hot beverage inside. Love the many size options

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    Exactly what it says it is. A sturdy cup for hot drink products. We used it for coffee and tea and the guests had no complaints. Does the trick if your not looking for anything fancy.

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    Awesome cups! These are cheap enough that you can double cup hot drinks instead of using sleeves if needed. The paper is also great for applying a stamp or sticker if you need to.

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    Love these cups! Great for lattes!

    Great cups for hot chocolate and coffee. We added a sticker to the outside of them for branding and it worked great. Make sure to get lids and selves if you need them.

    from Country Dog Posted on

    Buy in case size to save money! Awesome cups and its a bonus that the lids used for these cups also are the same for the 20oz version.

    from Jumpstart'R Posted on

    12oz cup

    A nice plain, white paper hot cup that is great for our family get together parties. The 12 ounce cup is great for our coffee.

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    You can't go wrong with these poly cups! They are ideal for hot drinks, but they also work great for cold beverages. They are strong and work great.

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    We have been ordering these cups for over a year and we have never had any issues with them. They look nice and hold hot drinks really well.

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    I used these for a hot chocolate party and they worked wonders no need to burn your hands with these cups my only regrets we're not buying enough, they are very sturdy and don't rip in the seal overall great cup.

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    Choice makes great hot cups, especially with their brand of lids. The white on white looks very professional. I recommend using a sleeve, as the cups can get very hot on the outside, but the quality of the cups makes it worth the sleeve.

    from Stomping Grounds Posted on

    12 ounce cup stacked

    Tried these cups in all sizes, all problematic. You get some that are OK, but a high number per case leak and/or the lids pop off (lids from same manufacturer). Thought it was a fluke so I kept buying them, but it was eventually apparent that every case that a problem one time or another. Had to switch to more expensive Dart/Solo brand,and it's frustrating to spend more when this is the Webstaurant recommended brand.

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    Thank you for your review, Janice Pullicino! We are sorry this Choice 12 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 1000/Case has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Simple cup for hot coffee, tea or really any hot beverage. Is sturdy and durable. Keeps beverages hot on cold days. Works well with matching lid.

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    The quality of the cup is decent for the great price. It’s great for hot drinks but I recommend using a sleeve because the cup on its own kind of slides of your hand.

    from Coffee House Posted on

    12oz white poly paper hot cups look so nhce especially with a black lid. The quality is just outstanding. They don't melt and keep the liquids hot for a very long time.

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    White poly paper hot cup 12oz

    I recommend these hot cups. nice paper hot cup. good bright white color. heavy duty. I prefer these over the brown ones with all the designs on them

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    We always prefer to select white cups when serving coffee at events. The white color allows us to stamp our logo onto the side of the cup. Buying these cups on the website is much more efficient then sending someone to the store. These come in a this 12oz size as well as other sizes.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Low price, packs of 50, and great for coffee and tea.

    This is a high quality cup that we use for our coffee and hot beverages. Doesn't leak at the seams or on the bottom and is sturdy so we are confident sending our customers out the door with their to go cup!

    from Fika, LLC Posted on

    I love the classiness of the plain white cups. They also are a blast to decorate and can write customer's drink orders on them. They look classy with the black lids.

    from All Things Coffee House Posted on

    perfect paper cup size, specially for the new keriug coffee makers, they have the correct size to one fill of this makers, also the quality is really good and the heat is not an issue for this cups.

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    This 12oz cup is solid and looks very nice. It's perfect for coffee and tea. We love the Choice line, because the lids and sleeves for this cup fit 16oz and 20oz cups too.

    from Amateur Coffee Posted on

    This is my to go cup for my 10 ounce option on my Keurig! Perfect size to add cream and/or syrups! These cups keep my drinks decently warm, but nothing crazy, enough to get me to work without ending up with an ice cold coffee/tea. They are strong and durable. I have accidently left liquids sit in one all day (12+ hours) and it did not start to come apart at the seams or leak like some others i have used. Overall, this is a great deal & i will continue to use this brand!

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    great size to-go cup! Love it for my teas in the morning. the white looks so clean and professional

    Got this cup for our "Medium" of coffee but it has come in handy for so many things. It is your basic little white cup but a good quality general use cup that can be used for hot or cold beverages.

    from Treats N Treasures Posted on

    We get these cups all of the time and love them. We haven't had any issues with leaking. The only issue that has come from these cups has been due to packaging/delivery.

    from Hannah's Coffee House Posted on

    We use these cups in our coffee shop on a daily basis.

    We use these cups on a daily basis.

    These 12 oz poly paper cups are great for all your hot drinks! The cups are very sturdy and fit the matching lids very well!

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    Nice, quality cup!

    Needed a good white colored coffee cup and these cups are of very good quality. We added the lid and sleeve and this makes a very attractive cup

    from Life In The Slow Lane LLC. Posted on

    The Choice white poly paper hot cups are really great quality and very sturdy. I love the white because you can right the customers name and order for easy fixing and serving. The 12 ounce is perfect for our small size coffee.

    Posted on

    These work very well with our hot beverages. They hold heat well and there is no condensation on the outside. They are sturdy and reliable

    from The Cozy Cannoli Company Posted on

    Personalized cup

    These are high quality cups. They are made of thick paper and have a really nice rolled edge for sipping. We suggest buying the other sizes offered too. We did,

    from WAFFLES2GO Posted on

    12 ounce or Tall

    This is exactly what you would expect from 12ox white paper cups. No frills, but exactly what our store needed. Just a cup that gets the job done.

    Posted on

    These cups are sturdy and reliable. We use them daily in our shop and find them to be a great value. I have tried other cups to save money but always come back to these.

    from GNBA Ventures, LLC Posted on

    Good replacement for our Dart hot cups at our coffee shop. Saves us some money per case and doesn't sacrifice quality. Sturdy cups that obviously fit Choice black lids well.

    Posted on

    We stamp on cups and never get smudged. We use for hot teas and also hot bubble tea to seal. its standard size and It fits with all of coffee sleeves and lids. If you are looking for plain hot cups, I highly recommend!

    from Boba shop Posted on

    These cups are excellent. They stack well for storage and they hold quite of a bit of fluid. I don't have an issue with lids not fitting.

    Posted on

    Great cup

    Love these paper cups. They hold hot drinks well and it still helps the cup not to get too hot. Good product and good price. Will be getting them again soon.

    Posted on

    A great plain white hot cup that is a great value. The cup is great for packaging up to go orders of potato salad or cole slaw.

    Posted on

    We serve a lot of coffee drinks at our cafe, and we have found that a 12oz cup is a great size for lattes, etc. The paper cup holds up well, and looks clean.

    Posted on

    Great cup at a great price they hold up very well and are a strong feeling cup great product for a coffee shop at a price that you can not bear

    from The Bookery Cafe Posted on

    These paper hot cups are great for both hot or cold beverages. Can be used as is or can be decorated for parties or picnics. Great value!

    Posted on

    A lot of coffee shops want to have their own branding on cups, but for us this product has been a great money saver for our little coffee shop.

    from Ventero Open Press Fine Art Posted on

    We like these cups but they definitely need a sleeve because they are very hot to the touch. The bright white is attractive, and you can put your business logo or design on them. Secure fit with the lids we got.

    from E Lou Coffee Posted on

    Good paper cup option.

    We used these as to go coffee cups for a large bbq we hosted in our backyard. We'll be using them again at our wedding!

    Posted on

    Choice 12 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cup - 1000/Case #50012W perfect cup everytime. equal or better than the more expensive. never had an issue.

    from Gateway Brew Posted on

    These are great paper cups for either hot or cold beverages. Perfect for break rooms or parties or anytime you want to take coffee on the go

    Posted on

    Nice paper cups

    These white cups are great for hot drinks; it is sturdy. It's a great size and our customers love the white color; it shows it's cleanliness.

    from Aj cAFE Posted on

    Nice hot Espresso

    These white paper hot coffee cups are a nice option for an affordable coffee cup. Eco-friendly and sturdy paper make this a nice option for any office or motel.

    Posted on

    White paper coffee cup

    Very affordable cup for the service it delivers! They are perfect for serving tea, coffee, and other hot beverages as well as a very sturdy choice.

    from Vault catering and events Posted on

    These are great cups. The perfect size for our coffee service that we offer at church. They hold up so well and are a great value.

    from Hunter Hills Church Posted on

    The Choice 12 oz. cup with a personalized sleeve ordered through Webstaurant.

    Great product for the price you do have to make sure the lid is on well because they fit tight and they do not remove well! You definitely don't have to worry about them falling off!

    from Gramz Bakery Posted on

    Coffee cups all sizes

    Look around so the math you won't find a better priced cup anywhere. These cups are quality and the price is right catch them when they are on sale and save more.

    from Atlantic Beach Coffee Posted on

    These 12 paper hot cups were ideal for my house guest to make and take their coffee with them. They are sturdy, dont leak and can be use more then once.

    from work Posted on

    SHOCKER!!!! We used Solo cups forever. I finally gave the Choice brand a shot and HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!! These cups are of great quality. I received no negative feedback when making the switch. These cups will save you money..... and lots of it.

    Posted on

    The choice cups are sitting pretty. Just waiting for their time to shine. :)

    We ordered these disposable coffee cups for a brunch following a wedding. they worked well and were perfect for hot beverages. I would suggest the 12 oz size as the cups were not ginormous but also not too small. If people wanted more they could refill them rather than taking a lot and not drinking all of the beverage.

    Posted on

    These cups were great! Sturdy and felt like good quality. Cannot beat the price for these either. Used for our wedding along with the black lids and Kraft sleeves.

    Posted on

    Durability of choice cups are great. we have been very happy switching to a great and solid product and look forward to continuing using this product.

    Posted on

    Excellent paper cups at a great price! We use these to serve to-go coffees and teas. They're durable, and an ideal size for small/medium beverage quantities. Would recommend also getting coffee cup sleeves, to protect customers with hot drinks.

    Posted on

    This is our small cup and it is wonderful for all of our hot drinks. We never have issues with rips or tears. This is our go-to choice of cup brand.

    from Barton County Coffee Company Posted on

    These are by far our favorite cups! You can't beat the price, there's no cheesy deign, and you can spice it up any way you want with a great coffee sleeve! The price plus custom sleeves is far cheaper than any alternative I've seen thus far!

    Posted on

    Love these white hot cups. They look sharp and easily allow me to stamp my logo on them. They have been a great addition to our cups!

    from Just Juice 4 Life Posted on

    These cups work as expected for a hot cup. They are a good price for the quality except that the shipping charges sometimes make it cheaper to buy some locally instead.

    Posted on

    We now only carry 12 oz hot drinks in our bakery. We love this cup and the quality is great! We actually like this better than the bigger brand!

    from Sweet Buttons Posted on

    Great cups! I love them! Very sturdy and love the clean look. Came in amazing shape. Heavy duty paper cups. What a nice cup from webstaurant.

    Posted on

    These cups are a great quality. I will never purchase another brand of cups because this cup really suits our needs and customers love them!

    from The POUR House Posted on

    We have used these cups for our church for a long time now and love them. They don't seep through, they are durable and they are a good fit in your hand. I would recommend getting sleeves for sure because the cup isn't all that thick to hold heat in.

    from Beaches Vineyard Posted on

    Great paper cups for hot beverages. Holds a good amount if you don't want to offer varying sized drinks. Easy to store and nice to hold.

    Posted on

    The perfect size cup for coffee and tea! We love using these at our cafe. They are simple and white, so not too distracting or busy and works well with a pretty coffee sleeve. They are of good quality and a great price, too.

    from Cafe Crema Posted on

    This is a good basic cup and one of our most popular sizes. We have had no problems with it collapsing for use in our coffee shop. I recommend this for hot drinks.

    from MidTown Coffee Posted on

    These cups are excellent and they are very good quality. I love that I can have just 1 lid for all the cups. Thanks!

    Posted on

    We love these cups for coffee and hot chocolate. This price is great even with additional shipping. We will be using these cups from here on out!

    from The Pasta Co-Op Posted on

    We just opened and are all paper goods at this point. We use the 8 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz cups. The 12 oz cups are good quality but hot coffee can easily be too hot to hold in the cup. We would like to see the cup a little thicker. We do provide sleeves for our customers because of this. Also the 12 oz cups is actually 15 oz as other reviewers have noted. I plan to order the 10 oz to see if that is closer to 12 oz .

    from Prevail Union MGM Posted on

    Fantastic Cups! Keeps my coffee super hot and offers a nice clean look without having to spend a fortune. I reorder these cups every few months and have yet to be disappointed.

    from Maxine's On Green Posted on

    i love these paper cups! These cups were simply designed, just plain white and well packaged product. Also, they are pretty good quality for the price.

    Posted on

    Great cups for a great price. We get custom sleeves for our cups. They look professional and are the best cups around for the price.

    Posted on

    This cup is really sturdy. It can last all day and I'm not finding any leaks happening it is a good size cup and is not too much.

    Posted on

    These are the only cups that I use. I checked with four (4) local vendors, and all carried similar cups... for 4 times the price! No joke! I couldn't believe it. Even with shipping, this is a much more cost effective solution. The cups always arrive within a few days of ordering. Can't beat it.

    Posted on

    These cups are extremely poor quality. Despite being sold the cups as an alternative to Solo or Pacific Paper, they fall far short. The material feels cheap and the rim of the cup bends when it is picked up with liquid in the cup and this causes the lid to pop of and spill. Additionally, the 12oz version of this cup is not even close to 12oz. When we tested the capacity of the cup, we found it to actually be over 15oz. A number of our customers burnt themselves with hot coffee when they picked the cup up and the lid shot off. I contacted WebsturantStore via live chat to request a refund for the 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz cups we purchase. After a lot of chatting, making a video and take a number of photos, they agreed to give me 100% back on the 12oz cups because they were the wrong size, but only 50% back on the 8oz and 16oz since before we found them to disgracefully and shamefully made by using them, we had already opened and stamped our logo on them thus making them not returnable. Customer service also informed me that I would responsible for shipping and be subject to a 20% restocking fee if I was able to return them. They also denied that there was a problem with the lids because I didn't provide a video of the lids popping off and burning customers. Buying these cups was a horrible choice on my part. Because of Webstraurant's prompting with ads I thought I was going to get a similar quality cup and save a few dollars per case. Instead we lot a lot of money because of all the drinks we had to remake after customers burnt themselves, not to mention all the milk wasted by giving hundreds of customers an extra 2-3 oz of milk. This experience has been so bad that I do not think I will do business with this website again. Do not buy these cups. The savings is not worth the shameful quality and all the trouble that will come along with them. There is no excuse for Webstaurant selling these or subjecting their employees to using them in their break room.

    Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Burien. We wish these Choice paper hot cups would have worked out for you. Our Customer Solutions team has given you a credit.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These are good cups for hot drinks. They are strong and don't feel like they will collapse. I use them with hot sleeves to serve coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate.

    Posted on

    These are a great inexpensive option for coffee shops. Every now and then there will be faulty cups, but Webstaurant has always been quick to offer replacements.

    from The Perk Posted on

    This is an excellent cup. We use this in a coffee shop, serving coffee and espresso beverages. We haven't had any issues with leaking. Excellent and sturdy product. I would recommend buying a sleeve to go with it, as the heat transfers quickly to your hands.

    from Julie's Cafe, Ltd. Posted on

    These are cups, they hold hot liquid, they are a nice canvas for drawing or coloring to waste time when you should be working. We love them and will be ordering this brand again as they are a great quality & price.

    from Paradox Coffee Posted on

    This material is perfect to withstand the hot and especially to keep them hot drinks, has a color that blends with many and makes it look very nice

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    These cups were purchased for a coffee station during our wedding reception. I was skeptical to order paper cups, but they are a great quality, and did not burn the hands of those drinking hot beverages. I look forward to trying out other colors in the future,

    Posted on

    These cups are a great value for those who prefer paper over styrofoam cups. I recommend using the paper sleeves for added heat resistance when using very hot beverages.

    from SOD Posted on

    We love these cups and use them in all sizes both hot and cold for our cafe. We have never had one leak or bust at the seem and they are a nice classic white. The only problem we have ever had with them is that sometimes they get roughed up in shipping so the edges of the cup are a little mashed and occasionally a lid won't fit on smoothly. That is something we are wiling to put up with for the amazing cost savings on using these cups.

    from Simple Roast Coffee Company Posted on

    These are very sturdy paper cups, just as you would expect. Great for any type of hot beverage such as coffee, hot chocolate, or hot tea.

    Posted on

    Stamped with our logo, and ready to go!

    Customers began to request a smaller size coffee so we went right to webstaurant for these simple but high quality cup. Keeps coffee hot and fresh tasting,

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    These cups are great for the use! Perfect for a cup of coffee. Great use for the office! I would recommend them for any business!!

    from M-1 RAIL Posted on

    I ordered these to go with theDart Solo TLB316-0004 Traveler Black Dome Hot Cup Lid with Sip Hole - 100/Pack #999TLB316 and Choice 10-20 oz. Printed Coffee Cup Sleeve / Jacket / Clutch - 50/PackItem #: 999COLLAR. They fit perfectly! You can hear and feel it pop into place when it's securely sealed. No issues with leaks (I left about 1/2" room from top of cup to help prevent leaks around the seal). These lids also work with the Royal Paper STRNPLUG-BK Stix To Go Black Beverage Plug and Stirrer - 200/Pack Item #: 999STRPLUGBK. I recommend buying the sleeves because there is some insulation, but I needed the added layer.

    from Personal Use Posted on

    We love these cups! They are great at holding hot beverages, we have found that you don't need a sleeve to protect your hands from the heat. You can write or draw on them. Perfect for our business.

    from R&R Collision Specialties Posted on

    we've used these cups exclusively since we opened our coffee shop. You have to have a cup sleeve or double cup for hot drinks, they are thin but good product for the price. We use this as our small size.

    from Cornerstone Coffee Posted on

    Best cups for the money. Beware - we had an issue with lids - not wanting to stay on the cups after they got warm. Believe it was 2 problems - 1) a bad batch of lids and 2) we tried to use Dart lids with Choice cups. Once we matched brands of cups & lids - and got rid of the bad batch (trust me - better to throw away money in lids than to upset 500 customers!!!), we have been in good shape. There are still some issue lids, but that comes with these being a bargain brand. The cups are pretty solid.

    from teds market Posted on

    These are heavy well insulated cups. I didn't expect them to be as nice as they were. Order some lids and you're in business for some great hot drinks!

    from Doing Life Better Posted on

    These cups are very durable and strong cups. We use them in our store to serve coffee and hot chocolate. We do have to serve it with a cup sleeve because the cup gets too hot. Overall, however, I would definitely recommend these cups!

    from 3 Spoons Yogurt Posted on

    Great buy for a great price. These cups are sturdy and work well for people on the move. We use these in our welcome center each Sunday morning and then they are carried throughout the church. I have not had a complaint about them yet!

    from first baptist burlington Posted on

    It took me forever to find high quality all white cups. I am using these for a coffee bar at our wedding reception, and they fit the bill perfectly! Fast shipping and great prices!

    Posted on

    Great standard cup. This is our most used cup size for our mobile coffee shop. These cups are sturdy and go well with some hot sleeves (if you are doing straight coffee or tea) and the proper sized lids.

    from Nomad Coffee LLC Posted on

    Switched to Choice brand cups. I have been very happy with the quality of the cups. The old brand would occasionally have a leaky cup and so far have not seen this problem with this brand.

    from Alderaan Coffee Posted on

    These are very high quality cups! Heavy duty and for an awesome price. We like these better then any other brand of cups you can buy

    from bricktown coffee Posted on

    These 12 oz cups are perfect for my cafe. They don't leak and are sturdy! They are simple but perfect for our coffee, lattes and cappuccinos.

    from Serving Grace Cafe Posted on

    These are great cups. I really like that I can use the same lids on different size. Make sure you have a jacket, They get hot!!

    from The Homestead Posted on

    12oz cups

    This a great size hot paper cup for a medium or even a large hot coffee. It does get pretty warm, so I would recommend giving out coffee sleeves with them.

    Posted on

    This cups are the best, great size for a good cup of joe. They are sold at a great price at I recommend this product.

    from the republic of chocolate Posted on

    A great white paper cup. Pretty basic but great for hot drinks. It still gets hot so you may want to get sleaves for them to keep peoples hands comfortable.

    from CMV Posted on

    These cups are the perfect to go cups. I can't stand cups with busy designs on them. Stamp your logo on these and away you go.

    from The Farmacy Posted on

    Hot cups

    These white paper cups are a great buy. You can easily stamp your logo on them and the clean lines look classy in any cafe.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Really good, sturdy cup. We have used almost a whole case and haven't had any complaints from customers about the cup collapsing or lids not fitting well. Will definitely buy these again.

    from Kent Turner Posted on

    We use these every day in our cafe, but don't get the lids they suggest. They fit poorly and someone is bound to get burnt. We use the ECO lids and they fit so snug it is almost hard to get off. We also brand them by stamping them and they work out great!

    from Terra Nomad Company Posted on

    I like these cups we use at my baby shower for hot cocoa and coffee, they're a lot stronger than they loo . Will definitely be buying them again.

    Posted on

    We love our 12oz white paper cups! They look clean, modern and elegant. People love posting photos of the latte art that we do into the paper cups.

    from Reverie Coffee Roasters Posted on

    We use our to-go cups in our café, and also for our coffee catering events!

    We love using the 12oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cups. They are great for our business as we put our own designed sleeve on them. They are very strong sturdy cups when coming to hot drinks.

    from Coffee TIme Posted on

    Excellent! These cups far withstand heat AND for a longer duration than most before getting soggy. Our primary use is for hit liquids such as coffee and green tea and they do the trick. We will be purchasing more as they make for great "on-the-go" travel cups as well... just need to find some lids!

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    Love the white cups because they always look very clean and are easy to customize with sleeves and we joy note of customers specialty drink orders, which are easier to read.

    from Turntable Cafe Posted on


    We use these at our Coffee shop. Good quality cups and lids fit perfect. Customers like them and they are good quality and we have had no problems with them.

    from BIA Enterprises Posted on

    I use this cup for hot coffee drinks and it works well. No off taste. Strong enough. Consistent. I use them with a sleeve because they are hot to the touch with heat transfer. Lids go on securely too.

    from Little Lots Farms Posted on

    We use it for coffee and hot cocoa at our bakery. Good quality and does not leak. The Choice lids we bought with this fit perfectly! Would recommend!

    Posted on

    This cup is the perfect size for a cup of coffee or hot tea. It is not too big or too small. It does get hot so it needs a sleeve.

    Posted on

    I originally orded these cups for a party I had but I will keep ordering them for everyday use. They are great for any commute.

    Posted on

    These cups are a lot thicker than I thought they would be. They are perfect for serving extra hot drinks in our coffee shop. Fast shipment and fast delivery!

    from Coffee Corner Posted on

    Today I would like to take the time and make a review on 12 ounce cups that I purchased specifically for hot beverages. We are Pleasantly pleased

    from BarisGo Coffee Posted on

    Good standard product. They are a perfect for my wedding. The white will add an air of professionalism to my wedding. The size is more than enough for every day use and for my event.

    Posted on

    So far so good. They are for hot food but we found them to be very economical to mix our ice cream in. They seem to hold up well and not leak.

    Posted on

    We loved the cups during my wedding! Cups were very sturdy and a nice size. Lids were very easy to go onto the paper cups.

    Posted on

    I use the Choice 12 oz. White Hot Cups in my coffeeshop, for all of my hot drinks. I used to have the Dixie brand, but switched to the Choice brand, because of the cheaper price. I do not see any difference in the cups. I have never had any problems with them, and they even work with the old lids I had leftover. I do think they need a sleeve, because they are so soft and slick on the outside.

    from Play a Latte Posted on

    Steeping some tea in my Choice 12oz hot cup.

    These are decent coffe cups, comparable to the name brands, no issues with cups melting with too hot of liquids, occasionally the lids don't fit, but it's maybe 10 out of 1000. Those are defect rates I can live with

    Posted on

    We recently switched to these cups. I love the crisp clean white look. We also purchased sleeves for them. I did the math on the generic cups we were getting somewhere else to these with sleeves, same price and I have little walking billboards now! :)

    from Grinders Gourmet Cafe Posted on

    I was a little nervous at first switching to their lower cost suggestion. These have worked well for our hot tea and coffee and have held up well. We will continue to order these!

    from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop Posted on

    We wanted a nice hot cup to compliment our coffee bar. We found that these cups worked perfectly. They are plain with no writing so they work well!

    from SouthEast Bank Posted on

    These are great cups. They are sturdy and we haven't had a single leak. They are the perfect size for use with our K cup units. and they are recyclable.

    from Jurin Roofing Services Inc Posted on

    After using a ton of these since last August, we've had no issues whatsoever. You will want to use a cup sleeve most times. We've not had any issues with the lids not fitting but we're careful to ask folks to handle by the main part of the cup. Buying again and smaller size too for additional choices.

    from Magic Coffee Truck, LLC Posted on

    We custom made some cup sleeves for a promotion but they worked like a charm with these cups!

    Works great, can use it for home to events to work field. Great size and keeps the coffee warm for a little while. Will order more.Quick shipping and no damage to the product.

    Posted on

    While the WebRestaurant service/site is terrific, be wary with these cups. Probably one out of every 20 is leaking from the bottom. No visible holes so it must be something with the glue.

    from Roebling Point Books & Coffee Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Richard! We are pleased to provide you with superior service and low prices. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly to address the issues you are having with these cups.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I have had a little trouble with the Choice lids staying on tight. The other sizes seem to do just fine, but the 12 ounce cups are a little loose.

    from Boulder Creek Coffee Posted on

    Great cups at half the price as the name brand. Can't tell a difference. I know, because I made the mistake of buying the name brand before. Sturdy cups. Don't leak. We use these in tandem with TLB316-0004 lids.

    from Brown Bag Bagels Posted on

    We are constantly having issues with these cups fitting with the hot beverage lids. We have even gotten complaints from customers of the lids not staying on.

    from By The Park Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Isabel! We're sorry these cups are not working well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in touch with you about this.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These cups are great. For the price, you cannot beat them. I have looked around, and settled on these and I am so glad I did. The 12 oz. cups are sturdy and they are exactly what I need for my coffee shop.

    from D&M Coffee House Posted on

    Use the Choice 12 oz.- 1000 / Case White Poly Paper Hot Cup to serve hot darjeeling tea, which you can also get from webstaurant. There are so many uses for these cups.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    This is the best value we could find online for our cups! We are thrilled with the size options and will continue to use webstaurant for our bulk ordering needs!

    Posted on

    These are great disposable cups. They are durable and fit under my Keurig with no problem. The coordinating lids work well, too. I will definitely repurchase.

    Posted on

    Great product. These cups are the only ones we buy in all sizes for my busy coffee shop and we have never had an issue with them. Lids fit perfectly, and any issues we had with them were typical hot cup lid issues. Maybe 1 in 50 will have a fitting issue.

    from UnionStation Coffee Posted on

    Pretty good cups for the price. We've had no issues, but you can occasionally feel that some are weaker than others when pouring in hot liquid. Again, no issues so far.

    from Nudge Coffee Roasters Posted on

    These cups are very well made and have a great price per unit. Customers seem to love them and they work well. Would recommend getting the heat sleeves with it because hot coffee can make cup warm quickly.

    Posted on

    Great cup! Very sturdy and a great size for a small coffee or latte. The lids fit well. They do get very hot so you definitely need the sleeves!!

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    I ordered these to see if I could use them for my store. I had to buy an entire sleeve for a sample. Perhaps it would be easier to mail a couple of free samples. Although, I did like the cups and will start using them in my store. Good durable cup. Thanks

    from Coffee Beanery/ L&A Cafe, LLC. Posted on

    We love using these cups in our coffee shop. They are very sturdy so they don't bend when you hold them and they don't leak even if you have liquid in them for several hours.

    Posted on

    Love love love these cups. They hold without soaking up the liquid in the cup. They look great and are very sturdy as can be

    from Oh sweet treat Posted on

    Purchased these cups for coffee service for our organization. Had a little trouble with some of the cups having unevenly "rolled" edges which kept the lids from adhering securely. Upon further investigation of 20 or so of the cups, it appeared that it was an issue limited to 1 or 2 of the cups on the bottom of the stack only. The rest of the cups have worked nicely and I simply check the bottom of the stacks when I restock them and remove the 1st or 2nd cup if it's uneven. Pretty basic product. Does what it's supposed to overall and is a good product for what you pay for it.

    Posted on

    The bottom of the cup fall out twice this month when we serve the hot coffee in our shop, And coffee spill all over customer's cloth. The water temperate we have is around 205 Fahrenheit. Now, we are forced to use double cup on every hot tea or drip coffee that we sell, which adds up the cost.

    from PERPETUUM CAFE LLC Posted on

    Thank you for your review. We are very sorry the cups you received were defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to make sure you are credited for the bad cups.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I love these hot paper cups. They are lined with a plastic coating to keep the beverages from not soaking through even when sitting a long time.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    Choice has done it again with this affordable option in hot paper cups. We buy these every week and the quality meets our customers needs.

    from Easley library Coffee shop Posted on

    These are very nice, heavy duty cups. Great for hot beverages. Be sure to get your sleeve though. The white look of these is very sleek.

    Posted on

    Have used choice cups for years of all sizes for keeping our break room stocked. The only downfall is that you cant really use them more than once or they start to come apart, so not really reusable. However, for the price its worth it and has kept us coming back.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    Great price, however, the quality is inconsistent. Some cups fit great with the complimenting lids, but others don't. Some cups also have a a crease in it - production error? I'm going to try another brand to see if I have better luck.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Christina. We are sorry to hear that these are not fitting well with their companioned lids. We are fixing this issue for any future orders. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Good sturdy cup for hot drinks. We have a lot left over, but it's great since cups don't expire. I can use these for smaller parties at home since I had so many left over from my wedding reception!

    Posted on

    Great, sturdy coffee cup. We had to change coffee brands and needed a blank cup, these work great. Our old lids even fit the top, we are very happy with them.

    from Bake Me Happy, LLC Posted on

    great cups!

    This cup is my Small size, and let me tell you, we go through them fast! But at 1000 cups per case, it's well worth the price. This is your standard, traditional cup-- excellent for hot drink like coffee and hot apple cider. Keeps the drink warm and your fingers feeling cozy.


    Overall great cups for the price. Be careful with the plastic bags the cups come in. They are not always strong enough to withstand one of your employees quickly grabbing it by only the top of the bag.

    from Coffee Geek Posted on

    Latte in the 12oz cup

    There really is no point in going out there and buying Solo anymore. This product is the exact same and saves you money. We've only had one issue where the lids were a little off and didn't seal tight. They took care of it and sent us a free case. Can't ask for more than that... it happens!

    from Amorini Panini Posted on

    I've gone through thousands upon thousands of these cups, with no issues other than an occasional misshapen top (just a couple of cups on top of sleeve) due to handling during shipping... nothing to worry about. Stay classy with plain white.

    from South Street Cafe Posted on

    A great cup to have on hand at your cafe or bakery for hot or cold beverages. We use these at our bakery daily for customers.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    This is a great brilliant white coffee cup that does exactly what I want it to. Keep my coffee hot and it's a snap to put on the coffee lid. Will order again!

    from LOVECUP COFFEE CO. Posted on

    I just wrote a review of the associated lids for these cups and gave them the same score. This review is applicable for 8, 10 & 16 oz. versions of these cups, as we have bought and have used them all. The main problem with the cups is that for whatever reason they stick together when stacked. In a fast-moving cafe/restaurant your baristas/servers need to be able to grab these couple quickly with one hand. We frequently have to use two hands to separate these at the rim. It's a small inconvenience that multiplies after a few days and after a few thousand cups. We have used comparable cups that do not have this problem, and would gladly return to them (and would be willing to pay more) if they were available on webstaurant. We have our baristas asking us daily when we're going to return to the "old" cups.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Vanessa. We are sorry you did not like the cups. They are an excellent value for the price. We believe that these Dart Solo 12 oz. White Paper Hot Cups may better suit your business and reduce the problem of them sticking together.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I just love these cups! I ordered them as we just began serving coffee and could not be more thrilled! Go and order them now!

    Posted on

    Th choice brand is a nice affordable alternative to the higher end "brand"name paper cups you can buy. I am all for the environment, but I am also all for my bottom line. These help!

    from GTG Posted on

    great white paper cup for all hot items. We stamp ours o brand it and the stamp color comes across well. The clean white cup looks great with the coffee jacket.

    from McGees Catering and Cafe Posted on

    These cups are very good, clear and functional too. We use these cups for coffee and tea and are perfect for that with no minus.

    Posted on

    This cups are really great, they hold all the hot drinks very well. I also am very pleased with this brand. It's the only brand use.

    from The Coffee House Posted on

    We use the choice paper cups in three different sizes for our coffee bar. No need to search further for a sturdy, economical cup. Tight fitting kids work great, even when filled to the brim. I love that we can write on the outsides with a sharpie if we get a huge delivery order.

    from Karma Boutique & Coffee Bar Posted on

    Perfect for a wide variety of hot beverages. A chai tea latte and a cupcake perhaps?

    We use the choice hot cups in three sizes in our shop. Shipping is fast and convenient and pricing is better than local sources. Highly recommended for all coffee shop needs.

    from LilyBean Micro-Roasted Coffee Posted on

    This is the best hot cup!!! I use this for my home gatherings/parties! They look cery elegant. I will buy this again! Highly recommended! Thanks webrestaurant!

    Posted on

    These cups are really good quality. We have tried other brands but keep coming back to these. I love the fact that they are white. The cups look great with the green eco sleeves.

    from Gratitude cafe Posted on

    Love the choice products. We do have a small problem with the choice lids and small cups. The lids do not lock completely which causes leakage.

    from zebib investments LLC Posted on

    Great coffee / hot beverage cups! Very sturdy for a paper cup and a good price,we use them with the black lids, We would recommend them.

    Posted on

    These paper hot cups are of great quality and are just like you would get in your local cafe. They are study and can hold for a long period of time.

    Posted on

    These cups are perfect for everyday coffee use. They are very affordable - yet a very durable and sturdy coffee cup. We love the size as well - not too small and not too big. Great price for what you get!

    from Cross Point Hays Posted on

    This is a great product. No complaints about it on the staff side or customer side. They are very sturdy. We use them for hot espresso drinks, coffee, and teas. Would recommend.

    from Soguk Lounge Posted on

    This is a strong cup that just feels good when you hold it. No thin cushy cup here! I feel confident and pleased to use these cups from here on out. *waves presidential-style wave...

    from Here, There and Everywhere Cafe Posted on

    We use these to sell our iced coffee and couldn't be happier. They are a clean white and do a good job communicating the quality of our brand. We'll buy another case when we run out.

    Posted on

    Good paper hot cup... make sure you use the lid and push down or else it won't stick. Can't complain for the price once you get the strategy down. Careful! White is a clean look always so don't be afraid :)

    from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House Long Beach Posted on

    It was time to stock up on our supplies. Never tried these 12 cups before, but the value and savings could not be ignored. I believe we ordered 100 of these cups. I like that Webstaurant has broken down their large case to provide customers with smaller requests. I will continue to use these paper cups. Sturdy. Holds well with hot products. No complaints.

    from Topplez Corporation Posted on

    Perfect for hot coffee

    We love these cups! We use them for both hot and cold drinks - simple and heavy enough to not look/feel cheap, works for hot drinks but economical enough for cold, and most importantly, avoids us using plastic! We have looked at some of the eco-friendly biodegradable plastics but we have a food truck which gets too hot inside to store. For us, these are a good alternative, plus we only need to stock a single product.

    from That Kitchen Witch Posted on

    Great for our needs, just the right size for a to-go coffee bar. The cups also took ink well (no running or smudging) so we could personalize them for our wedding. I would absolutely order again for event or personal use.

    Posted on

    These are nice quality hot paper cups. Not like what you can buy locally. More like what you find in a nice coffee shop. The 12 oz size was perfect.

    Posted on

    Perfect clean-slate look for any modern operation. These cups are an excellent value, and great for combining with branded or decorative sleeves. The broad range of sizes keeps your image consistent.

    from Sugar Cubed Posted on

    We have to use these cups daily and for the price we paid at webstaurant it is a very good deal! The quality of these cups are great

    from Village Cafe Of Hampton Cove LLC Posted on

    These hot cups are great. We use them for coffee and hot cider. They are the perfect size. Not too big, not too small. We only carry one size hot cup in our shop and this is it.

    from Mammoth Fun Shop Posted on

    The perfect 12 oz. hot cup. We have been going through these quickly. Very popular size and a good value for the money! Would recommend!

    from The Pearl LLC Posted on

    Our 12 oz. hot cup!

    We love these Choice White 12oz cups they are heavy weight and they allow us to add our own creative spark to our coffee shop. We hand stamp each cup which makes our cups just as unique as our shop.

    from The Feed Company Posted on

    These white paper hot cups are very good, They hold up well to soups and coffee, and they are cheap and available in small quantities without to high of shipping.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    These coffee cups are a good buy for the price. Only down fall is that you must buy the lids separately and not all the lids fit perfectly t the cup with a tight seal. But they are a good plain cup.

    from Barton's Flowers and Bake Shop, LLC Posted on

    hot coffee

    Love these cups and the plain white allows you to use your own designed sleeves to simplify the appearance without overdoing the look with business.

    from Enjoy Jesus Coffee House, Inc. Posted on


    I love these coffee cups. They are sturdy, attractive and leak proof. My clients love them and at bulk prices are cost effective, I'll never run out!

    from Deborah King, LCSW-R Posted on

    Great cup, it holds up well with hot coffee and lattes, the top edge is smooth and allows for the lid to fit securely and tight!

    Posted on

    These are great. No frills, so not a lot to say, but great cup and great price. I will definitely buy again. Good choice for us!

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    I love this product. The price is so great and affordable for a small business like we have. I will be ordering again for sure!!

    from Beans and Strings LLC Posted on

    These hot cups are cost-effective, sturdy, and do not leak. (Very cost-effective, I’ve compared.) The white is true bright white. The lids fit perfectly as described. Happy with this choice for my business!

    Posted on

    I love using the white cups so I can use my company logo sleeve for my hot products. These are priced at a great rate.

    from That Girl's Coffee LLC (Rose's) Posted on

    Pretty good! Nice and plain and fairly sustainable. Defiantly use sleeves with really hot beverage. The cups won't leak through like others similar in content.

    Posted on

    Definitely a step up from our previous coffee cups. We used a foam cup with a design, but was too flimsy after having hot coffee in them for several minutes. Very sturdy. Overall a great cup choice.

    from Blue Ribbon Deli Posted on

    I love these cups and they are a good deal. Not sure what else to say to make it twenty five words. They are very strong and last quite awhile.

    Posted on

    Love the cups. They are strong and have great walls to hold drinks for a long time. I had a latte in a cup for 7 hours... I know gross, but I was working and left it by accident and no leaks ;-)

    from city coffeehouse Posted on

    This is a nice looking cup; worked great for our event; however, we found we had to double up the ups to keep from burning hands.

    Posted on

    These cups are great! They are very durable and strong. The go great with the eco lids. Definitaly recommend these to your business or coffee shop.

    from Pilot Petes Coffee & Treats Posted on

    Perfect all purpose beverage cup. The plain white color is simple and sophisticated, and the cup itself is high quality and sturdy. We are very happy with the price. And being a small business, it helps to be able to order in smaller quantities.

    from Sugar Me Desserterie Posted on

    I highly recommend this company. They have a tremendous variaty of products that are high quality. They also have a great shipment time and varieties.

    from heBREWS Coffee Inc Posted on

    These are good quality. My only complaint is they do not seem to be coated or coated much and have a paper type smell. I will get the better ones next time.

    Posted on

    this plain white paper hot cup is perfect for my catering business. The cups are high quality and no need to double cup for coffee.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    The Choice 12 oz Paper Cups have been a great buy. The cups seal tight to the lids and never leak around the seams. The paper always stays dry and firm after hours of use. Great buy for our cafe.

    from Vinyl Cafe Posted on

    Good sturdy paper cup. Perfect size for coffee. Lid secures tightly. No sleeve needed, the cup insulates the heat well enough that the cup is comfortable to handle on its own.

    Posted on

    If you own a coffee shop. This cups are must it fits really nice and snug with hot paper black lids and completely changes the appearance of the hot beverage. Buy it from WEBstaurant you wont be disappointed.

    from SW FROOTS Posted on

    Love 'em. I use these in combination with the Choice 10, 12, 16, and 20 oz. Hot Paper Cup Travel Lid Black 100 / Pack. 12 oz. I threw my travel mugs away and use these daily.

    Posted on

    These cups work great for hot or cold beverages. A sleeve is recommended for hot beverages. Plus, with the blank cups, you can add your own logo or design.

    from crumbs and cream Posted on

    These cups work well as a 'small' size for a soda fountain. That is what we use them for and have had no trouble selling plenty of the,. The cups are of good quality and do not 'water-through' the bottom like some of the competitor's cheap paper cups will do.

    from The Pie Kitchen Posted on

    These cups work fine. They definitely need to be double cupped for hot coffee. The price is good, especially for those of us just starting out.

    from Pop Karma Posted on

    I happened upon this website a couple years ago, and needless to say I have been ordering from it each year. Each year our church holds a coffeehouse event, and this website makes it very affordable! The Paper hot cups are perfect for our get together. The quantities offered, quality and price are great!

    Posted on

    These are great cups to stock up on for employee beverages because they are inexpensive and easy to dispose of! Great for a coffee shop as well!!!

    Posted on

    Switched to these paper cups from styrofoam cups and these are so much better. The customers really noticed a difference. We will not be going back to styrofoam!

    from Ladybugs Bistro Posted on

    These are very sturdy hot cups. I initially purchased them to use while the dishwasher's on, or the morning after it's been run for a coffee-to-go cup. But I find I reach for these more and more because I just prefer these to ceramic (and I also hate dirty dishes). This size is perfect for using with a Keurig, leaving room for half&half. It's also a nice size for microwaved fudge sauce with few scoops of ice cream. They're sturdy enough to last through a whole morning of coffees.

    Posted on

    These cups are great quality and an excellent price. We love how clean they look and they look sharp with our logo stickers on them.

    from Simply Cupcakes of Arlington Posted on

    Our most popular size of hot drink needed a cost effective and sturdy mate. We found it in the Choice line of cups after some up and down experiences with other cup lines. Perfect Choice for us!

    from the well Posted on

    I have recently stocked up on these cups because as winter gets closer people will be loading up on the coffee. I use these with a sleeve and a lid. WebStaurant has by far the best price on these!

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    Great coffee cups for hot drinks. Use with a "sleeve" since they're not thick enough to use without. The white works best for us. Thanks!

    from The Vintage Cafe Posted on

    This cup is the perfect multi-use cup. I use it for both hot coffee and cold to go drinks. I use a sleeve, nut there really is no need, It is cool to the touch.

    Posted on

    These are a standard paper coffee cup. They're unfortunately thin, so a heat sleeve is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, they're a good plain cup. We keep the design to the sleeve so the plain white is great.

    from Scratch Posted on

    We have tried an number of cups in past and this has still been our favorite. These cups are priced so well and are able to withstand hot liquids for very long periods of time without loosing any integrity or leaking.

    from Cafemantic Posted on

    Great cup! Strong and durable. It works very well with the lid and sleeve I purchased from this site too. All things shipped very quickly. Completely satisfied.

    from Fare on Main Posted on

    I always prefer Choice cups for my coffee shop. They carry an excellent line of products. Very often its sold out and I have to use Solo (which is fine, just slightly more expensive).

    from Casetta Coffee Posted on

    Good to be blank, so I can place my own logo sticker on it. It looks classy and by the way, it doesn't feel very hot even without sleeves on.

    from Roti & Dumplings Posted on

    When our company switched from styrofoam cups to paper hot cups, it was hard to find reasonably priced cases. I periodically check other vendor prices in the course of my ordering but have not found anywhere that beats the WEBstaurant Store price for this item.

    Posted on

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