Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Black Wrapped Straw - 12000/Case

Item #: 485WJ7BK

Add style to your beverage service with this Choice 7 3/4" jumbo black wrapped straw! Its classic black appearance, combined with its 7 3/4" length, is sure to make this straw a staple item in your restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. Thanks to its jumbo size, this straw is suitable for drinking large beverages including tall cocktails, cold coffee drinks, or any other refreshing beverages such as lemonade or iced tea.

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Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Black Wrapped Straw - 12000/Case

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straws wrapped great black straw price drinks color individually cups
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    Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Black Wrapped Straw - 500/Box are strongly made and make any drink we make look nice. The wrapper comes off easily but keeps the straw sanitary in the wrap.
    I was worried that I mean need a heavier duty straw for our smoothies and blended coffees, but these are great! They don't collapse or clog at all.
    The customers colors for catering is black and gold! Happy they had them in black. The quality is great and loved they are individually wrapped!
    I love these straws so much!, I am very peticular about drinking straws too. I have never had any issues with them, ever!, I love how they are individually wrapped, the packaging, I love that and most important I love that they are such great quality for an affordable price.
    Excellent straws! They don’t bend and break easily unlike some other types that you can find on the market. Even better yet, these are at a very fair price!
    This is a large amount of straws for the price. They hold up well and are individually wrapped. They are plastic so they do not fall apart like the paper straws.
    We use these straws for all our to go beverage orders. They get the job done. We also like them in black they look much more appealing.
    We use these for our iced coffee drinks. The black straw somehow has a slightly more upscale vibe than your typical transparent straw, and the price and durability are great.
    These are multi use straws for a various drinks. They come individually wrapped. They're sturdy, and do to not split or break when being unwrapped. Great buy for the price.
    Easy to use. We recommend to anyone who need a high Quality product for their coffee shop customers. Good for hot and cold beverages for sure.
    We were extremely satisfied with this product and it exceeded our expectations. One thing that we were a bit sad about was the fact that the straw was a little too thin for our taste so going forward, we are going to purchase a thicker one. However, in general, we were very happy with this product.
    These straws work great. Packaged by 500 is a good number. Perforated top of box makes it used as a container as well. Individually wrapped more sanitary. Although they are killing the world.
    Choice jumbo wrapped straw. This is a much more hygienic option than having the regular one. It’s also very inexpensive. I prefer this jumbo size.
    Made of sturdy material. I am using them for a DIY project and they are well made and the length is as advertised. Will enjoy the leftover straws for tea and coffee, they hold up well to heat. Nice black color.
    Good Straws, Multi use! Works great for liquids (juice) and even works great for smoothies and protein shakes! We haven't had any issues with these straws at our juice and smoothie bar. we use these straws with 16 oz, 20 oz and 24 oz cups.
    the quality was just standard. Its you want a fair quality with fair price, i would recommend this one. But, if you want a better quality. Go for the other one.
    These straws work great for all of the drinks we serve at our coffee shop! We even use them with thicker drinks like frappe’s. We use these with 16 and 20 ounce cups. Will continue ordering this for our business
    This is your standard size straw. 7-3/4” is what you find pretty mich every. The quality is good. It’s not thin or flimsy like a lot of other straws can be. I’m not a fan of the paper wrapper, hopefully WebstaurantStore will have a clear plastic wrapper option in the future. But overall it’s a great straw!
    These straws are perfect for most any cup. I love using straws any time I have an iced beverage because of sensitive teeth. Just like anything I would find at a restaurant or fast food chain too!
    These are really good straws. These fit perfectly in the tablecraft straw dispenser, and are much sturdier than the ones that come included with it.
    These straws are an excellent value.....the price is amazing for wrapped straws and the black looks much more elegant than the white. If you don't like these there are plenty of choices to choose from.
    This product worked quiet well for our super thick drinkables - fat boy milk shakes that we had for our private event of really talented creatives. Should we do those big hit shakes again, happy to consider these straws for them. Looks beautiful in 16 oz glass.
    These straws are strong, and withhold up to liquids very well. Love that they are individually wrapped great size for all cold drinks being served.
    You can't go wrong with these jumbo black straws. They are a great size, come individually wrapped, and fit well into the lids of plastic cups.
    After my initial purchase of these straws, I will be purchasing another five boxes to store because they are such great quality especially for the price. The stress get the job done and I would highly recommend them!
    I love that these are sanatary, they are also durable they won't break like some straws I have tried. The fact that they are black is a nice way to make drinks look more elegant
    These straws are very sturdy and a great price. We use them across the board for iced coffee drinks as well as smoothies and milkshakes and they work well without breaking or collapsing!
    I like the classic lok of the black straws. They compliment the clear cups nicely. They are an excellent value for the price. The size is also spot on.
    These are decent quality black straws. A good size for a 20 oz cup or smaller. I like black straws because they fit the aesthetic of our establishment.
    This was the first time we tried this product and they do the job for the price they are a good straw I would recommend
    Pretty strong straws that don't crack when you bend them. The quantity for the price is pretty darned good. They are also a deep black color, not a light black.
    Definitely the best price we've found on wrapped straws. They look nice in our clear plastic cups and we've not had any complaints from customers about them breaking, etc.
    These are really cool looking straws. They came nicely packaged and are easy to use and well made. The price is amazing and shipping always fast!
    Set your establishment apart with an elegant looking straw at an affordable price. Officially wrapped for sanitation, large quantities in the case so you will have plenty to go around.
    Nice straws that do the job just fine. It is also a very good price and you get your bang for your buck with this purchase.
    These are a nice alternative to plain clear or white straws. They are not as ‘jumbo’ as I anticipated but they will do the job.
    We use these straws everyday in our coffee shop. They are durable, convenient and inexpensive enough for daily use. Quick shipping makes these a no-brainer!
    Great quality straw. They are big and strong enough. I was looking for individually wrapped straws and couldn't find any better or cheaper straws then these.
    I recommend these for restaurants. It is nice that they are wrapped and also that they are black because they can match any type of color
    Perfectly functional, cheap straws. Individually wrapped, which is a must in my opinion. The case is enormous, so it will last a very long time. You can't go wrong with these.
    Loved these!!! These looks extremely professional with the cups I ordered. They were pretty strong as well! I normally break straws easily. There weren't an issue!
    I really like these straws. The black color just adds a little more of my personality to the store! They are just the the right length for our 16 oz cups and are really inexpensive!
    I’m not sure why these are called jumbo (they aren’t like those Slurpee straws you see at the gas station). They are a regular sized standard straw. I like that they’re individually wrapped so that I can keep them in the glove box or a desk drawer at work.
    We loved these e black straws. They went perfect with our black to-go boxes. And also complimented the clear plastic cups & lids we purchased.
    Your everyday black bar straw, we use for 95% of our soft drinks and cocktails. Great that they come unbwrapped . Inexpensive again and a lot cheaper than any where else you will find them from any purveyor
    These are a great value. They have a good weight and feel to them. Certainly not a cheap straw for your guests. The paper has a light dragon to it as well.
    The Choice jumbo black straws are great to have in our home for my little ones. Its definitely a plus that they are individually wrapped for cold lunches. They work well with our lids and are just the right size for our cups.
    I make smoothies each morning and these straws are perfect for taking the smoothies on the go. They are individually wrapped and thick and sturdy.
    These wrapped straws have a great price and are terrific for sodas and iced teas. We would recommend and will continue to use for our drinks.
    Sturdy straws! You get plenty of straws if you use them for parties and holiday get togethers! I must say Webstaurant does a great job at selling great quality products and this is one of them! Specially for the price!
    Choice 7 3/4” jumbo black wrapped straws. These are great 500 individually wrapped black straws. Great for your business or home. Anything you need straws for this is the item you need.
    Unbelievable cost savings here! It almost angers me that I did not find these sooner! I will be ordering these for my café as needed going forward.
    These straws are great to use at coffee shops! They are individually wrapped, very sturdy, and the large quantity of the case makes them last quite a while.
    Great straws for a incredible price. You don’t have to sacrifice on quality for this deal. They are packaged nice to ensure the straws remain intact
    I was so excited to find black straws for a good price! They add a nice touch to our to-go cold beverages, and we love that they come individually wrapped. Would recommend.
    Really good deal and a serviceable product. If you have something expensive shipping to you, always throw in disposables in your cart and you'll beat your broadliner every time.
    These are really good looking straws here. Individually wrapped with a great black finish and color. These are perfect for daily lunches for yourself or the kids!
    There’s choice brand jumbo seven and three-quarter inch straws are fantastic I like how they’re wrapped so it sanitary you can just hand them to people without having to worry about touching them
    Good quality straw. We like that they come individually wrapped for added sanitation, and our customers do not have to worry about not having a clean straw. The color goes very well with clear cups.
    I purchased these for the drinks that are to-go at my coffee shop. The size is great for 16 oz cups and the paper wrap is easy to remove.
    I have always struggled with finding quality black straws, I am usually forced to settle with the regular boring clear straws. I saw these on the website and decided to give them a try and they're not the best but they work out fine. They are on the shorter side but they are perfect for juices and smoothies. I would definitely recommend them instead of the clear ones they give your drinks a cool look.
    The wrapped straws are perfect for really casual situations, but I do believe the black ones look way nicer than the white or clear ones.
    LOVE these straws! great quality, just like the black straws they use in restaurants. Very conveniently individually wrapped, great for on the go, and for keeping clean!
    Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Black Wrapped Straw - 500/Box are great for me since I'm okay with unwrapped straws but since I'm a germaphobe I prefer these, and you really can't beat the price!
    We love these straws! Quality is decent and the individual wrapped straws keep things very clean and sanitary. We would definitely recommend these straws! Perfect size for the 20 oz foam cups.
    Usually these black straws are used for alcoholic drink but I like how they make a regular glass of water look instantly more classy. They last a long time.
    this straw is perfect size for 16oz cup. i recommend to use for that and you can give a great feeling to customer because this is wrapped!! i used to buy at restaurant depot, but web restaurant is cheeper than other and same good quality ! i will but again!
    These jumbo black wrapped straws are not like the ones that we are accustomed to, where it can easily be bitten and are very flimsy.
    I have germ issues and these make me happy knowing they are safe from germs in their individual wrappers. I used them on a beverage bar at a birthday party and they worked great! Good size and thickness. I had a ton left over, but they will be great for on the go and future parties and events. The price is wonderful for 500/box. I will order again when i get through this box!
    These straws are the ONLY straws we use with our Lemonades and in our Dart 32AC Cups with Dart L32C Lids! They are amazing quality, wrapping is awesome and the diameter is perfect for our drinks. The box is a little flimsy, but if you're putting these straws into a dispenser, who cares about the box they came in? Well, the box can be used as a dispense itself so keep that in mind.
    Great straws! These are 7 3/4" in length and are individually wrapped! Great for large cups or glasses. They are great quality and do not break easily.
    Great black straws, just what we needed. Not too flimsy and normal straw diameter. What else can I say, it's a straw - it's great.
    We love this product and use it daily, We are very satisfied with this purchase! We use this amazing product because it is great for soft drinks and other non-thick drinks.
    These straws are EXACTLY what we were looking for! The quality is exceptional and consistent! We love the black straws and the fact that they are individually wrapped is a bonus. Customers find it very easy to drink or lemon shake ups through the straws and they work perfectly with the 32 ounce cups. They allow for easy drinking and They are tall enough to not get lost under the lid.
    What can I say, it's a straw! But... Maybe you should think about using a straw of a different color than your competition. Not kidding here, but I've gotten lots of compliments from the fact that my straws are black and opaque! Sounds weird to be sure, but it's the little things that matter, I guess!
    You really can't find a better deal than these Choice wrapped straws! They are individually wrapped and are a nice sleek black color that goes well with any table setting. They will work perfectly for me at my outdoor party where I can guarantee they will remain sanitary.
    The Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Black Wrapped Straw are a perfect match for my Coca Cola cups. They are just the right length. The quality is very good. These straws are definitely a great value.
    Good solid and most importantly wrapped straws. Will use them for iced drinks and smoothies at our cafe. Much more hygienic than the non-wrapped straws.
    Perfect straws for thicker drinks, and the black color gives them a great look! We've never had an issue with them breaking easily, and don't have to worry about running out any time soon with the case of 12,000!
    We use these for our cold drinks at our coffee shop. We switched from clear to black. I think is makes a cleaner appearance and it balances well with our clear cups.
    Choice 7 3/4 straws are Great they are perfect size not to thin nor to thick. They are really the perfect choice. Will be ordering again.
    I love that these straws are black it adds a classy touch . These straws are the perfect accent to our legendary tea's . Love the price !
    Great price and product. I'm not sure why they are called jumbo, since they aren't that big in diameter or length. They won't fit in our 24OZ drinks when topped with whipped cream, but they're fine in our 16OZ drinks with whipped cream and would probably fit in a 20OZ, too. But without the whipped cream, they do fit our 24OZ cups!
    Love these straws. The black sets off well with our color scheme and having them wrapped individually is a great piece of mind for our customers.
    This is a very clean and sanitary way to have straws you can give them to them wrapped the customer can I wrap in themselves and no there's no germs on them that's good
    We use these straws for our Ice Coffee. They look great and are priced great! Very happy with these straws and will be ordering again.
    Okay one time use straws not super durable but nice size. These do not bend. They are a good color to choose if you want to have them more universal and not have to match any color scheme. They are again not going to hold up for long but they don't need to if you are just using them for one time.
    Im actually quite surprised about the thinkness of the straw. I thought they were the type that when bent, will crack. Well..Good product for a good price
    A strong, wrapped jumbo straw. These are over 7 inches tall and conveniently wrapped for protection. This black straw is a nice sleek looking item.
    I really like these black straws high quality at a really great price I definitely recommend these to everyone and we'll be ordering again soon
    These straws are great! I like that they are individually wrapped. The price is awesome. They fit in many different sized cups. The length is great.
    Best price on straws and they are very nice. Easy to order and fast shipping. Will continue to order them for my business, very pleased.
    My all-time favorite straw! Great value, sleek black color, and individually wrapped for sanitation and ease. Highly reccomend this product to any restaurant, bakery, bar, etc.
    These are high quality straws that do not bend easily like some poor quality straws. They are all individually wrapped in paper and are 7 3/4 inches long. 500 come in a box
    Very nice wrapped, black straws. We like these more for our presentation as the black gives the drink a better look than the typical white straws.
    These are great straws! They're a nice size for our smoothies and iced coffee drinks. Our cafe staff and customers all love them and we recommend them.
    These straws are very thin and it was hard to poke them through a kid without them bending or cracking. We do not plan to reorder them.
    Thank you for the review! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help should you encounter any issues.
    I use these with th choice 12 oz cold cups when vending lemonade and other cold beverages. They're sturdy, attractive, and very reasonably priced. Will definitely reorder.
    i am looking for this wrapped straw for a long times. others store they usually only have the straw without wrapped. this is what i want
    A couple boxes got a bit crunched in but only a few straws were damaged out of a few thousand. I really like the look of them and they are exactly what I needed but be aware of the actual size when you're ordering. They say "Jumbo" that does reference the diameter that liquid would be going through. These work great for our iced smoothies and frappes and the black is a nice clean contrast.
    Choice brand is our go to on so many items, and straws are no different. The black color looks great in a plastic cup and the price is great!
    Excellent straws for drinks. Loved that they are wrapped so that our staff do not touch the customers straws with their hands. I also love the quantity for the price.
    We use these wrapped straws for our sodas. They come wrapped, so you need to serve them on the side, or unwrap most of the wrapper.
    The Choice Jumbo Wrapped Black Straws were a perfect buy for our cold beverages. Very pleased with this product and will purchase more when needed.
    Using the Choice 7 3/4" - 500 / Box Jumbo Unwrapped Straw to drink Temple of Heaven Green tea, which is also sold by Webstaurant. Simply peel off the paper, sip away and enjoy.
    We had ordered other straws before trying these. They are nice and sturdy and fit through the Choice Flat Lids without pinching. We are using them for iced coffee and they work perfectly. We will definitely reorder.
    Cool attention grabbing color, looks amazing dangling out of sweet freshly pulled cold brew, ice tea, juice, good width and not super annoyingly long. Excellent purchase, lasts a really long time when you purchase the bulk mega 12 thousand straw case.
    I use these straws for personal use, so when I make myself a drink and use the unwrapped straws, it feels like it came from a little cafe. I was expecting them to be bigger, but they work well for 16oz cups. When I run out, I will purchase again.
    Individually wrapped straws. Great product for the price! We use them in the restaurant for 10, 16, and 24 oz drinking cups and they fit fine.
    no one can beat this price. we have bought from other site and vendors but there is no competition with this awesome pricing. we always buy our straw from here.
    I am pleased with these straws. The price cannot be beat, and the quality was excellent. These are what i expected from the product description.
    These are great straws. They have a rich black color (not faded or translucent like some other cheaper ones) and they're nice and sturdy so they don't crack/split easily. However, they aren't really "Jumbo". These are average size straws. They're actually the same size as the regular straw.
    Love the black color and upscale look of the color. I only wish the wrapping on the outside was black instead of white. Nice thickness works well.
    These Choice Jumbo Wrapped Black Straws are perfect. They are individually wrapped and easy to store. Black straws are nice because they match the style we like.
    These Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Wrapped Black Straw come 500 / Box . We love them. They add a little class when serving our iced tea.
    Perfect diameter, height, and durability for our iced coffees and iced tea drinks. Love that they're individually wrapped for sanitary reasons. Price is great for quantity received.
    Good standard wrapped straws. I don't like that they are black, but someone else may. They are average height, have a good flow, keep clean with the wrapper.
    I stock these straws out at my condiment bar and they have always worked well. I would not recommend using for our thick milkshakes but great for all liquids.
    These straws and great and inexpensive. They are great for soft drinks, lemonades, and thin milk shakes. Great drinking straws for a very great price.
    A good straw fot a good price. It is always nice to have a lot of straws on hand, so buy these! They are a deal and then some!
    A good, standard sized straw. These fit well in the 12-oz plastic cups I purchased through I probably would have chosen white or clear, but I actually like the black. It's classy!
    Great straws, individually wrapped and the black color, gives it a nice contemporary look compared to the regular, white and red striped straw. Excellent product
    I use these straws for our iced tea. They are great to drink from, and the wrapping provides extra protection for my customers. I previously purchased unwrapped straws, but will continue to purchase the wrapped straws.
    Straws were ok, I dont know how they are considered Jumbo? They seemed thin, kinda reminded me of coffee stirrers. Still they are good for the kids to use around home.
    These black straws were a great deal. Everywhere else that I looked, they wanted me to order a case of 50 boxes, when I only needed some for our home bar.

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