Choice 8 1/2" Colossal Neon Unwrapped Straw - 4000/Case

Item #: 485COLNEON

Add a splash of color to your beverage service with this Choice 8 1/2" colossal neon unwrapped straw! For both the young and the young-at-heart, this assorted fluorescent-colored plastic straw is sure to bring a smile to the face of every patron. Offering unparalleled style and function, this Choice neon straws will create a fun, exciting presentation for all of your specialty beverages.

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Choice 8 1/2" Colossal Neon Unwrapped Straw - 4000/Case

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straws love great colors smoothies perfect shakes customers drink milkshakes
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    10 out of 10 found this review helpful
    I've been looking everywhere for a bulk package of these, as I use them like crazy for stacking cakes. These make it SO easy to just cut them with scissors! Forget dowel rods anymore...these are way better!
    6 out of 6 found this review helpful
    I LOVE these straws! I use them when I stack my cakes. They work so well at stabilizing the cake tiers. I highly recommend them if you are in the business of cakes. They are affordable and work awesome!
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    A Must for Smoothies, Shakes and Frappes. Use this with a dome lid, as opposed to the flat straw lid because the the flat lid will pinch the straw, while the dome lets all of the goodies and inclusions, rise to the threshold of the tastebuds which will keep the customers coming back. oh and the array of colors is excellent. :)
    2 out of 3 found this review helpful
    I love these straws. I use them mainly as cake supports for tiered cakes. Just insert and cut to height of the cake. Simple! We also enjoy smoothies at my home and they are 2" wide, so wecan enjoy them super thick and luscious! A++
    2 out of 4 found this review helpful
    We are very impressed with these neon straws! They are good quality and strong straws. The wide opening are perfect to serve with our milkshakes that have large chunks of candy in them. The colors are bright and fun!
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We use these straws for our thick milkshakes and smoothies. Our customers really love them. The colors are bright and attractive. We have used the Dart Solo Colossal straws and the Choice but prefer the Choice for our needs.
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    The rainbow was God's promise to Earth that He would love us forever, and that's perfectly represented by these symbolic straws. Red, orange, yellow: I don't see color, as long as the straws work and mys customers are happy-- which they always are!!
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    These straws are very bright just like the picture! They were bigger than exspected but great quality. The price difference is amazing and the shipping was even better!
    These straws are truly colossal in size, and they are Perfect for think shakes or anything that may have larger pieces or chunks like mixed in toppings or bubble teas. The colors are bright and fun. I do suggest putting these behind the counter and distributing as needed as kids like to grab handfuls and play with them, and since they do cost more than your typical straw this can eat into cost.
    We ordered these for the first time when we first opened 2 years ago! We use the on out Monster Milkshakes and they are Fantastic! The lage size makes it easy to drink your shake while the bright vibrant colors add to the look and appeal of these shakes!
    Purchased these to use as supports for tiered cakes - they work great for that purpose and nice to have a large supply on hand. I haven't used them as drinking straws but don't doubt they would be excellent.
    I use these straws as support in my cakes. These straws are strong and always keep my three tier cakes sturdy and prevent sliding or collapsin. Love that I can get them way cheaper and in such bulk that saves me sooooo much in dowels!
    I own an ice cream shop and needed some big straws for our shakes and malts. These work awesome. My customers have no problem enjoying their thick shakes.
    These straws are awesome! I put a picture of the packaging to show what 500 straws looks like and how bright and wide they are! Perfect for using as a smoothie straw but we also double these up as extra support in our cakes. Works perfectly! I've also used them as extra support for keeping flowers and other cake decorations in place. Great product, fast shipping and so many uses! Will definitely buy again!
    These straws are sturdy, with a large opening. They are perfect for smoothies and milkshakes, especially those with chunks or pieces inside. I would highly recommend!
    These straws are great and the perfect size for thick shakes! They are easy to use and you don't have to worry about wrappers. The customers live the size and colors of the straws!
    These are PERFECT! They work wonderfully for BOBA TEA, Smoothies & we even use them as the support in our stacked, tiered cakes! They are exactly as described.
    We used name brand straws like this for years and years at double the price. These are just as good of quality and with brighter colors that the kids will enjoy.
    We used these amazing colorful straws at our nutrition Club. Our Clients know we get these special ordered because the quality isn't store bought. We love how the colors are vibrant and the quantity at this inexpensive price!
    Very fun colored durable and sturdy straws. Great for milkshakes mulch or floats. A for-sure must have at any ice cream shop. Come in bulk
    Something very fun and bright for the children that frequent our store. They truly are neon and look like they do in the photos on the website. Children always get excited to get a drink using one of these straws!
    They are exactly what I needed. Perfect variety of colors, plus it gives the brightness I was looking for to my restaurant. I highly recommend it!
    These straws work great for our frozen frappes and shakes. They are large enough that they don’t get clogged up with ice or fruit pieces.
    perfect bubble tea straws! wide enough opening for the biggest of Boba to fit through. highly recommend, best price and quality out there! Colors are great and eye catching.
    These straws are pretty big! You can use these for stacked cakes or thick smoothies. The package cam undamaged and beautifully packed. They are different colors as shown in the description
    The Choise 8 1/2 colossal neon unwrapped straws are awesome to use as cake dowels!! You cant find anything else like it. Theyre easy to cut and hold a considerable amount of weight!
    The Colossal neon unwrapped straws are a great quality and really make a great item for our snow cones and iced coffees. Great size and wonderful, fun colors.
    Love the Choice 8 1/2 inch colossal straws and they are great for smoothies and shakes. The wide opening makes drinking them easy and nothing gets stuck. Love the fun neon colors.
    These straws are great for our smoothies. They are easy to drink out of and customers love being able to pick out their favorite color
    These straws are perfect for our 24 oz flavored redbull drinks. The colors are very vibrant. Great quality straws at a good price. I highly recommend.
    These straws are way way easier to drink through than the average straw. They are colorful and useful for drinking slushies. The little straws don't get anything up
    These straws are extremely bright and eye catching. The customers love them and they help us stand out. Kids love that they can pick out their favorite color.
    If you haven't tried bubble tea it should be a new high priority!!! By far one our best selling products and it wouldn't be possible without these straws! I especially love that these different colors because that goes with the same idea are building your own bubble tea.
    I love to use these when I sell fresh Fruit lemonade we smash up the fruit and stir it in and they can drink with out the straw getting clogged
    These straws are perfect for milkshakes and smoothies! With a great combination of colors, they're also a hit with little kids. The blue and red straws were perfect for Independence Day and will be great when Veterans Day rolls around.
    These are much bigger than i had anticipated, but the kids love them! They are bright in color and well packaged in a plastic bag for easy storage in the pantry. We primarily use them when we make milkshakes as the hole is big enough to eat even the thickest shakes. However, I wish they were made just a little bit better, meaning they tend to split and break on the ends or i just had a few defective straws.
    We first bought these straws by accident. We were not planning to continue to keep them but our customers love them so much we will never quit using them!!!! Plus the price is great!
    Since we started our business we have used large straws and spent WAY too much on them. So happy we found these on this site! Case comes with individually packaged groups (I can't remember how many come per bag) which makes storage in my small shop so much easier. I just take a bag at a time and leave the case at home. Colors are bright and allow for customization. My customers LOVE them!
    If you drink thick smoothies, protein shakes or bubble tea these straws are a must! I love straws and use them daily. These are good quality.
    These are fantastic straws! Great for all kinds of drinks! We use these like crazy for all our drinks we offer in our store. The colors are cute and the size pack for the price is excellent.
    LOVE these straws! They are perfect for smoothies and milkshakes! They are long enough to use in taller cups and the colors are so vibrant! Very sturdy and high quality!
    Very large well made plastic straws. My young kids love these straws, they constantly use them whenever they have any type of beverage. Highly recommend
    These straws are perfect for thick milkshakes and just for adding a fun aesthetic to any drink. Customers get more drink per sip allowing for more drink sales and refill revenue.
    These are exactly what you need for bubble tea or really thick milkshakes. I love the bright colors - really pops out and brings some cheer.
    Great length, and great girth on these straws. I was having trouble finding a perfect stray for thick milkshakes & slushies... but this one was what I needed.
    Love love love love these!!! We use them everyday! Great for smoothies and milkshakes even boba. Bright neon colors. Highly recommend product. Great price. A win!
    I love these straws! I use them for cakes to add support. They are so sturdy and look great for milkshake glasses as well! I would buy again.
    I found these straws and thought they were a blessing! My customers have problems getting some of the cookie and candy chunks from their shake thrw the straws, this one is no problem. The colors match my shop an d they work great.
    I love all the bright neon colors of these colossal unwrapped straws. I chose these extra wide straws so that people would be able to suck up the hunks of goodness in our shakes.
    These are the best big straws ever. We used the, for frozen lemonades and they made the whole thing POP! It was great. They are such bright colors!!
    I love these straws they are very good for thick milk shakes and smoothies. There is nothing worse than when the fruit or candies clog your straws with these it hardly happens.
    i normally avoid plastic and would rather use stainless steel straws but sometimes on the go where there is not water to clean immediately after use I will use these. However, I do recycle them. Great for on the go. Wow I have a lot more of them than I realized… They are durable and do withstand washing for re use as well.
    These are perfect for any kind of party. I like that they are colorful. I also like that they are 8 and a half inches long
    These aren't always the most practical straws for anything but smoothies and shakes but kids love them and it we love putting a smile on their faces when they get to pick their favorite color of straw.
    I highly recommend for anyone who serves milkshakes, these are fun and sturdy. People hate having to suck was a tiny straw! These are massive and the kids love them in their shakes!
    These heavy straws are perfect for cake supports. I use them between tiers of cake and have never had an issue with a cake falling.
    We get more comments on these that you would believe! These jumbo straws are amazing for smoothies and frappes... so easy to drink a thick beverage! Our customers love them.
    THE BEST STRAWS EVER! It took me awhile to find them, and Webstaurant was the place! These are perfect for our thick and creamy shakes. All customers like them, but the kids LOVE them! It adds value to the product and keeps them coming back for more!
    We actually use these for dowels for our stacked cakes. These are perfect and such an awesome price. These last a while- and would highly recommend for bakers who do stacked/tiered cakes!!
    The kids love them but oh my they are the BIGGEST straws I have ever seen! When they say colossal they really mean it, seriously.
    We use the straws with our frozen drinks and everyone loves them! They give you a big drink and are bright and colorful which the customers love.
    These big fat colorful straws are awesome! There really fun and our customers really love them. They're perfect for the Poppin pearls or Boba tea.
    A great straw for thick milkshakes and frappicinos. We will never use a different product in our ice cream shop. Kids love the choice of many different colors. Great price as well.
    These straws are perfect for all my frozen drinks...makes a frozen Margarita easy to drink and my customers love the different rainbow colors. Great for my Pina coladas and Strawberry Daiquiri.
    These straws are a very attractive and fun colors! Can be used for blended drinks or we use ours for strawberry/blueberry iced teas/lemonades so you don't have to worry about the fruit getting stuck in the straw!
    These are the best straws for cake supports on tiered cakes. They are brightly colored which makes them easy to spot once the cake has been cut into, and they are super sturdy.
    I bought these BIG straws to have around the house for shakes/smoothies. What a wonderful investment! These straws are very sturdy and work for many other applications as other reviews suggest. A great product at a great price! These will last our household a long time!
    Great colors variety. They are more durable than I expected, not flimsy at all. They work great with specific paring the colors with specific themed events.
    I love big straws they make my shakes even more enjoyable people always comment on how much they love them and how much better it makes the shakes!!!
    Great addition to our kitchen tools and to go menu. Great self serving option and our customers love the colors. Fall or summer this works for us. Very happy with purchase. Weill buy again.
    A nice colossal straw in some great neon colors that making them fun. They are perfect four milkshakes and are really good quality. I love they are unwrapped so we do not have to clean up tiny pieces of straw paper.
    I absolutely love these jumbo straws !! Not only are the colors awesome , the price point for these are perfect ! Love the amount that come in one bag, it has definitely saved our business money !
    These straws are great for boba as well as for smoothies and milkshakes. The colors are very vibrant and pretty and the quality is great and just what i needed.
    We use these for our shakes. The kids absolutely love the colors. They are a little bigger than the regular straw. Easier to drink with.
    These straws are the perfect size to suck up any kind of tapioca or boba pearl in your drinks. Our customers love the size and colors they come in.
    Love these straws. Purchased these to replaced the jumbo straw we originally order for our fruit drinks and milkshake. They are the perfect size for a thick milkshake and the color are great for the children.
    Wonderful is the best way to describe these straws! They are large enough to enjoy a milkshake or smoothie with pieces of fruit. They were a big hit last weekend when we hosted a poolside party with these straws in various milkshakes, smoothies and other drinks!
    These straws are great! They're perfect for drinking smoothies or other blended drinks. Kids love the colors and adults love how big the opening is.
    With today's society being so smoothie and protein shake driven, these are a real winner. We use them for our milk shakes, but they have doubled as a popular staple for all of our health conscious morning shake lovers.
    We sell many smoothies and bubble teas and these huge straws does the very best when trying to get a lot. The color attract people to use instead of the skinny straws.
    The durability and thickness of these straws make them ideal for adding interbank structure and support for your cake layers. Especially if you intend to stack them.
    These are very nice color straws. They are good to serve with smoothies and or boba. I am happy to find them on this website. No one can beat their price..
    These 8 1/2" colossal straws are perfect for milkshakes, frappes or bubble tea drinks. The large tapioca pearls fit through the straws with no problem. Super fun colors too.
    A fantastic value. You will be shocked at just how big of a bundle 500 straws looks like though. They work great. My only issue was I got them for home so finding a storage spot was a bit of an ordeal.
    Works great with my cakes! I make tiered cakes and this helps as a foundation for each tier. I used it for buttercream covered cakes and fondant covered cakes
    I love these straws. I use them as dowels in my cakes and the hold up extremely well as they are big and sturdy, I love the different colours and they came in a box wrapped (not individually) in nylon wrap I will definitely buy this again and they will work great for those selling slushy drinks or milkshake
    The straw it has no tip on the another side. That makes uncomfortable to get topioca (bubbles) into the straw. So l would not buy it again.
    Great straws if you need large gauge straws, smoothies and what not. Color diversity is a little low, out of 4000 straws, at least 3000 were neon pink.
    Colossal might be an understatement! People love these gigantic straws and they work magnificently for thick smoothies. We use real fruit and semi blend it, so normal straws didn't cut it, but these work beautifully
    Exactly what I was looking for. These straws are amazing! Perfect for my thick milkshakes!!! My customers are blown away with them. I'm so happy I found them on webstaurant!!
    These straws are awesome. They are a visual selling point to my coffee and lemonade products. The wide opening allows more drink to hit the tongue, which makes the drink more flavorful.
    These straws are massive. Perfect for childrean or extra thick shakes or both!!! I find new uses for these straws every single day and my kids cant wait to drink out of them!
    These are perfect for our thick milkshakes. And it is also the Best Price you will find anywhere. I have looked everywhere locally and online.
    LOVE!!! LOVE!!! them. Their were exactly what I've been looking for a long time. I use them for our shakes, malts & fireman freezes. Love the cheery colors too
    LOVE theses straws! They are HUGE and great to suck shakes and Boba tea through! We love them at our shop! People go crazy over these! They come in a LARGE box so we will take a while to go through them!
    The neon colossal straws are a big hit in our café. We use them as part of our decor so they serve a dual purpose. Thanks Webstaurant for a great product!
    These are obviously super great for thick drinks like smoothies and what not but these are actually super great for adding strength to tiered cakes
    These straws are great for thicker drinks such as blended iced coffees and smoothies. Pieces of ice are much less likely to clog the straw and the bright colors add a fun touch to beverages.
    I should've read the description closer that they were only 8.5" tall but they're great regardless. We use these in place of wooden dowels in our cakes. Pack of 500 will last for a while. Great price.
    My customers love these straws! The assortment of colors and the size of these straws are ideal for smoothies. The price of these strawsis the best I have found.
    Was so tired of ordering 'jumbo' size straws only to find them worthless for smoothies. These Colossal are COLOSSAL HUGE, even a frozen fruit smoothie gets sucked up through these, our customers are now very happy they have a straw that works with a smoothie drink.
    These are high quality straws that make any smoothie or milkshake look great! These milkshake straws are almost sturdy enough to wash and reuse! Awesome!
    Awesome straws . Customers are delighted with the size and colors. These straws are great when drinking our thick , delicious malts . Well worth a try !!
    We love these straws! They are perfect for smoothies, milkshakes and sho much more. You can even use them as cake dowels! Another great buy
    Love these ! I use them for my tiered cakes, easy to cute and insert and sturdy for my cake tiers! Love love love the bright colors!
    I really like the straws I use them for thick milkshakes and smoothies and I even use them as support for my cakes just stick them in and cut to size
    Our customers rave about the color and size of these straws when enjoying one of our smoothies, frappes, and frozen hot chocolates. Great price and color selection.
    i was looking for a long time for this type of straws to put inside my cakes, after reading the reviews, I was convince to buy them and I must say I am super happy with them, very strong material and colors I love, thank you :)
    These straws are great, perfect for thick beverages that have chopped fruit in them or can use for boba tea. The colors are bright and fun.
    These straws where the perfect size to use as cake supports and the price was perfect as well. When UPS delivered these straws I didn't realize what a huge box 1000 straws would be. He said I guess you use a lot of straws LOL. We sure do and they make exceptional supports for cake structures and just the right length for most any cake layer without wasting a bunch. Thanks for a great product.
    Kids love the colors of these. Great price, very durable. We use it to serve pineapple whip floats at our store with pineapple juice mixed with soft serve
    Love these straws! They are a very big hit with our customer base. They are bright and large. We use them in our rum buckets.
    The Colossal Neon Straws from are awesome!! The vibrant color and the quality of the straw makes it a must have!! My first purchase of the straws was initially for the sale of my smoothie products; it was a big hit! I now also use them with my shaved ice products and the customers love them!! If you're looking for presentation, these straws are definitely a hit!!
    This straws are bright and colorful! Perfect for thicker drinks like milkshakes, frozen cocktails and wine slushies. The price is right for these. Highly recommended!
    Exactly what I was looking for. I'm going to use these as dowels in my tiered cakes. They're not too long and easy to cut - perfect!
    Smoothies are not always the easiest to suck through a regular size straw. That's where colossal straws shine. I love using them for smoothies. Good quality, no complaints there.
    Bought these for my protein shakes, since a regular straw gets clogged. These are huge and work great! My niece also loves to steal them, since they are night and colorful.
    These are great for bubble tea or thick milkshakes where normal sized straws just don't cut it. Plus, who doesn't love brightly colored jumbo straws?!
    These straws came in very bright colors which went with our business. The only thing about the straws were they were a little hard to get into the lid.
    These straws are great for our milkshakes. You cannot use a regular straw for thick shakes and instead of making shakes thinner, I luckily discovered these straws! They sound be good for smoothies or boba too!
    These straws are great for thicker things such as smoothies or thich shakes where a regular straw wouldn't be as good. Love the fun colors too.
    Our customers love these straws and they work great with even our super thick shakes due to the width of the straw and the wide opening / spoon shape at the bottom; plus the colors match well with our store colors. Will be ordering again.
    These straws are of very good quality for the price. Very vibrant and perfect for Smoothies and Milkshakes. I am very satisfied and will definitely purchase again!

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