Royal Paper R804 4" Eco-Friendly Round Bamboo Skewer - 100/Pack

Item #: 4854SKEW

Super strong, super durable, and super eco-friendly, this Royal Paper R804 4" bamboo skewer is the ideal addition to any establishment grilling satay, mixed shish kabobs, or fresh vegetables like corn-on-the-cob! Use it to skewer fresh fruit for fruit kabobs at parties, or for skewering decadent desserts or breads at fondue stations. The possibilities are endless when this mini skewer comes to your collection.

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Royal Paper R804 4" Eco-Friendly Round Bamboo Skewer - 100/Pack

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skewers bamboo perfect great small skewer size hold appetizers friendly
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    Great size to hold small bites of food. I use alot of these and I must say they hold up great. I have used them while grilling.. after soaking them in water first.. they did great!
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    Perfect width for these skewers. They hold the food in place and do not create a large hole like other foods do. The quantity and price is perfect.
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    These skewers are amazing! Perfect size for my chocolate fountain desserts. The wood was very smooth. There were no splinters. I would purchase this product again soon.
    We love using these round bamboo skewers to create cocktail garnishes. Our favorite way is to create a strawberry brie topper on top of a glass of champagne. These bamboo skewers have a sturdy thickness that allows them to easily hold large objects such as a strawberry with ease.
    These little skewers have worked great for a variety of uses. I have made steak flags out of them and use them for skewering garnishes for drinks.
    We use these for our candy apples they work very well I would repurchase these again. If you are in the concession business give them a try
    These 4" skewers are great for holding things together or closed in the oven. Usually we use a longer skewer then have to cut them down, leading to a lot of waste.
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    Not able to use them for what I ordered them for, however they are perfect for unicorn horns and ears! I have used them on a few cakes for the supports between tiers and they did okay
    I have to give these 5 starts due to the price. The quality is good and to be honest no ones looking at the stick anyway they are just concerned how the food taste. Will buy again.
    These round bamboo skewers are perfect for olives or other accents for drinks. These are not as thick as I thought they would be, but they work great for drink accents.
    I use these for making small cake toppers, there're very sturdy little skewers. I will be buying more soon, and the plus is its a good price!
    This works as a small skewer or large toothpick. It is perfect for 2-3 large olives for martinis and is long enough that it does not slip into a deep glass.
    These are decent and I would order again. There are some that are misshapen or black in color, but for the most part, these are great. And a great price, too.
    These 4 inch bamboo skewers work great for cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries, and s'more kabobs. They're lightweight and thin, but hold well without bending.
    This is a small bamboo skewer. A little over two times the size of a toothpick, it's a good size for a mini shish kabob or finger food tray.
    This 4" bamboo skewer is perfect for my small sweet treat to hold on stick, it's good strong stick to hold the small amount food.
    The four inch size on these skewers is great for quick little snacks for the kids. A nicely finished skewer with no wooden shavings or splinters gives you the peace of mind that this is a well made product!
    We use these to help hold sandwiches and wraps together. They are the perfect tool for this. They also come in handy when trying to clean crumbs out from in between cracks in your prep fridge.
    I use the 4" round bamboo skewers for check and make sure my cakes are done all the way through them . I make big cakes and they are the perfect size for it.
    These skewers are a great way to give your guests an environmentally friendly way to pick their teeth. It's also really amazing how cheap they are.
    These bamboo skewers are great! They are the perfect size for appetizers or desserts. You can also use them on the grill, just soak with water first to help avoid burning.
    These skewers are the best I have found for making appetizers on a stick. They come in several sizes. The wood is not splintery and if you need to soak them, they hold up well. They are a great price too.
    By Royal, this set of 100 four-inch skewers is just the right size for short kabobs. Also, this is a wonderful tool to use to feather a design on the top of a dessert.
    These bamboo skewers are perfect for martinis. You can easily fit 3 or 4 olives and the point of the skewer easily pierces the olive.
    We used for samples at a local charity event. They were just the right size for people to use to dip their cheese into various mustards, etc,
    These adorable 4" round bamboo skewers are the perfect small size to hold a few veggies or pieces of fruit. You'll feel great about using them too since they're eco-friendly.
    These bamboo small skewers are tough enough to make chicken and steak skewers and gentle enough to make fruit skewers. They are a great alternative to wood and plastic skewers.
    These may not seem like they are much better than tooth picks - but they ARE! These are a much better choice when skewering your appetizers as the few extra inches give your guests more room to grip and make it less likely their fingers will come in contact with the food.
    The Royal skewers are a really good deal. They work much better than toothpicks for checking cupcakes to be sure that they are fully cooked. I would definitely purchase again if needed and highly recommend.
    Love these skewers for little appetizers. They are durable and good quality. The wood doesn’t splinter like other skewers I’ve tried. These are a great value.
    Great price, versatile usage. I mostly use them to skewer fruits and things when I have guests, but you can use them for mini shish-kebabs as well
    Perfect sized skewers for small shrimp kabobs. If you are looking to add many extra veggies, etc I recommend getting the longer skewers. Also, remember to soak these in water at least 15-30 minutes before using or any meats will stick to the wood. Happy cooking (or crafting)!
    The Royal Paper 4" bamboo skewers are great for small appetizers when a toothpick is not long or strong enough. ! We have used these to skewer fresh fruit for a brunch and also small bits of kabobs for cocktail service.
    These skewers were perfect for picking up cheeses and meats on a cubed meat and cheese board. Held up well and were a great price.
    These 4 inch skewers are perfect for little fruit kabobs or fondues bars. They have a very smooth finish, no need to worry about splintering.
    So I meant to buy toothpicks, and I got these. They work just the same, they are thick enough to hold sturdy and don't have a wood taste.
    These skewers held up nicely when I used them to skewer my food. I would buy these again they were cheap and excellent value for anyone who is looking to get the most for their money
    These are really small skewers, but they're still useful for things like appetizers or even mini-kebabs. The wood is smooth, they're cheap, and I love that they're eco-friendly.
    They are durable thick skewers. Make sure you realize how thick they are. These are not tooth picks or normal skewer length. I love them though, heavy duty.
    These skewers are a on the small side, but they're the perfect size for an appetizer. Perfect for fruit or for meat on the grill.
    These 4 inch bamboo skewers are perfect for any two bite appetizers. Whether sweet or savory you can make your food fun and east to eat with these bamboo skewers.
    These are tiny. Even though I read the description, I didn't really realize how small 4" is before I bought them. I still use them for grilling pineapple, for example, but these should mostly be for display and eating and not for cooking.
    These small skewers are perfect for appetizers or a cocktail hour of any kind. The best part is you get 100 of these for one low price!
    These 4 inch Royal paper bamboo skewers are some of the best I have every used. The bamboo is highly durable, and always do a good job.
    love it for kebobs and other stuff, but kabobs mostly, these are very handy and I appreciate their eco friendly and even better, they're bamboo so no funky after taste.
    These Royal Paper 4-inch eco-friendly bamboo skewers are great. We use them to hold tacos and in other applications. The sticks are sturdy and will not break easily.
    This Royal Paper four inch eco-friendly round bamboo skewer pack is perfect for a veggie skewers. It fits in any sized hand well and is easy to rotate once on the grill. I appreciate they are eco-friendly and will order more for sure with our next order. Well constructed and I recommend to any grill master or want to be grill master.
    i honestly think these are fairly small for a lot of uses as a skewer, but they're great for small passed apps or as a cake tester, which i use them for. they're very sturdy and well made.
    I love can use these for a lot of different things.. but my favorite.. is to use them for my fondant decorations.. those little figures you are afraid might fall over.. you can stick one of these in the bottom or the side.. and it helps hold in place.. they are perfect size and holds up great
    These are like long toothpicks! They have been useful in many things such as coloring buttercream, and are perfect when covering strawberries in chocolate! The extra length in comparison to a toothpick is definately a plus!
    The small size is perfect for guests to use as a utensil for fruits. They are durable but cheap. Eco friendly material is another huge plus.
    The are nice sturdy Little 4" bamboo skewers. Perfect for testing cakes and creating fondant figures to set up to dry. Will continue to order
    Eco Friendly ! These skewers are made of bamboo. And unlike wood which is free trees, bamboo is grass. We gave 4 stars! Got them from webstaurant!
    These Bamboo Skewers can be used for several different things. I like to skewer fruit with them, as well as meat. The possibilities are endless. Great Product Great Buy!!
    Alot thinner than i'd imagined. It's more like a long toothpick than a skewer But I still have lots of uses for it. Great price!
    These a pretty cool skewers! They are perfect for cheese and wine or meat skewers etc. I would use these for elegant ordourves! The less the better! Love it!
    I purchased 500 of these to do mini chicken kebobs for a luau. Each fit 3 pieces of chicken as well as a few vegetables. They did not splinter at all.
    These little skews give my dipped marshmallows a nice presentation. As gives the people ease to pick and eat from. They are welled made with no splinters. Price is unbeatable
    These 4" skewers were great for kebabs this summer when hosting friends over!They hold up well to the grill heat and go into my mulch bed when I'm done. I love using these for children kebabs!
    During certain times of year we provide chocolate covered item an use skewers to hold them. This 4 inch pack is perfect four our chocolate covered pineapple
    These work very well. They are actually sturdier than I was expecting based on the picture on the website. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone.
    I absolutely love these mini skewers ..for appetizers and more ..small great for parties without feeling aboligation to filling up a whole stick ...recommended for tasting party
    Small skewers are great for fruit and other food items. You could easily use these for meat as they are strong enough to pierce most or all meat types.
    Great for my appetizers. I use them for grilling my shrimps, chicken, and meats in small sizes for gatherings. Will soon try using them for fruits on a stick!
    These are good if you're doing a mix trying to put olives and other garnishes on not too bad of a product it's round decent shape
    4 inch bamboo skewers for making a smaller size portions for the kids they work great I have a very very good price point Thank You Webster aunt
    I wish I had bought the bigger skewers, but based on sturdiness and quality I give them praise. They easily soak and hold water, which causes meats and veggies to not stick to the stick.
    Bought this to test doneness of my taller baked goods, where a normal toothpick would sink. This works for that purpose perfectly. Nothing else to really say.
    Excellent bamboo skewers at an extremely economical price! These are perfect to use for samples of food at a market or festival, where you really only need to pierce or serve a single small or medium piece of food, such as a cube of cheese or a meatball.
    The 4" bamboo skewer was perfect for a recent birthday party I hosted. They are a great size for a fruit appetizer. I have also used them in a cocktail with olives and pearl onions.
    A great and inexpensive skewer. We make a lot of smoked kabob dishes and these were great for smaller bites. We purchased a few hundred to give them a try and will be ordering more very soon.
    These 4" bamboo skewers are a great value for how many you get in the package. They're great for outdoor events and are very sturdy.
    These picks work great on a Styrofoam cone transforming it into a donut tree! I put a feel holes in a bamboo cutting block and use these picks to hold up various appetizers they look great!
    These 4" bamboo skewers are great quality. They are sturdy and hold up well. They are disposable but also eco-friendly. Overall they're a great buy!
    Very nice, low-budget bamboo skewers that are great for small plate items and sampling at small events. We use them for everything from fruits to sliced cheese and bread items. They work as good as any other product / skewer at a lower cost.
    These skewers are really great for the price! Perfect size for my mini shish kabobs or desserts. The wood was very smooth. Splinters are sometimes an issue, but I haven't experienced any so far.
    I purchased the 4" eco-friendly round bamboo skewer. These shorter skewers are great to use on club sandwiches or panini sandwiches. They hold firm in place.
    These are sturdy, adorable and are a fun way to present your appetizers or simply have available in a cup for others to use on their plates. Measuring just about 4" of Bamboo, these are nicer than standard toothpicks and great to have on hand,
    These 4" skewers are great for great app sized fruit skewers. If you are doing corn on the cob I would suggest getting a 6" or larger.
    Loved these, they were a great size for caprese skewers. Cherry tomato, mozzarella ball, and basil leave fit perfect on here and make a great looking and delicious appetizer!
    The skewers are great for grilling they're made out of bamboo. I would suggest soaking them in water before use so they don't burn when you put them over open flame.
    To gauge size, this would fit four-five small cherry tomatoes. They are thinner than the other ones on this site but still durable. Good quality for the cost.
    What can you say about these? They're a great product, sanitary, ready to use and extremely economical. They also have the added benefit of being biodegradable, which is very important to me. I love these and the four inch size is perfect for cocktail party snacks.
    We could not believe how low the price was on these. The stores here were asking three times as much. Great for snack trays - and cheap!
    These little 4" skewers are great for mini-kabobs or for spearing bar garnishes. They are also great for crafting and art applications---make great mini applicators for glue and paint and other substances.
    Skewers are the perfect size to use with appetizers. They are sturdy and do not break easily at all which is the best part aside from the awesome price.
    I like to use the 4" Eco-Friendly Round Bamboo Skewer - 100 / Bag for addition to teach the little ones math. I love to see their faces light up when they get to count and feel how many are shown. See them adding sticks is great. It's fun and hands on math.
    I use a ton of these skewers for everything from mini appetizers and sandwiches to fruit skewers and cocktail garnishes. This site has the best price I've seen anywhere.
    These were perfect for using with sample cups to allow people to sample our various smoked meats. These are sturdier than toothpicks and were perfect for what we needed.
    100% what I was expecting. Just your basic wooden skewers, perfect for fruit, or something similar. Because it is made out of wood, however, the color varies.
    Excactly what we ordered. They're going to work great for us. They aren't too rough for skewers. They fit over our champagne glasses for mimosas.
    You wouldn't believe the things these can be used for!! I was having difficulty with making chocolate covered pretzels when I started using these easy to use bamboo skewers. They were strong enough to fit through the pretzels without breaking the rods. I'll be sure to buy more of these. I never thought they could be used for something other than making appetizers. Two words.. LOVE THEM!!!
    These skewers are great! They are skinnier than the wood skewers so I would use them for more dainty appetizers, like melon ball skewers or caprese skewers.
    The skewers worked out perfectly for my sliders. And you can't beat the price. My only thing is that I get confused as to whether the point goes up or down.
    These skewers are very durable as well as a good length to hold several small appetizer type items. I have used them for bacon wrapped water chestnuts, and they hold up well in the oven.
    These little skewers were used during our family picnic for fun displays of fruit. A big hit! Very good price and very sturdy. Not long enough for poking in the cheese fountain but perfect for the fruit. A little longer then a toothpick.
    This 4" Bamboo skewer 100 pack is shorter than I expected. But it work well with the Chicken Satay horsd'oeove for small bites. Good price would buy again if needed.
    These were great for my fruit stand at my wedding the were strong Enough to hold candy apple I strongly Recommend these bamboo skewer for any event
    I really like using these for appetizers but they also go great on the grill. They allow for small portion control and the price is just excellent!
    4" Bamboo Skewers are a nice size for 2 or 3 bite appetizers. You can use 3 pieces of grape tomatoes & cheese balls or other items. Great price
    We always have this for the cabana. Using these tiny skewers is great for everyone to choose their shish-kabob ingredients. They go fast so order a lot! Great deal!
    These are great for small appetizer kabobs or slider sandwich picks. Perfect size and a great price! We use these for skewering everything from fruit to mozzarella cheese and sausage. Sturdy and easy to work with.
    Really good four inch skewers. I really like the fact that they come in packs of one hundred. I'm able to use more and not have to worry about running out of the pack.
    these worked great for cherry tomato and fresh mozzarella skewers. would definitely buy again an the price cannot be beat. Can be used for a variety of reasons
    what a dependable skewer. i use them for kabobs on the daily basis. have never had any problems. i do soak them in a vegtable oil before use to keep them from splintering.
    These bamboo skewers are perfect for appetizers, the length makes it attractive to skewer a bacon wrapped scallop (or bacon wrapped potato) or a piece of chicken satay.
    I will find a great use for these skewers, but I bought them for cake pop sticks. It turns out that they are too small in diameter to hold the cake ball. I am happy that they are bamboo, a more renewable resource than paper or plastic sticks!

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