Mercer Culinary M33113P 8" x 2" Polypropylene Blade Guard

Item #: 470M33113P

Safely store and transport 7" Usuba and Santoku knives, 8" chef's, bread, and carving knives, and an array of other 7"-8" knives, with the Mercer Culinary M33113P 8" x 2" blade guard! This durable, black polypropylene blade guard snugly fits and secures your blades, preventing knives from dulling, and keeping their fine blades just like new for years to come.

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Mercer Culinary M33113P 8" x 2" Polypropylene Blade Guard

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    The MC blade guards are very nice quality and fit all of my knives very well. They are plastic but seem to be extremely sturdy. These are a very good solution for drawer storage of knives.
    It helps protect the blade when not in use and prevents accidents from happening when the knife is not in use. There is a slit at the top to slide the blade into, so you have to be careful putting it away, but knives slide in easily
    The Mercer Culinary blade guard is made of a stiff plastic that sandwiches the blade securely in place to prevent accidental cuts in the drawer.
    These blade guards are an absolute must if you purchase the mercer chef knives. I feel so much better knowing my knife blades and my fingers are protected by these guards.
    I am very happy that Mercer Culinary has different size blade guards. I am also happy that they fit other knives besides Mercer. They are sturdy for sure.
    The Mercer Culinary M33113P 8" x 2" Polypropylene Blade Guard is a high-quality item. It is made with very thick plastic with smooth, rounded edges. It feels like it will last for decades. My uploaded pictures will show how thick it is. I am happy with this purchase.
    This 8” blade guard by Mercer Culinary is a must have for all of your favorite knives. It provides safe storage and prolongs the life of the blade, protecting it from scratches from other utensils sharing the same storage space.
    These are great for use when traveling with knives (for training, catering, etc) and also useful to safely store knives in a drawer when knife bar or knife rack are either not accessible or not available in a kitchen work space.
    Does a great job of covering the entire knife without exposing any parts of the blade. Surely a must have if you want to protect your knives and avoid hurting you or someone with sharp knives. Looks really nice too.
    I've had fancier knife blade guards, and guards that were clearer about which end of the knife goes where, but this is a good budget option and I'll be ordering more.
    This is a very well made blade guard. It fits well on my chef knife but it would fit well on any 2" bladed knife. This is a great item to use on any of your knives.
    PERFECT! These are EXACTLY what I was looking for to protect my knives when I travel. Moreover, they provide excellent protection in a drawer, they are inexpensive, and they are high quality. I WILL purchase again!
    It took a little while to arrive, but this knife guard is a really solid piece. Much less flimsy than others of its type, and fits snugly over the blade.
    The 8" x 2" knife guard is good for longer knives. It goes on easily and the 2" guard works on my sandwich knife making traveling site to site easier.
    The Mercer Culinary M33113P 8" x 2" Polypropylene Blade Guard #470M33113P fits my 7' Granton Edge Santoku perfectly, I was hesitant at first since it doesn't have the knife go in all around like a sheath, but it does securely lock the knife in place and you can either slide it out (the safer approach) or lift it out of the "u" shaped enclosure.
    I don't have enough knives to use a knife block, and don't have the space to hang a magnetic holder, so I bought a few of these for my knives. They are solidly built, and the rolled edges help guide the knife in very easily. I'm very satisfied with these.
    I purchased this cover for a Chinese cleaver that I also purchased and it fits perfect with a tight fit. Now I don't worry about reaching in the drawer of cutting myself.
    Protecting your knife makes sure they are safely stored and can improve the life of your blade. It also helps prevent injuries from accidental grabbibg of the blade. We keep this Knife safely tucked away, so that the 8 inch blade is always protected.
    I got two of these blade covers for my Mercer Genesis 7" Knife (item #470M20707) and Mercer Renaissance 7" Knife (item #470M23590). Since it’s made of polypropylene, I know I can rely on these blade covers to protect my knives for years to come.
    Excellent knife guard for any 8 inch chefs knife durable construction and quality at a reasonable price. Great for preventing accidents especially with kids in the house
    Do you want to be safe in your kitchen get one of these Mercer 8 inch knife guards egg keeps your knife covered so you don't half to slice your hand open while a great price to
    I really like storing my chef knives in here that I'm not using so you stay nice and sharp they're also really great for traveling
    I purchased the Mercer M33113P 8" x 2" Polypropylene Blade Guard (Item #: 470M33113P MFR #: M33113P) to use in culinary school. This sheath is the perfect size to use with my Mercer 8-inch chef's knife. It stays in place and protects my hands from the blade when it's in my knife bag. Great knife guard. Excellent for the money.
    This knife guard is perfect for protecting the blade of your knife. It's durable and fits my 8in chef knife perfectly. It's also good peace of mind knowing it will also protect my knife bag. It's a must own for anyone who has to travel with their knife.
    This blade guard is great for protecting knoves that aren't kept in a block. I normally use 1 chef knife that i store in a drawer. No worries about cutting myself when I'm looking through the drawer and it also protects the blades sharpness
    Mercer makes goood products and the knife blade guard is no exception. The guard is nice, easy to put on the blade and keeps my knife protected!
    Guard the blade of my knife. Not really to much to this product just a simple blade guard that does the job well. I would recommend.
    I have been very happy with my Mercer Blade Guard. It keeps my completely knife safe when I am on the road catering and is very easy to use.
    I decided to get some blade guards to replace my original plastic sleeves that came with my butcher knives, and saw good reviews for these Mercer blade guards. I too have found that these guards work very well and are made of a thick, quality material that easily handles every day abuse. I'm presently using this guard to store my 8" breaking knife, and even though it's a curved blade, it still manages to keep all of the edge completely contained. I would not hesitate to buy more of their products.
    Very professional looking. Fits my Santuko knifer perfectly. The contoured end covers the entire blade, tip to hilt. Very happy with its design and durability.
    I bought this to cover the knives at my church kitchen with hopes that the staff there can keep them sharp longer than two days (ugh). They're stored in drawers and these covers help keep fingers safe and protect the knives from clashing against each other in storage. They have a tight grip on the blade and work exactly as expected. I would recommend this product.
    I bought this to protect a new knife I bought, so I could store it in my pantry. It does what it is supposed to, which is hold snuggly to the knife so I don't worry about accidentally cutting myself.
    A great price to protect your knives during storage or transport. Plus helps protect again cut when reaching in to grab a knife from your kit.
    This blade guard fits really tightly on the blade which is good in that it doesn't slide off. It can be a little difficult to get off with wet hands, but I think you want a snug fit in a knife guard. I like that knives have covers, so a good thing to get for an 8 inch knife.
    The 8" x 2" guards fit the Mercer M24307PL, M24407PL, M20707, and M21067 knives very well with a minimum of extra room, especially with the M24307PL and M21067. The hold is secure, and the top of the blade guard is nicely flared to make insertion easy. The guard appears to be made of very durable polymer, and I expect that they'll last through many years of use.
    Used the Mercer M33113P 8" x 2" Polypropylene Blade Guard on my Mercer M22608BL Millennia 8" Chef Knife. Very good product, nice quality. I slide my knife into the guard and it stays put. I love everything Mercer makes
    These knife/edge guards are the best I have found for blade protection and coverage. I have tried almost all competing brands and these fit the best. You will notice that the end closest to the handle is angled instead of straight, this fits knife handles much better and gives full blade coverage without modification. Highly recommend.
    Very good product, nice quality and does what it is intended to do. Price is very reasonable as well. I would recommend this and would buy it again.
    Great guards: well made, high quality, grip securely, easily cut with a saw to make custom lengths, perfect for use with knife roll. Get some!
    These are the best blade guards around! Between the type of plastic used and the way the blade guards are formed they give a really tight hold on your knife blade. Some effort is needed to remove the blade guard so there's no worry of the blade guard slipping off accidentally.
    Used the Mercer M33113P 8" x 2" Polypropylene Blade Guard on my Dexter-Russell 40033 Duo-Glide 8" All-Purpose Chef Knife. This knife is also sold through webstaurant.
    Great edge guard , they keep a nice snug fit on the knife they are very clean and don't have any off odors after use;n they also work well for different shapes and lengths knives that other guards just doesn't fit.
    perfect for keeping fingers from bleeding and blades from dulling. use this on our victorinox knives as well as some other more expensive brands. as long as you get the right size it will fit pretty much any knife. having these on no more fear of leaving knives in a drawer both for safety and easy of access use.
    Great item. I bought a few of these. They are extremely sturdy and I trust every knife blade I use these onew to be protected and more importantly protect the hands of those reaching for knives.
    I've tried many different types of blade guards, from sleeves to sayas to clamshell closures to magnetic closures. This Mercer blade guard is the simplest, the easiest to use, and in my opinion, the most effective. The fact that it's also the least expensive was not part of the purchasing decision, but it doesn't hurt. These blade guards are great for transporting knives in a knife roll or knife case, and also excellent for those who keep their knives in a drawer. They protect the blade, and also provide an added measure of safety. At this price, it's hard to go wrong.
    Very good fast shipping you will spend double at the store. Try to order more that way you also can save on the shipping too.
    I bought two of these mercer 8x12 blade gaurds for my knifes while traveling and I am very pleased with them. It is strong and made of thick materials.
    i bought this a s knife guard for my mercer knife this Mercer M33113P 8" x 2" Polypropylene Blade Guard can be beat the price as branded one thank you for selling this
    Bought for my Victorinox 8" chef knife. It's a perfect fit. I slide my knife into the guard and it stays put. No worries that it will slip off or if you grab it you will slice your hand. Best part is that it is quite reasonable.
    A great way to help save your knives. If you care for your knives like I do these are a must have. At this bargain price u can't go wrong!
    It is a sturdy construction of PVC that keeps my knife from sliding around and banging around my other tools my case. Does a great job of protecting my knife's edge and keeping it sharp after i've spent time sharpening it!
    I love everything Mercer makes and this is no exception, excellent value and well made. I bought 3 for each one of my mercer knives
    The Mercer M3311P 8" X 2' Poly Blade Guard is fantastic how well it works. I have two other sizes and they all work in the same fantastic fashion. Easy on and easy off, but do not slid off on there own. I will be ordering more of these with my next order with Websturant ( which is a great place to go for high quality, low cost kitchen tools and aids).
    I usually use BladeSafe clip on covers, but as far as guards go, this one is pretty decent. Much better than the old white mercer covers! Recommended.
    Solid price for a simple no-frills plastic blade guard--it clamps on securely, and does its job well. Save your fingers and your knife case, for just little cost
    I use these on the knives for workplace safety reasons. they fit nice and tight and they look good as well. for this price you cant go wrong.
    I really like this blade guard; I used to have a clamshell type blade guard for my Victorinox 8" but it was kinda loose and didn't feel secure. This feels very tight and secure, it looks really nice and it takes up minimal space as well. 5 stars
    I picked up two of these for the two knives I just ordered and they are great. They're nothing special, just basic knife guards, but for the price they are an excellent product and definitely worth getting even if you have a knife block.
    Perfect for protecting my Mercer Genisis knives. They fit snugly on the knives protecting them from being knocked together or dropped into the knife container (which causes the tips of the knives to break).
    A MUst Have so get it, keeps you from cutting yourself. I have seen quite of few cuts happen because of not having a guard on your knife, not good to see. be safe and get one
    Essential for traveling or storage in a small drawer. I like these covers for when I travel with my knives so the blades don't touch each other and damage.
    i love how cheep these edge guards are if you buy from amazon and buy a different brand there as much as 5X more money these fight tight to the blade and dont slip
    What a wonderful knife protector. I bought this cover for 7" cleaver and it fits fabulously. It's a great way to protect hands when going into the infamous (disorganized) utensil drawer! Thank you!
    Better than what i was expecting! I was expecting the thin flimsy plastic covers, but was surprised by the nice hefty pvc ones that grip nicely. These are a steal for the price and fit my 8" chefts, 7" santoku, and 8" slicer. If you find it too long you can trim them down with a saw.
    Protects my beautiful knife. Without this I'm sure my blade with have some knicks and dings in it. But this guard has held up beautifully and doesn't fall of the knife.
    Considering the high cost of a good knife set, these protectors seem like a no brainer. This protector set comes at a great price and does a fine job!
    This is a great knife cover! It protects all sorts of knives from chef knives to serrated bread knives!! Great for using to travel with knives!!!

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