Royal Paper RP144 4" Drink Umbrella / Parasol Pick with Assorted Colors - 144/Box

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A staple for any tropical cocktail, this colorful Royal Paper RP144 drink umbrella / parasol pick is a perfect way to dress up a beverage. The pick comes in four bright colors: pink, orange, blue, and yellow. Each color also incorporates a different flower design to further accent your foods and drinks. Plus, they are easy to use and can effortlessly be opened for quick service.

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Royal Paper RP144 4" Drink Umbrella / Parasol Pick with Assorted Colors - 144/Box

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drink umbrellas drinks Colors great little love price cute fun
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    Cheaper than anywhere else to get these. You can’t have a blended drink night without them. Quality is what you would expect, no surprises here.

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    These are ideal for a summer party with a tropical feel. I love the variety and the quality - hardly any of them tore when we opened them, which is standard for drink umbrellas like these.

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    The drink umbrellas add a bit of festive atmosphere to tropical drinks like pina coladas. They look good, are of reasonable quality, and are quite inexpensive. Whether for a party, n event, or your bar, they'll add a little bit of fun and presentation for very low cost and effort.

    from Http:// Posted on

    The parasols, including one in a pina colada.

    Great little umbrellas. They all open well and stay open too. The colors are bright and the paper is nice and doesn't tear easily. These are must have for fruity drinks and the price is right.

    from Adams Posted on

    Royal Paper RP144 4" Drink Umbrella / Parasol Pick with Assorted Colors - 144/Box

    these are your typical drink umbrellas. I love these for any Hawaiian or luau style party. We use these at my house a lot.. and my daughter just loves them in her drinks! you get so many for a great price!

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    really nice. good color variation

    These drink umbrellas are the perfect addition to a summer cocktail. They make the drink fun and add some decor to it. The assorted colors are great and the toothpick holds up well.

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    A great addition to jazz up your evening cocktail!

    These 4” cocktail umbrellas with toothpick come in assorted colors and come in a box of 144. They are gonna be great for parties or gatherings

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    These umbrellas are very good for pina coladas. It really helps bring the juice to be elagent and rich. Customers do love it a lot.

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    This product is under utilized! Every event planner should have these in there closest. They provide a bang for the buck. Come up with a custom crazy named drink throw a parasol in it and you charity is raising more money baby!!

    from BKE Posted on

    Cute little umbrellas. Great colors and stick well on cocktails. "oriental" vibe. perfect for asian inspired drinks or asian restaurants. we also display not he umbrellas on desserts.. acts as a toothpick too.

    from Yamato Posted on

    cute little umbrellas. great to decorate

    These umbrellas are adorable for decorating drinks, and in our case desserts and cupcakes. They are colorful and festive for the summer season. It's a great price as well.

    from John Stewart Posted on

    Can't wait to start making all sorts of fruity drinks. Cute umbrellas in an assortment of colors. They didn't stick together like some do nor did the colors bleed.

    from Sweet Lulu's Bakery on Wheels Posted on

    Instantly create professional looking drinks with this colored umbrellas. Great finishing touch to any island themed party or a backyard bbq taken to the next level!

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    Pick in use.

    These royal paper drink umbrellas really liven up a party when out with friends. I used them and recieved positive feedback from my guests. I highly recommend them.

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    We love these! We have a home tiki bar and the kids love using these with their fruity drinks. I should have bought more of these.

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    Cute umbrellas to put in drinks or other foods. They are bright colors and an assortment of these colors makes them fun to use. Kids love them.

    from Mauka Shave ice Sandy Posted on

    Paper drink umbrellas make any and every drink better! Whether is a grown drink or one for the kiddos, these drink umbrellas are so much fun.

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    Makes any drink more fun.

    Super fun, exactly what you would imagine. They are sturdy toothpicks with super vibrant colors. Feels like a day at the beach with these fun toothpicks

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    Drink umbrella! Royal paper 4" drink umbrellas. Parasol pick with assorted colors! There are 144 in a box! This is a great deal and fun for your drink party or anything your doing and want to remember which drink is yours!

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    These are a must when making those great spring or summer beverages! These drink umbrellas come in many colors and have beautiful designs on them. Perfect drink size.

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    The Royal Paper RP144 4" Drink Umbrella / Parasol Picks are awesome. They are great for mixed drinks especially when you have company. Good quality and price!

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    Perfect addition to a drink. Good quality and value.

    Cute, Chic, great price! love them for any cocktail party, event or wedding. you don't need to have alcohol drinks pair it up with simple glass of water to give a splash of color to the party!

    Posted on

    I love these for my drinks and for my pina colada cupcakes; they give everything such a tropic look and they very cute; they also come in 4 different colors so I can switch the up

    from Kays Cupcakes Posted on

    Add these umbrellas to your special island drinks, your customers will love that you'll be providing this as it Is a necessity to separate your company from the competition.

    from Dicedogs Posted on

    These are really cut little umbrellas. We like to put them in the kids shortly temples and Roy Rodgers drinks.. the kids think they are cute..

    Posted on

    The Royal Paper RP144 4" Drink Umbrella / Parasol Pick with Assorted Colors - 144/Box has worked out great for me. An affordable wat to decorate cupcakes.

    from Cafe 111 Posted on

    If you're in the habit of making drinks for yourself, I really recommend buying these. They even make drinking a beer more enjoyable. Love all of the colors.

    Posted on

    Funny 144 amount is, why not 140 or 150 , it's the only thing I could come up with to discuss or comment on, good price , quality many colors ,

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    I have always loved umbrella tooth picks. They are the perfect touch to a special drink or a pina colada cupcake. The colors here are great and this is a bargain for these little treasures.

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    These are Super fun drink umbrellas. They were perfect for the summer luau themed event we purchased them for. We would buy again for sure.

    from Heirloom Cuisine Posted on

    These are really nice drink umbrellas with the toothpick they work great can go wrong with a nice price they make good products the royal paper company

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    We actually use these for adding decorations on strawberry daiquiri cupcakes. Gives them a unique look to cocktail themed cupcakes. It's that over the top look we like.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Call Mandy's fancy little umbrellas are awesome for drinks really sharp too so they hold all is well the kids like them in their little drinks and stuff to

    from N/A Posted on

    Perfect little umbrellas for lots of things - drinks, cupcakes, desserts - you name it! These are very colorful and cute and definitely add a special touch.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    These umbrellas appear just like the picture. They have been a big hit in our rum buckets and beach drinks. Customers like the extra touch.

    from Barefoot Bar & Grill Posted on

    Sir Clean recommend Royal Paper RP144 4" Drink Umbrella / Parasol Pick with Assorted Colors - 144/Box, you can use to many purpose, the price is really good.

    from Sir Clean Corp Posted on

    these are a cute addition to the bar and nice to have around to add that little something to a drink, highly recommend them to everyone

    Posted on

    These drink umbrellas are a classic hit! Everyone of all ages loves them. They are a must have in my home bar, especially in the summertime.

    Posted on

    Got these for a beach day at my daughters school. She was so excited when she got to give them o to the kids in her class. Even the teacher thought it was a fun idea. Thanks Webstaurant store

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    Use these to dress up our beverages. They are great for single use and at a cheap enough price that it doesn't matter. Great to stick them into fruit so they hold their place.

    Posted on

    I love these little umbrellas! We had a Hawaiian birthday party for my husband and I used these in all of the drinks and as decor on the cake as well!

    Posted on

    Very good quality, I've used and ordered from this company few years now, excellent, easy to open, bright colors and perfect size for any cocktail drinks or summer coolers.

    from brants burgers Posted on

    Very good product that adds ambiance to ANY drink! We see these when we go to the beach in different cocktails, etc and we just had to have these to add to our drinks when friends are over.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    I've always wanted these umbrellas for when I entertain guests by the pool! The colors are bright and make drinks stand out. Definitely recommend for everyone!

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    A few of these were damaged or didn't open properly but for the price who can complain? I used these on a cake and they worked fine

    from butters-n-bars Posted on

    those make your drinks look more nice, i even use them on sushi too. price are very good, shipping are fast too, got in Florida in only two days.

    Posted on

    A great buy and great price. These worked perfect for stabbing garnishes and then drink decoration at my latest gathering . Also, the shipping was extremely fast. Thanks!

    from By the "C" Bartending Posted on

    Who doesn't love an umbrella drink? The only problem with these things is that everyone wants one in their cocktail even when they're not an appropriate garnish.

    Posted on

    Just after moving into my new house, my husband and I threw a small get together where these cute little parasol picks went great in our guests drinks! If you try buying these in a grocery store, you will spend 10X the amount you would here. Great buy!!

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    So much fun!

    When I opened the package containing these sweet little parasols I squealed a little bit at just how adorable they are as I instantly imagined them in my wedding cocktails. They are moderately sturdy and should survive will from presentation to the end of each drink... and maybe a little longer if they're not opened and closed a million times. Let's face it, though, that's one of their best features.

    Posted on

    These parasol picks are adorable in cocktails. They can also be used fruit, veggie, or cheese platters are a great accent. Love the variety of colors.

    Posted on

    These drink umbrellas are cute and make a fun addition to your bar drinks. The colors are vibrant and the picture is missing green as one of the colors.

    Posted on

    These umbrella are really cute!!!!! I initially bought them to use in my cupcakes, but found that they were a bit bigger than I expected. I guess that's my fault though!

    Posted on

    These umbrellas can be used to decorate cupcakes as well.

    These are great for our company Tiki parties. We use them in our frozen margaritas, and in any drink we want to dress up. We use them to skewer cherries.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on


    Parasol pick look so elegant on cocktail drink, it can also be you for fruit stick it can be use as cake topper for beach cake theme, it is finely made and strong.I recommend it.

    Posted on

    I absolutely love these! Easy to open up, they stay up and look great. Lots of great colors to add the perfect touch to a tropical drink. I wish they were just a wee bit longer to go through an orange slice better but they will certainly hold a few grapes and a pineapple chunk.

    Posted on

    ok we buy these by the thousands as we attach an umbrella to every single order that goes out of our shop! pretty good, coming from china, every once in a while you get a bad box.

    from Mahalos Posted on

    great to use this as mini umbrella for garnishing my cocktail putting with some cherries and slice of lime to garnish my drinks so its come elegant

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    This little tiny cocktail umbrella adds a festive note to even the most mundane mixed drinks. It comes in a nice looking box that has a lot of them so you can add a touch of class to drinks for weeks on end!

    Posted on

    We used these for the smoothies we sell from our food stand. People Love the extra little accessory and for being paper umbrella, they were surprisingly durable and a good majority of them came to us intact. We liked them and will definitely use them again.

    from Put the Lime in the Coconut Posted on

    Our use of the umbrellas with our smoothie drinks.

    These things are great. I bought a case and it has lasted for ever. The price is very cheap too. We use them for our fishbowls and they make the drink stand out. A very cheap way to sell your drinks, all we do is add fruit and pop in these umbrellas and there you have it,

    from Peabodys Posted on

    These are great Drink umbrellas. They are of high quality, and easy to pop open! They are also packaged very well, so it makes for very easy storage. I highly recommend.

    Posted on

    These drink umbrellas are great on fruity alcohol beverages and also for my Beach themed and Luau themed cakes and cupcakes. They are easy to put together and very cute.

    from Jacky's Baked Goods Posted on

    Beach Theme cupcakes w/ Umbrellas for shade -- Jacky's Baked Goods

    These are really very attractive little umbrellas. They're a great touch for tropical drinks or special events (Luau party anyone?). Even for the individual bartender, they're a good way to add a nice signature touch to your drinks.

    from Zulu Co Posted on

    Must have if you bartender or if you have guest coming over to garnish these umbrella picks are an excellent price and the amount of umbrella you get will be awhile before you run out

    Posted on

    Very cute accessory to drinnks from our home bar. Company just loved the extra special touch they added and the different colors helped keep track of who's drink was who's.

    Posted on

    We love cute and adorable thing, and this is the ultimate thing. These parasol are great to add to drinks. We've used them for our coconut juice and mixed drink. Our customer loves the addition. It brings smiles to all our regulars and really make the atmosphere.

    from The Travels Inc Posted on

    So beautiful

    No tropical frozen drink is complete without one of these umbrellas. Great color assortment and pops up easily once the rubber band is removed. Adds the finishing touches.

    Posted on

    These were so versatile. I used it for cocktail drinks and also cupcake toppers. The price is great! it is definitely cheaper than most stores. I would definitely recommend these!!

    from Aderans Posted on

    Great addition to any party! I use them to decorate cocktails. I color code the drinks. It makes the tables festive, for a reasonable rate.

    from Landau's treasures Posted on

    We all know that drinks taste better with a little umbrella in them! Its a known fact! Problem is when the little umbrellas cost as much as the liquor you put in them... then its not so fun for the bar. The price is right, and the enjoyment factor can go on now that they are affordable in bulk.

    from ACSC, inc. Posted on

    What can you say about a drink umbrella? You can't beat the price at webstaurant and in our kids cooking school, kids love them! They come in a variety of colors so that's a plus! Great product!

    from Bakers Buzzin' LLC Posted on

    Great Value. These can be used to dress up a cocktail, or decorate Cupcakes. You may get a few here and there that don't stay open so make sure to order a couple boxes if you need close to what is in the box.

    Posted on

    Nice compliment to any drink and makes you feel like your on vacation in some nice place, the customers love the touch and we love the price!

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    For the price, everyone should have these on hand at home. Perfect to add a touch of the tropics to any cocktail. Kids love to play with them too. They also make cute decorations for parties.

    Posted on

    we bought some of these 4" drink umbrellas for a wedding reception. it was a huge hit, people were asking us were to get them from. we told them Webstaurant of course. great value product.

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    Not only are these drink umbrellas used for drinks but they can be used to make a really fun and pretty summer theme door wreath. Stick open umbrellas into a foam wreath form. and hang. Simple and cute!

    Posted on

    I bought these for a Caribbean party. Cannot beat the price and these are sturdier than the ones you can find at grocery stores. They also make a nice decoration for platters or anywhere you need a pop of color.

    from Elite Catering Posted on

    I used these drink umbrellas during a party, and they were a big hit. The drink umbrellas were colorful, you can not beat the price.

    Posted on

    Adds a tropical flare to your beverages for just pennies. These are a great quality for the cost! Sturdy little umbrellas in a variety of colors that stay open, even without a garnish. A must have for tiki parties, or for everyday fun!

    Posted on

    So glad they have these and for the price that they do. We use these for our business and feel like this is one of the best deals around. Something about a little umbrella that makes a drink that much better!

    from Put the Lime in the Coconut Posted on

    these are so cute and you don't have to use them just on drinks, you can use them on cupcakes etc. the price is awesome also..

    Posted on

    I love these little umbrellas and so do my guests. They fold out perfectly and hold up great in drinks. I will purchase these again.

    Posted on

    When we went on vacation my wife and I brought with us a box of these to make drinks on the beach for our friends and family. Having these mini umbrellas brought a smile to everyone's face. The kids especially loved them.

    Posted on

    We are happy with these umbrella picks. They are adorable and make our smoothies look tropical and fancy! We would recommend them to anybody. Good quality.

    from B.C. Bagels Posted on

    I use these as garnish for my tropical chicken salads, they really add a little bit of flair for only around 2 cents per salad, well worth it!

    from Cairo City Grill Posted on

    My sister had these for her Hawaiian wedding and they really made the drinks look authentic. You have to be very careful popping them up or else you might ruin it. It really tied the theme together. Great quality.

    Posted on

    Let's be honest. Some cocktails just aren't complete without these exotic-looking umbrellas adorning the tops. They're quite sturdy, and are cheap. They're also fun for the kids.

    Posted on

    The kids love them when I make their "drinks". They are a bit flimsy but rarely break when you open them but at that price, it's pretty much expected.

    Posted on

    These are sooo cute! We always have to put them on tropical cocktails drinks to make them so much fun. They make the right statement.

    Posted on

    Cocktail umbrella

    This is such a fun product! I love having these around to use at cocktail parties and any kind of social gathering. They add a really nice touch!

    Posted on

    these 4'' drink parasol pick looks very cut in any glass. are great for any party. this is a low price for the unbrellas, thanks.

    from nitas place Posted on

    Cocktails or not, this is a great item to include at any party events, especially during the summer times. The price is definitely affordable to the average small stores.

    Posted on

    Who doesn't want a mini umbrella in their drink. I love these in my frozen drinks such as pina coladas. It definitely jazzes up a drink.

    Posted on

    Every drink tastes better with a parasol in it. Also makes a cute cupcake topper if you're doing a beach theme party. These are sturdy and well made and just make you think "party" when you see them.

    Posted on

    No better way to sell more cocktails than to have one of your servers parade these around. Just walk through the crowd and past a few tables and you'll have customers asking for one! A must have for the kiddie cocktails!

    from Morton Pub Posted on

    The 4" Drink Parasol Pick 144 / BX . Will brighten up any drink.You can even put a slice of fruit or cherry on the end .for that special attraction.Price is right .

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    Great price for these drink umbrellas. We use these in all our margaritas and daquiris. The colors are nice and serving these with your drinks really makes them stand out.

    from Gallaghers Pizza Posted on

    They are cool on any types of drinks. maybe not scotch or whiskey but you get what i mean. Price very well too, I'm surprised!

    Posted on

    Every year we run the bar at the county fair, and to beat the heat everyone loves tropical cocktails and these are great eye appeal that keep the people coming back for more. At their low price I don't see how you can afford not to get them.

    Posted on

    We love these for our specialty drinks! Our customers love them too. We can never pass up a great deal!! Some of them dont open all the way but we made them work!

    from Summer Snow Entertainment Posted on

    Every drink should have an umbrella! These are great drink picks because the are made better than others I have used. They don't break as easy as the cheaply made drink umbrellas. Fun product!

    Posted on

    Perfect for our Polynesian and tropical drinks, such as coladas, fog cutters and even zombies. They just add the right amount of festive decoration to the drink.

    Posted on

    Adds a perfect touch and a must have for any restaurant. Value, quality and prices can not be beat here. 1 reason why the price reflects the volume of these they sell.

    from Glow Fun In CT Posted on

    These are nice for tropical inspired mixed drinks! Great for refreshing smoothies too! They add a touch of paradise to just about any drink! Great price on a great product!!

    Posted on

    These umbrells are so much fun to spruce up any drink or even fun for the kids. Used them for a kids party for fun drinks

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Mini parasols are the perfect addition to some of our drinks, gives the drink a nice colorful and playful pop for pennies on the dollar.

    Posted on

    We have tried alot of drink parasols looking for the right one for our shaved ice and these are really good. Easy to open. The kids LOVE them.

    from summer B.lizzard Posted on

    Very good quality and product for the price. Helps make the beverages look festive, especially during the summer months. Delivery was prompt. Would order again.

    from church Posted on

    When buying all the bars and clubs looking for it, ideal for the presentation of cocktails or theme parties, creative design and bright colors make this product attractive and very good price.

    from Corempro/ Ecuador Posted on

    A timeless classic, I use these to decorate my appetizer towers as well as to make my drinks more festive. Comes neatly boxed and the price is on mark!!!

    Posted on

    These 4" parasol picks were a wonderful addition to the drinks. I had used different types of picks. I just wanted to give this pick a try. It turned out better than I thought.I will definitely will buy more.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    Can Somebody say LOVE Them. These mini picks were a wonderful addition to my collection. I had purchased the sword picks before and thought I'd give these a try also. I brought these for a competition my daughter entered. I will definitely purchase more of these. Everyone asked her where she got them from and I gladly told them The Webstaurant Store.

    from F.L.Y. Women Ministries Posted on

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