Polar Tech 21" x 7 3/4" Flexible Ice Mat

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Tired of the water mess and waste of ice? Then this Polar Tech flexible ice mat is just what you've been looking for! This reusable ice pack will keep all your perishables at food safe temperatures for longer periods of time. Perfect for use in insulated soft or foam coolers, insulated delivery bags, and more! Easier to use and cleaner than regular ice, this pack will chill food with the watery mess caused by melting ice. This convenient pack can be reused, saving you time and money. Simply wipe down this pack after use, then toss it back in the freezer so it's ready to go for your next outing or event. Featuring 6 individually sealed cells containing leak proof gel, this ice pack is able to be easily bent and folded while frozen for a variety of arrangements. It can even be shaped to better fit your needs by simply cutting off unnecessary cells to change its length. This versatile ice pack is food safe and works well in virtually any food or beverage chilling application.

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Polar Tech 21" x 7 3/4" Flexible Ice Mat

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ice cold Great mats cool cooler flexible food around mat

We bought these flexible ice mat to help keep the foods cold for devery and also to cool foods before they are packaged. You can cut them to the sizes you like. They keep foods cold for a long time.

from nirvana kitchen on

These ice pads are great and flexible we use them in our coolers when we transfer food and they keep all my chilled. You can cut them up as you like. Fit easily in coolers and freezer and doesn't take much space, very efficient.

from Delicious delights on

I've purchased other ice mats before and they tend to break easily. These have been the most durable compared to others I've used. Great deal!

from Filling Good on

The Polar Tech Flexible ice mat does not hold the "freeze" very long. We wanted it to help keep our baked goods cool in outdoor situations


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we really like this ice mat. when we have to get supplies out of town that are perishable we can wrap this baby around them in the cooler and know it'll be cold for hours. the only downside is the plastic can tear which means you need a new one.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

we usually spread them in layers and they keep our cooler cold the entire day. we noticed that they melt faster compared to the foam ice packs. but it's still a great buy!


It is nice that these mats are designed to be flexible, enabling you to wrap them around the product you are wanting to keep cold.

from Spring Street Treats on

These are great. They stay cook, keep our foods that are transported in our Cambro cool for hours. In fact I am about to place an order for even more to have on hand.

from TIme Makers on

This thing is great! My purpose for this will be medical. Need a long ice pack for your back? This is it!! Need an ice wrapped around your leg or arm? No problem getting this around it!


I love these ice packs! I use these for seven hours a day at the farmers market and they are still frozen at the end of the day!

from Savoury Spoon on

This Polartec 21 inch long ice match are pretty cool I thought they would be a little more liquid inside huge couch but I do understand that they roll up I need to be flexible so I got a few extra which was a good thing to help the fact that they're a little thinner but for the price of what they are and you can probably get free shipping for doing a review works out!$

from Place to be Bistro on

I suffered a shoulder injury earlier this month, and happened to have ordered this ice pack. I used it and noticed immediate benefits. The pack didn't condensate much either. Great long flexible pack to wrap around needed areas.

from 4K9 & Company on

These ice "mats" are perfect for my needs. They seem to stay cold for a while, and are very convenient to keep other foods cold as well.


Big and long enough to wrap smaller items in it to create a blanket or to lay across the top of food items. Polar Tech is a well made and trusted brand.

from Dream Thread LLC on

We used these ice mats on our hot dog cart business and they are great for keeping stuff cold without having to use actual ice.

from Dang Good Dogs on

Nice, big heavy flexible ice mat. Provides plenty of chilling at a good price. Only complaint is that the plastic is rather fragile and needs to be cared for well.

from Mike's Mindful Plate on

These area great and dependable. I use them in my coolers and they keep all my product nice and cold. You can cut them up however you'd like so they can fit into anything you need. Very durable.

from Spoon Me Soups on

Works great. Stays flexible even when it first comes out of the freezer. Only issue is that we have noticed one or two cells leaking a little on one of the packs. I let all the water out of them to keep from making a mess.

from Piggy's Place on

These are a life saver in this killer hot weather! We place these under salads, hors d'oeuvre platters, and other items that we need to keep cold.

from Weber Catering on

Stays cold for a long time, but if you don't freeze the mat completely flat, it will stick to itself, making it hard to unfold.

from Chef Stephanie on

We use these flexible ice mats to nest between bowls to keep salads chilled - great for that purpose. Because of the design, they are best suited to light duty, the small pockets give flexibility, but the result is they don't stay frozen for very extended periods of time.

from That Kitchen Witch on

Ice mats work great to keep trays of food chilled for outdoor barbeques and entertaining. Fit nicely in coolers and freezer space, very durable and efficient.


We use these to keep our 2.5 oz Salsa containers cold as we deliver our Burritos each day. They are fabulous for the price. We started using them instead of ice in our small coolers at our kid's tennis tournaments, just layering drinks between these packs and were blown away at how long and how well they kept things cold without the mess of melted ice. You can even wrap them around a room temp gatorade and it'll be cool when you need it. The only thing we noticed is that you can be too rough on them, thinking that when they are frozen you can stack stuff on them. When they melt, they may be prone to a split if you have heavy stuff on them or they get banged around. Since it is filled with non toxic fluid it's no big deal, but you do need to think when you pack that just because its frozen solid when you pack it, it wont be later. The price is wonderful and we plan to order them all the time. We have even used them to quickly cool burrito filling that was to be frozen and used later, layering a pack in between two inches of filling and stacking them in a pan like lasagna. We bag the filling in zip top bags to insure if there is a split in a pack that there will be no contamination of the food. It cools the filling much more quickly than the products that were designed to get food back to a safe temp and we never worry now that our food was at an unsafe temperature. All in all they exceed every expectation we ever had for them. Chef Jon. Read Less Read More

from www.TheBurritoDude.com on

These were nice I have for under my plastic tubs to keep my strawberry rolls cool. They stayed cool in the cooler for 5 hours, but the second I used them for under a tray on the table they did not last long in 80 degrees. Not that I expected them to.

from Anna Mea's Bakery on

Great product! Does exactly what is promises. Conforms to the contents that I am transporting and washes off, freezes quickly and it's ready to go.

from Sweet Marie, Inc. on

We love these ice mats! They are big enough to cool most things, small enough to fit in the bottoms of our coolers, and the flexibility allows us to wrap and fill spaces as needed. After a year of almost daily use, ours are definitely starting to show some wear and tear, with some cells being punctured and broken. They are so reasonably priced, though, that we never hesitate to order more!

from Cupcakes on Command on

These ice packs work pretty well - they do freeze and keep items cold, but they melt a little more quickly than I would prefer. I think I've kept mine frozen for about an hour, even when in an insulated cooler surrounded by cold dishes. Will probably try another one before I buy this one again, but this one works for short time period use and small spaces.


I love this ice bag. It fits at the bottom of the soft cooler i also bought here. It keeps my cake level when transporting. Keeps it cold for a while. I think i may purchase another soon!

from Dancing Cats on

I bought several of these and keep them in the freezer. They come in handy when I have to take a whipper canister and cream mix to parties or carry beverages to an outing.


I am very satisfied and happy that I have purchased these flexible ice mat. The work very well with keeping your items cold wild you make a delivery. It also work well with keeping you frosting from melting in the hot sun in the summer time.


These mats are fantastic for keeping foods cold without the worry of ice melting and getting your items wet. We set a catering tray on top of one of these to keep some samples cold and the tray remained cold for hours. The flexibility is great also.

from simpledish LLC on

These ice mats came rolled up in a small box, making it easy to store until needed. They are made of heavy material and have yet to break or leak.

from thetammster on

These are really great for keeping items cool without needing ice that melts everywhere. They fold up well for storing in the freezer and lay flat for least intrusiveness.


I only give this a two because i bout about a dozen of them, maybe less and i only have 4 left. After the first use some of them had tears and the seams split so the food they were keeping cool turned to mush from the luquid leaking out, talk about a loss of profit on that one....


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I love this ice mat for covering a cooler of eggs at the farmer's market. With big blue ice blocks on the bottom and this frozen mat on top, the eggs stay nice and cold, even in the summer heat.


These flexible ice mats saved the day ...They (used in conjunction with the insulated bags) kept my cupcakes cold and perfet for delivery to the comsumer!

from The Chubby Cupcake on

Great little ice mat. This ice mat might be small but after you freeze it, place it in a vinyl carry bag and it will keep everything cool for at least 8 hours.

from Desiree's Desserts on

These are great little freezer packs. Their flexibility lets you wrap them around odd size containers and fill in spaces in your cooler. I also use them under trays on really hot days.

from Zest on

Although it appears that enroute during delivery; one of the mats were damaged and leaking, I used the other one along with the deli tray carrier. LOVE THESE TOO!They freeze quickly and love their conforming ability inside the bag. The icing/frosting on the cake was still intact and formed considering our weather here today was sticky and hot.

from HeavenlyScrumptious on

Very good for layering food products in an ice chest. You do not have to worry about the ice melting and water over everything. They are contained, when defrosted you just wash and re-freeze. Love it.

from GDB Enterprises, LLC on

I wanted to purchase a product like this for delivering my cupcakes. Looked several different places and could not believe the high price. This is so affordable and is exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

from Sugar Fix on

These ice blankets are pretty genius! They're very flexible, very thin, and have so many uses. We actually use ours in a wearable vendor tray underneath a tray a bakery to keep it cool while selling at festivals in the summer. Great product!


These ice mats were ok. I thought they would be a tad bigger but it keeps the food cool and fits its food purpose for cold items.


Very convenient. They bend around items or roll to fill empty spaces. We've ordered more to have on hand and keep several in the freezer.

from Caruso & Company, Ltd on

We use these in the large nylon sided cooler to transport to events in our catering business -- keeps things cold while we are servicing the buffet table. Have also used them for our personal cooler for a picnic in the park!!


How perfect! I have used it in the soft-side cooler I purchased and have applied it to a sprained ankle! It's flexibility it 'just what the doc ordered'. Once again, thank you!

from Broken Wheel on

They work well with the portable vinyl steam pan carriers. They help keep the food frozen longer and cold foods cold for much longer. I used these instead of ice now.

from Jersey Girl Enterprises on

This item is superb! not only did it keep everything in my large cooler cold, but at the picnic one of the guys got injured and the pack was big enough to cover the injured arm and keep the swelling to a minimum


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