EcoChoice Biodegradable Plastic T-Shirt Bag - 1/6 Size - 500/Case

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Take a green step forward with this EcoChoice 1/6 size biodegradable plastic t-shirt bag! Made from high-density polyethylene plastic, this t-shirt bag is tough and durable, so it won't easily fall apart while carrying heavy items. Featuring dual handles, this plastic bag is perfect for grocery stores, delis, take-out restaurants and more. Best of all, this bag is fully biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. Your customers are sure to appreciate your eco-consciousness as well.

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EcoChoice Biodegradable Plastic T-Shirt Bag - 1/6 Size - 500/Case

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bags Great biodegradable friendly customers plastic bag love strong hold
2 out of 2 found this review helpful

We got the cheaper white Thank You tshirt bags as well just in case these didn't hold up or would rip easy. In the end these have worked great for us for months. Although they do cost a bit more than the cheaper, generic white thank you bags, we were pleased with the green and biodegradeable features as well as how well they stand up. They are still priced very reasonably and well worth the little extra cost. Our customers are also happy that we have a 'green' choice for our bags.

from Oxxshire Creamery on
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

We like to provide bags for takeout items and these are a perfect guilt-free option. Our customers like the fact that they are biodegradable and that they are not flimsy. They hold up well to weighted items, do not tear, and can handle the rainy season.

from Bucket Bites LLC on
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

A really nice style plastic t shirt bag that is great for our candy shop. The bags are light weight and easy to open. They are also biodegradable which is great for the environment. A great buy.

from Ruby's Retro on
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

They are good for light to medium weight items. I am not recomened for glass bottle even you are doulble baggage. Overall I like them for my take out boxes.

from Imsabai on
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Love these bags, the color, and that they are biodegradable. We chose these as our new option over our brown paper bags. Won't hold things up like a paper bag, but for small items, it works.

from Ivy Bakery on

Our customers loved that we switched to these from regulate plastic t-shirt bags.


These bags are SO much better than the cheap, plastic bags customers get from our nearby grocery stores. They are bigger, rarely have holes in them, rarely if ever rip apart, and the handles are strong. We will put two 2-liter bottles in one bag all the time, and they are reliable for our customers all the way home.

from Erica Mall, LLC on

Still using these bags. They holds up really well. They can fit a lot in them and does great with keeping its form! Great for the environment!


I was very pleased with the price and quality of bags and being biodegradable was a huge selling point. After more research we found out that they are not as biodegradable as we hoped for, and trying to compost in our city with these bags make it now that we don’t use. It’s unfortunate as we bought these in bulk so have quite a bit left.

from The Spudd Hutt on

Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These packs are quite strong. They are biodegradable which is good for the environment. They do not tear, withstand heavy objects, broken glass is not suitable for them. I will order more.

from Merchaim Inc. on

These bags literally are want every retailer or restaurant should use. We bought these for our retail stores and will continue to order in bulk. These bags can hold well over 10lbs in them and stretch without tearing. Superior quality and love that they help the environment. We have hunted for years trying to find bags that are attractive and durable. These bags are a great way to showcase your environmental stewardship and our customers continuously make comments on how nice they are and how high of quality they are. We will continue to buy them off here cause its a great value and amazing shipping from Webstaurant.

from TBA Companies on

It's nice to have a biodgradable plastic bag and our customers definitely appreciate it. . The bag is strong and a great big size. A good value for a quality bag.

from Bearskin Neck Country Store on

The best bags! I never have any of them tear or break when bagging up baked goods and best of all they’re biodegradable. 10/ 10

from MB on

These are just as advertised. They hold well and are pretty large. I've never had any issues with them. I don't anticipate any problems either. I will buy them again.

from Scotty's Homemade Italian Ice, LLC on

I love that it's biodegradable. This is the best price I've found online so far and I will recommend it and keep purchasing. Love it.


Good quality bags. Eco friendly. Fast delivery. Very dependable delivery service. Always on time. These bags are sturdy reusable. Safe for all pruposes would buy again

from From the Heart Catering on

We try to use eco-friendly packaging as much as possible in our food truck, so these bags were a great addition to our stock! They work great on our bag stand. Great quality. We pile them full of food and have never had one break. They are much stronger than we thought they would be when we ordered them.

from Tri-M BBQ Food Truck on

I love these bags because they are biodegradable and I get so many for a very affordable price. I feel like I’m reducing my carbon footprint for sure!

from Marys Sweet Heaven on

They are useful for small orders and help us not waste our big brown bags. These bags can surprisingly fit a lot of items in them.


This bags are great! we have not been able to find biodegradable bags anywhere. Thanks to Webstaurant, we use them and our customers are very happy not to see any more plastic bags around. They are resistant for lightweight food/beverages. Will repurchase again.


We loved just loved these bags. We were not sure about the quality of these bags, we just wanted bags that are biodegradable to avoid plastic, but very happy with the quality.

from Vegan Dreamz on

I gave this item a try because I’m trying to avoid using plastic as much as possible. Good looking bag even better that they dispose easy, at least that what’s description said. Wouldn’t use it for heave items


I Bought these bags in large quantities believing them to be biodegradable. Unfortunately the website is misleading and less then 50% of the product will break down unless it is sent to a very specific composting facility not found in many areas.

from Allen St Poutine Co on

Thank you for your review, Jacob! We are sorry this Green Herc 1/6 Size Biodegradable Plastic T-Shirt Bag - 500/Case has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

I would highly recommend these plastic bags because our customers reacted really good because we have ordered a product that is planet friendly, green, and give awareness to others. Very goodbye because we have them still and we have ordered them few months ago. We also do go through a lot of plastic bags .

from Fig on

We didnt want to use a plastic bag but needed an option for bigger purchases. Happy webstaurantstore has a biodegradable option. Perfect for us at markets

from Ray Family Farms on

The more earth friendly the better. We have been transitioning more and more to use less plastic and these are a part of that! Good price. and strong hold.

from M Eleven LLC on

Solid biodegradable bags! Especially considering the price point. They are strong, attractive, and they come in a box that allows easy access and is a good size for easy storage.


I originally ordered these bags because they are biodegradable, but was worried they wouldnt be sturdy enough for us. Thankfully, I was wrong! I am so happy with these bags. Strong, sturdy, and biodegradable?yes please


A HIGHLY RECCOMEND !!! BIODEGRABLE PLASTIC BAG THAT A VERY DURABLE cant go wrong you can put more stuff in these bags with out worrying if the bag are going to break like paper bag.

from khemi vegan cusine on

Arrived undamaged and product is exactly what it says. Nice bags and since I am recycling everything they are perfect for to go orders! Would recommend.

from Vego on

I like knowing that I am easing my footprint within the environment by providing my farmers market customers biodegradable bags. They're easy to open, do not rip easily and hold everything I need them to! Will purchase again! Be careful opening the box, as the bags are not in anything but the box. Knives could slice through many layers if not careful!

from A Sprinkle of Magic on

I cannot believe how strong these bags are and these are far more durable than a regular plastic bag of the same thickness! I love these, and I love knowing that they are Earth and ocean friendly/ biodegradable. I wish everyone would use these if the need calls for this type of bag and help put an end to using regular plastic bags!!! )))


but it came in a plastic wrapper with packing tape, and a plastic lined mailer bag. a paper wrapper would have been better. otherwise, actual bags are great

from e-Sell Trading Services on

I love these bags. They are durable and eco friendly. I use them for garbage bags in my bathroom and bedrooms. I'd been looking for these bags for a long time. The handles work great for tying up the bag when it's full.


So these are costly but biodegradable was why we bought them. They do stick together so separating them can he a bit difficult. Wish they came in different colors

from butterupcakes on

We are working hard on trying to switch over to all eco friendly products. The Biodegradable T shirt bags don't cost much more than the other bags we were using so it was a really easy and smart decision.


This fits the bill for an eco-friendly to-go bag. There might be a little bit of trade-off in terms of durability, but it's good to know that these won't sit for years in the landfill after they go out the door with our customers.

from Old Mill Inn, LLC on

I bought these initially and they were great. Good size, very durable and 100% compostable within a few years of degradation. Now, the new ones have a different explanation on the bottom saying that they're less than 50% compostable with "no further degradation observed." It seems like they are made from a different material as well. Feels a little misleading for me and my customers.

from grovers mill coffee on

Thank you for your review, mickey! We are sorry this Green Herc 1/6 Size Biodegradable Plastic T-Shirt Bag - 500/Case has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These are great. They hold up well, are the right price and the color helps customers know you care about the environment. Will definitely keep buying these.

from Switzerland Cafe on

This is a new product by popular demand and our desire to be good to the environment. WE love it and it is fairly inexpensive compared to other biodegradable bags.

from Ecola Seafood on

I love these T-shirt bags! I like how they are eco-friendly. They are big so you can fit quite a bit of stuff . They are also very strong, and the handle is long so it's easy carry around without worrying about any rips.

from Thai Express on

very good bags but terrible shipping, boxes taped together, received crushed, broken boxes. try to fix the issue is impossible I just asking to pack the boxes to avoid damage

from Daniel Barillas on

Shopped around online looking for the best value. These are by far the best deal and the quality cant be beat. Customer like that they are biodegradeable. win win!

from Trattoria Locale on

Nice bags to use for take out items. Customers are impressed that while these are plastic they are still biodegradable. The bag is strong and versatile with many foods.


I can open these bags! The white thank you bags are sooo hard to open quickly! These are well made, very durable, eco friendly and attractive.

from Marcellas Pizzeria Inc on

A nice style plastic bag that is biodegradable and light weight. Great for packing up light weight items like t-shirts. The bags are easy to open and are well packaged.

from Oak Ridge Planation on

This! There is so much talk about how bad plastic bags are for the environment. THIS IS THE SOLUTION! Using these bags make me feel comfortable with using plastic bags.

from Mem's Kitchen on

I use the Green Herc Biodegradable Plastic T-shirt bags in my apartment as trash bags in both the kitchen and bathroom. They are strong -- they hold a huge amount of used cat litter and I've never had an accident on the way to the trash chute.


Great bags. Easy to get them out. Easy to open. My customers at the farmers market like the fact that they are biodegradable. Would totally buy them again.

from Crave Custom Cakes and Cookies on

I wasn't quite sure how thick these were going to be since they're biodegradable, but they feel like normal plastic grocery bags i terms of thickness. They hold up well, have great color, and were exactly what I wanted. Will definitely be ordering them again.


Very durable, they hold food containers very well and can hold probably ten pounds worth of food and containers with no strain. The green is also a nice color.

from Coyote Nutrition LLC on

Great bags and on the plus side, they’re environmentally safer. Very sturdy and well made, no ripping or tearing. Good amount comes in the box.

from Brewed & Bottled on

If you are into helping the environment this is a good option. Not only to help but also costumers notice and start looking at you with different eyes.

from PK2 Helados on

These bags are great at holding all sorts of groceries. They are great to make sure that you have a cheap but environmentally friendly option.

from Town Square Market on

Upgraded to these bags from the brown thank you bags in order to reduce waste a little bit. So far, so good, although eventually it would be nice to switch to paper or reuseable.


We love these bags! They are eco-friendly and very attractive - our customers love them and comment all the time. We will continue to order these as we need more!

from Ivory Road LLC on

These are a nice biodegradable and compostable bag for any takeout restaurant. Have a nice green print on them showing that you care for the environment. Quality bag for the price.


Great value and great for the earth as its bio friendly. Cheaper than other brands and super strong, can hold 3+ containers of 9" without a problem.

from Yachachix LLC on

I love these bags, green is my favorite color and them being bio bags makes it great for the environment and the look of the restaurant. They are strong enough to hold all the meals we serve even thou i thought they were a little thin

from Something Fishy on

These bags are nice, but they are a little less sturdy than others I have purchased in the past. I feel like they are just a little bit smaller, but they get the job done!


Great bags. Customers don’t always need bags, but these are good for people riding their bike or skating. Spill proof and eco friendly. Not an everyday item

from Rainbow Juices on

These are an amazing product. We love and our customers adore that they are so environmentally friendly. I use them as compost bags in my home.

from Town Square Market on

Exactly what I was looking for in a biodegradable bag. It is a little light but for what I need it works well for the concept.

from Guernsey Mercantile on

Great in size format big size products I usually use them for when I sell huge fish they fit perfectly in there and easy to carry strong material

from Pescadería mar de cortes on

Great looking and heavy duty. In top of looking great, also feel good about using with great environmentally friendly label alerting consumers of it being biodegradable


Excellent bags! They seem strong, are of good size, and customers(as well as ourselves) love that they are recycled and biodegradable. More expensive, but definitely worth it!

from Imprint Coffee Roasting on

We use these at the farmer's market, and they hold up well. They're the perfect size for produce to fit in. Our customers appreciate our efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


I Wanted to order these, placed 10 in my cart but however they didn't ship to California. Hopefully they will soon, I'd order them instantly.

from SSC on

Thank you for your feedback, Robynne! We are sorry we are not able to ship these to you, because these bags do not meet California biodegradability standards, they are not available to establishments located in the state of California.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Love the green bags. Just as sturdy as the standard thank you bags. Haven't really put anything super heavy but does the job that I need it for. Great "green" product to go with our other green stuff. Customers notice and compliment too. Cost more but shows my customers we doing what we can.

from DiFilippo's Pizza on

These bags are a perfect eco friendly option! The green color is nice are they are also sold at a very affordable price compared to others!

from Vault catering and events on

We dont need 1000 bags so this was a good deal. We are at the beach so biodegradable is great and helps promote the proper image.

from Secret spot on

These bags are fantastic. We aren't going to use them at a farm stand to sell fresh produce. They are extremely affordable and the plastic is strong.


Great environmentally friendly alternative to regular plastic t shirt bags. At 500 a case they are affordable and will last a while. Recyclable and biodegradable and strong!

from E Lou Coffee on

I like them, they're good for the planet and that's the main reason I purchased them even if they were more on the expensive side.


These are good quality bags that are more environmentally friendly. We try not to use plastic, but when necessary this is a good alternative. They are strong and do not rip.


These are great bags for just about anything. I was a little concerned that they might not be sealed on the bottom but these do not have any holes like the normal t-shirt bags do. I use these mainly in my 3 gallon simple human under cabinet trash can. I needed an alternative to the regular store bags that was more friendly for the environment. These are great. I will definitely buy again.


They are green & recyclable. The value that provides the customer is worth the slight increase over the normal T-Shirt bags. We've used these for years and really enjoy them!

from New Deli on

These biodegradable plastic t-shirt bags are perfect for take out applications or any store or shop merchandise bag. These nice and sturdy, yet eco-friendly bags send the message that you care for the environment.


We teach and practice reusing, repurposing, recycling and protecting our environment. Using these Biodegradable Plastic bags clearly represent our focus. We had been looking for a bag to use for our annual rummage sale that did not cause harm to the environment, what a find. Highly recommend everyone to use.

from Devine Garden Club on

These bags are a very affordable way to show that you care about the environment. They are stylish and informative, with the writing on the bag advertising your ethics!

from Town Square Market on

We were thrilled to find these bags on your website! Most other websites were more expensive or required us to purchase more than one case ag a time.

from Mollycoddled Hash Slinger, LLC on

I am very impressed wit these biodegradable plastic bags they are very strong and nice I like them a lot got to be green now days

from Place to be Bistro on

We love that these bags are eco friendly, while also being affordable and convenient. They are strong and we will continue to use them for our delivery service.

from TIme Makers on

Great for holding a few light weight items however I did find they were not as sturdy when I would try to place heavier items in them b

from Sugar Coated Bakery on

These biodegradable t-shirt bags are a great alternative to traditional plastic bags. Great for take out or retail stores and send a positive message to your customers while protecting the environment.


These biodegradable plastic t-shirt bags are a great way to save on the environment, and also a great way to let the customer know that your business is about protecting the environment.

from Plan 9 Alehouse on

What I like most about these bags is that they are biodegradable for not much more cost. I like portraying my business as "green" to my customers. Also, when I deliver meals, these green bags stand out. Good size to pack two or three of these takeout containers: 762 7 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 1 7/8" Kraft Paper #2 Take-Out Container - 200/Case

from The Elderberry Kitchen on

As an earth lover, id really hoped these bags would suffice. Unfortunately, if you put more than 2 items in the bag, it tends to get small rips. Im not sure if its the aluminum wrap that we wrap our food in or if the bag is just extremely thin. Will not be purchasing these again.

from Shuckers Oyster House on

Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

We were looking for a more responsible bag without losing the little strength t shirt bags provide. These delivered with no noticible drop off in quality.

from Galena River Wine & Cheese on

We look for ways to show we are green, or at least partially green. These bags are a great way to do that. They are cheap and highly visible since it's a bag . Winning


I searched everywhere for biodegradable plastic shopping bags. I found them here, and these bags have exceeded my expectations. They are nicely sized & really durable. A+


These bags are great! I've never had a biodegradable bag and didn't know what to expect, but they are very durable and feel like they would be able to hold more weight than the standard plastic bags we used to have. We like that they are environmentally friendly as well.

from ShuBrew on

We love these bags. They seem a little flimsy but hold four big boxes without issue. Haven't had any break. I love that they are disposable too.

from Dinner's Almost Ready on

Great quality. Nothing is compromised to make them biodegradable. Similar in price as regular plastic bags. For a couple cents more you can feel better about using plastic bags and eco friendly people will love them as well


We absolutely love these biodegradable plastic bags! They are perfect for bagging up our to go orders, and can hold quite a few to go boxes. We've had a lot of customers who have also commented on how much they love these bags.


Perfect size bio degradeable bag that fits two large to go boxes. Couldn't be happier. Best price around and a case will last me forever.

from backwater on

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