1/6 Size White "Thank You" Plastic T-Shirt Bag - 700/Case

Item #: 433NHT101

Perfect for carry-out orders, this high density, lightweight polyethylene t-shirt bag resists rips and tears. This plastic bag is the perfect, economical option for use as a takeout bag.

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1/6 Size White "Thank You" Plastic T-Shirt Bag - 700/Case

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bags bag great Price plastic orders nice quality more store
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    These are great. I purchased them for when I go to the grocery store as I always forget to put the reusable bags in the car. I just keep the box of these bags in my car and reuse them as trash liners inside the house.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Surprisingly strong for their light weight. "Thank you!" is always nice to see on a bag. Cheerful, friendly message. It feels ironic when you have poor service, but if you make a practice of treating customers well, the "Thank you!" on your bag will mean more to them than any memory of a custom logo would.
    Half the price we were paying when buying these from our local distributor for the same brand. We go through a ton of these for takeout food and these work perfect.
    There are bags . they have handles . well constructed inexpensive bags.. great for takeout bags or enticing your customers to buy more product .. Fill er up boys
    Perfect size bags. I can’t believe I was getting these locally. These are so inexpensive and durable. A must buy for new business owners on a budget
    A nice style thank you bag that is a great way to package up our candy items in our shop. The bags are a great price and well packed for easy storage. They are a little thin but work great for our light weight items.
    The 1/6 size thank you bags are very thin but are great for shirts and light weight items. A great buy and very well priced.
    This is an excellent product to be used for take out restaurants and small stores. The only problem that I had with some customers is that the bag was too thin. Webstaurant offers the same exact back in a thicker size. Thanks Paul
    The plastic bags work great for take out orders. Fits 2 large and 1 small in a bag. Hang nicely on the wall on a regular hook
    These bags are great. We have delivered 4 32 oz containers in a single bag without issues. The price is right and they meet our expectations.
    Great product. Excellent quality and price. We use these take out bags daily there sturdy and will hold a lot. Will be ordering more very soon
    I love these! Easy to grab and open and holds quite a bit of food boxes. There are so many just in 1 case and I like the Thank You written on them.
    These bags are great and cost effective. They easily fit 3 - 9x9 carry out containers in them with room to still grab the handles. They are super sturdy, we have not had one break yet. And love that they say thank you for the customers to know we appreciate their business.
    These white thank you bags are great! They are a little on the cheaper side, but that's expected with the price you pay. They aren't bad by any means.
    The plastic white take out Bag! Great quality and cost. I sometimes cut up a piece of cardboard to fit at the bottom for support.
    I use these bags at my restaurant for to go orders. The bags are not top quality but they are worth the money that I spent
    Product holds up to its name. Quality is very good and takes awhile to go through the box. No complaints on this item. Will order again
    Everyday, any type of use bag. Works great with smaller items and also medium items. Tall enough to stack plates and wide enough for a 7 inch tray.
    We use these for carry out orders. They work great, we have not had and tears like the ones they have a big named stores. They plastic it more stretchy avoiding rips.
    Excellent bags these works well for small items. I bought these to use when serving large pastry orders like empanadas sandwiches, deli slices and sodas.
    These t-shirt plastic bags are great for togo orders and the quality is what I expected. We can fit three togo containers in one bag.
    These bags are strong and durable. I package 8-10 24 oz plates in them at a time and have never had one rip or tear. I love the “thank you” written on them so that when I hand out a bag of meals every person feels appreciated!
    Good size bags for to go orders. You can easily fit (3) 9 x 9 to go styro foam boxes in one bag they fit nice and tight which makes them easier for carrying out.
    Standard tshirt bag that is carried by many companies. It does the job it is designed for. I am only aware of one big box store that sells this product for less per unit.
    "Get what you pay for" -- These bags are both cheap in price and in quality. The bags routinely rip on the sides when we put a Heavy-Duty Duro 12 brown bag in them. It's a shame Webstaurant doesn't include the much better quality (Smiley Face and American Flag) plastic T-shirt bags in the Plus program.
    Thank you for your review, Henry Leo! We are sorry this 1/6 Size White Thank You Plastic T-Shirt Bag - 700/Case has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    Overall decent quality, a little bit on the flimsy side, and I find we do have to double bag more often than not but okay for light stuff
    Affordable thank you bags for our deli. Really help and these aren't the bags that break they don't tear up very strong bags defiantly recommend.
    very big bags. the handles are really long as well. they work though. some servers said that they rip easily but I have never had that happen to me so theres that
    We really like these plastic bags! They are an excellent way to make sure that customers get the right message leaving your store with groceries!
    These bags are good for carry out orders but they are a little thin. Just be careful packing them really full and they will work well for you.
    Great standard plastic bags. The thank you print on the outside is great for any business. The bags themselves are a great standard size and fairly good quality. The price is also good for the amount of bags.
    These bags are nice to use to help customers carry their take home items. This bag is not very large, but does the job and a friendly Thank You is a nice touch.
    A very good and inexpensive bag that may be regulated in the future. These work well for guest leftovers, and serve their purpose for less than pennies each. Recycle properly!
    Nothing special, but they get the job of carrying purchased items from the store done. They are thin but strong and the "Thank You" message printed on the outside is a nice touch.
    All round great value Fits on dispenser perfect Holds up to bulky items without tearing No odor or weird powdery feel Conveniently stapled in numbered quantities
    This plastic bag is easily stretched. Feels like thinner than normally I used. You should do double bag for five or more bottled juices. But good for bread or snacks etc.
    Great for all users. We decided to get these bags for our customers but we also use them to wrap our meat in for the freezer to help prevent freezer burn. They are very sturdy and we haven't had any leakage.
    These are nice and resistant TO GO bags. The outside aspect is pretty too. Price was good and they are plenty big enough to fit products.
    Bags have been extremely difficult to separate from the others. This is particularly cumbersome when holding food in the other hand. Otherwise, the bags have seemed durable and we've had no problem with any of them breaking.
    these are the larger bags I was looking for. they will fit a couple of our carry out containers in the same bag.. great price.
    We been using these bags in our grocery store more then twenty years ! They are very good to put groceries in ! The handles don't brake when carried away !
    Nice sized sturdy plastic bag that held 6 platters and didn't break. The thank you is also a nice touch that looks very professional. Will definitely reorder.
    We use the Thank You t-shirt bags in our shop. The case price is great. The bags are thin but sturdy and they hold our products well.
    We've used this item since starting our bakery. It is a great product and has a great price. The bag is also able to support some heavy items.
    This thank you plastic t- shirt bag is strong enough to hold my sandwiches orders to go. Economically priced and made. I really like it and recommend it!
    This is our most common bag we use to sell groceries in. I've never seen it break. It's pretty generic and can work for any store.
    These are my go-to bags for the store. Perfect size, sturdy, clean and easy to store. I like the fact that they are simple in design as well
    I save so much money ordering from Restaurant Depot instead of only ordering from my National Food Provider. Another great product at an awesome price!
    These plastic bag are pretty much what you would expect to get. They are no where as strong and durable as those reusable bags. BUT they're not the reusable kind. The price is good. I dont have any complains
    Good smaller bags with fairly good durability considering the price. They are a lighterweight bag so if you want something more sturdy look for the Webstaurant Heavy Duty bags--they are awesome! But these are cute with the thank you on them and the reminder to recycle as well. They work for lightweight duty
    These bags have been so helpful. We have a small deli and market and now that more customers are buying groceries we go through about 30 bags a day and these work great!
    I use these bags for everything that I sell they are the perfect size and are very sturdy. Also I like the fact that they say "Thank You " on the bag because it lets your customer know that you really do appreciate them.
    Can't be the price. Durable, strong and can hold multiple items in one bag. The handles are extra long and make tying them into a bow a breeze.
    These bags are very handy. I can fit up to three full sized to go containers in one bag with no problem. Never a problem with ripping or tearing
    Overall I'm impressed with the quality of these bags for the price. They tend to stick together causing loose bags everywhere but for the price you can't go wrong.
    Good price for these. Simple little bag to take to go stuff out in. We will probably go back to the bio degradeable bags eventually.
    These bags are great for the price, the serve a good purpose. However they are sometimes so hard to open when your in a hurry. It can take up to a minute just to open 1 bag.
    Great product for big orders at our concession trailer. These are durable and are quick and easy to grab open load and give to our customer
    These bags came at a great price and are perfect for what I needed them for! They are able to fit my 4 compartment cupcake containers in there, as well as multiple cookies, brownies, etc. While they are just your average plastic bags, you honestly can't beat the price, and my customers were thrilled I had bags to put their treats in!
    Use these for all our check out needs. A little thin but good for one time use. Dont put anything really heavy. They were a great price.
    These "thank you" bags work so good, very durable and have not ripped on me yet. Holds a good amount of weight and I will definitely be ordering these again very soon.
    We use them for carry-out orders and they work great for dessert boxes, 6 pack cupcake dome. It looks nice when handing it to customers.
    Product came in a timely manor. Good size bag, we use these at the office for products and nutrition for our patients. Quality is also good.
    Great price on a have to have item. You never know when a customer is gonna have a ton of leftovers and need a bag to carry them in.
    Cost effective and convenient. The "Thank You" Plastic T-shirt Bags are the perfect parting gift to any of our catering customers. Reminding them our gratitude for choosing us!
    These are a little smaller than I expected but for the things in my store, they work very well. Seem nice and durable too, they shouldn't rip easily.
    Great Quality Bag for the low price you pay. Never have any issues with breaking or tearing! Would recommend and will be buying again !
    great quality for the price. they are pretty generic but they last. i would definitely recommend these to any store that does care if they need their bags customized with their brand or logo.
    We've been using these bags for several years. They are just what we were getting locally but at a much better price even after shipping.
    I went to a restaurant the other day, and needed to take a few boxes of left overs home with me. They gave me a dirty grocery bag to put my food in. Made me realize how great these Thank You bags are. They are clean. They look good and send a positive message to our customers. Will definitely be ordering them again!
    These bags are great for customers to carry their food products or T-shirts, they come very compact in a nice box they are the perfect thickness not too thick excellent for T-shirts.
    Been using this product for several months now. Very durable and reliable. We have saved over the cost of our old bag. Highly recommended.......
    When I received these I thought I ordered the wrong size. I wasn't going to let them go to waste. Come to find out I really do like these to go bags. It's not as wide as our old bags but what I've noticed with the 1/6 bags it fits two 9x9 to go containers nice and snug. Looks nice when handing it to customers. I'm going to stick with these bags for sure. Restaurant Manager, Elsa
    These are very strong bags and very reasonably priced. We use them for carry-out orders and they work great. Yet another reason we choose Webstaurantstore.com!
    excellent product and very sturdy! We use it for small orders of bread and other food. Not as expensive but is doing the job well
    Perfect size bags and awesome price...best price online hands down. Bags are sturdy and with the size I bought, I can fit 2 foam take out containers easy. This site provides quality products at the best price, I definitely will continue purchasing all the products I need from WebstaurantStore.
    This is perfect size for my bakery! I am able to fit most of my product in this size! Not too big or too small!
    Great price and value and I use these for two- liters and to go containers for our customers. Very well made and can hold up the weight of our orders
    A bit difficult to get the sides separated to put product in but all in all it is a good choice for lighter weight items - perfect for my needs. Would purchase again.
    Best value plastic t shirt bags on the web, unit price is very unexpensive, I have never had a problem with this product, they are very strong
    These are grate durable and strong. They are also cheap and cost far less than any other website I came across. Just wished I found it sooner.
    Very good bags. The only draw back is getting them open with food service gloves on. Sometimes it takes awhile to open. Other than that I would buy them again
    We use these bags for most of our orders. They are perfect for packing food but recommend double bagging for packing soda bottles in, just like the other more expensive bags we were using.
    I was looking for a quality thank you/t-shirt bag at a lower price than what we're paying from our current distributor. I was worried these would be flemsy and too thin, but they're great. Thank you!
    We finally got our own bags to package our customers food items. On our first day of opening, we used other stores' bags. We now have our own! The "Thank You" on the front says just how we feel.
    You can never have anough plastic bags if you run a retail business...let alone a restaurant! These come in an easy-to-store box, which makes it easier to order many at the time to never run out!
    Great price. Good quality. Perfect size for store use. I also purchased 1/8 Size White T-Shirt Bag 1350/Case along whit it. I will consider buying again.
    Good, sturdy bags! I use them to package up and transport baked goods that are in boxes many times. No issues, as of yet, with them breaking or tearing.
    We belong to a daylily club that has plant sales and auctions several times a year. These are ideal to put the plants in to keep the area clean. We also keep them in the car for garbage/trash.
    These Thank You bags are great! They fit on most bag holders. I love how inexpensive they are because I don't have to hoard them from customers.
    Great for little togo orders or small soup containers. I bought alot of boxes of these to save money so buy in bulk and stalk up! Thin yet strong plastic that doesn't break too easily.
    What can I say good t shirt bags at a good price. I use these at my ice cream business with no issues so far.
    These bags work great for carry out lunches, taking some leftovers home with you, or when guests purchase shirts to take home. These bags work for everything.
    Nice strong to go bags. Price was good and they are plenty big enough to fit the to go boxes we also purchased. The thank you is a nice touch.
    These Thank You bags work well for our to go orders. They work well right out of the box. I keep them on the counter to get to.
    We use these thank you bags for our to go orders. With 700/cs they are a great buy. Thank You WEBstaurant for being here for us.
    These take out order bags work great for us. I like the thank you on it and the way they are boxed. Really good buy.
    This is a great bag for any take out place or small market. It is just so unfortunate that not more are recycled every year!
    These plastic sacks serve their purpose; though they are really pretty thin. The sacks store easily in the "shoe box" type containers, which is a nice perk, until I can afford a standing rack for them.
    these are really nice plastic bags. they can hold a lot of togo boxes. they dont break very easily. they store really well. so worth the money.
    This bag is really sturdy and can be used for so many different things! I also love the "Thank You" on the outside. It lets people know you appreciate their business!
    These bags are amazing. They don't tear when you put something heavy into them. They are perfect for carrying any size to go box. I am extremely pleased with this bag.
    Finally, bags that don't split when you open them!. These bags, though not "heavy duty" , serve their purpose, without falling apart. I will order these again.
    Very sturdy product. I use these for guest who take home carryout dinners after an event. I also use them at home when people want to take home doggy bags. I recommend this product.
    these are a great multi use plastic bag. good for convenience stores, bake shops and take out restaurants. they are your standard "thank you" bag at a very good price.
    This is the bag you want if you offer a take out service!! Very sturdy material! Very affordable yet reminds customers that you enjoy their business!
    Great take out bag , cant buy a better bag at any where near this price, great value for money and convenient for take out orders
    when it comes down to take out you want to give a product that says nice but not that we had to raise our prices to give this to you and this bag works great
    Perfect sized bags for carrying out take out. The bags are not thin and will hold several boxes at once, without tearing. The economical and convenient 700 ct is perfect for our little restaurant
    Great 2go bag. These are able to hold many items at once with no sign of stretching. The thank you logo is an added bonus that i think customers tend to appreciate.
    Great looking 1/6 Size White "Thank You" T-Shirt Bags look so professional, give customers appreciation, and seem strong enough for sharp cornered product boxes and plastic containers. Attractive retail necessity at a super price!
    this thank you t-shirt bag is very durable and just perfect to bag to go orders as well as for grocer. The price is just right on this website.

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