Swirl Dome 1 Compartment Hinged Clear Cupcake Container - 270/Case

Item #: 433IP101

Merchandise a colorful cupcake piled high with frosting and sprinkles with this 1 compartment cupcake container! A single compartment allows you to sell convenient, grab-and-go cupcakes or muffins at your bakery, supermarket, cupcake shop, or cafe. The playful swirled design and high dome structure of the lid provide ample space for decorative icing or sprinkles, so you don't have to worry about smudging your dessert during travel. Boasting a 1-piece design to keep lids and containers attached, this container minimizes lid confusion and saves space in your storage area.

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Swirl Dome 1 Compartment Hinged Clear Cupcake Container - 270/Case

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cupcakes cupcake containers great jumbo perfect fit love container high
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    It is good for jumbo size cupcake . There is large space on the top for decoration. Recomend for jumbo cupcake. Not large or medium cake .

    from Teadm Posted on

    These are the dumbest cupcake containers ever. Way too big for a single cupcake... I don't understand why you need so much plastic to secure one cupcake.

    from Thirsty Whale Bakery Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

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    Great for those cupcakes with extra frosting. The container is tall enough for decorative designs on single cupcakes. Sturdy, protective, and a great value for these containers.

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    These are bigger than you expect them to be, which can be a really good thing for people that are making really tall cupcakes, or ones with a lot of embellishments on them. The base to hold the cupcake in place is nice and makes it a secure option for a one and go cupcake!

    from The Decorators' Grocery Posted on

    great little single cupcake holders. I used these to let kids take home a cupcake they decorated at my daughters birthday. They opened easily and kept the cupcake secure.

    Posted on

    I love the cupcake containers. There is always cupcake left over and I take my containers just so I can take me a few home.

    Posted on

    I love these individual serving cups for when someone has a birthday, you can bring one birthday cupcake to a individual and make the presentation look cute and transportation easy :)

    from STAYLOR Posted on

    This single jumbo cupcake container is awesome. It's a great way to show off your deliciously artistic specialty cupcakes. Your cupcake is held in place perfectly!

    from Cains Creative Cakes Posted on

    Great size

    I have both positive and negative feelings about this product. Although the container holds a jumbo cupcake perfectly and helps make decorating and storing a breeze, transporting and labeling is not easy. Think dome top and non-solid bottom. The containers do not really fit into any type of standard box for transporting. Also it's extremely difficult to label the containers in a unslightly way.

    from Mary's Edible Creations Posted on

    Jumbo Cupcakes ready to sell

    This was taken at an event. These look beautiful on display! Plenty of room for lots of fluffy frosting and toppings. I just wish they fit together a little better when stacked. I could only stack 2 high without them slipping off the top. But used strictly as a single container, it’s perfect.

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    More containers stacked 2 high at an event. More on the left wedged onto an acrylic cupcake display.

    These are fantastic cupcake containers. Air tight seal and very attractive design. Customers love being able to take a cupcake or muffin to go with no fear of it becoming squished or disfigured.

    from Classic Burger Group Inc. Posted on

    Love this little containers for any cupcakes. We use it all day and is tall enough to put some extra icing and add decorations to it.

    from Pincho Loco Posted on

    Love it

    Love it

    These 1 compartment clear containers are ideal for baking homemade goodies and taking them to our neighbors to enjoy. It keeps the pastries fresh and they are easily identifiable.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    Super cute clear containers for our cupcakes to go!!

    These containers are perfect for a single cupcake. They are plenty tall, so decorations will fit. And they are very sturdy! They don't, however, travel well. They don't stack on top of each other because of the dome top. And they don't tightly "hug" the cupcake...so the cake can topple easily. If I need to individually package cupcakes, I will always bring them along in dozen containers, and then place them in these when I arrive to the event.

    from Simply Unique Posted on

    These cupcake containers were awesome! They fit both the standard size and jumbo cupcakes without moving around. I use these for booths to comply with health regulations and they are perfect!

    Posted on

    I am beginning a new cupcake adventure. These seemed to be exactly what I needed, and turns out I was right! They are the perfect size and work great for large cupcakes with lots of icing.

    Posted on

    We use these as Individual packaging for cupcakes and absolutely love them!!! They nest the cupcake nicely and look great!! Customers love them as well.

    from Baked Addictions Posted on

    The cupcakes fit nice and snug in this container for travel. You won't have to worry about them wiggling around during transit. My only complaint would be that they are kinda bulky if you are transporting a lot of cupcakes to market.

    from Astonishing Cakes Posted on

    These swirl dome cupcake containers are really great they are perfect when you e=want to send an individual gift the cupcake fits great with enough space for the swirl

    from sweetart Posted on

    Graduation cupcakes

    I used the Swirl Dome for a order for 500 individually wrapped cupcakes for The FAAR in Fredericksbug, They were attractive and easy to use. I would definitely use them again.

    from Glenna's Cakes LLC Posted on

    Great for cupcakes loaded with toppings. I used these for a vendor event and they were a hit, customers loved them. I highly recommend these containers

    Posted on

    These cupcake containers are actually perfect for a very specific candle I make that needs to be seated and securely packaged for shipping! I won't buy them anywhere else! I have looked and these are the only ones that are exactly the right size!

    from Around The Home Decor Posted on

    My D20 style candle packaged and wrapped securely in these large cupcake containers!

    Love these cupcake containers..they are elegant and professional. Better for a more personalized cupcake..easy to distribute. I use them for gourmet cupcake orders..with fillings..or tall toppers.

    from Tiff's Famous Posted on

    I really enjoyed this product. It displays the desserts really well. Transportation is fantastic, I fell in love with this website, I am sold on your products.

    Posted on

    We use these for ice cream cupcakes and they are perfect because they are clear and that allows customers to see the product. This helps boost sales.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on


    great quality cupcake domes. there is more than enough space for big fancy decorations. plastic is thick and durable, not flimsy like lots of others i've used from other places.

    from IntoxiCAKEing Posted on

    We LOVE these single cupcake containers! They hold regular and jumbo cupcakes, have a high dome for decorations, and are really cute! Awesome item for any bakery!

    from Everything Iced Cupcakes & More Posted on

    I love these containers! The swirl design in the plastic is unique and eye catching. Holds my cupcakes perfectly! Will definitely order again. Thank you!

    from Flour & Frosting Posted on

    These containers are perfect for our jumbo cupcakes, there is so much room to be able to add the icing, toppings, etc. Our customers love how nice the presentation looks too!

    from Dani Cakes Posted on

    These are beautiful containers, very clear and high quality. The only small complaint I have is that a good handful in each case don't stay closed. Some of the containers snap tight, while others seem not to be properly lined up. They are perfect for jumbo cupcakes, but a little big for standard sized cupcakes. There's an insert inside that holds the cupcake in place. They are not stackable, however, there's no lip on the bottom to facilitate stacking on top of each other.

    Posted on

    How can you go wrong in these very crisp clear cupcake containers. With the high dome of these individuals cupcake containers. You can have endless possibilities with your cupcakes toppings and how high you can go. The actual cupcake containers has a nice flat area on the top for your individual logo & make it easy to stack them as well.

    from Antoinette Bakery Posted on

    My customers rave about these roomy cupcake containers, I love there unique swirl top design and ease of use during the manufacturing process. The Bath Bomb Cupcakes I place inside send the delightful scent of lavender and grapefruit drifting through the air while the stylish containers seal the deal.

    from Asase Treats Posted on

    These are great little containers. They hold a standard size cupcake perfectly. To hold a jumbo cupcake we simply flip it upside down. The last order i received the plastic was a bit flimsier, hoping this isn't a new change.

    Posted on

    We bought the smaller case of these to test them out on our jumbo cupcakes. We use a lot of frosting on our already large cupcakes and we'rent sure that they would fit in these cups, but they do. Our cupcakes are closer to the size of a large muffin to give you and idea for your uses.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    I absolutely love these swirl dome single containers. It not that cheap plastic, it holds up great in the freezer and great for transporting those single cupcake orders. I like the fact that I can stack my cupcakes high and don't have to worry about my decorations messing up because of the high dome.

    from Ms. Chemere's Purple Rose Bakery Posted on

    Very impressed with the fact that we can use these for both our standard size cupcakes and muffins as well as our jumbo cupcakes and muffins. Makes them very cost effective and versatile for our bakery.

    from Heav'nly Foods Posted on

    At first I thought these containers would be a bit too large for my regular sized cupcakes, but I ended up really liking the way they looked and kept the cupcakes safe during transport. Nice design! Good quality!

    Posted on

    These containers worked perfectly for our regular sized cupcakes!

    The high swirl dome on this individual cupcake container allows us to pipe the perfect amount of icing atop each cupcake. We don't have to worry about the icing getting smashed. The swirl on the dome adds a nice finish to our already gorgeously iced cupcakes.

    from GG's Sweet Magnolias Posted on

    These are expensive, but love the look of them. Create a very high end look for products. Slightly difficult to close - that's my only criticism.

    Posted on

    Standard cupcakes seem to move around in the container a lot and the cupcakes do not stack well at all and would tumble over nonstop.

    from Sugar Coated Heaven Posted on

    Kept cupcakes from being smashed in transport when used in order to gift individuals with homemade goods; sturdy plastic and just enough in a pack for the gifts I wanted to give out!

    from Home Posted on

    I looked for months for a good cupcake holder that wasn't an arm and a let. Finding these was awesome! they came very quickly and are a very sturdy product i cannot wait to fill these with cupcakes for my guests at my wedding.

    Posted on

    These are pretty good. But if you have a regular size cupake, the do kind of jiggle in them. But overall they are good containers.

    from Sugar fix Now Posted on

    These are wonderful for individual packaging. They fit my cupcakes just right with plenty of room for icing and decorations. Very pleased with these. I will be ordering more soon -Happy Customer

    Posted on

    Perfect for take home cupcakes, used for left over, or a bake sale. These are big enough to hold large muffins or cupcakes. Sturdy and great quality. Would recommend and order again.

    Posted on

    We use these containers at the farmers market to store our cupcakes! These are perfect, especially if you like to use a lot of icing and topping; the dome leaves plenty of room, and look very professional. Their is also plenty of room on the top to put a sticker of your logo or what not! Would recommend!

    Posted on

    Please note, this works best for a Jumbo sized muffin/cupcake pan - it will fit the regular size, but the muffin/cupcakes looks so tiny inside. We love it for our jumbo muffins, looks great and makes it safe.

    from Bake Me Happy, LLC Posted on

    I purchased these single cupcake containers to display my cupcakes. They are sturdy and easy to open. These containers were not a fit for my standard size cupcakes.

    Posted on

    I was not originally going to purchase this product, but I am SO GLAD I did! These cupcake containers worked out perfectly for my customers who wanted to take their cupcake on the go! Even with my high piped frosting and garnishes on top of the cupcake there was still room in the container and no smooshing of any frosting! They are easy enough to snap the cupcake inside of, and easy to open up. The cupcakes fit securely inside and do not wobble around! An all around great buy!

    Posted on

    These cupcake containers are awesome. I used them for cupcake favors for a party. They make for great presentation and customers love to be abel to see the product!

    from Amber Glow Cakery Posted on

    I LOVE THESE CONTAINERS! They fit not only a regular cupcake, but also a JUMBO cupcake! Plenty of room for icing and a topping. Easy to close. Great presentation. And even enough room on the front for my logo sticker!

    from Sweet Treats Bakery Posted on

    Honestly I wasn't expecting them to be so big. I need them to fit in a certain bag size, however they will be put to use and they seem to keep my cupcakes in place.

    Posted on

    I love the website. It is so easy to get around and look for what I need. I can not wait for my stuff. Thanks

    from Shea's Sweets Posted on

    These containers are perfect for our large cupcakes. We can pile on the toppings with no worries that we'll smash it when we seal the containers.

    Posted on

    Large cupcake topped with a chocolate covered strawberry!

    This is like an apartment for cupcakes. Our cupcakes have a full gourmet cookie right on top so they NEED room. This container his it for sure. We love these. Easy to close as well.

    from Moon Rocks, Inc. Posted on

    These are very sturdy and have high tops, so they are perfect for single serving special occasion cupcakes because you add plenty decorations on top and not have to worry about smashing the top of the frosting.

    Posted on

    Beautiful product, reasonable price and perfect for transporting and displaying my jumbo gourmet cupcakes at vendor shows and the upcoming expo. I will always choose we restaurant first fir my bakery supplies.

    from Desserts by Densmore Posted on

    These are very nice high quality containers. They are a little bit on the higher end of what I would usually spend but they are worth it. Perfect for those intricately designed cupcakes.

    Posted on

    These contsiners are so sturdy and worth every penny. It holds the cupcake in place perfectly. And you can display your designs through the clear container.

    from metime Posted on

    Perfect size for our cupcakes! They are a little tricky to close at first, but once you get the hang of it, they're great!! We definitely recommend them!

    from Palmer's Sweetery & Cafe Posted on

    Great product. It has a nice secure close to it, and I love the high dome top. This is perfect for those cupcakes that have a high icing content, or decorations that are high. Perfect for my baked goods!

    Posted on

    These are perfect for jumbo cupcakes w/lots of decoration. The top doesn't smash down the frosting and I can even add decorative picks to cupcakes.

    from Amber's Sweet Shoppe Posted on

    Well priced and received on time. Works great on individual cupcakes, and also made our cupcakes look well packaged at the craft fair we attended.

    from Sugar and Spice Cupcakes Posted on

    Purchased 2 times. These high domed containers are great for packing of my large side cupcakes and muffins. I will definitely be ordering them again!

    Posted on

    These are perfect for giving out cupcakes as a party favor for people to take home. It is also the perfect size for cupcakes that have a lot of icing or large decorations and you don't have to worry about them messing up. I will definitely be ordering them again!

    Posted on

    These are great keep cupcakes protected. Have become a valuable part of our packaging in our retail environment. And our packaging of our product. Will keep ordering

    Posted on

    These are great for the price You pay. Especially if you want to sell cupcakes individually. They keep them moist and safe from being messed up.

    from Toy's Sweets Posted on

    These cupcake containers are so pretty and are big enough for the tallest dollop of frosting you can imagine. The container closes easily and tightly and it's very easy to place a cupcake in and remove without making a mess.

    Posted on

    Perfect containers to showcase individual cupcakes. The hinged lid makes them easy to deal with. The high dome top leaves plenty of room for a big swirl of frosting.

    from Blissful Bites of the Hudson Valley Posted on

    I loved these 1 compartment clear containers. They were really high and everyone got a kick out of them. Soooo very cute. Will order again.

    from The Tea Room Posted on

    These are great. I take them to shows and let people pick their own flavor. They are pretty and show off the cupcake well. Don't transport in them though, they don't fit enough for that.

    Posted on

    These are great for both our large and smaller cupcakes and muffins and were so easy to use even the kids were able to open and close them with ease.

    from Sanctuary Hollow Farm Posted on

    These worked well making my cupcakes look very sleek. The only thing I didn't like was that they are a bit bulky and some cupcakes did shuffle a bit and weren't as secure (therefore some frosting was messed up but nothing too bad).

    Posted on

    These hold my cupcakes perfectly! :)

    These are great for tradeshows or events when most people aren't getting a whole dozen. Your cupcake will fit snuggly in the base but the top is roomy enough to display all of the beautiful decorating!

    Posted on

    They high domed containers are great for packing of my cakes. The customer likes the crystal clear plastic and increases the appeal of display. Love them!

    from Eatmor Bundt Co Posted on

    This is a great way to transport and sell any jumbo cupcakes or muffins. The only downside that I have found from this is that it is not as tall as the white individual boxes that I have bought previously but it's not really that bad. Besides that these are awesome and are great for the money!

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    I have found triple use for this little jewel. 1.cup cake dome as designed .2. I have placed a 4" cake , pressed down slightly on top of prongs and dome is able to close. Nice display. 3. Flipped upside down used for fruit salad; layered fruit cakes...

    from Renew All Minisatries Posted on

    Even though webstaraunt offers other containers for a cheaper price, these ones are high quality and extremely durable. I will continue to purchase your products.

    Posted on

    My single-serve breakfast muffins were very well received and my customer was very excited with the elegance of these containers. I was glad we went with these particular containers and they will be my go-to style when I re-order for single-serve again.

    from Sweet and Savory by Karen LLC Posted on

    I have used these for my holiday soap cupcakes. I put shredded paper on the bottom and wrap a decorative ribbon around it with a charm attached. Very fancy and have gotten remarks of how classy they look.

    from Dandi Creations Posted on

    have customers who have requested single pack cupcakes for giveaways at events and these we perfect. They stack well on one another and give the cupcake a beautiful presentation. Definitely worth getting the larger case cause once clients realize you're willing to individually pack cupcakes they will continue asking for them that way for events.

    from Neide's Treats Posted on

    Absolutely LOVE this container. Not only is it durable, and great quality! It looks AMAZING! So many customers comment on the container before they even notice the cupcake in it! Securely holds cupcake in place! No other single cupcake container will compare. Look no further!

    from Cupcake'd Posted on

    Great container....a little big for the standard cupcake, but still does the job well!

    The dome adds just the right aesthetic to these containers while maintaining visibility to show off the beautiful cupcakes inside. I am glad I grabbed some of these to take cupcake samples to prospective customers. Next time I'll probably grab a case but I'm glad Webstaurant had them in a 10 pack.

    Posted on

    These containers are great for larger size cupcakes. It holds them steady during transport and is high enough for large swirls of frosting. If you're low on space though, these may not be your best option because they are kind of large.

    Posted on

    Perfect for selling single cupcakes or mini pies at the farmer's market. Keeps bugs away and they can be stacked to take up less space.

    Posted on

    This container is absolutely wonderful, our cupcakes look beautiful in these. This product is easy to use for both us and the customer, I would highly recommend!!!

    from Clydes Coffee and Moore Posted on

    These containers hold our regular cupakes and also our jumbo. 1 piece attached lid is great, I find them high enough so they don't crush our frosting on the regular cupcakes. The jumbo can not be decorated too high or it will hit.

    from Sweet Sweet Wonderland Posted on

    These cupcake containers are great.. Very durable and hold the cupcake steady. Perfect for our store. They are kind of tough to close until you get used to them,. We love these. ..

    from Grays Cakery Posted on

    Price is great, these are so tough to close. They take a while to close, and it gets uncomfortable when customers are waiting with a long line. I think I might switch to another single container and pay a little more. But these are not terrible!

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    These containers are perfect for displaying that special cupcake! We use these for birthdays and other special occasions, where an extra fabulous cupcake is needed. The cupcake fits securely in the bottom, and there is plenty of room for lots of icing!

    Posted on

    Five stars! We love these containers. They are great quality and our cupcakes fit perfectly without smashing the frosting. Also works well for muffins. The high dome allows about 4 inch cupcakes - most of ours are 3 inches. Best price anywhere! We have used several different boxes and containers and these are the best by far.

    from Sweet Spot Bakeries Posted on

    These containers worked out very well!! Customer were very impressed with these dome shaped single cupcake containers! Cupcakes are very visible and can be used as a gift with a simple bow on the container!

    from Tempting Berries Bakery Posted on

    We use these for cupcakes and coffee cakes. They are a perfect fit, but the main problem is that during transportation they would often shift out of the fitted bottom of the container. With the coffee cake this was no big deal, but when we used them for cupcakes it became a problem. The easiest solution is to put a small piece of tape inside the bottom section. The containers are pretty but a bit cumbersome to transport.

    from MJ's Vegan Gourmet Posted on

    Very cute container, I really liked the swirl design, and this is much easier to use than a single cardboard bakery box with an insert - and you can show off your beautiful cupcakes!

    from Penny's Holton Posted on

    I bought these to showcase my cupcakes and mini cakes. They are great for presentation, but hard on the wallet - especially for a small business! Nice containers though overall.

    from Katy M Posted on

    These cupcake containers are wonderful. I love how they have the build in cupcake holder/base at the bottom of the container. It is so easy to package your cupcakes with these. Pop them in and close!

    from Sophias Naturals Posted on

    A great container for cupcakes. Far more space at the top than I need. Can be a bit difficult to get the cover to "seat" properly but it won't pop-open on its own.

    from Sherry's Gluten Free Posted on

    The swirl dome 1 compartment hinged clear cupcake container is very good quality. It does not cave in or smash easily. It is a good size for a standard cupcake but will also hold a jumbo cupcake with a snug fit!

    from A Cupcakery Inc Posted on

    I love these containers! Perfect for selling individual cupcakes and being able to still be able to see the detail of the cupcake. Easy to refrigerate .

    Posted on

    Between cupcakes and muffins these are used a lot in our bakery. Much better than trying to individually wrap the muffin. Nice presentation and great price.

    from Whitecomb's Farm Market Posted on

    These work really well for the single jumbo cupcakes. The plastic is not really hard so the view is great. Cupcakes view very well in this container. Travel well and are very sturdy. Will order again!

    Posted on

    this swirl dome single cupcake container rocks! all our customers loves it clear finish so people see all our cupcakes and mini cakes. fast shipment too.

    from Cre8tive Cupcake Posted on

    This individual container works very well for our larger cupcakes (not the standard size). It was tricky to close in the beginning, but we have it figured out now!

    from Sugar P's Cupcakery, LLC Posted on

    I rarely sell single cupcakes but when I do, I always use these cupcake containers. They are awesome for transporting and I actually stack several on top of one another. (no problems and I drove for about an half an hour) The only thing that I would suggest, is using a cupcake wrapper, just so the cupcakes don't look so boring. They are a liitle roomy, but the cupcake holder kept them in place. I used a standard cupcake pan.

    from Cupcakes by Meenah Posted on

    If you sell cupcakes, this is the perfect container. It closes easily and it's really cute. Customers love seeing their cupcakes on display in this container. The bottom is shaped, kind of dented, to hold the cupcake in place.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    I love these little containers! They are big enough to hold a tall specialty cupcake. The lid sometimes takes a little work to make sure it's sealed, but once on they stay shut. Great product.

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    I like these containers but i don't love them. They have great height and the base fits standard and jumbo sized muffins/cupcakes. Problem is, i cannot get it to snap shut. I just use scotch tape to close it securely. I am buying 2 more bundles, they're a great price...BUT tape is a must!

    from Dancing Cats Cafe Posted on

    I ordered some 1 compartment containers from another website before I ordered the ones here. The containers from the other site would flip over while traveling. I ordered the 10 here to try them out and I love this 1 compartment container! I will be ordering more for sure!!!

    from Heart of Cupcakes Posted on

    This is a great deal for this many single containers. However, compared to others that I've purchased in the past, the cupcake doesn't fit as tightly.

    Posted on

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these individual containers! They are perfect for standard sized cupcakes and also for jumbo sized cupcakes. The display of these are very professional and is a great addition to any display or event that you may want to sell your cupcakes at.

    from Cupcakes and More Posted on

    really like these, best price online! tricky to close them but once you get the hang of it, is a piece of cake! fast shipping

    from kedbys kreations & party rental Posted on

    These are great presenation cupcake holdeers/compartments. When I make signature cupcakes for gifts I always put them in these containers. They close and see well and do not spring back open.

    Posted on

    Friends just can't stop complimenting my cupcake packaging!... The size is just right for my cupcakes. Very sturdy, clear plastic and ... JUST SIMPLY ELEGANT! Can't wait to order for more!

    from D' Chocolat & Lil's Delights Posted on

    They can't just stop complimenting my cupcake packaging!... Very sturdy, clear plastic and just ELEGANT!

    Very great and easy to manage , i highly recommend. Super effective , holds the cupcake nicely and is easy to take out. 10/10 full recommended

    Posted on

    the dome clams work great as we have frosting that stacks up high and we want to not lose the effect of a perfect looking cupcake. the price is much better than a white box, and the customers love seeing what is inside. and we get the benefit of free marketing when people carry our products around.

    from Sadie Mae's Cupcake Cafe & Bakery Posted on

    These single cupcake containers are great! They hold the cupcake in place, allow for a large dollop of frosting, and stay shut nicely. I like that is is clear to show off the cupcake inside.

    from Cakes by Leece Posted on

    Great for grab & go customers only wanting one cupcake at a time. I wish they made a smaller size for standard size cupcakes, but this does the job just fine! Slightly taller than it needs to be, even for a jumbo cupcake, but there's not much else to choose from! :)

    from The Wicked Sweet Sugar Boutique Posted on

    I love this little cupcake holder! The dome is so high, I can fit a really high frosted cupcake with toppers too! Finally, a high enough dome to fit my cupcakes! It closes easily and stays closed, and is hinged on the inside to even fit my larger cupcakes. Easy to decorate too!

    from Lovely's Cupcakes Posted on

    I actually do not even use these for cupcakes. I use a 4 to 5 ounce cup that also fits snug in the container. Nothing better than that!

    Posted on

    Very nice boxes for serving a single cupcake or cinnamon roll. Allows me to take them to lunch without it getting messed up in my lunchbox.

    from Poisson Home Repair Posted on

    I had been using bakery boxes in the past, but it was difficult for customers to see my product through a window. Now, they can see the whole cupcake. Really, has made a big difference.

    from Designer cupcakes & More Posted on

    Love these single containers. Great for my cupcakes, pecan turtles, and chocolate covered oreos.. Love how they close and the customers love them too. Thanks so much

    from Sweet Moments by Mary Oliver Posted on

    Customers love these little containers. They can see their product and it makes a great presentation compared to the standard bakery box. A great purchase! There is also plenty of room on top for a sticker and product information

    from Delightfully Irrational Desserts Posted on

    If you need a lot of space for a cupcake, these are ideal. There's a lot of room in the top, and there's a lot of room along the sides between where the cupcake is held and the wall of the compartment. The only potential problem is that if you put a standard size cupcake in there, it's going to look a kinda small.

    from Golden Age Bakery Posted on

    I am loving these container that I got for my home business the customers love the presentation and so do I. Looking forward to ordering more

    Posted on

    I love these containers because they are tall enough to accomadate our oversized cupcakes. They also have a built in holder to keep the cupcake stabilized. Neither of my suppliers(I won't name names) carry a holder of this quality. Their's aren't as good and are more expensive! Granny C

    from Granny C's Bakery Posted on

    The containers are spacious and are perfect for cupcakes with a lot of icing. These can be used for muffins as well, they look clear and pretty - showing the baked goods. However, they are not easy to close. You would need both hands and a very good practice to close them.

    Posted on

    These plastic holders are great for transport and look great to sell items to customers as an impulse buy! Any size muffin or cupcakes, with frosting, fits perfectly and it is actually a perfect size for a tart as well. Sturdy enough to drop on floor and product will not open. Love them!

    from Empire Bagel Factory Posted on

    Started cupcakes and needed something that would like great and not destroy the frosting. Perfect container, looks great and stacks in side each other. Customers love them. I just put my label on top.

    from thecookieguy Posted on

    This is awesome. Not only does it protect the the cupcake with delicate frosting, it's see through so you can see the piece of art that was made.

    Posted on

    I love this container! But, any buyers need to pay attention to the dimensions, it's pretty large. Went very well at my cupcake debut, and the trick to closing the lid is to press down on the top, gently so you don't bend the top. Takes a little patience, but once it's closed, it is very secure. A little expensive to keep up, but the presentation is totally worth it!

    Posted on

    I love this cupcake domes. They hold a normal sized cupcake with a normal sized amount of icing and are perfect for customers to bring home just one cupcake.

    Posted on

    they have obviously save me the trouble of paper box containers, sure it may cost a little more but it makes your product look more desirable.

    Posted on

    Container is a little bit of a pain to get closed. Dome is considerably higher than the top of a standard cupcake that we sell. So may make the cupcake inside seem a little wimpy. Seal is very solid and keeps it fresh. However, will probably be switching to paper containers from now one because these containers are just a little too high in cost for us to keep them.

    from Baked Cakes & Gourmet Desserts LLC Posted on

    These are great! We use them for our cupcakes on one side and flip them upside down for our jumbo muffins since the top is flat as well. They're perfect!

    from Rachel's Bake Shop Posted on

    I love these for our cupcakes for several reasons: they are sturdy and travel well; they show off the cupcake in a way a window box can't; and they are the perfect size for our corporate logo on top - oh, and the price is right!

    from CanadianSweetsAndTreats Posted on

    These containers work great. They have a swirl effect on the dome portion of the container that adds some extra design. Would definitely purchase again.

    Posted on

    These work wonderful for take out containers for single slice pies or cakes!! The top is high enough it doesnt touch any icing or anything on top of food!!

    Posted on

    Loved these for my expo and event when selling my cupcakes. Not to easy to close must use both hands.The back ledge holds a business card prefectly. I will be purchasing these again.

    from Heavenly Dolce Posted on

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