Choice 6" x 1" x 8" Sandwich / Cookie Bag - 2000/Case

Item #: 433300100NAT

This Choice 6" x 1" x 8" sandwich / cookie bag is the environmentally friendly choice for your deli, bakery, or sandwich shop! Made from natural kraft paper stock using an FDA approved chlorine-free manufacturing process and integrated soy blend eco-wax, this bag supports the green movement without sacrificing function! Featuring excellent grease resistance, this bag is perfect for serving buttery cookies, soft pretzels, sandwiches and more! Its wide opening allows you to quikcly and easily slide in your treats.

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Choice 6" x 1" x 8" Sandwich / Cookie Bag - 2000/Case

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bags cookies cookie great perfect size bag small love nice
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    This is exactly what I needed for my cookie bar at my wedding. I got a personalized stamp made and stamped every bag that we used with it. It came out so nice.

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    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    If I would have reviewed these bags 6 months ago it would be a much better review. The size bags is great but they must have reformulated them and they are so thin now that they rip on a regular basis, so the price stayed the same but the quality went down a ton which is disappointing!

    from Cornerstone Coffee Posted on

    Great eco-friendly sandwich/cookie brown bags. I use these for my sandwiches, and sometimes for baked goods. They're great for on-the-go snacks as well. These bags are also sturdy enough to stamp and place your logo on them.

    Posted on

    These little bags are great for holding a large cookie or 2-3 smaller cookies. They are a good quality, and hold up very well. Perfect size.

    from OKC Sweets Posted on

    We use these bags for various products, both food related as well as goods that we sell in our store. They work great, are easily stamped with our business logo, and have a great overall feel to them. We're very happy with them!

    from Antiqology Posted on

    We use these bags for various products, both food related as well as goods that we sell in our store. They work great, are easily stamped with our business logo, and have a great overall feel to them. We're very happy with them!

    Great size! We use them for pastries, cinnamon rolls, cookies, brownies, scones, etc! We also use them to send out our to-go egg sandwiches and toasts. They are a great size, easy to use, and customers like them.

    from Horseshoe Cafe Posted on

    These bags are perfect for our bars! We use them at festivals and events and our customers love them. They hold our products very well.

    Posted on

    Very cheap bags, love them!

    Perfect for baked items

    I bought these cookie bags for guests at an event, and I plan on decorating them with a stamp. That said, they are perfect for this because they aren't really waxy, so if your plan is to do something with them like write on them, the ink will stay. I wouldn't use a sharpie or anything too inky though, because I'd be worried that the ink would sink in a bit.

    Posted on

    Not super waxy, so you can actually write or stamp or decorate these!

    These are a great all around pastry and cookie serving bag. Plenty sturdy enough, it is rare to have a bag rip. Very cheap for the quantity you get as well.

    Posted on

    These bags cheap and GREAT quality! We use them for serving tons of different food items. The size is perfect for cookies or other sweet treats!

    from Lifepoint Church Posted on

    A nice and inexpensive way to package up our cookies for sale. The cookie bags are well made and super cheap. A great bulk purchase.

    Posted on

    Great product for pastry business or anything that you want to use the bags for. They held up nice for my cookies. I made huge cookies and they fit comfortably

    Posted on

    Perfect for any small sandwich or pastry and as usual at a price point that is nearly unbeatable. We are just about to pick up another case or two for the new location.

    from Acadia Kitchen Supply Posted on

    I like the bags a lot. They are practical and suit my brands rustic image very well. At the same time it is easy to dress them up with a sticker or stamp. Nice bags, good size and clean looking!

    from EstoEtno Fine Bakery LLC Posted on

    6" x 1" x 8" sandwich/cookie bag in use for individual size baked products.

    I use these for my sugar cookies with buttercream frosting. They are the perfect size and they look great with my label stamped on them!

    Posted on

    This little baggy is very useful for many things! You can use them for small pastries like cookies and muffins, sandwiches or to put napkins, forks and ranch.

    from Coco's Coffee House Posted on

    Perfect for after dinner cookies to go. The kraft color has a nice home made look to it and the size is just right for small bakery items.

    from Adams Posted on

    Choice 6" x 1" x 8" Sandwich / Cookie Bag - 100/Pack

    Nice clean cut fold bag we use at coffee shop for our fresh bakery to go items. Bag works good for cookies or single muffin. We stamp with custom stamp and holds ink nice

    from Doylestown Coffee house Posted on

    I'm a big fan of these bags. They are perfect for handing out items at the farmer's market as I do. They can fit two large cookies or up to three large french macarons. II also really appreciate that they are made from recycled material and produced with the use of chlorine.

    Posted on

    These are great bags and take a stamp really well.

    We use these cookie bags for all our take out bakery items like scones, cookies, croissants and much more. It is a sturdy product that I recommend.

    from 5 Points Coffee & Tea Posted on

    Cookie bag -- Ideal for bakery items!

    I purchased these to store baked goods in for my local makers fair. They worked great and really gave a nice look to my products.

    Posted on

    so universal!

    Great size bag to hold smaller bake goods, we like to put cookies, dessert breads, and bagels in ours. Bag easily holds the weight of a small bake good without ripping!

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    Great size for bagels!

    Great bag and I use them primarily for sandwiches. Greaseproof, too. They are just as described and are reasonably priced. Nice bulk pack of 100.

    from Griffins' Catering Posted on

    Perfect for use in our fudge business. It allows us to quickly process orders by dropping into bags. Convent for customer. We will order more.

    from Copper Kettle TN Posted on

    These bags are the perfect size for a large Bavarian pretzel. They would be fine for a few cookies and I suppose a sandwich. I like that they are eco-friendly and durable.

    from Vosburgh Orchards Posted on

    Cute paper bags! Perfect for oversized cookies, a sandwich or other creative snack. They can be personalized with a stamp to make them extra special for your next event.

    Posted on

    Using this coolie bag for a farm party. Stamped with logo to personalize.

    I brought these bags to use for a bake sale at my children school and they work great. Now I use them to sale cookies with my label on them . I have brought more and will continue to.

    from Tasty T's Posted on

    Great bags for baked goods! Used them for packaging cookies and brownies for sale. Greaseproof, great quality, awesome price! Can't wait to try them to package sandwiches!

    Posted on

    Great bag! perfect for packaging bake goods for sale!

    We love these little bags! They are made from 100% recycled material and are unbleached, they're also just the right size for our cookies and can be easily stamped with our logo.

    from Fika, LLC Posted on

    Great bag for cookies and brownies, etc. Nice paper doesn't get too greasy very quickly. We will continue to purchase this product as needed - recommended!

    from Ivory Road LLC Posted on

    Cookie Bag with a Brownie in it

    These bags are great for our cookie packaging. We do several cookies in them with our sticker on it to seal it. It works fantastic!

    from Baked Addictions Posted on

    Cookies packaged individually for a customer!

    We serve Otis cookies and these bags were a fraction of the price that our distributor wanted for Otis branded bags. It holds a cookie and does everything a bag should.

    from Hoagie Bros Posted on

    Nice sized bag with wide opening. Great for slices of cake sandwiches or whatever you need to put in there. I like the materials and the fact that you can fold it closed. Will purchase again.

    Posted on

    These choice 6"x1"x8" sandwich / cookie bags are so versatile. Whether for sweets or sandwiches, wrap, burgers your options are endless. I love that they are greaseproof as well.

    Posted on

    Great for packing your lunch.

    We use these for customers that stop in looking for pastries to go. This is a nice size for many different pastries...from smaller muffins to jumbo. Haven't used for cookies yet, but a regular-size cookie would fit and then some.

    from The Annadine Posted on

    These Choice paper sandwich or cookie bags are a nice disposable bag for virtually any small food item. Case of 2000 bags is a great value.

    Posted on

    cookie bag

    I can't wait to use these cookie bags for my wedding. I am having a cookie bar and wanted some sort of bag for my guests to take cookies home with them. These bags are PERFECT and durable for the price.

    Posted on

    These bags are perfect for my bridal shower cookie bar!

    We use this bag for a variety of items from bagels to cold sandwiches, as a covering for small paper food trays. It is a very versatile size and we will order more.

    Posted on

    Perfect in every way!! Holds about a rpk of our grab and go cupcakes with room to fold down. No greasy mess for me or the customer

    from Fancy Cakes and Confections Posted on

    We are very happy with this product. We use it to package single bakery items from a coffee shop. It fits even some of our larger items and as well as our small items.

    Posted on

    This case of 2,000 cookie or sandwich bags is an economical choice if you need some small brown paper bags. Can be used for a variety of food items.

    Posted on

    way to present them as gifts, plus make sure that the grease wouldn’t bleed through the bag. I attach adhesive labels to them for decoration and as a way to seal them…it would be great if they made a pre-sealed version of these with folding foil tabs or adhesive.

    from j4jcline Posted on

    These are PERFECT! My business is ramping up and I'm taking this box to a festival. Using these as cookie bags. They're perfect in size for all the different types of cookies I offer.

    from Crave Sweets Posted on

    Classic cookie bag, perfect size and quality is nice also, very very goood price , packing is also well, I will buy more definitely in future

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    We love these bags! Use them for everything. Cookies, brownies, scones, donuts, cake cones, you name it. Nice size and thick enough to handle at least three cookies.

    from Its A Sweet Treat Day Bakery Posted on

    These cookie bags are awesome! I stamp my logo on them and they look so professional! I love the quality and value of these bags! Can be used for so many different sweet treats! Love them!!

    from EllaRe's Sweets, LLC Posted on

    this is an average cookie bags. Light weight. Great size for a variety of items and are very useful. will be ordering more in the future.

    from chocolate covered cafe Posted on

    Great for parties, to-go cookies. Versatile. Can use it in many ways, personalize it or just use as is. Very cheap for the quantity and quality

    Posted on

    I have use these for both cookies as well as muffins when people take items to go! Very thin but sturdy and make the items look nice!

    Posted on

    Excellent value for these sandwich/cookie bags! These are perfect for home use for sandwich bags, or to use in a bakery for miscellaneous baked goods. Would not recommend to use for cupcakes, cakes, pies, or anything else that needs more support. These are best for cookies, croissants, and breads. I purchased these, to use a custom stamp to brand the bags, but the ink doesn't absorb very well, so you need to blot each one dry. Extra work for sure, but, it does work and the ink doesn't smear afterward.

    Posted on

    2000 cookie bags lasts quite awhile! I love these because I can stamp them with my logo and they are cute and convenient. They hold one cookie perfectly but also can hold up to 4.

    from Ashleigh Luna Posted on

    These mini bags are perfect for customers who purchase a single cookie or small treat. They are too small for larger muffins or scones. But for a single cookie, it's perfect!

    from Botto's Bakery Posted on

    I love this cookie bag! In my bakery I use them for a single scone, about three cookies will fit in one of these bags, and I use them for anything else that I decide to make that day. Very sturdy bag.

    from Mom's Bakery Posted on

    awesome price for a such a great amount of bags. we use these for everything small to go. perfect for sandwhiches and cookies or muffins

    from Designer Cakes Posted on

    I love these little bags. We serve cookies and bagels in these bags and they easily fit 1 or two bagels with a soufflé cup of cream cheese and a plastic knife.

    Posted on

    This bag is a great value- They are pretty thin and can tear pretty easily but over all they work great! you can easily fit a large muffin in them.

    from The Homestead Posted on

    This paper bags are multi-functional. We use them for cookies, pastries and sandwiches. It is a good size for large croissant or sandwich. I love the fact that the paper is not bleached.

    Posted on

    These are awesome! Perfect size for honestly anything: baked good, marketing materials, or even small goods you're selling. As other's have said, we stamped these with our logo for that extra personal touch & are more than pleased. Plus ordering 2000 at a time means you will have PLENTY to last for whenever you need them.

    from Francis Kennels Posted on

    These little bags are great to place cookies and large cinnamon rolls. They are easy to handle and a great price. I wish I knew they could be custom printed.

    from The Blended Bakery Posted on

    If your doing cookies and small pastry like scones these are a must. They are cost effective and simple for staff to use while saving you money.

    from Gramma Brauns Hometown Market Posted on

    We love using these bags for our fresh baked jumbo cookies, peanut brittle, peppermint bark, and other desserts The bags are easy to open, and our logo stickers keep the top closed once we fill the bags with our goodies.

    Posted on

    Love these cookie bags! We stamp them with our logo, and use them as takeaway bags for our cookies and other small pastries on a daily basis.

    Posted on

    The perfect compliment to my cookies! I was using the waxed flat bottom bags and so often they were hard to open, or the bottoms were askew. These bags are so much better. Easy to open and slide a cookie right in. They give a nice, clean, bakery feel, which is exactly what I want.

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    Excellent price, better quality and there's a bunch!! We use these for cookie, pastries, sandwiches and so much more, I've even used them for wraps

    Posted on

    These bags have been great for us in the past. This last batch, half of them were split open. Absolutely useless to hold anything at all! Thumbs down.

    Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Matt. We're sorry that you received faulty bags. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to make sure the issue is corrected.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These bags are a great size for a large bakery cookie, breakfast burrito or a bar cookie. We stamp these with our logo for extra advertising!

    from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop Posted on

    These bags are perfect for our cookies, scones, muffins and biscuits. They are grease resistant, easy to open and sturdy. The perfect economical choice for our business.

    from Palmer's Sweetery & Cafe Posted on

    Nice bags for cookies or baked goods. Only complaint is that when i opened the box, a few layers of the bags had shifted within the box, and were folded around the bottom and were not presentable to customers. No problem, we used them for promos and giveaways...( it was only about 20 pcs out of 2,000)

    from Sweet Endings Bakery Posted on

    Have found multiple uses for these bags so far! Beyond a great standard cookie bag, they're easy to stamp w/our logo or as cute & easy packaging for samplers packs.

    Posted on

    Cookie bags used to package small sample jars

    I use this for my cookies at street festivals and other outside events and this is great. Big enough for multiple cookies, but still handy for customers to walk around with. No complaints!

    Posted on

    Absolutely love these bags for banana bread, pumpkin loaf, and giant cookies! Customers enjoy these too, because they are less bulky than other bags. Great product!

    from Brewed Awakening Posted on

    These sandwich / cookie bags are perfect for use with baked goods. The natural color and the durability, matched with the affordable price point, make these a great buy. We use them for a variety of treats from small cookies to large, 3 oz muffins. Great product.

    from GGWO Cafe Posted on

    I have been looking for a long time for bags for my fresh baked goods at the farmers market and I am so happy that I stumbled over these bags! No more greasy paper bags - the bags look fresh and clean with products placed in them! Will for sure order more

    from Daniela's Delectables LLC Posted on

    A great eco-friendly option and the perfect size for take-away, hand held treats like cookies & brownies. The bag opens wide enough to easily accommodate a bagel or small sandwich. They take ink well, so you can easily stamp them with your own custom logo.

    from By the Teaspoon, LLC Posted on

    These cookie bags are great for all my small sales.. whether its a cookie or a bagel, or a greeting card or small gift, I can give my customers a convenient bag that has a minimal impact on the environment. I would definitely recommend this over the heavier kraft bags for small items.

    from Laurel River Store Posted on

    these bags are exactly what I wanted; they look natural and fit all the varieties of cookies that I offer. I too like to stamp them with my logo, so it is nice they come plain : )

    from Cup My Cakez Posted on

    a 3.5" sugar cookie held up next to it for size comparison

    We go through a lot of cookies and these bags are just the best option for a professional and functional presentation. They are reasonably priced but the quality is great.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    Bakeshop Las Vegas loves these cookie bags!

    This Kraft Cookie bag is great for any individual treats. I use these all the time at the local farmers market for slices of banana bread, jumbo cookies and brownies. They have a nice down home feel to them that my customers like. For the price and the amount you get per case it can not be beat!

    from Grammycakes Desserts Posted on

    I use these bags for everything!! They don't leak and are perfect for passing out cookies at work or at parties. The price is right!!

    from Aderans Posted on

    These little bags are perfect for our cookies, bagels, muffins and sandwiches. Our customers appreciate the natural craft paper. They are used for almost every pastry in our shop, so we use a lot. The price is right too.

    from Hestia Espresso Bar Posted on

    this 6 x 1 x8 sandwich / cookie bag is a really nice product. we use them all the time for lunches to go. fits a regular sized sandwich with no problem. easy to use and with this price they cant be beat.

    Posted on

    These kraft cookie bags are excellent - good size for large cookies and treats. We like to stamp them with our logo, nice touch. Great!

    from Bake Me Happy, LLC Posted on

    hand stamped cookie bag

    We recently switched to these bags from white bakery bags. They are much more economical and user friendly. Our employees can quickly place a few of our homemade cookies right into the bag with ease. I think our customers enjoy that there is also much less waste with this bag than the others.

    from Charlie's Butcher Block Posted on

    We are happy with these sandwich/cookie bags. We use them for our bagels and sandwiches. They are the perfect size. We would recommend them. A quality product.

    from B.C. Bagels Posted on

    Perfect for smaller items like cookies, scones and sliced breads. These are a nice "eco" color that can be universally used in bakeries, cafes, restaurants and so on!

    Posted on

    Standard cookie bag for flea markets and small-scale sales. You could jazz them up a bit with a hand stamp. Otherwise they are pretty generic but definitely a good value.

    Posted on

    These bags are a nice size. They hold a medium sandwich or large cookie. The only thing I didn't like about these bags is that the moisture was not really repelled. There really was no wax coating, and didn't work as well.

    from The Savory Spoon Catering Co. Posted on

    These bags are very handy to have on hand. In our bakery, we set them on top of the self-serve display case for the customers to use to pack their baked good. We use it to pack cookies, muffins and brownies, and one is large enough to hold several cookies. The price is excellent... Would recommend.

    from Lemondrop Bakery Posted on

    We were very impressed with these, we use them for homemade potato chips. They do not show grease, and for the money you cant beat them.

    from Daily Grinders Posted on

    These bags are perfect for packaging our brownies and bar cookies for box lunches. Fold over the top and tie with bakers string and it makes a nice presentation.

    from simpledish LLC Posted on

    Just the right size for a snack bag to use for my home made cookies. Not too thin, sturdy and a handy item to have around. They made selling cookies a breeze!

    from Lily Belle Bakery Posted on

    I'm very happy with these bags. They fit our generous scones with plenty of room to roll the top closed, and their classic bakery bag look is appropriate for scones, cookies, etc. I'm already saving money by using these bags for leftover scone pieces instead of using expensive plastic hinged to-go containers. I recommend!

    Posted on

    These bags are great for use with cookies. We use them every day and have never had a bad experience with them. Great price too!

    from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen Posted on

    I love using these cookie bags for my bakery. They are very convienient and do not tear easily. I recommend these to anybody. they are great

    Posted on

    We love these bags. They can be used for chocolates, brownies, cookies and pound cake slices. We are even able to emboss our logo in the bag.

    from crumbs and cream Posted on

    These bags are terrific. In addition to accommodating dry snacks with ease, I also use them for carrot sticks, fruit slices, and other wet foods. In addition to being environmentally responsible, it's a big relief to avoid having food come into contact with plastic bags and containers. If the food is really messy, I'll use the bag to line a ziploc, stainless, or glass container!

    from EcoBiz Posted on

    I switch to this kraft colored bag from a white one from another company. Not only is this one a little bit bigger, to better accommodate our muffins and scones, but the price was also better. Thanks!

    Posted on

    These are nice to put small to go items in for the customer to take home. also good for making small bagged lunches on the large scale.

    Posted on

    I have been searching for these forever. Surprised that good cookie sleeves are so hard to find. These are perfect. Not too big, not too small.

    from CookieTime Posted on

    As you can see in the picture they can hold quite a few regular sized cookies. I would imagine they could hold 2 or three jumbo cookies.

    from Love at First Frost Posted on

    These bags fit our cookies perfectly. As others have noted, they do not seem to get greasy from the product. We won't have to order more for years!

    Posted on

    One of the best qualities of this bag is its grease resistance. No matter what we put in the bags they always look clean to customers and maintain a nice presentation. The bags are also very easy to stamp designs and logos onto.

    from Cafemantic Posted on

    I use these for all kinds of stuff but especially for my cookies and brownies. A large baked item fits nicely in them and no grease spots come through. I also put chips in them when I'm serving sandwiches.

    from "In Good Taste" Gourmet Foods Posted on

    These little bags are a perfect fit for almost all of our cookies, muffins and scones, brownies and bars. The brown paper i very fitting for our bakery setting.

    from Sweet Lola's Cupcakery and BakeShop Posted on

    Works well with the muffins and scones available at my store. I have ordered a stamp to put my logo on these to personalize them.

    Posted on

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