Ghirardelli 64 fl. oz. Caramel Flavoring Sauce

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Perfect your signature espresso-based drinks with Ghirardelli 64 fl. oz. caramel flavoring sauce! Made with premium ingredients, this sauce has a creamy, slow-cooked caramel flavor and velvety-smooth consistency for crafting your coffee shop drinks. Use it for lattes, frappes, milkshakes, and even frozen cocktails. Besides beverages, this indulgent caramel sauce is perfect for topping ice cream, frozen yogurt, cheesecakes, and many other decadent desserts. Not only does it enhance the taste of your tempting treats, but it also improves the look and presentation of your offerings to delight patrons and help boost impulse sales.

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Ghirardelli 64 fl. oz. Caramel Flavoring Sauce

4.9 stars from 72 reviews

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caramel sauce love Ghirardelli drinks ice cream best coffee delicious
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It has a very nice flavor, its creamy and sweet! I like it and will purchase again! Doesn't get clogged in his pump! its a great choice for the price and quality!


We have used the Ghirardelli caramel sauce for many years in our coffee shops. It does have a very nice flavor in lattes and as drizzle in frappes. Although, with the price increases as of late it has made the product not worth the cost. There are many better options when looking at price vs quality. We have recently switched brands and pay less per bottle and like the sauce more.

from BBCH on

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I've been ordering Ghiradelli for my coffee shop for years. It's by far the best caramel sauce available. The texture is pretty thick consistency-wise, perfect for drizzle.

from The Daily Buzz Espresso Bar on

We Buy this big one for our customers and the little one for our side of the house for frappes!. We will never try another caramel sauce!


Absolutely delicious. Is works wonderfully as a flavoring for our coffee beverages and our caffeine free drinks as well. Making a Hot Caramel Chocolate drink is one of our customers favorites.


This is just delicious! Everyone that tries it just loves it. I can highly recommend! It is long lasting and stays smooth to the end.

from on

Yummmmy... We make ur own caramel lattes with this sauce and it's delicious! Don't regret buying it at all! Sometimes, I'll just grab a spoonful of it and slowly eat it. Not too much or I'm in trouble!


Ghirardelli Caramel Sauce is the best on the market. The only bad thing is that the pumps do not reach the bottom of the container.

from 121 Coffee Run on

Most caramel flavoring sauce we have tried has been way too sweet. This Ghirardelli caramel flavoring sauce has the perfect balance of sweet and buttery.

from Jax Coffee Company on

The best caramel sauce out there! We use this in our all our coffee drinks and we've gotten great feedback from customers. Doesn't taste artificial and has a nice viscosity. We even use it to drizzle on top of drinks!


We love the Ghirardelli Caramel Sauce! It is versatile and easy to use. Our favorite way to use the Ghirardelli Caramel sauce is in our Frappes which we pair with Ghirardelli frappe mix!

from Bee Happy Baked Goods on

Ghiradelli caramel is top notch. This caramel sauce is so delicious and easy to work with because of its smooth consistency. I’ve spoken with a coffee shop that makes their own caramel, and they eventually gave up because they said “whatever we try to do, we just cannot beat the quality and taste of the ghiradelli caramel sauce”.

from Cornerstone Coffee on

This Ghirardelli caramel syrup is delicious. We use it in hot chocolate, frappe, and more. Our customers love it! It melts and blends easily. Would recommend!

from Together Cafe on

Ghirardelli is the best tasting caramel out there. My customers absolutely love the flavor and texture of this caramel. Price on this is very good as well.


I have never tasted a carmel sauce as good as the Ghirardelli sauce. We put it in a hot latte or a frappe! It pairs well with so many flavors.

from The Southern Cup on

Great flavor, consistency is important to us and this brand always delivers the best taste. We have purchased several of this item and will continue to do so. One of our parlor favorites for sure.

from Tiki Turtles on

This is a great caramel sauce, we use it a lot! It tastes great and the customers love it! Makes for a great ice cream topping.

from purple spoon on

I use this tub of caramel to fill my smaller ghirardelli caramel topper bottles. It is a premium caramel sauce perfect for topping any frappe

from Cool Beanz on

This is our caramel sauce of choice. We use these in our hot and iced coffee drinks. Its a rick tase that is not overpowering and compliments itself well with other syrups.


We love the Ghirardelli Caramel Sauce. We use in our hot and cold drinks. It gives a creamy smooth blend to all our drinks. The sauce is also great for decorating our cups and ice cream!

from Kersey Gathering Grounds on

Giant tub of caramel? Uh, yes! This caramel is delicious (I mean, it IS Ghirardelli) we go through a lot of caramel, so this is a good size, and it really is sooooo good, and our customers love it. We will be buying again!

from Bitter Sweet on

love the intense flavor texture and taste perfect for the summer ice cream or other summer cold drinks amazing service and super fast shipping nice looking bottle

from ACG Management, LLC on

We love drizzling our waffles with this caramel flavoring sauce from Ghirardelli. It really gives our waffles a nice and sweet taste. You can not go wrong with using Ghirardelli syrups.


The Ghirardelli 64oz caramel is perfect for any caramel uses. The container is large enough to use a lot of caramel without having to get a new one for a long time.

from Marleys Gourmet Sliders on

Caramel goes on everything at our ice cream and coffee shop. We put it in coffee shakes on coffee and in milk shakes and on sundaes

from Over Yonder on

This is by far my favorite caramel syrup yet! I love the texture and taste that this syrup has and it isn't overwhelmingly sweet like some of the other syrups.


Who doesn't love Ghirardelli? I use this sauce for my caramel macchiatos and people always much more prefer this over other brands and/or caramel syrup.

from Latte Da on

The Ghirardelli Caramel Flavoring sauce is perfect for my company needs, we use it as a cover to our ice cream desserts. Its a high quality Product!

from Luciano on

This Ghirardelli premium caramel sauce is so delicious drizzled over ice cream. It has a very nice rich Carmel flavaocr ans a creamy smooth texture.


This caramel syrup is so versatile! I love using it to make my ice cream at home in my ice cream machine. It has a nice golden caramel color and the consistency is not too thick.


We use this caramel sauce in our frosting and it makes it so good! It adds just the right amount of caramel flavoring. We use it almost daily here. It's become a customer favorite

from Three Sisters Cake Shop on

We use this sauce at the coffee bar at my café. The flavor is delicious and our guest really enjoy it. It is by far superior to other brands.

from MK Cafe & Catering on

This tasty Ghirardelli Caramel is one of our most popular sauces. Plus, you actually get 90 oz not 64 oz as listed! Bonus! Buy It!

from Waffles2Go on

You can't go wrong with Ghiradelli! This is a very marketable product which creates high demand for our ice cream products. The caramel is very rich and a popular add-on at our ice cream shop. I would highly recommend this product.

from Boxcar Barneys on

A++++ customers love this sauce. We use in a lot of our ice creams as an inclusion AND a topping. It pours nicely into squeeze bottles.


This is a thick caramel that is great for frozen and iced drinks. It drizzles well on top of desserts and inside cups for a pretty display.

from Billy Goat on

Absolutely nothing beats Ghirardelli's caramel sauce, nothing else even comes close this stuff is the best for all mixed drinks it drizzles well and mixes well it's simply the best taste amazing

from Bro Bears Drive Thru Coffee on

A very nice quality caramel flavoring sauce that is very rich and buttery. A supreme style caramel sauce and the only one we use to make our caramel macchiatos.

from Oak Ridge Planation on

A very good caramel sauce, I have tried several other brands, this one is by far the very best. It has a very rich caramel flavor.

from GRI on

Caramel. A must have in coffee business. Best seller all times. Don’t risk that much important flavor and carry a good quality caramel for your business

from WOM Coffee LLC on

Good quality caramel sauce to use in frappes and lattes. Can not really be used for apple dipping sauce. Good price on this website, buy in bulk when on sale!


This caramel is delicious! I am personally guilty of eating a little bit of it just by itself from time to time!! Mostly we use this in our milkshakes and our customers have complimented on how rich and creamy our Caramel Milkshakes are.

from Higher Grounds @ Geist Christian on

This is the best caremel ever!!! My husband and i love to use it for fruit, sundays and coffee. I love how much we get at such a great price


Delicious! This is the best caramel sauce we have tried and it is the perfect topping for serving ice cream! We transfer to smaller bottles for easier use.

from Creighton's Creamery on

We’ve used this for over a year and it tastes really good for our frappes and lattes. It has a good flavor and good quality

from Jumpstart'R on

This caramel sauce is fantastic. We were using Torani until we tried this and were very impressed. Two pumps in a 12 oz drink is delicious and not overly sweet.


We love the Ghirardelli caramel sauce for our hot cider, lattes and other specialty drinks. The thicker sauce gives the drinks a smoother, silkier texture than using a thin syrup.

from Fika, LLC on

This stuff is amazing and you really do need to try it out. I have ordered multiple bottles and I can not get enough of it.


As far as premade caramel goes for coffee drinks and toppings for sundaes, this is really good. We ended up making our own as it was 10 times as good as this product, just so time consuming. If the taste would have been more like real caramel we would go for it, but its more of an imitation. As far as caramel flavoring and sauces go that is premade, this is your best choice.

from Shivers Frozen Custard on

Love this syrup! Can't be used in cold espresso beverages because it is too thick, but it works great in hot ones. Also fantastic as a drizzle on baked goods.


This sauce works well to bolster lattes and frappes! We use it as the base flavor in many of our espresso drinks and customers love it!


There are several different brands of sauces that you can buy, but we usually like to stick with the Ghirardelli brand. I have never met anyone who does not like their dessert sauces.


We tried this over our usual torani caramel flavoring. Being Ghirardelli we thought it would be better then the Torani. I have to say that we will be sticking to Torani for our Caramel sauce. This was just OK.

from Open Range Coffee & Cafe on

Yummy is what I say every time I add this Ghirardelli caramel sauce to my cappuccinos. It is so rich and smooth that I find myself adding it to ice cream and cheesecake. My new bad habit for sure!


SO DELICIOUS! We sometimes don't have time to make homemade caramel sauce and this is delicious. You can never go wrong with Ghirardelli. I would recommend !

from Créme. By Sarah Ashley, Inc. on

i really love this product! I use it as a drizzle on my toffee caramel cupcakes and cakes. Fantastic rich taste and texture. great brand!


Our customers absolutely love this sauce! They don't have to drive to a ghiradelli chocolate store to taste the caramel smoothie they like! We actually wash the bottles for our other syrups!

from Organic Fusion Teahouse on

Absolutely LOVE Ghirardelli flavoring sauces. The White Chocolate adds an extra sweet flavor to any Frappuccino we have created. Our customers really like that extra flavor.

from Grandma's Pantry Incorporated on

I believe that spending the extra on great ingredients makes a world of difference. My customer's LOVE this Ghirardelli caramel and I love my customer's. I not only use this in beverages but also IN and on baked goods as well. I've tried saving a few bucks going with the cheaper and it simply doesn't compare.

from DGI on

Very well design caramel. taste excellent. warm it up in some hot water and pours out easily into smaller containers. great drizzle for ice creams or any other sweet treats.

from Yamato on

Some of the best caramel out there on the market. It's just what you expect from Ghiarardelli and the large size keeps you running for awhile.

from Emma's Coffee House on

Having a big tub of this miracle caramel makes our lives easier when rocking the bar. From delivery, to presentation, to serving, this is it. When it comes to caramel based drinks, look no further. We believe we have found the finest caramel to incorporate in our menu. So delicious. You won't be dissapointed.

from Front Track Cafe on

The best caramel sauce! We go through plenty of this at our small coffee shop. Goes great on its own in a blended frozen coffee drink or mix it with chocolate/white chocolate for something a little more special. Fantastic pricing too!


This has a wonderful light taste. I think the best recommendation that I can give is that it did not last in my house. We were doing product testing and had to open a bottle less than two weeks later it was gone. I think that speaks to the quality and taste of the product

from Payette Liege Waffles on

I normally order Torani Carmel flavoring syrup from the Webstaurant store but I love Ghirardelli so I ordered two of the 64oz containers with the pumps for my Carmel macchiatos. It it thick, lucious and delicious on ice cream sundaes and shakes. Will definitely be ordering again. Excellant value compared to small bottle available in local markets .

from Special Forces Automotive on

Putting these sauces on AutoShip saves money on freight, which makes it come straight to my business, which also saves me money as opposed to having it go to my home, and having it to haul to my business. Being able to adjust my AutoShip is extremely simple, and if I was ever needing help With an AutoShip, the WebstaurantStore chat room is amazingly helpful and pleasant.

from Steam Alert on

This caramel sauce is a new favorite in our bakery. It has a very thick consistency that is great for toppings, not to mention it tastes greta


Ghiradelli Carmel Sauce is great. it is by far the best carmel sauce on the market with a more sophisticated flavor and less artificial sweeteners I would highly recommend it.


We use Ghiradelli chocolate in our baking so it made sense to use this product once we were serving espresso. The caramel is simply delicious too! It's a great consistency and ordered the pumps to match!

from Courageous Bakery on

Delicious caramel tasting flavoring. Nice in your coffee or on your favorite. It's s large 64 0z bottle and lady s long time. Great price and fast shipping

from Russ' Sub Shack on

This caramel sauce is great for making caramel lattes, macchiatos and coffees. It's flavor profile is great and sweet enough hat you don't need any added sugar...


Compares every bit to other leading brands! The caramel is authentic and delicious to the taste! Comes wonderfully packaged and sealed and will last us a long time.

from Dream Thread LLC on

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