12" Wooden Spoon

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Great for stirring sauces, soups, and so much more, this 12" wooden spoon is an indispensible kitchen tool, essential for everyday use! Made of durable rubberwood and featuring a 3/8" diameter handle, this spoon is perfect for mixing thick dough and batters, fudge, frosting, and other culinary and confectionary creations. The broad and oval concave bowl enables thorough mixing, stirring, and tossing of ingredients during food preparation, while the smooth edges and sanded surface ensure a quality product for your kitchen's use.

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12" Wooden Spoon

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spoon wooden spoons great price quality wood easy nice kitchen
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    Affordable and good quality product - Spoons shipped quickly and were the perfect size to etch with our logo at our local maker space to promote our new kitchen.
    Quality wood spoon without any splinters or blemishes. Works perfectly and is a true must for any kitchen. We have them in many lengths and sizes and have yet to break any.
    The wooden spoon is helpful and assists me in not scratching up my stainless steel pots and pans. It gets the job done with no marks left behind.
    Awesome smooth wooden spoons! These are great to use because they will not scrape up your pots and pans. It cleans up very easy. Perfect addition to my kitchen.
    Great, simple wooden spoon. For the price you may as well buy a bunch. The 12” is an easy size to use without being so short that I can’t stir a pot of sauce.
    I love this 12" wooden spoon. The wood is good and the stem is a great length. I have no complaints. The price was good too.
    The 12" wooden spoon is a great addition to my kitchen tools, its feels very quality and at a very affordable price. I'm using it in stirring sauces the long handle is very comfortable if you dealing with small-medium size pots.
    These are a great wooden spoon for the price! I just purchased a bunch of these for my HS culinary classroom and they seem to be holding up just fine!
    If you wan't to take care of you non skid cookware use wodd spoons this oneas are perfect quality and really light so you should try!!
    Nothing too special about this wooden spoon. It gets the job done and is a good tool to have. Use it for just about anything from stirring to serving.
    This 12 inch wooden spoon is made out of very smooth wood.... no splinters! The spoon also appears to clean pretty well, but appears that it could stain easily.
    These are great wooden spoons! They are durableand looks like they will last a long time. I would definitely recommend this to everyone! It's easy to clean and easy to use!
    This is a simple wooden spoon that was sanded quickly by hand. It is not the prettiest spoon but it gets the job done. For the price it is worth it.
    The 12" wooden spoo is by far one of the best I've ver used. The length is perfect and it is strong and durable even at the fantastic low price. Great purchase.
    these wooden spoon are great for cooking if you have a beloved pan you don't want to scratch. the spoon is very smooth and feels nice in the hand. the picture makes it look flimsy but rest assure these held up nicely.
    I use this spoon for mayonnaise and spreading dough onto things. Works great. Strong wood that has not broken while using. I have only hand washed this spoon.
    These are just your basic wood spoons. Nothing magical or spectacular about them! The price is very nice and the quality is good. I haven't had any break.
    Simple tool for an unbelievable price! We use these a lot at our sandwich shop, and they unavoidably splinter and deteriorate due to constant use and cleaning. At this price we can afford to replace them often! Good size, great strength, and can't find them for this price anywhere else!
    Just your basic wooden spoon. Made of a soft wood, so it dents and scratches very easily. Will stain very easily. Very cheap to replace after a few uses.
    Good quality spoon for everyday cooking. Shorter length, perfect for sauteing or any smaller pot cooking. Thick enough to withstand daily use within a commercial kitchen.
    This 12 inch wooden spoon is very sturdy. Good for everyday use. Nice to use with nonstick pots and pans as it will not scratch the surface.
    Good quality soon at a very cheap price, I love using wooden spoons on mt non stick pans and these are cheap enough to throw out when stained.
    This spoon is the perfect size. It is easy to clean and is light weight, but also very sturdy. I will be back for more!
    This spoon worked perfectly when preparing my salted Carmel and was a quick and easy clean after having the hot sugar syrup on it . I recommend.
    This wooden spoon is a great tool in the kitchen. The 12 inch length is perfect for stirring and taking food in and out. This spoon is sturdy. And it is wooden so it is safer to use in high heat than plastic. And we can wash it in the dishwasher with no problem. We love to have more of these wooden spoons.
    This wooden spoon is made of a material called rubber wood which is very smooth. You don’t have to treat the spoon and will last
    great spoons we ordered several spoons for the bakery clean up easy and priced right thanks they have several sizes depending on what your needs are love these
    This wooden spoon is great for stirring pasta or stir fry. Since it's made out of wood, you don't have to worry about it scratching the bottom of your pots or pans and causing damage.
    These wooden spoons are a great size and feel nice in your hand. They have a slightly rough feeling finish. I'm hoping that they will smooth out with use and some wood conditioner.
    This spoon is a good value. It is sturdy, has no poorly processed parts to cause splinters, and does the job for a very low cost. It is definitely intended as a spoon that you use a while and replace, but that is the nature of all wooden spoons. My one real complaint is that the spoon could stand to be a smoother surface for easier cleaning.
    At our restaurant, we use these wooden spoons on our cheese board to hold jam. They serve their purpose well for us and are durable, but we do not use them heavily in cooking.
    These wooden spoons were used for a craft project in which we wood burned pictures for customers. The wooden spoons fit our needs exactly. Customers loved them.
    Rating five stars, this 12 inch wooden spoon can rest on the side of a watched pan, and it remains cool to touch. This spoon scoops the contents.
    Love the length of this wooden spoon. Perfect for cooking or mixing while baking. Super affordable and I will certainly be purchasing more. I reccomend!
    Sturdy spoon makes mixing ingredients easy! The length of the handle makes it easy to mix in deeper bowl. The wooden spoon washes well after use.
    A regular wooden spoon that works just as depicted and described. We purchased this to place in our kitchen to use for stirring soups and sauces.
    Wooden spoons are great for stirring large pots of sauces, soups, and stocks. One very nice thing about wooden spoons is that they will not scratch nonstick cookware. These spoons are less than one dollar and if you are looking to save money these are a great option. They are definitely not the highest quality wooden spoon we have purchased but they are great value.
    I like this for scraping up bits on the bottom of my pan when making a rue or if I sautee some garlic. Although do not expect it to not absorb any coloring such as red pasta sauce.
    With a smooth finish and dense wood the 12 inch wooden spoon is excellent quality. It is thick and strong, with out an ounce of bend. Great for breaking up chunks of meat of just stirring some noodles. It's versatile.
    Great cheap wooden spoon, I use it for stirring chili in the slow cooker or on the stove. Easy to clean, and about what you would expect for a wooden spoon
    Can't really complain about these wooden spoons. They're incredibly cheap, good quality, and should last for a long time in any kitchen even under heavy use.
    What can you really say about a wooden spoon? The price was good. the spoon works well as it should. I can say this spoon has taken a beating and has yet to break so thats a good thing
    This is a really nice wooden spoon. It is nice and sturdy and feels good in your hand. My only complaint is I feel that it should be treated with something like mineral oil.
    Just what I was looking for- nothing beats a wooden spoon! Works great, very sturdy, and easy to clean. Wood has a nice finish and no splitting.
    Good value price, but the spoon is thinner and less dished than expected. It seems to be good quality, but feels smaller and more delicate than expected.
    These are very basic, very lightweight wooden spoons. They're a bit rough (I had to sand one of mine down) but for the price, I can't complain. However, I also purchased the Beechwood Wooden Spoon and like them significantly better, I recommend upgrading to those because they feel sturdier and like a much better quality.
    Nice and long for deep dishes- great to use in soups or large rice pots! Nice it doesn't scrape the pans also works well paired with a wooden fork for salads!
    This 12 inch wooden spoon is very useful around the kitchen, it can be used for sauces and various recipes. I was surprised by how durable the spoon was and would buy again.
    These are very nice spoons. They do not deteriorate after multiple washings and they do not break at the ends like some others. I am planning on buying some more.
    The 12" Wooden Spoon is very nice, especially for the low price. The quality is good, I have had no issues with the wood splintering. I am very happy with my purchase.
    This spoon is obviously durable and well-made although a bit rough to the touch. The length is the perfect size for stirring soups or sauces in medium to large dutch ovens. I bought these as favors for my sister's bridal shower. I plan on tying them together with a tea towels using a decorative ribbon for a favor at each place setting.
    This twelve inch wooden spoon is perfect for large mixing bowls. I use this size with five to eight quart mixing bowls and it fits great. The spoon is a standard wooden spoon without any extra bells and whistles that need cleaning. I found it cleans well and shows no sign of wear. I would recommend this spoon.
    good spoon, decent length, not too short, not too long, sturdy, the 12" Wooden Spoon is a good product for sure and I'd recommend anyday.
    Not bad. Has a nice clean texture and look to it so i'm sure we will definitely be ordering more of these in the future.
    These wooden spoons are amazing quality! The big, round size is very attractive as apposed to something you would find in a cheap discount store.
    This wooden spoon is great i love the fact that i can leave it in the pot while cooking and mixing and it still does not get hot i use it alot for melting chocolate
    Amazing spoon for the price. I've paid much more for wooden spoons before and this is as good or better as the others. This length is perfect for 90% of the dishes I cook.
    I love these wooden spoons! Very basic design but elegant. I use these for folding purposes in some of my recipes and I also use them on Mon stick pans
    This is a good wooden spoon. We have been very happy with them. They are holding up really welll and we use them every day.
    12" length wooden spoon can be used for stirring sauces but can also be used for stirring mixing ingredients together. A very light in weight spoon.
    A great spoon for the price. Nice length in the handle and nice size of spoon giving great control in stirring. nice addition to our kitchen.
    pretty standard wooden spoon but it gets the job done. mine came a little chipped but since it's an inexpensive item its not that much of an issue. if you like wooden spoons theyre perfect.
    I think the toughest thing about buying wooden spoons online is: 1) not knowing how wide their spoon area is 2) if they're sturdy enough 3) splinter probability 4) holding up to liquid use Well, here's the answer: 1) spoon area is wider than most 2) sturdier handle to spoon base ratio than most, so can handle heavier tasks 3) splinter factor: milling feels good on spoon edge, but inconclusive on splintering over time 4) holding up to liquid use: my gut says these spoons may prove a little less resilient than others over time because the wood feels softer and isn't coated or treated - but, no evidence to this yet
    I love this wooden spoon. I debated between this and the beech-wood version. This spoon here feels very sturdy and strong. I am confident it will last for a long time.
    Can't really go wrong with this 12 inch wooden spoon very decent nice and smooth don't you call splinters can't go wrong with this Spoon
    It is a wooden spoon! It is much lighter in color than I expected, but is darkening with use. Finish is a bit rough, and the handle is not as large as I would have liked but at this price it is not an issue to replace a few.
    We really like using wooden spoons of good quality such as this one. If they are well made they last for a long time and are easy to use.
    The spoon is nice and a good deal but I do prefer the Beechwood spoon from the webstaurant it's a lot thicker but this one should last a short. Of time then hopefully work for a little while
    This 12 inch wooden spoon is definitely one of the best wooden spoons I have ever owned. I don't see it ever breaking any time soon. Like other have.
    Sturdy wooden spoon. Great price and love the size of the handle and the scoop. Definitely will order more for friends and family for gifts baskets.
    These tend to splinter easily but they work if you are just needing a basic wooden spoon these are the ones that you need. They are nothing fancy!
    We prefer to use wooden spoons. The length of this one is perfect. We've been washing them in the dishwashing (although you're not supposed to) and so far, they've been great.
    Not much to say about this spoon. It's very rigid and doesn't really have any flexibility. It's smooth and doesn't have any splinters. A nice wooden spoon.
    This is a nice light colored wooden spoon. Good to have when metal can scratch or be too hot to the touch. It's a needed basic.
    Quality wooden spoon great for making desserts and sugar things that need a wooden spoon higher leave recommended you buy multiples they are so reasonably priced you can dispose of them as they begin to wear.
    This is a nice basic wooden spoon. I like that the bottom is slightly rounded, so that it doesn't scratch non-stick pots and pans. It is a nice size also.
    I use it all the time and it's great. Can't beat a good wooden spoon for utility and flexibility. Don't know what I'd do without it.
    This is a great wooden spoon! A must have for cooking! This is a very durable and sturdy wooden spoon! Anyone would love this great product!
    These wooden spoons are very economical and well made. They have stood up to daily use without breaking or warping. I would definitely buy them again.
    This is a great wooden spoon for the price. It's very smooth unlike other budget offerings but could still benefit from some mineral oil to prevent it from drying out.
    We purcahed the wooden spoons for our metal and stainless steel pots, pans and bowls. They are extremely easy to clean and there is no fear of scratching surfaces.
    This spoon is good for doing anything that requires stirring at close contact. One can also use this spoon for tasting, mixing, and/or squishing things. It is too short to make gallon drinks.
    They are as described. Perfect for any stirring need and with the price of them it's worth having a bunch on hand. They are a good size and feel strong.
    I have zero complaints about these wooden spoons webstaurant sells. They're super cheap, and they're a bargain for the quality you get. Worth having at least a couple.
    I mean, this is a pretty standard wooden spoon. It does it's job well, and is a good size for smaller jobs. I'd say for the price it's a no brainer if you're looking for wooden utensils
    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this wooden spoon. I did not expect to be wowed by such an inexpensive product, but it is solidly constructed and has a nice, smooth surface. I definitely recommend this spoon.
    The 12" spoon is perfect for smaller sized jobs. i like to use it for making pate a choux because the length of the handle makes it easy to stir with a lot more force than a long spoon would allow.
    the 12" wooden spoon is a tried and true classic, it comes untreated so you may want to oil it before you start using it or let it get that great patina from use.
    We purchased these measuring cups for our school culinary arts program. These are the perfect size for our kids to use with the 3 qt stainless steel mixing bowls. They arrived well before the promised delivery date.
    Great sturdy wooden spoon. I like to use mine for stirring sauces like spaghetti sauce. It is easy to wash and also very light weight.
    This 12" wooden spoon is a great size for everyday tasks. The spoon is well made for the price and we expect it to last a long time.
    These are an good size for stirring soups or dough. They are very useful, I am using them in the kitchen everyday of the week.
    I like this 12 inch wooden spoon. The handle is the perfect length to hold on to for stirring and is very comfortable in your hand.
    Ah, the wooden spoon. Indispensable kitchen tool and another tool that tends to walk away by itself. These 12"wooden spoons are nicely made. Good deal.
    These are very good spoons that have a variety of uses, they are easy to clean and the food does not soak into the wood like it does with the cheaper spoons.
    These are your standard, nothing fancy wooden spoons. They work great and are holding up very nicely to a variety of tasks. I am very pleased with them.
    This wooden spoon is my go to in the kitchen. Great quality. Low Price. Fantastic to work with. I wish I could use it everyday. Would be great to use for creating party favors for a bridal shower or something of the sort.
    The 12" Wooden Spoon works great for stirring and serving brown rice to my family. The shipping was very fast and the product is very sturdy. Great Purchase.
    Great wooden spoon. Been using very frequently for more than 5 months now and has not split or started splintering like some other spoons I owned. Great value.
    A great general purpose wooden spoon. way better than those plastic ones that keep getting melted to my pans! You cannot beat the price. They stain quickly, but again at this price, who cares.
    This is your standard wooden spoon. it's a good size and length, not flimsy at all. it was originally a little rough in spots, which I didn't mind at the price. Several months of use later, it's been worn smooth. Note: it stains pretty easily, but again, at this price, why care?
    Decent wooden spoon. Gets the job done. Basic quality. You won't be able to find a better deal anywhere else. If a wooden spoon is what you desire, then I recommend this.
    These wooden spoons are so great to have around when you are constantly making fudges, caramels, sauces on the stovetop and need to be constantly stirred. And they are a great price!
    This spoon gets the job done. It's not perfectly sanded so it feels a little rough/fuzzy on parts. As other reviews have mentioned, it does stain. I used it to cook a pot of beef with some soy sauce in it and the soy sauce stained it immediately and there's no washing that out. Otherwise, the spoon works fine; I'll be getting another one but a bit longer.
    These wooden spoons are used to dish out the fruit in our house-made sangria. When a table orders a pitcher of sangria, they are given a wooden spoon to spoon out the fruits into their glasses. They work very well and give it a homemade feel. The only concern is that after a while they stain and have to be thrown out, but besides that I would recommend this item.
    What can I say? It's a wooden spoon. Super good price for what it is. No frills but it has held up for over 6 months and lots of washings!
    This spoon is great especially for the price. The size is good and good quality. Can't go wrong with this spoon, It's definitely a keeper!
    This spoon is excellent, especially at these prices. It has come in very handy during cooking a wide variety of dishes and I suspect it will continue to do so for a very long time.
    These are very nice Spoons, the wood is a Higher quality, these have a good thickness so you don't feel as your going to break it on first use.
    this is an average quality wooden spoon that comes at a wonderful price! good for stirring food in a nonstick pan or for stirring pasta while cooking as you can leave it in the pot and it doesnt get to hot to hold
    This is a basic wooden spoon. The handle is pretty thick and the spoon at the end is more rounded than most of my other spoons.
    I have used these so much and I'm really satisfied with how well they are holding up. I use them for so many different things, stirring soups and stir-frys, making scrambled eggs, etc.
    I love these spoons for mixing my homemade bath and body products. Its great for mixing my salves, deodorants and lip balms. These are easy to clean and dry quickly.
    Great quality wooden spoons we bought these for college students in a pastry program and they were used constantly and endured the vigorous wear and tear that students do to equipment
    Great value for the price. I love wooden spoons because they don't scratch the bottom of the pan nor do you have to worry about burning your hands when you pick it up.
    I bought both this wooden spoon and the 12" beechwood wooden spoon (which costs 50 cents more). They are both fine, and this one is a bit darker in color and slightly less smooth. They are both fine.
    The spoons I received were nicer than the one in the picture. The wood is a bit lighter and the bowl of the spoon was much wider. They look great and get the job done. I am very satisfied with the purchase.
    It's a wooden cooking spoon so there probably isn't a ton you can say but I am happy with this. The price is right and the quality seems to be quite acceptable. A good value
    I'm replacing this one for the stained old one I bought at IKEA. It seems well-made but I am afraid of staining since I use a lot of paprika and turmeric.
    I replaced this tool with the old one that I bought from dollar store which get burnt when I forgot it I my soup,,this is of a better quality,better than what I expected.
    If you are looking for a true wooden spoon than this is your match. Solid and not too thin or small. I use them in cooking classes with 1 1/2 Qt pots, and it is the perfect size for stirring the entire contents of the pot. they come smooth; not a problem with splinters.
    I love my spoons. They reach all the way into the pot and mix up stuff really well. I have been looking all over and now I have them in different sizes.
    The 12" Wooden spoon is a great buy for the price. Also, I had purchase the 14" wooden spoon and they work well with sauces and soups. I will buy more in the future.
    Not much to say about these, they are 12" wooden spoons. Seem to be made of quality wood, and have not broken any as of yet.
    This wooden spoon is very durable and strong. I was very surprised when it arrived. I use it all the time. I will strongly recommend this to everyone.

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