Choice 16 1/2" x 24 1/2" Full Size Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat

Item #: 407MATSILF

Great for baking or prep work, use this Choice 16 1/2" x 24 1/2" full size silicone non-stick baking mat to streamline your busy bakery or commercial kitchen. This silicone liner is the perfect non-stick mat for a variety of applications. It makes cleanup a breeze and saves you money because it's more cost effective than disposable mats or other reusable options. You can confidently bake your stickiest pastries and cheesiest dishes on this liner without worrying about a messy removal or difficult clean up. No grease, butter, oil, or sprays needed. This liner eliminates the need to scrub pans clean which also saves you time and helps preserve your pans and cookware!

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Choice 16 1/2" x 24 1/2" Full Size Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat

4.9 stars from 70 reviews


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    These full size mats are incredibly thick for the price. We really love them. They fit excellently inside a full size pan, and save us from so much cleanup.
    I love how these work for my cookies and bread! Very impressed with this product! Need to order some more for the rest of my pans!
    This full size silpat mat wasn't quite as good as I'd hoped for. I suppose it probably works great for cooking on but things so tend to stick to it which is a bummer. I learned the hard way that you need to cover it with cornstarch or else your fondant will stick. Otherwise it's a pretty heavy duty silpat for the price
    This Full Size Silicone Mat is excellent! It is thick and can be used several times with no problem. We are very happy with it. Recommend it
    This is my go-to mat for rolling out sugar cookie dough and I love it! It cleans up really well without leaving any odor behind if I happen to use it for a savory dough. I love the size of it because it fits well on my counter but has plenty of surface space to roll out dough. I roll it up to store in a drawer when not in use and that is a nice space saver feature too!
    These silicone mats are great! We actually use them for liners when we make soap. They allow us to easily remove the soap and then peel the mat off without damaging the soap. They clean up great and are really sturdy. Wonderful material.
    We use this every time we make cookies! They always come out perfect and I notice a huge difference in the cookie when I don't use it. They come out so soft and never burn with this silicone mat
    Best price, high quality! We use these several times a day and they hold up under the pressure of high volume baking, I will replace with the same or add more when I can .
    This makes rolling out pizza dough a breeze. It keeps flour from getting all over the prep tables, and saves time and effort in cleaning, as well as reducing the time it takes to roll out dough.
    The silicon mat is great quality. The size is very big and nice. I used the mat for making Fondant decorations. Th fondant did not stick to the mat which was great. I would recommend to get the full size if you plan on using it for fondant
    Silicone Mats are so versatile! You can use them for rolling dough, cutting decorations for cakes and pastries, and they can be baked on up until a fairly high temp. They make cleanup a breeze and I have found that they result in more even baking without browned bottoms.
    These silicone mats are absolutely the best value found on the internet. Fit is perfect for full sized wire rimmed sheet pans. Buying more of these.
    i used silicone mats in school many times but i bought some from sams and they went bad. but these are perfect heavy duty, sturdy and the price is reasonable.
    This silpat turned out to be much better than expected. For such a good price I did not think it would honestly work well, but it really does and I would purchase again.
    I don't like these silicone mats. As I stated with the half size silicone mats, the only thing they are useful for are macarons. I don't recommend baking cookies on them, in my own personal opinion.
    this full size silicone mat keeps the floor clean and neat.the grip on this mat is amazing.the color is also sleak and classy.highly recommended for kitchens.
    These full size silicone mats are great! Great quality!! Thick, and durable, definitely will last a long time! I was surprised how thick they are for the price, and such a better price than anywhere else! They fit the full size pans perfectly.
    love these mat. They are slightly thicks so our kababs don't get over brown from the bottom. We had to used 3-4 thin wax liners before so these are saving us time and money
    These things are truly a blessing. I really got tired of watching my staff scrape at my sheet pans to try and get gooey and baked on residue off from our dessert and pastry departments. These mats make all that spill over a breeze to clean up and keeps my sheet pans looking new. A must have for any operation that does lots of sheet pan baking.
    These silicone mats are a great value at this price. They hold up extremely well to repeated use in a busy kitchen. Nice heavy weight.
    These silicones mats are perfect for baking macaroons, I use them for sponge cakes but mostly they are used in my place for the macaroons. Well priced for silicone, my name brand silpats cost me a lot more money but they do the same job. I stocked up but will definitely buy more of these when I need to get more in my place.
    Is a really decent full-size silicone mat for the price is still on the job good I'm using it to bake bread on been working pretty good
    Silicone mat is my favorite thing in the kitchen. All my baked goods come off like butter. It's cleaned easy and put to use for almost everything.
    Great purchase. These are super affordable and a good quality. We use them for macarons and they work great. Just be sure to hand wash and treat as a delicate item or they will start to fray
    Certainly have no complaints about these mats. Only wish we purchased these earlier instead of wasting money on some of the higher priced ones. We bake macarons and these are perfect for our needs.
    This mat was a great price and has been a very useful product! Making large batches of candy nuts used to be hassle and now clean up is a breeze.
    One of those items that really has you wondering why you didn't have it earlier. Even at double/triple the cost, these are worth it. No need for non-stick pans, no spray oil, no disposable mats etc. Constantly in use for months and no decrease in quality.
    I am really upset I didn't buy these to cook biscuits on a sheet pan years ago. I have cut my spray butter cost by about 80%. I haven't baked anything yet that will stick to them. Also bacon cooks nice and flat and even in the oven between two of these mats.
    These mats are so much better than the Silpats! Will definitely get more of these and the half size mats as well. Great product for a cheaper price!
    Great product at a really good price compared to the name brands. I use these mats a few times a week, and they have held up perfectly over the last 8 months to dishwasher chemicals.
    I love this silicone mat! I'm ordering 2 more! That's looks very strong and big!!!and a really amazing price! A lot cheaper than the name brand.
    Highly recommend buying these mats instead of the higher priced name brand ones. These are almost half the price of the name brand, and perform just as good if not better. Safe your money and buy these mats instead of he name brand!
    What I love most about these 16 1/2" x 24 1/2" Full Size Silicone Mat is that they really work, and a really amazing price...
    I love the thickness and durability of these silicone mats and they are much more affordable than the main brand typically used. It is very large, larger than your full size sheet pan so keep that in mind.
    We purchased many of these full size silicone mats for my cookie and candy making...I am sooo happy that I bought them..they are very high quality and are comparable to the more expensive brand in strength and durability, but far less in cost.....very easy to clean and keeps my pans cleaner too, even with the sticky,syrupy stuff from frosting the cookies and the gooeyness of candy making...highly recommend this product with as always , fast delivery too
    We purchased this for making our macarons. It works great and there is no need to spend the extra money on the name brand version!
    These work great for baking stuff. We use them to line hotel pans when on the buffet line, this way it helps items not get burned.
    These have helped reduce waste in our coffee shop in both loss of product and the need to continue purchasing disposable sheets. The silicone surface makes it easier to remove baked goods and reduce potential for breakage and dropped goods.
    This is an excellent, economical silicone mat. It fills a full sized sheet tray, and prevents sticking perfectly. We use them for macaron production, and they work very well.
    Was initially bummed when the Silplat was out of stock and had to order another brand. I was pleasantly surprised and this mat by far exceeded my expectations! The price is great and comparable to the Silplat. I will be purchasing more of these!
    Liked the mat very much. Used it to bake cookies, bread. It leaves no stains. Very easy to remove the baked things. Planning to buy them in half size too.
    I purchased a few of these to test them out compared with regular parchment, and I am impressed. They are very high quality and feel like they will last for a long time. Easy to wipe off and reuse.
    We use them in the sheeter for butter or sweet pastry, and they work well. I haven't tried the original ones but these do the trick.
    This is a good product, works just as well as the brand name version. I've been using the same one for several months, plan to get more.
    These silicone mats work just like the nam brand ones, we have been using them for over a year on a daily basis and they have been holding up great at a fraction of the cost
    I have used these mats for over 2 years. The first time you use them they do stink a little bit but after that they are wonderful. You can cook anything on these without fear of sticking. I use mine everyday for baking with honey and they work flawlessly and hold up!
    We love using these mats for anything that might stick especially jelly filled cookies. If you have been using parchment paper & your product still sticks, these are worth every penny Good quality & a great price. Well worth the investment
    These silicone mats work perfect and for the price I can't complain. They fit a full size pan perfect and they are super easy to clean.
    Definitely order these over the other more expensive name brand ones. It is hard to tell the difference between them besides the color. I actually weighed both to see which was thicker (hard to judge by hand). These mats actually weigh 1.5 oz more than name brand so I assume they are thicker and more durable.
    We were a little skeptical when we ordered these because of the low price. We will definitely be getting more as they work every bit as good as the more expensive ones.
    Perfect!! We use these mats daily for baking bagels. They hold up very well and never stick to products! A must for every bakery, these are a great buy.
    These silicone mats perform just as well as a mat that costs twice as much. I bake pretzels, dipped in lye, and there is no sticking!
    Is there anything that sticks to these mats??? We haven't found one yet! Love these mats in our bakery...bagels just slide off and cookies love them too!
    This is a great brand, I've previously bought the half size mats and they're great so I went ahead and got the full size mats and they don't disappoint. Also cheaper than the big famous brands.
    I use this mat when making candy it covers a large section of our counter so we can pour hot candy right on this mat for pulling and shaping.
    I recently bought 2 half-size cookie baking sheets and 1 full-size silicone baking mat. I cut the mat in half / trimmed it and now I have one for each cookie sheet. The mats are an amazing addition to my baking tools. Cookies are perfect every time! They also protect the stainless steel cookie sheets, making them look practically brand new, although I use them both a minimum of 5 times per week. These mats are also great for baking buffalo wings, instead of frying and absolutely no oil is needed. I wish I had discovered them long ago, but I am very glad to be using them now.
    I was skeptical on ordering this mat over the other one. However, once i read reviews i decided to give it a try. After placing my order, i recieved the mat within 2 days during Ground shipping which was great. I love this mat, its definitely better than what expected and is worth the mystery. Might invest in more for class
    High quality silicone, nothing sticks to it, not even burnt on cheeses. If you need to, you can cut and trim it down to fit any size or shape you need. Use it once and you will never want to bake again without it.
    I love this silicone mat! What a steal it is compared with its high end competition, and such qality! The fiberglass (I think?) mesh inside it shines through like gold, and the mat is translucent tan so you can see them. It is a fairly heavy mat, and not "floppy" like other silicone products. LOVE
    We use this every week to roll out the quiche crust. Good size and quality. Cleans up very well. Trick to storing it...roll it up and rubber-band it!
    A great alternative to parchment paper and more effective as well. We use these for numerous kitchen tasks. They work extremely well and will last.
    Wonderful product. Works very well for rolling out bread. No sticking, nice large size. Price cannot be need to buy the expensive ones, this works just as we'll for 1/3 the price.
    This is a great item, I use them for everything!! For preparing cold plates, for baking for chocolate for gelato... even for rolling dough! This is a must have item in the kitchen!! For pro or newbies... Very easy to clean as well.
    Really like this mat. It's nice and big and we can fit a lot of product on it. Bought one for a trial run and will be buying a bunch more.
    You can use this for so many items. I use it for tuile paste to make different designs for plated desserts. It helps the tuile bake and not stick directly to the pan or parchment. A lot cheaper than the name brand.
    these mats are absolutely great. nothing sticks to them ever. they are great for making tuille cookies or just about anything that you need to be sure does not stick
    these are great for sugar work on the larger scale. being the size of a full sheet pan gives you plenty of room to work with.

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