Choice 10" Aluminum Non-Stick Fry Pan

Item #: 407FRYPANNS

Fry, sear, scramble, and saute all of your signature dishes in this versatile 10" non-stick aluminum fry pan! Its non-stick coating makes clean-up fast, and with a shallow, curved wall design, this pan allows for easy stirring and prevents steam from forming in the pan.

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Choice 10" Aluminum Non-Stick Fry Pan

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    This 10" non stick aluminum fry pan is awesome, quickly browned my grilled cheese sandwich and was a dream to clean up, i suggest getting the the pan handle grip #407seg25
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    Love these line of pans. Really are non stick. However they do scratch easy. Please be careful when washing them. I used a scrubby sponge and it did scratch
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    Great for dumplings and omelettes. Non- stick coating does come off eventually so make sure to use non abrasive sponges. The handle is sturdy too
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    This frying pan is great! The coating is staying and it is very easy to clean. It is great for eggs, frying sandwiches or veggie dishes. Cheap in price, but not in quality.
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    This is a really good well-made 10 inch nonstick aluminum for eggs am pleased with my purchase this is a great pet for making omelettes and my eggs come out great
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    This pan is perfect for smaller items. It's non-stick surface is great for pan frying, pan sauces, or to toast sandwiches. Use the removable silicone handle and it's as good as any pan with much higher price tag.
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    Cheap and good quality!!! Im so happy to purchase those fry pan i buy more then what i need in the restaurant cause im planing to bring some home lol.
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    This is a really great 10 inch nonstick aluminum frypan. It was a lot nicer than we expected it to be. It's very well constructed and crafted no doubt it'll last a very long time. For the price it was amazing
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    Great , Awesome, they have kept there non stick coating and we did not use kid gloves to take care of them. Need to order more.
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    Solid pan, though you really need to get a handle grip to use these safely / securely. Handle gets hot and it isn't comfortable to hold. But 5 stars bc it's good quality otherwise and does the job, esp for the price.
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    Made a really great omelette the other day and was able to fit everything easily into the pan. Great all purpose nonstick pan that every cook should have in the kitchen.
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    This is a great light-duty fry pan. I would be concerned about using metal on it (made that mistake, but not exactly the pan's fault). I'd also recommend purchasing a sleeve for the handle, as it can get quite hot.
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    For what I paid the quality is a lot better than I expected, but like everyone says metal handle connected to the pan does get hot
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    Best non stick frying pan. The size is great for larger quantities. I use the silicone sleeve on the handle for better safety. Love it.
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    all though these pan feel some what cheaper compare to other store that i had purchase, but it's still does it job. i'll buy again.
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    Like the other low-end non-stick pans sold on here, this is a very good pan for the price. Non-stick works very well when frying eggs and things of that nature. Build quality is quite decent. The handle will get hot so use a pan handle grip or something to grab a hold of it. I'm very happy with this pan and I don't think you can any better for the price.
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    Really strong and heavy duty pan. Follow the care instructions provided and this non stick pan will serve you for a good long while for little money.
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    Great basic non stick pan. They are weighted well, and have stood the test of time in our kitchens. Just make sure they are cleaned properly, or the coating will chip away.
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    These are great because they are aluminum fry pan but has a awesome non stick coating so you don't have to use spray or butter things just won't stick
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    We expanded to brunch on Sundays and needed some pans for eggs and they have held up well. Eggs flip over easily and they are a breeze to clean.
    We bought this 10” Choice Aluminum Non-stick Fry pan on WebstaurantStore. We were blown away with the quality of this pan for the price....definitely a home run!
    This pan is awesome. I was amazed at how cheap it is. It performs wonderfully. The non-stick surface works great, everything I cook just slides right off. Cleaning is a breeze. It heats up fast, and cooks evenly. I am actually looking to buy a couple more.
    Excellent quality and good price. We make about 100 omelets every morning at my restaurant. this fry pan lasts about six months after so much use. It is the lowest price I have ever seen.
    Love this non stick pan. The handle is durable and the pan is very easy to clean. Heats and cools the food evenly. I would definitely recommend!
    Buy these pans with the silicone pan handle and you will have a good non-stick pan for many uses. The handle does heat up quite a bit, but it is not a problem if you have the silicone handle.
    When they say no-stick, they mean it. We have used no-stick pans before but something ALWAYS seems to stick, not with these. Truly non-stick surfaces make it easy to cook multiple things in a short amount of time without cross contaminating.
    We use this pan for frying egg and so far it is working great. I will highly recommended this pan to be use in the restaurant.
    Classic 10" non stick aluminum fry pan. Great for frying any foods that would require a non stick pan application. Great durability and long lasting .
    These are great pans! They are still in rotation on our line. They are actually non-stick, making them easy to wash, and they are a great price.
    Great pan for the price. I have been using it for over a year and the nonstick coating has held up well. The handle gets very hot, but I got a silicone pan handle grip so that's no longer a problem.
    This has to be the absolute best frying pan of all time. It will truly benefit both commercial companies and individuals that cook all meals
    Very good frying pan does not stick i love that that was exactly what i was looking for and got very easy to clean NSF CERTIFIED !! for a very good price i highly recommend for purchase
    Super inexpensive professional non stick frying pan. Restaurant quality and isn't super light and thin like many other cheap store bought frying pans sold in stores. Heats up quick and very nonstick.
    This is a basic nonstick frying pan. The nonstick coating doesn't last forever, of course, but it lasts a good enough time. Its medium size makes it very versatile in making quick sauces and sautés.
    This sucker is huge! One batch cooking so oil is fresher through the cook. I don't miss not having a top. More than met expectations. Comes sparkling clean using "bar keepers friend" after soaking and washing with dish detergent.
    A pretty nice nonstick pan for the price. I haven't used it extensively, but its the quality I'd expect from Choice. Would purchase again. See my photos for more details.
    very very cheap. if you are looking for some "non-stick" pans that your staff will beat up then these are it. they are about as nice as their price. if wanting some long term non stick pans look else ware.
    Amazing non-stick fry pans offered at unbeatable value. We us these constantly 6 days/week and are not gentle with them and they last 6+ months before omelets start to stick.
    This is a great fry pan. Very well built using the correct aluminum gauge. The coating is staying and it is very easy to clean. Highly recommend it to use wood, silicone or bamboo spoons to avoid scratches.
    This 10 inch fry pan is a nice size pan that is heavy and cooks food evenly and is well-made that will last a long time.
    Great for sauteing and seriously nonstick! these are great for quick cooking and for sauces as well. i recommend this brand they are great overall.
    These non stick aluminum fry pan are perfect for our busy restaurant. Our kitchen staff loves to cook with them. They are perfect for our needs.
    Great value for this pan - Have had good success with nonstick coating so far even with a mildly abrasive sponge. Handle heats up quickly and is definitely not the most comfortable so a towel is needed. Coating on edge of pan has some stray strands but they can be picked off before getting into food.
    All of the Choice kitchen stuff we buy saves us a lot of time. these non stick pans are well built and last just as long as the name brand.
    This pan is beyond perfect and I use it all the time in my busy small cafe. It is really durable and it doesn't scratch easily.
    This pan is great! Super nonstick which is nice and a good price for the quality. The handle gets hot but that's to be expected.
    Heavy duty. This pan gets a lot of use every day all day 4 days a week. We have had them awhile now and will need to replace soon and would purchase again.
    This frying pan is super sturdy and a great size. Its is very easy to clean and looks new even after months of use. It cooks very evenly as well
    I love this pan. Originally I was skeptical about the quality, because of the price, but once I received and used this pan I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I will definitely order more of these anytime I need a good pan.
    Great value and lasted a few months before the non-stick coating started wearing off. Definitely great as a replaceable non-stick pan. Only downside is the handle heats up as well since it is also metal.
    great pan at a great price, heavy duty. we use these them on our grill for onions and bell peppers and I have made several sauces in them.
    Very good frying pan, we use it for several different things. We knew going into it there was no insulated handle, but the next two we got we made sure had that. Functionally it works just as designed.
    Perfect size for sauteed chicken, fish, eggs or hamburgers. Cleans easily because of the nonstick surface and holds up well. Handle might get a little hot so I use a towel if needed. Have bought many of these.
    These pans are well made and what I expected for the price. The non-stick coating on it will last a while and the price cannot be beat.
    This nonstick surface is great at keeping food from sticking while the pan is great at holding and distributing heat evenly. These are excellent pans for the cost
    The material in which these frying pans are made out of is phenomenal. Our cooks loved them because they can be used on a daily basis without it loosing any of its non-stick qualities.
    I love these pans, they are brilliant for cooking fish or chicken and I like putting the pan in the oven for finishing or keeping food warm.
    I really like the choice brand products, this pan is no exception. It is a nice heavy pan that is nonstick. As long as I don't use metal to scrape/clean it I should be find.
    Love this pan I use. It over and over again won’t. Stick the food comes. Out crispy and looking good. Better. Than other pans. Will buy again
    These frying pans keep surprising me....This frying pan is great! I use it every morning making eggs and you would never know it's been used once and I've used it for a month now.
    Hold up pretty well. The non-stick pan cleans up easily and nothing really sticks to it. We've burnt stuff in them and they come clean. Have some that have been used and used and have worn down some, but the are still fine.
    I really love these pans, not only are they reasonable priced but built to out last any other pans. Easy to clean, and a joy to use. Everything I have bought from this site has been great. I shop here first.
    These pans are great. I used to use them in a restaurant that I worked in. They are heavy duty and will easily hold up to everyday use. However, I would definitely avoid metal utensils as they scratch easily.
    These I believe were are first purchase threw webstraunt! I had my doubts because of the price, compared to other frying pans. These are fantastic! The only pans we now use!
    I have been using it for few months and it works like a charm. I really recommend it. I ended up getting a second one with different sizee. Must have in any kitchen.
    This is a great pan for doing things that need nonstick like eggs. It is a great weight not to heavy but yet the metal is heavy duty enough to prevent easy scorching.
    These are good over all pan with middle of the road non stick coating. We use these often and replace them when the non stick is no longer effective. Great price for a low end pan.
    Awesome for making omelets and small dishes. I have a few of these pans in the past. I love these great quality and great price.
    I wish I'd made the choice to go with a handle with a cover, to be honest, because it cuts into my hand a bit when I'm lifting a full pan, but for what it is, it's a great value.
    This is a really good non stick pan. However they do scratch quite easily. I bought a case during your recent sale as the price was to good to pass up. Margins are super tight so every chance I get to save a few bucks I try and take advantage of it.
    For the money, I don't think you can beat these non-stick pans. They measure up well against a much more expensive Calphalon non-stick pan. Bang for the buck is simply outstanding. And I will buy these products again.
    This pan is a heck of a deal. It is light, inexpensive, fairly thick, well coated, and works great. I made a nice omelette with it and it didn't stick at all. As long as you don't need to use it for induction, it is a great choice.
    WONDERFUL! This pan is my go-to! Affordable and durable. It has set the standard high in my house for quality cookware! Highly recommend this to anyone!
    this works well with our induction burner. makes sauteing easy and clean because the food slides right off the pan. not too much grease needed .
    This is a great heavy duty aluminum fry pan with a non-stick surface. The riveted handle is very sturdy, and is made even better by adding the silicone grips also sold here. The pan cleans up well, even in the dishwasher, and if the non stick surface does start to break down it is cheap enough that I won't feel bad about needing to buy another one.
    This 10" Non-Stick Aluminum Fry Pan is a must have for any restaurant that serves or cooks cover easy style eggs. The No-Stick on this pan is amazing. I cook eggs with ease!!!
    These are great pans, and are all of chefs go to ones! Could not live without these, and will order more as need for the restaurant.
    I love these choice non stick frying pans, I already have the 7”. I thought I needed to get the 10” for frying potatoes. Perfect size
    These are the best non-stick pans I have ever tried! Nothing sticks to them and they clean up beautifully. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted money initially buying expensive nom-stick cookware from the gourmet kitchen store!
    This is truly the best non stick pan that I have ever used. I've been afraid to use nonstick pans in the past due to scratching and such, this pan has won me over. Great pan at a great price
    The choice 10 in nonstick frypan is great quality. You can't get a better value. It cleans easy and nothing sticks to it! I love these pans!
    The BEST frying pan I have ever owned. You definitely need to buy the handle grip with it, but you will not regret it. I still use non-stick spray when I cook but nothing sticks to it like other "non-stick" pans that I own. I will definitely be buying a larger size
    Perfect for my omelettes and pan cakes! Choice products and very good and affordable. Heats evenly so it is fast cooking! Very easy to clean as you only need little oil with this non-stick pan.
    My first use went like a dream, I gave it a quick spritz with oil and my omelette was literally sliding around in the pan when it was ready to fold! Also, the rivets by the handle are coated in non-stick material too, which I really appreciate, because it sucks when that part is metal and collects a layer of burnt on gunk. The handle is atrocious though, everyone is right when they say you need the silicone grip for it. It's so uncomfortable otherwise because the corners are not rounded at all. This pan should really come with a handle grip standard.
    Omelettes, frittata, pancakes this is a great breakfast pan. Nonstick don't need to add any extra oils, fats, or sprays and everything comes out great.
    lightweight aluminum frying pan that helps me reduce amount of oil I use for frying eggs, steak or even flaky fish. Highly recommend getting a silicon grip for this (sold separately).
    This Choice 10" non stick fry pan is one of my favorite pans to cook with. I bought one for my personal use and it's great for eggs and just about anything else. The handle is riveted onto the pan so its really sturdy. The only drawback is the handle gets really hot when cooking, so I had to purchase a rubber handle cover.
    This choice non stick frying pan is really great. Because it is non stick you don't have to use oil. It is the perfect size to dry eggs
    These are very good pans we use them for omlets and the egg never sticks they will last a good 6months before you will need new ones.
    I really like these pans. Very good quality. I will buy these again once they have been destroyed. The teflon seems good quality and will hopefully last.
    The choice 10 inch non stick aluminum fry pan is a great fry pan, quality made and durable. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good fry pan.
    I purchased the Choice 10" Non-Stick Aluminum Fry Pan (Item #: 407FRYPANNS) primarily to make omelettes. The pan is perfect for four eggs. It's easy to clean, heats up fast, and the eggs slide right out. Very happy with this pan. I also purchased and recommend the silicone grip / sleeve! Excellent pans for the price.
    I love this 10 inch pan so much I'm ordering three other sizes! It is great quality when cooking and very easy to wash. I have nothing but great things to say about this frying pan and would highly recommend it to everyone.
    This pan is a great pan to have in the kitchen. It is heavy and very sturdy. I have not had a problem with food sticking to this pan at all.
    the handle does get hot, duh. The nonstick coating is not bad, do not get this size pan if you want to fry eggs, get the 8 inch one for that other than that, no complain
    I have purchased a number of these fry pans and I really love they are so durable and stay in very good shape for so long , also at a very good price
    My frying pan is probably the most used thing in the kitchen. My partner in crime. It clean's easy, non-stick, and oven safe. So far, haven't had a problem with it.
    This is a nice, standard fry pan that has various uses in our kitchen. The non-stick will eventually start to wear off, but that is after much use and abuse in our kitchen.
    Great price for non stick fry pan. Perfect size for our 3 egg omelets. We still need to use some light cooking spray in order to have omelet slide out completely.
    This is s good non-stick pan, and cheap enough that replacing them is not a problem. One word of caution: the handle gets piping hot.
    it's a very durable non stick pan. It comes in different sizes and at a very inexpensive price. I use them at home all the time.
    Work very well, don't stick still after a few months. Will more than likely switch all of my pans to these. Do not use to sear ahi with oil though
    Ordered a dozen of these about a year ago and they are all still in perfect shape. Quality is exceptional, even more so when you consider how cheap it is. Will be putting in an order soon for more as well as for other sizes.
    This non-stick aluminum fry pan is great. It's good quality and holds up really well under heavy usage. The non-stick coating has maintained itself well.
    Great non stick aluminum fry pan. Restaurant kitchen quality without the price tag. Non stick service has an even heat surface which is perfect for searing meats and also cooking eggs.
    Love this pan! I honestly think these are some of the best non-stick pans around for the price. I would recommend buying one of the red silicone handles because the handle gets hot and can be uncomfortable without it. Worth buying!
    Awesome ten inch non-stick aluminum fry pan. I bought a few and can't complain, they work great. I would buy them again if needed in the future.
    This pan is of excellent quality and was exactly what I was looking for. Shipping was fast and easy, an absolutely perfect transaction. I will do business again in the near future.
    Very good fry pan. It is made well, cleans easy, and is non stick as described. The price is right for this piece as well.
    Great entry level pan, we needed extra economical pans for events and these fit the bill. No issues with sticking, just be careful as the handle gets hot hot hot
    I purchase the 6pc lot . I like the quality and it's good pan with good price. I will be giving some to my family members. (:
    I ordered 2 of these non-stick fry pan to just try it out and i'm using it for my restaurant right now. The size is perfect for the one entry meal for us and really easy to clean. I will order some more.
    I purchased this pan to be used with our catering events. This is great pan to use when doing stir fry. The product is durable and has very easy clean up.
    Just used my frying pan for the first time today. The pan worked great. But after a short time the metal handle became to hot to touch. Had to wear a glove. What a shame.
    This is a great size for sautéing and has really easy clean up because of the nonstick surface. Easy to cook and not have food stick either because of the surface. Have bought quite a few and love them.
    These pans are great! They worked so well in the catering kitchen, we bought some for home, too. I've had these for over 3 years and they're just now starting to loose the coating. For this price, it doesn't hurt much buying replacements.
    Ten inches is a good, general purpose size. It is suitable for meals for two or more people - I prefer the 8" for single meals. This pan is also a good size for 10" tortillas. Heavy duty, the handle is well attached, and the coating seems to be durable.
    MY guys do alot of sauteing and these pans are perfect for the job. These are durable and easy to clean considering all the wear and tear
    Great pan for cooking our sides. We mostly use this to cook veggies. It works well and I do not have any complaints with this product.
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    purchased this item as part of the opening order about a month ago. I am very pleased with the quality and durability of the item. I was quite surprised at the thickness of the aluminum. Quite a difference from the pan you buy at the store. I will purchase this item again.
    This is a great price for a middle of the road pan. Don't get me wrong, it's a great value, but the pan is not going to hold up to heavy commercial use. In "heavier" residential service, mine is scratching after several months. If you only plan to use it sparingly, or would rather replace every couple months, it's just fine. (A similar quality model at elswhere costs twice as much.) Otherwise pay up for something more substantial. Also don't forget a pan grip- the handle is metal and not insulated.
    We needed some non stick pans but didn't want to break the bank. These pans were the best price I have seen and work great.
    When it comes to buying a fry pan, I was totally lost. I went to WEB.COM and found exactly what I needed. A non stick frying pan that is also heavy enough for me to handle. The price was a true savings for me, and the clean-up was extremely simple,even I could do this. I wiped it out with a clean wet dishcloth I also bought here and the bottom also very good to keep clean also, then hung it up with my other pans I bought from WEB.COM. Makes it easier if you read the information below the item.
    Yikes! what a disappointment. I ordered two of these pans and both had damage when i received them. There was quite a bit of chipping of the nonstick material along the edge.
    Thank you for your review, Elise! We are sorry to hear that these pans were damaged. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to make sure the issue is resolved.
    Needed a good quality non-stick pan and found the perfect one! Great for cooking anything! Never thought that I could ever find such a high quality pan for such a bargain. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great quality non-stick pan. The only bad thing about the pan is that the handle gets very hot since there is no silicon handle for it; but besides that, this is the best pan I've ever purchased
    I was looking for non stick pans to replace the cheap green ones I would typically buy elsewhere. These pans are great. They work real well, last a long time, and you can't beat the price. I will definitely be buying more of them.
    Nice pan with an effective non-stick coating, the aluminum is nice and thick and allows heat to be even throughout the cooking surface. The only think i was not happy with was the stamp on the bottom of the pan was stamped so hard into the pan the name of the company shows through to the other side of the pan.
    Making an oversized omelet? This is the pan you want! It's super non-stick - your eggs will fall right out. I love this size for those larger omelets. The riveted handle will last a very long time. The only thing it needs is the silicone handle cover (all my pans have one).
    WHAT A WONDERFUL PAN! This pan has not peeled or scratched, just the right size and with stands a 500 cover count night and have been using it for months now.
    Great pan to work with that gives you a durable use. Very easy to keep clean an take a everyday beating in the kitchen but keeps on going. If your looking for something that is non-stick then this would be great for you.
    A true commercial grade pan. This pan is flat and true, has a seemingly durable nonstick coating, and heats evenly. I am very impressed with my purchase, and will definitely be purchasing more of these pans in the future. They've made life in the kitchen so much easier than more expensive consumer-grade pans.
    OK pan for the money, cheap but the pan doesn't last very long, non stick coatings started coming off the first week - but what can you expect for 10 bucks?
    This pan heats up quickly and the nonstick surface works well. I don't like the handle. It heats up roughly as fast as the pan itself and has no insulation. Next time I'll get one with an insulated handle.
    I was surprised by the quality and weight to this fry pan for the price, I really thought I would receive an average off the shelf fry pan but this is an amazing fry pan, it's got a good heavy weight to it and seems to have a high quality thick spray of Teflon on it also, definately a hidden jewel on this website, for the price I bought 2 of them and my neighbor actually took one of them home!
    Gave this a 4, worth a 5 but a handle cover included would have been better. That said, this has become the wife's go-to skillet for everything.Easy clean up. I plan on buying the 14" next.
    Lovely pan and the non stick coating is great, we use this when cooking the delicate foods and works well. Just make sure its washed properly and will last for years.
    I found the fry pan great. It did not stick and washed up very easily. I would buy this item again and very happy with it.
    Bought this as a test pan, wasn't sure how it would hold up in the kitchen, this was mostly because of the price... Don't be fooled it's an amazing pan!
    I really beat up these pans, I use them for my oversize omelets. Great non stick and will stay that way for a long time. I usually get a couple of years of use out of them
    The best pan for my favorite dessert , Bananas Flambe. Non stick is the best for the perfect pan caramel sauce. Plus these pans are very durable non-stick.
    Good quality at a good price! I have bought cheap ones in the past that didn't last long. They came quickly as well like all the other products I have purchased.
    The 10 inch non-stick aluminum fry pan is great for frying eggs and making omelettes/frittatas. For the price it is doing a great job and it is durable. Webstaurant store customer service was very responsive in helping me out with these pans.
    A well constructed non-stick fry pan. I cook eggs in this pan every day and as long as you don't put it through the dishwasher it will last about a year. Which is about how long all the rest of the more expansive pans will last so save your money and buy this pan.
    I got this 10 inch non stick to replace my very badly worn down one. This is surprisingly heavier than anticipated but in a good way! The base feels like it is really solid and it cooked an omelette no problem right away. Great pan!
    A great, affordable non stick pan. The anodizing is very durable and pretty much nothing sticks to it. These pans are great with the silicone handles also sold here.
    Very good sauté pan for the price! Purchased these from last year and we use this in frying, sautéing, baking, and reheating day in day out in our Bistro and they're still performing. We're very happy with this product!
    I like everything about this pan. It's beautifully made, looks great and performs wonderfully. It's the perfect size I use this guy for eggs, pancakes, stir fry and more...
    Just the right size for our needs. The non stick interior is good for cooking a lot of things, including pancakes. And clean up is a breeze. My only complain is the handle is plain metal and is not covered.
    This is a no frills,no thrill non stick pan.This is perfect for your first non stick pan.I've cooked a omelet,hash- browns,pork chops and even a steak in this baby.And everything has come out perfect.You don't even have to wash it out.Just use a paper towel after cooking. The only CONS I have is the handle gets hot while cook- ing,and the shipping is a little high. It's still a good bargain.Great pan. NOTE:" Do Not" use metal utensils on your non-stick pan. (like I did on my first pan.It will ruining it).Use rubber utensils.
    Good Fry pan or Saute pan. Will lend it's elf excellently to shallow frying. I am really glad we got the non stick, good investment.
    this pan is widely used on our pasta station. it is the perfect size and weight. the attendant is able to maneuver the pan easily, is more comfortable and is able to service customers more quickly.
    This 10" non-stick aluminum fry pan is unbelievable for the price. Its made as good as some three times the price. I wood highly recommend this pan.
    These are very durable pans. We are pleased with the value for the price. When it is time to replace them, we will buy these again.
    Now at this price i actually wanted a new frying pan for my house and that exactly what I use this for is cooking at home fore me.
    Best pan for the price! It's lightweight with a nice handle, and very durable. I use this in the dorm kitchen for everything, from omelets to searing meat. Great product!
    Our kitchen staff is always looking for a non stick pan to make the perfect eggs for our brunch. When I saw this one on sale for an unbeatable price I was sold.
    This is the perfect size non-stick skillet for so many uses. I bought four of these when they were on sale. I use them every day for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are heavy duty, and have a high quality non-stick surface which makes clean up a breeze. I couldn't be happier with this skillet. I also purchased the silicone skillet handle grips which I highly recommend.
    Oh! A 10" non stick fry pan. Im so glad we use nonsense trick fry pan like this. It's healthy on my meal and so easy to clean.
    Good frying pan, great value and quality item. Easy to cook with because its non-stick. Items i use pan for mostly is pancakes, or when cooking large pieces of meat.
    Great frying pan, it's got a good non stick surface, good quality for the price. When we use there's never a need to add 'extra' spray. Works really well.
    Fantastic frying pan!! Good for larger cuts of meats! Great for french toast or pancakes! Easy release makes cooking a breeze! Excellent quality and price that cant be beat!
    This is my favorite pan to use during the day. It cooks my vegies perfectly with minimal oil. Has lasted many months, and the coating is still intact. Just bought another one for my personal use. Plan on buying about 10 more for season.
    The first one was damaged in shipping, but I got a replacement after I talked to a friendly customer service representative on the phone. I have been and still am using this pan several times a week for over a year. I do hand wash it to extend its longevity.
    I am very satisfied with this non-stick frying pan for many reasons. The first reason is that I needed an inexpensive frying pan that would be easy to clean up. The second reason is that I needed something simple. And the third reason is that it is a quality frying pan that will last me for a long time. I would recommend this frying pan to anyone that needs a frying pan that will be of a good quality and will not break a wallet. I use this frying pan with a separate rubber handle.
    What a deal--I can not find any other supplier with this price. The pan is great, it gets hot quick and stays hot for a while and nonstick. I love it, recommend.

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