Emmet's Elixir Wood Conditioner / Cutting Board Oil 16 oz. Squeeze Bottle Michigan Maple Block Co.

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Properly maintain and condition your wooden surfaces and cutting boards with Emmet's Elixir Michigan Maple Block Co. / Bally Block Co. wood conditioner. A specially designed blend of pure, food grade mineral oil combined with naturally anti-microbial oils penetrates, rejuvenates, and seals worn wood cutting boards, butcher blocks, and wood table tops. This wood conditioner will help keep your cutting boards and butcher blocks strong and durable even with every day usage. The blend of oils specifically help stunt any bacterial growth while also helping to protect the surface and appearance. Even old wooden cutting boards will be given a new shine and luster!

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Emmet's Elixir Wood Conditioner / Cutting Board Oil 16 oz. Squeeze Bottle Michigan Maple Block Co.

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    Been using this on both of my cutting boards for a few months now, works great would highly recommend. Make sure you clean them well after application as it can leave a bit of a odor if not cleaned properly.
    This is the first time I’ve ever used cutting board wood oil. It’s fantastic! The smell is kind of pine and oranges. Very fresh and soaked in quite fast.
    This product is exactly what I needed to help maintain my new wood cutting board. It applies with little effort and leaves no oily residue after it has been dried and buffed. Smells good and there is enough in one bottle for more than one application.
    Recently purchased some reclaimed wood items and used this before displaying and it has definitely enhanced the appearance of our bread display table. I use twice a week to condition our wood.
    An excellent quality upgrade to plain old mineral oil. Emmet's Elixir is a blend of mineral oil, beeswax and some citrusy essential oils for anti-bacterial protection. The beeswax gives the oil protection more durability than plain mineral oil. The essential oils are a nice bonus. First when applying the oil and its still drying, it gives the cutting board a delicious smell. This dissipates as it dries but the citrus oils are doing their job now countering bacteria. It applies with little effort and absorbs into the wood well and the next day you have nice water beading action when you wash your board.
    First, this wood conditioner smells great! It absorbs well and doesn't leave behind an oily residue. After allowing the product to dry and buffing, the cutting board has a nice dark sheen. Great product to protect and extend the lifetime of our cutting boards.
    I am not a chef; I am a mom of 8! I did not even know that you should condition cutting boards! Oops! I bought several butcher blocks from Webstaurant and kept seeing this elixir and a video on each page. Finally watched the video and figured we should condition the boards we just bought! Thanks for the education. Love the smell of essential oils and love the antimicrobial effect from the essential oils. Just started with an old board we have had for years... hoping to make it last for many more. I will post a before and after picture. The elixir gave the old board a shine and luster I don't remember it ever having before. Of course only time will tell if it extends the boards life!
    Wood oil is an essential item to have in your kitchen! I love cooking with wood utensils and have a huge collection of cutting boards and this keeps all of my favorite tools from drying out and looking rich and beautiful.
    This wood conditioner smells so wonderful—I wish I could have a candle in this scent! One application made a difference in my tired looking cutting boards and wooden utensils.
    This wood elixir smells amazing, and I would use it for that reason alone. It smells citrusy with a hint of beeswax, but not overwhelmingly so, just fresh and clean and uplifting. It does a good job of conditioning the wood, when it dries it ever so slightly darkens the wood so it still looks damp, but in a healthy, moisturized way.
    Emmets elixir has a very pleasant scent. I have used it about 3 times on my butcher block. It does not leave a oily residue and seems to have been thoroughly absorbed into the board.
    We use our wooden boards every day, keeping them oiled and fresh really helps to expand the life of our beloved boards!! We recommend this oil to all those using wooden boards!!
    Purchased this with a set of large cutting boards and it has served s a great way to seal out bacterial. Added a coat to an existing set of boards and they look great!
    Utilize this wood cutting board conditioner to prepare your board for use with food. Emmet's Elixir oil comes in this 16oz bottle and made by the Michigan Maple Block Company
    this wood elixir has been so great! it works wonders on all the wood in my kitchen, expensive knifes, and of course, cutting boards, it works!
    We have just started using the wooden cutting boards, and it is. Ice to have a product available to keep,them looking like we just got them..
    This is a really good wood conditioner when used properly and consistently. Our wood cutting board received a couple treatments from this and it turned out well. Over time we missed a few times conditioning the board properly so any faults with the board ultimately will happen from the user and not necessarily the use of this product. If you are disciplined enough to use it consistently, you won't be disappointed.
    Smells great, and conditions and restores your cutting boards beautifully. The thick conditioner adds much longevity and enhances the wood board color providing a nice, soft shine.
    A great cleaner. A must have for any ally block owner. We use this a lot and it has a great smell to it. Nice !
    We bought appetizer boards and they recommended to buy these as well and we're quite happy we did. It will definitely add life to your cutting boards and / or serving boards!
    I love this cutting board oil. It make the surface look so new! Wow!! I am really impressed. It a great way to preserve the wood without the use of harmful chemicals
    Honestly wasn't looking forward to having to treat the cutting board. In the past it was an oily, messy job. Boy, I was pleasantly surprised on how easy and mess free this conditioner was. Went on easily with pleasant smell and slightly darkened the board..barely noticeable. Have not treated it a second time yet, but not dreading it at all.
    This product is a must if you use wooden cutting boards. It really does help them to last longer and condition the wood. It's definitely worth the money!
    I love this. Smells great and works. I use this on my 18 inch wooden cutting board every 30 days. I will definitely buy it again. And thanks WEBstaurant store for the low price.
    so much better than expected. The wooden cutting board really shines now. No residue left over to go on the food, and amazingly it doesnt smell too bad when applying it
    Item was given as gifts to my two daughters - in - law. They both say it helps keep boards easier to clean and looking great.
    I really love this Elixir, not sure why I haven't used it in the past. It wipes on so nicely, no residue left (follow the directions!), which is a big deal for me. I will surely be purchasing this brand as my "go to" wood conditioner.
    Very happy with the outcome of this wood conditioning oil. I used it on three old wooden cutting boards and they instantly received a face lift lol
    I purchased the wood conditioner along with the small bread cutting boards (#4595122B). It smells a lot like lemon and is easy to apply with a paper towel or cloth. Although I used it on the small cutting boards, I also used it on some bamboo cutting boards that I already owned. You can really see the difference!
    the smell was fine, though it is strong enough where it smells up the whole room after conditioning treatment. have a long wait time after application, which can be inconvenient.
    This wood conditioner has worked wonders on our cutting boards. I only wish I had known about this years ago, and I will be buying more of this product for future use.
    Excellent product! Nice smell and really puts a shine into my butcherblock counter I have in my cafe. Be sure not to apply too much as it can get oily. Will be making this a regular product here.
    How often should you oil a cutting board? A Chinese proverb says "once a day for a week; then once a week for a month; then once a month for a year". Thereafter, as needed. Wood is a living material and boards (or wooden utensils or the wooden handles of knives) should all be treated regularly. You can use vegetable oil, but it may eventually turn rancid. You can use an inorganic light oil, like mineral oil, but it only offers lubrication. Or you can use a product like Emmet's Elixer, which provides lubrication, conditioning and even some sanitary treatment of the surface. Since the application effort is about the same, it makes sense to me to get the most benefit for your wood with the same effort. Application is simple. Use a microcloth or a paper towel. Apply the conditioner, rub it into the wood, let it rest for a while, then take a fresh cloth and wipe away any excess. Re-apply as long as the wood is soaking up the conditioner and then stop once most of the conditioner remains on the surface. If you like, use a soft clean cloth to buff once you're done applying the last coat. If you do this process regularly, you should only need 1-2 applications and it will be fast and leave you with a beautiful glowing utensil or board. Read Less Read More
    What a difference this wood conditioner made to my cutting board! It brought out the wood grain and made the board so much easier to clean. The product has a refreshing, citrusy scent to it, but it doesn’t affect the flavor of the food I put on it.
    this works great because this item make the cutting board brand new i can't believe it. this item really works . buy it too day for a great price.
    A must have product for all companies that use wooden cutting boards. Whether its stand alone cutting boards, line table in restaurants or large butcher blocks this product will keep them in the best condition. A little goes a long way, so great value especially considering the alternative to replacing boards.
    I purchased this board conditioner specifically for individual bread boards as it was recommended, but find it works great on all wooden boards! Use only a tiny bit for perfect restoration.
    I love this stuff. I have a huge, gorgeous butcher block, and this conditions it so well. Once, my husband was out of town, and we he came home, there was only one light on, and he could tell that I had used wood conditioner! I also have a teak cabinet that was a little rough looking. So I pulled out the Emmet's and it completely revitalized the teak. Absolutely gorgeous. I will most definitely buy this again!
    This stuff is great, I wouldn't risk using a nice chopping block without it. It keeps it nice and fresh. It's also the best priced here.
    If you have wooden cutting boards or wooden table tops you must invest in this 16 ounce wood conditioner! It will protect and prolong the life of your wooden item!!!
    This stuff is great. Especially for conditioning your cutting board through the changing of the seasons. Its also a good idea to use some if you arent going to be using it for a while so it doesnt dry out.

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