Baker's Mark 18" x 13" Half Size 19 Gauge Wire in Rim Aluminum Bun / Sheet Pan

Item #: 407BUNHALF

An essential addition to busy bakeries, cafeterias, coffee shops, and cafes, this Baker's Mark 18" x 13 half size, heavy weight aluminum sheet pan provides efficiency when baking your signature confectionery delights! Perfect for baking cookies or broiling other foods, its flat construction ensures even browning and baking. This bun pan can also be used as a cooling area when you transfer your sweet treats to it after cooking or baking.

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Baker's Mark 18" x 13" Half Size 19 Gauge Wire in Rim Aluminum Bun / Sheet Pan

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pans pan sheet great size baking clean cookies love easy
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    Webstaurantstore has the absolute best prices on these pans! I do not use them without lining because I want them always to look like new! They come in handy for schelping a lot of stuff up and down the stairs, not just for baking!

    from SOD Posted on

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    I love this pan for a lot of different things it's great and not too thin I don't really use it for a ton of baking but if I do I always put a silpat on it or parchment and that seems to work out pretty well!

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

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    What restaurant/bakery doesn't need 100 of these? I love these pans. They are lightweight and yet sturdy enough to last a long time. I use the 1/2 sheet pan the most because it is the most versatile and easily managed.

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    The Baker's Mark 18" x 13" aluminum pan has worked well for our household. I think they could also easily be used in a commercial setting.

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    I have 3 of these half size sheet pans for home use. They never "buckle" and are bigger than the ones I've gotten in the big box stores. Plus they're a lot cheaper! Very sturdy and easy to clean.

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    Half size sheet pan is a good size for freezing bulk vegetables.

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    Pans look and function well. Great size for smaller food quantities .great price point . Clean with nylon scrubbing pads not stainless steel, pans will scratch.

    from Cafe Marty Posted on

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    I bought several of these pans in different sizes. I just love Webstuarant's products. They have already done the legwork, They stand behind their manufacturers and the products they offer. You can order with confidence and know that you are getting quality.

    from Melodie Garner Posted on

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    WOW!! These are the best pans that I have ever purchased! If you want a heavy duty, sturdy pan that these are the pans for you!!!!

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    These are great half sized pans. They don't warp, they wash well in the dishwasher, they do their job. I find the rim indispensable when I am carrying and baking pies. I use these pans for storing things in the refrigerator too. I have to say that when paired with the 1/2 sized pan cover, these are probably the one of the items I couldn't live without. They are also a great price!

    from Sweet Bytes Posted on

    This sheet pan is a great deal. It is true to size, sturdy, and very inexpensive. My biggest issue with the pan is actually that the inventory sticker was on the inside and was difficult to remove.

    from Shavetools LLC Posted on

    The pan with a silicone liner.

    We love these pans. We use them in our bakery to make our rolls each day. They are perfect when you use the bun pan covers that are also sold with them.

    from Mom's Bakery Posted on

    This sheet pan performs exactly as you expect it to. Its lightweight but still very study and since it is made of a aluminum it conducts heat very well too

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    Perfect sized sheet pan for a home oven

    We use these sheet pans in our cafe and candy store for displaying pastries and high end chocolates. Very attractive pans with a nice shine to them. Do not wash in dishwasher.

    from Classic Burger Group Inc. Posted on

    The trays were perfect for displaying treats in the dessert auction at our annual gala. Great quality at a great price. Highly recommend to all.


    Sugar Rush @ THRIVE 2017

    Sugar Rush @ THRIVE 2017

    I'm amazed that people will spend $10-15 at retail stores for the exact same sheet pan. These do exactly what you need them to do. Like any aluminum sheet pan, they can stain from baked-on grease, but I think of this as the pan being seasoned. The bake sheet cakes evenly, and I'm very happy with them. I'll order more so I have a full stack of them!

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    I wanted to find some baking pans I could stack after baking cookies and decorating. I bought 10 of these and they did the trick. The price was amazing and after use they stack nicely for storage. These are great if you do not have a lot of room. I used with baking mats and cookies turned out perfect. I am very happy with this purchase.

    from KMajors Posted on

    I do not have a lot of counter space so these stackable baking sheets were exactly what I was looking for. Stackable and great for baking cookies.

    These receive some heavy use in our shop, but they aren't quite as nice as a stainless pan would be. These pans are prone to water damage.

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    I like being able to bake a half sheet cake in these pans. They are lightweight and easy to clean. Great for baking cookies too.

    from Fenmore Hills Hotel Posted on

    The Baker’s Mark one half sized gauge wire in rim aluminum sheet pans are very impressive. The strength and durability continue to impress me. I have seen them be dropped numerous time and left in the freezer for several months and still the pan looks as it did the day it arrived. I would recommend them to anyone.

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    They do not bend or warp easily, very durable material and easy to clean. This size is very versatile and can be used for a lot of different things. They distribute heat well for an even baking every time.

    from The Cozy Cannoli Company Posted on

    Delicious Nutella Croissants

    I love this half sized sheet pan. It fits perfectly in regular ovens for home use and holds up to lots of use. I use mine all the time.

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    Baking cookies on this pan

    This was a great buy. It is a large size so I can fit lots and lots of cookies on one sheet. They do not stick to this pan at all. I am very pleased with this sheet pan.

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    These are the best sheet pans in the history of sheet pans! These are the pefect size, easy cleaning, and everything bakes evenly in the oven. Will be buying more.

    from Crave Sweets Posted on

    Great value! I got the cheap ones to try them out. Admittedly, they are not as high of quality as the ones I had from our wedding, but the quality is actually pretty fine. They are slightly less rigid and a little bit shinier than the ones I already owned. But, they work great! I have baked in them several times and the food comes out even and nicely. The liners fit them perfectly and the lids work terrific on them! So affordable I don't regret trying these out.

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    Made Rhodes rolls, along with the parchment liner inside and preserving them with the lid on top! Great pans for the price!

    These half size 19 Gauge sheet pans are good for baking biscuits and cookies. They are easy to clean and are definitely a good buy for your money. One of our pans did arrive bent and Webstaurant offered to replace it or credit our account. Overall, pleased with this purchase.

    from Jes Catering Posted on

    I love these half size racks. They fit perfectly in a holding cabinet I purchased on this site. I can fit two sideways per row. They are sturdy, wash and dry well, won't bend or lose their shape under heat and you can get a matching cover (#407PLSP1813C) from this site too. I use them and the matching covers every day to store my waffle dough balls in the fridge. Who wants to lug around full size sheet pans? I don't! I leave my sheet pans in the warming cabinet. We say buy them and the covers too. Jeff

    from WAFFLES2GO Posted on

    Love these half pans, use them all the time.

    Superior aluminum pan - easy to clean and does not become flimsy when hot or cooling. I love the price of these as well: industrial quality and a great price.

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    Amazing value for such a well made pan. Conducts heat really well for very even cooking. Easy to clean and holds up to a lot use.

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    Fits on top rack of regular oven alongside quarter size pan

    These pans are perfect for any baking. They are light weight yet durable and like anything you could buy in the store. A MUCH. Better deal on here though.

    from Dog Gone Good Time Posted on

    Sheet pan

    These half sheet aluminum sheet pans are totally awesome. they heat evenly and clean up very well. They still look brand new. This is an A+ product.

    from Be Fit Nutrition, LLC Posted on

    Will definitely be buying again! I purchased these for a friend who wanted a good, commercial type pan, and I'm jealous! I have commercial pans as well, but purchased them from my local restaurant supply store. These are definitely stronger and less flimsy!

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    What’s great about the wire rim aluminum bun pans is that they are stackable. The raised rims also trap liquids and give support to the pan. This size is perfect for baking regular (or using multiples for double) batches, and there are racks and lids to match!

    from Cline Kitchen Posted on

    What’s great about the wire rim aluminum bun pans is that they are stackable. The raised rims also trap liquids and give support to the pan. This size is perfect for baking regular (or using multiples for double) batches, and there are racks and lids to match!

    This is such a great price for these pans!!! They're a great size if your wanting something slightly larger than regular pans and they're very sturdy!

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    I also like to use it to freeze fruit on!

    This is quite a shiny pan. I was a little thrown off by how shiny. Regardless, it has held up and the aluminum has not warped.

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    Works like a charm

    These pans are durable, and inexpensive. The perfect combimation for a busy kitchen. We use them both for baking, as well as for food prep (dry rubbing meat, etc) for easy counter clean-up. You can't have too many around.

    from The Beach House Posted on

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE PANS! I would recommend to anyone who bakes. We use them in my bakery and bake pumpkin squares with them. They do not stick and clean easily!

    from Créme. By Sarah Ashley, Inc. Posted on

    Great half sheet pan at a great price. We use a ton of these every day for everything from french fries and sweet potato fries to baking wings.

    Posted on

    I own quite a few of these baking sheets and use them on an almost daily basis. They are the perfect size for a standard oven and have a good weight. I love them.

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    Baking sheet

    Absolutely love these pans. They are the perfect size for anything from a dozen cookies to cookie bars, to being the base of tart holders, etc. They are worth the price.

    from Grandma's Pantry Incorporated Posted on

    these pans are great quality and a true bargain for the price. we bake cookies and croissants on these and use update silicon mats to make clean up a snap.

    from workhorse coffee llc Posted on

    Wonderful half sheet pans. Very durable aluminum, and very cheap. Fits silicon mats perfectly, and is easy to clean. Aluminum has great conductivity to heat.

    Posted on

    I use these for baking everyday. These are very nice size pan. This price is fairly comparable to what I can get locally when they are on sale. Good value, I would get it again.

    from Soul Traveler LLC Posted on

    This pan is great for making big batches of baked goods. They are easy to clean and can be covered with a lid so they make it easy to travel with food.

    Posted on

    Professional quality at an affordable price! Great for cookies. Heavy gage makes even cooking a breeze. Why shop for the kitchen anywhere else? Love it.

    Posted on

    I'd say the thickness is not what I expected but overall these will work for what I'm baking on them. I'm not a baker so it's just menu items that need oven time, often bacon on a wire rack.

    from Comfort Cusine Posted on

    Sturdy and solid construction. I use to prep. Food and for completed foods when I pull to rest.

    These are very good sheet pans. I recommend this to everyone. It is very clean and makes the items Neat and clean for all items.

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    Sheet pan

    I was impressed with the quality of these pans. I use them more for cooling product but the smaller versions baked really nice and I'm sure these would be the same.

    from Coco & Mini's LLC Posted on

    I love these pans for baking cookies. I was looked for pans that would provide the right crispness to the bottom of cookies without burning and also that allow for enough spreading of the cookie dough- works so far!

    Posted on

    I love this product for when i am making breakfast. it makes it easy to put bread on and not worry about them falling off.

    from Wonderland Montessori Academy Posted on

    Love these pans, fir nicely in our ovens, clean up great, fit perfectly on the rack we bought!! Great addition to our kitchen! Am in the process of buying more!

    from Simply Southern Bakery Posted on

    I previously purchased a smaller sheet pan for baking cookies and found myself to run out of room. I stepped up and bought this 18" x 13" pan and have more than enough room. I can also place other things on the pans from pizza to roasts.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    Bakers mark pan, 18"x13"

    These pans are lightweight while stick being very thick and non flexible. Still look almost new after over a year and a half of constant use!

    Posted on

    These pans are perfect for smaller bread batches!

    Tired of throwing away department store sheet pans because of burnt on foods, staining, warping, etc. This is the only way to go. Even cooking/baking, fast, clean cleanup, & lightweight. Love the size and how my cookies come out. When making cookies for the holidays it's great to have several reliable, even cooking pan sheets on hand. Never want batches coming out different because of the pan-this is never a problem. All beautiful and cohesive. Happy!

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    Does its job. Very good sheet pan and holds well. I bought two of them and both are great hands in the kitchen! Doesnt deform in the oven as well.

    Posted on

    Simple half size bun/sheet pan, easy to clean, ships fasts. Best of all, cheaper than any of the local in store suppliers including shipping. Will be buying more in the future.

    from Parsnipity Enterprises Posted on

    These baking pans are just the right size for at home use. They fit perfectly in the oven and are great for cookies or roasting vegetables.

    from Eating The Sun Event Planning Posted on

    Roasted Vegetables

    These are really nice sheet pans! They're lightweight, but extremely sturdy and do not warp. These half size sheets are a good size for standard, household ovens.

    Posted on

    Durable, sturdy pan.

    These sheet pans are very high quality and they are affordable to boot. The only thing is to make sure you hand wash them as your dishwasher will ruin them!

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    This pans are super nice at a great price to!! I ordered a few to try them out and now will make this my go to pan I am ordering a lot more of them and if you have a 1/2 size convection the fit perfectly

    from A Dip Into Paradise Posted on

    Fits perfect in a 1/2 size advancto convection oven

    this is pretty nice. a bit nicer than the choice stuff but not as nice as the vollrath. No complaints and we don't know how they hold up long term but seem good for now.

    from backwater Posted on

    5 stars! Baker's Mark 18" x 13" Half Size 19 Gauge Wire in Rim Aluminum Bun / Sheet Pan is a must if you love to bake. Ive used it to bake creampuffs and other pastries and i totally love it! It is sturdy and value for money. I am happy with my purchase and definitely will buy more

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    Baker's Mark 18" x 13" Half Size 19 Gauge Wire in Rim Aluminum Bun / Sheet Pan is one of the best purchased ever. Love love love it! Non stick, sturdy and totally value for money. Ive used it to bake creampuffs and it turned out perfectly!

    I like the Bakers Mark half size sheet pan mostly for the size. I have a smaller operation and a lot of the time making full sheets of products are just too much.

    from Sweet Gourmet Cafe Posted on

    I love these pans, they are perfect! I have the half size baking sheets and these fit perfect in them. My cookies come out perfect!

    Posted on

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I was not too long ago sold on some aluminum pans this size that was very costly and way too heavy to use. These pans are wonderful! Thanks for selling them!

    from CHPC- Tina Avery Posted on

    The bigger pans are nice for bulk baking or cooking, however this size is perfect for an average sized single recipe of baked goods. I love it!

    Posted on

    Drying tomatoes!

    The half size is perfect for our home oven. The quality is exceptional at a very affordable price compared to the regular sheet pan you buy from stores.

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    Affordable price and better quality than others ive purchased on the past

    Great quality sheet pans. They are lightweight and easily stack to save room in my kitchen. These are less expensive than pans I have bought in the past.

    from The cookie momster kitchen Posted on

    These pans are excellent quality and very light weight. They stack perfectly in my kitchen ti save space. These are less expensive than pans I have bought in the past. Will definitely be purchasing again!

    Great baking pan for small jobs. Very sturdy and durable. One was run through the dishwasher and now has an off coloring but still works well.

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    These are the perfect size baking sheets for residential use and are high quality. Cannot complain at this price point either! They do not warp.

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    Great pans! These are super light weight but they cool evenly and clean up fast! They get the job done and have so many uses

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    Great pan for cooking cakes as well!

    Great pan for the price. We use this on our pizza line to catch food on so it doesn't drop on the floor. Easy too store and clean

    from Perry's Pizza Posted on

    We use these little pans too cut bread on.

    I've used these a ton and the are amazingly helpful! Sturdy and heavy duty due to the rolled rim. I love taking them to use everywhere and boasting about how little I paid for them on!

    from The globe on my plate Posted on

    These are our favorite size sheet pans. They are not too big and not too small for our small bakery and cafe. The aluminum is sturdy and stands up to repeated use and washings.

    from Ivory Road LLC Posted on

    It is recommended to not put this in the dishwasher but it is the perfect size for my oven and is durable. My wire pan fits perfectly in here. I use parchment paper on top so it is easy to clean and easy to use.

    Posted on

    I don't bake in these. I use them for my foil, nacho trays, and organizing all of my products. They scratch very easily, but they are good for what I use them for.

    from Mickem Concessions Posted on

    I ordered these because I was having a cajun seafood dinner party. Instead of placing the seafood directly on the table I used these trays. I didn't want the juices to leak out and spread, these trays were great and made the dinner table look beautiful.

    Posted on

    These pans are the absolute best. Even after everyday heavy use these keep going. These are the only pans you will need for your baking.

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    Just got these. They look so new and shiny next to my ancient, horribly stained pans. So far, so good. No warping or bending. Easy to clean. Very lightweight.

    from FrostAvenue Posted on

    Sturdy and all aluminum, and really great for all sheet pan uses. Stays looking great use after use and is a real workhorse that should last forever.

    Posted on

    These are great pans. We have used them everyday for over a year, and they are still in great condition. Heats well, but without any warping like some other pans we have used.

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    Great pan. We use these for everything

    I needed more baking sheets, and I was looking around online for a good deal. I stumbled upon this product. Such a good deal, and the quality is amazing. They are very sturdy, don't bend in the oven, and over all is just a great product

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    Very nice and sturdy baking pans

    Excellent price for these sturdy pans. They brown in the oven very evenly and did not experience any warping at high temperatures. I would recommend hand washing only and parchment paper to avoid any sticking. The size, durability and price make this a great purchase.

    Posted on

    Great quality and you can't beat the price. Be sure to hand wash. Handy size to have in your collection. Perfect for smaller families and portions.

    from Desert Moon Bath & Body Posted on

    I put only four star because the sheet pan had a bunch in one lateral, but i like for the versatility than they have in the kitchen, i can say that they dont have rest.

    from Bocados SP Posted on

    Like support its nice for catch the water or whatever you use.

    All of the pans i ordered were clean and polished looking. Very sturdy pans, I am without question going to be ordering more of these!

    Posted on

    Half sheet trays fit perfectly in the oven!

    Love this pan... everything bakes so well and easy to clean.. I use this with the 12x16 coated parchment paper.. works great and easy clean up

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    These pans work great! Absolutely love them. No warping at high temperatures. Perfect size and the clean up easy. Our bakery uses them every single day.

    from Whitecomb's Farm Market Posted on

    The Baker's Mark 18" x 13" Half Size 19 Gauge Wire in Rim Aluminum Bun / Sheet Pan is a go to for our team. We use these with our avantco portable convection ovens and have also used them in a normal oven in our kitchen. They work great, easy to clean up, and very inexpensive. Dig & Serve is A Speakeasy Underground Supper Club in Albuquerque, NM. We produce experiential dining events featuring local food from our farm and other farmers we know and trust. Check us out at and follow on instagram and facebook @digandserve #digandserve #webstaurantestore #popupdinner #supperclub #localfood #nofarmsnofood #experientialdining #nmtrue #albuquerquefood #farmtotable

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Great product. Long lasting. Definitely would buy this again. Cleans very easy. Stores very too. Great for restaurant or catering uses. A much buy item

    from The Tea Kettle Restaurant LLC Posted on

    Love having smaller Sheet Pans for smaller projects. Sometimes you don't need the whole big deal for items that needs to be warmed in smaller quantities.

    Posted on

    this is a great baking pan, has so many uses, nice quality and 4 times cheaper than local supplier, would buy this many times over.

    Posted on

    Great pans . My gosh I have so many different uses for these pans it's ridiculous. I use them for my confectionery work, baking, but also I use these for personal projects and dinner. These are so great, LOVE THEM!

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    Great heavyweight aluminum sheet pan. The pan seems very durable and does not flex. The surface is shiny and it seems like this finish will stay nice for a long time. I ordered several of these together with some cooling racks, and the feet of the cooling racks did press into the soft aluminum and create some imperfections on one of the pans during shipping-not a big deal though.

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    I made my banana cake a few days ago in this sheet pan , & i absouteley loved it . I really recommand this product !

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    These plans are great we use them for everything from cakes to freezing fresh fruit to make smoothies and they are super easy to clean.

    Posted on

    So far, these seem to perform as well as the Advance Tabco pans. The only difference is that these seem to have a shinier finish that stays shiny even with use, so it usually needs a little more baking time.

    Posted on

    these worked wonderfully despite the price. I wasn't sure on the quality of them but once i used them, i know that i will definitely order more.

    Posted on

    im loving these half pans i cant get enough of them perfect size for my ( not commercial) oven also fits nicely on my rack

    from sweetart Posted on

    This is an incredibly sturdy baking dish. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality considering how inexpensive it is. I would highly recommend this pan and regret not buying more the first time!

    Posted on

    These were such a great purchase for us, we use them for everything. They also fit in our small dishwasher so something less to hand wash.

    from Union County Community Shelter Posted on

    Great buy on the half size sheet pans! Use everyday and they withheld the heat and kept their shape (as opposed to other brand pans I have bought in the past). Highly recommend for the price! Great BUY!

    from monkey bread ocnj Posted on

    Extrememely sturdy and hold up really well. I have been using these since opening two years ago. They wash up well. Just don't put them in a dishwasher as mine discolored

    from MY Pepper jelly Posted on

    The price of these trays makes the very affordable. They are sturdy and just the right size for my needs. Cleaning is no problems either.

    Posted on

    This is a nice solid well built sheet pan. Half size is nice for residential use and fits nicely in my oven. The metal appears polished well and the pan has no sharp edges. A great pan at a decently heavy gauge that should last a long time.

    Posted on

    Heavy cookie pan that is of high quality. We can fit about twelve of our cookies on it. It then cleans really easy as any thing just washes right off.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Well made

    I bought this pan for home use. This is a nice sturdy pan at a great price. Fits perfectly in my 30 inch oven. Do NOT put your pan in the dishwasher. While it doesn't damage the product, it does change the color to a dark grey.

    Posted on

    Very versatile sheet pan here. Good for baking both savory and sweet. I have used for chicken and for cookies and both have come out very well!

    Posted on

    These half sheet pans are great for putting cupcakes on and also for baking. Good quality, especially for the price. Can't go wrong with these.

    from Everything Iced Cupcakes & More Posted on

    This is a great all around pan. We have used them a few times and always with parchment paper. Even though its listed as thin metal, the rolled sides make it stiff and feels just as sturdy as our 13 gauge pans.

    Posted on

    Durable for the price. These come out of the dish machine dark and spotted but clean up to a shine with a scouring pad. These are ok for a budget but stainless holds up better.

    Posted on

    These are perfect and you can't beat the price. I shopped around and the price at webstaurant is the best I could find. They are strong and will last a long time with many uses.

    from Mama Said Posted on

    W these are very well may sheet trays nice 19 gauge with the wire rim I'm glad I got these and happy with my purchase

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    For the price of these pans, these are excellent for keeping a good stock of for mass producing cookies! Not only to they hold up well to constant use (such as not warping!), they also seem to conduct heat well enough to give an even bake. Typically I line several of these pans and portion out a huge bowl of cookie dough, comfortably fitting 12 generous cookies on each pan without the worry that they will become one giant cookie. Don't let the price fool you, though they are cheap, the quality is all there! Just a note that they are a bit difficult to clean stains off of if used without a liner (foil, parchment, etc) so I would recommend they be used with one. Hence the four stars review.

    Posted on

    These half sheets are the best ...durable and light wieght. washes esay and bakes effectively, makes the perfect half sheet cake..especially for many layers and torting!

    from home Posted on

    Love how large this baking sheet pan is. It's also not too heavy but feels heavy duty. You cannot go wrong with this buy and I will definitely be buying another one.

    from Roemarie Posted on

    These half size sheet trays are fantastic they work perfectly in my warring half size convection oven the slide and where the rec scope perfect size or 1000 get any better or you just take the rack out in this tray will slide right in there

    from N/A Posted on

    These pans are awesome! They're durable, perfect for baking (everything cooks evenly), and clean up easily. They are also a great value. Will definitely be ordering more in the future.

    Posted on

    I work part time in a small bakery and have really started learning the difference in commercial baking supplies compared to residential stuff you buy at your regular box stores. I really love the sheet trays at work and wanted to purchase some for home and these were PERTECT! They are just like the ones I use at work.

    Posted on

    This aluminum sheet pan is great for baking my daughter's chocolate chip cookies. Just the right size and easy for her to clean up! The pan cools off within minutes so it is easier to maneuver in our small kitchen. I will definitely buy more of these as they are needed.

    from Panola Pepper Corporation Posted on

    Great product, well worth the money! The baking pan is sturdy, but lightweight. After baking with it a few times, everything has turned out great and evenly cooked with perfect crust.

    Posted on

    I was really impressed when I got them. Really good quality for the price. They are easy to wash and clean. They are perfect for my mexican restaurant for serving tacos and quesadillas. Love them!

    from La Taqueria Posted on

    These are perfect for my home cookie business. I fit about 12-15 full size cookies or 30- 36 minis on a sheet. I refrigerate may cookies before baking so having a lot of them helps keep me moving so I'm not waiting on trays to cool.

    Posted on

    Awesome pan for they money. It doesn't bend in the oven under hot temperatures like other pans. It does scratch fairly easily (i have scratched it with the green side of a scotch brite sponge) but that doesn't affect the function of the pan.

    Posted on

    Strong baker sheet that looks like it will be durable and last quite while. Also like that it didn't warp after use which many other cheaper alternatives do.

    Posted on

    These half sheet pans are just the right size for holding prepped items for labs. They are the right weight to make transport to the bun rack without spilling. Sturdy.

    from Whitehall School District Posted on

    Great baking sheets at a very economical price! I bought a load of these, and they're great! They're durable and perfect for the 1/2 size convection oven I use. I've had some other pans warp before, but these are still sturdy so far!

    Posted on

    I love these pans! I use them for all my cookies at our bakery and they always bake them perfectly. I would strongly recommend. Good price too!

    Posted on

    I love these sheet pans! A great value for such a staple item in my kitchen! It fits on my baker's racks, and it's the perfect size to transport my projects back and forth from home and work. I will definitely be buying more!

    from Cakes by Kristi Posted on

    This is a great pan! I don't treat these pans very well but they hold up to the abuse. They haven't bent or deformed in any way. Plenty strong to hold up to the heaviest roast you can fit on it. Great price and will definitely buy more of these.

    Posted on

    These are exactly as described. They are very sturdy and bake & wash well. So happy we made the purchase. I may get a couple more for bigger batches.

    Posted on

    These pans are very welled made. Extremely sturdy, thick & welled made. You can not go wrong with these pans. They stay straight & flat. Can handle large repeated usage. Do not let the price fool you. These pans are the way to go.

    from Antoinette Bakery Posted on

    Over repeated use I have found some discoloration starting, but they do also occasionally get run through the dishwasher so that could be part of the problem too. My biggest disappointment is that when you wash them water often gets caught in the rim so it can be tricky to dry sometimes, otherwise I have been well pleased.

    Posted on

    These pans work well and bake evenly. They are a nice weight and feel to them. The only problem is that they discolor. I have had this happen to all of the pans in all different sizes. Not sure why it is happening. It discolors as shown in the photo and all I did was bake a batch of cookies!

    Posted on

    This 18 x 13 half size bun pan is the perfect addition to any household. It's sturdy, not flimsy, and large enough to spread out cinnamon rolls so they don't get stuck together.

    Posted on

    Our 2-year-old trays have gotten a lot of wear, but they are still going strong! We use these all the time. We are surprised at the high quality for the price. These have been far more useful than we ever anticipated, and they still have a nice sheen to them with all our wear and tear. Very sturdy for their light weight. They also store easily. They have not warped or bent at all after 2 years of use. All 3 that we bought still nest into one another for efficient storage and tons of use!

    Posted on

    I actually went to webstaurant to purchase a different brand of sheet pan and this came up as the recommended option to save money. I decided to give it a shot and try them out. I was initially a little disappointed because they feel lighter and a little thinner than my others and they scratch really easily. However, I have used them a ton and they cook more evenly than my older pans and the scratches don't interfere with baking performance.

    Posted on

    Good quality sheet pans for all your random needs in the restaurant, We use these for everything. they have been very reliable through the years!

    from Mesa Grande Taqueria Posted on

    I really like these sheep and I love that there multi use I use them for my cookies and my brownies there's such a great price too

    from Sweet treats Posted on

    Even heat, great baking. I love the perforated ones a little bit better for cookies, but these are wonderful for cakes and other pan-filling treats.

    Posted on

    Half sheet pan does what it is intended to. Strong wire rim keeps the pans from twisting when heated. Seems you can never have enough of these around the kitchen, useful in many ways.

    from HomeGrown Eats Posted on

    Nice, affordable pans. I've used them to roast veggies and potatoes and they work great. One issue though ... I used them for apple bars and when I went to cut the bars with a butter knife, the knife left impressions in the pan. I was hoping they would be harder than that. I might have to spring for the thicker gauge pans for bars.

    Posted on

    I ordered a few of these half size sheet pans and they work great on my rack to cool cupcakes and cakes. I will be ordering more.

    from Jacky's Baked Goods Posted on

    I have several of these that I use for baking cookies, rolls and bacon. They are well made and pair nicely with the quilon coated sheets from this site.

    from Susie Qusie Chocolate Fountain Posted on

    This was fantastic, very sturdy and well made. For the price you can't beat it. This should be twice the price. This didn't require to much elbow grease to clean either. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it came with lots of scratches. Other than that very pleased with product, will purchase again.

    from The J Spot Posted on

    Have used this sheet pan for making cookies and no complaints so far. I haven't noticed any warping and I feel confident moving this in and out a hot oven. I think for the price you can't go wrong.

    Posted on

    I have used my pans a number of times. they bake the food more evenley and are easy to clean. i am going to order more of these pans, they also fit niceley in the oven.

    Posted on

    These pans were super sturdy and beautiful. They bake nicely and work wonderfully for jelly roll cakes, cookies, and so much more! I ordered two of these for my home!

    Posted on

    Sturdy Baking tray that is easy to clean and fits a half size draining tray. Works in an average residential oven and still tough enough for commercial use.

    Posted on

    Great pan that has a ton of uses. You can roast vegetables, bake cookies, etc. The quality is good. I haven't experienced any warping. Worth it for the price.

    Posted on

    The Baker's Mark pan has so many uses in the kitchen it's great for cakes,pies,muffins, Hoagy rolls and the price and quality are top notch from WEBstaurantStore.

    Posted on

    Nice baking pan uses are endless roasting,baking or as support for pies and cakes great price from WEBstaurantStore.

    Well made, durable, easy to clean, and effective. It works perfectly with my draining grate that i bought from same company for cooling foods and also great with my silicone sheet. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a high quality pan for a reasonable price.

    Posted on

    These are simple durable and cheap. We always use parchment paper so these stay in really good shape. Now warping, bending or denting. Would recommend for application where smaller sheets are needed.

    from Alpendough Posted on

    These aluminum half sheet pans are absolutely amazing! They don't warp or buckle when heated in the oven and they are the perfect size. I make so many things with these from roasted vegetables, bacon with drip tray laying on the pan, shish-ka-bobs, sweets, to even spa products. This makes a great, sturdy foundation for my lotion bars to harden. I will be purchasing more. Thank you!

    from Morning Glory Teahouse Posted on

    Can't beat the price, seen half sheets in stores that easily cost 2x, 3x the price. Lost my previous purchase during my move, will definitely replace.

    Posted on

    Literally a hero in my kitchen. Not only perfect for baking cookies and sheet cakes but also great for butchering and prepping meat. It is very useful not only in my kitchen but also around the house!

    Posted on


    from REDBAKES Posted on

    Pans are great and sturdy. I loved that they came with divider sheets between all of them so they didn't scratch each other during shipment.

    Posted on

    This is one of the best purchases I've made off of webstaurant... we use these for everything. They are easy to clean, stand up to daily use great!

    from PROJECT: feed me Posted on

    this is a decent sheet pan for the price. I'd like a heavier sheet pan so will order a different brand next time. Overall, good product for the price

    Posted on

    These are quality sheet pans, they are exactly as described and can take some abuse, they are a staple in my kitchen and I can't live without them

    Posted on

    I buy and use a lot of sheet trays, so I try to find the best quality pans, but not break the bank. These are thick, flat, tough and a great price. Cover them with parchment and they'll stay shiny for years.

    Posted on

    These baking pans serve multiple purposes from Biscuits to pies and lots in between. I go through them often. I find that these trays over time are just cheaper to replace than worrying about a chemical or a long cleaning process.

    from MAC-STO Posted on

    i bought these for cake baking but I am using them for pizza pastry and everything else. Great size and price. I ordered most of the various sizes.

    Posted on

    good baking pan, use pam spray or parchment paper to line this pan. pair with the same size grates for your frying needs, really good addition to the kitchen

    Posted on

    These are great pans! Very sturdy and solid. Not flimsy or lightweight. They bake items evenly and clean-up is super easy. The half size is perfect for the average kitchen oven and standard sized kitchen sink....these pans fit easily. I also have the Bun Pan Rack and each shelf of my rack holds two of these pans so I get twice the amount of storage for my cookies. Webstaurant makes things a breeze to order and they have fast shipping. You must have these pans if you like to bake!

    Posted on

    These are two of my Baker's Mark half size aluminum sheet pans. I have them in my pan rack holding cookies out of the way while the cookies dry. These are sturdy pans! Love them!!!

    We use this for all kinds of things! Salsa, cheese, tea, silverware, you name It! Wonderful item. Will be purchasing more at a later time

    Posted on

    Nice aluminum pan, makes a beautiful Half Sheet pizza. Being 19 Gauge Wire in Rim, we cook half sheet pizzas in under 8 minutes. Great Price too!

    from Raymondo's Pizza & Summertime Treats Posted on

    These pans are really great, the quality is amazing and the price cannot be beat. I would definitely get these in multiple sizes in the future.

    Posted on

    This pan is great for baking sweet, savory, or both. It's lightweight yet durable. It cleans easily and looks great use after use. A practical purchase turned out to be one of the best.

    Posted on

    These pans are awesome quality! I love the matching plastic lids sold separately, I can roll out my pastries the night before and bake them off in the morning. is the only place I shop for all my baking needs. Great product and service every time.

    from Kern Valley Farm Posted on

    Nicely made, does not feel cheap, I have used it for a few weeks now and it does not bend or crack. For the money, you absolutely cannot beat it

    from FITfoodNJ Posted on

    Solid pan at a great price! Thick gauge aluminum means these cook super evenly. I use them mostly for cookies, brownies and bacon (combined with a drain grate for the bacon). Cut parchment a bit few inches longer than the pan and you'll have handles to lift out brownies when they're done cooking!

    Posted on

    This sheet pan is great. Great value for low-volume use. For anything above a busy cafe level or storage, I'd recommend a heavier gauge. Overall I'm pleased. Would recommend.

    Posted on

    Sheets are sturdy, clean well, and are resistant to warping in high heat. Work well for oven work such as pizza or breads, and do not stain. Lightweight

    from home Posted on

    Used for macarons

    A really a great value! We use them for storing very small and expensive oil bottles as well as a good base for mixing bowls when moving from room to room.

    from goobsi Posted on

    The price on these sheet pans was exceptional! They are nice and sturdy and will last us for a long time. Defiantly something worth buying

    Posted on

    I love these pans! I make a lot of fudge and these pans are perfect! The fudge comes out easily and after multiple uses they still look great.

    from Doing Life Better Posted on

    one of the best deals on here. This fits perfectly in a conventional household oven. It is shiny, clean and does its job. I use the silicon baking sheets on top of it to create a non-stick surface

    Posted on

    If you are looking for your typical sheet pan at a great price that will (hopefully) last a long time, this is what I would recommend to purchase. I was happy I did!

    from The CO-OP Bar & Grill Posted on

    good heavy duty, well made! great for bread, cookies and stuff like that! i will add i like too use a baking mat. great product !

    Posted on

    Great pan for great price. Easy to manipulate. Light but durable. We use them not just for baking but also to present our sandwiches in our deli case.

    from Tom Posted on

    Great economy product. As description states, do not throw in the dishwasher! I would not recommend any heavy roasting on these trays that would require scrubbing with a scourer to clean. I have had bad luck even soaking these in dish soap - after a while the metal pits pretty bad & pans don't really look safe to cook on anymore. Still, at this price they are easily replaceable.

    Posted on

    I loved these pans so much I had to buy more! They are very sturdy, heat evenly and the rimmed edges are very helpful. The parchment sheets fit perfectly!

    Posted on

    easy to clean just the right size and great quality. I will never buy baking sheets anywhere else. Great price, shipping comes fast, and the family love the cookies I broke them in on.

    Posted on

    Sheet pan is a good size and fits cookies, bread, and more well. I recommend it, and it is a great price for the value.

    Posted on

    I use these pans for both personal and commercial use. I go through pans every few months, as oil leaks through and or food gets stuck on ( even after prep or cleaning). I am able to replace at a fraction of the price. SO happy I do not have to buy a whole case too!

    Posted on

    These pans are great for all your baking needs, you can make rolls, cookies or chicken, if you use them along with parchment paper, it makes cleanup even easier,

    Posted on

    I love these half size pans. Use them for baking cookies, roasting chiles, hauling things around the kitchen, you name it. Will definitely be purchasing more of these.

    from The Farmacy Posted on

    Green chiles ready for roasting.

    This pan has been a great addition to my kitchen, and has replaced many of my other pans for general baking. I love using it for baking pizzas as well. I definitely love its durability and good construction. You won't be disappointed!

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    Extremely good price!! These little trays work great in a conventional home oven. easily get a dozen cookies on a sheet. Great value for the price!

    from The Homestead Posted on

    Got these for home use. Really solid sheet pans! No wobble or shake that you gey with some of the cheap ones! Greatly recommended for anyone who loves to cook and bake!

    Posted on

    Very durable. I've had these for 2 years and they haven't warped. I use them for baking cookies, roasting, and making candy. I definitely recommend this product.

    Posted on

    Really great trays. Sturdy but not too heavy to carry when full. They hold up really well. You can use them to bake with and they fit perfectly into our oven which is great!

    from boeuf & bun corp. Posted on

    This is my favorite sized sheet tray. So versatile. Not just for the oven but for the walkin and for the shelves to store some station mis en place.

    from Caiolas Posted on

    These are pretty standard baking sheets but I appreciate the quality for the price and use them in my business every day. They are a little bit thinner than some baking sheets out there but I haven't experienced any burning or hot spots despite this and would recommend them to anyone looking to get some good baking sheets without paying a ton !

    Posted on

    I said to my self, ill by these for now and ill get GOOD ONES when I have some more money. Boy I was wrong, If i need to buy more i'm buying these.

    from Fusion Tapas Posted on

    Great pans, I got 4 of these and use them all day every day. They have held up so far after 8 months) with no real damage, warping denting or much wear & tear. I would definitely recommend this product and plan to get a few more.

    from The Duke House Tea Room and Bakery Posted on

    I must admit I was a little skeptical has to how quality these pans would be for the price, but they are actually nice heavy duty pans. Very pleased.

    Posted on

    Half-Size Sheet Pan

    Purchased these bun pans for Christmas gifts for my kids and they have put them to use and enjoy having them, also purchased two for myself

    from work Posted on

    This pan is awesome quality. I love the fact thhat the pans are very shiny, Very durable, and very sturdy. I have not trued the pan out yet.

    Posted on

    These are heavy duty sheet pans. Just make sure you wash them good before you use them. I use Teflon sheets to avoid transfers any unwanted tastes from the sheet pan.

    Posted on

    this pan is very use full to bake in oven like cake,brownie, fries, and i recommended to buy it is really good pan compression to price

    from vk carters Posted on

    I use this 1/2 sheet pans at my bakery. Having good quality sheet pans is very important when you bake. So far this product and been amazing!

    from the republic of chocolate Posted on

    I ordered the full size version of this pan a few months ago and it's fantastic. It's very thick and sturdy and won't rust or warp in the heat like other pan I've used. The only word of caution when ordering is that my pan was packaged on the bottom of a box with several other items on top and it got a bit scratched and dented in transit. The damage is all very superficial but something to keep in mind when you order it that you will want to stay away from including heavy or sharp items within the same order if possible.

    from Home Use Posted on

    These pans were a little different than I was expecting but were still great! They are more shiny than I anticipated so I had to adjust baking times so my cookies didn't burn. They are sturdy and amazing pans for the price. I will be buying more of them!

    from TS Cookies Posted on

    I use these pans everyday to bake cookies and they are great! They are sturdy and my cookies cook evenly. I haven't had any issues and these get quite a workout in my convection oven. The price, as always, is fantastic!

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    Perfect size for all baking. Much easier to handle than the full size pans. Especially when baking meatballs or other heavier items. Also fits in the sink!

    from Giant Pizza Posted on

    love,love,love these pans you can put a whole bunch of cookies on these to bake, and they slide right off. also good for displaying items with lid you can get

    from canine acres bakery Posted on

    Beautiful! A wonderful multi-use kitchen necessity. Tray do show wear and tear after a couple uses and subject to the usual grease scorching but overall pleased with the quality for the price.

    from Mint Culinary LLC Posted on

    These sheet pans are good quality and easy to clean. They are sturdy but not too heavy and clunky. They're a great buy and we recommend them!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    I love the quality which matches or meets those I have purchesed other places. At a much better price! So glad I found this site!

    from Baking Memories Posted on

    Great heavy duty half sheet pan that I generally use it as a drip pan. The pan is strong and doesnt warp compared to my other pans but the only con I would think is the gap in the rolled edges that water logs and is hard to drain completely.

    Posted on

    These half sheet pans really get the job done. Work great for cookies, cakes, and any other baking needs in our bakery. Easy clean up too!

    from Barton's Flowers and Bake Shop, LLC Posted on

    Half sheet holding our dessert cupcakes

    These are great sheet pans! They fit perfectly in the countertop oven I ordered from Webstaurant. They are also very durable and easy to clean, making them a perfect addition to my kitchen.

    Posted on

    We use these as our main way to serve and display doughnuts. We wash them at least once, sometimes twice a day. Dirt comes right off in the dishwasher, and they have held up remarkably well, considering the abuse they get in our shop.

    from glazed doughnut shop Posted on

    This bad boy is just your all around great half sheet pan. Have used it as a storage tray in the fridge, roasting pan for potatoes, and even baking breads. Zero complaints. No warping issues at all.

    Posted on

    I had been using cheap baking pans from the big box stores for years, but I saw every chef and cooking show host using sheet pans instead. These are a great price and have worked wonderfully for all my baking needs!

    Posted on

    These are very durable sheet pans. I put my cakes on them when baking, as well as for drying fondant and gumpaste pieces on my sheet pan rack. They have held up well over that last 6 years and I'm very happy with the quality.

    from Jennie's Cake Creations Posted on

    thousands of hydrangeas drying =)

    Awesome sheet pans. We use these for everything from storing to baking. This is the best price we could find anywhere. Fast shipping with a great company.

    Posted on

    We have found we do not use the half size pans nearly as much as the full size, but when we do, these pans are great. They are heavy and good quality.

    from Meacham Hams Inc Posted on

    use it all the time, fits my oven very well, and clean up is a cinch. nice product.bakes well and cleans well. cookies bake well also

    Posted on

    Clean, functional, affordable, fits in every oven we have and is the most used sheet pan we use from cookies, to cakes and even to croutons!

    Posted on

    multi purpose size is great for us, not too big not too small

    Very nice, Thick, sturdy, well constructed. Each one is the same size and they stack nicely. Clean up is easy when used with the pre-cut parchment paper that is the same size as the baking sheets.

    Posted on

    These baker’s mark pans have definitely surpassed my expectations. They don’t bend and pop while in the oven and still have a clean finish and excellent shine. 10/10 would buy again.

    Posted on

    Nice sturdy aluminum sheet pan. They have not warped under the daily use and extreme temps. Its used on a daily basics and one of our go to pans for baked goods.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    We use these daily for baking - they will fit easily in a standard size oven, and they also fit perfectly on a baker's rack.

    from Hope Mountain Farm Posted on

    I've used these baking sheets up for 450 degrees (F) so far and have not had any problems with bowing or uneven baking. They're very sturdy and durable. My only critique is that it is nearly impossible to wash them without leaving water marks on the baking sheets, but this is purely cosmetic and doesn't alter the effectiveness of the baking sheets.

    from Baked With Love LLC Posted on

    I debated getting the half she size pan ( I bought three of the full size) but I don't regret it. This size has been very useful for the super detailed cookies since those are usually a smaller part of the order and I don't run the risk of ruining them by accident.

    Posted on

    Has so many functions!

    These half sheet pans are the perfect size for what we needed. They have a durable and solid feel to them and they have a high shine finish which is easy to clean. These are an awesome value and I see them holding up well to heavy use.

    from Deliciously Dipped Posted on

    These are great, and so inexpensive. They hold up really well to heavy, heavy use. Cleaning with a little peroxide shines them right up again, without oven cleaner. Highly recommended!

    from Victoria Pie Co. Posted on

    I use these for everything from baking cookies to macarons, to making chocolate bark. This is the best price I have found for these pans. Definitely recommend.

    Posted on

    Baking Trays

    I used my Baker's Mark Half Size 19 Gauge 18" x 13" Wire in Rim Aluminum Bun / Sheet Pan for the first time cooking something simple... a pot pie. The pan is flimsy and not as thick as its quarter sized partner #407BUNQRTR I would recommend finding a different pan as this one flexes.

    from Furniture Forager Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Mike! We're sorry you did not like this sheet pan. Try this Vollrath 5303 Wear-Ever Heavy Duty Half Size 18 Gauge Aluminum Bun / Sheet Pan for a pan with a lower gauge for added durability.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I've bought both this sheet pan and the comparable one made by Advance Tabco (Advance Tabco 18-8A-13 Half Size 18 Gauge Aluminum Sheet Pan - Wire in Rim, 18" x 13"). I'm very happy with the sturdiness and performance of both - both are robust, with a good non-stick coating, and both seem to resist discoloration well. I prefer the Baker's Mark version because it is slightly lower priced.

    Posted on

    Overall I love the pans! I order two of these and had been looking for a long time. The price on these was ideal and the quality is pretty good. Love webstaurant store! However, both of these pans came with some sort of imperfection. They are both different pans. I was disappointed with the imperfections and also the weight of the pans. However, they get the job done and I will be preventing further imperfections by using silicone mats. :) Overall, I am pleased with my purchase. Let's see how long they last. I bake quite a bit and will exclusively be using these.

    Posted on

    The sturdy aluminum allows for a nice even heating. The smooth finish makes it easy to clean. This also fits perfectly inside a standard oven.

    from Go cheez Posted on

    I like these baking sheets, and think they were a great deal. Unfortunately one of mine came in and had many dents in it. The other two I ordered soon collected a few more dents. Despite this I use them a lot, and they work very well. Just not super durable

    Posted on

    The pros of this sheet pan is the price. They are very economical. However the con is that they when they are very hot that buck in the can be dangerous. A stiffer pan would prevent this but if you aren't concerned with high temperatures they are just right.

    from LUV Ice Cream Posted on

    These half size sheet pans are perfect for my home baking business. Durable for 19ga and I've never had one warp. By far has the best price I've ever seen for these sheet trays!

    from Little Bear Baked Goods Posted on

    These are my favorite pans in the kitchen. Perfect for small baking jobs such as individual servings rather than having to use a full size. I have a bunch of these and they hold up very well. No warping or buckling and clean up easily. I do not recommend putting them in the dishwasher as they will discolor.

    Posted on

    These are good quality and low priced. We purchased for use in our countertop convection oven and our food warmer. Since these are aluminum, they conduct heat very well.

    from Capital City Creamery Posted on

    Excellent pan, it doesn't warp in the oven at all (I've had some nonstick pans do that). Works just as well for roasting vegetables as it does baking cookies!

    Posted on

    These are absolutely necessary for any food service establishment. Very durable, and super easy to clean because of the quality of the aluminum. Price is outstanding!

    from Plan 9 Alehouse Posted on

    Getting new sheet pans is reminiscent of getting new school supplies as a kid! So shiny. So flat. So much love. Also, a really great price point for this product.

    Posted on

    Exactly what I expected, especially for the price. The sheets bake evenly, don't bulge and are easy to clean. I can highly recommend this item.

    from The Salty Pretzel Company Posted on

    Great pan to fit in our blast chiller. Good value, shipped super fast and the quality we expect from Webstaurant store. We would order again!

    from Bake Me Happy, LLC Posted on

    Great price on these pans. Good item to add on to an existing order - you can never have too many full sheet pans in a busy kitchen!

    from Ode To Food & Drinks Posted on

    These baking pans are your very basic sheet pans. It is good for basic baking. It is super cheap for a 19 gauge aluminum baking sheet.

    Posted on

    A smaller version of the 18"x26" that is great for half recipes of cookies or pastries and keeps you from dirtying up larger pans when the extra space is not needed.

    Posted on

    Excellent quality! They loose their shine after a dozen or so uses but they remain sturdy and easy to wipe down. When paired with matching parchment paper linings these are unbeatable in terms of baking, proofing, freezing, retarding, you name it!

    Posted on

    This is a high quality pan at an unbeatable price. We use this style side by side with stainless steel pans and love the aluminum. They are light weight and haven't shown any signs of warping

    from Gorge Kitchen Posted on

    The Baker's Mark Half Size 19 Gauge 18" x 13" Wire in Rim Aluminum Bun / Sheet Pan was just what we needed and the price was on point,

    from HJS SERVICES Posted on

    These pans are great quality for the price! I pair these with the bun pan rack that I recently bought from WEBstaurant store, and the fit perfectly!

    from Just Beat It Bakery Posted on

    Works great, food comes out/pff easily, easy to clean. Will certainly order again if we need more or need to replace the ones we have now. Great size.

    from Cresthill Academy Posted on

    This is a must in my kitchen. No more need to use smaller sheet pans. I get the job done quicker and better. The rim allows me to make cookies, vegetables, rolls, and much more with ease. They are very sturdy, easy to clean and I feel are a must in all kitchens.

    from Floral Creations Posted on

    Smaller sheet pan that allows versatility on the foods types to store since two of these sheet pans fit on one line of the sheet pan rack. Even though they are smaller, they are still as strong as the larger ones.

    from El Habanero Posted on

    I ditched my current baking sheets for these aluminum half sheets and I am so glad I did. These are fantastic, sturdy, baking sheets. The lip around the entire pan is very convenient. I've used these sheets for a few different items so far ( baking cookies, roasting vegetables, etc) and there are no signs of warping. Clean up is a breeze. My only issue is that I ordered 3 of these pans, and one of them arrived with dings and scratches on the surface. The other two were great.

    Posted on

    Half size sheet pan

    Thank you for the review! We are thrilled to hear that these pans have worked so well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly about the dented pan.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Perfect size for baking a sheet cake or cookies in a standard size oven. I made the mistake and purchased the full it did not fit my so I ordered the half sheet and it fit my Standard size oven. I have had 2 of these for over 20 years and they were looking a bit used so the nice shiny ones I purchased are ready to go to work.

    Posted on

    What bakery is complete without about a hundred of these? They are great. They hold up well to multiple uses throughout the day as well as being transferred directly from the freezer to the over.

    from Treva's Pastries and Fine Foods Posted on

    For the price, these cannot be beat. I use these pans for everything from baking cookies and roasting chicken to storing and transporting cake pops to events. *One that I ordered arrived with a large scratch and customer service immediately sent me a new pan with no hassle at all...Thank you Webstaurant!

    Posted on

    A very inexpensive way to display our baked goods and have them look really nice. We use them just for display and like them very much.

    from The Hungry Pelican Posted on

    The Baker's Mark Half Size 19 Gauge 18" x 13" Wire in Rim Aluminum Bun / Sheet Pan fits our oven great. They are the perfect size for a small operation like us

    from Sidellis Lake Tahoe Posted on

    These are a great buy for this price! Sturdy and easy to clean. I also use them in the freezer with the matching cover and works great!

    from Sweet Treats by Sonia Posted on

    We purchased these for every day baking and also purchased covers to store baked goods on...they are holding up quite well...the aluminum is of a lesser weight but durable enough..can show dents or cuts if mistreated so I set a couple aside just for the hardcore cooking.

    Posted on

    this half sheet pan works great! I keep plenty on hand and use them for numerous tasks. I have had no problems with working even at temperatures above 500°. Very pleased!

    Posted on

    They look so shiny when new. Too bad they're not going to stay like that for too long. And item that will be on my rebuy list for a long time. It is of good quality, and fits very well in the convection oven, and allows the food to cook evenly.

    from Vamcomplex USA Posted on

    No burned rolls with this pan. Nice even heat distribution. Pan is a great size, also clean up was super easy. I highly recommend this pan.

    from Kreations by Kim Posted on

    This pan is great quality for the price. We use these trays as prep trays and they are super easy to clean and maintain. I also love that the pans come in several different sizes.

    from Louami's Posted on

    Use these pans for cookies all the time. Make cookies buy the dozens. The pans heat evenly and come clean, very easy to use Would recommend these pans to everyone

    Posted on

    I just want to say to whom packed my items to please not stick that hard to get off sticker on the front of the pan., it took me forever to get it off. Other than that this pan is nice and sturdy. Very durable.

    Posted on

    I purchased one of these along with the companion drip screen. Its excellent quality and very heavy duty. It's actually had a lot of beating up since I've had it with in this last week. And not one single dent. I will definitely be back to buy a couple more along with the companion drip screen. I will also recommend to all of my friends and family. Thank you WEBstaurant store for the excellent quality and price of this item.

    from Todd's Kitchen Posted on

    This is a fantastic sheet pan. I use it for making foccacia. It is perfect as it is thinner than most and therefore allows for the foccacia or pizza to cook evenly and not get soggy. i had researched extensively to find an aluminum higher gauge (thinner pan). Webstaurant is awesome to find just anything you may need. I received the pan VERY quickly as they have great ordering/shipping times!

    Posted on

    Sturdy and great. Good price compared to the one in the wholesale store around our area. It is still shiny and clean after using twice a day since I bought this pan.

    from Atrium DC Corp Posted on

    Like the full size aluminum sheet pan I love that this is smaller. It fits perfect in a counter top size oven. Cleans just as easy.

    Posted on

    I love the quality of these aluminum baking pan's… I will use these for years, very durable and perfect for my half sheet oven. Great product

    from Violette's fine pastries Posted on

    These half sheet pans are perfect for our smaller batches of fruit and nut bars. They wash up easily and have not warped. Very happy

    from Botto's Bakery Posted on

    Very good pan. We like the size of this for baking small or delicate items that need more attention. Also works well if you have smaller staring style ovens too.

    from Piccolo Restaurant Posted on

    purchased this item about a month ago. It fits perfectly into my half sized convection oven. The thickness of the material is more than I had expected. Will buy this item again.

    from Sauder's Landing Posted on

    This is a great size pan to have. Not too big and not too small. Works really good for small batches of brownies, cookies and biscuits.

    from CG's Pizza Posted on

    Besides the obvious of using for baking, I use these pans for other things. Cake transport, cupcake storage! These are handy and great for baking and in my bakery everything is double duty.

    Posted on

    We love these half sheet pans. We need lots of them, so we brought these in dozens, good deal for the great price. They are nice pans!!!

    Posted on

    Pans arrive individually wrapped in plastic bags. However, in order to use them (or gift them, as I like to do), they need to be washed as they have manufacturing residue (oil?) on them. Don't brown yeast rolls as well as I'd like.

    from S. Carp Posted on

    sturdy and well designed. I will be using this item in my kitchen for many different functions for years to come. very happy with the quality and will be purchasing more in the future as needed.

    from Chad Fenner Posted on

    Great pan, great price. I've had these pans for a few weeks and I have no complaints. I wil definitely be buying more products from this company.

    Posted on

    These Half Size 19 Gauge Aluminum Bun / Sheet Pan - Wire in Rim, 18" x 13" are nice and sturdy, bake nice and evenly, nice and thick- great deal

    Posted on

    I love these pans! I use them mostly for cookies, but also to hold ingredients for cooking, such as produce. They're light weight but thick quality material. Fits easily on my cooling rack. Easy to clean and store. I probably have well over 2 dozen.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    Holding all the ingredients to our veggie pot pies.

    I buy these by the dozen! They are used for everything from roasted veg, cookies to freezing berries! They are not a super heavy duty sheet pan, BUT the price is great for the product we receive, which is always a plus! I would personally not use these with heavy foods as they do bend a little and bang up easily. I wash by hand, and always use my parchment paper liners (from this site), so cleaning is easy. I have received a few bun pans with scratches and dents and the customer service from Webstaurant is great and replaced no questions- thank you for that!

    from Smithey House Posted on

    I have had these pans for a year now, and, they still are just as beautiful as the day I started using them. They are strong. No bending, no warping, and, I sure have put them thru some use. From freezer to oven, and from oven to freezer, these pans take a beating. You will not have any problems with these.

    from Sugarush Posted on

    Nice heavy sheet pans. They don't wobble in the middle like cheaply made pans do so I can put them in the oven one handed.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    This is a fantastic half sheet pan! Excellent quality, even heating and perfect size for my family. Paired with the draining grate it makes a perfect set!

    Posted on

    Good for the price this was way much better than the signature kind of half sheet pan this so sturdy aluminum well easy to wash easy to store we buy more when needed !!!

    from ashlexdrei tradings Posted on

    Great solid pan. Not too heavy but not cheaply made. Looks so beautiful right now; I didn't want to bake with them! Easy to clean.

    from Chef Stef Posted on

    Won't bend or dent, work great for items that need to be refrigerated, not only in the oven. Heavy duty use in our case and no problem.

    from Carla T. Posted on

    This is the cheapest place to find these thick sheet pans. Great for baking because the pan is thick and cookies won't burn as quick.

    Posted on

    Great size, even better quality. We love the 19 gauge, much nicer than others at 23 gauge. Holds up in the serving/washing process very well.

    Posted on

    best purchase ever, you can't go wrong with this baking sheet, I use it for everything, and they are easy to clean and make storing products a lot easier

    from Angel's Bake Shop Posted on

    Great and very useful half-sheet pans for busy kitchens,they look better than the pics.The best price on the market and I strongly recommend to you.

    from TRIX LTD. Posted on

    These are one of the most used items in our kitchen and these pans have held up beautifully. They wash easily and bake evenly which is important for a busy bakery.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    Custom tennis racket cookies are easy to decorate on the 1/2 size bun pans at Bakeshop Las Vegas!

    Hi this half size pan is the best quality 19 gauge and for the best price Thank you for your good item your a valid Costumer thank you again

    from The Ice Cream Factory Posted on

    These pans are great for baking cookies and fit perfectly on my half sheet rolling rack. they fit great on the shelves of my oven

    Posted on

    An okay pan. The price is good, but the pan is considerably lighter in weigh than what I was looking for. They do not bake the same as my heavier pans.

    from Just like Home Posted on

    These sheet pans are a great deal for the price. Even for a household usage they work great, and it's easy to find use even for a 12 pack. The quality is great, very durable and with a nice finish. I brought them all the way to Brazil, as you can not find anything even close to this quality for such a low price. Great buy.

    Posted on

    These sheet pans are attractive, sturdy and easy to clean. They fit perfectly in the small convection oven we use at our snack shop to bake donuts.

    from Spring Street Treats Posted on

    I was really pleasantly surprised at the heavy-duty quality of these! I wasn't sure how they would be being so affordable, but they really are great pans. I use them for everything and they are easy to handle and not too big compared to the full size pans!

    from Sophisticakes Posted on

    These sheet pans are perfect. They are strong and durable. They have a shiny finish which is nice. One drawback is how they are shipped with a blue protective film on them. It is a little difficult and time consuming to remove. But once you get past that, these are well worth the money.

    Posted on

    I purchased these for my bun pan rack and they work great! and is a must for any bakery but they are not as strong as other ones I had, but for the money I spent on them you really can't beat it I use the daily

    Posted on

    I use these pans for anything and every thing imaginable

    Hooray! It's great that Webstaurant store carries these half-sheets for such a great price. They stand up to daily use in my bakery. A must have and a great buy.

    Posted on

    These sheets pans are a great value for the price. They are thick enough to use for baking cakes as well as buns or breads. I bought 12 almost 3 years ago and all all still in use every day with no issues whatsoever.

    Posted on

    This aluminum bun / sheet pan is exactly what we needed in our Kitchen. We use these items so much, so it's important to have quality products like this.

    from Union Kitchen Posted on

    I looooooooove these things! Sturdy, lightweight, and produces an even bake on everything I have ever made on it. Our commercial kitchen is shared with other businesses that use the house sheet trays. We always get compliments on ours...and some have even been stolen :( But hey, for the price we bought a ton and plan on buying more.

    from 8 Bit Bakeshop Posted on

    Bought this in a set of 12 from Received the pan within days of placing the order and I am totally in love with it. No one can beat their prices! The pan are the perfect size and fit great with my 16.5 x 11 silicone baking mat! What is great is the wire rim. If you bake a lot, you know what i mean when your oven pop; your cheap pan warps under the high heat. Not with these, they are light sturdy and hold up with years of use. Love it.

    Posted on

    Amazing product for the price. I these are almost half of what our other suppliers charge for, they clean very well, good weight while staying sturdy.

    Posted on

    So far, we are very happy with these half size aluminum sheet pans and the price can't be better than what we find at Webstaurantstore. We would recommend this product.

    Posted on

    These pans are wonderful. I use them for just about everything. Even baking at high temperatures they don't over brown your baked goods and they don't warp like similar pans I have owned.

    Posted on

    As our business grows, we love the quick turn-around of receiving our supplies from the Webstaurant Store. These sheet pans are a great value and are really durable. Our business has been open 6 years and no complaints on our behalf!

    from THE BANKERY, LLC Posted on

    I love these pans! I bought a dozen or so for myself and other friends who like to cook too. Nice size, clean up very easily, stack nicely and are very sturdy.

    Posted on

    Great, great pans. We use these in our children's cooking school for so many different applications. We baked pretzels once or twice and the baking soda bath caused the pans to get stained from the pretzels. Oh well. It hasn't impacted them other than aesthetics. I would recommend these to anyone.

    from Bakers Buzzin' LLC Posted on

    These were an excellent value. I intend to order more, as my business grows. They're tough and resistant, while also being lightweight. I can carry a couple dozen of them easily, which is important in a small environment.

    from Sunshine and Carbs Posted on

    What a bargain! We are constantly running out of sheet trays for everything. These arrived and are beautiful. A tip to keep them looking new is to NOT put them thru your hitemp dish machine... the chemicals destroy the finish, but if you hand wash them, they should last forever! I would certainly buy these again in a heartbeat.

    from AWG Private Chefs Posted on

    we use this every day for cakes to baking of scones and cooling containers for our cupcakes. sturdy but not non-stick which we know. we love it!

    from Cre8tive Cupcake Posted on

    Feel like good quality aluminum sheet pans. Pretty standard....5 stars because of pricing. Really can't beat the deal except that you gotta buy a box of 12....but for business, not a big deal since their needed. A side note....they come nice and shiny but will tarnish like all aluminum will in the dishwasher.

    from Moffle Waffle Posted on

    No kitchen should be without these. For baking, prepping, freezing/cooling, this is a must! It's best to have several of these as they come in handy when making big meals. Can't have a well-equipped kitchen without these.

    Posted on

    Half size pans like these come in handy all the time - and the quality is excellent and durable. I bought a dozen of them for my restaurant and then bought another dozen! We use them constantly - for baking, for roasting small things like peppers, for holding ingredients on the bun rack, They clean up wonderfully and are good, heavy weight quality. I have only good things to say about them. I am sure they will last a very long time and I will be purchasing more of them!

    from 7th Heaven Cafe Posted on

    Grab a pack of those. Good quality, sturdy. I've seen way thinner pans in stores and they were more expensive. Grab a pack of parchment paper as well to make your life easier.

    Posted on

    For the price, its a good deal. I use the full size pan in this brand as well keep plenty on hand if I ever need more.

    Posted on

    I initially bought these just to make my cake decorations early. They were such great quality that they quickly became our favorite baking pans for everything we cooked.

    Posted on

    These were the economical choice and they do the job nicely. They fit well in my bun pan rack and I already wish I had ordered a dozen more!

    Posted on

    Great quality Half size Aluminum Bun Pan, Ideal for many uses, in the oven, in the fridge or freezer and essential for transporting all kind of goodies

    from Lily's Gourmet to go Posted on

    I love my half size aluminum pans. I do wash mine in the dishwasher, and they have come out fine. Although I am using a home dishwasher, maybe this makes a difference. I have a smaller sized wall oven and they fit, I was really concerned when I ordered them. I use them plain and with the pre-cut parchment paper, either way I have always had great results with them. It is so nice to be able to cook with the volume that they enable me, I wouldn't trade them for any other product.

    Posted on

    These pans are a great find! They are sturdy, wash well, and cook evenly. They are durable and hold up to heavy use in a commercial kitchen setting. I would recommend these!

    from ECC Posted on

    Very nice half sheets. I use them with the speed rack I purchased here. I purchased 24 and plan to purchase 12 to 24 more. Very good quality. Work perfect for my cookies.

    from JilliBean Creations Posted on

    These half size sheet pans are great for heavier items such as dough where a full sheet pan is too bulky. Heavy gauge aluminum stands up well to commercial use.

    Posted on

    Excellent price for the quality! I bought these for heavy use in our church bake shop. One arrived slightly dented and WEBstaurant Store credited my account for the amount without any hassle.

    Posted on

    These pans are nice to use in the rack that I bought here. Two pans per shelf. The only downfall for these is they don't wash in the dishwasher.

    from Jeannette Thompson Posted on

    Thank you for your review! While we recommend hand washing these pans, they can still be washed in a dishwasher with metal-safe detergents and sanitizers

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These pans are excellent for baking, as well as roasting vegetables. The construction is sturdy and they do not warp in the oven, even at high temps. I appreciated the liner in between each pan so that they were not scratched in transit. I do wish they could be ordered in a smaller amount.

    from WKCTC Workforce Solutions Posted on

    Recenty received the 18 Gauge Half Sheet pan. Perfect for baking everything from cookies, cakes, and pizzas. Clean up is easy. I love how they look, cook and clean!

    Posted on

    We use these for brownies, bars, and sheet cookies. They are ideal for smaller batches. They allow us to rotate more items in the oven and keep our selection up.

    from batch bakehouse Posted on

    Love these! Great for cooking of storing things on! We cook our breads on them along with cinnamon rolls and croutons. Easy to clean as well.

    from DJK Establishments, LLC Posted on

    These aluminum pans are good for the price but several of them already have black spots and I have barely used them and always dry them - do not let them stay wet long.

    Posted on

    These pans are sturdy and perfect for the at home baker, as full size pans will not fit in a home oven. They are handy for baking cookies or decorating them!

    Posted on

    these pans are nice and sturdy and are a great value. we use them with parchment to bake our cookies, scones, tarts, whatever! they're so handy, no matter how many we have it never seems to be enough!

    from uncommon grains Posted on

    We can not get enough of these- we use them for our cases, our classes and for our cooling racks- the price is the best, and they are easy to clean! They fit about 20-24 standard size cupcakes nicely!

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    These pans have a decent weight to them and hold up well to regular daily use. They heat and bake evenly, cool quickly and fit easily into our baking rack for storage.

    from Cupcakes on Command Posted on

    I'm very satisfied with the quality of this 1/2 sheet pan. We ordered them to be used in our bakery. We line them with the unbleached parchment and the cookies and granola bake evenly. After using them for a year now, there is no warping. We also purchased cooling racks to go with them and its a winning combination. And I'm pleased to say they are easier on the budget compared to others. They clean up well. Would recommend.

    from Lemondrop Bakery Posted on

    I bought a 12 pk of these aluminum sheet pans and I use them constantly. If you are even remotely serious about cooking or entertaining you need a ton of sheet pans. They're good for so many things in the kitchen, you can rapid bake batches and batches of cookies, roast pounds of veggies, or use it catch drips & spills in the oven when making pies etc. At thanksgiving I have all 12 in use. I would, and have, recommended these pans to friends and family because they work well, and at an unbelievable price. You wont feel bad if you destroy a couple of these on accident. Oh and use parchment, or foil, these are kinda a pain to clean. Still worth it, these pretty indefensible in my home kitchen.

    Posted on

    the pans are very good quality! unfortunately mine came dent Really bad because of the packaging this is the first time this ever happened to me with webstaurant the first and last one are the damage ones

    from kedbys kreations & party rental Posted on

    These pans are the best. Especially for the price, I have many and am saving for more. We use them all day long in my bakery. They bake nice and even.

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    Bought this a few months ago. Trays were very lightweight, easy to clean and fits perfectly in my rack buns. Love it. I'd be purchasing more soon.

    from AchieShobe Posted on

    Excellent half size sheet pan at a low cost makes this a super product. Heavy weight and durable to last a long time is just what I wanted.

    Posted on

    Nice pans for the price. Mine arrived with 2 dented/dinged but customer service was excellent with crediting my account. I have used them twice now and they bake evenly.

    from Katy M Posted on

    Inexpensive in price but not in quality. I have to admit I was surprised at the high quality of these pans. You can not go wrong.

    Posted on

    After searching and patiently waiting for sales and prices to drop I finally found these. I have purchased more expensive sheet pans that don't meet the demands of these. I bought my first dozen a year go and since have purchased 2 more lots. They are the perfect size for my home based business. The bottoms are a great thickness to guarantee an even browning for all of my baked goods. At this price you'd need your head examined to purchase them elsewhere. Including shipping they are less than half the price anyone else can carry them for. These are a no-brainer! :-)

    from Gudbytes Posted on

    I bake and decorate sugar cookies monthly and needed sturdy baking pans to bake my cookies in and then turn around and decorate in. These are excellent for my purpose.

    from Mimi's Minis Gourmet Baked Sweets Posted on

    We don't use these pans for baking, so I can't speak for the quality in that way, but they are perfect for holding cookies, cake pops, and frosting, stacked on the bakers rack

    from The Wicked Sweet Sugar Boutique Posted on

    Very nice sturdy sheet pan. Does not bend, scratch, or dent easily. I will be purchasing these again. has the cheapest prices and highest quality!

    from Nye Square Posted on

    Great overall value. I have bought many of these sheet pans. I think they are much better than the heavier, more expensive ones. We use them for baking and for storage.

    Posted on

    These pans are exactly what I expected. They are fairly heavy, and of commercial quality. The only issue i had was one of the pans was dented fairly badly, but it wasnt worth contacting support as the rest of the case was fine. I will defiantly be purchasing these again!

    from Sully's Tavern Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing this product! Customer service will be in contact regarding your damaged pan.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Love these sheet pans, we use them everyday. They are durable, easy to clean, and a great value. I highly recommend these sheet pans for any kitchen.

    from Artisan Bake Shop Posted on

    These pans perform well! We didn't know what to expect buying the cheapest variety of baking pans, but we've been pleasantly surprised with their quality. They provide a nice even bake consistently. And the price is right.

    from Rainbow Bakery Posted on

    I love these pans. They're inexpensive and durable. A full size parchment sheet can be cut in half to fit these pans just right. After two years of use, there's no sign that they will fail me any time soon. My husband did cut into them a few times with a pizza cutter, but it hasn't impeded their use. That's the great thing about them being aluminum. I highly recommend these over other more expensive cookie sheets, though they are best used with parchment.

    Posted on

    We got these to go with the Regency End Load Bun Pan Rack (Unassembled) in addition to the full-size sheet pans. These are perfect to store smaller batches of product, or when we don't want to mix scented soaps that we are storing and curing on the rack.

    from Steel City Organic Posted on

    We use these pans daily. In our pizza shop they do not warp and they hold there shape without failure, These are the pans to buy if you need this size.

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    We use these to run our wings through the oven. The size is great - bigger than we thought, actually. We are going to order the smaller ones from WebStaurantStore for our smaller wing orders.

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    These are a great value. I bought a dozen for our church kitchen and threw out the oddball assortment of mismatched ones we had. A great value.

    Posted on

    a very good quality alternative to the more expensive brands of half sheet pans. They hold up well the rigors of kitchen life and we use ours often.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    Great and sturdy. We use them to make a variety of products from bars, cook/chill meats. Fits easily in our blast chiller and convection ovens.

    from Yorganic Posted on

    You already know what these are. A very simple basic half pan. It doesn't stay straight forever but it will actually take years of abuse!

    Posted on

    These sheet pans really work well for us. They are good size for our ovens. I buy bulk brownies and i have even done brownies in it.

    Posted on

    This pan is a perfect all-purpose pan. I use it as a cookie sheet, in the broiler, for bread, and many other uses. Great price allowed me to stock up and buy several. You can never have enough of this type of pan in your kitchen

    Posted on

    These pans are very sturdy, they can do approx 3 loaves of stuffed bread at one time. They discolor quick, but hey that gives them character!

    Posted on

    these sheet pans have many uses. they fit perfect in my counter top convection oven. we also use as trays for coffee cups, baking browies, etc.

    from Boonies Bar and Grill Posted on

    Good pans. Very well made. I gave them a 4 star instead of 5 because they need to be about an inch or inch and a half longer than they are. They won't quite hold a disposable deep half pan, which is disappointing. Still, they do what I need them to do and I am happy overall.

    from The Brick Oven Posted on

    I can not say enough about my half size pans. I use these pans for everything! The pans hold up very well and are so easy to clean. The price is super reasonable!

    from Desiree's Desserts Posted on

    These pans are an easy fit into our ovens. At these prices you can afford to buy plenty if you do lots of baking. I highly recommend.

    Posted on

    BEST SHEET PAN : This is MY ALL-Time Favorite item here. This pan not only fits in regular ovens but you can also broil with it. I RATED THIS 2 thumbs UP!

    from Tristan's Posted on

    These pans are economical and great for making many batches of baked goods. A great general purpose item that gets a lot of use. I have one set for regular baking and another set for gluten-free.

    Posted on

    We love this bigger baking sheet to bake larger portions of bagels, cookies, etc. in our bakery. It is also convenient to have when storing because more fits on these baking sheets than does on smaller baking sheets.

    Posted on

    These trays were a very good deal compared to others I've seen. They're of good quality as well, and have held up well over the many times I've used them.

    from Sweet M's Cookies Posted on

    These are excellent sheet pans. I have probably no less than 12 of these, and each one still looks as good as it did the day that i got them...over a year ago. Very durable,easy to clean, and priced perfectly. Will order more from here as needed.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    I have piles of these. I cover them in parchment sheets and use them for everything. Cookies, candies, roasting vegetables, baking bread. I love having all the same kind of baking sheets so they stack nicely in my cabinet.

    from Chino House Posted on

    roasting vegetables

    Great pans. They were delivered very quick. they were better quality than the pans I bought at a local supply store. great price, great product.

    from Desserts by Angie Posted on

    these pans arrived quickly and were better then expected, use them all the time, they have a great finish, and are very well constructed. Would buy them again.

    Posted on

    Great price, great quality, very versitile... the perfect pan. A word of caution, do not put these on top of your will discolor them.

    from Sugarbelles Posted on

    Very shiny and sturdy halfsize sheets. Exactly what I was looking for. Came neatly packaged with liners in between. Can't beat the price really. My friends want some!

    from CookieTime Posted on

    After my first catering event with three mismatched sheet pans I bought a case of these. What a life saver! The matching pre-cut parchment sheets are great too. They clean up easily and are very durable. I'm going on four years of regular use without having to get rid of a single one. I get asked about these all the time and actually bought a case for my godmother last year.

    from Jonathan Bardzik at the Market Posted on

    These trays are really good, we have put them thru a hard test and have been using them , for the past 3 months they still look new.

    Posted on

    So glad I ordered these. High quality pans that I use all day long. Use them for baking cookies and as trays for finishing cupcakes.

    Posted on

    These Bun Sheet pan are the greatest baking sheets I have ever used, my bun brown perfectly. I love this item.will recommen to friend and family.

    from Bennett's Bread and Bun Posted on

    Very nice!! I like it so much and use all the time. Easy to clean. I received a lot of compliment from my friends and family.

    from ace study buddies Posted on

    These aluminum pans are just the right size for what we need. Great value and I would recommend these and buy again for the future.

    from Twisted Tortilla Posted on

    I bought these when I bought my bun pan rack. Excellent price and value.. The only downside is that you have to order 12 at a time, but I use these pans for just about everything so I guess it's not really a drawback.

    from Sweet Spot Posted on

    Great aluminum sheet pan! Very lightweight but heavy duty! A cant be beat price!!!! Works great with parchment paper and/or cooling racks! Great for cookies or roasting meats! Easy to maintain!!!

    Posted on

    We bought these to use in the Waring WCO500 Convection Oven. We have the ovens in more or less constant use, and the pans allow us to quickly swap items out of the oven. The reason for a 3 star review is some of the pans fit snugly, and when heated in the oven, will require moderate effort to remove.

    Posted on

    These are an amazing value! I have bought these kinds of pans for 3 times more in other retailers and I regret I hadn't found Webstaurant sooner. These pans are practical, sturdy and it seems of professional grade.

    Posted on

    baking cookies

    These sheet pans are plenty sturdy and hold their shape. I've purchased a lot of these and they've always been consistently sized. They've shown no signs of warping in the oven.

    from Sugar Fixe Patisserie Posted on

    I love these sheet pans, they are very inexpensive, but very durable. It can be use for baking and displaying. especially webstaurant has the best price of all. I definitely will buy more.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    These half size pans are such a great deal! They are really nice quality for the price and are a sturdy weight without being too heavy.

    Posted on

    Good multi-purpose pans to have, these half sheet pans are of a great quality and not expensive. Definitely recommend these pans over the more expensive ones you see at retail stores.

    Posted on

    These half size pans are a great quality for the price. Heavy duty pans don't buckle or warp in oven. We use the parchment liners and the pans clean up nicely.

    Posted on

    Excellent value! We needed a lot of these on a small budget. They're lasting better than I expected and well worth ordering extra to have on hand for the busy times.

    from Custom Confections Inc. Posted on

    These pans are excellent. They are a quality pan that goes with any type of cooking. They are light and easy to carry. They are easy to was and will be great for a home or restaurant!

    from B's Catering Posted on

    I love that these were just about three bucks each. They were individually separated when they came in the box, which prevented them from getting scratched. Super sturdy, can't imagine you'd have to replace very often. Definitely very high quality, these are better than the ones in the restaurant supply store near us!

    Posted on

    Good quality for the price. I will be ordering these again. We use them to bake breadsticks and subs on so need quite a few to get us through a day.

    Posted on

    Just what I was expecting. Heavy duty and made well. Perfect for baking hors d' oeuvres and cooking small amounts of foods. Very good choice

    Posted on

    These sheet pans are very inexpensive. They are very durable. hold there shape after being in a hot oven. Many uses from cakes, brownies, cookies and more.

    Posted on

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