Choice 1/2 Size Standard Weight Anti-Jam Stainless Steel Steam Table / Hotel Pan - 2 1/2" Deep

Item #: 4070229

Built from sturdy 24 gauge 18/8 stainless steel, this standard weight 1/2 size steam table pan features double reinforced corners that add strength where the pan takes the most abuse. Ideal for use in hot and cold tables at your catering event or buffet, this impact-resistant pan makes cleaning and refilling a breeze. Easy to use and available at a great value, this anti-jam stainless steel pan is a dependable addition to any kitchen!

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Choice 1/2 Size Standard Weight Anti-Jam Stainless Steel Steam Table / Hotel Pan - 2 1/2" Deep

4.9 stars from 71 reviews


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pans great pan price food size fit quality steel easy
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    This is a perfect pan at a perfect price. Nothing fancy here, but the quality of the construction seems to be at or above your standard commercial grade. I recommend this product.

    Posted on

    We needed a shallow half pan for use with catering and webstuarant had the best option available we could find. Shipping was fast and easy.

    from Parsnipity Enterprises Posted on

    These pans are a great fit for our chafing dishes with our catering business. They look great and perform well in the oven and on the buffet line.

    Posted on

    Very nice stainless steel pans. Safer to use than aluminum foil pans. They keep food hot or cold. They are strong and durable. They have not bent from falling every time, or from getting heated in the oven They stack easily, so we save space.

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    Excellent for baking casseroles

    We ordered two of these to use in our chafers and were so impressed that we are ordering more. These are convenient for side dishes and are very durable. You will not find this quality pan cheaper anywhere else!

    from My Chef Catering Posted on

    This pan is perfect for use in chafing dishes, the pan itself will be able to stay hot enough to keep the food held within it hot. If the item you are placing in here may have crumbs or stick easily I would suggest having a grate in the bottom of the pan.

    from Crazy Crepe Posted on

    Great stainless steel steam table or counter top warmer pan. Keeps your food warm and is very durable. This product is sold at a super price compared to all the restaurant supply stores in our area.

    from Classic Burger Group Inc. Posted on

    This is the prefect one for half size false bottom. It is a bit deeper than regular sheet pan so good for storing some items before prepping.

    Posted on

    Love these, particularly because they really are anti jam, and do not get stuck together. great for smaller events, where I can use two in one chaffer! also nice to have for extra storage and transport!

    from Deborah Matthews Posted on

    2 1/2" chaffer pan

    These pans are great and exactly what I needed for our chafers. This size of pan is good for transferring food if you're somewhere catering.

    from The Would Eye Posted on

    We ordered these pans to fit our chafers and they fit in the chafer with no issue. We have never used them for baking, but are perfect for keeping the food hot .

    from All occasions by Dunyal Posted on

    This pan is great for small catered events. You can put 2 different foods in these 1/2 pans and put 2 of them in chafers. Cuts down the amount of time you have to do setups and brechargers. Also cuts down waste of foods. I keep several of these handy.

    Posted on

    You just can't beat the price on these hotel pans. They are sized properly to fit in chafers etc. and work as you would expect. Be warned, they are really for home use. They are very light weight and wont hold up well to commercial use. If you are using these in a commercial kitchen, get heavier pans, if you are using them at home, then go for it. They have a dull lustre rather than shine, but they are not offensive to look at. They do seem to be a bit susceptible to staining as compared to our shiny stainless steel pans, though it's not really an issue for our use.

    from John C. Posted on

    Very inexpensive and light weight. Ideal for home use

    These steam table pans are great not just for storing things, they are excellent for baking! I use them as a replacement for cake pans.

    from Saxon Posted on

    These 1/2 size pans are perfect if you are doing sides at an event. It keeps you from making too much food if the party size isn't overwhelming. I would highly recommend this product !

    from GOOD TIME SMOKING Posted on

    I love that this dish is deep and we are able to store a lot of fruit into this container and it also fits into my fridge perfectly!

    from Wonderland Montessori Academy Posted on

    they look great! price is much better then restaurant depo. Iam exited to use them soon for my catering, pop up business...they look as the picture, sometimes that is the hard part of the internet shooping and iam always very careful not to buy poor quality stuff. this was a good deal:)

    from Thao Le - Thompson Posted on

    I love these pans. They are very easy to clean. The price is great. Good for anything you can possibly think of. I even bake cakes in them.

    Posted on

    Deep and holds a lot of food and works well for not only warming and steam tables, but also to cook in since stainless steel is safer and healthier for you than foil and aluminum so it's wonderful to have these for serving and cooking!

    Posted on

    Good for serving or cooking or warming especially since it's stainless steel not foil and healthier that way!

    We ordered the 1/2 size steam pans to put smaller portions of food in at our church functions. It has worked great and helpful to separate things like hamburgers/hotdogs while keeping them both warm. Great product at a great price!

    from Freedom Holy Temple Posted on

    I was concerned that these pans would not fit into my 8 qt. Chafer and they fit perfectly! These pans allow me to convert my 8 qt. Chafer into a server for two items.

    Posted on

    Great value pan for light duty use. Not necessarily the best pan for very heavy use, but great for practically any use you can think of!

    from BlinkyTech International Posted on

    Price is great with these 1/2 size pans. We are used to having very thick/heavier duty ones and was weary of this at first, but it is doing its job great!

    from home address Posted on

    I bought a few of these. Two of them fit into one Chafer dish perfectly. This was nice so we could put more variety of foods onto our food table. I use the extras to refill the food.

    Posted on

    Every catering company needs 1/2 pans. We have lots of them and the price we found on Webstaurantestore is the best we can find. The last two we received had bent corners but we used a small hammer to bang them out and there were good as new. We will continue to purchase this product.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    As you can see from this image, the stainless steel steam table is capable of holding a decent amount of food inside.

    pretty standard metal hotel pan. it's sturdy and works well for many different uses. you cans store food in it, but it's also perfect for several different cooking applications. i mostly use them for baking and theyre great

    Posted on

    baking brownies in this half pan

    These look just as shiny since the day we purchased them. You never realize how badly in shape your hotel pans are until you purchase new ones. These are great they don't tarnish and hold everything well.

    from The Meyersville Inn Posted on

    We use all of out pans in our smoker for easy smoker to steam table buffet service. These pans cleanup easily and store cleanly. Highly recommend.

    Posted on

    These pans are exactly what I was expecting. They service and shipping was prompt and I received them in no time. I am excited to use them!

    Posted on

    This pan has so many uses. Great in the oven, steam table, or lines with towels as a draining tray. Easy to clean, great price.

    from The Colonial Hotel Posted on

    Longer pan that is inky 1/2 inch deep which insures that you will not waste ingredients by over filling it when ut is not needed.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    The 1/2 size Stainless Steel Pan is wonderful. It is not only large enough to hold one of our less popular soups or a sauce, it is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. No complaints at all.

    from River and Rail Bakery Posted on

    very cost effective when you are hosting events and need steam table pans for chafers the price is worth the value of the product that you are receiving

    from NICOLE NIXON Posted on

    These pans are a great value for the price, very durable, easy to clean and store, and they have never jammed in the hot hold rails like others have. Very pleased and will buy again.

    from Raid My Pantry Posted on

    This stainless steel hotel pan is a great item to keep on hand in the kitchen. It is sturdy and is great for many things such as roasting chickens and vegetables.

    Posted on

    Super fast shipping. Very Sturdy pans that are oven safe! The stainless steel will certainly meet my demands and not peel and chip like my previous pans. A++!

    from Jeffrey Sabel Posted on

    These are a good bargain for the buck! I bought them to go into the new chafing dishes and they fit perfectly. We are very happy.

    Posted on

    I used these to cater a bridal shower this past weekend. The size was absolutely perfect for entrees for the number of people in attendance (35). They're decent quality, though perhaps not industrial-weight.

    Posted on

    These are very economical. They came in handy so that I could break down the portions at my family brunch when used in my chafer.

    Posted on

    These half pans are great! Two of them fit perfectly into the choice economy full size chafer with no gaps. This gives you the opportunity to offer your guests more options without sacrificing your space, which is good if you are limited on space. Often vegetables don't need to be in a full size pan so these work very well.

    from Mayhem Designz Posted on

    This 1/2 size steam pan is great to have on hand when serving smaller amounts of food. It's convenient and easy to wash. The anti-jam edge is great.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    The pans are fairly heavy, and heated quickly and evenly, and stayed warm even after the burner was removed. The pans cleaned easily and have proved to be durable. The pans are easily stacked atop each other for storage. The 1/2 size pans held a good enough portion. The pans save on constantly buying the throw away aluminum pans. I have used them over and over again without any problem.

    Posted on

    This is not just wide but its deep. Its perfect for side dishes. It has a smooth finish so its easy to clean. The anti jam is always a great.

    from Go cheez Posted on

    Great standard half hotel pans. They are sturdy and strong. They are not flimsy hotel pans. Good quality, super cheap, it's worth purchasing from webstaurant.

    Posted on

    Our catering company has purchased several of these over the years. Great quality, they clean up really well with the steel scrubbers. They cook great, and love all the different sizes, we use them for everything hot or cold.

    from WD Posted on

    Great quality pan, 2 of these fit snug in my chaffer I purchased here also. Very convenient for those smaller side dishes you don't need as much of. Definitely a must buy if you are purchasing a chaffer!

    Posted on

    Excellent quality for a very low price. I had looked at a lot of stainless steel pans on many different sites. I saw none that came close to this low price, so was very happy when I got them and found out that they are very high quality.

    from Sweet Willow Company Posted on

    These pans are great for holding sauces, gravies and even soups. This pan is the one thing you don't want to be without at your next pasta and soup party

    from Jr's Catering Solutions Posted on

    Once again webstaurant did it again. I love ordering from these guys, I know they never disappoint. These half sized pans help to complete the inventory.

    from Rent4Parties LLC Posted on

    This pan is a great. Quality is excellent. It is well worth the price i paid. Thank you Webstaurant. I will order more very soon.

    Posted on

    These work great in my chafing pans to have two different items kept hot for parties! They are also very easy to clean after cooking in them.

    Posted on

    Very standard 1/2 size hotel pan. The stainless steel item is very easy to clean and also very durable. I would recommend this product to anyone in the restaurant business.

    Posted on

    Anti Jam was a misnomer on these, they arrived jammed! It took two of us the better part of 20 mins to pry them apart...

    from AWG Private Chefs Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you weren't happy with the pans you purchased. Anti jam refers to the fact that they will not be jammed into the steam table. If your pans come packed tightly together, we suggest gently prying them apart with a rubber mallet.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This is a great hotel pan it is exactly as it was described. It has held up well the lids perfectly and they clean up easily

    from Tranquillity Posted on

    Used these for our daughters graduation - they are a little lighter weight than some you can buy but for the purpose of occasional use they have proved to be awesome - used for 4 events and still shining like new - thank you!

    Posted on

    This pan is an excellent quality for the price. Durable and easy to clean. Works great for Coffeecake with a light non-stick spray like Vegalene.

    from Honey House Nebraska Posted on

    Can I just say 'YAY!' for anti-jam anything? SO much easier than trying to wrestle apart 'regular' hotel pans, even when SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless) puts them away slightly damp.

    from October Catering Posted on

    I was really surprised when I received this item. I couldn't believe the quality for the price that I paid. I have recommended this item to friends and family.

    from SWEET POSSIBILITIES Posted on

    These are great pans for multi-purposes; I use these for marinating, rinsing veggies and fruits, defrosting, baking, and placing cooked foods. Very easy to wash and light-weight. You can never have too many when there's a party to host! This is one of the best purchases I've economically can't beat everyday usage.

    Posted on

    A great value. Less than half the price of what's available locally. Very serviceable. I am impressed with the quality of these pans and would recommend them to anyone.

    Posted on

    Great compliment to the 8qt Economy Chafers. We now own 6 - 2 1/2" Deep, 1/2 Size Steam Tables! THANKS WEBstaurant Store for providing us with quality products! we receive everything in 2 days! Lorac Divad Event Planning

    from Lorac Divad Event Planning Posted on

    Perfect economical half pan. Anti-jam is great as well as being stainless and easy to clean. Will purchase again when needed. Highly recommended for all uses.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    This was my second time with this item. My purchase of the chafing set was a hit..maybe too much so. I ended up loosing this pan as my niece was impressed by the quality.

    Posted on

    These fit the economy Chafers perfectly! Very useful when doing a smaller party with multiple side dishes - easily allows me to include 2 sides in only 1 chafer, and holds enough food to easily feed 25!

    from A B Catering Posted on

    I ordered these pans extra for the 8 qt chafing dish which came with a full size pan only. The quality is great and having two smaller pans instead of one works better for me.

    Posted on

    I bought two of these trays. These trays unlike most of the other items that I received that day from this company,arrived in a nicely sealed box. They also arrived in very good condition. I really like these pans and is tempted to buy a few more.

    Posted on

    Great Pan. It cleans up nice. Perfect pan for electric smokers. I use it all the time when I smoke something in my electric smoker.

    Posted on

    Great price. Went to a club warehouse store and these were more expensive and these are thick and are nicer quality! Very sturdy and does not ding easily.

    Posted on

    I was able to compare this product with another one of equal size from another vendor. I have to say that this one has proved to be of better quality and great price.

    from Richie's Posted on

    Always love the quality of the stainless ware from Webstaurant. The kitchen can afford to have those extra pans around for over flow jobs, veggie prep, for under the heat lamp, what have you!

    from Morton Pub Posted on

    This pan is wonderfully strong and durable corners do not bend even when dropped. Good Job on making this one. This pan is made of quality materials at a great price.

    Posted on

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