Choice 8" x 10" 1/2 Footed Pan Grate for Steam Table Pan

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This chrome-plated footed pan grate keeps your food from sticking to the bottom of a 1/2 steam table pan. This wire grid rack elevates piping hot product off of countertop surfaces, protecting the counter while promoting adequate airflow around product. It features a raised grate that serves as a cooling rack for items that should not sit in liquid or juices. It also helps to drain foods that are boiled or fried and it can combine with pans to create a sanitary, easy to clean seasoning and prep area.

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Choice 8" x 10" 1/2 Footed Pan Grate for Steam Table Pan

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cooling size pan great rack racks grate half perfect oven
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Half-size cooling racks are perfect for half size sheet pans. We typically use cooling racks for resting grilled steaks. Our pastry chef uses them to cool off baked goods she just pulled out of the oven. These racks are very durable but we do recommend handwashing.

from Dig & Serve on

I am glad I tried this brand as the quality seems to be very durable. It is inexpensive compared to other brands yet it seems like it will last for many years.

from Global Spice Bistro on

I use this grate on a regular basis whether i have a rib rack on it, roast, or steaming my vegetables. I've also used it as a cooling rack when I'm in a hurry and whip up something to bake quickly. It's stainless steel super easy to clean no matter the use. I have these in different sizes so I have the option to use them in my other hotel pans.


Used it as a cooling rack. Works great for me! Cheap for the good quality construction, too. Didn't feel like it would bend if I was a little quick with it.


These were marketed as half size cooling racks, but they weren’t. These are 8th size. They have a great build, but are far to small for any real application. Be forewarned.

from My Brother’s Pastry on

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Really nice size for cookies or baked goods. Can be cleaned up in a hurry as long as food doesn't stay on when cold. Or also good if put in shallow pan when drying deep fried food.

from Forever On The Go S&S on

I bought a bunch of these cooling racks for my restaurant. I keep them next to the oven to put the steak on it until I am ready to cut it. Very happy with the quality!

from Turkish and Greek cafe on

These are fantastic for what they are. They're great for cooling, and while they get dirty easily, they still do the job. We recommend this


Attractive looking cooling rack. Just the perfect size for cooling half a dozen fluffy chocolate chip cookies. Fits well in a 1/4 sheet pan. Cute enough for photos.


This 8" by 10" cooling rack is on the smaller side but if you're making a small batch of choux or cookies it's just the right size!


We use the cooling rack for its intended use, but we also have been using one of these in our dish sink for the staff to dump out drinks onto without clogging up the drain.

from KITCH on

These are great as cooling racks and basically sit on my stove as much as my pots and pans do. We use these in the restaurant to roast proteins on as well in combination with a quarter sheet tray. Not sure why they don't make these to fit quarter sheet trays though.


I bought 16 of them. Will buy more down the road. It's not stainless steel, but for cooling, it get the job done just fine. Good quality product and inexpensive.

from Tao's dumpling on

We use these to drain our fried foods and it does a good job. They fit perfect in the disposable aluminum trays for an easy clean up

from goldies tacos on

This is the perfect size for cooling my 9 inch cake layers. It’s just a tiny bit short but holds the cake nicely. I will probably buy a couple more in the future.


Great little cooling racks for small projects, especially for small steak dinners. A bit small for batches baking projects. Great quality and price, a necessity.


I bought these cooking racks and they are great! They work so well for cooling my 6” & 8” round cakes and also when I’m making a dozen cupcakes. They are the perfect size for smaller cakes and cupcakes . Sturdy and seem like they’ll last a long time . I will order more as my business is picking up more quickly than I anticipated.

from Cravings Mobile Sweetery on

These are not very heavy duty. Use only for cooling food. Not recommended for soaking in water as it will rust between the welded metal. Good for cooling your hot pan over it and will hold up pretty well. I only use it for cooling stuff on it. When I clean it, I dry it really well and fast so that it will not start to rust.


This cooling rack is a perfect fit for my toaster oven pan. I use mine to drain bacon fat. Since it fits perfectly in the toaster pan I just place it in there and leave the fat to drain back into the toaster pan. Low price and fast shipping.


We use these for small batch frying. It allows the food to stay crisp and gives excess oil a way out. Just be sure to dry well when washing or it will rust.

from Bulgogi Box LLC on

This fit perfectly into an aluminum pan and I was able to cook my meat on top of the rack. It also functions well as a cooling rack.


This Half-Size footed cooling rack, is a great buy, we use these for the bottom of our steam table pans and also as cooling racks for pastries basically. Chrome will not tarnish with time, easy to clean.


These fit perfectly into the bottom of the 1/2 size chafing pans. We used them to keep chicken up off the bottom of the pan during an event to prevent sticking.


Nice smaller steam table pan rack and great price! Also works well as a cookie and pastry cooling rack. Thank you for another great product!

from Domestic Life Concepts on

I love that this grate fits perfectly in my half pan. I make spinach fritters and I put them on grate after deep frying so they cool off nicely.


This pan works perfectly with our toaster oven. It fits exactly in the pan that came with the oven and allows greasy items to drip rather than sit in the grease. Love it!


I love this 1/2 size footed rack. I own several steam tables and I hate for my meats(Fried Chicken) to sit in the grease ghis rack is perfect for keeping the food hot and holding the crisp.


This is a nice quality cooling rack. It is very easy to store due to it being narrow as well. I would definitely recommend this.


These grates are a must have for stem table pans. They help prevent items from sticking to the pan and also allows for particles to fall through that may be with fried foods.

from Crazy Crepe on

A product as useful as it is affordable. It does the job needed and it does it efficiently. This Cooling rack, while small gets the job done well.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

We use this cooling rack for for smaller items such as pancakes, or banana bread. They really allow even cooling and the size is wonderful!


This rack held up great with roasting potatoes and good air circulation for small birds in the oven. Also doubles as a draining rack. Whatever size of these you decide to buy, the quality for us is great!

from King Catering on

This cooling rack fits nicely inside of a standard hotel pan. I use it for both cooking and for serving foods that need to be kept out of their juices


I ordered the one half size footed cooling rack and I definitely have to pint out the construction and weight were very impressive. They can be used to cool freshly baked cookies or in a hotel pan for steaming oysters and cleaning is even easier. The size and design make them fit well in any oven. I would recommend and would order again.


I'm very happy with this cooling rack it is a great 8 x 10 and size and the price of it you really can't go wrong they work great for all kinds of things in the restaurant

from P2B on

I love that this doubles as a steam pan and cooling rack. I don’t have to transfer my baked goods; I just simply remove it off the pan.

from Cline Kitchen on

Must have for cooking in the oven. If you like oven baked chicken you have to have these. I use them all the time. These are a bargain!


Fits nicely in steam pan. Great for steaming or just keeping product out of liquid or oil that drips off during reheating or cooking. Highly recommend.


perfect size for just a small dozen 2 small (5-7 in pies) it's nice not worrying about the counter tops plus airflow helps the speed of the cooling process.

from Mocha Choca Latte on

These racks are perfect for steaming in hotel pans. Easy to clean in a dish or triple sink. Durable also. They really support a lot of weight.

from Charleston Sports Pub on

8" x 10" Half-Size Footed Cooling Rack / Pan Grate for Steam Table Pan is perfect for holding a single loaf of bread when it comes out of the oven. The quality is great and it cleans up nicely.


great for smaller portions or home use. not everyone has a full size hotel pan so its nice that you can get these in a smaller size when needed. theyre very high quality and last a long time


Great size for personal kitchen use to allow desserts or meat to cool. I've used it in the oven as well to make millionaire bacon so the greasy can drip as it cooks. Easy to clean and durable. Haven't seen another place that can beat the price/ quality at any store.


Love the fact that it elevated off the ground so my baked products can cool faster. The size is perfect for small batches. Easy to clean.


I love this! I'm a spend Sunday at home meal prepping person and I need as many cooling racks as possible. I understand this is a food draining gate and the purpose I use it for is not it's intended purpose, but it does so many things why not get your extremely great and reasonably priced money for it!


These are the half steam table cooling racks. You get what you pay for as quality goes. There may be better ones out there but not for that price.


We have multiple uses for this. We sometimes use them as cake/cookie cooling racks. But we usually use them with our 1/2 size steel trays for serving. Great stuff!


A very nice draining grate. These are the best you can buy for the price. We use these everyday at the store. If you are thinking of buying draining grate buy this one.


Decent grate, seems well made and that it will last a while. We use it mostly in prep for things like cold drying brined fish before it goes in the smoker and it does this job well.


Nice heavy duty half size draining grate. Expecting lots of life out of it as it's built sturdier than many full size pans on this site.

from Mike's Mindful Plate on

Having this as a cooling rack is important for personal use. In a commercial setting, the grate for steam table pan is useful, but for personal, I've let cookies, brownies, steaks, chicken, chops, or anything that needs to rest/cool.


I use these hotel pan grates to hold fried products under a heat lamp. We keep fries, chicken strips, and chicken nuggets in these and it keeps them crisp and allows any excess oil to drain off.

from Zulu Co on

Good drain. Thought about getting the stainless steel, which is always better. But we don't plan to use it very often, so it's a good and inexpensive product.

from Moldova Restaurant on

I can see no reason to buy a more expensive one plus a lot of places you just get the same exact one but for more than this one costs, great buy!

from Unami sushi on

We use these for all sorts of applications. Keeping bacon warm in a steam table, letting fruit dry out or bakery products cool. They work very well.


This fits in 9x13 baking pan so great when making baked chicken. After baking, I can just keep the chicken pieces to drain and get crisp until serving so it is convenient.


The quality of the grate is fine, but the size doesn't fit half sized steam pans very well. Lots of room for it to slide around . Still, for the price, not so bad.

from CC's on

This half size grate is GREAT! It is well made and a wonderful value. It does it's job and that's what I expect it to do.


I rate this product 5 stars, without reservation. I purchased my first one this size over a year ago and I'm still using the same one today, though I am about to purchase a second just in case. I cannot tell you how much time this has saved in the kitchen, but we use this for a very different purpose than intended. We make an awful lot of chunky guacamole and this is a perfect fit to set over the mixing bowl. Just slice the avocado in half, remove the seed, turn it upside down on the grate and push through. Viola! Love it.

from Melodie Garner on

great for keeping the bacon and sausage out of the grease on the buffet. heavy weight and durable as well as being a lot cheaper than from our rest supply vendor.

from breezy point international on

I like this rack, perfect size for my baking dish. It will also be usefull for cooling cookies. I make my own crystalized ginger and needed a rack to dry the ginger, should work well.


This grate works great for the purpose. Seems a lot more sturdy than it's full size hotel pan counterpart. Kind of a pain to clean but not due to quality.

from USCGC Blacktip on

Decent product, though it rusts after using it for a while. Not sure how to prevent it, seeing that it is used for a steam table pan.... Maybe I am doing something wrong. Other than that, it is a pretty good product--until it gets rusty!


Thank you for your review, Frank! We are sorry this draining grate developed rust. To reduce the risk of rust, we recommend drying this very well directly after washing and before storing until the next use.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These are good. I like them and they look like they will hold up. They sit about an inch off the sheet pan below it.

from backwater on

Got these in Saturday, in right on time for our Sunday lunch/ dinner, they were exactly what I ordered and fit great, thanks to webstuarant.

from Simply Southern on

Use this to drain fresh hot mini donuts. Very durable and easy to clean. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to drain fried food.


this drain grate is perfect for keeping the bottom of breads crisp by letting the air circulate underneath. This size would be perfect for a tonkatsu serving or something with single portions


It is a lot smaller in person than what your mental image of it will be. I bought this to use as a draining and cooling rack for small items. It serves its purpose well and should be hand washed and dried immediately,

from 8 Bit Bakeshop on

We use these half-size draining grates for everything! Definitely very useful, we use them for draining single servings of protein and I even use them in the oven sometimes. Really good size, fits all our sheets.


Half size footed draining grate For steam table pan,work for a lot of things in the Kitchen,good for draing all your fried food,,you can also use this for cooling all baked food,like cookies, cake,etc.i also use this for my steam pan


These fit perfectly in a half pans. They can be used for draining, roasting, or steaming. Very durable and cannot beat the price. I highly recommend.


What can I say the this grate holds up and does its job well, from baking, to cooling, to drying noodles. I purchased several of these smaller ones to work in weird sized pans and they work great!


We use this as a cooling rack because it has smaller gaps and doesn't leave big lines on the bottom on the cookies. We also use it to cook bacon in the oven. Works fine. Lays flat no problems.


These grates work perfectly for allowing oil to drain after frying. The quality it very good especially considering the low price. Much cheaper to purchase here versus our local restaurant supply store. Highly recommended.


This little rack has been perfect for coating/draining our candy products. No more caramels/trufffles falling or tipping in between the rungs of regular bakery cooling rack. We need more!

from The Candy Drawer Confectionary on

Surprisingly tiny and doesn't sit far off the surface of what you put it on, but it works adequately. The mesh has small enough holes that nothing falls through. Metal does discolour after use though.


This rack is great to have on the smoker, it allows me to put something in a pan and allows it to be elevated to get smoke all around the food.

from Coop De Grill on

this is a perfect drainer grate to use when you need something small. It is well made and feels as if it cost a lot more than it does.


Exceeds expectations, when compared with a previous one from nordic ware, this one is much more sturdy. The stainless steel is of very thick and strong quality. We mainly use it for broiling bacon and cooling things like bread. For home users like us, a word of caution. We thought half-size meant it would be the same as a half size baking sheet, but it's actually the size of a quarter baking sheet. So make sure you measure correctly. We are still happy with ours, and actually found we prefer the flexibility of being able to one or two of these instead of one large one.


Thank you for reviewing this product! This item is built to fit a half-size steam table pan; if you're looking for a draining grate for a half-size sheet pan, we recommend item 4070048, the half-size footed draining grate for bun / sheet pans.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Really glad I purchased this. I use it to crisp bacon in the oven, cool of cakes and drain oil off fried items. They have a great weight to them.

from A Bite on the Side on

Nice little small grate. Great for baking, cooling, glazing baked goods and little cakes. Sturdy product. Can't seem to have enough of these...especially around the holidays.


This grate fits perfectly in the 1/2 size pans. We use it to drain all sorts of things. Thanks Webstaurant for great prices & customer service.

from Doughlicious Cakes on

We use this for cooling and glazing. It fits an eight inch cake perfectly. allowing it to cool on it and then directly go into the glazing stage.


We use this for all our daily cooling including cakes and fried foods. Gives excellent air flow around the pans or food which gives even cooling.


The size it perfect for most food. I use this product daily, from bakery products to deep frying. the size is also the best I have seen, not too small, not to wide


Great to use when space is limited. Just the right size for small breads to cool on. Easy to store along with quarter sheet pans.


Excellent product for resting meats, cooling cookies and bread and even roasting meats!! Great multi-use product! Worth every penny! Durable and long lasting!! Can not be the price!!!


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