Petrol-Gel 401PETROGEL Food Grade Sanitary Lubricant

Item #: 401PETROGEL

This Petrol-Gel food grade lubricant is perfect for a wide range of food service applications, from bakeries to breweries to meat packing operations. Not only does it keep equipment working properly, but this lubricant gel also helps cut down on service and maintenance costs. It is a tasteless and odorless white gel lubricant made of USP mineral oil and other USP ingredients.

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Petrol-Gel 401PETROGEL Food Grade Sanitary Lubricant

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food great lubricant grade works lube Gel machines long machine

Apply liberally and this product works just as good as the manufacturer's suggested lube - we use this for a variety of machines in our restaurant. Great alternative and excellent quality for the price.

from Roadhouse Diner on

Got this to lubricate our wall mounted french fry cutter. It keeps all the joints from squeeking & keeps them from rusting. It works well and it is NSF so it is safe to use in the kitchen.


We use this gel to lubricate our custard machine rotator. We needed to use a food grade lubricant, so this was perfect for us. We recommend it!


I would not even think of having a slicer without this product! We have used it for a number of other projects as well. Also works well on squeaky doors!

from Badbob's BBQ on

We bought the food grade sanitary lubricant for our food production equipment. It lasts a long time. We are very happy with the product. Price is very good as well.

from nirvana kitchen on

Get this! You will need it if you purchased a fry cutter and to keep the motion smooth and feeling like new. A must have.

from Chaval on

This works great on out liquid nitrogen dosing system. Much cheaper than buying it from the cryo supply company. We also use it for condiment pumps. It lasts a long time

from iCream Cafe Frisco on

We use this on our meat slicer periodically to help the hand grip slide up and down in position. it works well and lasts quite some time.

from Sweet Freedom Cheese on

Petrol Gel is a must have for anyone in the food industry that requires a truly tasteless and odorless food grade machinery lube. Great product at a great price.


It works well for us. We use it on our ice cream machine and have had no problem with it. Works just as good as the brand that came with our machine.


This is a NSF food grade silicone grease. I use it on my can opener mounted on my table. I also use it to help lubricate my margarita slush machine.

from Old Town Kokopelli Cafe on

Lubricant is great for the mechanism of the body. You only need to put small amount. Highly recommended as it prolongs the life of the body. Easy to remove also.


These lubricants are great. One gel bottle typically lasts a while and, in all honesty, we would be lost without it. It's a great value. We highly recommend.


we us ethis food-grade lubricant on our stoelting f231 machines. it works perfectly and we havent had any issues with our frozen yogurt machines. we order as needed. one tube will typically get us through 4 machine cleanings.

from Dunedin Frozen Yogurt Factory LLC on

I have been using Petrogel food grade sanitary lube 401 petrogel for many many years. You can use it on any and all moving parts without the worry of it hardening. Dont let those cooks use veg oil keep two tubes on hand thruout the kitchen.

from Park 112 on

Love this Petrol-Gel Food Grade Sanitary Lubricant! We use this to lube our manual dicer, tomato slicer and meat slicer! It's thick (think petroleum jelly) so it a little goes a long way and it lubricates very well so you only need to reapply once per every other wash or so for non-contact areas!


Using it for my house water system each time I have to change the filter. I have enough for a long time! Really useful to just let that tube on the top and grease up when switching filters.

from Buzzsoaps on

We use this gel for our meat slicer to make sure it glides easily. We love that it is food grade of course, and it does the trick!

from Savory & Sweet Catering on

Most equipment does work better when you the moving parts are lubricated. I appreciate having food grade lubricant for obvious safety concerns and health of everyone involved. This stuff is pretty good. No complaints.


This is by far the best price I have found for this Food safe lube. I got through about a tube a week for O rings on ice cream machines and this came quickly in good packaging with a great price!

from sweetFrog Marshfield on

We use this as a sealer for the granita machine. It works well and seems to be just as great as the overpriced stuff I was buying from a diffrent place. You wont be disappointed

from JKO Property Management Services LLC on

This is a great lubricant to keep our can opener operating properly and efficiently. We purchased a new can opener and have been regularly using this and it makes a difference.

from Ecola Seafood on

A necessity to have in a bakery. Lasts a long time and does everything it's supposed to do. It also isn't super sticky to the point where you can't get it off when you wash your hands which is a problem with some other brands.


great product I use it on all moving parts on slicers and other things with hinges, slides and bushings. it prevent rust and make disassembly for cleaning predictable


Lube works great on all vegetable slicers and divers. Makes jobs easier on the hands and less wear on the equipment. And it is nsf safe.

from El Capitan Cocina on

great value for the cost. used everyday. hold up well to washing and water.multiple uses around the kitchen. we use this product for lube in our machines

from ThousandIslands Winery on

We use this on the lemon wedge post. Works great helps when they get sticky from the lemons and the simple syrup. And no mess cleanup

from wiener wagon on

great product at a great price. a must have item if you have any equipment that requires food grade lubrication. the price is excellent and hard to find another source that can offer a lower price.

from stephen on

This lubricant has really made by french fry cutter work so much better. I wish I had ordered this product sooner. A little goes a long way.


This food grade lubricant is execellent for keeping our frozen drink, ice cream, and milkshake machines running smoothly. Also, a little bit of this product goes a long way.

from A Downtown Pensacola Restaurant Group on

Good quality product works great on our chopper and is food safe. It’s a large size container and will last for a very long time I’m sure

from maddy's pizza palace on

I use this to lube my cutters, buffalo chopper, margarita machine, It is a must have for any restaurant to keep the place well lubed and sanitary

from Taco bodega on

five stars is not enough, We use this in our ice cream machine pumps,, Very long lasting, Maybe too long lasting... It is really hard to clean of but with hot soapy water will do the trick! Buy it here or you paid way too much!


The Petrol-Gel Food Grade Sanitary Lubricant is an excellent product for lubricating equipment that may come in contact with food. We use to lubricate our guide rails on our Nemco and Garde slicers/wedgers. Great price and a little goes a long way!


Perfect way to maintain the lubrication of a meat grinder flange, or the parts of a pressure-cooker. This food safe and sanitary lubricant is necessary for long term maintenance.

from Catering inc on

This food grade sanitary lubricant is such a great value. It is perfect for anything you need to lubricate but is around food. I will be back for more!


I needed a food grade lube for my piston style esspresso machine. I use the lube on all the linkage. I most importantly use it to lube the O ring on the piston that compresses the ground bean. Works great!

from Last Chance Food Shack on

We use this for basically all our restaurant equipment that comes into contact with food. Always does the trick and never gives us any problems.


This petrol-Gel 401Petrogel food grade sanitary lubricant is a great product. I have used it on my french fry cutter slide rails, drawers on my tables so the the drawers slides out quietly and smoothly. I've even use it on my Ice Ben lid that made a horrible screeching noise as I slide the lid open. I like the fact that is a sanitary lubricant. I highly recommend this Petrol-Gel 401Petrogel.

from Taste of the South on

What can I say? This product does what it is supposed to do. We use it for lubricating our French fry cutter. If you are looking for a food safe lubricant this does the job.

from Open Range Coffee & Cafe on

This lube is a great way to make sure that you can keep your slicers working. It's a pretty awesome way to keep machines running well.


Hi, this is an amazing product, we use it for all of our frozen yogurt machines and the syrup pumps. Great food grade quality product!

from Menchie's Frozen Yogurt on

This lubricant works great for my shaved ice machine. We needed a lubricant that could handle high temps and long duration as we sometimes run our machine for 4-6 hours straight and this always holds up really well. I can feel the machine get warm after 4+ hours and it doesn't seem to be effect the operation much which is good because improper lubrication could hurt the machine. Happy with this product and will purchase again.

from SnoCal Shaved Ice on

The is a good food lubricant. We use this product mostly to lube the poles on the dicing machine to enable the push unit to move smoothly.

from Barbecue Blast Inc. on

This lube is a perfect purchase to make sure that your slicer runs smoothly. No longer will thick sausages or juicy hunks of meat clog up the works!


We use Petrol-Gel Food Grade Sanitary Lubricant on all of our soft serve machines. We have loved it and find that it provides the correct consistency that works best on our Electrofreeze machines. Would definitely recommend.

from Delta Dairy on

Food grade sanitary lubricant! Used to clean and maintain your food processing equipment. It's food grade quality maintenance enhancement for food equipment is great for all or most food processing items.


Works as advertised and is hard to beat the price here on Webstaurantstore. Our only problem is that the gel is too thick for some applications like our deli slicer.

from The Pickled Pig BBQ & Cafe on

Works great. We use this on our hobart and slicer. It slides right on and makes slicing and grinding much easier. It comes off easily as well if you need to clean if you get it on anything you don't want it on.

from Perry's Pizza on

This lubricant works well for my Easy Chopper and Easy Wedger. Before using it, the slides would stick now and then. I was surprised at how thick it was - feels almost like a thick Vaseline, but it does the job, so that's all that matters!

from The Fork in the Road on

We had an issue with our walk in refrigerator door not shutting very well so i got this to grease up the hinges. So far so good, i think i'll get some more life out of the hinges we have without having to replace them

from Breton Bay Recreation, Inc on

Perfect for keeping parts moving smoothly. Expected to to be a little more slick, but this still does the job. Glad it's safe for food.

from 3 Leaf Tea on

This gel lubricant is great stuff. It works like it's supposed to without any strong odor. I use it on our can opener that's attatched to our our prep table.


Excellent food grade lubricant that works well without any strong odors, and is very affordable. Makes my mixer, blender, fry cutter, and tomato miller very happy and operating optimally.


works as designed but no cost savings after I looked around. would buy it at a store but not worth ordering if you need a special order

from great lakes grinders on

WOW. A perfect lube for my large stand up mixer. I love my mixer and i want to take care of it, and you need to make sure that you keep everything lubed and oiled.


I am using the Petro-Gel for our Berkel meat slicer and Nemco veggie/fry cutter. A great product to use on all your prep and cooking equipment.


So I gave it a try not to thrilled with it doesn't really seem to lubricate that well but figured for the body it's worth a shot maybe I'll try different one

from Place to be Bistro on

Have used the Petrol-Gel on my meat cutter and it works great. Love that I can use it with meat and don't have ot worry about getting sick using it.

from 12932 Prestwick Drive on

Petro gel was great to use! We are looking forward to the extended life of our equipment. No more reside from other products. We found this product to be nice and smooth with only a single application for the entire project. We use it on a Vollrath chopper to dice tomato by the 20# box.

from Porta Del Sol Inc on

The Petrol-Gel Food Grade Lubricant works well on all of our machines without leaving behind a nasty chemical smell or taste. Very affordable and the 4 oz tube has lasted us quite awhile.

from Jane U on

Best price on the web and did not need to look around town for it. No chemical smell.. Clean and food safe product. If I recall, the more you order, the better the price

from Sugarless deLite on

the best prices in the business. we use it for our stoelting soft serve frozen yogurt machines, it works great and very easy to use!


This food grade sanitary lubricant is good quality and helps keep our machines running smoothly. The tube is easy to use and the lubricant doesn't smell strong.

from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. on

Petrol Gel Food Grade Sanitary Lubricant is used regularly when cleaning and maintaining our granita machine. It is a great product at a great price.

from Biddle Blend on

Good food grade lubricant. We use on our ice cream machine. Easy to apply and clean up behind. Keeps us rolling along with no problems.

from Southern Grace Farms on

Great product at a good price from We use this item on our food slicer and it works perfect. Goes on clear and easy to apply with no smell or mess. Will definitely order again.


We purchased the Vollrath can opener and find that we appreciate that there is a sanitary lubricant available to us made especially for this reason. We know this will help keep our equipment in perfect condition.

from Floral Creations on

Nice food grade lube. Good price. We use this to lubricate our ice cream machine o-rings and will be purchasing again. A must have for anyone needing food grade lube.


Good quality sanitary lubricant. It does not have any smell to it, which makes it an awesome product. i also like how the packaging is very strong and sturdy.


This is a good item. It really helps the fry cutter. Just up have to keep reminding staff to use it instead of fighting with the cutter binding up.

from Red River Inn on

We have used many different brands of food grade lubricants but we found this one to be the best one so far to keep all our equipment working properly! Very little is needed as it goes a long way. Happy with this purchase.

from Jump Start Cafe on

Great product for wherever you need food grade lube. Easy to work with and it stays where it should. Thanks again Webstaurant for being the lowest priced.

from B-4 Investments LLC dba Wallys on

We use Petro Gel as a lubricant for our soft serve ice cream machine parts after cleaning and reassembling the machine. It is food safe and aquality product.

from Spring Street Treats on

great product and a good price..we operate a cooffe /sandwichshop..we have a commercial slicer that we use to slice meat and cheese..this product we use to lubricate the gears that drive the machine..the health dept like this product

from the bean bar on

We use this on our Hobart meat slice and our Vorlrath French Fry cutter. Keeps both of them moving easily. Look around online, you can't find a better price.

from Joe_S on

Super versatile. Works like a charm. Keep the gears moving seriously, buy some to have on hand. Most recently I used this to lubricate the treads on my large manual cider press. Previously used as emergency temporary fix on my old Hobart mixer.

from South Street Cafe on

We use this for our batch freezer and what a different it makes to the previous brand of lubricant that came with the machine. Also, for the price your getting a fairly large amount, so it's certainly worth the money.


Easy tube to use. Great product. Easy Cleanup and best of all it works great and the tube last a long time. I would by it again

from Krazy Kitchen on

This product is a great price as I was much more expensive everywhere else. We use this on a daily basis in our business and it is nice to beable to find it at an affordable price


Petrol-Gel Sanitary Food Grade Lubricant - 4 oz Tube, it is easy to apply does not flow, it is APROVED in Quebec, Canada and especially moin expensive than my regular dealer.

from Cantine Jaloux on

This product is essential for assembling our ice cream machines. Our regular distributor raised the price, so I was very pleased to find them here. We've been using Petrol-Gel exclusively for years.

from Cherry Top Dairy Bar on

We used an oil that we picked up from Walgreens but was not great to use because were dealing with food. We replaced this oil with the Petrol-Gel and it's a better product and the tube was larger than we expected. Good price for what you get.

from t&t goodies,llc on

Very glad I found this on here. My local supplier has the exact product for 3x the cost. Use it to lubricate our Ice cream machine and works great. Definitely will be buying this from here for now on.

from Gallaghers Pizza on

This is one product that is great to have at any store. Honestly I keep a tube of this at my house to for household machines because it works so well. Highly recommend!

from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen on

A must have for the dough mixer shaft as well as for the 8 cut wedger. After a few uses these things don't operate as smoothly as when new. This is the answer.

from Sbarro Pizzeria on

This is great for keeping small hand tools working longer! Great for greasing up ice cream gaskets! Nice for hand press french fry cutters too!!!


You can't find a better price for Petrol-Gel than at We use it whenever we clean our frozen yogurt machines and we go through a lot of it! I hope they don't start charging tax!


So happy I found your site AND this product! I purchased this a a lubricant for my new food slicer. I like it so much I bought a dozen so I would have plenty on hand, and to include it with the food slicers I am giving as Christmas gifts. I'll make sure that they know where to purchase it also. Many thanks! I will definitely recommend both this product and your site to others!


This is by far the least expensive price I have seen for Petro gel online. This thick gease goes on clear and stays in place. Good for lubrication where food may come in contact.


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